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3. Treating Anger-From Demands to Rest

Dr. Sung Hyun Um Jewel Um




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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Your God Repent you give us a promise in your word that you bring you into our lives when we see if you choose the police will be with us to impress upon our minds that we're using their minds to further ourselves in the time you give an answer for British time we can be more like you and the whole. Born. Should have to know everyone. Is a blessing to be here again to talk about God's healing in our lives and I would like to just remind you about about this text from the scripture that goes in line with what we've been talking about in terms of how our brain is wired and I told you the how you know whatever the way we think whatever the way we feel it has a way of creating memories in our brain in such a way that it goes like a what route Yeah So really our brain looks more like a tree you know and the Bible says that that we are the tree they're supposed to be planted by the what living water is never missing and because so that we can be was a rootkit you know he plea as we continue to get nourished well. So we need daily lurching daily nurturing sunshine and water and everything so his delight is in the law of the law the law of the Lord the law here is the Torah which is the teachings of God and higher buyable right and on his law he meditates day and night he is like a watch tree planted by streams of water. Which is its fruit in season and who's a lift does not wither whatever he does what prosper event and how many of you desire to be like a tree planted by the streams of living water event Amen amen and that's what we desire is the cards God's plan for of all of us we may go through some praying and we may go through hardship in our lives God's plan for all of us is to prosper and the fruit for in our lives and meant God Once our lives to be fruitful in a way that you know you you you just plant 1 seed and then how much fruit you can get I miss is endless right and God 1 solace to be prosperous and be fruitful in him in that way and as much as there has been hurt and 1 the less in our lives God's healing power is always greater than the wound in the same and it is greater it is greater. And you will talk about it today and that you know you're going to be just a mate at the end of the day you will be jumping for joy and you'll be dancing. In the Lord. I need to contest your lies you know I mean it people are dancing outside of church for no reason but we have reason to Benz. Amen amen OK and you need to you need to hear what I'm trying to say OK don't quote me for it in a different way and then let's go to our tech our study today yesterday we were able to finish our study yesterday so we're going to continue our study today and actually this concept that I'm about to share which I already shared before this concept about how South gets formated and other words formation of self how the South is formed is such an important insight for me and it helps me to understand how important we are to 1 another immense because the because I cannot discover who I am without you can imagine me doing a you know doing the same in our here with nobody here except me. Unless I'm broadcasting it. You know on the side is doing it for myself by myself then you would come in and think that I'm kind of. You're in it so there is no same in our going without Was audience there is not per pastor there is no such identity as a pastor without was having her original right there is no father without children there is no children without parents even the orphans have what once had parents and others there is no way that you and I can find our own self I nanny identity without being in the context of relationships you define me who I am I need you to define me who I am I need you to build me up as much as I've been wounded by you sorry. Or as much as you've been wounded by me right i told us that there are 2 kinds of hurts right you remember 2 kinds of hurt 1 is the hurt that you you feel because of you've been what you've been violated her TED you receive it and there's a 2nd level of hurt is the hurt that you experience as you experience the hurt that you render or cause in the lives of other people which is a a more most poor kind of hurt. Second 1 right and if you and I are her enough to realize how much I may have been the source of her in the lives of other people all that kind of look poor hurt will start changing our lives I meant you know a lot of people think that oh you know you don't understand how much I go through to live with this woman to live with this man and this is full of stuff 3 but little that person realize live that person realize how much of a suffering that person and other is as much as is difficult for that person who live with the other person the other person. Out just and there. And so without equally identity there is no such thing as self identity and other words and other words this is the important thing the quality was any of the identity almost I don't like to use the word determine you know I mean yes. Because I don't and I don't believe in fate. Right I believe in faith in Jesus All right so holiday of me identity is not necessarily determined of facts the polity of what top I did partner. Impulses Yes Yes And so we've got to talk about we got his hands were we we we are No 1 instilled in vacuum no 1 gets to be killed in back in a minute I want you to follow after me no 1 gets to be billed. I know I know you feel like a kid but the following vernier can no 1 just to be built. In vacuum. So worst thing we can do to discover ourselves is to work is to isolate ourselves online is because that's not going to work causes go back to the community. So where did this whole idea came from so my all sense of identity my value my self-worth. Even my perspective. Even my perception the way I think my fart systems of formation of my thoughts this turn is practiced by the kind of me identity that we have in our relationship to 1 another and therefore I am responsible for my spouse's health as much as she does me it's a corporate. Either we grow together or either we grow together or both of us going down the drain together it 1 way or the other there is no neutral way either either I become a source of blasting what makes it really tough is I realize The Sometimes I become a source of wealth into my life and sometimes article source of something else. In Korean there's a word for it. You get sickness as well if you give medicine. And we all of us in that tie cottony I mean no 1 is just you know continue to become a complete sense of blessing to someone else there is no such thing like that we give and take however I want to tell you today that it is very very important for us to realize that's what Janice Chapter 1 Verse 262-7000 US that that it is we are again a day that we deal that all allow us to. To have the kind of self identity that we have we carry for the rest of our life and this is important this is important sure. Sure sure is formed. Through it is formed in the context of we are the energy with God not only with cars or so with 1 another and other work not only I need cars and here I manage my relationship with him to discover the truth of who God is and care for learning who I am I need to know who God is to know who I am put in to be able to know who God is I need or so you to help me to discover who got is as well was because I consider convinced of who God is in you him and the best day that ever happened in my life the best I have or haven't in my life in our marriage after having gone through so much trouble hardship there was a time when I can be honest with you guys right. You're not going to report it to somebody else. Not to my wife. But it's being recorded so I'm doomed. But anyway having gone through all the troubles in our marriage looking back of my 32 years of ministry of 30 years of marriage 1 thing I can tell you is that much of the illness in our marriage of course not only stemming from me but standing Ron Horo ignorance. Eatery ignorance or stubbornness and you stubborn being ignorant and not only that you tried to personally others with your ignorance. How does that work you know you want to talk about you know your wife is telling you the truth but you know what you can't take is so you use everything you can to manipulate right. Woman has about 40 different kinds of money to Asian tactic that a lot starting from the. Man only has a couple of the. Man runs out of options pretty fast. For a woman like OK this is where outright that 1 if that little work and the idea is well let me ask my friends and they have a few more. And that's why they go to church to get some ideas. Some people ask me How come pastoral you do this counseling you do this marriage same religious dealing with this people with problems and it's strange situations and all the how do you do that for the past year how do you do that and continue it. You know why because. Human Stupidity is fascinating. If you understand what I'm talking about. And human stupidity goes to beyond the point of like you know being like early and when you get to the level where you go really deep into it and figure everything out then you can almost like a laugh. And I think that's how angels been able to endure us. Larry see them finding men and hilarious hilarious. Hilarious because we're fighting each other as to what who started 1st you started lol you started to use that it. You know if I'm spanish i really need to know anything else only thing I need to know wole lolo's. You started it I didn't start it but whoever started right if you fear it should make it even worse you're contributing big time and I'll tell you something of a marriage and the House will if 1 person goes down and I was just just like a real depression you know have this really work idea about tomorrow thinking that there is no tomorrow for your relationship a relationship cannot get any worse than what they have now or woman tends to go deeper Well you know like like a welt. Man tends to have this like optimism in perspective long term. That's how we think and so when 1 person goes down and say honey. Land just living with you is heart it's. I don't know if there's any hope for America and I don't know we're not if you're going to be get any better then those are not the time you go down the drain with that person to gather like hey honey do you want to learn how I feel. No that's not the time to do that when 1 person go down goes out the other person is to what go however lift this person up and then if it's also sir if your wife goes down 1st and then you lose your turn it's now your turn to go down. To whoever wants to go down you gotta do is packed. Like early in the morning you know. Yeah and that's my principle whoever goes down for us man I lose I lost that chance. Today I lost it so I'm going to have to play a role of what bringing her up. And that's how you continue saving the marriage otherwise we'll go down the drain together it's 1 percent and it's miserable the other person said you were low it's a cheat something you know. That was OK and then it's over let's finish it what takes what's missing what's missing in growing and prosperous and maturity with patience is what would that be that someone absolutely what's missing in a growing with patience it what's missing in a relationship that may not allow them to grow deeper and you know into relationships surprisingly that is called hard work we don't endure enough. You know the story right I mean don't get me wrong don't get me wrong 2nd marriage can work rock great 3rd marriage can work I'm not against it but you know there's a guy who says it was personal not a lot it has stirred once and then she came to realize how comparing all of the 1st 1 was bass. I mean it's not always work like that OK I'm not hope we're not sending anybody so let's go to this 1 this is really powerful stuff in. Your relationship with God is there to give us the kind of bonding in that we would be connected and the Internet in that intimidates and connected and bonding relationship it creates a contact for discovering the truth about who God is and then in chair and it gives us an understanding as to who I am who I am and is intrinsically related with who. He is so important when I was going to theology illogical squall I was bored to tears so why are we starting all this country new stuff and then I can Little did I know that after studying psychology and theology and all that I came to realize that understanding who God is so important so important because it helps us to understand why and and it's a term in a packed my perspective and perception and and it is in that we identify with God and with 1 another we discover the truth of who God is why and why because truth is something truth is not something that you came in when I had been assessed that I caught the truth that the wrong wrong expression I must challenge. We cannot hold past the truth as it is the thing to oppose that. Truth is something that you can only come you can only integrate it when it becomes part of us and we become the truth so with that in mind historical happens when you and I start being alienated from God because once we were with costume so well me become alienated from God then we become void and empty in our lives pass car 1 says that there is a car shaped vacuum in it in each and every 1 of our heart. That is something that God can only need the of So You Will you and I are Elenita from you know how Adam and Eve were so close to God God shaped Adam and Eve and then he came to you and then he can so close to Adam and then he end of what reading on his nose like so close in to him an act Adam was created in that in timid touching kind of act. And we are created to have had. You know I brought my friends here I wish he could be here his name is Danny and he has a you know hearing impairment and no 1 understands him right you know when when he says something no 1 understands even for me I had a hard time understanding him let alone keeping him Bible study is really hard even conveying 1 concept takes a couple of hours of funny thing happened amazing things happen and then is overcoming you know all kinds of addiction is Dr Who up in a family where everyone's addicted sister brother and everyone else and everyone that I brought in here it stays with me. For the past week and a half yesterday night which is a town start talking and then I found myself understanding everything he was saying. And not only there we were just having far and I I got his language we were like talking we were making fun I learned well he was here and are saying I like talking with you is so much fun how was I told him that and I want you to know that there is a black hole in your brain the hole has been created that has been the source of void and emptiness in your life and that can only. Buy 2 things as a pie the Word of God by encountering Jesus. And by this kind of bonding with. Jesus I love the little rules that you make. Cafeteria food is great but the little bed you make is a bad as this because when we're eating neuro sweating and you know being going crazy and getting this right you know you know plus circulation growing is Israel you know faces almost like drugs of credit so interest so high on eating things together and when it creates when you are in a place of bonding It is our soul in a way to let your skin none of us are created to be functional all of us are created to be relational to be need to be pounded and deeply in relationship we are called to be passionate about 1 and I'm. Passionate about. A man. And my wife is far away in California and I'm here and I'm making sure making time to talk to my wife because she is me in a way that nobody else can now but it took me 15 years to figure her out. I thought my wife was a high maintenance lady because when I 1st met her I mean after we got married we had cancer and then she came up to me and said Honey was the last time you know I had nowhere to her go or I want to part with to you we have 3 kids together we need to get a weekend together. How much more we can begin to met Little did I know little did I know that I had a lot to learn from my wife when it comes to relationships being she was not being crazy I was the 1 who had no clue as to what she was inviting me into but you know what I had a hard time listening to my wife even though I listened to the whole world all the woman in the world coming to me for cows very I listen to them cry with them and showing with them but I'll soon enough I was broken are about style things can you talk about the pain you are 20 you. 1 time I came home and I realized talk to me made me realize you know I need to connect with my wife I need to do this to her without heeding or any advice or trying to picture because I came from Home Depot's trying to fix things there was a time I tried to fix my wife you know it's like couple years into our marriage and she came up to me is. So I took a wrench that takes longer. To show. She got fascinated. Joe you know how I fixed her. When I think about it looking back. Now. And then she was. Alone here. And so 1 night I came home she had a lot of issues with me when I came home. And I decided to wear the counselors hat going into my house frame prepare my brain to think that I am not talking to my wife tonight I'm talking to a counselor we who happens to know me really well. So I went in and I chose not to say anything not to report at all not to get in the way and not to create traffic in our conversation so I just decided to my mouth and evil. And then I'm going to listen and I started to listen land woman has a way of getting hysterical and get historical to right and go back down to history line and all that and it's just saying stop and all that and then I said I was about to say something but I read it to put my mouth I can say anything and then guess what happened after 3 years 3 hours into conversation after 2 or. Cry for it to me years not to be your son 3 years. 3 hours seems like 3 years. 3 hours it did something to me it is something to me I finally got connected with her soul and it was it was during the time when my wife was with. And he was only exhausted because trying to serve the church trying to serve as a nurse and go to work and Sir come home and Serco churches or you know the markets and we were doing church you planting church and all that and and I looked at her and there was the compassion that came over over to me and then I held her hand and then I heard her hand that is her I held her hand I look at her I had 2 eyes and then this is what I said it's not me it's the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit is there God can create great responding and I said sure and the amazing thing was that my mother died when she was 41 but right when that happened my wife was 44 I didn't want her to die I don't want to repeat my father's history you know what I'm saying I don't want my kids to be or in all that so I held her hand I was about to cry and then this is what I said Of course in Korean. And I'll translate in English. I said in Korea. That means you understood right. Which means honey it's OK they who remain sick it's OK not to get well but police told. The guy. When I said that tears were coming down I mean the words coming from. The water coming out and learn just what right after I gave her the permission to remain in sickness starts again that woman are amazing but I didn't use reverse psychology it. Because this function and the sickness of this word what sure's the sickness and dysfunction and boy and in all of our laws and addictions in all of our lives and chaos and chaotic thinking and all that this distortions are lies what's going to heal that as much as nasty and challenging and really overwhelming for us to deal with the healing plan of God is very simple in that when through the power of the Holy Spirit when you and I are in a place of being connected with God and in that connection we long to connect with 1 another when there was hurt and dysfunction and this disconnection and through the Spirit we bring connection and 1 S. and bonding and heart to heart and soul to soul dialogue and people does even to be hill imagine what the word need is the bonding that Christ can provide and the bonding that we can experience in Jesus Christ so let's talk about this steps exception that Satan and to experience in his heart and his life because he was alienated from God and that in the state of alienation he's fastest and began to be work in such a way that when when when Lucifer was the 1 who rejected God but he does again to distort insult he began to insinuate lies to think God is the 1 who rejected Him You see the. We are rejected by God when the truth is that we are the 1 who rejected Him and ever since we begin to pile into the lie then we didn't grow these rules of lies and then we ended up having what we're perception and wrong interpretation and then we develop what manipulation tactics you know who does manipulate if you're manipulating what we know what does that tell you if you're manipulating you know what that. Band is the power people don't when you say you're powerful so you don't have to manipulate but it's you don't have power and the only way that you can control is through what when you collation So if you're in that manipulative state that goes there to tell you that we lost our sense of power that God has given us we're trying to result to something else to control our lives with our lives our uncontrollable immense immense have mercy Let's talk about it Jan 8th 44 you belong to your father the devil and you want to carry out your father's desire when he was murdered from the beginning not holding to the truth for terror is not true in him when he lies he speaks of what. So he are allowed in something pie into this deception so much so that the lies become his words native language. I've seen people whenever they open their miles now to lie but they don't even know that they are. You not me it's cos of deception and that's worse Satan is and then he became the father of what the father of lies. I'm going to continue that tomorrow about sunset and what does it say this is how we experience freedom in our lives let's read a passage together everyone Dan you will want to know the truth and the truth will set you free now a slave has no permanent place in the family but a son belongs to it forever so if the sun sets you free you will be free in the and other words I mean just just briefly mention truth is Son Jesus Christ Truth is a person who the Jesus Christ Truth is something that you internalize and embrace and therefore if you are in that will ation ship with Jesus where we are moved to we are transformed from being in a state of slavery which we talked about yesterday to our state of sunset. It is in that sunset relationship with Jesus that brings what freedom in our lives and slaves don't belong a son along. You know I mean so tomorrow we'll talk about Sonship talk about take System talk about the gospel and I just only have so much time and before we go on today I'm going to lay down the groundwork in terms of where we are where we are in terms of our spiritual condition we've already talked about the fact that all of us are wounded right all of us been damaged right you know all of us been hurt in so many different way because the way we didn't parenthesis and not that we want to blame on everybody else but you know all of us come into this word in completed and come into this word broken you know that's the condition that we are and our spiritual condition to understand our spiritual condition there are 2 packs that I want to mention OK and let's hold on this is a powerful powerful message from the law let's read this passage and talk about our spiritual condition are you ready OK spirit over the sovereign Lord these are on me because the Lord has what on oil need me to preach the good news to the poor he has that need combined of the broken hearted to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from the stack left for the prisoners what does this tax this is a very tax that Jesus read when he started his earthly journey right earthly ministry what does this tax tell us about our spiritual condition after Paul what does this tell us. Come on we're broken hearted broken hearted all over have this broken hearted why because we once did with God We once had that in commit walk with God and then we were the 1 who you know ran away from God So we were eliminated from God A Live Nation broke brought broken heart in this and void in our heart to begin with and then we continue to promote brokenness in the lives of people why because the scripture tells us that we belong to Satan. Unfortunately And so then Satan is the 1 who feels rejected by God right and so since he is feeling rejected by God His idea of this world and idea of the commandment of God is all crooked as in that God is harsh and God is exacting and all the commandment God allows us to keep is impossible for us to follow and Satan feels needs rable Satan feels miserable Satan is not happy bury unhappy their image or of oh well someone is miserable What do you want from other people. When you're miserable you find somebody who's probably enjoy is what does that do to you hey stay over where I don't need. Misery loves company right and so Satan's tactic and goal in life to make everyone feel miserable to everyone could be distorted everyone to experience the sense of rejection from the day 1 in mothers want to be given and he wants everybody cooling down the drain with him have mercy. And he tells us that we are broken and then he talks about 3 things since we don't have much time let's just go on look Chapter 4 verse 18 talks about just an other piece of information which was in there in Isaiah Chapter $61.00 which is really powerful rush to realize it says recovery of the what sight for the blind and so with this I came up with 3 brokenness 3 kinds of brokenness is the Bible talks about this is the divine type losses of who we are who we are with our caught in our lives 1st of all use the word. I use the word to make it easier for you to understand so 1st to a VERY says what bank or a parent bankruptcy I'm going to explain has to do with poverty and then secondly what ponded is the talk of a captivity and prisoner and that goes in line with the same idea being bondage were bondage and thirdly what we are blinded so are of this 3 forms of spiritual condition which 1 is a more severe 1 which 1 is more of a war over Origin 1 blinded right lie because they feel we don't even know that we are banker we don't know that we are bondage Right yeah I had no idea then I was bonded I had no idea I was a whore spiritually our had no idea that I was broken I had no idea that I had this like a blind spot in my life and it was until. When my mother died at the age of $41.00 and she died and then after a year later my father wanted to remarry and that was hard for us because I felt like we were pre-training our mother and to so with our own 9 minutes I told my dad not to get married because I say we will take care of you. And that and then I was influenced by I was actually influenced by my grandmother mother's side and grandmother tell your dad not to get married because we're going to take care of him and then my father goes no I'm going to have to get married because you guys are growing up you need a mother you know in Korean quarterbacked and there is no dialogue there is no discussion only the commands so I said I'm getting married and we became very rebellious because we were ready heartbroken by the loss of my mom you know like how I experience the death of my mom was just really really like unfathomable because she was dare even when she was in the hospital she was actually there. And 1 day she says this is what each and mother which I had a hard time understanding when I went to visit her she said Honey son come near to. Hear. Something about Asian mother having to serve you know so I brought her a child parallel and her skin Amish is she what's this like a skeleton no you know nothing to spot but you know bones and she was piercing you know peeling off that skin of the you know hair Asian perishes. And she gave it to me it is so mother command you to you've got it otherwise you became ill you know so does I OK I ate I don't know how I ate I ate and then after that she said Son come closer to me so by the time I got closer to her through the red in tears and she was about to tell me something and then she said I'll do it tomorrow I knew there was something very important she can say and next day I went she was gone hours back so mad at God and had at the whole word I went into the restroom I was kicking about me I was only hurting doing that and I was like man what is it that my mother wanted to tell me and then finally you know we buried her and then still it didn't hit me that she was gone you know and then Sunday we buried her and then Monday I went to school and then Monday afternoon and came home I rang the bell in our house when you ring a bell you know there's an automatic thing that opens from inside push the button opens and when I rang the bell the door I will never forget just how long. Nobody was there. When my mom had been. There to mine. That hand was wrong and I was devastated. And the my new mom King man she was doing everything she could earn our. She even me this secret and it will be true I'm not even eating and should be or nothing right we were based in she came to earn our love she made. Korean barbecue. And then we were in Korean barbecue we were in Korean barbecue and yet our were not moved and then the time came and I came to realize that you know what none of us are calling mom mom as a somebody has to call Mom so I said I brought all the brother and sister 1 brother 1 sister from tonight I'm going to call her mother and as soon as I say. You gotta say people is over if you don't. Believe. And then my brother and sister can believe that no way no way you're going to do that no way I was 17 I was already grown up it was really off more than offer and so now I had my life and my my mind right it was almost over I had 5 curlers from right left over. I was taking of 1 by 1. And then my sister brother here I know it's hard. I finally at the last 1 no mercy I don't know how I did it. Because my mom had the right spot a sign of power. Give me Rice in career a mom in mother a lot of give me right when I said that she look in the eye to eye there's a Parise and he nearly I turn my eyes to my brother sister. That night out of fear of death. They all managed to say it and that's how they are still alive. And then the next day my father went away for a trip whenever my father goes away there was a sense of freedom that was and then that night my mother we were singing songs together and then I don't know what kind of music we were singing with seeing songs together and my mother's side. My stepmother new mom started to cry and so I know why she was crimes are of obedience to her I started to cry. And my brother and sister started to cry out of fear at that. So we all cried. And we couldn't continue the song and then at the end of the music my mother said I know why you guys are crying I know why I cry because my husband rejected me and I was you know I was the bourses I had to raise 3 kids by Miss I'll look in my hand you know I everything I've been to the market you know selling everything to try to survive support here and I tell you I tell you I I've been broken and New been broken all of you been broken by losing your mom and all of us to be in progress and and I know that's why you guys are growing. And then after that. I want you to know song and the girl and he and my brothers sisters me. I want you to know that all of us like a pro con job our dream has been battered broken into pieces and when caught comes into our lives when God brings. A Masters. Of all the pro can piece together with the crazy glue of the law. I didn't know where she got that idea I really like that crazy glue idea. And then she said when God uses that crazy glue of love putting those broken to pieces together and then all allow you to be a clear a jar of Yes And just what you become stronger and more power for then even before it was programmed you've been broken I've been broken and God is going to restore us together and here I am preaching the message of healing to you today a man. Who says we're broken We're bankrupt we're bound this we're open minded and we talked about in our limbic system is still with the memory of her and and the setbacks and alienation in our lives and yet there's a sense of rejection that we may have felt as a child growing up and all that we talked about that and then let's continue and I want to tell you what this means to have a sense of poverty and if you look at Matthew chapter 5 Verse 3 It tells us the poverty is non other than being in a place where your resources for rescue is just wiped out and that's why the mints. It's this is how Eugene Peterson explained that I really love the way he interpreted it you know this is what it says those who are poor in spirit shall be black but he said You are blessed Let's read it together everybody you are was blessed when you are was at the end of your rope with less of you there is more of God and His rule a man and man and subpoena weak ding weak in the Bible we're going to explain even more dealing with in the by being Paul Paul or in the Bible is to be in a place of bankruptcy in that you have no resources within to save what's interim honorable for us to overcome and even that all of us are so desperate in that all of us are at the end of the rope and then and then what is the address of God when He comes to you can't address you need to know God's address when you call him write a letter to him it's called there is no cheap code needed it says at the end of the rope that's the address of God when you and I find our marriage our family our children our relationship our business and all that we pursue in our lives our saw the status our being when the fire on our south of being in a place of at the end of the rope in a place of exhaustion Dean a place of no war resources available hey hey are you ready for this I've been saying all that she says to say this in that. It is in that status parade and parent her of the state of being and dad the that's the place where you and I meet caught a man a man that's the place. If I had not been broken if I had not known brokenness in my life if I had not known brokenness in my marriage if I had not known for our community in our children if I started out of this brokenness I started a family building ministry F.P.M. the nonprofit ministry which I still been doing there was a time I did that for 5 years going all over the work and I want to tell you 1 day my son came up to me and said Dad I know you're doing a family building ministry but how can you do family building ministry when our family is so broken like this. I said son you're right on the way I can do ministry in a place of brokenness. And when I allow God's calling to leave our Him our life in a place of brokenness I experience hearing. And I said to my son on which you forgive me which you raised the need to continue this ministry I need your blessing without your blessing I cannot continue and my son goes Are you telling me to anoint you today. My son is funny. Yes I knelt down son who is on me I need your own money without without your police being I would be hypocrite Abby going around telling something that that you don't even experience in your you know I Koran talk about my brokenness my son and how God And that's the only place I can because being in a place of progress. So let's end with this is we are of a message for you while we were still what Romans Chapter 568 and 10 talks about our weaknesses being in a place of weaknesses we thought we said that it is it is a place of what a bankruptcy it is a place of being in a place where you have no more resources available you're exhausted and then Romans Chapter 56810 is really powerful it says While we were still while powerless weak with power that's the same word as stenosis same word while we were still powerless while we were still sinners and is of God Christ died for the Godly It is amazing we are weak we are sinners and then he says what we are enemies of God So we are weak we are sinners and therefore we become wicked you see how weakness list of wickedness that we talk about yeah it's right here. And so if you do not nurture yourself we become we can head right and but our recognition is not the cause of the problem is to witness results in wickedness it is a new trillions that we lacking in our lives spiritual physical and emotional that is causing us to be now little tradition in all ways possible and then we become with. Amazing things that this what this is what 3 of my heart when gas is me you see I am weak I am wicked I am sinners at the same time and yet when God sees me even though he can see me as being weak it primarily primarily God sees you and me as being weak rather than dealing with it and then. Large enough and then that's the point is I Am i the only 1 who is excited about this message and we have been as we heard it too long too much we hear from amazing speakers and everything and it is the Holy Spirit that must tell us today that when God does need he still put more deeply then I am in touch with my weaknesses in touch with my vulnerabilities in touch with an area where we want to open an area where we want to hide and area of area privacy area of a secret and that's where God is Karr is in timidly in Bob in our lives in a way that we have low idea of our. Captors and deal with beings Posidon Carter's deal with take God doesn't deal with you know in a mask and God doesn't deal with being superficial card is a real god for real people with real issues of life there's no judgement there's no. Well rock unless it's all in the car. I want you to repeat after me brokenness come up brokenness is the only thing that why why why why brokenness is the only thing God accept Carter's or said anything else you know the insight in the book of Isaiah people bring land people bring their sacrifices for the Lord I do now want anything else but focal heartedness why why this is what passed and it me about the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the core why rock a less is all we can bring to. Brokenness is the only thing God can upset because well because that's the word only thing that some bring to God We cannot bring anything else but broken ness and it is in that place a broken as we've been caught God made us and weeks perience with our experience in his killing and this when I when I meditate on this made thing amazing in reality I had to write it broken this is our reality that cannot the earth ter by denier or pretends how many of you are tired of pretending how many of you are tired of pretending to be. To be accepted to be approved. How many of you have a hard time saying no because you are here for rejection brokenness is our reality that cannot be Earth or by deny or pretense as much as we want to hide it it cannot be hidden from God and from other people you know other people knows better than we do. When we pretend many times such denier or pretense can become our old blind unless that our committee upon that is us now goes in to get it working together brokenness leads to bondage and bondage list of violence then we would be in a place of darkness in terms of who we are where we are will easily and what our lives are all about we are in a place of darkness and chaos and lawlessness Such are the characteristics of the 1 who is described as being lost according to the Bible God is the God of reality I'm going to end with the story James symbolic is the payments pastor. He's the pastor Brooklyn cabinet with church who sang at Obama's integration is a powerful church we're addicted people come and be hero is 1 of those churches I want to visit and but his story has not started Korea so they like path there was a time when his father in locating the church to revive and Church was an up at a place were roof was leaking and yet they didn't have money to fix it I mean how worse he could get Church had no money and church membership was willing to when dealing crew was spies of like 30 or most in that big church and then finally Jim symbolic setting himself you know what I'm not cut out to be a pastor I can't do this anymore so he ended up here ended up coming out of the pope at thinking that this is the last German and he's going to quit he's going to end it so he ended up like pouring out his heart to everybody to the audience and he ends up saying that you know what I can no longer pretend and I cannot do it anymore I can't do it I'm Tom I'm quitting I'm like over and then as he was saying that his wife was a palace sleep and she was a piano and organ is she just woke up and she thought that her husband was making some you know appeal or sort of thing and she started playing this like funeral song. Anyone hear her motherhood is over. And as he was in mourning about his own despair and their guy way in the back and raised his hand and then he was like exclaiming Now La pastor may have come out and tell you something was over so OK you come out. As you take over the no no no no no pastor you don't get it he came out guess what he. Said Pastor you're not the only 1 who can do it I've been addicted for the past so many years and I can't do it either and then a whole bunch of people with addiction came. Surrounded by telling him the pastor you can do it. And then the pastor would tattoo I'm telling you the let's just quit and let's close the door and it's over or somebody else take over and that there is the 1 guy who almost caught the scripture left and right he's addicted but he memorized the Scriptures he says this is you know I have an experience of power of the Gospel yet. But I know the Scripture when it comes to discussing the situation what is. It the things we cannot do it seems all of us are at the end of the rope since all of us are weak and powerless to save ourselves we don't have any resources that we demand rescuers and only need things we can do you know what that is Pastor I don't know if the pastor as a pastor how come you don't do that. At least I know it in theory with you guys need to come together and start praying so after that. I'm in Brooklyn Tabernacle Church started the shoes tonight for everyone. And the current next door on the Bush campaign addiction. And did up to the perp meeting ended up being healed she became a secretary of the church there's a 1 guy who was also in the another version he came out and start coming to the prayer meeting and then guess what he did hand the leader of the tenor in that in their choir and then they started to fill up the church like that and they became where they are now and then gin symbol or wrote this amazing book fresh wind fresh spirit it's a must read book and then this is what he says in this in his book cause is what attracted to our witness. Is not ashamed God is a true additive to our weaknesses as we all know put up the hem and go to the Calvary to study more about that tomorrow and cause is arthritis he is coming to you he is ready to meet you in your place of what bigness is car is attracted to our weaknesses the bottom and I mentioned the per se of seminar the good looking guy on the bottom been with the pastor his wife left her left him so at the end of the rope he met God and he ended up turning her psychology he ended up become psychologists and he ended up starting a new life live broadcasting center in California and now in his 1 business he began to heal in the lives of people and this is the famous word that he came up with which will be cited on the 1st day right I am not OK you are not OK parties are OK. Because it's fixable in Jesus Christ amen not only death. Not only that God uses the word it to hear the Pope so your wounded ness has a purpose in the plan of cause we've got to take our wounded ness we've got to take who we are what we are to God right now where you are now a man and God now really miss God heals us and then let's take a look at this passes really powerful I'm going to end with this 1 powerful story Praise be to the god let's read that together Praise be to the God and the father about Lord Jesus Christ the Father of was compassion and the God of all comfort who comforts us in all our trouble so that we can come for those in trouble with the comforter we ourselves have received from God and other words we receive healing in a place of ones in that and then god news is you as an agent of healing in the lives of people I meant amen and I can tell you a story after story like how my father's generation my grandfather had a concubine that devastated the family rest of the family hated my father made a grandfather and when my grandfather had a really perspire you know real the prosperous business and this woman came and took everything and my father wanted to sharpen the light to cure her and 1 day she and count she and counter her man thank God that she knew how to run away. And then out of them my father became 7th Day Adventists to tell a long story short he becomes an admin and he hear of my father grandfather and then 1 day I went to Fuller Theological Seminary to do a chain of rent which is the relational studying about the relational patterns of our family I came to realize that while up to my father's generation there's so much brokenness so much broken. Borders and brokenness. And then my family started to heal after that generation my professor who is deceased now that you know a distinguished professor on General Graham Dr going he look at that 3 generational General Graham he said Who is this man and I said that's my father is that you or wherever eating to him you treat him really well care. And he said I will never forget your father out of production is in your family out of the generation of broken this in your family your father was the 1 who started it and who became the agent of change in your family. A man caught once asked to be an agent of change in our family I'm going to end with this story really is almost gone. And I know like I know there's a lot to share but you know I want to bless you and just want to bless you like this is an extra. You know when you were Korea to serve you is serve your meal and then the best way you can treat them is to ask for more even if you're stuck like this if you ask for more than that did then then they know that you really enjoy their 1st right but anyway so that's why I'm giving you extra OK extra food. They get even though you didn't ask for more. Activity for you ask for more days give you dump you more food OK And so anyway here's a story how caught has a plan even though even though I must tell you this even though the wind in the state you may have to deal with now may not seem to make sense may seen really. Injure unjust and may seem unfair OK whatever you may wherever you may be but I want to tell you something that is that let's say I get depressed let's say I'm a pastor's wife and I'm depressed. How can it be why having a surprise they will talk about depression and all that you must come and cried OK Anyway can you imagine when 1 person who is depressed 1 person who is addicted 1 person who is here with anger to a point where like you know you know but it doesn't have to say anything just anger gets escalating and all you have all these issues and 1 person doing here the problem depression than you are instantaneously prepare to touch millions and millions of people your sickness is not there to rotten you your sickness is there for Satan to allow you to have that to rot in you and kill you and to be taken away from the sanity of life but God out allows you to have it in your life so that in that lignage says he comes and we experience the salvation and its presence in our lives not only that even our broken as God heals us and he uses that as an agent of healing in the lives of the whole word let me tell you a story about a boy let's say his name is John he is a 1 angered boy if you tell him if you touch him is going to catch me if you telling comment it out to him. And he came here nobody could handle him so they ended up sending him to a retreat center in yellow. There's a retreat center in Seattle with a hero they are kind the children out of control here it came no 1 could do anything for they could only pray for him and 1 day rain was pouring down like the like the way it goes down in Michigan you know rain was pouring down and then the boy was conned and nobody could find him and then they were just soaking wet looking for him everywhere couldn't find him and finally take a bob and they came inside and then to sigh relief and then there was like sitting down and looking outside and then guess what they saw. On the names of the P S 3 there was a war a movie with the horse. He was like together and then all of sudden and therefore is all we found the boy and invited the boy started to come into the house and then just 1st a door opened and a nice scream our cars where he says my horse heard me my horse heard me and here to St. Sears were running down from the ships what happened was that in that retreat center he brought the horses that were used by the owners to a point that some of them like their skin were chunk up and you know and I mean there you had some horrible experiences that hotels horses went through and nets. Somehow someway car knew how to use the wounded horse to touch the wounded heart of why my appeal to you is that it car could use horses to bring hearing because of a boy. Cause they have to me has a plan to use who use us I must and with this quotation. I know when I sermonize I lie a lot so. God could have proclaimed his truth through sinless angels but this is not his plan he choose this human beings Nan contest with infirmity which is weaknesses as instruments in the working out of his designs the prize for last treasure is placed in earthen vassals through men his blessings are to be conveyed to the word through then his glory is to shine forth into the darkness of 3 men in loving ministry they are to meet the simple and the needy and lead them to the cross and in all their work they are to us cried Glory on are and praise to him who is above all and of all you know over all your pain your paying. Your suffering your wounded ness in Christ is not pointless is not meaningless is not useless it is something in that very place a pro can. Of Asian begins and in that very place of broken this cause holy weekend for each and every 1 of us. We are not only call to be heroes we are call to hear the whole word through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ amen amen tomorrow we're going to continue our conversation about the system of the grass for how faith in Jesus Christ can continue to heal us you don't want to miss tomorrow I'm going to talk about the or and or of the issue Amen amen let's pray Our Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for allowing us to be here to hear the Gospel that speaks to our hearts are broken as Lord and you not only are there with us you have a message of transformation for us you can turn Curse into blessing you can turn on happiness into joy you can turn broken as into a place of healing where we can my easily manage past the power and the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and may you come into each and every 1 of our hearts in our place of broken the broken is made the healing begins today Amen in Jesus Christ amen this video was brought by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word sermon audio and much more if you would like more about you or if you'd like more sermon. W.W.W. done you.


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