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Out of Time

Carlos Moretta


Carlos Moretta

Dentist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon practicing in the Loma Linda area.



  • June 2, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Father God we come to you this morning I come to you this morning asking that you would empty me of self Lord this is an issue that I've been struggling with for some time and I just pray that you would use my mouth and speak here people this morning I thank you for the high high privilege privilege and honor of doing this I ask that you would send your Holy Spirit at this time in Jesus' name. We serve a God who exists outside of our timeline 2nd Peter 38 unfortunately I love to hear rustling Bibles going turning but I for the sake of time I'm glad that I put these on Slide it says but Beloved be not ignorant of this 1 thing that 1 day is with the Lord as a 1000 years and a 1000 years as a day is there are more mind boggling scripture than this he didn't have. This idea this this fact that he has to live or exist outside of our timeline and he didn't have that in mind at creation but he does exist outside of our timeline Revelation 18 says I am the Alpha and Omega the Beginning in the end say at the Lord which is and which was and which is to come the Almighty He loves are still not to step into our timeline briefly to be able to offer us infinity once again which in and of itself is a hard concept to wrap our heads around right he did this because he's a relational God it's important for him that we are able to relate to him so let's briefly look at the shortening lifespan of man after the fall. Here we have Adam Adam lived 930 years Seth 912 Methuselah everybody knows 969 Noah 950 Abraham 175 after the flood Isaac when eating Jacob 147 and Moses 120 very good and if Moses lived in Loma Linda he would be possibly the most celebrated centenarian living in our blue zone we see him right where impression we see the centenarians at the dress and center working the treadmill or the weights or the pool a month ago I had the privilege of extracting a wisdom tooth on a 100 year old lady patient and I thought oh I got her last bit of wisdom. See got up and walked out of there like nothing happened. And were inspired but only because we've made today's average lifespan the standard and as advocates were so proud that we live in an average of 7 to 10 years longer than our American counterparts cording to our own Adeste health study but again it was never God's plan our construct was for eternity even Adam Seth Methuselah know of the real millennialists these guys died in their use what about us even if we live to 100 we're dying right at birth it was never God's plan we know this but ironically we don't know this or at least we don't live like we know this scholars postulate that Job lived to the ripe old age of 210. 210 Listen to what he says about time turn in your Bibles to Job Chapter 9. Verse 25 he says now my days are swifter than a post they flee away they see no good go to chapter 10 verse 20 and 21 and says are not my days few cease then and let me alone that I might take comfort a little before I go whence I shall not return even to the land of darkness and the shadow of death keep going a couple chapters over to 17 1st 1 my breath is corrupt my days are extinct the graves are ready for me now granted job was going through some stuff most scholars suggest that job was around the age of 70 when he began his woes and he thought it was over with right then and there but his faithfulness bought him another 140 years and yet job still died in his you let's go to increase the honesty's 9 Actually I'm just going to go to 11 and 12 we can read on the screen here I returned in sonder the sun that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong neither yet bread to the wise nor yet riches to men of understanding nor yet favor to men of skill but time and chance happen it to them all for man also know it not his time as the fishes that are caught art that are taken in an evil net and as the birds that are caught in the snare so are the sons of men sneered in an evil time when it fall it suddenly upon them time and chance happen it to them all rain falls on who and everybody. Rain falls on everyone so that was Solomon his dad David he also knew that life was short how many people how many of you know how long David lived approximately about 70 years so now we're all kind of dying at the same time some 894748 we see him I have these I do David says Remember how short my time is wherefore hast down made all man in vain what man is he that liveth and shall not see death shall he deliver his soul from the hand of the grave some 9012 or so teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom Let's go to a fusion. Chapter 5 verses 15 and 16 some short verses salient verses see then that he walks circumspectly not as fools but as wise redeeming the time because the days are what days are evil you know in our youth. Yeah that's my wife. Yeah and don't be surprised I was I was a big boy but I could still feel it. But that was my life in my youth in my youth it's like you're not thinking about anything serious just having a good time in our youth it's easy to forget or just to avoid the thought of death and danger and how it surrounds us on every side and who wants to do that we would never leave our house for fear instead we carry the space science of immortality not because we really believe that we're mortal right but simply because we don't stop to think about just how mortal we are or how we should cherish every heartbeat every breath every bird singing in the morning. Every opportunity to enlarge God's kingdom it's a good reality check to remember that were it not for grace the grace of God our life scandal could be snuffed out in any 2nd we all have examples of this all of us people close to us friends family who died in the flower of their use and while it's difficult to consider I believe that it's healthy to ponder I remember my aunt the 1 who was just here left a couple days ago she was here for a month she would always tell me Carlos the Lord is coming are you ready T. This is coming it's coming soon and she would usually say that when I was up to some nonsense right I would tell her you know it's easy for you to say because you're you've already arrived you've got your career checked you know you're done with your nest egg and you got your families let me get there and then we can talk about that but for now just don't stress me with that so I would tell her I also remember sitting in Prince Hall during those 4 years 4 hours in the morning lecture for hours in the afternoon lab and the clock which is to get the irony was that I blink my eyes and I'm walking down the aisle to pick pick up my diploma it just happened so fast to say it's ironic is a huge understatement here I am by the grace of God 17 years after that day career check wifey check nest egg not really thanks to known that and all I can tell you is that I blinked once and all this happened they say time flies when you're having fun which is true but the ultimate truth is time flies. Yes While you're having fun but yes also while you're suffering 172-737-4767 extension 57 I didn't go in the correct order you get the point it flies by anyone sitting here with a little bit of silver on their doom or no no hair at all will tell you it flies by undergrad grad post-grad marriage kids work retirement and every at every stage guess what you are always trying to fight the clock you want time to go by fast when school or work is unpleasant and you want to go by slow when you are in CO I on vacation or even you want to go by slow when you want a little more time to reach that loved 1 that hasn't said to Jesus yet but either way you have no time you're out of time time's up and that's if you live a long life down here because guess who else is fully cognizant of the vapor of time Revelation 1212 says this therefore be Joyce he had in me that well in them well to the inhabitants of the earth and into the sea for the devil has come down until you knowing or having great wrath because he know it that he hath but a short time 1st Peter 58 be sober be vigilant because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour it's enough that a full life of 100 is he is gone in a flash but on top of that the devil's trying to take you out before your your eyes dim of old age. Peter calls him a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour sobering sobering isn't it turn to the person next to you and say God has you alive for a reason. Thank you. All right I I JUST 1 SENTENCE guys. I'm going to share with you guys for instances where God made this acutely apparent in my life that he has to be here for a reason I grew up in a city called Grand Rapids Michigan Andrews University is about an hour and a half away south and the way you get there is on Highway 196 OK so I remember I was 21 years old maybe. And I drove down to hang out because I didn't go to any injuries but had a lot of friends there I went to hang out at Andrews on a Saturday Sabbath spent the Sabbath there Saturday night. I'm heading back on the highway 196 it's 3 in the morning and I'm doing about 80 there's almost nobody on the road I'm doing about 80. So it's 2 lanes down there's a median that occasionally has dear the deer are not part of the story but I just threw in there just because. And then to 2 lanes going north now if the roads were this straight it be a beautiful it be pretty straight forward right but those roads wind OK And at 3 in the morning you're tired you're floating because you want to get home and you see that cars coming on the southbound traffic appear to be in your lane and as you continue going the road straightens out and you see that they're actually going southbound I was going north bound and I was in this passing lane right here. And I'm I'm going I'm going I'm thinking about you know all the things that we did that night hanging out with friends and I feel a deep impression that I believe God is telling me you need to move into this lane move into this life into this land and I said fine so I moved into this lane 2 seconds later. A car coming about 100 miles an hour comes down this lane on the wrong side in the passing lane where I was. Yeah that fast and happened and I was like with my eyes peeled wide open the rest of the way and convicted that God loved me and had a purpose for me. This is crash boat beach how many of you been the crash the beach in Puerto Rico I was a student until an admission of versity the 2nd year I was the coach of the genetics team and the gymnastics team every all the young people there just love going to the beach right and our life was all about gymnastics so they wanted to come to crash bow and they beg me take let's do a group trip and come a crash will jump off this pier right here and then swim in because this pier has a tiny little rope. That's like a rope ladder that cuts your hands as you're you know so I went and asked the dean can I take a team to on a on a trip to crash book and he gave me a vehement No you're not to do that as a come on everybody so many think I did a course I went I take the whole team with me all $22.00 of us now on a gymnastics team there's always the top and there's the base right so all the tops we all jumped off this pier because that's what you do and so that day they happen to be a very strong current. And I had been taking swimming course swimming courses for long distance for a while I was confident with my ability to swim but I had 2 or 3 of those tops those little girls that are usually at the top had no arm strength no ability to swim and that curtain so strong those who could swim were gone and they were already on the shore and I was sitting here with 2 or 3 young ladies that would take 3 strokes be exhausted and the rip current would bring them right back to where they started and I started to panic because if 1 of those goes down I'm going down as well I'm not showing up for this and I prayed I said God you got to help me through this and little as we went and those those guys were so far on the beach with the you couldn't hear anything at that stage so I couldn't cry for help or anything it was just me in the story and ladies and little as you know just I would push 1 of the other 1 and the other 1 that come back and push the other 1 together when the other 1 and by the grace of God we made it to the beach and and I wept on that beach not the not the last time I will weep. I went 2010 to a little town down here called Antalya I was promised that I would be met with someone that was holding a sign that said Dr Carlos read it because I was going to a conference down there for oil in Mexico facial surgery when I got there and have been to Turkey. I got there there was nobody there was 2 in the morning Long story short I get on a bus. And I say taxiing to the guy in the bus and he takes me and drives me off into headquarters where it's totally closed except 1 kiosk inside a building long story short I find myself in the back of the kiosk of this building where all the taxis are parked with 1 guy who's very very very nervous about me because we can't communicate and I'm just showing him the brochure this is where I need to go this is where I need to go please he goes to the I follow him to a car he pops the trunk he pulls out a shock and and he I know this looks very very intimidating he actually didn't aim it at me but I thought that was a great picture. But he cocks the gun and I look at him and I said well if you kill me kill me now I have no idea what I have time I just threw my suitcase in the trunk and walked around and jumped in the car. And sat down through the gun back in his trunk clothes that close the trunk and then came around and drove me I got the message but who knows with these things I'm in a foreign land like I have no idea what to expect and my goose could have been cooked right there last night I want to share with you is that I had done a. Half a half iron man down in San Diego on the way a cold as a team I was doing the swim portion I swam it like a like a champ with a wet suit for months later I had come to the licking to. Reservoir. Triathlon and I'm like I did I did I had the challenge athletes you know and it's 1.2 mile swim this is like 600 yards I could do this I don't need a wetsuit it's it's looking to it's Palm Springs I mean how cold can water be. I knew I was in trouble when I got there 600 participants and 3 of us didn't have a wetsuit. And we get in that water at the gun and that water crushed my lungs and I couldn't breathe I was I was halfway or quarter of the way into the 1st leg of the swim and I couldn't breathe the sun was coming up and it was shining right in my eyes water got in my ear I got disoriented and I was like this is it I was making promises to the Lord I was like Lord I think this is it I'm sorry so on and so forth and and so I said well let me see if I'm hyperventilating because I can't control my breathing. I turn around I see the other 2 guys that quit and they were turning back as well because it was just too cold it was runoff from mountains it was ice water and so the 1st of the ladies comes up to me and she says are you doing OK And of course I had to be a man and I was like yeah I got this. Let me call the lifeguard No I got this and he thinking so I keep dog paddling 1 story short got to the edge to the shore climbed out caught my breath wept a little bit and then and then finished my run later on I was told that that it was only for what 4 feet deep I had to do with stand. So. But when you're not thinking straight that was it that was it for me. I thought. So let me tell you about James James of the 2nd year dental student who patiently helped me with my very 1st wisdom tooth extraction on my very 1st mission trip to Mexico the very 1st month I was in dental school don't ask me what I was doing trying to extract a wisdom tooth my very 1st month in dental school I had very little supervision I had no idea what I was doing now I know that James didn't either but I did know the difference James was 2nd here dental student they have 0 oral surgery experience but I didn't know. But the way James was so positive and so confident I was I was like this guy we're going to get through this we worked on that poor patient for 4 hours and fail to remove all the tooth remnants till the patient said no musts. He invited us to his home for shots of tequila. And we Kylie turned down his offer and thanked him for being so patient but that was the kind of Jay guy that James was trying to help with acts of disinterested benevolence right to the 2nd he died from a fatal arrhythmia as he slumped over while working on a patient just 1 year after he graduated from dental school totally unexpected he wasn't obese no heart issues up until a point probably weighed a buck 4150 maybe otherwise healthy so many questions that God only knows the answer to here he was only in his early thirties maybe 31 I don't know for sure he had a lovely wife and a baby at home that was James out at $31.00 a time when most of us don't consider that death surrounds us at every turn and age when we usually don't consider that we aren't safe for 1 second in this world outside of God's watch care and James was in God's watch care that's what brought about so many questions in the last 5 months alone 23 high school shootings in this country where young people are either hurt or killed young people are now more than ever aware of the frailty of life whether they like it or not. On this side of eternity are wrong time wrong place scenario is a reality for all of us but if even tragedy does not in your youth be set you it's still a short life you and I have no time we live in an age of deceit and the worst lie is that you have time you can sell that to yourself go for it. Those of us were sitting here fostering prostate cells that are doing crazy things ladies with the Brocket Gene mutating and you don't even know it time is short so what well God has you alive for a reason you guys said that to each other that's right so maybe you should ask yourself this and here comes your challenge if time is so short when will I start a Bible study invite someone to care group spend a thoughtful hour every day reflecting on Calvary release our grip on the things that compete with the things of God go on a mission to preach a message MATTHEW No it's getting. Worse Matthew is not here. To pray for God to give you a soul just 1 a classmate a co-resident a coworker When will I So let the Gospel transform my life that I become that Angel of Revelation 18 I don't know maybe you're already doing all these things and more and praise God If you are I know that I could be a better steward of my time what about you I've been picking up illustrations in quotes that we heard throughout the year specifically from Dr Norman McNulty and from Esther Kay as 1 of our side a school teachers so I won't claim originality of thought but neither neither can day but I have to pass these along because they're just perfect for a topic this morning Norman shared this 1 with some of us weeks weeks ago when he was here that hope and. It was impressive to me every year millions upon millions of human souls are passing into eternity unwarned and saved from hour to hour in our very life opportunities to reach and save souls souls are open to us these opportunities are continually coming and going God desires us to make the most of them days weeks and months are passing we have 1 day 1 week 1 month less in which to do our work a few more years at the Long as in the voice which we cannot refuse to answer will be heard saying give an account of your stewardship it's a hard 1 to read Christ object lessons 373.4. Here's another when the opportunity that is now ours to speak to some needy soul the Word of Life may never offer again God may say to that 1 this night that soul shall be required of the and through our neglect he or she may not be ready and the Great Day of Judgment how shall we render our count to God Christ object lesson 342 and 343 are you waiting for just the right time to do something for God till you finish school residency start a family get a job till you've pushed out sin from your life or quit that habit or maybe you're just waiting to heal from something before you occupy. Maybe you're just passively waiting for the grave waiting for rest so your next conscious thought will be Jesus coming in the clouds will there ever be a perfect moment to start working for the Lord can we afford not to allow God to change us stay by day hour by hour minute by minute can we afford to make the gospel commission mutually exclusive from from where we are right now right here as fleeting as time is I have at times taken a more passive approach I have no time God I can share Christ my way I'll send money to the missionaries abroad the Bible workers in the neighborhood. And while God can use those funds to further his cause Listen to this now are time to labor for salvation of now is the time to labor for salvation of others there are some who think that if they give some money to the cause of Christ this is all they are required to do the precious time in which they might do personal service for him passes unimproved but it is the privilege and duty of all who have health and strength to render to God active service all are to labor in winning souls for Christ donations of money can take the place of this mercy it's interesting we have no time we're on borrowed time I can even argue that we are in over time sudden death over time and again not necessarily because the world is coming to an end and eventually will and if Jesus comes in your lifetime praise God what a privilege but many have met the grave standing still and looking up standing idle and looking up we are here today and gone tomorrow and regardless of what stage we are we are to keep have an interview because it is the only thing that's guaranteed. It should be our paradigm of reality what gets us up out of bed in the morning now is the time to work for God's kingdom regardless of your age those of us who are a little older are not excused what are we waiting for I know I'm being a little dramatic this morning but every day each 1 of us has a bone to pick with time because we don't have enough of it that never changes and it never will my thesis this morning is not about works either this is that and hope I hope that this is not the take home message for you my thesis is about activity vs inactivity about such activity versus selfish activity in the face of such a short existence it's about making good on the talents of time while there's air in our lungs it's about being a good steward My thesis is also about not dragging your feet when God is wanting to push it out of your life so that his character may be reflected purely to the world right now today in a full lifetime there is not much time to allow for this transformation let alone in abbreviated life time shortened by tragedy or cancer so why not today Turn to Romans and closing Romans Chapter 13 versus 11 says. And and that knowing the time that now is high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. Listen to what she says and to be like Jesus the human family have scarcely begun to live when they begin to die and the world's incessant labor ends in nothingness unless the true knowledge in regard to eternal life is gained that people who appreciate time as their working day will fit themselves for a mansion and for a life that is immortal it is well that they were boring look at James 414 is our last verse this morning James 414 says where as ye know not what shall be on the morrow for what is your life it is even as a vapor that appear it for a little time and then vanishes Oh yea I close with the still a stray Sion are borrowed from Esther Esther King. That she shared an advantage in the administers beliefs class several weeks ago I hope I don't mess it up. Can someone help me unwind this and it may take you out the door and that's OK. Keep going keep going. Oh yeah it was a headache to do consider if you will that eternity goes out that door and God has existed from time in eternity this little patch equals 600-6000 some change of Earth's history your life is a small smidgen right on this patch and what what Caleb is so generously holding out the door is eternity I ask you this morning where are you placing your efforts are you considering eternity every day. Are you daily yielding to the transforming power of God's Holy Spirit doing the work of a servant letting God do His work in you while you work for him are you investing in others so that you don't selfishly go here but he'll take others with you here my prayers that you are there that you start so that you would consider intensifying your collaborative effort by the strength in the power of an indelible indwelling Christ you don't do it on your own is the good news. Is it with you. Now is the time. 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