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The Inspired Word- Part 4

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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So this pray together before we begin Holy Father we thank you for the opportunity that we have to say together and we pray for your spirit to guide us and direct us in Jesus name Amen. First of all I should tell you that I put together 28 studies and I shared with you the other day that if you take the 1st 2 chapters of the Bible you take the last a chance to the Bible they are mirroring each other at the end that they give us a perfect beginning perfect home perfect face of 1st communion with God perfect diet perfect human relationship everything is perfect There's no crying on death in them no suffering no pain eccentric if you go to the last 2 chapters the see the thing same thing is true there is a perfect world perfect God and with his people face to face communion again there's a perfect home perfect food everything is perfect again so basically. Genesis 1 and chilling revelation $21.22 are those 2 chapters or 4 chapters that tell you where we were to begin with and where God intends for you to end up at. Now because sad as the case and every doctrine that you have in the scriptures should then be just a piece of a puzzle that fills the whole picture. If that piece of the puzzle doesn't match as in something wrong with the teaching not with the frame. So you have to have a framework and want a framework and once you have a framework and then you put in your pieces and they must match 1 with the other they do not there's something wrong with that teaching and so I have put together all of these teachings and by the way and I don't don't ask me for them because I'm going to give them to you. The reason for this and I'm not finished with them. All to many when I get them finished you'll see that the recording where I will walk the person through they want to put it on television they can or you will have the power point presentations where you can get the study itself plus they'll have the what we call the hard copy where they have it on paper they see the Home Program and then they should be able to teach the program themselves OK so if you know this each each star study. Got the father got the Sangatte the Holy Spirit has been traced from Eden to Eden So what I like to do with you is 1st cover and the subject that right now is at issue and then this is the Holy Spirit and so on I'm going to trace the study of the Holy Spirit from the beginning to the new beginning. Or came she should be able to trace it throughout the Bible so the Bible then is to help you to know how to get from A to Z.. Right it is God's counsel to enable you to figure out how to avoid the pitfalls and the booby traps and how to get on the right path and stay on that path so having said that and in the beginning as I said you have the Holy Spirit is mentioned in creation if you know this in Genesis chapter 1 and verse 2 it says the spirit of the Lord what it what did he do hovered over the face of the waters so we know that the Holy Spirit had mentioned them we also know that Revelation $22.00 he has also mention if he is mentioned in Genesis Likewise he should be mentioned in Revelation and in this particular verse assessment to spare the bride say Come and let him that here say Come So if you're looking in your scriptures your Bibles you can turn to it. But I'm going fast so you need to know your Bibles a little bit another to keep up with me but at least if you didn't hear that sex you can see it at the screen and you can find it in due time the right Revelation 2217 a spirit the bride say Come let them that here say Come So who's making the invitation. The bride who is the bride. The Church and who is a spirit as a holy spirit but know this if the church is the bride is a real literal church then the spirit must be a literal Spirit is the church is making the invitation and the spirit of the make an invitation that means and that these 2 entities are inviting anyone who will listen to respond to the voice of God OK now. That's just polish that appear in the Old Testament Well the old Holy Spirit of mention many times in the Old Testament but most of the time people don't realize it and I should also tell you this at all of all the gifts you find in the New Testament given by the Spirit you will find in the Old Testament OK for example the gift of tongues 1 was a gift of tongues was given what part of the Bible the 1st sign of the gift of tongues was given the charm Badal say most of you would say X. All right. But then but you know that the tongues was given supernaturally by God to the people to confuse them so that they would not be able to stay in the same place OK So you'll find that all those gifts are actually in the Old Testament the only it's interesting that there are games in the Old Testament in the not given in the New Testament for example that gives a strength that was given to Sampson you don't find that repeated in the New Testament OK show anyway there's a lot that you can compare but let's look go through the the Old Testament the Bible says that the spirit is press in the days of Noah when in the days of Noah Genesis Chapter 6 verse 3 and 1st Pete her chapter 3 verse 18 to 20 is 1 of those Texas mis understood so I want you to quickly go to 1st Peter chapter 3 and verse 18 to 20 because a lot of people throw that ad for you to tell you that Jesus went down to hell when down to where the hell. But if you go to 1st be the chapter 3 you'll discover that Peter is not saying that Jesus went down to hell but rather that something a 2nd place. Anybody have it 1st Peter chapter 3 and I want you to know what it says here Peter was writing about Jesus suffering you remember that and then it says something very interesting. Let's look at you there OK and that is it says for Christ also has 1 suffered for sins a just for the unjust that he might bring us to God being put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit but which also he went and preached on to the peers in prison which sometimes were disobedient now no they said most people stop with that verse 19 and says then that Jesus went down to where. He went down to preach to the spirit in prison and they say that that means that Jesus went down to hell to preach to the people who are down and how. All right however the problem is that the power suggestion is very strong and if you don't know any better you will accept that particular interpretation what the prosecution the you know you know what the parson gesturing is all right I mean the demonstrators you got to take your hand that up your hand how many of you remember how to rub your chin you want to rub your chin rub your chin with me your chin your change change in life you're rubbing your cheek. Good show the prosecution what is it and I saw somewhere you go like this. And so what happens is that somebody says Is it what the tech Sassy really say Sure enough that's what it says. But you have to study things rather than just allow just a superficial impression some Let's look at it all right I want you to know this let me go back to the. I want you to know this the 1. The text there 1st Peter came no this is how it were it reach it says that Jesus was put to death in the flesh verse 18 for but quickened by walk by the Spirit and what's the next word. By which whether that means this is a means all right by which all so he went and preach on to spirits in prison when was this preaching Nun which sometimes were disobedient when once a long suffering of God waited in the days of Noah so 1 was a preaching done. In a desert Noah by what means by the Spirit so this it mean then that Jesus himself went down to hell the preach of spirits you know and the reason why use is a term spiritual fruition it because in Isaiah 61 when Jesus called it and they almost ROOM our bank because you he said that he was the fulfillment of ISIS 61 it says that he came to the liver the people at the prison what was the meaning if you mean it man sinners he meant a lot of sinners anybody who was a slave to prison or to to sin is considered a prisoner so the 1 person that's why David I asked the Lord if you look at the Psalms $142.00 were 7 sounds on it 42 percent is sad as the labor my soul other prison or that me was David the. It was a soul that had a him down in prison before he died you know they were there saying that they were who didn't agree me either of them sin basically so sin then the considered to be being in prison that's why Jesus came to open the side of the blind Yes and why he healed some people physically when he was actually talking about opening a spiritual eye side so people could see OK now so the Spirit of God then is present when. The Noah is a true. And I could use another text which I then use here in the book of Jude verse 14 as says he not the 7 from Adam prophesied of these things in a the 7 from Adam prophesied which makes them a walk a prophet and what prophets people who came up with their own abilities so was that God inspired goddess by so the Spirit was working upon whom in the UK and predicted the prophesied through in a K. now there are some some other we find Joseph in Genesis 41 who certainly ain't that the Pharaoh Shaz that the spirit of the gods it's upon him in other words that he recognise that Joseph of had a supernatural gift of interpret the dreams and given council and that's why he made them the 2nd and Pharaoh. So we know then that says there ins in Genesis 41 verse 38 that the spirit of the on Joseph. We also know that to spare the Lord came upon the 7 The elders how many. 70 elders when Moses was a guided by the Spirit to do what he was doing now the time came when he was so burdened with all the responsibility of Israel that he was given counsel and then God said to Moses get together the 7 the elders and bring them to me and when the sad 7 elders came to Moses and most have brought them to the Lord it says that the spirit of the lot came upon the 70 elders and it says that they prophesied they want a prophesied and so we have seen then a consistency 1 a consistency OK The same thing in numbers most of the Spirit of God the hell the fulfilled the Spirit God and then you find the several instances in the book of Judges after the issue of minds that mentions a Holy Spirit and His word Let's look at some of these. Judges and you'll see then that the Bush Spirit is mentioned in several times. Concerning. What he is doing in the book of Judges chapter 3 in verse 10 notice chapter 3 in verse 10 and says in the spirit of the Lord came upon him and the judge's ruling went out to war you see that. Chapter 6 of course as a prophet is named the Bara which is in Chapter 4 has also led by the spirit of the Lord but in chapter 6 verse $34.00 Chapter 6 or $34.00 Know this in SAS then are you there but the spear though I came upon Gideon and he blew a trumpet and I B S or was gathered after him or maybe he's or. Then judges 11 verse 29 we find another reference to The Spirit of God judges 11 verse 29 and there you see that it said then the Spirit of God came upon Jephthah and he passed over him and that says and passed over a mist path of Gilliam's and from myth 10 of giving and he passed over on to the children of Ammon So the Spirit of God came upon death down now I know some of you have read this story and I felt terrible that Jeff to did what he did to his daughter how many of you remember the story OK how many of you felt bad about it all Ryan and I know there's a Sam a school lesson of a while back. Misstated what I say Misty that because of what happened with this with the situation it's not that that Jeff sacrifices his daughter OK. The wording there if you notice the wording there in verse $31.00 in if you have a marginal reference you'll see that rather than an issue to be or you see that and it says I will offer it up for burnt offerings see that and it says I when I return in peace from the children of Ammon shall surely be the Lord's and rather than N. it should me or I would offer it up for a burnt offering. So should be for the Lord or offer of a burnt offering OK now so that you know the Levites offer it up as an offering on to the Lord 1. Offered up as an orphan to the Lord how do I know that Numbers Chapter 8 verse 13 them Chapter 8 verse 13 you will see then that when it comes to the Levites they likewise. Know this verse 13 and now shall set the Levites before Aaron the end before his sons and often them opt for and watch for an offering on to the Lord so what does that mean that Tom MOSIS and Aaron took his sons and put them up on a wall turn killed them and what does that mean it means that they were dedicated to the Lord for life you know what they can to the Lord for life that's why when a person chooses and accept a call into the ministry it is not a calling to a career it is a calling to a Cong to want them Kong and because his sake with no 1 should try to switch from a call to a career commission is a career call is a calling Jew I said commissioning is a career calling as a com All right so people have been called that and when they're called they're offered out to the Lord that doesn't mean that they're put on ice altar and killed it means that they're committed to the service of of God for life and so this girl. When her father came back and got a given I heard has her dad the liberal and she was willing to be committed to the service of God for life that's why I said that the girls be well have a genitive but it also says that they came to visit there every year they came to what is their area if you know that now you know the rest of the story is that this it. Is. It right there in the in the in the in the in judges. If you look at judges then Chapter 11 you will see it just said the the can change doesn't seem to be as clear as it should be. But it says. Verse 37 and she said unto him Father let the sting be done for me let me alone 2 months that I may go up and down upon the mountains and be on my bridge and to deny her I am my fellows and he said go and he sent her away for 2 months and she went with her companions and be well that region it's important announcements came to pass at the end of 2 months that she returned to her father who did with her according to his vile which he had bound and she knew no man with me. Tonight will not marry. OK And it was a custom in Israel that the daughters of Israel went ulit to lament and if you if you see the word lament if you have a marginal reference it says to talk with to 1 to talk with so of the daughters of issue went yearly to talk with the daughter of Jeff to the guilty on 4 days in the year OK now you know the rest of the story now you know why I wrote the book bothersome and disturbing Bible passages. Because are a lot of passages in the Bible that can be. Bothersome. And disturbing OK So let me continue then Sampson of course you know was still the Spirit of God correct in the Spirit of God the gay sense of the great strength as judges chapter 14 verse 6 and verse 19 OK so we know they can't solve was filled with the spirit let's turn to that 1st Samuel. First Samuel chapter 10 and verse safe for Samuel chaffed attend the verse 6 notice what was told to salt and the spirit of the Lord will come upon thee and thou shall prophesied with them and shall be turned into another man you see that OK now. When that Saul left the presence of Samuel. Verse 9 and it was said when he turned his back to go from Samuel God gave him another heart. So here is clear evidence of despair that God is the 1 the converse the person she the God given what and now there are so Saul then experience a conversion experience 1 conversion Unfortunately he them being tamed his relationship with the Lord so here you have you have the Spirit of God give them wisdom discovered through a God given strength discover the Spirit of God given guidance the Spirit of God given victory is given fear of God change in the heart you can see then that the Spirit of God pretty active in the Old Testament you say that most of the time we don't realize that we think that the spirit very active in the New Testament and what is true it doesn't need gate the fact that he has pretty active and it has and they have it a temple and for sale 16 in verse 13 for Samuel 16 a verse 13 look at it and notice what it says and Samuel took the horn of oil on the launch and him in the midst of his brethren and a spear the Lord came upon David from that day following Joe who came upon daemon the spirit of a mark OK. Second sample 23 for Samuel in fact and sounds 51 day but it is making a prayer and a plea asking God not to take the Holy Spirit from him not to walk not to take the Holy Spirit from him so he says I wash me clothes me I take not the Holy Spirit from. OK they even understood the importance of the Spirit of God working in the human heart and listen. And you know life shop bow prophets who are filled with the Holy Spirit and you can read that in 2nd Kings Chapter 2 verse 9 and verse 15 in fact the Eliza was the 1 who begged for a double portion of the spirit of your mother. So when you lie job was going to take his flight it lie shot said I asked that you give me a double portion of the spear and so it was true when the lie job was departed from my life shot that the mantle fell down and that was a clear evidence and when he sat with the mantle of struggling Jordan he said where is the God of Israel he was not questioning he is bringing attention to the fact that now we have the gift that God had promised and the evidence was the splitting of the Jordan and he walked over to our ground and. All right let's continue on I shall John to 2859 in verse 21 Isaiah. In this particular instance you X. $28.00 or $25.00 is a commentary on Isaiah $59.00 but I want you to know this when I for $0.59 in order for us to be clear what the Bible is saying as if it be 9 and verse $21.00. And here's where this is as for me the this is my covenant with them say of the moon my spirit is upon the in my words which I put in the mouth shall not be part of the I now nor other the mouth of the I seed not of the mouth when I see seed say from or from henceforth from for ever so the promise was to Isaiah that God would fill in the spirit and there's no question that I say I then became a prophet and because he was a prophet we have his writings all right and so all the right he said you have in your in your hand in the Bible were inspired by the Spirit of God But the Scripture says it all all scripture is given by inspiration of God and so holy man. Spake as they were moved by the only ones OK So we see then that from Genesis on the way through actually this apartment and then through Isaiah and the mind of profits which you find in Finally in the book A Molokai all war inspired so Malakar was written about 400 years before Christ which means then that from this point here OK right here all our way to the cross is 4000 years and the only difference is that Malakai was written about 400 years before Christ so it's 3600 years of evidence of the Spirit of God was actively involved working within the world even a day of Noah when people rebellious and that's why I says My spiritual not always strive with flesh so it is clear evidence from the Scriptures and that the Spirit of God had been working throughout the Old Testament is that clear as Alright then. I Sarah Levon they see Kulick cetera all of these tax show the truth of the matter that the Spirit of God was working leading guiding and urging But you have to remember this that 1 thing that God did that he intended to do was to make you and me free moral agents and so while the Lord will twist the tree and do things to the tree because of the growing to weather when it comes to humankind gone allows us to make our own choices which I'm grateful for what he's saying. All right and sometimes we wish that he wasn't that kind sometimes we wish you just take us and whip us into shape right. But the process of be very painful that way so God in His kindness will lets us to co-operate with him all right so the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit as we already called it and in Amos chapter 3 verse 7 it says surely the Lord God will do nothing but he revealed as a secret under the service. The prophets of the Mon God will do how much. Nothing when they will be those the sick is on to the servants the prophets and so throughout the Old Testament now through the whole canon of the Old Testament the Spirit of God is revealed as an active agent that gives gives a spur abilities wisdom strength my encouragement comfort all of those things have been provided and even tongues are being provided by the Spirit of God through on the Old Testament now the New Testament is where some people have questions so we. Know that the New Testament apartment it says For people don't do NOT have questions but we need to cover that ground anyway because it's important because now what they're saying is something different and they don't believe that the spirit of the Lord is a 3rd person of the Godhead as thinking that he's a current or in essence like electricity all right and some places are so confused that they think that the Spirit of God comes upon people and cause of them to bark like dogs and laugh and control so there are all sorts of strange ideas out there but we need to stick to what is truth. So Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit is untrue we know that John the Baptist said that the spirit had the impression to recognize the true Messiah when he would see this billboard come in the form of upon the Messiah so when Jesus came to him baptize John testify that he saw the Spirit of God coming in the form of God and His Son setting upon Christ all right and so then it says that Jesus was a night where they. Only goes OK Matthew chapter 3 verse 17 X. 10 verse 3738 part of me is on Ghent stating that Jesus was filled with the Holy Ghost now. Symeon then Ana Likewise a prophet this or prophet that were in the days of Christ and in both of these cases he says that the Holy Ghost had already spoken to them about the Messiah so let's look at Luke Chapter 2 in verse 25 Luke Chapter 225. And know this with assess and then test it through a verse 25. Are you there alright and behold there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon and the same man was just and about and waiting for the consolation of his show and the Holy Ghost was upon him to say that so the Holy Ghost is not just upon Jesus but the Holy Ghost actually work. On people's lives and in fact it's interesting that when they could be missed came to Jesus and Jesus began to speak about the Holy Spirit it was obvious that nicotine is was not conscious of the workings of the Spirit of God So when Jesus said that the good Amos who was religious man he said that you must be born again. He he couldn't understand that he got it would you says instead Well you may but you go back into the motherboard and come back out again now in the challenge of man said not possible run and Jesus said Aren't you a master and if you don't understand these things. Verily where our sound you said the man be born again of water and I'll dump Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God Now it's interesting that 1st Jesus said except the man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God and the 2nd time he said except a man be born again he cannot enter into the kingdom gun so there truth stages and have to take place in of for you to enter you 1st must see is a Spirit of God and then they will see you to have spiritual side it isn't something that you create by yourself OK So this here Jesus is speaking to this master of initial who is not cognizant not aware that this any such thing is only period so then visa simply says the following when he says How can the stamp be then Jesus says to him by the way you can look at that and John chapter 3 verse 8 John chapter 3 verse 8 Jesus says The wind bloweth where it listeth which means when 1 has to say you can hear the sound there but you do not know from where it's coming and where it is going so also is 1 every. Every 1 who is 1. Bomb on the spear OK So whether Jesus saying you cannot see when can you. As a knob. Tell how do you know these are the winners there is another when is death by the evidence says I'm looking at that tree right now back over there and I know this way and why the wind always win because the branches doing a lot of branches are moving I can't see the wind but I can see as effect and that's what Jesus is telling the Bemis you cannot see the wind but you can see it's its effects OK so you don't understand the spiritual things I'll give it to you in nature. And so he gave them a nature of us and to help understand how the Spirit of God works OK So Simeon and then and I both feel the Spirit of God and then Jesus promises them the people of the will send walk another comforter No he doesn't say I'll send you a come for the he said I'll send you another comforter when he says another that means that it has to be the same ass the 1 that was comforting. To him and I said. When he said I'll send you an out of there it means that there was already 1 and who was that it was Jesus Jesus was a comforting and he knew he was going to believe in the ear and he said I'll give you another come for their right and then that he underscored the work of that other come for that what he would be doing etc I will get to that shortly OK but we know that the promise of the Holy Ghost then was given and that it was fulfilled and accepted to correct so with all that the Holy Spirit was poured then and accepted to and now gross $1.00 and $2.00 and verse 38 and I actually have to form a story 1 to this prayer the Lord came upon the people and in this particular time he gave them the ability to speak in different languages and what different languages in fact the Greek word is Di and elect told what is it and what word sounds like that in English dialing and what does that mean gibberish and what does it mean. It means something in intelligible understood a language right now in fact we also have a term dialogue which means 1 thing it means you communicate to 1 another OK So so the spear the law it was given to bring about a conversion in the hearts of those who were present and the Bible says that when the Jews heard what Peter said they were pricked to their hearts and they said Man and brother what shall we do and the answer was repent and be baptized and he shall receive the Gift of The Only those in other words if you do what we have done then you'll get the same thing we got. I don't show we know then that spirit of the Lord minister now I was studying with a job I was teaching was a young man Chad Kooser check Cruise No chooser young and Chad was 1 of my students and as I was teaching him we were on New Mexico. He came across a job with this lady that had been joint with us for 35 years and so he said I need your help pass through this lady's OK I'll go with you so I went with him and we began to talk together the lady of course had her usual draw with us arguments without any use the usual injure your witnesses come back I had asked her I said let's let's go to a verse of scripture about the Spirit of God said What is the spirit I talk about Jesus what is the spirit she said is an essence or a car like electricity so I turned to wit with her to the Book of Acts saw in her own Bible and said let's look at the Book of Acts chapter 10 which you train with me to chapter 10 and there in chapter 10 of Peter's having a dream 71 a dream and the dream was a nightmare it was what it was a nightmare because in that dream it was solve unclean animals and he heard God saying pay rise killing meat and there has been his response were I'm never eat many then I do and I've been a vegetarian all my life. So Peter basically had never eaten anything of that sort and so I had to call you back and so Peter never had that experience and he was wondering what this was all about so after having 3 times Peter then is up on the roof top and he gets hungry and falls asleep and when he fall asleep is when he saw the vision and I want you to another what it says verse 19 are you there Chapter 10 verse 19. Whilst Peter thought on the vision who spoke to him. This period said on to him pier 3 man seeth he arise to forget the down and go with them doubting nothing for I have sent them so I asked the lady I said Who's speaking and she isn't I don't know I said won't read it again so she waited again in her Bible OK and it says the same thing that I was us and so he said while Peter thought on the vision the spear that said unto him so I said whether the Spirit do what she said Well I says It's sad then I said What would the Spirit say well to Big 3 men seek the arise to forget the down and go with them down to nothing for what's the next word I asked her she said I 5 Watt I have sent them and admitted she began to cry and then she said Is that why I've been feeling uncomfortable all these years with these teachings. I said yes they have taught you that the spirit is in essence a current and therefore when you have had convictions you thought it was just harassment and guilt trip but in reality it's a voice of God been calling you all this time and you have turned your ear against it because she didn't realize that the Spirit of God Is he a person she said what I do I said repent if you want to the lower than accept the dispirited gone is who he claims to be a person when held down and pride. That 91 she went to the ME AND chance of preaching chant and I was out in the parking lot at the end and she came running up to me show me the decision card should she have a sheet of the session card and she had checked off baptism and she wanted me to see it OK and show the spear the Lord to speak see what he speaks he ordered to the Siple he said Look Peter there are 3 men and I'm looking for you don't ask any questions you just go with them because I'm the 1 I sent them and what does that sound like a sound like a car and Essence or like a person like a person OK now these are the text in the New Testament that show and figure about in the book of Acts show all the the different times of the Spirit God told Paul Paul I want you to do this Paul I want you to do that or you can't do this or you can't do that don't go there them over there OK you will see then that the Holy Ghost is working in the lives of people in the New Testament just as he did in the Old Testament and hear all these verses now. The Holy Spirit then is given to those who walk or may sell if you don't if you don't of a THE VOICE OF THEM ARE YOU NOT going to receive the Holy Spirit you will receive a different spirit and you think that the what speaking to you is the Spirit of God in reality it is a different spirit that's why there is a warning against a sin against whom the Holy Spirit right the warning is there because in the last days the the it will be people who are rise up and who will try to get rid of the Spirit of God by their teachings and that's what's happening today. Amongst us there are some madness who are now believing that the Spirit is not a 3rd person of the Godhead and they've even written the book Accenture but I want to warn you that I say I want to warn you decide she says 1 that there is 1 sin is not forgiven and that is a sin against the Holy Spirit. Very important now let me give you a list of all that the spirit actually does we know that the gifts of the Spirit are given by the Spirit and there are 3 reference in the New Testament that mention the different gifts given by the Spirit of God and of course he was to force refer it referring to the Spirit of God But the other 3 are actually giving on this 1st Corinthians Chapter 12 gives you a list of the different gives. Romans Chapter 12 you see a list of different gives and if each of the 4 gives you a list as well so these are a list explaining the manifestation of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit give to different people OK Now let's consider the spirit and what he is number 1 he is not then an essence. Affluence cetera he is called God in Acts Chapter 5 or 3 and 4 he comforts which means he has to be have the ability to to sense when comforting is needed you cannot come for somebody if you don't know that any comforting but true all right so you have to have the ability to detect right. Which means that he has to have feelings as I want. He testifies which means then that he tells that which he knows he what. Tells which you know he guides which means he has to know the Russian Yes And I want the Russian You cannot guide them this you yourself know when you're going. Through and I've come to some places and I ask where so and so and they try to give me that you know I think it's over here thanks so much I don't think what I think I'm the do you know exactly wild to be on the scene No I don't well I prefer you tell me you don't know then say I think it's over him give me a goose chase right all right so and then people would try to be helpful Down South they say over the hill yonder. Where you go over the hill yonder it is cover there several Hill civil war yonder OK All right so he speaks he won his face and we were you can see in the scriptures that it is speak to. Peter he also spoke to Paul and he spoke for Polk to David he spoke to Samuel. Many many people of the Spirit spoke to Kay He commands see what come ons he gives power he witnesses he brings to our remembrance which means that he has to have the ability of the 2 to store information all right you cannot regurgitate that which you do not have you have to have and knowledge to remember and how grateful I am for memory for your side now where will we be if we didn't have memories we wouldn't even know what we're doing him right now. All right so. He also is referred to in the personal pronoun he. And there some people who are teaching that the Spirit of God is a mother they say the from God the Father God the Son of the so there must be a mother I mean you can't come to a bit of a cold doctrine just by that kind of thinking there's no such place and it's called The Spirit of God she because in the Greek and the Hebrew the word she is there in other words are words for women and their word for man in the Bible in the sand and so it's not that there were no words for she in there for it was called he is clear that he because the Bible says that that is the woman. Who was speaking to Jesus she went where the she who she went to the people in town and said Come and see the 1 who told me all the things I've ever done and so the scripture then says that the Spirit of God teaches which means he has to have the ability to true to teach which means he has a process information know how to how the liver the information the etc He reproves which means he has to know what's wrong what's right he hears which means he has the ability to collect he shows which means he can he can and clear of things for people he can be great would be chance feelings again he can be sin against which is the sin against only spirit can be quite from the heart he makes intercession which me is that he is able to intercede for you and for me and the last he proceeds from Christ from God as Christ did and so we are we a Mumbai that I am say it says and that God sent Christ and it also said that he sent the Spirit of God and so. We can see from this list that this cannot. Identify and essence Kerman this identify say a being that feels that thinks that sees and hears a speech quantified this qualifies sanctifies So this is not what some people think. As an essence or current all right and so you're going to see then from the beginning from Genesis you can trace all of the workings of the Spirit of God All we have to Revelation chapter 22 and the only reason why you and I can receive the Spirit of God is because of who because of Christ without the gift of Christ none of us would have received the Spirit gone to Welk work in us in the this in the path of righteousness you are privileged to receive the gift because of Christ and the reason for 4 of the Spirit of God being given is to lead you back to Christ so he the model says will testify of me he want to testify of me OK so you can see then through the Scriptures that the Spirit of God is there you want to take a picture thought somebody wanted to take a picture that so you're going to see from the whole chart how you can cover every doctrine from eating to so you can cover the subject of the jury from eating to Eden you cover the subject of death from meat into Eden you can come off of the subject of of diet from eating to eat and you can cover all the subjects for me to leave all right so. We have 10 minutes actually I'm supposed to go to 445 but I told. The pasture that I will finish at 430 because I need to turn the chairs around to get ready for the next meeting so I'm going to give you another stunning Are you ready or is your head spinning you got a question. OK buttons go ahead. I talk to them I have not. That's why I'm presenting this. Or. You don't have to go back and forth you just have to go forth. And then once they're gone back you need to go forward because their believe their believe is not and you believe Ben Daniel Mays of believe is is comes from the time of the area on this summer. Which was the area in the movement. Just about the 300 years after Christ that people did not believe in the spirit of gone and so they came up with different ideas of the spirit and unfortunately. You're referring to the to that right you know I haven't had an opportunity to talk to him when I do. I have a lot of ammunition to give to him I don't feel you. Know no 1 a Jew can tell and tell him hey I'll give you a little bit of advice you should call your spiritual down and talk to him OK thanks All right let me go to another 1. The 3 days and 3 nights now some of you have been challenged by that in fact the World Church of gone as such has established this as a doctrine that Jesus was actually dead on Wednesday to resurrect of the Sabbath and the argument is that it has to be 3 days and 3 nights $72.00 hours in another for it to be $72.00 hours. If it is a $72.00 hours in Jesus' life and Jesus never mind so it has to be something. 2 hours ago the problem with that teaching and then of course I have a real close friend of mine that you know where a well who wrote a little book on the Jesus in the heart of the earth and he came up with a different term position about Jesus being in the heart of the earth on Thursday night when he was in good some of the and wrestled and I think you know who I'm talking about all right well even though he's a good friend of mine I'm going to have to show you that he was not correct OK Let me let me explain to you why I write the only text in the Bible that says 3 days and 3 nights it's in the book of Matthew for sure that was 3 days and 3 nights in the well belly so shall the Son of Man be 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the Earth all right this is matter Matthew Chapter 12 or 40 this is the only check is what I say is the only sex that mentioned 3 days and 3 nights OK all the other verses are in 3 days after 3 days the 3rd day OK So this is the only 1 that says 3 days and 3 nights do you make a doctrine on 1 verse or on many verses in the verses OK So the problem is that there's an A in and an attempt to try to explain this verse at the exclusion of the other verses so you need to look at the other verses based upon this text some insist on a what $72.00 hour period because 3 days and 3 nights is $72.00 hours go right shall let's consider this for calculation purposes is necessary to have either a biblical walk beginning point of tracking time or an ending point to track and time correct you have to have either beginning a tracking or an hour or an ending point so. There is no apparent beginning point of confidence in him saying no apparent because. People say that. Because it was a high a Sabbath of then that the Passover actually took place earlier and therefore Jesus had to resurrect on Sabbath OK. That's a point of contention however. Because some argue that the day in which he died this ones to others argue that they was on Thursday all right because a sad that as Jonah was in the whale so the supplement will be in the heart of the earth and so my friends argument on numbers in his name is that Thursday night was when Jesus was in the heart of the year because he wrestled into something OK but the heart of the earth has to do with burial Danson not struggling into semi right so let's see let's consider what the Bible does reveal number 1 in the reveals that the 3rd day is usually or after 3 days is usually the text that referred to what Jesus is talking about destroyed this temple and 3 days I will build it up OK show it you said the 3rd day he uses after 3 days all right so let's not so or in 3 days Christ died at the 9th hour this is what the Bible reveals when now so that you understand this and I hope you already do but if you don't the reason why says the 9th hour is because in Israel time was calculated from sunrise to sunset. And because issue is near the equator usually sunset is about 6 o'clock sunrise about 6 o'clock so they can compute time from sunrise or sunset at 6 in the morning so when they say the 3rd hour and what time is that it be 9 o'clock in the morning when they say the 6 hour but I mean 12 o'clock when they say the 9th hour what is it 3 o'clock in the afternoon OK And when they say the 12th hour then it is sickle card in fact a long time and not too long on the juice the rabbis are arguing if a Jew becomes an astronaut which Sabbath as you keep. Well it's important issue is an. Interest of Jew becomes an astronaut which I want to keep Well they fought well with and keep the Sabbath that he's right over where you know when he's flying that's a problem because the satellite is fine pretty fast you understand so in the conclusion all Jews who become astronauts must keep do Wilson saga so if they're flying up there they had to find out what time it is in Jerusalem and when is 6 o'clock. In the evening in Jerusalem that's when they start keeping the Sabbath respective weather on the planet OK So 6 o'clock so when they mentioned the 3rd hour the 4 follow whatever it's from 6 to 6 you got that so now since Jesus died on the what hour and night tower he actually died about 3 o'clock in the afternoon OK and that's clear says and it was about the 6 hour and they were SWAT not because over all the earth until walk on the 9th hour or so from noon time till 3 o'clock in the afternoon the sun had not given it's like OK and a somewhat darkened in the veil of the temple was rent and in them is so from $12.00 to 3 o'clock there was darkness over the 70 part male over going golfing would use of foot and time. You understand all right now now we have a point we know then that Jesus could not be in the heart of the earth until after the 9th hour right of the day you got that clear all right so he died after the $1000.00 so whatever you computed you have to put Jesus in the grave after the 9th hour it cannot be in the 3rd hour and cannot be in the 1st hour it cannot be doing the night time it has to be just after the 9th hour which is that right after 3 o'clock OK that clear then Christ died in 1 tower says When Jesus had cried with a loud voice he said Father into the hands and come in my spirit and having said this he gave up to those so we know he died right after the 9th hour right now Luke $23.00 also. It's important because in 2002 it tells us that he said when he died pilot. Was asked for the body of Jesus by a man named Simon screwing. And Simon then took it down and raptor then they then and laid in a separate car that was human in a stowaway when they were man before was laid and that day was a preparation day so we know then that Jesus died about the 9th hour which is about 3 o'clock and whatever time it took for Simon to go and beg the body of Jesus and get permission and then get his body off the cross and then wrap of the linen and take it to the tomb which was nearby It must have been about 5 o'clock already but what 5 o'clock OK so we know then that Jesus was in the to or about 5 o'clock 4 35 o'clock maybe 530 we know then that it was very close to the Sabbath because the ladies who had brought the spices and Newman's ran out of time because it said they went then kept the Sabbath going to the commandment right so now. And the women also which came with him follow the actor and beheld the Sepik on the body with how his body was laid to return prepared spices and opens the rest of the sound they're going to the commandment so from the time that Jesus died until the time it was sat with 6 o'clock all right they had to go in by the professions and all out by the time they did all that and came back to see what Jesus had been placed it was already. Close to the silence so they stop and then went and rest of the Sabbath they are right now in Mark $1542.00 which is now when the evening was come because it was a preparation that is the day before the Sabbath OK now our show assess said that it was a high day therefore it was not the the sham. But what's important here is that the word preparation what word preparation. Actually in the Greek is. Came on and that is still the Greek word for Friday. That you know that OK so this would be the preparation they mark $1533.00 in Kuwait is this word which is a still the same word is used for Friday by the Greeks. OK so it's clear then that Jesus died on 1 day on Friday and what time about 3 pm and how much time is it take for him to get off the cross and all that we don't know but we know he had to be within 3 hours because we knew then that the preparation. Day was there and then when they finally came back with spices and I meant they couldn't anoint a body of Jesus because the sabbath had. COM OK all right and then he quickly finished he rose at the writing of the Sun So now we find out that not only did they die on Friday but it says he rose when he rose at the rising of the sun 1 day the 1st day OK now on notice also it says and very early in the morning the 1st day of the week they came under the sun because of the rising of the sun now when he says have risen early the 1st day of the week so Jesus then came back to life just before sunrise just before 1 sunrise OK And 1 day the 1st day so we know then that he died about 3 o'clock we know that he was buried on Friday and we know that he rose on the 1st day of the week just before sunrise right now. Based on the 4 Gospels and Jesus of resurrected on the 1st day of the week and by the way in the Greek it says the 1st of the Sabbath you'll see that because the English doesn't say that but in the Greek they kick the Jews computation the. Every day in reference to the Sabbath so there is no data has any name except for the 7 day the 7 is the only day the has a name Sabbath all the other days have the 1st of the Sabbath the 2nd of the Sabbath the 3rd of the Sabbath the 4th on the Sabbath the 5th of the Sabbath the 6 and the Sabbath and Sabbath OK You understand so Jesus then rose on the 1st of the salary which means rather to the saga of K. and there on the tax so to use $72.00 hours to compute the the whole thing go out to begin when and the 9th hour of the preparation day but some argue that the preparation is Wednesday if that is true then 72 hours from 4 or 5 o'clock and that they would have Christ in the grave when Wednesday afternoon and resurrecting on star of the day and 3 pm. All right but since the Bible says the 1st year that we know the star of the is the 70 a week so could that be correct no OK so then I'll give you a chart just to help you see it all right if you take when say and have to and you are and you insisted they had to be 72 hours and going 72 hours came back it comes to when it comes to Saturday at 4 or 5 pm OK You see that. Which means then that Jesus according to that teaching 72 hours it means that Jesus had to rise Saturday afternoon. Could that be correct no because we see then that the Bible says that Jesus died on the knife hour and if you actually go back. 9 and I didn't for the 9th hour which here we added an hour an hour and a half you know on 4 to 5 o'clock to give them the time to get the body from the cross due to the tomb then Jesus would have to be placed in the tomb sometime OK now let's let's look at all right said some time there and dying some time and Wednesday afternoon we know in both cases and there are all right Thursday then 72 out of consolation if there is utilized that Christ would have had to be in the grave on when their say about 4 or 5 in the afternoon and resurrect him when Sunday about 4 in the afternoon could that be correct now so the idea of Jesus the heart of the earth Thursday night is not now that was OK you get that all right so here's a thirsting So if you go from thirst say you have to stick to the 1000 correct as Jesus said he died and I thought you go on Thursday all the way to Sunday and Jesus had to rise Sunday afternoon and we know then that Christ could not have risen that right so apply the 72 hours from Sunday morning Sunday at 5 30 in the morning. Is your life in other words if you stick to the reality that Jesus rose just before sunrise which is about 5 30 in the morning all right and you go back then you end up Thursday morning Giese of being in the grave Thursday morning at 5 in the morning so the jesus die and get buried Sunday morning of Thursday morning pardon me with C.N.C. you know because he he was not. Dead there's the morning. He if you if yes take to what is the 9th hour that he had to die in the afternoon on in the morning in sand and I'm confusing you guys all right so the 3 days and 3 nights then makes no sense so what is the solution the solution is simple and Luke 24 verse 1 the 24 verse 1 and said Now upon the 1st day of the way very in the morning he came unto the supper Cup bringing the spices and they had prepared with them with others OK So upon 1 day the 1st of the week the Mid East End came back with the spice of the nomine correct but 1 day the 1st day of the week now another sent that Jesus means 2 guys on the road to Emmaus is a correct and I want you to another for the cess and behold 2 of them went which day which is 1 day the 1st day of the way OK The same day they were going to the village and Jesus then met up with them and walked with him OK now. They said to Jesus We trusted that it had been he was should have redeemed the issue and besides all this why this saying today is 1 hour so now you're stuck you cannot have any other day than the 1st day of the week as the 3rd day she then so which is the 3rd day Sunday therefore no other day can fit because the Bible says this day. It's when it happened and by the if you read before the verses before you'll see that they're saying how the leaders took them and they tortured him and they killed them except for and today is a 3rd day since all these things happened so they go through what happened in terms of him being killed being buried eccentric OK And but we believe that it was he and today is that there and then so Sunday has to be the 3rd day you can't get around it 9 o'clock of the 9th hour has to be the time of his death correct you can't get around that correct so now. He said unto them thus it is written and thus the who cry to suffer and to rise from the dead when so who is speaking here Jesus and what he calling the 3rd day Sunday so the cycle say today's a 3rd day in Jesus himself said today is the day and now there is no other way around that Sunday is the day so what's the answer in the big end of the Sabbath as it began to dawn to the 1st day of the week came Mary Magdalene so the ladies came just before sunrise when they come. Just before sunrise OK And the angel answered and said unto them could not I find that you see Jesus which was crucified is not here for he has risen as he said OK Shall the resurrection took place on the 1st day of the week just before sunrise Friday is partly for the 1st day then a Sunday which is called the 3rd day just before sunrise so the answer is found in an understanding of the Hebrew calculation of days called 1. Inclusive reckoning as a call inclusive reckoning what is inclusive reckoning quickly because I promise these guys would be other hint I'm still here OK. Apparently the common usage in counting intervals of time was inclusive reckoning that is counting the in incomplete days years except for at the beginning and at the end of a period if they were whole unit so let me give you some examples inclusive reckoning in Genesis 42 or 17 The Bible says and he put them all together into the war how long they that and just are said on to them and 1 dist do and live for I fear the lone God if you be true man that 1 of your brother be bound in the house of your prison go you carry a corn from for famine for your families are right so he said that they would be how long 3 days all right now and he said unto them come again until they have to walk 3 days and the people the pardon All right so what happens so Jeroboam and all the people came to reborn Monda But wait a minute. Then he said to 1 come I have to walk the 3 there so when they come back. On a 3rd it's why they come back on the 3rd day and they were told them I'm just 3 days vegetarian come after 3 days what would you come back if we come back on the 4th day so why did the Jews come back on the 3rd day because to the Jew in any part of the day was a day. OK so it was just 1 hour of the day the 3rd it's a full day right now. Esther Esther said Go gather together all the Jews for the present a shoeshine in fashion for me and neither eat nor drink 3 days nor 1 day or 9 so of if S. and told you I don't fast night or day for 3 days for that how many hours with that being a $72.00 hours right because she said night nor day fall on 3 days OK so then it says I also am I made in full fast my question so I will go on to the king which is not according to the law and the 5 parish a parish right now knows what happens and it came to pass on the on their day that asked to put on the royal apparel and stood in the in accord before the king why did she go on the 3rd day she told him to fast. 3 Days Night then but she's there on the 3rd day it would happen she got confused. All right they understood today we have the same kind of thing we have a the accounting system has inclusive. In understanding it I'm for example when you have a computer they are an accounting year when it's a start. And a specific thing is such of the Pacific they run what about a school you want to start a school you actually covered how many years to use that troop as an on. Off. Show if you start in August of 217 you end up in May have 218 that's how many years as 2 years. Not true. Yes I know yes so we have some of the same usage in English the important thing is this that what happened was simply this that he was crucified and died on Friday they too he rested on the Sabbath according to commandment and day 3 the 1st day of the week he rose so Jesus it's sat on the 3rd day as for the emphasise and that's what he fulfilled but most people misuse 1 verse to establish a whole denomination and by the way unfortunately that whole denomination that's crumbled and it's no longer the 1 church of God OK so I trust that I've given you enough help in understanding some of these difficult verses and I pray that by young by God's grace that you'll be true to the word and to walk to the water every time I open of the Susser same thing it doesn't change. That friend together loving God thank you so much for your truth and so those in Jesus we ask that you continue to help us to believe in your prophets that we will prosper. Of us to be stable in our favor in the she says. 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