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Corinthians: A Message to a Contemporary Church - Part 1

Daniel Scarone Eric del Valle




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for these moments we are going to be dealing with revelation coming from this your disciple depart to Paul to the Corinthians be with us in this moment of study of your ward in Jesus' name amen. Well. When I was when I was some learning son seminars for 4 days can meeting I've been thinking that why don't we bring into the into this is an area something we were performing together with 1st of the value with 3 A.B.M. but if you if you if you go that there is a problem we are doing that in Spanish. And a nice call Lance worse in Spanish and is equivalent of HOUSE CALL the nice kind of you know people call send questions and we answer back and we are maybe taping what. Twice a year sometimes 3 times a year but let me tell you that we don't have the time in every single program to deal with a lot of questions coming from the 3 America us because the program is rich in South America Central America and also USA here and. It's very sometimes when you think that we pastors do not cop Rogan's let me tell you that we do have sometimes prone. That sometimes we need some kind of for a Forstmann. We do need some kind of performance review frame for students from time to time and when Friday night or or Saturday nights we we open the email because our b think you are be in on the. A. When thank you and when when sometimes we are in the need of some kind of input. And people call and say their opinion regarding that. Is a blessing to know that we are reaching a lot of people. Recently I mean sharing with them with that because they connect to the email with my email and there was a person from California called in as telling and inviting us to go there and open up charges because they say there is no AC a charge here and we like that you can teach and we are going to learn to work with you so come here start your chart because I want my songs and my great songs being the charts of this place and that was very very touching sometimes you never know how you are reaching from. Except of these kind of thing that I am very thankful for Buster the value of the valley limb introduce him briefly. Doctoral student in the in the last stages of the dissertation and he's going to finish probably this year he Ph D. in theology saw what you are going to find is a person that is delighted in the word is the light in teaching the word he has been a teacher under here of the theological department in Puerto Rico when we call him from from here from from Michigan conference and he's the pastor of rosary hates so on there is there is another person coming from Russia here is there is the clerk of the charged by the way I will represent tent in the Lake Union in this moment. By the way from the same. Charge and countering. Puerto Rican both so to morrow to morrow I'm going to him I don't know if you can get them if you cannot get and get them I'm going to provide tomorrow our copy of middles Office study of the Bible a stallion. Line but we're going to bring that copy to you but I'm going to share with you some introductory things regarding the presentation of the topic because probably you are thinking what 20 S. or what is the rationale for a seminar on the pistol to the Corinthians and we're going to give you a background of the pistols because there are very interesting things. Regarding the pistol there is a pistols to the Corinthians and by the way we are going to explain several things regarding that. At some point as to whether or with pastor of the valley but 1 of the things is 1st the similarities with the contemporary culture in which we are and when you know sometimes many of you members of our charge board how many of you are members in a charge board how many of you OK everybody on saw well. We are dealing with problems in in in the culture and with the society now adays there was 1 charge by the way 1 charged in Michigan I'm going I'm not going to disclose the ID of the charge but it is in a big seeding that after. The. Equal Mariya show in USA 2 plays the season in 2015 that they took a decision we're not going to do any Marius in D.C. charge until this see or North American division decides what we're going to doom regarding this so it's similarities of course we are in problems in that kind of environment and probably around maybe Wednesday I don't know we are going to give you a hint of an interpretation regarding Corinthians because the postal in the pistol to the Corinthians is dealing with that kind of situation the other thing cross cultural charge let me tell you the face of the church is going to change in the future. If you go to the big cities and UN tr into I's D.H. arch you are going to see diet. We or the sun traditional caution our people is not quite represented and I'm concerned for them believe me I'm not happy for that because I do have a precious a memory and respect for the Anglo American people that built this church in the past and I am extremely sorry for how many anglos are going behind they are not in the new generation but we need to build the faith in the chart with which ear is in the chart so we are facing a new phase in the charge a mix kind of identity and this is coming all the things. Sometimes when we are starting a new congregations new charges and by the way this is a piece of information we already share that with our pastor the valley and probably in the in the day there is aware of that we are buying a new charge in in the area of Rapids. Christian reform and charge is beginning to to going down you know. And I've been in with my eyes into those buildings and there was 1 congregation is about maybe 4050 year of all the building and they are. They put before they put the church in the market we come close to them and there was a service from 1 Christian informant member in connection with the central charge that gave the information and we are going to. Buy the building in the following days. And this is a very beautiful charge if to moral you are going to be here probably just for information I'm going to show you some some pictures it's in the main sanctuary it's about 600. People seated. Individual You know not not every charge to have that facility for. $285000.00. That's that's crazy idea I've been telling I've been telling somebody that is the rate of a good house in the area of rabbits in a good neighborhood and. 4 on with $55.00 parking spots in the rear 2 in 2 in the side with up pumpkin shell extension of another $22.00 parking spots totaling total in about $99.00. This is really a blessing but let me tell you that. We're dealing with efficiency and you know that sometimes we are dealing with efficiency in the charge. The post of Paul probably dealing working with the Corinthians or coins is a charge that was established by the Apostle Paul. And even Dow even thou on our postal found that that charge there was a kind of division into charge and we're going to be the Union we're going to explore what is the course what is the root of that kind of problems that sometimes affect the charges with our. Diversity of these going into a kind of crush of connections among the members in the chart and of course Pastor until she called challenges. I remember to be in the sense of this attention several years ago in some of the miry care regarding the buff this food the. And that was his attention that the poster Paul mentioned So we're going to be dealing with that we are going to cover I mean the way the morning until today date but ties for the dead so what is the background that I don't know if it's in this past or past or the Valley very practical why our country and say that these think we are going to cover everything I say well the war and for that let's start and if we need to finish we're thinnish next year. What is We Can Do you know. Also might be a more though to her and assist in our pastor in the Bourse because we're dealing with that kind of of problems what we are going to do with people. Coming into the charts with different backgrounds and when different backgrounds let me tell you in 2017 I think is different from different backgrounds in a to 60 Let me let me share with you something. We're in the we're working in MINISTER Department are I am. Working with Motorhead next but sometimes some of the pastors with a certain friendship and familiarity are coming close to us send me an email and say Pastor What is your recondition for this I do have 2 ladies married in another state coming into the charge what we are going to though well you understand that that is a problem and that is a problem in this time because if I will say this in $1000.00 sixty's you will say please. Police. And the vocabulary is changing. I am not familiar with your your English forum probably 2030 years ago or you know but Bat reflecting with somebody some years ago by the way Linda Nelson Lawrence Nelson's wife she told me that all the stories of the kids in the past finish with the teacher or the teller of the story telling the kids that everybody might be happy and day and she say we cannot say that any longer. Under is our reality so our linguistics even in a safe place like the chart is changing the times are changing but there is some saying that it's not changeable and it's not change and I use the word. An is a word so we need to go by the ward I wanted to came back to the word and by the way I'm not very very. Close with the idea of the. Change or neutral linguistics in the Bible I'm not in favor of that. I don't know what is the thinking of Dr or pastor the valley. But I'm not in favor of that because. Long story but probably in the in few moments you're going to discover in the following days why. And finally in teaching New Testament I use as an example of distance learning. Are you familiar with these 10 distance learning OK when I was in Central America I was in a complex situation because the local union wanted that we were teaching some kind of the grease for the past Earth Kovar in the. That crucial map of of the pastors and charges in different places in Central America Central America is that aria that is from Panama. And the south border of Mexico but with the islands with the islands so in those days it was very difficult to do that and I invented something connected with distance learning and when I was looking for a motif motif of distance learning come into my mind the pistol of the Apostle Paul to the only churches because that East and distance learning process in which their postal was in a distant place sent a letter out and the people from the charges were communicating with the locals about the will of God through a Postal is isn't that this distance learning is done. So whatever you be we kind of are my friends here in up north in Alaska because I'm building on either a lot of people coming from Africa through Siberia or in Russia and distance learning is something quite interesting. And let me tell you something this is a very good example of this dance learning because that is the way to guide the charge trying to get good information aren't. Reenact teaching with them so what is our method that we are going to. Be dealing with well tomorrow we are going to give them the metals of the Bible study by the way this is an official document of the Church of the charges and I will recommend to you that you read this document and you are going to need to really in the future because how many of you are aware of the problems we're having the charge of out interpretation how many of you OK reduced argument when you have it let me tell you something and this is a kind confession and I'm going to shift my my mike in to into or. To a star in a few moments. I was with me instead of than the standard he's. Minister minus in Spanish for about things years in South America and when this document appears it was in 1086. 1986 so no internet yet no internet. So when G.C. wanted. Those fields away from Washington did something they use a telephone box or a machine in which somebody in Washington D.C. was. Extending the message and the machine began to type right in the local you know after following a certain code and you get the message so that was to die on telegrams und so far so when when this this document became known after October of 1086 it was in 1987 and it was in a pro 1987 in the ministry Marise In addition in English but when I watched the cover of that Miocene I didn't get in South America at that magazine I never so let me confess. That I am very sorry to tell you that not in my time this argument became or touch base with a Spanish so or a few years ago I translate and send that to the translation to Spanish for be around in order that they put it in there in the website in Spanish language because it is my conviction that if the charge to be aware of this we were not in the troubles that we were let me give you are our kind of of. Index summary some of them things that we are going to try to cover here I don't know if I have it here but these are some of the general picture of. Our divisions in the church and we are going to find out in chapter $1.00 and $3.00 there are some some kind of Christian behavior that requires discipline and probably to morrow we're going to be dealing with that because you church leaders sometimes you need to to fix the things in the chart and this is a very good example by the way when you go to the church Emanuel you're going to see the connection and the quotes of 1st Corinthians Chapter 5 regarding that there are litigate. And I put the Latin word litigious because this is kind of letting were inside the church Marianna undie who are we're coming after 1 seminar for our charge regarding divorce a new marriage and means sacrificing to i those the role of woman under law supper's spiritual gifts there is a big topic in chapter 2 of. And there are some some things in the Clintons that their post appalled surprise everyone there is reason why. 1 is this Chapter 1st Corinthians 13 likewise. Second quoting John Chapter 5 because that is a blessing in really both sections in according to. The Lord's Supper the speedway gifts love and the gift of tongues in 1st going to 14 resurrection and Baptist on budget for the deed on Sunday or servants in 1st Corinthians so do me or do us a favor or put us in a. In our kind of suggestion to us what is your preference of these topics because maybe you'll need to came next year. But if you in advance tell us we will like to be 1000000000 or analyze in some of these topics we are going to stop by after class and we are going to concentrate in those things do you agree with that but just put that in that order and take the time that I'm going to shift. In what. You want to take general issues back. As. We're going to began by working in backgrounds we need to know was what happen in that time in that a specific church. You need to know to understand the idolatry that was behind everything in the sociology that was behind and then we will have a better understanding what Paul is trying to tackle when he was confronting the big issues in 1st Corinthians. First let me tell you something general Jesus lived and taught in Palace team very few of you follow worse have a advanced education most of then leave embellish and small towns most of them where he rules but we know that today that Jesus what he says and what he did AFAIK the whole wide world and know what it in that tank will respect to understand that. It was necessary for someone then to show what it was for he rules live any Egypt Greece and Italy it was necessary for a school or to talk to educate that persons about the Gospel and Ferrum that the Gospel is half truth there is be John fi laws philosophy and be young they all agree that they have in that time. No 1. Will do that better than who Paul postal we have the mentality of the Hebrew he have the mentality of the Romans he have the mentality of the Greek he on the stand the best writers the best or the best deal or Younes and the best feel also 1st and he know how to work out situation many of his opponent. Knowledge of what is knowledge what is wisdom so Paul in this a paste all have to address the issue of knowledge in chapter 1 and chapter 8 and explain knowledge from the perspective of a Christian heart knowledge and on the standing we love so we have seen 1st from 1st for chapter 1 to shop for 6 always trying to lead them on the stand how we have to love and treat each of their an approach up their 7 to the end how we live or have to deal with a nonbeliever and with people that I have a. Philosophical background. That is part of the things we have to understand so the postal began his Larry to the creation of Korean tears and he have a difficult task or have to answer the question which they have sent him he had to build them up as a strong congregation and he had to point out the ways in which they have gone wrong but if he wrote to say very early then they might feel that he ceased to love them and they don't take their pistol seriously so for their 1st night versus He wrote about murders in which they have. And they could agree for example he in the 1st night verses he says that God had called both poll on their core Indians he said also that Jesus was all Lord and their law or. There is a new chosen people offer God and Jesus Christ is the lore and the Son of God that is very important news will see later on and that Jesus will come again as a matter of fact all half this idea that Jesus was coming soon and that's why he was so pure We know that recommendation that he made for the shirt to they we see that is like the 2nd coming is near but some time will feel is is is not so close and we try to melt. Psychological approaches with the Gospel but Ball Paul didn't do that he keep the Gospel pure so they were prepare to what is coming and. He have a posse tours in the church who I work with at. This church community have a problem with the following things they deny on the resurrection they believe in the Baptists of behalf of the death they believe that speaking in tongues was a sign or suspected to all superiority and all their problem is that they are both being all the time with this mystic esoteric wisdom that means that they are superior to the ones that Dong agree with them that's a big issue OK. And they had issues with Jesus on the cross. And they have a fuse was the woman in the church for example W. gay shown for woman to remain silent in public worship and the need for woman to wear a veil in public warships those are things that Paul have to address. More in concrete Full have to deal with what is call and you can write that but OTOH not this is M. Is a incipient philosophy that is not and relieve use is more philosophical and its goal not in general Gnosticism is a religious moment of their early Christian Centaurus that appear in the New Age the last century the name not this is the reverse from the Greek were Nazis meaning knowledge and they want to be called Gnostics because that means that they have knowledge. But no necessary knowledge that is real that is true knowledge and worse is a knowledge that made them feel superior to the 1 that they are cept in their group. For example they will use their own arm and now tricks and that's why I thing later on to morrow we are going to concentrate in the matters of armor and ethics they quote mark $411.00 check it out. Mark 411 The Bible read like this to you it has been. To know the mystery of of the Kingdom of God for those who are outside all things calm imperils and we today know what Jesus mean he he has a special. Way to deal with our postals and to create a spectator to explain things what they want to say that there is a mysterious knowledge of the Kingdom of God There is a mystery and esoteric knowledge that only the chooses 1 can have it you see so they claim that for them is this secret knowledge or mystery and if you don't agree you don't have it. Or you're gay. And so we read Mark $411.00 to $12.00 we realize that what Jesus is telling is that to them to his supposed to he explain their par was and we have this plan A shown on the Bible for us today OK theological is speaking for them your not safe on less you have this knowledge so you are not safe by grace for the Gnostics you are safe by this esoteric knowledge and this esoteric knowledge have an explanation that is are not all there gospel is not the gospel of the Bible. And if you go home said that explanation then do them half the divine spark of knowledge in your head you need to be in the C.A.A. but 1 you are cept this mysterious knowledge they present to you. Then you are a super acted to this knowledge and reality so they made the arrest as fractions something spiritual philosophical they're very dangerous OK let me talk about the Gnostic savior and then I pass to my professor. Look what I'm going to say now. They change their interpretation of the Scripture they bring things that are philosophical and they bring speedy to all ism and his spirit ism to the scripture they're very dangerous that's why New Age try to do the same now you see. They talk about God's not only God saw that Paul create a fear and that there is only 1 God You know in 3 persons and we're going to talk out about that Dr Scott only wrote a book about that the Gore the God we worship OK and they say that Jesus was a normal person. But and they own that came from their Pleroma in the doubles or around us all the explanation in Greek from Plato as spark that came from that totality that we call divine OK that they that they say Christians call divine came call Jesus goal Kreiss came in Jesus. But in the cross that divine a spark that on a Van Gogh in Jesus and that's why Jesus a father why you have 4 forget me OK do you My him what that means he changed the false but totally. A change doctrines once you change Christology so that all O.-G. salvation is change so Paul cannot allow that. And even when the pistol is not at their logical peaceful pistol he have to address pastor of things that they all know G. was behind so past all have to be very cautious he have to know how to tackle all those issues knowing how the Gnostic think and they think that what is important is the spirit not the body so whatever you do with the body is OK That's why they have problems in a marriage you see and they have all the kinds of problems because they make it because to me from the body and the spirit that is not allowed in the Bible OK and basic that is the background for the peace talks that are logical background and then we come to work with the general issues and how. What mentally we are going to use to understand the pistol is there any question OK he says I know. Too well those are terms of great that I have it in my mind. Let's. Worry worse OK. Let's go to the to the far. Factors regarding the peaceful. By the way this is information you are going to to to get from the 7th Day Adventist Bible Dictionary there is another 1 running on in this moment but. We are live a bit concerned with certain tendencies in the 1st volume so I don't know what is going to be the direction of the new Bible Dictionary. But this is this is the good 1 so if you want to do but I won by the orders so far until we might be able to review the new 1 there are some things that call the attention OK probably couldn't name came from the grapes that were in the furtively tea surrounding the area and then in a moment I'm going to switch here to you to show you were Corinth or us this is the place by the way a few years ago I was teaching 1 seminar round here and 1 of the members. Were attending the seminary I asked Where are you from where you come in and she said I'm coming from to Saloniki. To Saloniki I said You mean in Greece yes here. It is that is the that is the the place and by the way she other and the husband were leaving for about 3 years over there so this was the place in which the apostle Paul was right in the peace deal and probably he was in these Aria both is usually for an F.S.S.. So from F.A.A. says he same day later about something that was going on in the charge and you are going to find an expression that is 1 neatly clear coming from the Apostle Paul I hear I hear several times $23.00 times approximately So this is telling you the poster Paul was not in the place and he was listening probably from Chloe or Chloe or several others telling about their concerns in the in the creed charge Clinton's was written by Paul from Ephesus this is what 1st going into and $168.00 said and 3 years Paul labor at this CD 3 years the PA to Paul was there and this is this is Acts 231 that say's about that so 3 years and opposed to a pastor knows the place you use the don't you think so I don't know if 4 for me 2 years was enough to know sanctions to enjoy was a little a little you know cream was big or then saying Jones and that was a kind of I don't know what is the 1st reaction when you see this picture this is a very very cross culture our condition in Shasta place very communal Politan. There is a people coming from very were and doing business here because remember something you can access going from here on through here and it was a very safe port in those days and very good connection from the. Former Europe to the meaningless iron from North Africa Middle East and the north and that was the environment of the city. And the apostle Paul was dealing with that sometimes for me for me it's I've really appreciate that kind of environment so the other thing is that was the Mission Center. In the 3rd mission trip of the Apostle Paul so front current He was rich in several other places from Greece Macedonia the south they are lions and the continent as well as for on the north that what is today Istanbul or or Turkey and the north of Europe so he was going to Macedonia but remain at Ephesus until Pentecost mentioned here in 1st Corinthians so this is going to tell you something the Apostle Paul being a Christian or Rizzi was keeping in mind what the the real calendar. Because of course so it's quite interesting when when he lives with that because he made a familiar are those who were the recipients of his letter about his own advocates. And this you know it's talking to friends that he knows because diaries are kind of a spirit in their part of the by the way this Korean T.N.I. it's. The No. Sometimes when you need to translate the other day I was in 1 office and somebody saying then could you come here and translate for us you never know what is a continent of the translation you know but there are some specific wards that they are use and when you use that word and you put the worse in the context of the all the language you need to to follow certain process you need to be faithful to the speaker you need to be transparent to the receiver of the message and you need to be faithful to the sacked content that you are translated into so according the chording he an hour ice are here is a kind of sweet translation. Is A Yes thank you a noble 1 because today you are going to use something very strong in English and I am not going to go into that direction your imagination is going to put you in the right place for that but but that is that is the level that is the level that is going to tell you about what is. Life and Style in the environment. And a live interview something regarding this and this is a very very short reflection when I was working with my with my master's degree in South America I was exploring something over which I being working for some years and I wrote a little book regarding Mormonism and you know what when I when I was searching into justice means life of the Mormons and so on I began to check the pack around buck around the suction background of the more monies and I discover something there was a lot of connections in between the social background which just Sophists meet worse what is represented in the content of the writings in the Book of Mormon so what I am trying to tell you here is that we are not islands in the social environment we are kind of people receiving information and given information from the surroundings in which we are and this is thoroughly you dark Korean was really are a hot place to war are very difficult to play to war it was a kind of permanent real division a row in February. I don't know what you know about doubt but it is my neighbor country aren't him him in February day it started. The Carnivora uncannily is not telling the whole truth because it's a Latin background word that means flesh is a life more or less is it translation of that commonly valet that is the meaning of that and that is the can often by a man in which the post op or was. Was working there was a worship to Aphrodite was a local park entity and there was a temple nearby and this all this information you can you can get that so. It is quite interesting to see here OK. This is quite interesting to read in Inchy why regarding regarding. This topic because Ellen G. White sees something that that when you see and you compare them missionary myth of volition you are going to see a kind of shift in the way of approaching you know the protocol used to be before nothing else. And you can get that information in the book of Acts 17 an accident in Easter the approach to this course the sermon of the Apostle Paul to the Athenians. And in the our OPEC goes is quite interesting but when he reach the Corinthians change it's tires and this is what they. Did in the 1st century of the Christian era Corin the was 1 of the lead in cities not only of Greece but of the world the throne is a street in only intent on business and pleasure a great commercial center situated within easy access of all parts of the Roman Empire I don't know when you're if. You remember what. Stephen Stephen bore sais. I mean over translation and he says about the detail of failing she why when she describes some things and I don't know if she was entirely are where of the condition but when you read that chick this younger of free conditions she is really a blessin in the description and in North you're in the charge with that a great commercial center situated within easy access of all parts of Roman Empire it was an important place in which to establish a memorial for God on his shoes and the light that I like because. You know sometimes you you think India corruption. And the corruption was probably 1 E.C. War 2 scribed the condition of Corinth and according to the NS and the and the context in which they were living in however the the lower say Potter poor that there were many people in that place and the pope too poor was the kind of in UK style of work in which he entered into the city give the message backwards Go on go to the city give the massage and go out and this kind of exercise you're going to find out that he has been working on building our congregation in a very difficult environment. Where I am celebrating here. Certain things but 1 of the things up the most is the spirit of the post of. Our in the book of Acts 18 for 10 days and he reason in the synagogues every Sabbath persuaded the shoes and the Greeks and then Silas unthinkable Theo's were come from Macedonia Paul was press in the spirit and testified to the shoes that Jesus was cry and when they opposed the. Last He shook his Rayment and surveiling to them your blood be upon your own he is clear from his force and I will go to the tiles and he departed thence and enter into a certain man's house named Justice 1 that will ship God. Whose house John Hart to the synagogue and Crispus the chief ruler of the synagogue believe on the floor with all his house and many of the Corinthians here in believe and where baptize So here you're going to see by the testimony of look that something happened a little bit different from up clearness because in attendance is just a few and please are not with the mind of eventually here are not counting And I say there were 1000 here or there I don't care about that because indulge in myself my mind a few sometimes are more done you know have very big amount of of names and numbers but here say very clearly and many of the Corinthians believed and were but ties and then spake the Lord to Paul in the night by Vision be not to fret but to speak and hold not the peace for our young with T. and no man shall set on T.V. to Court T.V. for I have much people in this city sometimes when we are serving in a city where we see buildings you know the sky creeper you know the fashion and so on but the lorries watching hearts and he knew. And Paul the Apostle Paul that there were many people in that place and the mission is is have all done this in to review the wall with the Lord's eyes to this Korver our brothers and sisters that probably in the future I'm going to be here 1 same in our worship been together with us and the law know somehow duck but we are Shas the massage where we need to go into that direction and that is a very earnest a remembrance an owner of the airport to pour you know in following the orders about that he didn't mention to the Corinthians this isn't you're not going to get up in the Clinton bought some time are you going to see that the poster poor missions that the low show something to him and that he's a glance of the SO poll found that this chart. Was some time in the CD This it the synagogue and this is quite interesting because that was for the poor something important the synagogue certain churches were stablish you pull this in or or from the center and that was the point of contact because the people to Paul were speaking very good Sure wish and I might probably and they were learning from the book to pour and became Christians and they were very solid Christians in open which all Testament were are kind of high were into the New Testament. Because that way you are going to explain and understand the connection between what we called the Bible and left are not going ice charge because that was a work an organized church and that is important probably he work with the local authorities with some of the leaders train in them and prepare them to be in the leadership. And when Paul left something that sound times are affecting our churches appear problems problems what were the problems I don't know if we are going to cover this but the post appalled by the way. Change metal was this this is what Ellen G. White sais I 1 of the problems was Baze. In the mix of sex in Mora behavior of a son new members I hear can something I don't know if you have something in there that. Will go to your bible and this is convenient that you probably read about that I've rooted to you in my letter not to associate with sexual in more people look when you go to the litter and you say well this is 1st 5 I'm going to check in the back were of and there is nothing. Probably there was another letter a missing letter. But let me tell you something please I'm not bringing high criticism here to ponder this I guess that we have enough information for salvation in the Bible as it is OK place. But probably the corpus that the Apostle Paul was building and sending back and forth to the Corinthians was not only 1 or 2 letters probably about 4 letters it's very clear that we don't have all the letters of the Apostle Paul in the New Testament he wrote a lot and he was very dynamic and very good with speech and very good with changing you know and adapting. To several vitamins but of course these lyrics are we don't have that kind of reference about the so probably this is a former letter that he so this 1st Corinthians that we have maybe if we have the entire cold pose can be the 2nd Corinthians and it is a previous letter and frontrunner this and this we already present and we are going to give you an introduction of the topics we are going to present Let's go to 1st Corinthians now we are going to give you a hint of the earth 1 of the problems I don't know if we are going to do in our deeply enough but if not we are going to finish to morrow open your Bibles and we are going to be dealing with 1st Corinthians Chapter 1 verses 11 through 16 possible say so my brothers and sisters. Some watch this some from Chloe's house for half inform them in. Different versions sometimes adoptive languish is here but the poster Paul is right in to them that a person of influence on the now able influence in the local community gave information about the condition of the charge. And this condition East based upon send this letter to them that there are corals 6 Matta that is the word for skills and is in the chart visions and. Corals you what I mean is this 1 of you says I follow pour another I follow up polos another follow see for us if you another I follow cries these prices rising Westfall cross if I for you were you baptize in the name of Paul Thank God I did not attack any of you except Crispus and values so no 1 can say that you were baptized in my name yes I also have ties a household of a different US didn't mention the amount of people but household means a lot of family to have and to them. Beyond that I don't remember if I baptized anyone else so here is something that is affecting the charge. Then you read something very similar sometimes in these days. Oh Ari will like to have the battler here Linus and hear our names we build names and we are followers of mains and we'll divide the for that but the pull to Paul you know sometimes when you finish a sermon in the chart people come to you and say or part of the party Good to see here I am a follower of you. And you are. Because of what this your expectation that we will we don't expect followers of us we want in the church followers of the Lord Jesus stop talking we are Shust messengers all everyone and that even Paul there are sometimes names in which in my mind I do remember and I mean this in the Church good illusion that we don't have here but let me tell you that even though that is a truth Arnie I'm transparent with you and with some of you here the reality is that we are not all trysts in persons because that is the essence of the problem in 1st Corinthians this same thing this is the prophecies of Philip's Now I do beg you my brothers but all that Christ means to you to speak with 1 voice not allow yourself to be lit up into parties. Altogether usual the chief in a unity in thought and judgment for I know from what some of Cloris people have told me that you are each making different claims I am 1 of Paul's men I am 1 of Apollo's very clear by the way Piers you know who is this gentleman you know he used to be British and German and they are ask him a Bible for the use around the 50s British background very good English very good understanding of the language and he is very clear in the message sometimes in South America he'll miss Phillips to clarify certain things. Because for clarification this is good SU not our translation is set up or is a prophecy that is a kind of. Explanation built upon the meaning of the words but is very clear about this and this I am 1 of see for us what is telling you about this what it what is this the apostle Paul says you are not spirit to our use use this war car now in the in a try division and all together say come now and this is attention here in the text those who are spirit will know multicore that is the word that he used bursars those who are sacked he call that this place. You know that is the topic that. Part of the body a touch up when when he explain about a kind of they cut tonic situation in the person's. Because in that kind of environment they were splitting the person into 2 levels those who were in spirit world are with God Those who are Karna are not the point is more rude than that poor Paulo's under law or they were divin a sin and making up our kind of Christian pantheon among then so what they were doing the Corinthians here is like they were with a Pantea with the power and they were making a pantheon of the Christian leaders this serves so they were in the conceptual framework of them my Gods are you familiar with are they my grass is half God not God at all not human at all all over the level of the human beings so they were given nice and making up a Christian pound they were fulfilling functions the Apostle say. They are not gone it's only the Lord but they were performing at DIAC Canoas the economy and what is that our service that is the meaning they were servant leaders and uncertainty leaders is what every 1 of you are in your churches What are you servant leaders. You are followers of the Lord and rendering a service off love into your churches so so I'm going to to fide with some of you because you are planting and because the other is watering the other is looking for increased Gnome everybody is working together for the glory of the NOR And that is this planation you are going to find here at the I can only or ministries 1 who execute a commission a D. put in MINISTER A servant officers with a function inside the charge whatever the function they were not all of worship or loyalty that fill in created divisive spirit when you see that kind of a spirit into charge the church is going to enter into troubles because immediately they are going to align themselves into this faction into this other and following into the others and doubt is the charge at risk the Potter poll say what are we we are Shust the aconite servant leaders were serving the Lord and we are fulfilling our own functions please get united there is no we are not for division can you can you add up something. And probably do the final. 1 of the big give for Scaroni is to teach you realize that it's all my job here is to go around that. We go we want to present something as clearly present that we see for 4 separate groups poll rolled pull up almost Peter surface on price you see but in the mentality of poll Polissena poll a jet $60.00 home going to defend the Gospel they're in reality 2 groups postals on their Christ party you see which is the Gnostics that they say they follow their own bearish on or definition of Christ OK and they they they are calling the peace stole this Christ party their Gnostics are calling the best of the super postals and they want to present those of us MASTERS So Paul immediately tackled that. And he say no we are deacons we are servants of the Pastor Scott on his burial service on leaders and thus the only kind of leadership that Christ present to us to a force saw he toggled there boasting he toggled day that he teria that they are masters and he put together the postal you know and say well we are postal we work together we won the 1 thing they're all they're doing other ministry and we unite and complement and also he tackled then because they want to to say that they are the spiritual ones because they have this is Peter to our knowledge so past what Pollie Celie No no no you I behavior behavior is carnal is political. You are nothing spiritual if you were a spirit to all Julie listserver leaders and you will look for days of this church. So it's very interesting how the pistol began OK because Paul already know with whom he is living and that Spirit is the spirit of the devil. So he's presenting the Spirit of Christ. And. I think that in THIS IS station of. Today and tomorrow we are going into the building with with the next big issue and probably what we are going to do is a brief summary of the presentation of today and tomorrow we are going to be dealing with. This a plane that is probably going to take us there who are all chapter because we are going to connected with chapters 65 and 6. And I'm probably going to give a. Little bit of documentation or support so let's have a word of prayer and we are going to to finish for the day Father in heaven thank you for. The postal pour I'm for the mission of the post to pour in for the teachings that are coming as a distance learning process to us in the end of the times with of be with 1 of their leaders charge leaders here bless them we need them father because there are servant leaders for you working in charge board. Put in order and trying to give the message where they are to the local community saw Father we pray for them today and be with us as we continue sit in this blessed can meeting in Jesus name in. This media was brought to you by Adil 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit W.W.W. audio tours dot org.


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