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The Inspired Word- Part 2

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Let's pray together loving God as we spend time and with your words we pray for your spirit to guide and direct our hearts and minds in Jesus' name amen. First of all I should tell you this that the Bible. Is thought by many people in academia and in scientific communities to be kind of a hocus pocus book. That people with not too many brain cells believe. The truth of the matter is that they do not really know that the Bible is actually accurate and truthful and the reason I don't know is because they really don't study an unknown they suggest simply grassroot find some things they conform find fault with and that establishes it for him promise but when you consider the Scriptures and want to teaches you you and you and if you understand something about science you will understand that it is indeed a scientific book for example the Bible to use a simple language that does not use complicated language as I would saying yesterday because God's intent is that even the child should be able to comprehend how to be saved. The understand and therefore God does not use complex language for example in the bar in the beginning the 1st the 1st anesthesia and I'm using the word. Is recorded in the Scriptures but it simply says if you open up your Bible you'll see in Genesis chapter 2 you'll see the end that is says then God put Adam into a deep sleep into 1 deep sleep we call that anaesthesia and then it says he opened up the side there pull out the bone and we call that surgery and putting out the bone we called other extraction. And just so you know I was trained as a medic in the army so I didn't know a little bit about medicine OK. So then. It says that the close up the side there are if we call that suturing and from the bone then God made something called a clone Sorry ladies. But a clone not the way that man makes it a clone the way the God only can make a perfect woman and want a perfect woman and so God then uses simple terms she says God put that into a deep sleep open up the side pull out the bone and close the solder on and from that he made he. The 1st irrigation system was found in the scriptures it says that the earth was watered with a vapor that came up either the earth those who have gardens or you have homes with long as you put a little too in the in the in the lawns and at the right time right now for example in my home we have a blueberry bushes that we want to keep water the flowers that we want to keep or that we're not there so we got a little gadget is programmed and it turns on the water a certain time and turns it off OK Well God has already made that throughout the earth and the fact that you can drill down into the earth and tap into 1 of those to demonstrate improve the reality that God indeed have a immigration system going it's just that they got broken up at the time of the flood. But is still partially there because what you call a well is simply tapping into 1 of those places where water is flowing the understand. The There are many many things in the scriptures that are like that God simply uses. Simple language for example the speed of light travel at the speed of light God says that the angels in the book we seek you'll travel at the flash of lightning and want. A flash of lightning and. It God speaks about a strong man call that Samson and people think that that's a fairy tale no 1 can ever be that strong well when I was a little boy growing up in New York City. There was a man drove up with a weird looking truck that had like a house in the back and portals for windows and we we were attracted by it we came to see this weird vehicle and it was 1 of those old vehicles that was run by change in the back how many of you remember any of those trucks I have you seen the 1 of those trucks at the 1st trucks actually were chained driven they didn't have what we call transmission's And so he drove up and parked at my street and we thought he looked weird so we wanted to make fun of him and it turned out when he came out he had bushy white hair bushy beard and we started calling him MOSIS. He didn't like that so he jumped out of the truck to chase after us with on silly old man what makes him thinking keep up with us when it's sure not to run faster than we could and scared us to death well he stopped and turned back went back to the store to the to the back of his truck opened up the back was truck and say Boss go away I want to show you something and so he pulled out the spike it was a spike you know where the spike is right the old nails it would drive it into the telephone pole so that people can climb up to put our phone calls OK so he pulled out a spike wrapped a handkerchief around the spike put it had my own bent and. We thought it was a trick then he took the bent side put his mouth and shut that mica bobby pin We were sure it was a trick we said give us that he gave it to us and we threw it on the ground sure enough it was metal it turned out that he was a Mighty Atom H E O M and you can actually Google on the Mighty Atom if you go to youtube and you'll see actually some clips of The Mighty Atom in action he could take horseshoes and bend them and how. He was able to take a bar metal bar in his mouth hold it while 2 ladies would swing. While he held the metal bar in his in his mouth. OK with his hair ladies listen to this with his hair he could hold back on a plane from taking off and with his hair he could pull a truck full of people in it I have the pictures of it on my computer the bottom line the I'm going to show it to you because I got to rush into the something I really want to teach you about but today his son is still alive when his boys are still alive and if you Google it you'll see it as Old Man 93 years old he can take his teeth grab on to a piece that is tied to a rope that is tied to a car and with his brother and wife and his girlfriend sitting in the car he actually with his teeth can pull the car how many of you would like to have those kind of cheese. All right and what about you Lady when she might have that kind of hair and you can just pull it in you wonder what your hair OK so it is true that there are people who are strong enough and by the way it turns out that this man a Jewish His name is Joseph Greenstein OK So there are people in the world who are very very very strong if you see his picture you'll see that he is not muscular at home you look at a typical man without big muscles but with his arms he could take and bend steel and he can do a lot of things so the reality is that there are people who are strong tall people people think that that's that's a fairy tale with Goliath but in the Illinois he was a young man who were born. And by the time he was 6 years old how old it was 6 years old he was already 6 feet tall a Mother Time is $21.00 he was 8.7 feet tall. And he could put out an arm like this and the women who stood on the him were standing straight up and he could put out his arms straight over them OK The man was just a giant and his face his boot was about this big and as he would sit actually his mother shoot you could see the little shoe in comparison to the big you. He was 21 years old Unfortunately he got a high infection in the leg and it killed him but if he had not died at 21 he was still growing OK 8 feet tall in other words he would be beyond the ceiling. So the idea that the Bible tells funny stuff stories and that's not true is just that people don't know enough about the reality of life and science and they who are the Scriptures when in reality the scriptures are verifiable they are indeed inspired and they come from the scientists who is great and knowledgeable and understands all things I want to just show you point me. I want to show you by the way if you want some of the information about who these people are and all that I have in my computer I'll give it to you afterwards OK And also I present yesterday the top of inspiration if you want a document that has all the quotes and everything on inspiration I need to see your hands and then I need to get the players to copy them and make them available to you and if you would like the document on inspiration OK let us all the statement from the my once for prophecy about the reality that the Bible is inspired right now I'm going to another part of a planet. You can afterwards All right thank you. She must be a teacher or something you're not old. Oh you've been on the 1 you've been around the block a few times OK. I do want to share a scientific presentation here to show you how advanced science is by the way I've met with scientists in different locations I remember I was flying from Switzerland and when I was waiting at the cow to get to the counter the lady was taking too much time and somebody said behind me we're on the wrong line and I mean it on there was an American and I turn around I said when the right line would just be at the wrong time. And he looked over my shoulder and said that's what my After you do for a living. I said oh I'm a pastor. And he said All right men tell me why are you people so afraid of evolution. And I said I'm not afraid the Sun doesn't exist. And then I heard that he said you people who have murdered all those people in the dark ages and the churches killed so many people off I said I'm glad you're up with your information in history it is true the Catholic Church did destroy a lot of people on and on the name of God Your current that I heard next and I saw so I went up to the counter got my ticket got on the plane they are brave that made sure I was happy about that I relax and that's the plane began to play now that I'm 34000 feet my eyes were closed and I felt something breathing on me. I who do you think it was it was that scientists. That so anyway the problem was that he thought that he was a scientist and he thought that I did I was only a religiousness. And so he began to give me some. Information about evolution and he was shocked to discover that the information he gave me I used against him. And he was surprise. He was very surprise and at the conclusion I said Look let me share something with you I said. Before I was a pastor I was a hoodlum in New York City my brothers grew up with gang members we were beating up on people and if you had come and talk to me the way you talk to me here when I was a hoodlum you would be standing. But I said but thank God God changed my life and I said all of my brothers all of my brothers 1 was a president of the largest gang in the York City and I Once a terrorist I was a gang member eccentric all of my brother converted by the power of God and all of them today are serving the community as pastors and teachers eccentric I said you can't tell me there is no God and then he settled down he said well I have to be honest with you I believe it is a gun. And so scientists don't understand that we it's not that we are funny down the people is that we have something that's solid we have something 1 that's solid let me share with you some of that. In the Book of Job If you have your Bibles you can turn to the Book of Job and you'll see in the Book of Job some There are many questions in the Book of Job to the scientific questions whether I say. Many questions to the scientific questions the problem is that most of the time we read them and we pass over them so just a Job Chapter 38 verse 3132 and I'm going to see if I can focus on this I want you to know this that there are several questions here. Now most of us what happens is that when we read these questions we don't understand the significance and we just passed over them how many of you have read the book of Job And if you. How many of you remember these questions. All right how many of you still stop to analyze the questions that you just simply don't understand that and use kept on reading OK But listen. God asked Joe can you find us with influence in the play The SO lose the dance of Orion can you bring forth mass for us in his season so can you guide Arcturus with his sons right now these scientific questions. Were written because a joke had been asking questions of God. In finally after all the questioning the job made God said OK job I'm going to ask you some questions and I demand an answer so he began to ask Joe the questions and now let's look at some of these questions and look at the last 1 can you guys watch our tours with the sons who are this or why this Arcturus right now you have to understand that in those days there were no telescopes no 1 would know telescopes so everything people saw with the naked eye is what you and I can see with the naked eye tonight if you go out there is no clouds it's not raining you can see the stars what they saw is what you see right now the question then is can you guys are to us with the Sun's Here's a picture of Arcturus this is a time account scopic picture. A true ish All right what is or who is our tourists are tourists is actually a runaway star there it is down in the bank and see it here and presently it is flying close to our Milky Way This is the Milky Way This is where we live OK So Arcturus is flying and has been flying now for 3500 years at least because joke was written about 3500 years ago and this is a modern date picture of Arcturus which means that 3500 years later they're still flying so God asked the question of Joe Joe can you guide Arcturus with his sons So what this Arcturus of our sun is 1000000 300000 times bigger than the Earth how big 1 man in 200000 times bigger than the Earth ob tourist is 1000 times bigger than our sun OK So this particular or is is the only single star recorded flying through space. With whatever it is with it. It is not held to any. Orbit like our sun is held to a certain position this particular star is actually flying through space and then flying now for 3000 farming the years here's the actual size of our sun in comparison to the size of Arcturus now. Here's how Milky Way. And by the way Arcturus is traveling at 925000 miles per hour how fast. 925000 miles per hour as about 256 miles per 2nd is that fast yes or no OK so here is assume Mundus or a 1000 times bigger than our Sun traveling at 925000 miles per hour and it has not lost speed in the 3500 years now think of the significance of the question the goddess ask and you are right it is on the cooler if that is that particular star would actually go through our Milky Way Can you see how dense it is is a billions of suns how many minutes of suns in our Milky Way If that star were to actually go right into the Milky Way with a crash with anything to collide with something you say yes but the answer is no because goddess asking the question can you Guy Arcturus with his sons what does that mean who is guiding and then god. If God is guiding that star can it collide with anything is the answer No So God is saying to Joe Joe you're worried about your own life the way you're going you don't understand what's happening to you but Joe Look if I can take care Arcturus I can take care of you. Again you get with God This is saying. All right Joe your little life is not too difficult for me because can you do what I'm doing and the answer is no right lesson here it's on tourists is actually flying right now down this direction toward Speicher again. It this phenomenon was discovered because of the great telescopes of the been recently invented the Palomar telescope by the way has the ability of of measuring the angle of the head of a straight pin a 200 miles so you have this telescope now that can discover things that before we could not discover there's another telescope now there's the Hubble telescope the hollowed telescope it's amazing it can take pictures into far far distance and in space it's interesting that recently what they did not too long ago they wanted to know if there was anything in the darkness. In what in the darkness so they fixed the Hubble telescope at 1 spot the size of a dime that you can see 75 feet away OK So if you're aware that that glass you might be able to see the dye aim this far right so they face it ad that spot you know what they discovered And that's Bob there were 1500 galaxies how many. They had no galaxies with billions and billions and billions of stars that's why Jeremiah says Can heaven be searched out. All right so listen look at this galaxy can you see the density of stars there if Arcturus want to fly into that with a collider with a thing now us the answer know why. God is guiding and now you have to ask the question how did the writer of Joe now how to write so significant questions how they know because the master astronomer taught him these questions were inspired they were what they're inspired All right so there are many galaxies out there and not too long ago you remember this. A meteorite came to space and it was actually 30 times the energy of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima it was traveling how fast 21000 miles per hour and fortunately it exploded before hit the Earth but with an exploded before it hit the Earth it did sober in Russia in the shadow of thousands and thousands of windows that's a little pea in comparison to the tourists can you imagine the magnitude of explosion if I were to come live with something out there. You know magine the impact it would have right and yet it had been traveling for how long now over 3500 years and they still traveling why because who's guiding it and if you have any questions about whether God can guide your life on think of Arcturus if God can guide that star he serves and good idea of life whether you say listen there's more OK. There are many many. Clusters of galaxies accept him but I want you to another caller says he and Joe 9 which make us 1. What else Orion then play these and the chambers of the South which do it 1 way things 1 hass find out and wonders without number Amen we serve a great god with his say but I'm not finished right in Amos chapter 5 or say this says Seek who seek Him that make of the 7 stars and Orion and turn of the shadow of Def into the morning and make of the day dark with night a color for the waters of the sea and pours them out on the face of the earth for a long time people the non understand why it rained they didn't know where rain came from they thought it came from the clouds but the Bible told us a long time ago where rain came from where does it come from nowhere says that call of the waters out of where the sea and that's what with them then out upon the face of the earth scientists recently discovered that that's the reality that but that's the reality. The rain actually comes because water evaporates from the sea goes up becomes Klaus and then drops them on the earth. Columbus sail around the world and Fortune $102.00 across the ocean blue. But did he discover that there was round no by where they told him that the earth was round Columbus was a student of scriptures and he also wrote There are some commentaries of Columbus wrote in Spanish of course on Revelation and then of that you know that he was a Bible student in fact the doctor who came with him to interpret for him into a key proof was a Jewish man named Louis Taurus. It was not me. And but the point is this those people were looking into the Bible because the Bible said that the Earth is a circle it's a 1 circle to them I've already had told us that the earth was round all people had to do was just believe what the Bible said but they didn't know as days ahead all funny ideas about the Bible about the earth some believe in fact the Hindus believe that it was your sat on the on the 1st it was a turtle and John turtle and it had 4 elephants on top of the turtle and then the your shat upon the 4 elephants OK those the ideas that people have about the earth other believe that the earth was flat remember that if you went too far you went off the edge of this the Earth Well if they had read the Bible they would have not had any of those funny ideas but they thought they were smarter than the Scriptures but now we know that the Scriptures is more than they were all right now on the 2nd question can you bind the 1 so it influences other Platys now in the Book of Job 9 it's called the place the 7 sisters of 7 stars the reason for that has that most people know the 7 sisters. But they do not know Platys play it is the actual. Name for that cluster of stars now I know this is said can you find a swing for us in the play of these in other words can you keep the place together that's the question why they got asked such a question well because a player this happens to be. The Actually 250 stars together how many but the naked eye sees about 7 stars so that's why they call them 7 Sisters All right so from the most ancient times men have regarded the player there's a bird in a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus and by the way some people think that Taurus means bull this tower us means mo but my name these towers K T O R R Yes is a Jewish name which was. Towers in English that you know that you know the name Paris P R easy most people think the Spanish name is not a Jewish name you find in the Bible you see the more you read the Bible the more you know you understand all right so. Here is a picture of them some of them and it's this these stars OK And there are actually $250.00 of them together and the amazing thing about it is that this is the only group of star stand are bound together traveling at the same speed to the same destination All right so here they are can you see them. Can you say they play this here OK So they're actually the only group of stars in the heavens that are bound together in this kinship and they're traveling together like a flock of birds into the same destination at the same speed so God says Joel can you keep those stars together was the answer. Why what is God intimidating here what is he intimating here. Job If I can keep those stars together are certain I can keep you together. Ok sometimes you wonder if you know of the things that are out of control that you don't know what's happening and cetera the reality is that's why Jesus said don't worry about the kind of things that he in the heat and worry about because he didn't depend upon the stars and everything else you say but if you are my child you depend upon me and if you depend on me you don't have to worry about what you going to eat how you going to get dressed and all those things because if I can take care the birds and feed them certainly can feed you. OK So he is a God who is asking straight questions simply to cause us to reflect on how great gaunt really is so can you bind us with influence in the play this job can you keep those starts again how many of you think he could but who can. So how that the writer or job know that those stars hung together the master astronomer who gave it to them again all right. So the next question can you lose the band the 1 question was can you hold them together and this 1 is can you lose the manse of the high and so what does that mean well let's look at the right this is the consolation of Ryan and basically Orion was supposed to be a mythology or I was supposed to be a great hunter who both so they could kill anything by the scorpion stung them in the heel and he died from other ways scorpions no more home or kill people painful still staying by the rally this is a kill people. But Greek mythology at least serves for us to locate the stars how many of you know where Ryan is at 1 time you know where it comes it doesn't rise from the east or from what Eros is from the east. Nothing can rise from the West because the Earth has a spin a certain way OK I'm well but. Yeah you have to have some simple questions right OK So the interesting thing about of this is this. That this particular. Hunter boasted he could do everything. And he died but the name of the consolations and trying to force them into you know scorpions or hunters or dogs or whatever. Gave us at least an idea of how to connect the stars so here you have it now when he speaks about the bands who are on a speaking about right here OK this is a post be the help on the bands who run the sword is has 3 stories son us 3 stars right and then there's these 2 great star said woman dressed in just a moment so. The question is Joe can you move the banns Orion and what's interesting is this that presently she when I said presently the bans are being loose. Lucia press suddenly the stars are moving and they'll become a double naked eye and the band will be released all right now. Most of us see this is Orion the 3 stars here which makes the the apple belt but for most of us it looks like a kite you know up in the sky so I do some line suggest you can see what it actually looks like so here's the total picture of the of the lines and you can then see how it actually looks like a an old kite how many of you remember fine a kite when you were children OK There it is all right so here's the tail of the kite and the 3 stars here and then the bands and now the question is Joe can you lose that right now there's some interesting things concerning that particular area and so for example Hershel The Astronomer said all human discoveries seem to be made only for what purpose. Of confirming more on strongly the truths that come from on high in a container where in the Bible. That's the scientists who made that statement. Recently I said minute this for an article in Germany and the lady who was the editor submitted it to and astrophysicists and he immediately rejected. Thought I was funny dirty and so she wrote me and she said I'm having problems getting this thing printed because the astrophysicists you know doesn't support it I said the problem is that he's not really looking at the support for what I established some going to send you updated material so you can share with him so he can see that when I'm saying this correct so I send them all the supporting material and she wrote back and she said he's on board. And he accepted it and I'm publishing the article so it's in Germans you can't read it unless you speak German so here's what's interesting about about this point regal here this star in this part of Orion and the need is actually a start of 14000 times brighter than our Sun How bright 14000 times brighter than our sun So he were to look at our sun and you sure that you go blind if you look at this 1 he won't be able to look at it it's that bright $14000.00 times brighter. Then there's another star in the wind and that stars call how you pronounce it you know. It is villages a lot of people pronounce a big better piece right but it's actually a Beetlejuice I don't know. Anyway Beetlejuice is an interesting star and if you know this the size of the star in comparison to the Earth's orbit around our sun and the orbit of Jupiter around our sun you can see how big it is but listen. Some of you have seen some of this before but let me just help you to understand how big we really are and how small we were you are number 1 we happen to be bigger than Pluto and then Mercury on Mars and Venus So where the 5th Big biggest. Or in our galaxy or should I say in our orbit around the Sun However I when you compare our earth with Jupiter when you get so how big Ali is there and is Jupiter. But let's continue because we want to see how big Beetlejuice is right so let's continue. Our Earth in relationship to our sun So how big are we. All right but then we go to the next 1 is our sun And where is our earth hours a disappeared OK And you see how big our 2 are so you can parent to the sun OK Can you understand why David Rohde What is man that down on mindful of him and the Son of Man and now consider of him when you understand these details you begin to realize that we are really quite small. Right and you think that God did not only make us God made things so that even much more than we are asking how great God is what do you say but listen. Our tours is that size comparison to the sun but here's Beetlejuice and where's our tourist here it is. OK so how big is plan other I was flying over a moment of the other day Friday for a funeral and I saw all the traffic moving from Los Angeles to them and. Yes. The raunch of these girls flying this way and find that going on here and going there. And the thought struck me so amazing that my god knows every person I want to do exactly right now not just here but around the globe. Then I thought how great this God's radar system what is. That going to keep track of all this think about it when I was a kid I used to see people moving their lips and I thought they were. Just saying you know that means that. There were other means Michael. Yeah. All right so that's what I thought because you think I'm where they think they're talking to you know if people are crazy but now no 1 questions that you can cast noice into the air and it could travel around the globe and somebody else in another part of the earth can hear it and you question about that now any of you have cell phones. All right you have to pay for it but good God cell phone system is free. And the amazing thing is that you'll never get a busy signal and the battery does not die. Right and so how big is God Well. If we were to take that view a proportionally size and we would determine how big you would be and Beetlejuice OK this is how small you are here right but if you lived on Beetlejuice this is what you would be going to comparison let me give you some measurements OK the length of your calf would be 9 and a half miles the length of your leg would be 18 and a half miles your finger would be 11000 feet your 4 armed yes to some conference would be 8 miles your chest would be 138000 feet your height would be $37.00 and a half miles there and there are things you mongers out there what do you say I mean we're just a speck we're just a speck and yet God is asking childe the question Joe I know your troubles I know you don't understand but job look can you do what I do and what's the answer. But the fact that I can do it should give you confidence that I can take care you know life all right now recently they discovered that the 3 stars in the sort of Orion are not 1 of them is not a star after all the brightest 1 which is in the middle actually turns out to be a cave a cave so when you look up into the sky you see the 3 stars and that's in the sword you think they're stars 2 of them are 1 of them us and on the middle 1 is a cave but it is brighter than the other 2 stars well that has surprised the scientific community and so they've been studying they've been what they've been studying because it has it has really Jess confess confounded them because. This particular cave is extremely bright it's 1 extremely bright and they can't figure out what makes the light All right so. Is there not some vast mystery concealed in that part of the heavens to me at least it seems so for I can never shake off the impression that the creative power which made the universe lavish his riches gifts upon the locality in and surrounding Orion. Karen services and other Christian the stronger All right now Tennyson wrote a single Missy star which is the 2nd in the line of stars it seem a sort of been a if a belt of 3 I never gazed upon it but I dreamed of some vast charm concluding in that style would make all girly things seem as nothing when they would cost Tennyson to write them own lesson it turns out that that particular home is called the 1 the open space in the Ryan let's consider this open space where there's all along appeared to be a surface flat surface of nebulous matter in the store the Orion is shown to be the mouth of a cavern a deep opening receding into the mighty distance beyond this is loosing like in Hong Kong so retore there is like looking in the other door into the real the cave deep within the glittering the be lost to the the Kassam is the most beautiful object visible to human sight pillars Kahlo the walls fact is ball works the like sides to like mites are within defs of defs they glow when shot was a perfectly light the distance of the rear of the castle from the opening cannot be measured by that must be 1 great time is greater in this than that then where or. 31 trillion miles that the 1 trillion miles so raw isn't Centuri I would hate to consolations follow it would find ample room within this cosmic deep torrent twisted and distorted mass of the shining gashes matter a door with myriads of glittering points and the whole forms a scene of in a Scrabble bag nefer since this titan mass of pearly light once its origin if it is a call light Illuminati not due to heat ass in the case of Firefly then the mystery is beyond any solution in the present power science is due to heat the quantity of heat must be that as of 1 minute as of why the hot sun they do not know what is causing the night they do know that it is extremely bright so God asked the question can you lose the bands of. Orion Now let's consider something very very important here. This dramatic image let me on back at a time and see in this romantic image office a peek inside the cabin of rolling dust and gas where thousands of stars are forming they assume the image taken by the Advanced Camera for Surveys A.C.S. aboard the Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope represents a sharp of you have been taken in this region called the Orion Nebula more than 3000 stars of various sizes appear in this image some of them have never been seen in visible light the stars resized in their magic dust and gas and landscape of black those mountains and valleys to the runway reminiscent of the Grand Canyon by the way because US are from NASA that's 1 of the things I sent to the national physicists he had them study them show and he understands. All right now there are many cases I've been to around the globe I've been to Poland I've been to us New Zealand and Australia. And many of you like cave on exploration you like to locate young you see the some icons that like minds and the 1st time I was introduced into those cabins was Last Vegas of all places. Skip McCarty and I will working together I think is a professor at Andrews right now but he and I were young pups in those days and he was interested like doesn't feel like mines and he was always wild with the like tights or some like mice Defying Gravity you know growing up the opposite way but anyway gorgeous places around the globe however nothing compares to the cave in the Rhine cave in a riotous actually. 1350 light years away at least that's what they measure it but let's look at something very important here concerning Orion in 848 the semi 16 this is why I wrote the following The Lord gave me a view of the shaking of the powers of the heavens dark heavy clouds came up and clash against each other the atmosphere parted and rolled back and then we could look up through the open space where in the Ryan whence came the voice of God whence means from way then came the voice of God the holy city will come down through that opens the haze of question how that Mrs wide in 1988 know that there was an open space in our arms. If you look up into the heavens can you see an open space. And how this you know. And the centrists in that she says that the holy city will come down from that. It is say it might Where does it say it will come from the open space is it possible that we have located the heavens of heavens is it possible that the recent Why is so bright is because somebody glorious in the depths of that cave. That possible according to the promise of Christ in Luke and in a part of me in John Chapter 14 you all know that promise right let not your heart be you believe in God believe also in my Father's house are many if it were not so I would have told you I do want to go and prepare place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again to receive and to myself that where I am there you may be also I should tell you this that if you are down under and speaking around either South America or New Zealand or Australia you can see the Southern Cross but you cannot see the North Star if you're up where we are you can see the North Star but you cannot see the Southern Cross but it doesn't matter where you are on the planet you can see Orion and the Bible says Jesus will come from what's the reaction the north to south east of the West because other These So if it is true that the holy city will come down from the open space can it be also true that Jesus will return down to the earth from that open space which is in the East and he said that when he comes he says as the light in China from the east even unto the west so shall the coming of the Son of man be held our Lord will come from where from the east right now Jesus promised that he would come to imagine the end you'll see send them from Orion. Coming down for the grade this rescue mission ever undertaken and all of the universe this is the time when the Lord with all his saints with all the engender coals will be flying down to rescue you and rescue me he promised he would come again will he say and he will keep this promise and so as he descends down to the surf with the glory of the Father his own glory the glory of all the angels he will come close to the earth fantasy comes close to the are those who have waited for him will look up and say this is our Lord we have weather for him and he will save us and then the dead in Christ come up other the graves What a glorious day that will be what they say and then all of the saints how many all of the saint will be taken together the children and all who have loved Christ will be gathered together and then they will be lifted up into the sky and the greatest procession in the history of the universe will take place and I was at the graduation this past Sunday at P.C. percipient college and I saw the students who just finished their. Studies marching you know the old song dum dum dum. And you see these young people going up and they're holding up their hands and all of a sudden my mind came the picture of the glorious glorious day when there will be the greatest graduation service ever where all of the those beings living in the other and in outer space all of those who love and follow gone right now at the end she had a coalition all the the inhabitants of the planet will probably be gathered together for that great great procession of the Earthlings who have made it. You magine that and so he says then carries all of the people up and up and up and the earth will get smaller and smaller and smaller and last will be late in the planet and taking the flight that Jesus has promised and then can you imagine the sight seeing tour as Jesus points out this glorious thing and that glorious thing all His creation yet magine we will be bref last I'm also remain open rather than Aha and then shot they will be are just remain open as he points out to this and that and this and that and gives us the explanation of what it is when the represents. The Unity said just defy the imagination up in this guys and so on and as the Earthlings of flying through space and everything is being pointed out finally up ahead they see the opening. Orion and then through Ryan they will fly and then up ahead some distance beyond they will see the holy city and our hearts want us to beat with a sight man and you are and I fully cheered as we can see that at that house we're getting close to home and then as we get closer to the wall we know that Jesus will open up the gate and then place a crown on all those women love them and father they will come and the moment of moments they have days. As a righteous come before the throne of the Father and then last week and hear the words Welcome Home children what are they that will mean what you say. Off friends listen I said not seeing though you have heard need to vent into the hard to think the God of a prayer for his children. But is coming soon I believe with all my heart and soul that the master is coming soon. We have been pushing just situations that that just boggles the mind of people how do you get a trump being a president of a nation I do get a bus driver be in the present another country you know things are just going wacky I think and I'm not down playing Trump I'm just saying that the things that have taken place I'm not the usual you agree with on things are different things are happening the UN usual is taking place bizarre things are happening not just in the political world but in the religious world I mean just recently 500 year celebration the Lutherans and the cafe signed a pact together if Luther was awake he would have died of a heart attack. You understand what I'm saying they said different but listen all of those things will pass into insignificance and that moist day when all of the righteous will finally hear the voice of the father this claim welcome home chills. How many of you want to be there and tell you I want to be there too. I plan by God's grace to be there. And I hope that all of you. As you feel the warmth in your heart right now. As opposed to the cyclists who said then our hearts burn within us to sink of all the gods are preparing for us and has determined that we will be faithful until the end let's pray together all the father how glorious of the things that you'll be able to offset your children things that are beyond comprehension but yet a reality because our promise them and this afternoon. Hearts are strangely worn as we consider the moment when that last Jesus will come and we will stand before you and hear those warriors words welcome. Other day of rejoicing that will be all God grant as we will have complete families in your kingdom grant us Lord at all on the off ones will make their peace with you and that none here who are listening will fail to make their peace with. Thank you for your love and you who care for us in Jesus' name. 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