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The Inspired Word- Part 1

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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All right let's pray together so we can begin our loving God thank you so much for the progress we have to say the crushes word we pray for your guidance and we thank you when jesus name and he men the the whole week as the title inspiration and the reason why it's because. With all of this taking place around us most people do not realize that the real issue under line in this whole controversy is whether or not you can trust the Bible that's a real issue it may have the title of women ordination it may have whatever other name but the realtor underlining attack is whether or not you can actually trust the Bible and you may think Well that's strange for Christians to question whether or not you can trust the Bible but it should not be strange because we know where we are in a great controversy and because we are in a great controversy if you want if you want to steer people in the wrong direction given the wrong compass there was a. A flight that had just finished bombing Germany and they were on their way back to their base however when they noticed the. Initial moments the issue it was telling them that they had overpass where they were supposed to be landing the problem was nat they knew they would not supposed to be at that point by a certain time so what they did was they conclude that somehow the enemy had. Effect that their compass and they decided not to pay attention to it until they actually reached the tying that they knew what supposed to take to reach their maze However they ran out of gas and landed in the desert in Africa they all died when they finally located the plane they found that 1 of the airmen had walked over 200 miles to the Course that's for the SO GLAD even 200 miles not sufficient so he sees the 1 the last of the longest and when they took all the instruments on the airplane they found out all the instruments were working perfectly and what happened was simply that their compass was working correctly they just at not believe the compass they believe the watches and went to actually took place was that there was a tailwind that drove them faster and because they didn't understand that the tail when had driven them faster than they were supposed to reach the point of destination they assume that the compass was wrong and they all lost their lives and so if you believe that the Bible is your compass never assume what did I say Never assume that the compass is wrong or 1 a man. With I say Never assume that the compass is wrong the problem may simply be that other fact to say may be confusing you but the compass never goes wrong nor has always nor Isn't it true. And so Bible inspiration. Jesus used the scriptures if you look at chapter Matthew 4 through 7 when I'm going to read that right now but most of you equate the with what is called to be attitudes are you acquainted with that and the Beatitudes basically is Christ's expounding upon the the principles of heaven and what those principles are and how they were are to in pack the lives of those who would be believers so in the chapter 4 through birth chapter 4 to 7 he uses scriptures to correct wrongs 2 or ideologies or cultural or otherwise to establish the truth or to encourage faithfulness and obedience to the Scriptures was a main focal point of direction and any time that Christ wanted to establish the truth he always pointed to the. Scriptures whether he was doing dealing with a cultural issue or a principle he always turned to the Scriptures he also pronounced the words as the only source of power over temptation Matthew Chapter 4 writes 1 to 10 and unequivocally stated that it was that which proceeded out of the mouth of God he said to them mansion not live by bread on but by every word that proceeded out of the market God and when he sent every word that proceeded up the God he was quoting Moses he was going to who Moses who was quoting God And so Jesus simply play a stablished the Bible as the authority for every issue in life. And that through a man can find salvation or I would just sit in a class via Skype to my class over in. Oregon My wife and I still run the school of evangelism we have a compress at the 40 days as opposed to 3 and a half months and so we have the students right now over there and then because I'm over here the best 1 the only way I can teach is by Skype until I get over there shown just teaching this principle and I'd want to share it with you if you take the 1st 2 chapters of the Bible and you take the last 2 chapters of the Bible then mirror image in other words the 1st or chapter of Genesis 1 and 2 speak about Eden being created man being created a perfect home perfect diet perfect place a face communion between man and God perfect comedy would see in man and man and that there was no death there was no sorrow there was no pain there was no cry that's the 1st 2 chapters if you go to the last of chapters you find the same thing face to face Communion a perfect home the tree of life everything is again perfect the Bible then is to tell you how to get from point A to Point Z. from either lost to Eden restored those 1st 2 chapters the last 2 chapters are God's ideal for his people what it was and what it shall be again and any doctrine that does not fit within that scope there something wrong with it. And I say that again any doctrine is not fit within that scope is something wrong with it I have worked on now for many years on 28 presentations showing every doctrine from Eden to Eden how you can trace all of our teachings from eat into Eden and so Christ then came to assist re enforce that which he had taught his people that they can count on and that was the Word of God because God is a source of the word and a source of life Jesus confirms that the word should I speak unto you they are 1 a spear than they are like you want life and you have to accept that which God says gives life so his words give mine in this Rudy of CD great impressive promises found of course in 2nd Peter chant 104 of the word that we might be partakers of the divine nature and escape the corruption of the sin wants from us in other words through the Bible there are over $3000.00 plus promises that the written there was for civic purpose of you becoming a partaker of the divine nature now that may seem a little strange because you would assume the Goddess the only 1 who has divine nature but apparently from what the promise us God its wonders to recreate in each 1 of you his image and the way he does it is through the exceeding great and precious promises so that's really the promises as you partake of them it is like in his flesh and drinking his blood. The more you partake of the Word of God The more you behold his character the more you become like him and that's why it says as you be a hold you become changed so if you want to become Christ like then you behold price if you want to become like anything else and you be hall that and he hold you become change and so in other for us not to escape the corruption of sin to welcome us we need then to have in us that ways can effectively not a 5 or destroy that which can change us into a corruptible thing we need to be come incorruptible and the only way to do that is through the incorruptible word craze for his word now it is by taking heed to that word that a young man can cleanse its way some 119 and not sin against me and by hearing it in faith awakens wrong with Chapter 10 of course for 17 they have gone therefore they have come a by hearing and hearing by the Word of God He never made his words subject to dissecting On the contrary it was to be the. Second torment and so is the statement by the Word of God is quick and powerful is sharper than any 2 or sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit than of the joints and marrow is a desire of the thoughts and intense of the heart so the Lord intended for his word not should just be a book like any other book intended that book to actually have wit in it the element that energizes than the will she had to accomplish that which otherwise you could not accomplish in your own strength now if you wonder why I'm trying to move ahead fast it's because I have a lot to cover. Having such an element as this at our reach I would certainly be afraid of any attempts to cut out any part as 1 culturally on this island and I'm referring to the new hermeneutics which is called the principle is circle. Hermeneutics that has just been introduced as a new way to interpret the Scriptures by some in our division and so he intended that the word be maintained in tact because a Scriptures are filled with many many cultural situation such as for example example the cultural aspect of in those days you don't have a child you can get your husband you have a child with some other. A concubine of something today that's not acceptable. But in those days it was culturally acceptable so there are many cultural things that were there in the Scriptures fact the scriptures are saturated with a lot of things that have occurred throughout history in the biblical sense times that were obviously quite culturally acceptable however the Bible's writers never gave in to the intimation that you could do away with any portion of God's inspired writing because of some control issue in fact none of the bibles and written from a cultural perspective and I'm making a statement that some would challenge me again but any time the God inspired something even though it might seem to be called TRO he inspired it because it was the right thing. There are circumstances that that demand it God to give certain counsel and sometimes it's not understood correctly so people think it's a situation ethics matter but the reality is that. I was. Being challenged by some brother and hoof who. Were not very happy with me because I was speaking in behalf of. The official church position of another then women pastors and they were very upset with me because I spoke against it and began to ask me what amount to house slavery do I believe that what the Bible said of slavery was correct and I said yes and so they thought I was I was there. For slavery and I said no I'm not for slavery God gave counsel to slaves just like he would give councils today if you happen to be a slave how to carry yourself in a situation that is beyond your control. God may not be placed with the situation but God never played to somebody hurting themselves over a situation that they cannot change and so with another girl who was a slave got inspire her to tell naman that hey you want to get heal as a prophet in Israel she was not complaining about the fashion as a slave she was content in whatever situation the law the mother to be N. and in that situation she led to that man who had leprosy to be healed What do you say so there are circumstances in the scriptures that God. Will rules in circumstances like Joseph who was a slave but he would not complain he simply accepted his lot and God brought them on a situation and put him up and into being in a high position now you and I know that that's not a normal thing that happens with people that may be slaves and maybe slaves who the rest of their lives are the true and so on believing that God counsel slaves. To love their masters is a saint couse a God gave us who are free to pray for those who are kings and who are over us not the God necessarily approves of those people but he disapproves of us having a spirit as militant and that is is rebellious he washes to be people who in spite of our circumstances give great light and shine to others who have not been might when he said so the scriptures then a filler story saturated with cultural issues but it doesn't change the fact that the Scriptures he says and says that the scriptures actually testify of him the entire Bible how much of an entire Bible is to testify about Jesus if I were to ask you who wrote the 10 Commandments what would be your answer who wrote the 10 Commandments. God but who. Looms What's a god the father got a son I mean to say God the Father can I see your hands and I say God a 2nd Asiya hands how many of them want to raise your hands and can. Write. It's call being saved from. The 1 who wrote the Bible was Jesus who. Says if you read the book of Exodus you find out it says that God asked the 70 elders to come and visit with him and he said they saw God who they see they saw God. But we know from the Scriptures that Jesus said no man has seen the. Other So does not know 1 has seen the Father Who are they seeing their seeing the son and if you go to Acts chapter 7 you'll find out that the angel that appeared to Moses in the bush West your home or himself it says an angel a lot of people to him and then it says After that the law had. Looked out and saw him and then it says God spoke to him so in the same bushy there were the angel of the Lord and God or they were 3 title for the same person in his study of accept a 7 you'll see that it says that most a spoke to the angel that gave him the holy oracles the 1. Only oracles and what are the holy oracles the 10 Commandments So who wrote the 10 Commandments with his own finger it was I wrote a book called the 8 yo who is Jesus was a title the annulus Jesus you can get it at the A.B.C. and you can see all the times of Jesus appeared as an angel in the Old Testament and that the mite will truly is the inspired word of God and that the that word became flesh is speaking about none other than Jesus cries Jesus is your creator this is your law given Jesus is your savior Jesus is your Redeemer and Jesus is the rescuer who will come and take you back to the Father would you say amen to then OK so it's a matter of studying some of these things out so the angel who is Jesus you can get it from the A.B.C. and I'm not here promoting my book but it's a facet way for you to study something because I'm not going to be able to agree on the studies and I'm going to be mentioning OK so. If you continue then since Christ declared all the scriptures to be the Word of God it would be more than hot blasphemy is for anyone to assume the impossible task of watt determining what pieces inspired and which is not several years of a go a book was written called Inspiration how many of you remember that book and if you remember that book none of you have a hit on person remember I'm glad the rest of you don't because it was simply him or simply stating that certain things in the Bible a cultural and their cultural are not inspired. And that's what the new hermeneutics this is Sessa same thing if this cultural is not inspired For example it says that Paul said let the women be silent and ask the husbands at home and they're saying that that's a cultural statement therefore cannot be inspired. However. The problem is is that Paul is not saying that all women should be Simon is said Let them ask their husbands at them 1. After husband was every woman the living in Paul's day marriage was C.S. or no so what was the issue it was that let them go and ask our husbands it wasn't referring to all women that was referring to women who in the church were talking to their husbands and that was good counsel because if you are of a Jewish descent and you are services divide the men from the women it is not appropriate for women to come and join in with the men and even still today if you go to a synagogue the men worship by themselves and the women by themselves the understand so the council was good counsel when I 1st went to Korea back in 168 I went to church I discovered that the women were sitting by themselves on the left and the men on the right show if I went and sat in the left would that be acceptable and why so with a big good counsel appalled to say Pastor you need to sit on the other side of the N.S.A. What I'm saying so just because something seems to be cultural does not disqualify it as being inspired in fact Paul himself made the statement in Corinthians he says if you have any question about my authority I want you to know that everything in a speaking is inspired on itself. OK So Christ then gave the council through all prophets to guide gots people to know how to get from point A to Point Z. and you can see the wisdom of God the wisdom of God. Is revealed in providing for his children everything that they will need to know how to escape the booby traps the incursions the obstacles that the devil what's row in people's way so that they could not make it to the king and so in the scriptures you find all the council in the even how to eat correctly so you have by the chance of making it to the kingdom where you say and so to me he was inspired by Paul to believe that the scriptures were spired Paul wrote to Timothy and said that from a child that has known the holy scriptures which are able to make the walk wise and to walk on vacation you want to be saved and what you turn to the Scriptures Dennis says through WOD through faith which is in Christ Jesus all Scripture how much of an ostrich your is given by inspiration of God it is profitable doctrine or reproof or correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect through fish on to a good word the word inspiration actually comes from what we call the Greek today which is. You know when we talk about air on. Equipment pneumatic you know what what the pneumatic is OK pneumatic has to do with Air C.E.O. has to do with God So God breathed and so Inspiration means God breathed into. Which is interesting then that the writers of the scriptures and not the authors the Radisson the scriptures of the Scrivens there's a difference. I have secretaries I dictate to them and they write down what what I dictate they're not the authors who is I am there simply writing down what I told them to write in my behalf so they're calling and many us's or scribes or in today's binocular secretaries. How many of you have been to a court you've been to a court you know there's somebody there pecking away whether you think they're doing. Their recorders they're calling them in a calm on recorders what are they doing they're actually registering down in written form whether it be in verbalize they're not the authors are simply just registering what is being said and so the profits simply registered what got hold of them and registered it in Hebrew and it's amazing also think of it most a studied 40 years in 1 language and Egyptian and what was a written language or a graphics imagine if most of had been aspired to write the Bible in higher graphics had less and his allies a lost language and it was not until the $822.00 after that the stone Rosetta Stone found it was not until $1022.00 when it's it was a site for and so nobody would have known accounts of God If most of the written graphics till $822.00 but God rather chose to write the scriptures in a language Secondly maintain throughout history Hebrew is still basically the same Hebrew to the end that it was in the time of Moses Heber has $22.00 letters how many. 22 another sign the alphabet so God chose a simple language to confound the wise or the wisdom of the Egyptians he chose 1 of 22 mothers when he say and because of that we can find scrolls that are ancient and you're going to still read them because it's the same Hebrew with just a few minor changes to they when he said so you can see God's wisdom Now notice what it says in 2nd Peter knowing this 1st of no prophecy of the Scriptures is of Lot any private interpretation for the prophet it cannot in the old time by the will of man but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost and by the way I want to make a statement here because I was in a certain meeting where they said made it a change in in the in the verse this verse to make it neuter rather than masculine gender and the argument was that and proposed is a new the word and even though they were scholars I had to stand up and I had to challenge them and say I'm fortunately. You're not correct it's not politically correct to say to a scholar but when you come to the Scriptures you have to do away with political correctness truth as truth what you say and this is why it makes an interesting saving She says that the understanding of the Scriptures held by the common people is most accurate than the understanding that the common people have of the Scriptures is no soccer. She doesn't say the scholars She says the common people because God gave it inspired so that the common person could understand it or they say and I'm grateful for that because when I 1st became a Christian I have to confess to you my reading level was about the kindergarten reading level I was a professional musician but I didn't depend upon reading I dropped out of school got left back in 5th grade and I got back in 8th grade then they promoted me because I was told to remain and then who read and so by the time they gave me an I.Q. test I was an imbecile and so on I got into show business and accelerated and ended up playing with Bill when the comets Remember Rock Around The Clock and so I became a professional musician but when I B. wanted to become a Christian and the pastor offered to baptize me on the condition that I would take bible studies and I looked at the 1st study and I saw a word that what to me was a $50.00 words I thought I would never get baptize you know Daniel Chapter 2 was the 1st lesson and had a name the started with an end. And what was that name confessor I could hear him from no said let alone know what it meant so that's how I started it but by God's grace I found out that the Word of God is simple enough that if you apply your hearts to it God will bless you because we're told that the Spirit of God will teach you more in 1 moment than all the wise men on the ages and I believe them because it happened to me all right so I challenge and I said the word on propose is not new to them it is masculine because only men wrote the Bible well the scholar got up and says an assumption that men wrote about because there's good evidence that Esther wrote the book of Esther. And I didn't have an opportunity to respond so I wrote my response and I said reveal to me give me any proof that you can find because I've searched high and low I talk to scholars I read the Spirit of Prophecy a read the Bible and I can't find any support for Esther right in the Book of Esther So he wrote back and he said it's true it's available and Esther wrote the book of Esther and I wrote back I said no it's not debatable it is clear that what it is clear that God chose men to write the Bible Esther did not write a book of Esther he said well the bar wrote the Bible and Mary wrote the Bible this is a scholar and I said no the Burra was a subject of the 1 who wrote the Bible Mary was a subject the 1 who will do Oh and if you use that to prove that Marian the boy wrote the Bible then bail them wrote the Bible then the book and that's or wrote the Bible then pine it wrote the Bible because they are all being called it the understand and so when I said Jesus use on to post masculine not neuter because even though the word and suppose is new the word in the sense is generic and the other worse includes all people it is always including all people on the mankind because God 1st made a man true and so under the man God includes all women children etc So he's uses the word mankind as masculine and the Greek has a Greek word for women kind which is different then. The ON suppose and then I said if it's if it's if it's new other then you have a problem season with the promo unsaid. Jesus talk is that the site pulls about. Marriage and Jesus said in the beginning have you not read that in the beginning man God made a man man and woman and then he sent and then counseled them that a man is sin leave his father and mother in Cleveland to his wife and they become 1 flesh so I said the word that Jesus uses there is in the beginning God men and on propose the word Jesus uses and then he says and and when and under pros Liza's father and mother his to cleave on to his wife but if the word is neuter then it's not a man it could be anything including to his wife you understand and now we have a problem all right then the disciples respond to say if that's the case with other posts and his wife then it's not good to get married so that they understand what Jesus was talking about yes and a study of sudden a man and a woman now why am I using this because I want it to stretch I want to stress the reality that there is there seems to be a confusion today as to what the word really means but I think anybody who could read that if a man cleave unto his wife then it has to be Hey a man not true therefore when the Scripture says holy man spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost it is clear then a God intended to use men to communicate through the Scriptures Now that doesn't mean he didn't use women. Because there was Anna Hall them at the bar on the issue is not that God did not use women as prophetesses The point is that God use men to write it so God wrote about the prophet this whole the with a man yes assuming I'm saying yes no maybe. Now continue on then with the issue of inspiration why am I titled the inspiration given that they both believe that the Bible was inspired by God let's see the reason that Paul and Peter ardently defended and commended Paul's writings were based upon his understanding of the pen is upon the Bible as being the irrefutable word of God when I am appalled when what he use he is a Scriptures to do wot the is a scripture says apart his teaching in Christ and God He was the Messiah and he only pro did by the scritches the only time that Paul moved away from Scriptures use in the Scriptures was under a marsh Hill he sought to use philosophy against philosophy and when he did that even though he despicable did the god that you don't know whose name it is and that even though he spoke about the resurrection still hall shifted from what he normally would do to argue with prophecies about Christ being the Messiah and so when he did not succeed at Athens Hill he's decided to switch back and preach Christ and Him crucified son for Whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our wine. Our learning that which were patients in comfort of the Fishes mind whom. It was just to the Scriptures that he also pointed to to convince the Jews that Christ was a son of god knows what he wrote and that in acts. This is when he is leaving F.S.S. for the last time and told the people that they would not see his face again. And now brother I command you to God and to what else and to the word of His grace which is able to build you up and to give you an inheritance among all them that are and to. All believed that the scriptures were given by God specifically so that you could have an inheritance with the saved the pushback to the eating to eat you understood that your the scriptures you would eventually if you followed him with and in the kingdom Peter himself believe that Paul's writings were inspired that is what a says a 2nd Peter 3 Verse $15.00 to $16.00 an account that the longsuffering about Lord is salvation even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given him have written on to you now what is there current to the west them but given unto him who gave him that wisdom Peter was recognizing there were power who writing was coming from whom from Paul know it was coming from someone who was given it to him. Now as also and all his epistles speaking in them of these things in which are some things hard to be understood which they that are on learn and unstable twists Orest as they do also walk the other scriptures on to their own destruction so if he says that twisting his writing is as a twist the other Scriptures where is he the putting the writing supposed all. On the same par with the other Scriptures. So if Paul writings were on the par with the other Scriptures then are they inspired Yes And um yes I believe that Matthew 2435 years a said heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away it is a spear the quickening of the flesh profit how much nothing the worse and I speak unto you they are and they are not so the words of Christ are spirit then and there on life. And so now let me shift to some other inspired counsel concerning the stopping the soul the converses with God through on through the Scriptures who prays for light and opens the door of us Hard to the Savior will not have evil 1 imaginings were only schemings or and vicious last after on or distinction in any line and so the soul the converse is for God to the Scriptures who prays from light and opens the door of us Hard to the Savior will not have evil imaginings were only schemings and vicious loss after honor and distinction and in line he who seeks for the troops asked for hidden treasure will find it in God's means of communication with man and what is that word neighbor says the entrance of their words give a mighty give a 100 standing on to the simple so the role of the scriptures then is a antibiotic as it were. Again as the infiltration of evil thoughts that seek to seep into the mind the you have challenges at times when he will talk to creep into your mind you know how to raise your hand. I as I study on I discover that she says at many you many sincere that about people also are around us where he will sons' But then what's the remedy for the word the word the word can neutralize those evil thoughts as your mind the terminus to place it so on the train that reveals divine inspiration God through His Word can blast those people thoughts away and it is the only thing that has the power to cure evil imaginings So if you have challenges with that start memorizing the scriptures are doing what you may say I'm too old to do them and I can tell you not to all you just got weak minded and what's the difference when you get lazy in your mind you know let me say this to him there are people who say I don't like King James Version of the Old English is hard to understand yet little children of the age of 5 can speak 3 different languages however there are other children smarter than the older people. Are all the components are there for a child to learn to turn languages when their children the problem is that if you don't take advantage and unfortunately though the this the psychologists of our time have duped the Americans by telling them don't speak 2 languages in your home the child will get confused and he will not learn to speak. OK that is a fallacy that there was something taught by psychologists several years ago the truth of the matter is is that you can teach a child when I was a Romanian there were some little children 3 or 45 year old to go that I was staying and home and the mother only spoke to them in German the father only spoke to them in Hungary and and then they spoke to them both in English and in the town everybody spoke Romanian at the age of 4 and 5 those kids were speaking for languages how many does that make them brilliant no US makes it the reality the problem is that the King James is not the problem problem is that we get lazy we get 1 AC would you expose yourself to us what you learned when I went to Romania the 1st time I wanted to learn remaining but I couldn't because my trash either kept on speaking English so 3 months later I went back to do another evangelise a meeting and they gave me the centrist idea so I said to him we don't want to see you for a week nothing personal against you but you're using us learn English and we need to learn Romanian songs or our you a someone to speak as English so we want to go someplace where nobody speaks English period but somebody who doesn't speak a word of English and they did it they put us with an old couple 82 and 80 year old couple you speak a word of English and so on Michael you don't have to say say them to grandma finishes the book and so when when we were there for a week by the time we have finished with that Romanian couple for a week we were able to speak enough to say I'm hungry. And want some bread and some tomato and this of the so. Turn left to turn right where you go and how are you all the basic things we learned during that week but before that with him learn anything from the other situation what was a problem the mind the will go the easy way but you have the ability to listen there was a lady 92 years old how all 92 years old in California were living up by P.U.C. and she began to sense that she was losing her memory and she didn't want that so she determined 92 to strengthen the memory his what she did she determined to memorize a whole entire book of Revelation and 92 and guess what happened she could quote the whole book of Revelation and why they age so what's a problem. And. You know the rest of the story he who seeks to truth as if a hidden treasure will find it in God's Nene's them communication with man what is the means is we're all right so what plan is there that there is to take that Bible and say that this pride is inspired and that part is not inspired I would have both my arms taken off at my shoulders if I would ever make the statement I set my judgement upon the Word of God as to why this was inspired and what is not and are stronger that you feel above I would have my walk my bow taken. Pardon me my bow Hans taken at my shoulders so she was very adamant about the inspiration of the word Here's another 1. I would have both my arms taken off at the shoulder before I would ever make a statement or set my judgement upon the Word of God as 1 is by 1 not inspired. I have been shown false and wrong when shown what. Faults and wrongs of individuals who profess whether they profess. A professed perfect confidence in the visions but found fault with the instrument but which is saying they say that they believe the Spirit of Prophecy but something wrong with the instrument and. The natural feelings of their heart Rice up in rebellion against the visions which have exposed their wives and errors and evil instead of humbly acknowledging they have heard they found fault with the manner in which the vision was the neighborhood they didn't like the idea and by the way I should say this here she makes a statement assess that sometimes God will allow the truth to come to you in the way that you may not appreciate it but she said Your safety is to consider if its truth and not not in the manner in which it comes because sometimes what rises up is self you may not know like the way it was said to you but she says if this truth except to respect to as to how it comes that's good counsel he said Good you and I must recognize that there are things in our hearts then we'd like to protect. And if we want salvation we must be willing to make whatever changes the respective how it comes to us all right then she says instead of humbly acknowledging that they have earned they found fault with the manner in which the vision was the lid they took the position that a part of it was correct and a part of it was a mistake that I had been told circumstances and thought that the more had shown them to me in vision in other words you didn't have a vision somebody told me about and you thought you had a vision right now. Has God places work in such a careless manner that man could fashion it to suit his own inclinations receive that which is was agreeable to him and reject a portion would God give visions to correct his people of their errors and then trust to the erring ones judgement to receive what to reject what portion of them he please is that the way God would work now and then says what would be the use of 1 a very sions in the church if held in this light or erring individuals in their darkness were left to make what application of them they please this is not the way the God works if God really pushes people through an individual he does not leave the 1 corrected to become to walk a to guess at matters and a message to become corrupted in reaching the person it is designed to correct Now this is I I put it in yellow got thus wot gives a message and then 1 then take special care that it is not corrupted and I think that that's the scrolls have demonstrated that centuries. There was some lot of arguing as to what was correct what was not correct when the Dead Sea Scrolls for this government they realized then that what had been written had written that it was actually correct. Cross the line where you say. All right listen as opposed to finish quickly there are some that may think they are fully capable with their finite judgment to take the word of God and to state what other words of inspiration and what are not the words of a Croatian I want to warn you of that ground my brother in the ministry so who she's bringing to asters put on by shoes from all that I feed for the place where I understand the holy ground there is how many no finite man that lives I cannot call he is a whatever assist position that God has walk authorized to pick and choose in His word so there how many zilch I may be acquainted with the word and it was a word that was more east and than his he house. Is none to that NONE 0 or not that when Jesus a son into the Jews of his day they had accepted the Greek Mythology idea that when you died you went through a place a burning to purify you and to their call purgatory right and the Jews had accepted that So then Jesus use a parable a new which sometimes people get confused with because Jesus sent the rich man to to the place of people or occasion and he says a poor man up to have to Abraham's bosom. And some people use had to prove that the dead really go up to heaven then say that that went to heaven and said they went to a brand bosom in the bosom of the chess and if you believe that everybody who dies goes to a woman bosom and Abraham and began having quite a big chess run all right it was a parable of someone is a crab I'm teaching a lesson and the lesson was this when after all the going back and forth and Jesus send them people to the wrong places by the way because in the Jewish idea if you were rich you went to heaven if you are poor you are a terrible sinner and you suppose go down to the burning place Yes I was a Jewish idea and here it's you of course are Abraham they were he was rich and so you had a ticket to heaven so Jesus sent the wrong people or should I say this and send the people the wrong places Rich ended up in the place that he was supposed to not go to and the poor who ends up in a place he wasn't close enough to Abraham's bosom so then he goes back and forth and finally decides what Jesus says is that Abraham says on to him they have walk on Moses and walk and the prophet let them walk in them and he said on to it if they hear not Moses and. Neither will they be 1 no 1 wants to arise from there then the know which they want to a miracle they want to sign and Jesus said you know he the son yet Moses was his 1st 5 books of the Bible Landa. That's what it means by most as you know them on yes and on. Yeah in German they have 1st most A 2nd most or 3rd most a 4th most a 5th most says they don't have Genesis Actually that isn't there because numbers of Ami and in other languages in Hungary and they have 1st most or 2nd most of the most of what most of that Moses when in the Bible you find most of referring to the 1st 5 books of the Bible so they have what Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded though that 1 went to rise from the dead in the center saying that later on Jesus did resurrect them front of that name last or that they believe no it says that they plotted the killed last month also because he was a crying. Evidence of Jesus all right but the time will come when they will not endure what sound doctrine but after their own law shall they heap to themselves teachers having it Ching is and they shall turn away there is from the truth and shall turn to fables and so conclusion when I became a question I had not studied the Bible because obviously and you know how to read I became converted. After a tour I was doing a tour with Belhaven the comments I don't know how many of you remember that Rock Around The Clock or playing the bass with them at the time went home and well home discovered to my brothers had become religious and they try to talk to me about Jesus and I want to hear anything about Jesus because I was into show business and I was supposed to go on this long tour and but there are examples like mean sense that something had happened to them they were not the same boys that I had grown up with and I could not explain it. How they had changed and they kept on telling me it was the Bible the 1 by 1 began to study the Bible and through the by own became change on that they make any sense to me how can a book change you understand what I'm saying but I could not deny that something had changed them my brother the oldest 1 who were going to get baptize had been into terrorism My other brother was a president a logic ordering getting New York City I myself was in and gang and show what changed our changers and then I had an experience. Where he instantly removed from me all those habits that I had all those. Cravings that I had when the drug in the wine and this and. The 1 that took place in it was instead it was what. That took place I knew that there was a God in heaven and that then when I began to read the Bible I discovered and then the guy was talked about the new birth and then I realized what I had experienced then I met my wife young girl that came from last year are to do parking badge of us from New York City and they are here to help them out so I went to help them out I took her out to each US planets route and when we got to the rush right she looked at the many she says another here are going to eat what's wrong with this girl and I said What's the matter some of I determined I thought there was a name of some disease that she had. I never heard of the word planetaria and I said whether that offers as a oh I'm sorry. I said What is that she said I'm not me eat me no my life I said Wad that I've never read Mein all my life so I call with the way the responders are said look. Yet something that never had a mother doesn't swim doesn't walk doesn't fly and just get something in a fashionable song so he did and we had a lovely meal and as I sat there I got to myself This makes sense and she said girl she can do that and she can do it so can I So right there I decided to go vegetarian never had a Bible study and you hear them say well later on I start a scripture is what he would he think I found the 1st died not scriptures in Genesis Chapter 1 Verse $29.00 is a 1 of a hitter and I are so God led me to the experience 1st and then he led me to the word to confirm the experience to understand and so the more that I saw the confirmation in the scriptures the more I was certain that the divine God to change my life is the 1 who inspired the word and that's why I believe that the word is the answer to our our elements because it leads us to the 1 who could do something for us the 1 who was able to do something for the 1 who is able to changes and so we're living in the days where the Bible is being attacked and being attacked in different ways in my encouragement to you is this don't be shaken from the word they'll be 1 second from the word believe in the Word of Allah the word obey the word and if you do so you will find yourself being on that path the least awkward turn your back on your word you'll find yourself on the path that these down. God has given us His Holy Word for the purpose of helping us to understand the challenges of life how to become better people have become a better healthier other become more intact with with goodness and righteousness. How to live righteous lives how to treat others as they ought to be treated all the good things that God has for us are written in the Scriptures you'll become a better husband will become a better wife you'll become a weather son you become a better daughter you become a better father McGovern better mother all through the Scriptures there's only 1 thing that will happen to you you'll become better you just have to believe it that's why I said believe in the proper social you are super And so how many of you want to cross for how many believe that the word is inspired I believe with all my heart and we must follow it that's great pother we are grateful for your words it's inspiration we saying that you have given it to us common people so that's ruined my understanding glories of have we're thankful that you have chosen based to teach that you have not given your truth to the wise which is a simple and then you through your own intent to make US citizens so that heavenly kingdom before we get changes make us all that you want us to be help us to honor your word cherish it keep it obey it follow we pray in Jesus name again. All right we have a couple of minutes if you have any questions if not. Assume that we made a clear yes or you have a question. The movie Blackboard Jungle was actually made in 1954 and I was not with him at the time that that movie was made. They were looking for a theme song and they picked a comet for that theme song and actually that's what Khalil called the quote rocking the music into whether this today or that became. If it had not been for Blackboard Jungle that movie then probably bill he would not have been unknown origin. So the movie that made the comment not a common had made the movie so the answer's no it was not there at that time. Just matter that. I was with him in the 606768 OK Not then and that time I was playing with another group called the vampires we change from flying bats the flying of comets. And you ask a question. Have I had a chance to interact with the old group the answer is yes. Once I I became converted I called a moment and told my quit understand why if you go to a website rockabilly something it has some of the people who actually did were members of the commons and people who are not members of the commons and the reason they do that because the people who say they were they were comments and this website certify that they were not but the service who were and I happen to be 1 of them and. If you look look at that assess that during the time of the comments he found religion. And so. What happened was that I called them and I quit but I think I was too embarrassed to tell them why I was just you know still have they're here here so what took place was that I. I got drafted I became honest so I wrote to the military of the government saying you know here I am and they were kind enough to send me a letter of invitation your head but inducted into you as army so I got drafted so I got I was baptized people 13 by the way I quit in about March OK Now in February. And by about 13 I was baptized so everything happened very quickly and by June I was in the army I got drafted by July I was and and so I was sent immediately home and overseas with a B. and on crises and I kind of lost connection contact with everybody so when I came back they reassigned me to New York City and I still had another year to go in the military and somebody told me that they were they had they were coming to Madison Square Garden to do a show so I went to Mass and where garden I took 6 books with me steps up to Christ and knocked in the back door and. The guard came as a Who are you is that tell of a little that's how they knew him a little who so he went disappeared can bag and OK you can come in so I went to MIT and he took me mainly to the to the dressing room I got to the dressing room the boys were there and Martha and wife a bill were there and I bought. They would just announcing them to come on the platform then no man you know how do you know there are thousands of pounds of the people in Madison Square Garden I mean thousands but I sense it was a whole the whole atmosphere was very very very. Nothing spiritual or sensitive very dense and all that and I had a little boy with me and I was afraid for him so I went back to the dressing room and I told Martha I said please gives a shit voice I want free each other and I'm left channel and don't know what happened when they came back with that she gave the books a not so a year later there they came back to New York City again and they were doing something in the bitter end gun and Greenwich Village and I'm talking about places part and I never heard about the Manhattan where any why you. Versity is so I went to see them again yes to kind of find out what happened and this time they want to seem it because I went to tell the guard the guy disappeared came back and they want me in so I don't know whatever happened then in 1977 I was doing a wedding down in Texas and the organist kept on looking at me and talking to my wife and said You know I've seen him someplace that she enters a place. So much my wife that yeah he's a player coming already well my best girlfriend just sold her mansion 2 to Bill Haley and nobody's supposed to know so my wife called me up when said this lady no the girl that lives there give me his address so I went to visit him and he was not there again his wife was there so I talked to Martha again there was supposed to be out fishing someplace and I was the last opportunity I ever had so I don't know Martha shared with Bill my being there I don't know what happened to the septic right without other took going on. But since that time all of them are dead so I have no idea what ever happened to them whether they responded whether you know my hope was the dead but I know in 1975. Really got cancer and died a successful player. Bill never died really pumped alley Johnny Lane was a drummer. So basically had Bill 9980 anyway so I didn't have the opportunity that I wanted to do with the stand you had a question of. Yes that book and with other times a book inspiration and that book he was he was sharing the some part or inspired some part in an aspirant and so. Well what I'm saying to us from brother in that respect of who says what the reality is in the bios are saying. Every time I open them I was still Sosa same hadn't changed and I've been reading the Bible now every year I read the Bible through there in the Bible now for 46 years and it's still sesa same it hasn't changed it's just misunderstandings when people have certain agendas and people have certain fires are special and people don't like what is said because it doesn't meet the particular ideas that's why he like to change it but. The reality is that it's still the same it's God's book this is the inspired book is it politics change some life yes or. OK. What happened. I got drafted and I want to basic training. And the question is what happened in the service when I was that they wanted to do a contest and what the place. When I got drafted. I disguise I didn't know that these people read your records. And so the captain doing A I T which is adventure individual training I was being prepared to be a medical for Vietnam. A captain came to me and said private Doris she said I need your help and I shock capital and actually for help they usually give you orders. So I said how can I help you. He said well we're going to have a talent contests I said then he said and I want you to help me because I read your records and I found out that you're a professional musician with the comets and yet when I want you to play with a group because if you join them you'll win the contest. As a nod no thanks Captain I don't do that anymore he said I want you a Christian I said Yes Don't Christians help people. I don't know what to do about that. Brainy a Christian of its own. So I'm kind of embarrassed can't help because this captain wants me to help him and how so I I had rather than trying I came up with a plan so I went to the band and I said I'll carry on I'll tell you what we'll do I'll help you on the 1 condition that I want that I'll hide behind the curtain. My idea you know in my wisdom was if I hide behind a curtain nobody will see me so I will not be a with a bad witness but the band will know that I'm a good question because I'm helping them. OK So that was my plan of attack so so I got out of there hiding behind a curtain and. I thought I was in control of it and I was covered you don't control it they control you. Because as soon as I came to I started up behind a curtain when I came to I was up in front of the stage doing what I normally would do in a split with a bass guitar behind my neck quite a solo and I was saying screaming and pointing and all that's a technician speaking with 1 technically speaking. But when I realized what I had done the very thing I didn't want to do was what happened I was a bad witness I felt so I walked out of then like Peter I wept that night and realize that I guess I gotta stay away from this thing I thought I had been the control over by the controls you so I'm not alone. I didn't care of our well. My my my my sorrow was you know I left I want to know what had happened because I felt so I feel so embarrassed said here I'm on my P.C. and I don't know all others well I shall not get out well I discover that the way it works so. Left. And well you know fortunately with my wife and I my wife with a classical violinist and jazz a concert violinist in fact and 1st chair a New York City. Under. Conductor of the New York City Opera House in New York. So she played violin and I played bass a bass and violin though agree and she was not going to get on the violin and so I knew I couldn't do duets with Island with my bass so I decided I'd learn to play guitar. And even though I could read music everything I could hear I could do it so I would tell it to play the accompany it on the piano and then I would transfer them into the guitar so she and I do fact the C.D.'s at the A.B.C. called still praising good time violin duet so I don't know how many other thing they had about 15 last time she told me so I just said music if they're still praising it on violin. If you like guitar violin you'll be blessed by the CD Not because we did it because music is a gift from God all right to stand together and correct loving God thank you so much for the privilege we have to be together to study together and we asked for your spirit and said to guide us to be faithful and true to that which you deliver to us. As a result a great sacrifice if you preserve by. Keeping faith Jesus in. 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