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5. Meiste & Hall- Generosity is Great




  • June 5, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Loving Father we thank you for a new day and this being the preparation day I pray that we will learn today in this class and others but ultimately that our hearts and lives will be preparing for the Sabbath rest that you have provided so bless us through this day and the rest of the encampment we do thank you in Jesus' name and. So our 1st text today if you would like to look it up in your bible Proverbs Chapter 3 we've been reading a lot from Proverbs haven't we a lot of good advice in Proverbs So here it is Proverbs Chapter 3 verses $9.10 honor the Lord with your possessions and with the 1st fruits of all your increase so your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats will overflow with new wine so Proverbs is to me as 1 of the very interesting books because oftentimes the 1st or sion of a verse says 1 thing and the last person portion kind of contrasts what the 1st part said in this case it doesn't do that verse 9 talks about honoring the Lord and then verse 10 gives the result of what happens when you honor the Lord when you honor the Lord your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats will overflow with new wine and and the books that we've been handing out incidentally we have 2 books that we're giving away and if you haven't gotten those yet be sure to see as to get those on the books as 150 stories of how people have been faithful to God and and what has happened when they have done that what are the 1st fruits What do you think of when when you think of the 1st fruits you remember what that was. Yes I'm thinking very specifically in the time that it was applied was the application so when God told the Israelites to give of their 1st fruits what was what was that the 1st of the harvest so we give to God 1st there's that principle that we've been talking about that when you make your budget what you give to the Lord are and what your return to the Lord. Should be 1st but it also connotes the best so you don't just give God the 1st and it really wasn't all that great you give him the vast right sometimes we want to keep the best for us out so if you think of a literal Harvest which is what this is talking about you don't pick out the spotted in worm eaten apples and give those to God you give God the best of the apples OK So the principle there not only do we think of God 1st but we also give him the best and this applies not only to money but it applies to our efforts and things like that as well Proverbs 1125 another promise in this respect the generous the generous soul will be made rich and he who waters will also be water himself I don't know if you have anybody has a King James Version I was reading from the New King James but probably Lemon 25 I believe in the original King James It says the generous soul will be made fact you remember the number of. The Yes All right thank you the liberals all need that. I don't know if you're familiar with African culture but I have. Some very good friends that were in my church district down in Indiana he was from Tanzania and she was from Kenya brilliant people she spoke 8 languages I don't know how many he spoke he had a master's degree in electrical engineering and so they were in my church there and they shared some things about their African culture is fascinating we had quite a mix of cultures in that church in Terre Haute Indiana we also had a lady who was Latin American I can't remember what country she was from I maybe Peru or something like that the cultures in South America are a little different from Africa and here's an example so no VESA is the name of the African girl said to the other 11 day you were looking very fat well. She didn't appreciate that. But you have to understand an African culture that's a high compliment because that means that your family has their own Col and they're eating well and so they're not malnourished and they're doing very well so when the Bible here says the liberal soul shall be made fatter the generous social be made rich it's talking about when we give to God we are going to lack we're actually going to have increase and have more then we are wise would need so I want to take you to a story in Genesis Chapter 14 this is the story of Abraham I'm going to read a few verses here so we can get the story you remember that Abraham was called out of his home country by God and he went and who went with him besides his household what other household went along with Abraham. A lot is nephew and so they went out together and. They found that they were too prosperous their herds were too big and there was fighting among their herdsman and so Abraham proposed that they that they separate and they get their own tracts of land so to speak and so Abraham proposed that they divide and sense Abraham was the senior he had the right to choose and so he chose the best and most fertile for himself that any no he did he said a lot where would where would you like to go if you go to the right I'll go to the left and if you go to the left I'll go to the right he gave a lot the choice even though. By hierarchy it was his choice Lot chose what seemed best for him didn't turn out too well for a lot Abraham took the mountain countries a lot took the fertile valleys and so Abraham demonstrated in that instance and many others but in that instance he did and he demonstrated his generosity but I want to look at this story because lot then lived in the plane in Sodom and you remember. Saddam and all its inhabitants and possessions were taken away captive by a an invading king and when Abraham heard of it he took action verse. 18. Now let's go back to verse 14 now a neighbor heard that his brother was taken captive was really his his yes nephew but as a brother in spirit was taken captive he armed his 318 trained servants who were born in his own house and went in pursuit as far as Dan he divided his forces against them by night and he and his servants attacked them and pursued them as far as Obama which is north of Damascus so he brought back all the goods and also brought back his brother Lot and his goods as well as the women and the children and the king of Saddam went out to meet him in the valley of shock I'm not great at pronouncing these words so well we'll call them what we what we wish Are there any Greek or Hebrew scholars and you're. OK we can call them what we wish then so the the King's Valley It's called after his return from the defeat of cheddar Lo Amor Les Omer and the kings who were with him then Melky is a deck king of Salem brought out bread and wine he was the priest of God Most High and he blessed him and said Blessed be a broom of God Most High possessor of heaven on earth and blessed be God Most High who deal who has delivered your enemies into your hand and he a broom gave him milk he's a deck a tie of all let's review what we have done so far a lot and a bunch of people get captured along with all of their possessions Abraham comes along with his people he defeats the enemy scatters them they leave all the spoil they leave all the people now Abrams is taking all of these people and all of the possessions back with him and the 1st thing that he does is he pays tie to God of all those things that he has recovered. Now this is that interesting aspect of the story to me because notice what happens next now the king of Sodom said to Abraham give me the persons and take the goods for yourself all right clearly understood the king of Sodom says Ala let me have my people back whatever spoil that you have brought back and you keep it that's that's payment but Abrams said the king of Sodom I have raised my hand to the Lord God Most High the possessor of heaven on earth that I will take nothing from a thread to assemble strap and that I will take I will not take anything that is yours lest you say I have made a broom rich except only that the young men have eaten and the portion of the men who went with me enter Eshkol and mammary let them take their portion this is interesting 8 Aber I'm going to call them Abraham because that's what his name became Abraham did not consider the spoil that he had brought back his even though he rightfully earned it it should be his he didn't consider it his he considered it to be the possession of the king of Sodom and yet what did he do before he gave it to the king of Sodom he paid tied on that spoil interesting aspect of. Abraham's loyalty to God his tithing to God and his generous spirit he could have taken that for himself and nobody would have thought ill of him that that was his in those days that the captor. Got the spoil that's just the way it was but Abraham wouldn't keep it now you may be tempted to think well it's easy for people who are wealthy to be generous so. Do you think that Abraham was generous because he was rich or. Was Abraham rich because he was generous because the text that we read in the Bible this this earlier this morning indicates to me that Abraham and others like him were rich because they were generous they weren't generous because they were rich because we read if we honor God with the 1st fruits our barns will be full and our vats will be full. There's a song speaking of songs I won't sing this 1 either but says you can never never out give the Lord this Love the Lord but. We know that if we're faithful to God He will be faithful to us. I think I just told a few of you the other day I hope I didn't tell all of you this is I'm repeating myself because then I'm going to need to have an appointment with someone that I really don't want to have an appointment with. I'll just do this briefly. And extended family member of my not in my median family told how that. They barely could make ends meet did I did I tell this to all of you or just a few. They could barely make ends meet nothing left in the checkbook each month they decided through prayer to test God and they I think they were giving 1 percent offering faithful tithe 1 percent offering. So they said we're going to test gods are going to add a percentage to our offering then I tell all of you this OK good. Ah so do I. So going to give an extra percent to God This this month and so they did and that month there was a little bit of money left in the checkbook the previous month none next month the deal with the Lord was we're going to add another percent up to 3 percent now there was a little more money left in the checkbook in accountants in the room here I know there's a couple in there because I know you but. I know this doesn't equate but not unless you're doing God's map the next month we're up to 4 percent little more money left in the checkbook the deal with God was to go all the way 10 percent and there was still money left in the checkbook no pay raises during that time either that wasn't the fix that happens many times though when you increase to God he increases your wages I've seen it in so many cases in the book is full of stories like that. So I'm not sure I mean I admit to you I don't have the faith to say OK got I'm going to give you 75 percent my income I live on the 25 percent I don't know how that would work I guess I could sell a lot of things. And live in a tent or something but if you test God. He will be faithful to you so I did this in 2 different calm congregations that I was pastoring I challenged the congregation whatever they are giving the god tithe is a no is a non-issue you that's God's And so we're robbing God not embezzling from God not. What's the other thing not not burglarizing God because a burglar doesn't want to see you were robbing God that's bold in your face gun in your face I'm killing you if you don't give me the money that's that's what we do to God when we when we don't give him his ties so that's a no brainer but with your offerings I challenge the congregation to add 1 percent to whatever they're giving If you're giving 1 percent get 2 if you're giving 5 saves if you're giving 1011 so a pastor shouldn't challenge his congregation to do something that he doesn't do so I had to do it and then when I move to another congregation I challenge them to add a half a percent so again I had to do that too I believe that God has answered me in this way just as the Bible has said I probably I don't have any little kids that I'm raising or putting through school I understand that we're done with that but. There seems to be more money left over then than ever ever has before and I think our conferences faithful in paying pastors well but we've missed a few pay raises because of economy and things like that and that's fine but God manages that's that's the point 1 last verse 2nd printing is 9. Second Corinthians 9 verse 6 and 7 but this I say he who sews sparingly will also reap sparingly so. The plant will use the illustration that works in this area if you plant 2 hills of potatoes you'll probably get 2 hills of potatoes worth on expect a dozen you've got to it's obvious you've got to plant more going to get more new so's bountifully will also rebound a plea so let each 1 give as he purposes in his heart not grudgingly or of necessity for God loves a cheerful giver so I just want to encourage you and I'm going to challenge you to consider your giving to God if you're not being faithful in tithing then. You just have to do that that's all there is to it. And God will reward you for that but more so I want to challenge you to consider your giving the god you're offering that's what really tells your thank response to God for His blessings to you and just prayerfully consider maybe bumping it a little bit and just see what God will do we're going to turn this over to Melissa and she's going to give us more of the nuts and bolts of generosity. So if we had a good week we're tired I'm tired. It's Friday it's been a good week it's been a very good week so let's her do a little review again OK And thank you everyone for coming again my name is Melissa if you have questions as we go along. Well maybe answer couples we go along we'll try to save some time for the end we say that every day and I'm always afraid I'm going to not have enough things to say during the time we have left and we have filled that time with with good things so we're taking you through progression this week it's been very intentional not just in the way that we named it to make it catchy and fun but really in the fact that as we work through these different steps it really brings us to today. We've talked about the importance of getting out of debt and we're going to review that a little bit later we are going to probably just do a kind of tie and Dave Ramsey's baby steps to talk about the other day and that's where and how we move through the steps and how our relationship to giving changes the getting out of debt needs to be 1 of our 1st and foremost things then budgeting and planning when it comes to how we're managing our money in our day to day expenses that saving money is really really smart and yesterday I apologize I wasn't here I was being fed as a parent yesterday but the importance of how we're planning for our future how we ultimately leave that legacy behind and those that we help so I was thinking about this I really wanted to tie this all into stewardship. 1 of the many roles that a cultural and pastor she manages stewardship department at our conference and when you read through this if this doesn't touch you and how we're managing our money and we're going to talk actually about a couple other aspects of giving generosity of stay but the office duties an obligation of a steward the definition of stewardship the 1st 1 the 2nd definition of stewardship the conducting supervising or managing of something especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care that definition is something to trust is to me to manage that mine know where there does that says managing your own stuff. We are entrusted to manage what's been given to us 1 of the things I as I've shared this week is. I have been 1 of my responsibilities as I am a steward in my business. And I've been doing this for 11 years and every year God gives me more to manage and I don't think he would give me more to manage if I didn't if I wasn't a good steward along the way more people to take care of who are responsible for their families as far as our team members go more patients to help and to to find freedom per pain more money comes with that and as those numbers get bigger as there's more zeros behind stuff. It's that same principle of the I Am i am required to be a good steward of that now I mentioned earlier that God I sometimes wrestle I think it's mine I think it's my business and and God humbles me frequently and I'm reminded that it is his business and when we're challenging the office I have an opportunity not only to be a steward but to be a witness to those around me again to my team and to him to the people that we serve and we have those conversations when we when we see a change happening or a challenge happening to say out loud if God wants us to do this he will continue to provide and that we need to be good stewards of what he gives to provide but we're stewards at home at work like my typo at play or at pray for I think. No matter what we're doing we are a steward So let's talk about why giving is important or generosity OK. It is really truly a reflection of your heart right where your money goes your heart is I have ever done this have you ever taken the time to actually write out your priorities we talk about it right and we often say God is 1st and then my spouse and then my kids and then work or business or whatever. I'm notorious about not putting my health or self care in there right that should be a priority. But we do that right we say this is our priorities However when it comes to our stewardship of our time money talents that match up with them which is to me a really profound question to ask myself and really challenging if I look at what's happening in my life and my actually living what I say my priorities are and that's what we're going to talk to through today. I love this question this what if and as I've prepared you know for this weekend as we're wrapping things up what could we do for the Kingdom of God If we had no debt we talk about some big numbers this week billions of dollars in credit card debt across this country billions of dollars in student loan it's the new financial crisis. We saw what happened in 20082009 right that is this heavy burden that we're carrying and what we're carrying that we can't we don't have a heart of generosity right we're we're in survival mode at that point we can't see past the end of our nose so that is the question what could we do what if we had no debt WHAT IF WE ARE WE ARE YOU are spending less than you make what if we're living within our means what if we managed our you know a lot of typos today our money like like God owned it all so if he doesn't at all what if we're a steward and God says manage this for me would it be different if you work for a company and you were you were the chief operations officer or you know you are the the controller and the head of the company says we have 10000 dollars 100000 dollars a $1000000.00 Right doesn't matter how many zeros there and you are responsible for managing that for me would you manage that differently than you would your money at home. Because you it's somebody else's money it's not your own and so we keep that context of what God's giving us I think it changes how we think what if we put Jesus 1st in all of our decisions. We can do it as if we talked about this yesterday or the other day we were talking about. A kind of talk about those baby steps right. And that's really from day. To saving for an emergency. For emergencies and then we're talking about saving for Hall and kids college. And for retirement. And as we work through that. As we go through the steps we should see. Visually this isn't working the way I want to as we work down we're going to see our giving change I would even challenge you. Have a heart change because no longer are we drowning in debt and 1 paycheck away from disaster 1 health episode from disaster but as we move through that the opportunities that happen over here grow and yes the final thing would be giving And as we talked about that the other day. About extra giving because through all of this as Pastor Gene already said it's time this is a non-negotiable that's God's offerings to giving above and beyond that will grow because no longer we were to this is self right here we're in debt this is all about us about what I was what I bought when I wanted it and I wanted it now so I wasn't willing to have delayed gratification and tell myself now that as we get rid of that right and that we're going to get rid of that as fast as we can. Then we get to move in a savings moment where we can plan for the things that may or may not happen we don't want to get stuck here right. Well you need a reasonable amount of savings right we need to plan for stuff to happen but my 3 to 6 months of expenses is different than my 3 to 6 months of income so at the same number I don't need that much money that may be what I make but I don't need that to live because like I've shared I've been through a number of different genders and I know how to shut it down and can say no and you eliminate all that excess when you have to do it question if she would do that more but as we move through the savings so that we can get here so that we can be generous so yes we're talking a lot about money in search of this week but as I thought about this I really wanted to make sure that we covered 3 different things when it comes to the ways that we can give and the ways that we can be generous God gives us all $24.00 hours a day nobody gets more nobody gets less Sometimes I wish I could stop the clock to catch up. But God gives us all the same amount time is such a reflection of our priorities. We make a budget for our money right before a check but have you ever budgeted your time there's some different different tools and skills that I've seen in business work you do kind of a time study of your work day if anybody's ever done that where right you've done that so you what you do is you kind of outline how you spend your time during the day and there can be a lot of waste there could be a lot of waste I spent too much time on this in mail or I got distracted by this phone call that wasn't important. Not prioritizing your time during your day I think because sometimes we work so hard at work we come home and maybe are less disciplined in our time 1 of things 1 of my takeaways yesterday when we were on I was listening to something on parenting is really how kids do better with a routine. Now depending on where your kids her and life line are still little hope. And it is amazing how that routine that consistency they behave better when we don't start showers at the right time we start late then we rush through it it's not really our kids' fault it's our pick as parents were rushing through and then and then we don't take care of the kids well and then everything you know. Everybody goes to bed angry at that point because we've not managed our time well where it can be a blessing to spend time together and those kind of things so think about that when it comes to generosity your time also we're going to talk like I said going to about time talents and money here some of us may have more time than money and that that is 1 way to be very generous I am blessed in my life that on the days that I work I have a team of grandmas I really do have a team of grandmas to help watch my kids for me every day they're there watched by my Mom My mother in law and their great grandma so they get to spend time with different generations of family and they're And what they're seeing now I've heard this said before is that when we're not connecting our kids to different generations they're not learning their values we lose that we my Grandma's been through stuff that I haven't been through and now my kids get to learn from her they get to go where there's goats and chickens and they get to run around in the yard and do all these kind of things and my grandma is giving of her time to bless them and my life I'm so thankful for that huge blessing in our life so there are ways that we can give and give generously generously to others in our time I love the discussion of talents. 1 of our challenges is I. Identifying that God actually has given us talents and a gift that we can help others with now that may not be teaching in the children's department you may not be wired for that my sister is wired for that since since she was a little kid she has been connected to kids it is her gift she's phenomenal at it and she continues to serve in church in an other ways and connecting with kids with connecting with her nieces and nephews my kids are blessed because they have an aunt who cares so much about them not necessarily my town I'm willing to step up if she misses a school or something and I'm there but that's not how God made me. We it's OK for us to sit down and spend some time and saying this is what I'm good at this is what I'm not good at I've had to identify that and business I realized that I really still can treat patients and do it well but it's not really where I've headed and where hype changed I love running the practice I love supporting my team I love solving problems it's what I like I don't have the gift of sued. There is a couple women in this room who have the gift of food they are generous they're the ones that's making bread for somebody who is in need and they're the 1 that's bringing meals to somebody and sometimes it's hard for me because I feel like well I'm supposed to because I'm a wife and mother honestly it's not how God made me or how I been crafted or how I can change but some people have been given that gift I have other gifts and God's given us all different things we can all serve in different ways which I think is what's wonderful and amazing and and when we're asked to do those things that we are good at will we step up and serve and we will we be generous in our communities and in our churches and in our families are right. Same thing have you noticed the theme money is limited we have limited talents we have limited time but how we spend those things is all really a reflection of our priorities right Esther Jean already said this you beat me to it you can't out give God in our monies and our time in towns or to talk about money more specifically now you can't I'll give him no matter how hard we try. The blessings that come back to us are amazing and I can't I'm really struggling to cope with some specific examples in our life but I know as Pastor Jean had pointed out as we systematically increase in our giving. That they were there is more and more money for us to manage there is I don't have a specific statistics but. This is professional professional athletes and lottery winners are really very similar in their and their financial challenges a lot of times these are individuals who never had any money so you go from 0 to 60 in about 1 second you may have you or you have no money as a college student and then you're drafted in the N.B.A. and you're making millions and millions of dollars and they have 0 concept of how to handle 20 dollars let alone $20000000.00 right. Because we've never been taught that I know that I appreciate that God only gives me what I can handle because money could ruin me it could absolutely ruin me and God God doesn't want that for us but he if we are good managers against 2 words he may challenge us to manage more and as he gives more more is expected. We talked about this is the day to drill mentioned this this is a great Dave Ramsey quote Live like no 1 else so later you can live and give like no 1 else again this is why we were talking through this process this week about how debt is and how is important is to plan and save so that when it comes to giving we're there so again we're working through these different steps that's the conversation today that was everybody in this room is that a different point whether you're at a different steps along the way or you're at a different place financially than somebody else in the room nobody is walking the same room say the same road which is why your finances are very personal between you your spouse if you're married and God as a 2 or 3 way street and so that's where it's not I can't come in and step in and tell you exactly what I would do in your situation because you have different obligations different stresses different backgrounds different upbringings but working through those steps so that we can get to that point were all we're thinking about is how can we give and to give generously. So let's talk let's talk more technically about giving right and giving generously and I might bring up for this too to kind of talk through some of the systematic giving when we talk about tithe and stuff like that because I think that Joy has a really great perspective on this so so 1 of the things that we do right and this is sitting in the front of the pew at church is your tie them. Now I prefer to have them in the drawer at home. Which is something we forget about sometimes right where we honestly forget or we get to church and I write about that chap right because I want to get it because I don't want to forget to do it later so we have some of these in our juncture with our. System in there and there are when you look at your tie them below. Right there some suggestions on here either some suggestions on giving again giving is very personal we've talked about how important tired is and I think what God has outlined in systematic giving as a percentage eliminates our ability to use our brain for us to make that mistake so if you would mind coming up I would love for you to kind of talk through. This was asked after 1 of the other. Of the meetings the other day in regards to the not your 1st fruits and stuff like that so I if you wouldn't mind talking about that a little bit the questions raised about what the person was. God did not make a dollar amount that you said OK every month you've got to give $500.00 that's not very fair is it because if it's $500.00 that may be your whole income. And it may be like a penny to somebody else but he gives a percentage would that come right goes up and down as you have your income now the question is do you you had ties before you know your taxes are taken out or after now I'm not here to tell you which is going to tell you what I think is the best thing to do and that is if you're going to put God 1st you've got to put him 1st you can do for the government even and you be a habit but they just take that on my paycheck I don't even see it well you still it was yours because what it would have taxes go for. What are we but your federal taxes go for what. You get roads military you know you're paying politicians to do nothing I get that. I get all that but but you're paying for services aren't you that have been rendered so best at in my mind my wife and I look at that as just like any other bill that we have I like driving on good roads don't you because drive and good roads saves me car repairs and granted Michigan hair. Is very questionable but anyway so I would encourage you to put God 1st and that is OK This is what I actually made Yeah my taxes come up but I'm paying my ties and my offerings this number up here OK so what you'll find then is again as Melissa says mention it says heart change OK as that's what God wants he doesn't need the money is what he wants is your heart and once he has your heart then he's got what he wants OK because the money is his your heart you have to give to him he's I'm just going to take it but this process changes that and that's why ties in offerings. It's a salvation issue. OK it is a salvation issue why because it's a relationship issue salvation is that based on keeping the Sabbath through that salvation is not based on not even pork OK So vacation is based upon a relationship with Jesus Christ giving ties and offerings that's all about relationship do I trust Jesus enough when he says this is I want you to do do I trust him enough to do that and he said I'll provide I trust him to provide or do I not quite trust him that's why stewardship is a salvation issue there's not 1 person that's going to make it to heaven it was not a faithful steward understand that. And that stewardship as Melissa brought on I appreciate that as time as your health that that's life OK so not just money money is a part of that because think of this if you're not a faithful steward with all this here are you going to be faithful up there know what you're going to be doing is chopping off pieces of pavement thinking that man this gold I'm thinking is gold right. Now God can't have people like that there that's why stewardship is to prepare us for eternity so to encourage you when it comes to your ties and offerings put God 1st and as Melissa mentioned here I mean it's pretty pretty clear your local church budget and we talk about the save the day that I know some churches put it well you've got to give 5 percent or 8 percent you know this is this area is where you can negotiate with God a little bit now would you tide grass is 10 percent here and it's OK Lord. As Pastor Jean said with the story he mentioned twice. Not as old to sell you remember he said the other day. But what you started you start testing God you start adding to it adding to it adding to it OK You know it's interesting and I think it's paychecks and profits and white mentions that in the economy of Israel and they were to give 25 percent of their income when you take all the different offers 25 percent of their income God expected them to return and we think we're doing good we do 150 man it's 15 percent. So what that tells me is God is wind to challenge us more and more and more why we're the gospel to go to the whole world money needs to be given right I mean money is beginning Are you tired of this world yet anyone tired of it are we living as though we're tired of it. Are we living as though well you know what I want to take that vacation what this cruise I want you know I'm saving for this because. Yes the Lord comes great but if not that's OK cause I've got a plan you know we need it we need to start living as though rock Lord to come and I'm not saying you got to sell a 1000000 go Onan and give it all away. But I think each of us if we were to just say you know what Lord I'm going to kick this up a little bit this thing how much more could be done I mean more people could be 12 across or people could be a part of eternal life who are just more generous that would you want to get it into. This Back to you. If you don't swallow hard when he said 25 percent. When you think about what you're currently doing to that number is how I get I know don't raise any hands don't have any answers here when you think about where are you at and you're giving Are you like OK I'm getting there or are you like I'm is a huge number to May and that makes me super uncomfortable. A lot of stuff that's written in the Bible isn't to make us feel good about. It is to agitate us in to challenge us because if God didn't do that we went to that he wants to bless us I love how when the children Sabbath school lesson they refer to the 10 Commandments as the happiness happiness rules. Like not a negative guy goes if you do this I can bless you this way when you do this it's ugly right and this is just a reflection of that so just expanded on that thank you for doing that and we talk about that systematic percentage giving Now there is going to be situations where you may systematically give an amount that may happen where you where you commit and we will come back to this I haven't forgotten Barb's question about pledging we will come to that right no I think it's very important I think it's very important for us to talk about that. Today but there may be something you say I'm going to I'm going to support that missionary and I'm going to give them a certain amount each month now better to give systematically right because again it's got increases you may do that. Special giving Now I don't have permission to tell this story so I will leave this very big but I know somebody who works in health care who does have to work on Sabbath occasionally and this individual shared this with me and I am a scribe when I heard this that individual pledge that they would never spend that money for themselves so they have a special account that when special projects come up mission trips come up that money goes to those things and those things only because they knew that there could be a challenge or a self left extra money for me for me to do extra thing that becomes that challenge and that was just 1 situation that I had heard that story and that is quite amazing but if we had a special special Giving front what if we systematically set money aside so that when religious liberty Sabbath comes up or the bind camp or when they're raising money for strong tower radio you now are looking at what I now feel I have to sacrifice because we're you know in that budgeting planning stage we're down here and we're just waiting for opportunities to give and be generous Doesn't that sound like that sounds like fun to me that's where I want to be where you are you're waiting for somebody to ask for you're waiting for that that letter to come in the mail from the college student who's going to go study overseas or somebody who wants to go do a mission trip and those things come in the mail and you go I've got money set aside for that. Or I could pay that whole thing for that person yes Joel I knew you would be jumping out of a state today I ask I said Are you sure you know this we're going to go get to it now with all of this what most are saying is correct but there's a point that we need to add and that is this we don't want to get so much into our planning that we don't give sacrificially because the real blessing comes when we professionally OK So so you you set money aside you know you're giving your 20 percent systematically but now another area someone comes up as a missionary that needs funds what you don't want to say what are it gave my 20 percent. No insight because those are opportunities to grow when you give sacrificially you grow more than if you give systematically that makes sense OK so when there's those times where you know what there's a real need here. We were going to go out to eat you know I want to talk about a cell phone now but it's heard about that result in our boxes he talks about you have that box that you put on the man who on the on the power and it's for self and now we're going to go out to eat tonight or you know what instead of going out and spend 50 bucks why we stay home and look at the box and self and albums so what you've done is now you sacrifice put that money in there so that when there's a need you can give and what that does the blessing isn't so much in him that you can give that the buses you tonight sell whenever you deny self is a blessing that comes with that no matter what it is so to encourage you yes no habit systematic but don't leave it at that when there's a need I mean might I saw my dad do this. More than I can count you know he's got a 50 dollar bill has his while popped in there whenever he saw me. Have them I saw him do that more and everyone is like yes I did give it to me as I think the pups but I saw him do that time and time again I mean I can remember this 1 Sabbath morning there was a student that came over and was approved when they come up the crates there on their own some of the bill I think won the rest that impressed him so much that you know he sacrificed so often I put that aside so when there was a spontaneous need it that's where we really want to get to yes systematically where you know we can reach this point 5 percent systematically but we don't stop there that's not where we stop and we await have another opportunity give more give more give more sacrifice do it you know what there's a student that really wants to go to the academy and you know I don't we have them we just take a vacation this year we could we could put on a box toward that why don't we not take a vacation this year let's help. The place of Christ that sacrificial given where it hurts and we need to do that it's not just all that the fun fun we got to give also get to the point where we're women perps excepts which is 1 of the challenges we have and culture with the word no telling ourselves no is not popular it's not easy and it takes practice and actually really does take practice and I think it was on there Joel. Now that's awesome right because the next day sacrificially said All right so we had talked about this a little bit right where can we give our money this can be your local church this can be a regional conference this can be global missions this can be mission projects. Home and Abroad individuals Joel mentioned that already right who do we know that could need help. 1 of the fun things as and again I don't have a great picture of my extreme couponing stockpile which is a little bit crazy. But it was so much fun there was a couple of times especially around Christmas time there's something we seem to be a bit more generous at Christmas although if we could share that generosity throughout the year and I are. Full of stuff good stuff toiletries diapers I mean I've got so much food in my pantry that I that I can't eat it all in the next month and there was a there was a couple of. People who had come to the can I come shop your store or whatever so that I can give to somebody else and I was like No I don't want your money it was I remember filling 2 big boxes 1 full of just toiletries stuff and 1 I went to the house and boxes of cereal and pasta and spaghetti sauce and canned goods or whatever and killed another box and then just gave it to them and they gave it to the next person selfishly I would love to have seen his face because there is a real joy in seeing people give something but God didn't give me that opportunity in the situation he said give it to them they'll give it to the next person in me so much fun to do that and I miss you the next right not because I'm sorry the clock is malfunctioning. Oh that sorry distracted me I'm not telling the story because it has everything to do with what we're doing so please keep that in mind this is this is not a story that we're writing on. But I was having this converse with some of the day. We have way more than we need I have way more clothes than I need I weigh more food than I need my kids have way more choices than they me we we we have so much and a couple years ago. We changed how we did Christmas with my siblings with my brother and sister are supposed to so every year there's only 6 of us we draw somebody's name and we draw couple name we get them a gift and 1 year I'm not kidding we all gave everybody like a gift card to go out to dinner and watch your kids for a night like we all just gave each other the same thing it was pretty funny somebody not me somebody wiser than me and our and our circle which was probably then my sister a sister in law said what if we went looking for a family in need and the last 2 years we have sought out somebody that we needed they knew somebody in church something like that and said let's give to them what do they need right that packages of diapers is that close is that more food than they could eat over the next couple of months and so we've done that and. The 1st time I think that we did it we did it anonymously and we connected with a family member and builder car full of. I don't know how much it was because I brought what I had to my sister's house and they felt it up and she gave it to them again. I think God wants to humble us so we didn't get a chance to see the result but we said rather than buying each other more stuff that we don't really need let's find another family to give to and it's fun I think got God made this right give me this fun he wants to give to us and I think he want He's he's just waiting for us to make good decisions so we can you can give us more because we don't give our kids things that would be bad for them right we don't give a drunk a drink or. A drug addict money to buy more drugs if we don't do those things right and if God if we're continuing to make destructive behavior with our money I don't want God to give me more right because I'm not a good steward and I'm not managing his money well so I hope that as you go home this next week that wherever you are at in your process and we're going to have a good 1015 minutes to have questions for the week which I think will be great so whatever take it we'll talk about pledges I have forgotten about you are my hope is that when you go home next week in the next 2 months and years ahead there's just 1 thing that we talked about this week that impacts your ability to make decisions in your stewardship Winston Churchill was asked to do a speech at a graduation and I don't know the whole speech I don't have it memorized but all he got up and said Never give up never never never never never ever give up. That message there's this whole thing no matter how difficult life is no matter how hard it is never never never give up and life is really hard it's really hard in business it's really hard in our marriages it's really hard in raising our kids but what we've talked about this week isn't so much about. Specifically money right it's not specifically about your talents or time like Joel said it is about a relationship with God and that is the most important thing in all of this and so I hope that your blast this week I think what will do as well record with prayer affects OK And then let's open it up just for discussions because it also doesn't get recorded very well so dear lord we are so grateful for the opportunity for us to be together this week thank you for keeping us safe of the storm I was last night but please be with us as we go through the storms of life help us to hang on to you and hold onto tightly thank you for challenging me this week please let my time entails in money bring me closer to you and that whatever that takes God has you've already done things in my life and I know you're doing in the lives of others that leave God that will pay attention that we will just look at his suffering or as painters' heartache but then it's YOU are just trying to get our attention because you desire to be with us for eternity so please God I pray they will soften our hearts open our pocketbooks May we spare experience the generosity of of giving it in such a great way that you intended it to be so please God I pray for each individual in this room for their families. For their businesses for their work. Whatever it is that you have called them to do and they were doing a great and mighty way and I assume your name and. This media was brought to you by audio for years a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about what you 1st or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W. U verse or.


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