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Corinthians: A Message to a Contemporary Church - Part 4

Daniel Scarone Eric del Valle




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Fathering heaven thank you for this moment we are going to open a where Bibles and review and able to receive the teachings of your words from the post to power to the Corinthians be with us in this presentation in Jesus' name amen as I say on the on the beginning. These are some of the. I will say what general issues that you are going to find in this a pistol to the Corinthians and. Of course. Used to be a very complicated charge not an easy congregation. I will say are complex congregation and sometimes in the pastoral circles when you are having a charge that is compliments you are compared that with acquaintance charge of course this is probably the Paramount of complexities because the diversity of the problems that you are dealing with here in Coal India and congregation is is very very wide and ample. And when you read that you are going to see the Russian and for that for example there are there were divisions in the chart chapter $12.00 and $3.00 you are going to be seen in that perception and the post the ball is the ling with that. Also there are problems regarding the Christian behavior the life style in the charge and discipline in the charge every time that for example when you leaders of the church are going to take some kind of a look for some kind of advice looking for some biblical support coming what to do in in certain moments of the life of the charge 1st going to 5 is going to give you an example of our kind of problems. Appears in the church. There are problems of litigation in the charge probably we are going to enter today in doubt that that is Liddy's that is the word of of the Latin word for for problems in which people is looking for. The houses that. Are outside the charge to to fix a problem interpersonal problems that appears inside the charge. And there are problems with with the marriage and also in. Chapter $5.00 and $6.00 you are going to find out another. Situation that is very interesting because probably there is not all there what I would say Christian record in the New Testament so clear I would say that the Apostle Paul is dealing with something similar are to be T Q In these days that isn't in chapter 6 of the letter. And let me tell you something yesterday I have been saying some things here. And I've been reviewing what I say and I've been talking with my wife about what I been saying because I I think that somebody fell or hurt or with another respect Asian regarding my comment regarding this topic and I will say this. I'm sorry if if somebody is feeling hard but the Bible is very clear the Bible is very clear. And of course Warren when somebody invite me in a kind of this caution and interchange of ideas. The politically correctness sometimes need to be put in the balance with what is be Billy Connolly correct and suntans been biblical e correct and being politically correct of course are not in the same page you follow what I'm saying so at the point in which when you need to follow what the Bible says. That is not politically correct because in in politically correctness you are open in sometimes the the not only the dorsal maybe the gates to sever I'll kind of of a POS It points of view some of then that are going to put in done share the essence of the charge and basically when you go to chapter 5 and when you are in Chapter 5 you are going to see that the post to Paul throne to distance is recommending indiscipline in the charge to a person that was a live in in 6 to us condition of course that recommendation is galling to a start a kind of tension inside those who for in 1 side were permeating the condition and the alters that were saying we need to have decide to Asian fix. And what is the best thing to do if sometimes we apply their view of bein politically correct you are going to see the charge in dungeon and when the charge is you only know to apply the rules that are in the Bible and some of then were established and inspired all of them by the law or you are going to have a charge that isa going to you that is going to be in serious trouble so I'm sorry for the fill in but I prefer to be Biblical correct I will try to select the best of my languish to express love and kindness but we need to follow the Bible no questions about that and I'm not going to be what I will say what I will say SAG receive or something like that. I will try to avoid that kind of a Cavaleri But what we need to do in the church is to respect the authority of the there was a question that somebody brought me individually and I'm going to mention this anonymously. Some person says that. Was on the discipline at some point and if something can be done let me tell you that new Mylene the clerk of the conference each conference the clerk of each conference normally is leading committees regarding several issues that sometimes are affecting the church for example divorce a new marriage. This is normally under that department of the charge and if somebody was in a situation of you know I think that were some mistrial or something wrong regarding that that is the sector of the conference each conference across the North American division to appeal for a review of the process OK I've been in both of it in several cases of that done when that happened normally the clerk of the conference in these conferences. Is going to receive their you know the appeal ins they have been done and is going to try to touch base with the person with their ears of the congregation the pastor of the congregation the local cleric of the church if there is substance for dark they are going to proceed and do a review of the process and sometimes the review is in favor of the person and sometimes it's not so but normally let me tell you that before calling in shame. Recommend you or whatever is the case to read curfew lead the charge men are. Because the charge manhunt is the lead in Guy protocol that we follow in all the processes like this you understand what I'm saying I'm not going probably to enter in details but you have the right to appeal that this that there is a right that exist and given proper information regarding this. Recent divorce or 1 of the problems the piercing 1st going to and 7 minutes to i those the role of woman probably to morrow or the rally is going to be dealing with that in 1st Corinthians 11 the case of the Lord Supper the Communion service speak to our gifts in 1st going to and to earth and love and the gift of tongues and resurrection above this is 1st going to 15 and Sunday of servants are probably next year we're going to continue for the presentation if the the conference believes that is good for us so let me tackle another things here that is sometimes lost in the middle of the situation by the way yesterday we were commenting compare parties on between the coming out in the society and the biblical confession. You know sometimes when people is invited. In the moments of previous to the baptism there is a kind of public you know confession I was in in the ways of the wall and it's public in the coming out there is affecting. It's also public but being public not necessarily is going to fix the problem fix in our problems is if we are going to abandon scene this is the essential point. Even though some people in the community are making a public confession that public confession East River fame and then in their all ways of living that sometimes are in communion with the wall but not with the Lord and that is not abandon him the scene and we need to taking count that because technically Doris Arash auction of the Scriptures and that is the reason of the yes here because they are very shocked in the plan of the Lord for a male for a female and this is some time sensitive because in certain cases we are dealing with family members we are dealing with with persons that are friends of us. And I understand done but we need to be supportive of what the Bible says. If we are not doing done well I want to put the rest of the community of faith at risk and that is important also to take income another another thing that I am not I will I don't know if I have a case I do have here something. That I want to share and let's go to to see this for a moment open your Bibles in 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 on 11 and I'm going to bring you our. Reflection regarding. This I guess and have it here. Very city then he said don't change of the charge that in this moment on these times it is up the stakes Sometimes I miss the teaching of the Godhead or the Trinity and dumb I wrote a book our few years ago regarding regarding this and 1 of the things that call my attention continue in Tallinn about the the Trinity if that in the in the New Testament. When you when you see Matthew 2818 and 19 goal into the wall and Tyson make disciples in the name off. OK In the name of the father. Of the son of the Holy Spirit OK so I began to think that. And search in the New Testament about the interaction of these warts or titles names. Separate names the name of the father for example the name of the Son and the Holy Spirit and this quite interesting that here it's. 1 way in which the presence of the goat here appears in the Bible and I begin to think statistically what I what I mean with this can be this equivalent of say the Father the Holy Spirit or the Son If that is possible then there is another option steersman another option can be said of the sun the Father and the Holy Spirit can be also saw on Holy Spirit and father can be holy spirit father and son then they all their option is Holy Spirit Psalm 1 father you follow what aren't person OK is quite interesting you know if you I began to work this and are in the middle of the transition I share with some friends in St John's in 1 study once in the middle of the week but I will say that in the New Testament when you go to this there is about 70 forms and I call the 3 outs try us because it's a quality of 3. It's quite interesting. When you go to the basic I would say this is the classic this this is the classic 4. But all of them are represented all of them and here is 1 of them because the Lord Jesus and the spirit of our God His is the way in which appears here and is related to what here you know when when you when you checked the context this context is. A hope for plenty of hope for those who are insane because the Potter Paul he says these were some of you who. When you see the context referred are barely being amount of different kind of people you know and therefore to portray and such were some of you but you were warsh that that means baptize Walsh but here are sanctified about you are Shasta filed in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of our role here is the name of the Godhead so they were baptized in the triple name and they were accepted dark in the Charteris that is 1 the 4 that is 1 the 4 you know this showing urn on this spirit are bow down and this is a myth of hope and when you follow this let me tell you it's about 68. 68 through maybe 17. Try Yeah try outs in then in the New Testament. So when when you see that the the basic essence of the teaching about the name of the Father Son the Holy Spirit is very strong presence in the New Testament. Not continuously noticing the pattern. In the words watched the same night just. Spirit. Washed by the Blood of Jesus Christ of stink infinitely spirit and then we just might be just as we are again. Yes it's interesting but but here Happy New Year by the way. I am I am reflecting on this. But you know. This is this is quite interesting but I don't know if I'm getting well your question or answer in quite well your question this morning. Or the word. Your boss it's a. Sign. Of this mission resources. Are. I don't think I don't think that Paul he's putting a preference or theological preference in the order of things you know because of course. The meaning of being in holy. Unholiness East's critically here is the words how valueless in the New Testament is the appeal in of the essence of the charge and that that is in with the context with which yesterday we were comparing the charge on the wall that. You know impunity reigns here but when you enter and you are but ties into a charge the expectation is doubt all do always. And change and that is practically the essence of the point of this comparison that I was making regarding G.B.T. with the tendency that we have here because the wart on the waist of the Walt needs to be a man done once you enter into the community of the faith So let's sum let's enter into the topic of Mary a show here. That is 1st Corinthians 7 let's go to 1st go into 7. Departed Paul do have certain recommendations in chapter 7. 1 of them is he says nevertheless avoids fornication let every man have his own wife I let every woman have her own house plan is very clear the teaching so there is not polygamy. Some people sometimes. Are saying that Paul is trying to avoid you know the teaching of poly I mean of course this is of course there is no Polygram me in the noon Testament inside the Charteris clear. Personal preference for him to better perform the mission I say this as a concession not a 2nd man I wish that all of you were as I am but each of you has your own gift from God 1 has this gift another has that now to the unmarry. Are Gone Maurice is noon and masculine and blue to put in the note that and the way those. There is a female employee I say it is good for then to est unmarried as I do so sometimes this brings the condition regarding what the once the condition the civil status of the Apostle Paul you know you probably you heard a lot of speculation about that was he married was he and we don't. Wes in the he need of being married and you're going to find a lot of. Speculation they are in that you know. Well tell Muhtar sure wish Talmud say. 1 who does not have a wife lives without showing without blessing without goodness that is in the mood in 1 of the that is 1 of the teachings of the more than some people think that they are post to Paul. Probably if he was in in the Sanhedrin that is the tre view now of this you wish for being in that circle he has to be Marian So this speculation is that probably he was a widow and potentially daddy's possible that that is possible. There are a diversity of positions reality in that. Base it on the following elements that we are going to share with you that imply at some point he my have been married on several commentators are around that perceive. And remember something he was can see that are run by and called a rabbi and they tell mood says' if he who has no wife is not a complete man. There isn't are no. Is not the Bible is it alone is is the all around tradition inside this you wish religion and. An on particular grounds there is also evidence that Paul was or used to be Mary because some people say that to be a member of the Sanhedrin they say to cast his vote against the Christians read Acts Chapter 26 and 10 Acts 26 and 10 and 1 there is a commentator Barclay who says that there was a revelation that members of the Sanhedrin must be married men because it was a hilt that married men were more merciful that is Barclays. In the letter to the Corinthians pace $61.00. But you know searching regarding other opinions that that thing is not quite quite clear among other commentators let me let me be fair. Regarding the topic. Because they are part of Paul in 1st Corinthians Chapter 9 burst 5 he is a speaking about his own rights. And probably this Tex is going to share a little bit of light upon the situation because he ses don't we have the right to take the leaving why if along with us us do the other up postals under law brothers and see for us. So long it is very clear that at the moment in which he's writing he was or single or will is very clear because if not there is no rationale for writing diet in 1st Corinthians 9. That is what I know that is my perception. That Paul was us he says he's opinion. Entitle to married under conditions where those that I mention here OK so on and here here he says Divorce is not an option and unto the married I command you not but the Lord let not the wife depart from her house man and this text are very clear let me explain to you what the once the problem in the Corinthians community son timbers of the Corinthian community they were accepting the Lord Jesus as their Savior he's their savior Yes. There were there were with a partner who were not accepting the the message so the poor and that was the point in which what they were going to do was that our coasts for divorce. And the poster Paul began to begin to say and believe are his teaching but to the wrist they speak I not the law or if any brother have a wife that believe it or not and she be pleased to do ill with him lead to him not put her away that means if you are accepting the lore and she is not pleased this is not a course of divorce that is that is the point and the woman which you have the house man that belief or not and if he be pleased to do it with her let her not lift him so the point is this relation is not a cause of divorce. You understand what is the point here. The point the point here is that and sometimes is the this is the revelation in inside the charge sometimes we offer Bible studies you know 1 has none or a wife accept the message and enter into a community but the point is a start a kind of tension sometimes. And being a pastor here in US USA is very complex because sometimes you have people coming to your chart on Saturday 1 is coming in Saturday and the next day or a wife are going to a Sunday charge because they have 1 or the wife are attending another charge and it's complex. It's complex. When I enter or when when I came here into the USA. You know there were some places in other countries are not not here. Then to put under this a plane to those who enter or engage in a relationship to marriage with someone that is not in the face I don't know if you're aware of that probably not a son member in general in the church but I had that when I was living in it 1 district an hour and I went to visit the pastor 1st and say to him Look this is not in the church man this is not Russia for proceed into that direction probably what we need to do is to work at the best are without vice but there is no rationale to pursue discipline for that and that by the way course the ministry in the in the position of that charter the pastor because it was a very tense situation with the local community we need to we need to put him into a stake this and. You know you know what I did after that I began before the marry a show I began to to offer Bible studies to the lady and I guess that my wife remembered the case because she was the daughter of a Baptist minister and of course the father was in total opposition of it she beamed baptized but I offer offer simple offer Bible studies never put conditions. I never established the condition but I I told her that if she was going to marry that gentleman she needs to know about the doctrines in order that both were in certain ground of harmony in the future OK that does was the the thing and I began to teach 12345 times and you know what happen she asked she ask to be baptized. You cannot you cannot imagine because I do remember that was a big big house a big family day where they were happy completely happy the define other when I when I went out he counted me on how our pastor. And she was baptized and we married because both of them were in the same faith now we can not as a pastor marry someone that is member of so when they are then to church with another that is not a member of the chart and this this is the normal protocol you know but for that moment that family felt and live a moment of victory though the thing that is going to to bring choice to our work heart is that. He is preparing a some minister and she is going to be the wife of the minister in the city and the other in to church so sometimes sometimes what we need to do is to try to solve problems. And are void future problems in the chart and and we need to put all these cases in prayer on with a lot of unkindness we need to share our faith with them because we are void than a problem in the future you know this this is 1 of the reasons of the war sometimes in the charge and we need to try to avoid that kind of situation in the future if you have with somebody or man or a wife that is and not believe or share with a person the Gospel sure detesting money and. Look for the help of the pastor and there is a lot of her in the charge for trying to solve this kind of situation because this is a very contemporary issue here yes. We had a Baptist but we do in our church after a long walk revelations his wife came up until the Sabbath and then said No talk to her pastor and decided she wasn't coming any more my wife has made friends with her they go out and do things all the time and she came out and spent days with us here at Camp meeting Gary is a merchant marine So he's out on the Great Lakes and she said next year I'm going to try to get married to schedule his time and we'll both come to camp meeting for the whole week she still is not an Adventist but she's been showing up for bible studies at our house on Sunday night we have a group Bible son and this is after more than a year of you know just kind of holding back holding off so just by being friends just oh yeah good going shopping together by coming to the house you know. Between here on for the Mike why don't you tell last who you are and what these your Warg in Michigan My name is Bernie Anderson I'm the head elder at the right 7th Day Adventist church and sit on some committees and which 1 of the comment is what you are working with Crick and so on I spent about 20 years on Adventist heritage ministries board and of meritorious board member at this point I decided to retire but I still do at the NIST history weekends and to things like. Song if you need something with without please contact him because it's a blessing in that ministry in Battle Creek. They all there are several. Places. Yes we were there and was a blessing together with my wife and daughter will be the place and we enjoy and thank you thank you for the work that you are doing because several workers like you were taking care of those places and it was for us a day of lesson when we visit those historical places in which the 7 there then to charge was for. OK. Here is regarding the topic I don't know if my frame is going to come here but we are going to continue and in the next chapter. We are going to have this recommendation regarding made sacrifices to the i those. When the post of Paul. This is a speaking here. And the recommendation is now US touching things off into idols we know that we all have knowledge knowledge post up but charity defied charity by the way is love here OK and if any man thinks that he know with anything he know worth nothing yet as he ought to know but if any man love God and the same is known to him as concerning there for the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice onto the idols we know that an eye though is nothing in the world and that there is no other God but 1 for though there be that are called gods whether in heaven or in earth as there are us there be gods many and lots many but to us there is but 1 God the Father of whom are all things and we in him and 1 Lord Jesus Christ by whom are all things and we by him by the way this is this is not this is not kosher food I I put in the notes here OK. And this is some kind of problems done that is very clear appear in the charge or let me see maybe I'm champeen into a patient. I don't know I don't know if I deal with that or not but I am a little bit. Concern regarding this. OK At some point I guess I I miss I missed something in the in the presentation unease it is regarding the court houses. That is in in chapter 6 but let me tell you something where when there is a difference in the charge the biblical reference is not to go to the our court houses we need the problems in the charge we need to try to fix diet in them in the in the community of faith let me explain something here regarding this topic and give you I'm going to give you the the background of the of the call Indians. Context socio. Are context for that when when the poster Paul listen what. Happening in the quote Indian chart he was an effort and what he learned is that when there were difference among members in the congregation they went to the courthouse yes it was very easy because in the in the Greek style every part look for an advice or they are vice or try to fix this situation at the beginning but if there was not fix in then the committee was bigger and under society the whole Corinthian population was going to be involved it at some point and the post of Paul is beginning to say look this does is not this is not good because we are going to be judge by the war and this is the tension this is the problem. The charge is coming out from the chart and did judge were from the all the walls viewpoint and the post of poll say we are going to judge the ward so under what basis we are going to be sued in submissions to that judgement so that's a problem that the porter Paul is still in so he says very clearly we don't need to go into that direction so when. When when we have a trouble. Problem in the chart what we need to do is we need to fix the situation inside the charge and with confidence we might be able to go to the elders of the chart to the pastor of the charge and present the case and try to solve the situation sometimes live let me tell you sometimes there are perceptions in the charts remember something chapter 1 Corinthians chapter 2 and 3 are going to tell you that there were groups in the church so when are when there are groups in the chart churches became fractious factions are in the church and sometimes are pushing for or power or importance the minyan on the platform and several issues you know and we need to avoid that kind of thing everyone in the chart we need to have a place for everyone in the church are Cordin what the poster Paul present in chapter 12 there is the gifts. And the deceased are God's given talents that we need to use in the charge. Today to today my wife is a very happy with this lady that is here. She is the pianist of St John's and when we arrive to St John's kindly she says to 2 to my wife could you help us with something in the chart and. Maybe with piano. And she's a very very good pianist is a very good pianist and let me tell you that they are good friends with a good they Spirit both of them in war ship in the lore within tar good spirit till today and when we are sharing our gifts in the charge we are going to war together US team a settin because everybody's team players here in the chart and we need that kind of a spirit to our war in tensions and competition this point of competition and division in the check we need to avoid that kind of thing or thinking that somebody's this bigger than other and we need to recognize something every 1 of you everyone to use here you have talents given by the Lord. And this is your reception you started the charge for the benefit of the Lord and the Church is willing to be a blessing for everybody. And when when you are sharing the gift of the law or Basically what you are returning in is with a spirit of grace with a spirit of thankfulness in the chart you are going to say Lord here is my talent I'm going to serve you doing this and thank you for what every 1 of you are doing in the church because everyone has a talent and talents are blessings in the charge. And when we are divided in you know on our calling to the talents are there are people. That are really our blessing some of them do not just big some of then are not going to be in the front over in the platform every single Saturday but when when when and I am telling this from the standpoint of a pastor what a blessing to have some quiet deacons and Deacon in says that when you reach the charge all the playground all the parking lot in winter specially everything is clear and there is no artists in the winter there are no problems in the places and everything is in place but that people sometimes you are not going to see in the platform is picking about then surf's but silently. Efficiently they are working behind the scene who are keen kindly for the work of the Lord why because they are usin their talents for the Lord so long where when when there are tensions in the charge we need to win it improve our communication we need to improve our direct dialogue and we need to pray together and let me tell you that I discover that sometimes there are friendships that appears in the church that are is stronger than in the family because because it is today when we come to certain charge yes we can call that chart home because in this we feel at home with feel at home because we feel love and that he sticks period that we need to look for in the charge and when somebody says you know into someone it was that we did we need to call the attention to recover the spirit of harmony inside the church because that is essential into that topic so OK I'm coming back to the point in which I've been I've been missing. Let me. Get back to that and. Into the topic to order to to. Us not only this was not OK We were here yes. This is not a common problem that we are going to. To to see here but they are pushed to pour East recommended in to some members about this and we are going to say now I'm not going to read but police this is not this not involve a kosher food. Because. This kind of food meats to the Idols can be. The problem is parent worship is involved here this is the essence of the topic but. Sometimes we need to be very careful with the food and our selection of flu and the places in which we buy the food. How loud food is not kosher how loud is not kosher colorless the Islamic style and they are following a person here there is similar to kosher but let me tell you that for for the Muslims they. They eat sun sinks. That are not according to the levity called rules by the way unit for example and 7 of those things. And we need to be cursed for regarding that because some somebody my say well how lousy close to closure and it's not. It is not so you need to be very very careful what is safe for 1 man here can be unsafe for another man and may be the poster Paul is establishing are created here that when you are in the charge you are live an example to orders and we need to be very careful what we select where we go this what is our example to the all other members of the society. So on here the part of Paul speaks about knowledge knowledge is not is not the point because a person can say well I know I don't believe in these thoughts I am just coming here to take the food. But I don't believe in this they tease you know but not east even there and that is an example to all the person and the post to Paul say please don't do that you are you I understand that your knowledge is right but your knowledge is misguided in another so you need to be sensitive and without his spirit of love to the others. Nothing ought to be judged solely from the point of you off knowledge. All hast to be judged from on the turn point of love and we need to conduct our serve us not to be a guy that thinkin that we do have the right no leash but by Bain sympathetic with all the others and by loving others and understanding that wass what we do can Kunhardt alders we need to be sensitive to that we can not heart of theirs on any 1 MA in in doing son sin that can leave all there is to that ruling that is the point of also. Paul is very clear regarding the general Solenn of counsel. Remember this in when you go to the book of facts in chapter 15 you are going to find the. Gentiles were clear regarding this information and the submission of the judgment of the arm of the. General in council was this go to the book of Chapter 15 burst in 1000 it is my judgment therefore says that we should not make it difficult for the Asian Thais who are turning to God instilled verse 20 instead we should write to them telling them to abstain from what yes. Food polluted or contaminated by either of us from sexual immorality and from the meat or a strangle any mass on front the blog and this is the general selling Council by the way this is the spirit that is underneath the recommendation here to the Corinthians because the charge already has taken a decision regarding to this to this point and that is the critical issue that we have here saw I don't know if you have any questions today to morrow our pastor that valiant is going to continue. He is going to be dealing with the situation of woman in charge and this is the point that is going to be presented is long it's going to take probably the entire time for to morrow. And I don't know if you prefer to take on other things including Because the challenges in the pistol to the Corinthians are several And we are just scratching the surface of the a piece because the this for the death in 15 and there is the gift of tongues in chapter 14. The gifts to the charge in shouted to us and of course in the case of of the role of woman's in the leadership diary in in Chapter. Of in the following topic Doug after the valley is going to present. OK thank you for coming God bless you and see you tomorrow on this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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