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Understanding Similarities & Differences- Part 3

Daniel Scarone




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM
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For having be with us in this moment we are going to be dealing with this sensitive topic for our we're Western society and help us to work out because Father we want to fulfill your mission and be with us in this topic in Jesus' name and. Let me. Probably we are going to use in some of the references in the future and when we were doing some kind of comparison between the Koran and it and the Bible and. Did today what we were doing is a kind of what I would say introduction general introduction about this topic but I am not. Away from the eyes of the mission that when in to fulfill an even though it is done sheerest. I was sure today something regarding the topic of the mission from the beginning in order that you might have an idea how we might be able to be working with this kind of of situation probably to morrow and try in the morning I'm going to be sharing with you several points of view of technicians or technical staff regarding ideas regarding the mission because it's risky by the way if you are going to be dealing with with the Muslim society in general as a Christian you need to be very careful because you are in an enemy territory land and you your your life is our stake so in several places by the way we were with that with that kind of stuff let me share with you something that you are going to find in your bible verse in Matthew 28 Matthew 28 the Bible say Go year the 4 and teach all nations say a verse 19 all nations baptizing then in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost or teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you in law I am with you all way even unto the end of the ward I am with you always even. Today and also the war please remember something here. They recycle money. Under Risa a promise to her with a command this is not only the command to go and teach but also it's the promise that heaven is going to be with us but we need to be very alert and very sensitive because sometimes these people is violent and we were exploring in the percent Asian of yesterday and probably today I'm going to repeat because you are going to found in the Koran and in they had did that by a lens is part of the of the main teaching of then violence is is part of that because they he have it that way in which they are going to pursue the target this he has for then is our were perception of these this go to the wall that is the way in which they are performing jihad because this is their way in which they get submission from the people you understand what and say so that that that is the problem sometimes so how we are going to be dealing with I'm going to give you a hint today and I'm going to give you our description of some saying that happen not in and not in in Africa or the Middle East or or in Indonesia probably Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country in the walled and by the way we have we have here in Michigan and Indonesia in charge and I was surprised when I being with them when they perform the printers you know you are trying to catch up some more sometimes you know and you know how then the nation called God a law so that is the name in that language. So when we need to be very sensitive about that how we are going to be dealing with with this because sometimes in certain languages that we're called a nag. With a Muslim background the Niinimaa of the law order has been this took did or did. With the Muslim background you know but we're going to be talking about today and you are going to get an idea about the topic but mission is something that we need to perform but we need to be Kerfoot unsensitive according to the needs of the mission that we need to fulfill I don't remember 11 incident that happened when I was teaching in theology in Columbia several years ago and some of the teachers I'm not just students were sent to an area in the suburban. Neighborhoods of middling I've been working in Colombia in the Times of Apollo is. I don't know if this is ringing a bell in your ears yours. He was. Kind of cap or also a mafia of the narco mafia in Colombia probably the Kenya of the UK in that country OK. He sometimes enter into the. Cartels of of cartel of catalyst is the institution that he was ruled him and there were Arianna's in the city in which you see almost beautiful towers building and all of them were built with the money of the drug. Unlimited in some sense there were some people looking for how to escape from from that. And I remember 1 once with my wife there was a lady that come to our institution and request Bible studies at home so with lead out we went and we are in that place are 9 level of beautiful building winter into. A house with a look serene that I never seen in any other place. In any other place you know and. To leave Iraq where we are entering here in a in a very delicate situation but the wife forced Bertie transparent with us they want to they want to take out the daughter and they send the daughter into another college in South America in another country and of course when they went there the Treasurer approached me and say then you know who these people the Treasurer countenances who is an interest people and I say why why you ask me because I I told them from the beginning and you know I was. When you when you are telling me about money and they say how much is a year and you say we're this is about and I was bubblin the worst about $10000.00 then and they put their hand in the pocket and they put the 10000. Over the table. So tell me who is this people and I said well let me tell you something if you believe it or not. I don't know. I don't know that they're from this neighbor contrary and the but I am beginning to describe what I saw and he said in I guess I have the same suspicious mind of fear I say well this is the kind of people OK 1 day Saturday our Were students enter into 1 of those neighborhoods and are couple of guerrilla us to stop them stop what Who are you guys you know in our suburban area when you see shots cash 1 world race student young with a Bible in the con they work on their well dress you know. And some of our students even use a little bit of perfume because you know they are in the town in which they use that kind of of things. And they began to explain what they were doing they say go out from this place next time we see you here we're going to kill you. So on next Friday night they were in tension because somebody changed the perception they were going to fulfill the mission or not so or even they tell me that when they went to the to the rest room they they said well probably is this is maybe the last time we are going to visit the press room because we'll know if tomorrow we are going to be a life. That does the worst kind of reflection which they were and we were in a discussion. With on with with 1 of the leading professors well believe in professors the there the chief and he say Look pastor here in Colombia we don't care about. If if somebody is going to be killed we're going to send another missionary and it's kill another missionary and if they kill another missionary I say look. Let me ask you something. Departments that are sending the kids here they say they share your philosophy did they share something and you know they were it was almost public because we were in the best person the best pair finished and we were talking there and there were a lot of theological students that came up and surround them because in my philosophy the Bible very clear say that when you enter into a place and you are not will come what what Jesus says. And you are so that. Was like there was like a Vatican a pulpit text coming you know to so after after this discussion finished the students can pass to contribute in the text peace will little Could you share with me the Texas we do not. So what is how we are going to deal with plus places in which when we are growing in our where life is in danger let me put it here and this is from the afternoon. And here. Saw this this 1 and probably I say 2 more on Friday we are going to be Dylan with that suppose that this is the place that you won and your charts and unsafe places here and you want to fulfill magical. Commandment the commands. Are mission. OK. Here and you are going to know that this is very difficult place to be well there is and this is this is the I will say in the new chill this is the essence of my theory at some point these people won't buy 1 they are going to be out in another environment neutral by all and you can get them here outside and you can teach them and know they when they where are going to get back here now they are going to be missionaries here so you are going to get them in a safe place and they are going to be sent back to their own culture why because like Glenn here. You are very kind people but sometimes you say who is this cracy kind of language linguistic English that I am listening. And sometimes you might be able to avoid an obvious questions that is common and then get used to where are you for a long. So when when somebody say to me Where are you from I immediately say still Lida Well maybe I did say something wrong. And I miss it's obvious why dressing posture shifters style and language so when you are in the middle of a society you are going to be detected by all these elements in the checklist but when you are here you leave and you have all of this checklists you have the language you have the accent you know the society you know the relation you know the people the people know you and there is our relationship of confidence so when you are performing here the mission will be the target that they are going to get back into they are then you are going to be safe he's going to be safe because in certain says he's 1 of them I think he's a go in to find out they way in which the culture is going to be acceptable for the other so he he knows the good things that he might be able to share and he knows they all the things that he needs to avoid to make a clash or get opposition to the other you understand probably today mission is oriented into the cyclone generation. Of the Muslims that are that are here. Dadar here the 2nd generation are brought I will say they speak the language and they can perform this so Mary theory my theory that we were using in other places in South America is this kind of theory but we are going to be discussing this Friday in the morning and we are going to be dealing with each 1 of them because there are certain things is not only the linguistics remember something cool done or the Koran for the Muslims in general is only acceptable in their own languish in Arabic although there is a kind of interpretation so we need to get someone that speak the language and when you get someone that is picked the language you are going to provide are nurture in their own language because they are really in understanding the text and devalue of the meaning of that so it is important what I am saying rather than done you know so let's let's go to mean something here and we are going to be approaching to the topic today these are the 5 pillars. Of the faith. That if they show how the how there is no all there God than our law and Mohammed his prophet. This is something quite interesting isn't it because this isn't a free mission of faith that to start with a negative. Do you catch up that there is no other god than a law and Mohamed his prophet It didn't say a law is God and Mohammad is prophet is start with a negative even in Arabic. The question of that is this just to put an attention into the topic because normally an affirmative of confession of faith do not to start with a negative. Normally you know but this is quite quite interesting about that these are prayer we were explaining about the 5 prayers and charity and fast fasting and deplete remission income. I mean I've been searching about this. And the piggery managed to excuse me to make. I've been asking myself why. Why the piggery mash into that OK there is a background and this is a very sensitive background regarding the. The East the piggery marsh that every single Muslims have to perform once least once in their life to the city of Mecca and the point the point is that in the city of Mecca there is a center in which the gold the east the Kaaba the Kaaba and the Kaaba. He means the queue in Arabic refers to the place or the building that is the center of their most unsafe Krit important most of the Muslims but when you did you are going to school for that day kava or inside the building of the car where the car is that is called the house of the Lord they buy you out I lock the house of the Lord and it is the equivalent of. The most holy place for this you wish religion in the tabernacle that is put then the equivalent of that you know. But this is some Zen That was 4 years before Mohammad and 4 years before Mohammed and when you are dealing with not you say wow how is not how is possible so when when you begin to search into that you are going to be building with an element of the prayer Islamic culture and the prayer Islamic culture in the our Arabic peninsula is going to tell you and give you are a lot of information that is quite quite interesting every single year every single year is about of more than 1000300 people visit in that place. And that place that permanent in our returns of residence are 63375 people I'm not going to enter into a description of the place you need to be on Mohammedans or on a Muslim to enter into into that place and if you are a member also in what I was. If you are diplomatic in the area. Ones Are year before this targeting of the Ramadan they invite. A selected group of diplomats that might be able to come and enter you know like like in the case of of the moment with the governor goes. You can enter into the chapels but you can not enter into the temples. And I enter into a temple and some people ask me Are you home and more I say no no I'm not enter when they built 1 of the temples in South America and 15 days before you know were Asian they were open for 10 days and they enter so all the area I knew the places and and for me by the way there are quite interesting correlation in between the Muslims. And the Mormons. Because you are going to find out a fascinating relationship I'm going to show you in the future states that are about done. According to the. How did it of he who carry the this is the how the by the way how many of you this is the 1st time you are here how many of you please the 1st time here today in the week or OK listening to our kind of clarification how did it a tradition it's a verbal tradition of Mohammed OK this is for them so all 3 teeth if like the Koran sometimes more so the Koran and the how did are the most fundamental elements of Thor eating. How did of Sahil a child who carry that is this 1 estate that comma was the 1st most only earth and this the 2nd most. Was the 2nd important most is the temple of in Jerusalem the mosque in Jerusalem you know there is no sure wish temple in longer and what you see in the in the pictures of his new cement these are more. You can imagine what is the feeling inside I sure shark them. So this is a lot of tension we're going to give you a moment after. What. He's a R A A B. A. Car. And you're going to find out of fascinated are information about regarding the cow but they all the thing that is interesting is the fact that this information on. It were good ones in the in the book Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire in Volume 5 page 2223 Doug then the Caballe once from our look time before Mohammed. And Dot Dot please once warship. Was the center of Politi sticks religion before Mohammedans and this interesting also to find that when after 5 Mohammed enter into the into that temple there were about 360 days that were worship and a moment then there were there were the faces of the emotion of Mary and Jesus quite interesting isn't it. There is a how did that say's that the prophet say's not to blot out not to erase those. Saw is quite interesting to know about that did this is this is son seen that called my attention because it is good to share and to know about this saying let's go to the Koran and this is the essential book of the Islam the picture shows 1 old version of the Koran. On the Koran it divided into chapters called Sure us. And they called the Koran the Noble Koran and every single shura or chapter is dark in the name of Allah the most beneficence and the most merciful all of them except 1 and we are going I guess before the end of today I'm going to be dealing with that Shura. Shura of abrogation and that Shura do not to start in the name of Allah the most benefit sent and the most merciful those Son those wards are kind of what I would say linguistic retard because it's a kind of She'll be kind which it is the jihad. Torsion and submission by power and 1 of the things that call my attention is that there is I had it and I share that with you I guess yesterday. This is a saying of the Mohamed this is this is a collection of the of the healthy let me tell you something this is the. Caddy he's all on all of our About 6. 7 maybe. How to Eat the how did this the collection of the subdivision of the wards and teaching of Mohammed so kind of Berber tradition how many of you are familiar with with. With Mormonism OK now I know you were. Well this is a book about core teachings of the Smith OK and in teaching of Justice me it's the 2nd line of of of what I will say traditions inside the Mormons and. I had yesterday somebody that say that it was like. Ellen she white for the 7th Day Adventists I I don't think so I don't think so I dispute that in my point of view you might think that way of course but I don't see. That way why let me tell you why and I'm going to work a comparison here when you have when you have a had it they studied some time supersedes the Koran you understand what I'm saying. Sometimes there are holes or silences in the Koran regarding certain topics but they then they had it is becoming to be authoritative when we do have the 20 from the mental beliefs and that when a fundamental believes in serving they're going to chart are based upon what only the Bible only the Bible. That's Ellen G. why supersedes with their writings what the Bible says it's very clear very clear regarding the selected messages it's very clear this is. Lower light there is you know helping to a bigger lie and there is that is a reflection of so in India in the writings of Ellen she white that is not the kind of view of regarding this topic that is that is my reaction regarding this topic here sometimes they had the they had it remember something and I say this from the beginning Islam is a regime. Is learn is a sale Crecy So government respond to the Koran all the laws respond to the Koran all the government respond to the Koran all the police department response to the Koran all this tallish society respond to the Koran so when when we ask if the Muslims East a charge like any other chart it is not because the South theocracy is a society I mean Tara see the Boby go Verna by the relation view of the Koran and they have heat and that is very important because they should visual critical establishment of those societies I rule by this. Let me tell you that is very very very challenging and that is that is the emphasis in which I've been putting yesterday that we need to this thing and try to share the vision of religious freedom in the world so when the time comes in which we are dealing with Liberty magazine that is 1 of the agent of that. Let me tell you that that that is very important because there are governments in which in which you are going to be are asked. About your release and your faith. I was born in your way and I'm not some point I move into Argentina Argentina and there is this is a country my wife. Argentina they do have our records of the nomination so when I enter for the 1st time or fish really into Argentina they asked me my name what is going to be my address and so on and I was astonishing surprised when they asked me what is your religion because I'm going to be livin in the country and say 7th Day Adventists and the and the lady that was typing stop and say what is da. And. What is that immediately I know it is something the same thing to you and she never heard of us or the other so but I discovered that day something quite interesting that in our name you half. Believe in testimony of your faith because I told her that we call The Word say of that this because we believe in the 2nd coming of the Lord Jesus. And that means while we wait the 2nd coming of the Lord Jesus we keep our Forgotten commandment that is a subtle Oh interesting and she continue with the question started then and so I'm talking like you lady. And I'd like to hear you yes I'm still here to go and. Buy something and my. Instructor that when people ask us who we are which they say they answer this question because they usually associated with. The end of the say. Well in the in the moment thing which I. Live on in the moment that you explain and you say that you believe in Jesus and the 2nd coming of the Lord Jesus this is ultimately this carved in any other shore wish Barkha. Besides the point besides the point we need to understand something Jesus was assured by comparison and that is quite into Katrina. The Hewer can know Catherine. Burton on where he has room and. Where he really. Should come in this town different areas. And that's that's my problem. That's my problem because because Because you are going to get both Sometimes there are people. For example here in the how did they use the you. And their Mohammed is the normal English or so or so sorry for the OP If the same person. Say persons are not only does not only the same person Katrina but the point is that. They see they adopt the name Mohammedans. Being followers of the Messenger of Allah because remember the guy. We do not have any other god done a lot Mohammed his prophets so he's part of the faith fundamental point to faithful for that kind and I'm going to move forward with with this so. Yeah I guess you you you have the idea of of the topic of the have it just. Let me clarify this so he had to carry the other avick ward this Sat He is this 1. I don't have all the the accident and think you know or to. Right. Doing the transliteration but he means authentic or correlate. Version of the tradition but the name of the person is our book Audi when when you are going to find. How the it's all of them the true 1 say psyche is some you. You know you know the background of their war. Sincerity you know the the background of the war sincerity the background of the word sincerity country and letting that mean scening said are and for me it's quite interesting because a lot in an Italian is fluent and seem to sit on means without walks so when when there are craft where doing something pure with no of being wrong you know movements in the hands and to hurt in certain sing they would think with they were performing something and it was perfect to be done they put underneath seemingly Siddha that means it was perfect really don't it's a correct work that is the meaning and from that comes the word sincerity. That we use in English and we have in Spanish by the way sincerely now. We have both in both languages and that is the meaning of this this hacky that is the authentic nor corruptions in the transmission of the hardy why because there is a lot of Vera sauce mission in the society and this is important to taking count that because sometimes verbal tradition remember that this was something in the Middle East does the worst sons in that were connected in different generations I don't know if how many of you. Are grandfather or great grandfather that every time that you this is he's telling a story and he's telling the story and he's telling the story and he's telling the story at the end you remember the story and when somebody in the family tried to change that is a no no no no wrong father says this and you are going to repeat our Vrba theme What say you remember that how many of you remember that kind of stuff. That I do have that I'm entirely and people they they try to keep that that is the kind of meaning of the how deeds. When I when I this is the this is the big change in my presentation regarding the Islam for about what maybe 1015 years ago because and now I am seeing the perception that it is very clear from the Koran and they had it regarding violence and this is the question is this a fighting faith this is issue or 9 and the Koran commands the Muslim to go 5 it all be leave her purse I'm believe verse 58 say yes those who believe not in go out not in the last day nor hold that for be then which had been for be them by God he's a poster that is Mohammed nor acknowledge the relation of truth even if they are off the people of the book Who is these people. Sure wish. Christians until they pay their shit Sia with willing submission fear then serves subdue I don't know I can I can I can talk about this but this is per se telling some saying that is what is the mission in the mission it. Is very clear because it's a fighting believe and. Full of this quotation in fact to go explore to Muslim to conquer the following groups of people until they pay a sum of money the tax assigned of their subsection and you merely a shun. Look that that is a kind of. Feeling. I don't know but when you when you read this kind of thing. Coming from the book of faith you are feeling something of that is burning in the heart you know I don't know if I my my French. Spirit of fighting for freedom here is a kind of rebellion but that is critical I think stock Gnostics those who believe not in God No in the last days are involved with Jews and Christians people of the book everyone else induce machines Bullis says this group will do not prohibit what Mohammed for bait not believing Islam they so call it the relation of truth that is that is critical here I am I am you know. In rebellion in certain sense of that kind of thing the Taishan of socmen submission in the Islam when George Bush. Interviews and spoke after the attack of the Twin Towers on September 11th attacks the. Expression the religion of peace by the way yesterday I received our associates I've been in in touch with this website I recommend you to be touch with. Is the little W.. Religion of Peace dot com A C word. You use the word religion. To say oh yes they are they are trying to talk to change. Yes. And some saying that that they are keeping is how they are attacking the Western society and those who are not members of the Muslims and they are keeping records of that and you know the least let me share with you that this is they are going to put and you're going to find in the in the left side in the left side you're going to find this information. These are the dates and and you see here everything is changing attacks in February 43 attacks in many 54 Keil 344362 injured 600 injured in this day this amount of people seaside blast countries and so on total Islamic attacks here. 30 Dow son 357 on here 30. 1126 this is incredible this is this is an incredible record so I am I am concerned with this I am concerned because. Mention on the day before. Let me let me say something. Or. I mention the days I don't remember what's Monday. I mention here that I am concerned because this group is growing in the influence or. And it is. A very growing group and sometimes on concern because these are not false teachings that I am sharing with you this is coming from from the Book of them there is the Koran and it's coming from the how did I. Think about I've been reflecting yesterday with this class what is going to happen in the mind of a person that every single day that is going to the most is reviewing and listen in this kind of invitation to hate delivers here there is no conversion there is no not at change of behavior there is no normal creator this submission in the target of this teachin. This this is this is serious. I don't know if several of you are going to be here but. I am I am going to I don't know where I who have this but at some point I would like to shunt immediately to these because some of this is a point that is for me important this is Ellen she why teaching elenchi why and teach in the garden this I am going to repeat in the following days and probably I'm going to take this see why I say in this hour of the ages page 2 $18071.00 there is the 1st paragraph every religion Doug Warse against the so varying T. of God defrauds man of the glory which was his of the creation and which is to be restored to him in Christ look at this place every false religion teaches its other insights to be curliness of Human Events sufferings and rights it is powerful teaching here remember this because this is this is your in Probably this and so of these person Taishan every false religion teaches its other ends to be curliness of human needs sufferings and rights. So my interpretation of thing this powerful teaching of felons you why is that when you are watching be heathen and there is silence in the muslims this does is a false rumors there is not a human attitude of compassion of love and even when you say in the name of Allah the most beneficent and so once that is rhetorical not is rhetorical because this is in full control lesion of this that this essence into relations of human beings every false religion teaches other ans to be coalesce of human beings sufferings and rights let me tell you that the done this that is up a power for power for teaching of L.N.G. white Very are then this topic. And sometimes I think that I need to say more about this because that is that is. You know good to read and understand Muslim sustained that the Koran worse were given by a law go to Mohammed by. Real they call in Arabic Gabriel is to us across 23 years from December 22nd 6 o 9. After Christ to 632 us to Christ and Him in the year of Mohammad there so when when we compare the crammed with the Bible this is this is important to take in count here because the Bible is 66 documents on this 1. For you of all others just 13 languages just 1 language diversity of countries just 1 country are cross or 1600 years Shust 20 years under Shakspere and it's and I am going to are put this up so pioneers I'm going to share with you some of my reflections I don't know if today but in the future's day. That I give you a hint regarding Kaba because in the essence of comma is turning that in proly the father of Mohammed was 1 of the guardians of Kaba 1st of place in which they were worship in a lot of day to this in the in the Middle East but before entering to doubt my my friend here seeing the. Ask me if I am going to to teach your explain or say something about the abrogation doctrine Yes this is a curious teaching you are not going to find out in the other probably in other movement about this the abrogation the Koran teaches the abrogation doctrines meaning that a new Shura revelation or verses abrogates all their teachings in the same document. It applies to teaching from most astute Jesus is quite interesting. You can emerge in reading the Bible and say Well here we have our obligation teaching and saw all all what Jesus say is it's not meant for for for this time or the other and this is the abrogation sure I am 1 of them is 1 of 6 should a 2nd with a north of a gate a verse or course it to be forgotten except that do we look this I think I'm just just saying we only believe in Allah that he is 1 God and no other we it's not French next season. It's not French OK. I do have a family that when when the last 1 landed in France. And she asked some sent the answer came in French and said we and the husband say to her what if we and she send me a text from France and say you know they are asking me when he's with me. We knew someone got to the border. OK We blew it on these pleura there are poor are referrals to our law in the Koran. Think about it's not the 1 it's not does is not the only 1 there are several revelations given in which there is a pleura So it's quite interesting or none because here it's a big big contributions you know. It's pretty silly because they deny the Trinity and they deny the divinity of Jesus and they the now the divinity of the Holy Spirit and they don't mention about the concept of father they call the law but by the way I explained already in the beginning of today that that is the meaning of the name God saw oh OK this is in Spanish the word so. No more simple. But I will be the case that this is the same thing so the problem with obligation if it is not is a contradiction either be on our law or on the prophet or on the ancient or on the lid revelation but in a flexible crate Tyria subject to interpretation there are 2 elements to count with this not written in current logical sequence it's important done when you are dealing with the core arm all the shuras that you are breathing are not good in our crew logical sequence so this does not a progressive advance in time we are really into this important to taking count up so then a concept and popular believe are sometimes not intel on in the Islam so there can then mix is going to say something and the popular beliefs. That applied to Sharia in Pakistan in the mountains. In all the places they are not going to take her about this and that is a concept so the problem with abrogation is this by the way this is the main every every Shura house and name and this is. You you see a very very old to Merton. Oath to Merton What is the meaning of full to Madam is not. If this is a religion of peace I will put an arrow in between please and then changing D.C. for our nests here please this is not a religion of peace all to manage them you know. It's. Critic God regard them their abrogation concept and they she have against him feed them it doesn't start with a tradition or in the name of Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful This is what advances do you expect Islam it sustained that Mohammed wrote in 66 on the 21 year before his death after coming back to Mecca with all his power work so ultimately doing is the last Shura given to the prophet and it's all proof relations given before it contains by all means that abrogates all peaceful concepts given before are now law revealed to finish before his name is. With control and limits are they mean to the faithful believers to fight against the people of the book if they do not embrace Islam or paid tax so fine East prohibited 1st but then permitted ensued up to 119 and then later is mandatory those you have so this is the verse on the sword gay some Finish 124 verses of tolerance compassion and peace. In the. First. Chance. I've. Heard. They claim. They can attack anyone. Until you. Can. Thank you saying the next year's team is going to me and 2nd teachers. This is right. And. That is a good start you know you've. Been a little kid here your only chance. Yes if you're Jewish. Yes or any other. Yes. There are NO NO other options so you're. Welcome. Oh yeah well it doesn't have to be immediately before any time that that's what I like this I've been a lot never been happy with. You. Of those I'll probably be years before you get. To the United States. Or a big fat yes there's. Going to be 10 years before you still get the opportunity. A lot and can't you know that for sure it is that we're talking about. You know you're going to be a monster has been extended and reject got you back. In there as a mom and I were big enough. You had a so you know I thought why because I don't. Have a day and he said Are you Jewish voters on paper. Didn't. Ya know. I. Happen. To. Know. And you know the Koran the Koran mission Sabbath by the way I mentioned the South and I'm going to show you 2 more I guess in it and a comparison but other than teachings from the Bible in the Koran and there is some mention of of the Sabbath probably is a kind of fiction slash situation in which you can guess a little bit be surprise but I'm going to do I mention about that so let me let me finish today are quoting something that is important here because. Because we do have a lot of transmission Indic in the case of the Bible OK when you go to the Old Testament or to the New Testament here you are Mike in the Old Testament Greek in the New Testament. When you get 1 of the as pinochle Bibles or versions in Hebrew you are a mike for the Old Testament and Rick in the New Testament there is a kind of a prayer are critical apparatus under each page in which they are going to do to show you variances of the Bible and you are you may be able to to follow kind of transmission of the text of the Bible by the way here in Michigan in Michigan University there are copies of early version of The Book of John 125 after Christ that is very ill the manuscript that is in the University of Michigan but in the case of the Koran and there is not that kind of transmission and that is important because they were some sections and I am going to mention to morrow are not coming down to today about the satanic verses that were in there Koran and they delivered it but remain us a notice of part of a topic that is in the. In they had it in which the prophet according to their tradition are indeed had leads early for these under the influence of Satan. Put in the Koran. To worship the did 3 God this is that were daughters of Allah. And it's quite interesting that I'm going to do a mention about this include our own background there is no pirates no parchments no Codex no man st to give testimony about the texts were just mission or variants across the history and this is important to take an account because in the Bible you are going to have done even you have if you have some times of doubt and you say we're assuming that this Shabbat is in the New Testament for example show me that. I will tell something you know what I say with some people even Sunday in the New Testament to say that in Greek unique new you need them to mention this shot because Indonesian a Greek The Sunday is call me and cone sub out on 1st of the silence 1st of the silence so you have evidence. And here we don't and that is part of the problem in general it's accepted the Mohammad did not write the last version of the Koran so there is a crisis of chronology and transmission of the text in the background of a slant to morrow we are going to be dealing with a Satanic Verses explanation the Quran problems and contradictions between the Koran and the Bible are in contradiction between inside the ground and that is my target for tomorrow thank you for counting the place you and see you tomorrow in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons please visit W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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