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Exit the Dragon: Spiritual Dangers of Martial Arts- Part 2

Bayani Pastrana




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Heavenly Father we thank you once again for your love and your mercy stores each and every 1 of us thank you lord that you have brought us out of darkness and into your marvelous light just be with us now and Guidice by your spirit that we may discern your truth specially for these last days we thank you once again in Jesus' name amen. Exit the dragon spiritual dangers of the Martial Arts Today we're going to look at biblical meditation versus Eastern meditation. Now as we talked about yesterday there's a whole concept that the Eastern religions and eastern thought has that is different from biblical teachings and that is the concept of God The Bible teaches us that God is a personal being who loves us who cares for us and who we call our father whereas in the eastern thought he is merely or it is merely some universal force or some form of power that we become a part all that we are all connected to and we had also mentioned that there's certain things that have been portrayed in movies and so forth and even what a warm we mentioned yesterday was about the horse in the movie in that series called Star Wars where they say they use the force Luke but in essence it is based on the yin and yang philosophies of opposites co-existing 1 cannot exist without the other that's why darkness will always have there always be darkness as long as there is light there are always be evil as long as there is good and so they coincide and and exist together that's why even in the movie Star Wars. Luke Skywalker the good guy he's supposed to use the force but then the force was also with Darth Vader the bad guy because he was on the dark side of the force and yet it was still the same force it wasn't too different forces it was the same force part of it is light part of it is dark but 1st John 15 that says that God is late and in Him is no darkness. Wholly different today we're going to look at how this is tied to accomplice as to how we get the God in us out in the martial arts instead of saying the God in us they may see the master in us to get that out and again it's all part of becoming part of this universal force and by the way the system I was involved in we strongly believe that we can call upon the past masters and the present masters who have connected with this horse with this thou they call a Dow pronounced with a D but spelt with a T T A 0 and that is that they have there are some that have connected the with it and for us to try and connect with it we try and connect and ask those past masters in the present masters to help us to connect as well it's a closest thing that you could say with that we even her ADA let me demonstrate to what we should do as an example and so we would basically kneel down and we would go here and then by and by the way with face the east when we did it you read Ezekiel Chapter 8 you'll see that there says the significance in facing the east all these religions are connected together by the way the North Sea that moment but we were bored this recall past masters and then do it again present mashers and then we would ask now when we say present or past masters return what the dead ones that have passed away. And we would ask them to help us to connect with them in this whole idea of this universal energy there which would be some would call God but it is not a personal God It is just some sort of force OK but today we're going to see that the connection or the way we get into that as well is through meditation now how this is basically all part of virtual is I'm you read the great controversy in numerous the different parts of Babylon whether it's. Whether it's the Protestant America or anything else or the 3rd part. Of Babylon basically spiritual ism you'll notice that they're all connected through virtual principals now you know this is good Bible student that the origin of courage will is on isn't something new it goes away back to the 1st 1 who practice Spertzel lism where I was there 141-2214 OK here's what it says and if you you've read this before I'm sure if you've studied the great controversy you're familiar with this here to us How art thou fallen from heaven or Mussa for some of the morning how were cut down to the ground which did weaken the nations. Or now has said in their own heart I will ascend into heaven exult my throne above the stars of God I'll sit also pound them upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the North Tower send above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high What was his goal what do you want to do you want to be like. The more power you won't be like God not in character but in power and position and prerogative good Pirelli was like God and he he would now be a prideful human not exultant else he would do what humble him self. As Read flipping through about Jesus who who thought it not to be not robbery to call equal with God and yet he homo themself and came in the form of a servant so we see this individual lose the purty exulted him self but the God of Heaven what does he do how will himself the vast different now but we see here I will be like the most high it's about becoming like God and it did not stop there because we know as he was cast down here it was him was brought to the human race Genesis 34 and 5 a serpent Now we know the devil because in Revelation Chapter 12 verse 9 it does let us know that he was called serpent or the serpent of all the takers he was back in the governed in the serpent that their own usual naturally die we talked about a little bit yesterday just where God does know that in the day you eat there of then I shall be opened and you shall be as God knowing good and evil Now here's what interesting couple thing is again it is random an old letting me know that you shall be as gods. Now by the way Eve did not know other God You only know knew the 1 and only God this could be translated with a capital G.. G O D N Some Bibles do do that because it's the same word in the him it's the same word used but the point here is this is again this is the same spirit found with Lucifer that becoming like God And again not dying now upon death if we move on to become part of this universal force guess what you never really that you are you were just that force inside and you just came out now the thing with spiritual ism as you notice it has come through now and specially in our days we see more and more of the or cold would you agree in books in movies in T.V. shows everywhere video games children's programmes there are cartoons I mean they're everywhere and it's accepted it is it is seen that in all there's there's there's the good side right you know there's the bad side but there's also the good side I'm a 1 follower before I met up with him and when my previous district he was he got into witchery he became a witch but he grew up as a Christian but he left Christianity in and he became a witch and so forth and he decided he was going to practice the the white arts OK of witchcraft. He was going to be a Good which the deeper he got into it the more he realised there was no such thing as good witchcraft. OK and he got into the dark arts a praise God the Lord the livered him out of that darkness and into his marvelous light. And I had the pleasure of baptizing this individual but we see more and more of that not just among adults but even children and it has brought on to the cold books as a whole section you go to the library you go through books orders a whole section just on the or colt you want to get into witchcraft it's there you want to get into. Other things whether it's things like the Kindle even the and other things that you want to conjure up and so forth you want to learn about. Warlocks witches sorcery you can find those books in their mother way and that is the author of the Internet the Internet pretty convenient nowadays. It's so much quicker. To do research nowadays that's a good thing but it also if you're researching the wrong things it can also be bad. Member and I 1st start from the Lord I did not have a Bible program the Internet was just kind of getting started and so for ice to use a strong school importance. And that when I was just a brand new Christian I am or I'm going through every single word and point to the whole through every 1 now you just type it in a computer program boom it's up has album there for you OK So Internet also you can look up things on the Cole it's all over the place and it's being accepted as something that you know that that's good then there's even the whole series based on books that were written. OK on sorcery OK Harry Potter over here Harry Potter Yeah kids love it. Here's I want to be like Harry Potter OK So we find that this there's an explosion in this everything goes back back to Genesis 3 everything those things go back to Genesis the way it was introduced to the human race and the whole idea is we can somehow be like God not the way the Bible teaches but becoming gods are SOL So the poll also known as spiritual is a more new age the branches of it meditation is an integral part of it and it's based on the idea that we are a god within. Buddha's Oma strong into the meditation because what happens now. A Buddhist OK or Basically if you are Buddha that means the enlightened 1 where you have actually become Now when you're in the light and it means that you are now have transcended time and space you are in the here and now you are now aware of every single thing around you in the around the world the without consciousness OK. I'm going to take you to a passage of let's go to your Bibles if not I'll just read it in Matthew Chapter 12 The other reference there is the parallel 1 but it says exact same thing in Matthew Chapter 12 I mean you read it here starting from verse 43 Jesus gives a parable Matthew 12 and 43 says here when the unclean spirit is gone out of the man. He walk with through dry places seeking rest and find none then he said I will return into my house from whence I came out and when he is scummy finds it empty so apt and garnished then go with the and takes with him so 7 other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter it and well there and the last State of the man is worse than the 1st Even Social it be also on to this wicked generation now this positive from want and let's look at this so here's talks about an unclean spirit comes out of man and then so he's going around and then looking for places to go and to rest and so forth and then he decides to go back there evil spirit decides to go back but here's what's interesting says all return to my house from whence I came out and when he has come he finds it easy. And garnish your way what does the house look like there's a big mess it's been Clance it's clean Let me ask you this question OK when you come to Christ and I mentioned this yesterday and you know you're sure of your familiar with that we can come to Christ anyway we are agreed Yes but Jesus loves us too much to keep us that way do you agree he does something in our lives he changes us the things I used to like just like Paul said I now hate the things I use the here and now love the problem music I used to listen to is not what I listen to now. OK I remember when I was in high school my friends and I would be driving down the street at night and we'd have our rock music on and we'd be banging our heads there and then you know and then we'd just be there and then we got the music full blast would come to a stop light and then we see the next car beside us and we look at them also and we start born again. I don't do that anymore. Transforms us the things I used to like you know I don't eat those things anymore why the more the changes are taste buds things I watch things I read more transparency cleanses OS He knows the cleaning he's the 1 that clean this place out he's the 1 that cast out the demon he's the 1 that cleanse that but here is the problem not only was this house now clean it was also was empty word at the 1 go that clean the place were to go no longer there I've had people give their lives to Jesus Christ the Lord cleanses them transforms them and they all are son not old son but through time they stop having that the motional life things just get too busy hey things get too busy they gotta get up early in the morning get to work right away and so all day they don't have that time to spend with the Lord and so what happens now is the houses Queens sure they've been transformed but the 1 who came and clean the house is no longer there it's empty here's the problem the demon now goes out and says hey it's empty nobody. But if you do that's his buddies hey look you got the whole house or selves saw the state of the man is worse. Later on than it was at the beginning my dear friends when you give your life to Jesus Christ and the clan says you well leave it empty that is why we find in scripture that there is such a thing that is called Med it is that it will look at that in the moment so we see here that we are not to be left empty but we need to be we need to have Christ still with us I'm going to go share something here in a more and then we'll get back to that because this totally relates to it in English class when you're growing up you learned about World words and the relationships there are such a thing called a synonym remember that in English class assume is a word or phrase that has a similar or the same meaning as another word or phrase for example begin start commands what do they mean they mean the same thing. And M. to them is a word that has the opposite meaning to another word. Cold and hot big and small hominem by the way there's different types of harmony and we're going to giving the simplest definition here but you've got 2 or 3 different hominids but this is the 1 most people on the stand the word that has the same spelling and pronunciation as another word but has a different meaning OK So it sounds the seem a lot I could be an untruth but live I also means the what the recline you know you may down there you know you lie down Ever hear of a word called the contra Nim. You've heard who hears heard of a synonym new C.N.N. OK in my job you antonym who sort of antonym you member from English class to English teacher did a good job drilling it in good how many and who's heard of a home and. Who's heard of a continent I didn't learn in English class by the way but I do know what a continent missed a continent in Interestingly a spell contour name or contra In contrast meaning contradicts it's also referred to as are tall and tune in another word but anyway it's a word with 2 opposite meanings. Now it contradicts itself for example what does the word left Mean while left could mean what what what remains but it also all means what has gone well which is it OK It could be something that was left OK The water bottle was left on the table OK but somebody could have walked away and somebody could be looking for it while the water bottle has left. OK that makes sense it's the same word but having an opposite meaning to itself here's another 1 just what does this mean while if somebody came and told you. You need to dust the table if you came to dust the table Friday you know Friday afternoon what are you doing when you're removing that dust. But if you were to dust it for fingerprints what guess what you're doing you're adding dust so which is it to remove dust or to add dust. It's the same word it's a calm. Nym it contradicts itself I give you another 1 meditate or meditation it is a continent him it is a word that contradicts itself. It has 2 opposite meanings and yet it is the same word it means to fill the mind but it also means to empty the mind and this is already we need to be careful because this is being brought into Christianity where they say the Bible teaches meditation and I say yes it does but my question is which definition are we looking that because there are many well meaning Christians that are now using meditation but the wrong thing and they do things like contemned contemplate a prayer and focused prayer by the way they've made the word contemplate have an opposite meaning to itself as well now that makes sense so far who here has heard of a continent anybody other see every hand up as I hope you are listening for the past 5 minutes. You have now heard always content in yes. I don't have to review the past 5 minutes we've got it you are now way ahead of most English students. So meditate is the action meditation is the noun OK of the verb now so what's with meditation Well let's look at it. The meditation versus Eastern meditation in the Bible meditation is simply thinking upon things and feeling the mine solve somebody asks you is it OK to meditate what is the answer yes it's in the Bible what you need to do is pursue the definition this because yes we should meditate but on the other hand no we should not depending on how the word is used we go be careful because that same word is used to opposite ways. That make sense so far OK we're going to look at a pretty Yes I'm not going to go there right now OK some 1 verse 2 but it is the light is in the law of the Lord and in his 1 law the earth he meditate day and night let me ask you this question this is basic you know basic common sense and logic when here when they even wrote in his own law that's the law of God DOES HE matted tape day and night is he talking about getting it out of your mind and not thinking about it or is he talking about thinking about the law thinking about it thinking about it and filling your mind hey the circuit the next 1 when I remember The upon my bed and meditate on the in the night watches what's they would say here is the say here that you know when when I'm laying down in my bed now I want to forget about you is that what he's saying what's he doing thinking about God. Filling the mind. That's Biblical meditation we're filling the mind we're thinking about things I will let it all so all all the. Work these are things God has done and talk of died doing so again is he talking about forgetting about it or thinking about what God has done you think ima get you know what also mentions that as well you know the famous quote where she says it would do as well to contemplate it do as well to to take an hour I'm paraphrasing contemplating on the cross of Christ you know up. There you go thank you thank you a member here is a point here's a point even when L. White wrote that she's tumble thinking about cleaning thinking fill in the mind think about all that is done OK. In the Hebrew by the way the the word picture used for meditate is mother OK Mother. Which to modern A M U T T E R you know or like you're just muttering. You know when you see somebody in this kind of. This thing right my family does that all the time they say who you're preaching to I'll be driving down my wife would be right beside me and I would be gone. And she go Who are you preaching to. I don't require is always preaching you know there was a time I used to fight I thought you that yesterday I used to fight in my sleep OK now I preach what I drive. That's mothering member Hannah she prayed so hard to the Lord for a son the lookalike that she was drunk why because she was muttering. She was she was so deep into the lord talking to the Lord spending time with the Lord that she was. So she was in that. Book like she had been you know intoxicated meditate we think so deeply about what God has done this is this is what we need to do this is what they've it another Somnus were saying they think about God all the time they think about is law how wonderful it is wonderful the works of God is. Seen verse of thing also verse 78 is similar I will meditate in the. Precepts and have respect unto their ways. Again he's talking about thinking about God's precepts thinking thing about while you know God said to do this and he's wanting Well what is the significance and so for that's why when we do our the motions it's important not just to read words you with any crime remember what you just read that throughout the day you could think about what you read where you spent time with the Lord you don't have to be on your knees or in a dark room or whatever you can be spending with the Lord anywhere you go as you think about what the Lord had told you that day OK the leave the house empty princes also that sit and speak against me but I servant they do up meditate in their statute some 119 verse 23 similar 1 in verse 48 again here does God statutes were not forgetting about it we are what thinking about it. OK the whole movement in God in in Christianity to forget about God's law about its precepts and so forth we just need to be filled with the spirit never mind those things will get about those things and yet in the thumbs reread that we are to what think about those things meditate on those things but the ones that they we don't need we don't need to think about those who we don't need to keep those anymore don't worry about it forget about it there are ones that say we just need to be moved by the. Spirit you see there is all there is there's this constant thing about warring the spirit against God Were you got past the spirit is that not right there I do 1 lady before I remember she end up sleeping with somebody. Having you know sexual intercourse with this individual She said that God told her to do it with her husband by the way that God told her to now is the wrong there the Bible God tells us through this prophet another Bible writers to fill the mind to think about upon the things. My Irish prevent die night the night watches that I might meditate in the I word some 119148. You guys get the picture let me leave you with 1 more Joshua 18 The Book of the law shall not be part of the mouth but meditate there in day and night about almost observe to do according to all that is written there in for them Thou shalt make a way prosperous and then thou shalt have good success so how do we prosper and have good success well we meditate on the book obey laws the things that God has taught us and then that way we can observe them and that we may be prosperous. The book of the law God's word is not there to hinder us it's there so we can be prosperous in life in health in lation ships and so forth God does not want us to go. In the wrong direction he's given us a guy in the right direction but the key thing here is should we meditate should Christians meditate yes or no yes if you are meditating to do what they will the mind if you are thinking about things OK Now in the martial arts it's the opposite when you see meditation that they do in these in the eastern arts meditation when they do in Eastern meditation the ultimate goal is to empty the mind empty the mind not to fill the mind but to empty the mind. And to be in what is known as the void or the here and now and to reach total in the right meant Buddha means the enlightened 1 way and so the meditation there is is used to get into that void where it is to a point that you become in harmony with the whole universe and so in a fight it is beyond the physical cause as the person moves to hit you the whole idea is you are in so much harmony with nature because you are nature you're in harmony with the universe that when somebody hits you're just flowing with them and you're moving and so you become in harmony with everything around you but the idea here is not to fill the mind but to empty the mind and this is the opposite meaning but the seem word that now based on this definition should Christians meditate no that's not what the Bible teaches the Bible teaches to meditate you need to be thinking about something and so be careful when somebody starts telling you to pray by for example by choosing a word like Jesus or or salvation or whatever it is and then they tell you will just repeat it over and over her and then you will feel a sense sation you will feel the presence of God and just keep doing that until you realize that God is there with you. When they start doing that it is basically focusing youth and what it's doing is emptying the mind of everything else and so they get you do like again using 1 word very or low Well Well Well Well Well Well Well Well that's the prayer that's a poor and what it does now. What it is now is again this is not thinking about things but this is forgetting about things and to empty the mind OK now here's what's interesting Jesus said peace I give to you My peace given to not as a wall gives you have to do he says it's his peace understand that the peace we can how is spending in time in God's Word and getting close to him or that we're thinking about God we're speaking to God It's not about forgetting about God You see him saying so we can time how peace by doing other things while forgetting about things most things are still there no it's about coming closer to God What happens is in the meditation our brain waves start changing right now hopefully you are in beta brainwave. Which means that you are your your mind is active it is alert. And so you're listening you're paying attention and what happens is is you're using the frontal lobe your frontal cortex to think and to assess So when somebody says when when you're hearing things you're deciding should I believe this guy should not believe this guy is out make sense does this make sense and just to making judgments. OK now what happens and when you start doing the meditation you start now going into our full mode well understand we go through alpha mode then you way some of you maybe get to a point where you're a little bit more relaxed a little bit too relaxed and so you're you're your mind this shutting off slightly and you're not processing everything you're not thinking about everything OK you're now the waves are now in the alpha wave mold Now when you get deeper into meditation when you're trying empty the mind and that is done through techniques of breathing will get you to concentrate on your breathing breathing in and forget about everything else and just focus on your breathing what happens now is the brain waves are going deeper into what is known as the state brain wave more that is when you're in a meditative state that is when you get more drowsy and even in a trance like state as well now again the idea is to now we do naturally go into those things back when we fall asleep but understand this is forcing ourself to be in that state while we are still awake and conscious so you'll see practitioners in a either a half lotus position or a full or this decision and you know and they'll do things like this and they try to keep perfectly still backstory and so for and but sometimes you'll have the highest jurors and so for that is me by the way with more hair. And so I remember 1 time when I was training. With the teacher the teacher was training on the other and I was going into a meditation session I remember distinctly what he told me then he said when you meditate so deep you will find that that is when you will leave your body and when you come back your body may be occupied by someone else it is then that you would have to fight for it back they call it astral projection but I've come to understand through a study of scripture that that is actually called demon possession because what happens is when you go in that state you become susceptible to other others suggestions when you do hypnosis that's the state you want to bring somebody in your way but here's the thing when you put yourself in to that state you are now susceptible to someone else they can know you're going to have different forms you can be in this position OK now there are those that say well you know what. In the martial arts will will separate the physical from the from the meditation room we won't do that medication but understand that in reality martial arts as a whole is not a separation of the 2 but a harmony of the 2 in the Western world we like to separate things. And that's based on the police play tonic understanding of things about separating the physical from the spiritual and so forth but in the east you'll find that things are kept in the harmony and so what happens here is people think of meditation as when you sit down and you cross Julies OK so even today when I mention Eastern meditation was this what you thought of having your mind yes or no yeah cross-legged in either in this situation or down here but what's interesting is that in the martial arts it is actually the harmony all that meditation with the physical so no words it is not just sitting down cross-legged so we'll pretend I'm actually on the seat or on the bow cross-legged like this know what happens in the martial arts you are in that frame of mind where you are emptying the mind while you do the physical So what happens is it's not the physical you're doing but the state of mind you're actually doing emptying the mind as you do the movements that is why for example even 1 martial art system has been named meditation in motion the pic we see in chief. So it actually incorporates it puts it together it is not a separation the West tried to separate it but the system itself is the complete system of the physical with the spiritual So it is meditation and motions and so when you do things like height she which is known as meditation and motion think you are awful need the fan for circulation or whatever but. There's 1 there. 1 you guys want to use it's up to you anyway so it's meditation in motion so you don't need to be costly just like when you pray to the Lord do you have to be kneeling down with your hands folded know who that's why Paul said pray without ceasing OK well you can't spend 24 hours of your day on your knees praying I pray when I'm on the road. I pray you know I remember. Even here at a camp meeting and I'm part of safety I'm 1 of the ones that go around all over campus checking things are mixing things all right but there is 1 individual. 1 of the in the department there they were using his this Hamblen and establish it was they had everything there from the songs for the you know it was actually for the youth class for the youth so they had their presentations were in there they got a crack so it touchscreen wasn't working for now but anyway and he told me that but I kept praying that they can get it to work but I didn't stay there and keep praying I was in my in the golf cart or around and I was praying to a Lord speaking to the Lord. So I did not need to be in a posture I was kneeling down hands full that I was speaking the Lord's praying to him or even while I was in the car driving in meditation in the martial arts OK you don't need to be crossed really good OK what happens is you are now in meditation even as you move your exam accent. Meditation in motion and what happens is that. When you get into this you get into That's how you get more into the spiritual realm as well because now you are dealing with things that are super natural and then you share some here from a friend of mine and dress Narses an ordained minister he's over there in Canada British Columbia Conference you trained in the show at the con karate he trained in you which is or can now in Karate the train and come food in jitsu and Peng pseudo there is where he had to say the whole purpose of training is to get the coup in the Leni the serpent power in your god and key Orci key is a Japanese form OK She is the Chinese form that is the internal power in martial arts to flow through to assist though in order for the student to have inner strength to break things or hurt and manipulate others all under the mask of good health and prosperity OK and you hear a lot about using it for health and so whore but I understand it's a ball getting that harmony and getting that energy to full whether it's the chief or key or the clue the Leni that would be the Indian name for it OK and to get that harmony and to have it the floor and go on and so forth in that is what is done when the people break bricks and and so forth and when you see those guys that put spears through their throat and they go with wards and nothing's happening through meditation that's how you get more closer into this virtual realm Hey. Now and so again both things are used the emptying now is used what is what is done to break things and to manipulate certain things as well when hours training we used to have had your stones. Fall by 18. Have your stones the bricks that's what we used to break OK and they are about 1 in 3 core into this each 1 was about the density of about 3 to 5 human skulls so you break through 1 it's like going through 3 to 5 schools OK I remember 1 time there was this guy who was about 200 pounds we set up 1 brick 1 brick was set up for him and he you know he did his winding up and so forth and then he went down and he went down with all the force that he had and guess what he did have enough force he put in so much physical force that it broke not the brick is on broke his arm broke same brick OK but this is a different time but you know the same type of brick and so forth there was this girl she's 14 years old she wasn't that big but teet she went and she got into a meditative state and something took over and then when she went she broke way through it it's beyond just the physical OK And so what happens now is do you get into that meditative state and that is how you do well and try and bring in the harmony that that she or the key or the the Leni whatever it is you're doing whether it's martial art or your bow whatever here this is. This is basically a multiple brick breaking here is what we see. Yeah that's me with longer hair. We see demonstrations at malls but here is the point let me just share something here where now do the breathing it was because I was now getting to that meditative state OK And again I'm not that big of a fella my arm would break up with all the horse I had and then there's a point in that where I went into a tyrants like state and then when I broke it OK something took over I don't remember a thing I just I just know that there's a point where you loose sight of of anything it's like I was in France and then I go through it and when that's done and then they come out of it but that is when you come into that state all becoming empty OK now Blent is something supernatural something supernatural is part of our Can God have us do it surely can do it and he can give us the strength OK but in this case it's not God though he's doing it it's no 1 the queen bee God OK I remember the man I trained under there we just share this we we trained and at that time he only. Had select students playing with him because we in or we were trying instructors and they would train students but he wouldn't he would train us but anyway. What happened is there were 4 of us and Sol when we went into a training session and this was out west in the western part of Canada when we went there after a day's session of training we sat around the fireplace we sat on the couch some 1 on cheer and 1 on the floor and so forth I was on 1 end of the couch and this man was our teacher we used to call him master of ice of another matter now I don't call him Master So this man he was sitting on 1 end of the couch so I was sitting on the other end of the couch and here's what he said you told me Keep your eyes on me now understand that the training I was under you could take a glass of water put it on the table and if he was to told me to keep my eyes on it I would make sure it did not leak out protect it with my life somebody could come to people Come 345 people would come I would protect that glass of water until he told me it was OK for me to not worry about it anymore that's the type of training I had anyway so he's there before he tells me what to do he whispers and somebodies ear so he goes up person and then he whispers something and then he tells me OK Bayani keep your eyes on me so I'm there I'm keeping my eyes on him and as I was watching him he was disappearing right in front of my. Also he's not me out of it. And then he asked he asked me what do you see I said well I was looking at you in the Alps and you were disappearing in front of my eyes he asked the next person what did you see nothing you were just sitting there next person nothing you were just sitting there next person you were just and there nothing happen now in my mind I was thinking while yeah it's been a long day I'm tired we're sitting by a fireplace it's kind of you know and so I'm thinking yeah you know my eyes were just going I was getting drowsy you know sometimes kids going in the classroom things the. Tossing Yeah must be something that as I was saying that he said just in case you're thinking that it's just because it's dark and them and been a long day let's do something else he then whispers in somebody else else's initial He whispers in this person's that and then now we tells me again keep you advised on me so there I am again I'm watching watching same thing again he started disappearing in the hall son he snapped me out of it and he asked me what the you see you were disappearing on by the way I don't know if I said but he did ask that person what that I say was going to happen this was in the 1st demo the person said well you said you were going to disappear in front of Miami's eyes and that's exactly what happened now for the 2nd 1 he asked me what what did you see or what happened said Jewish star disappear to spin yes the next person what happened said nothing you were just in the next person and this person now said you were disappearing and yes the next person what happened nothing you were just sitting there. And then he asked that person that he whispered to what did I say the person said you said that you would dispute in from a by Annie's eyes and in fun of such and such as. Human It probably did which 1 of us he would this fear in fun and so we find that there's a realm where now remember these things are steps towards towards the ultimate goal of the night and men who are you become part of that energy or that God Hey let me share 1 more thing and they will drop to a whole 0 but I will be you would with a particular pull this 1 here it's doing the same week. I remember another time we were sitting there another evening this is you know how good Christian Holmes good Adventists homes we have you know family worship at night this is kind of like a family worship with you know in the martial arts but anyway I look back I was excited back then by I look back now and Lord have mercy I this praise the Lord that my wife her brother and his wife were praying for me at that time. Otherwise when I'm able get out I would help but it's a prayer I would have only been able to through prayers and that's what happened this time here's what happened I'm sitting on 1 end of the couch he's on the other end again he tells me the same thing said by any Keep your eyes on me from them watching him and this time it was different though the time he was this period but this time it's like it's hard to describe it was like I was in the dream likes they but it was it was strange because his form changed. He did not disappear I could still see him but his form changed into like a silhouette that's all I could see it was a silhouette now silhouettes are dark but the whole place went dark in yet I saw dark upon dark it was total darkness and yet I could still sense that there was a silhouette there some Hold it was no longer him as the best way to describe it it was not him something else was there and so as I watched him he changed into a silhouette darkness and I can't even describe it his the sergeant space changed everything changed but it was just darkness and almost sun I started going to this. I could not breathe you snap me out of it and he says What's the matter and. He was crushing my lungs without even touching. That is the Supernatural that it leads to let's. Hold with this on leave you off with this thought OK the reason I want to leave you off of this thought is we have nothing to fear regarding the darkness. Hours in the darkness because I did not know the light or you with me asked why darkness had power over me. Praise God darkness has no power already because the master I serve is Jesus Christ he is the true light he is the light of men that has come into this world read this look spiritual guess Volume 2 paste 32 here is what it says about the last days the 144000 were all sealed and perfectly united this is after God's people are sealed and so forth you have nothing to fear their friends look at it says on their foreheads was written God New Jerusalem and the glorious star containing Jesus' new name at our happy holding estate who is it now the wicked were what enraged and would rush how. To lay hands on us to thrust us into prison they're going to come after you if you are 1 the ones still alive at that time your wonder $144000.00 that are sealed the wicked are going to come to rush violently upon you to bring you to prison when we would stretch forth as it continues when we would search for the hand in the name of the Lord and the wicked would fall 1 helpless to the ground so the wicked will buy only rushed upon God's people who want $44000.00 and then God's people want $44000.00 all they do is go with this what happens to the wicked they fall down no martial arts training. None of us. Hey I'm not worried I'm no worried somebody was going to come and crush my lungs even though they're not touching We I serve a higher power and that power is Jesus Christ he's the 1 who again victory I don't have to worry all just wave my hand the angels will do a fighting for me they will fall down it is a spiritual battle dear friends but I'll tell you right now it's not about emptying the mind it's about what filling the mind each in every day is a war where this is not just about those who train in the martial arts is about those who are in the spiritual warfare that each 1 of you and me there's a there's 1 who is a roaring lion lion looking whom ever he made the valor he's he's out for lunch he's hungry but my dear friends we need to realize that this warfare has been won by Jesus Christ so even us each and every day were not warfare fill your mind with Christ with his law with his works what he has done in because of that you will have victory through Christ upon anything that the devil throws at you and you go out for that I'm glad that the true master is Jesus Christ now I want to fill my mind with him he what he has done his mercy in everything else we are today want to say the Lord I don't want the house to be empty I want full with everything you have done in 1 year freeze God Praise God we have time for 4 question if you want it not you can ask me afterwards as I start to on happen but this time with any question on this particular topic. Yes or. OK so you're ready to pay for it. OK so you're going to a class where you have the sided you're not going to listen to them. So you're there to earn them you're there for them to teach you something that you are purposely not going to follow all. You see him going with. OK So my question is why go. Now. Here's here's here's you use. And I mentioned this earlier when you're stressed here's the thing in those things that we knew read this John 1427 and I quoted this earlier you just said Peace I live with you My peace I give unto you not as the world gives give line to you let not your heart be troubled Needham that. The peace we have ascriptions is not because we forgettable thing is because we think about God You see a difference because as a Christian because you can be an atheist and have the peace that you are talking about by forgetting all things. But the peace a Christian has is by having Christ. And so because we have the peace of Christ it doesn't matter if we have more bills than money. It does not matter if the children are going the wrong way doesn't mean that we don't worry about those things but the point is we have peace knowing that God is in control and we only have that peace by filling our minds with God's works realizing God is the true judge that God is the 1 in control of all the events and so forth that's the peace we can have us Christians not by forgetting things but by remembering God as lead 1 God As the son whose omic sense that's the peace so when you find yourself stressful read the psalm. We've still you mind with the goodness of God. 1 more. So the question is should we be militant in for example telling organizations they shouldn't have those they don't even allow Christian beliefs in there and so forth but OK. Here's the thing. First thing you need to do is beyond you need. For 1 thing. It's the Lord Jesus that is his light that needs to come and what's going to happen is that is part of Babylon. That is part of Babylon Well you need to do is you do your part but understand that when you have a group there's a group mentality you need to you need to speak to individual 1 at a time. And give awareness that way it's like anything else like anything else. You cannot go to a Catholic church and tell them the Babylon you got or you don't stand right so you're right yeah you can do what you do what you can't OK but at the same time just make sure it's done Christ like. But yeah you're talking about right and stuff because yeah you'll find that Christianity being pushed aside the far right everybody everybody has a right and whatever but when you mention christianity all the sun right the appear. Yeah yeah let me catch your questions afterwards and want to cause up here and then you know I'll share that with the class tomorrow and so forth this of but he hears it but anyway so let's pray and we will meet again tomorrow same time we're going to talk more small Ali be on the combative mind versus the mind of Christ we'll talk about that but that's about as for prayer Heavenly Father grateful that truly you are the light that we need to turn to you are the light that is drawing all men and the Lord we thank you so much for your love in your mercy and how you teach us Lord we know that the world needs to learn of your ways because Adele will is busy evangelizing the world with his principles spiritual principles so the devil is out to teach in these hospitals and schools and so forth Lord but we pray that you all got your gospel will go into all the world and cover all the areas that the devil tries to cover 1 pray specially for Chuck at this time or to a grateful for him that you are sharing your light with him and that he is seeing things that perhaps he suspected but maybe not seen before so load we thank you for that continuing the work in this heart in this life anew with each 1 of us may we fill our minds with you with what Christ has done for us with what the Holy Spirit is doing in our lives in all your law and all of you or none of the new mercy towards us we thank you once again bring us back to more we pray in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. 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