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2. Parable of the Plant

Cinda Osterman Ron Osterman




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Loving Father in heaven we thank you so much for giving us an opportunity today to come together to study the word your word in nature and your word in Bible and spirit prophecy how it applies to our lives and where Jesus as you can see these parables before you did it with an intent so that when people would look upon the things which tie the spiritual lesson to the natural when they would see the natural It would remind them of the spiritual not pray that that will be our experience today that as we look at flowers pollination fertilization proves that when we eat an apple will be reminded of the spiritual lessons that you have in the store for us in your spirit guide us now as we open your words. So parable of the plant part choose. My way just for a point of reference we started off here with the seed and then we picked up the leaves and photosynthesis were now and flowers was skipping the spin and the roots as were 2 other TOCs in a pick up with flowers and pollination so flowers are universal expression of love and caring how many of you have ever been at this place you know where this is you know that's 1 of my favorite places on planet Earth that's Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming very very beautiful place so we see flowers at weddings and at hospitals and in nursing homes and people give them for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries people just don't even think of the spiritual lesson in flowers when they do that I'm sure and I do but that's because I know something that they don't know. The purpose of all flowering plants is to reproduce producing seeds after their current every stage of the plant has this goal in mind the flower however is the part of the plant that houses the reproductive parts before a plant can flower and produce fruit it must store up a supply of food it must be exposed daily to the proper amount of daylight and darkness and it must have a flowering. So the 1st thing the plant needs to do is to store up a supply of food we talked about this a little bit yesterday but we'll talk about it more today so this is where the leaves play an important part 25 percent of the food that a plant mates is used by the plant for its growth 75 percent of the fruit of the food that it makes goes for fruit development and seed development So 3 quarters of the life energy of a plant is focused on 1 purpose to reproduce if you've ever mowed dandelions in your yard like I have in my yard the dandy lion plant if you don't mow it you know the plant grows and it'll get the oh $6.00 inches high off the ground in the flower comes up from there if you mullet a plant may only be 2 inches high if you Moet again it will be 1 inch high but it will still flower and it will still put forth seed even if it's only an inch tall that's because the whole purpose of the plant is to reproduce itself. Scientists and the number of the leaves can be directly correlated to the size and the type of the crop so 30 to 35 leaves makes 1 decent sized mackintosh. So if your trees are struggling and they don't have enough leaves and you're wondering why you're not getting enough fruit spotted because the trees are in stress and putting out another. So it takes 12 to 15 leaves to produce 1 bunch of seedless grapes and we as Christians need also to store spiritual strength David tells us and Psalms 11911 I word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against the and Peter tells us and 2 Peter 14 whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises by these you might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust This is a very interesting quote. March 11th $890.00 the servant of the Lord tells us may God help us to gather up the jewels of his promises and Dec min Marie's hall with the gym's of his word we should be armed with the promises of God our souls should be barricaded with them when Satan comes in with his dark menace and seeks to fill my soul with the gloom I repeat some precious promises. Is that the way Jesus work when the devil came and brought his temptations in the wilderness the only way he defeated him was it is written well the only reason why he could quote it is written is because he had put it is written it is. From a child. So the fat 2nd thing that a plant needs to flower is to be exposed to the proper amount of daylight and darkness may have always wondered why in the fall is a tree's leaves turn color and fall the temperature may still be 70 degrees outside but the leaves are starting to change and it's because of this because of the light dark mix what's today by the way 1st if some of the longest day of the year from now on the days are going to get shorter summer equinox we call it we're going to be talking about stars on Friday getting him and self so the 2nd thing the plant needs to be exposed to light and dark what about us we also need to be exposed to sunshine and we talked about this a little bit these are different quotes steps to Christ page $68.00 as the flower turns to the sun that the bright beams made in perfecting its beauty and symmetry so should we turn to the Sun of Righteousness that Heaven's Light may shine upon us that our character may be developed into the likeness of Christ's character development into the likeness of us we've already seen what the sunshine is 1st John 15 We look at this a couple of days ago God is light and we found out that God's light consists of 3 colors 3 primary colors and you remember what they are because most of you were here Red was what sub sacrificing mile of Green was what faith and blue was obedience and the 3 of them combined together to make white light. So John tells us that if we walk in that line the light of God's presence as he is in the light we have fellowship 1 with another and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleansers us from all sin Matthew 516 says Let your light so shine before men that they may see the good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven we'll come back to this text in a little while but the beauty here is that we are not only to receive light but as we looked at on the 1st day of this seminar we must reflect that light to others otherwise we're going to be in big trouble when Jesus comes back with you in Harold December the 2nd 875 the soul can be kept pure and strengthen only by what walk in the mind as Christ is in the Life Bible echoes and signs of the times 71518192 our lives will not always be sunshine there will be trials I'm sure you've experienced them I have everybody that's on this planet bears trials in their lives how does that work with when and spiritually. Through Conflict the spiritual life is strengthened trials Wellborn will develop steadfastness of character and precious spiritual graces spiritualism of. The perfect fruit of faith meekness and love often matures best amid storm clouds and darkness with you and Harold 410-1894 trials are essential in order that we may be brought close to our Heavenly Father in submission to His will that we may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness. Romans $53.00 Paul tells us and not only so but we glory in tribulation also knowing that tribulation works ation. Well in the natural world in the plants Scientists call this darkness. They haven't they have a term a biological term called the flowering hormone and it's the balance between light and dark that causes the plant to start to develop this flowering hormone seem kind of principle here the idea is that the hormone is going to start to produce a flower which is going to produce fruit and 1 of the fruits of the Spirit is this guy right here right Haitians So Paul tells us again and Hebrews Chapter $1036.00 for you have media relations that after you have done the will of God you might receive the promise 1st Peter $220.00 tells us for what glory is it will be of buffeted for you falls you shall take it patiently but if when you do well and suffer for it you take it patiently this is acceptable God. James 134 knowing this that the trying of your faith works patients that patients have her perfect work that you may be perfect and entire wanting nothing to keep that thought in mind about perfect work as we continue on with a little devotional book to stay with God page 47 on why tells us this the opposition which you meet may prove an advantage to you in many respects. It will develop a class of Christian virtues which seldom spring up in the path of prosperity and sunshine how many people develop patience when things are going good. That's not where it's about faith patience forbearance heavenly mindedness increasing trust in Providence are the fruits which blossom and mature amid clouds of darkness storm and Tempus So the 3rd thing going to that is needed to form a Flowers is flowering hormone must be transported from the leaves to the growing tip of the stem right down. Doesn't look like much right now but very shortly it would look just like that the hormone acts on the stem tip and cause it to stop its glow as of him and to develop into a bud that will result in a blow so Isaiah 27 verse 6 says he shall cease I'm sorry he shall cause them that Com of Jacob who are they that come of Jacob who are the descendants of Jacob Israel that was Jacob's right to the descendants of Israel war the 12 tribes and where the spiritual 12 tribes today says this is talking about us he shall cause them the come of Jacob to take root Israel shall blossom and Bud and fill the face of the world with her kind of interesting thought. Again interview in Herald June 28th 1902 tells us that faith patience forbearance heavenly mindedness trust in Providence and genuine sympathy with the airing of the results of trial Wellborn these are the graces of the spirit which blood blossom and bear fruit amid trials and adversity neatness humility and love always grow on the Christians. So if you're not seeing meekness humility and love in your life then maybe something's happened maybe you've been severed from the binding need to be grafted back in again so in the plant we have a number of things 4 basic component parts of the flower they are the pistol which is this part right here. Working here pistol which is the stigma of the style and the ovary that's the center part or the ovary is right here and within the ovary is the egg that's all part of the pistol the stamen is the part on the outside that has the pollen that she posts are the part down at the at the bottom of the flower and protected the flower until it opened up and then you have the petals and they all have a purpose the petals obviously as we saw the other day have this ultraviolet glow to them that an insect sees that's all part of the petals that draws that insect in to the. Stayman picks up the pollen flies to another flower and rubs up against the stigma of the pistol and deposits that there we're going to see how that works in just a moment there's a meat animation I didn't download it I should have but there's a neat animation that runs about 4 or 5 minutes long. And it shows that grain of hall and landing on the top of the stigma and microscopically they filmed this little Paul into its view it's really really a special video I really enjoy it. But I don't have it. So once the flower appears on the plant the process of pollen and sation and fertilization and. This is a micro photograph of pollen grains I don't know about you but I have allergies and I am allergic to some. But if you look at the shape of these things it's no wonder that it drives some people's noses crazy you know when you see something like this little spikes sticking out this is only 2 dimensional 3 dimensional they really are the bad and yet there's a reason that those pollen grains look that way when the pollen is transferred to the from the end to the stigma portion of the pistol. What happens there is and least this is the way that I've always understood it is that. The home grain itself this particular shape like in this case this shape whatever plant that came from. The receptor Co in the stigma has that shape so no other pollen is going to go in to that opening only about 1 shape. So once once that happens. On a self pollinating plant the pollen can transfer from the answer to the stigma all by itself but on a on a non-con across pollinating plant it has to have some vehicle you the wind blows the pollen an insect picks it up homing bird comes in and it attaches to that whatever it is and it goes from flower to flower and cross. Cross pollination plants seem to be stronger and healthier probably because they get a different gene pool that helps strengthen them you know I guess there's a Christian principle there for me anyway and that you know the Bible says that we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together we need each other we need a cross pollinating show now how you are but when I get together with a group of Christians and we're studying the word it's a feast for me because we've all got our own ideas that God has put in our mind that we can share that was coming home. So there are several steps in pollination the pollen grains falls on the stigma the stigma receives only the right shape pollen grains the pollen grains swells as as it comes in contact with the liquid that's on the stigma and it splits open in once it splits open the pollen grains sends down this microscopic root like tube that goes down into the overview of a of the female part of a flower and it burrows into the old mule and it causes the ovules to become fertilized to grows downward through the stile carries the minute male cells. On is a sion pollination alone there's not ensure the formation of fruits and seeds the pollen grain must reach the little in the ovary in a process called that it was a sion So as the pollen grains of sense through the style it goes through a chemical change pollen Tube seeks out and all will once it has found it all go it empties its contents you know you in the sperm cell unite the flower dies it's done its work and the seed. Is Born or the seed starts to develop in some plants this fertilization may only take an hour in which case will it take 7 months for fertilization to take place so what are some spiritual lessons we can gain from that not all pollen grains are received by the sick stigma seeds of truth aren't always received either are than they have to come in just the right time only pollen grains that fit the stigma swells split and grow downward. So the timing in the conditions must be right for fertilization to take place in an converted heart soon you know you may give a truck to somebody it may sit on their shelf or they make throw it away and somebody else picks it up that person may be ready to receive the truth that. So Luke $815.00 tells us but that on the good ground are they which in an honest and good heart having heard the word keep it and bring forth fruit with ation. Paul tells us Romans 12 to be not conform to this world to be transformed by the renewing of your mind a you may prove what is that good an acceptable and perfect will of God. So what has to happen in the Christian is a chemical change if you will in your thinking transformation I was going to be talking about that. This word transform chemical change. So the pollen Green has to go through a chemical change John tells us in John 33 Verily verily I say unto you except a man be born again he cannot see the can. They have it understood that it is Christ that brings about a change in our hearts that's why he prayed his prayer created me a clean heart oh God And we knew right spirit within me. And then Paul tells us 1 step further as ation takes place and the female and the male cells come together and colonization results in fertilization. The 2 individual cells now become 1 right so this is what Paul is telling us we need to let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus I want the word there that Paul uses he's telling us there that the only way that we can prevent that from happening is to not matter now. If we ask Christ to come in and take possession of our lives it will happen the only way it won't is if we don't read it so finally when the plant has invested so much of itself to accomplish fertilization fruit takes place so we had the seed which was cheese us we have the water which was Jesus we have the soil and the warm and the air and the sunlight she is us all working together in our lives to bring for her just like a peasant when Jesus tells us but he that received seed into the good ground is he that use the word and understand of it which also beareth fruit and bring it forth some 100 fold some 60 and some 30. Elations $522.23 times but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace Haitian's. Joy peace among stuff and gentleness goodness hate me as temperance against such there is no law notice what it says there it says the fruit is that plural or singular it's singular isn't it's not multiple choice the true Christian will have all of these very in varying levels of perfection when you accept Christ in your life he brings this with him and it grows at different rates within each and every 1 of us but we'll all have all of this in 4 True Christians in 1 degree or another fruit singular so Jesus tells us where for by their fruits ye shall know them. And what he's talking about here is not what he's talking about here is between a writer's person and an army righteous person 1 has a certain kind of for the other has a certain kind of. John 158 says that here it is my Father glorify that she bear much. So shall you be mine the cycle for the fruit to fully ripen me must abide in the vine I don't know how many of you like green tomatoes I know of so many in your life. To me they're better when they stay on the vine and the right thing so Jesus tells us to abide in Him as a bite in me and I knew the branch cannot bear fruit of the self except that abide in them bind no more can you except the abiding and I am the buying them you are the branches he that abideth in me and I in him the same bring it for much for without me you can do nothing so it is essential for the fruit to cling to the tree for it to ripen Likewise it is essential for us Christ object lessons paid $61.00 the husband waited for the precious for. The earth and half long patients for until he received the early and latter. So the Christian is to wait with patients for the fruition in his life of the Word of God Often when we pray for the graces of the Spirit God works to answer our prayers by placing us in circumstances to develop these. But we do not understand his purpose and wonder and Argus men. Yet none can develop these graces except through the process of growth and through. Our part is to receive God's word into what. Hold it that life's going to be talking about that here in just a few moments holding fast yelling ourselves fully to its control and its purpose in us will be accomplished so when the fruit is ripe and falls off the tree the new life for a new plant is in the seed contained in the prudes it's a self contained biological living thing which I don't know if any of you have ever taken seeds and opened them up like if you take a lima bean seed What do you find inside. A little miniature plant right absolutely just a little miniature plant in fact lima beans you've got the leaves already there this apple see you can see the leaves there well actually what's going to happen the leaves are inside so this is going to become the roots and it's going to bury itself in the soil and then the seeds going to open up and you can see a little green a hint so those are the leaves of the new apple tree. And it is the fruit that provides protection for the seeds while they're forming after the seeds of form the fruit help to distribute them when the fruit is ripe and full of sugar it's easy to eat birds and other animals eat the fruit and the seeds which don't digest and they are spread elsewhere through another biological process and the whole purpose is to get to those. So I think about it for just a moment in the spiritual realm Paul tells a single ations chapter 522 and 23 we look at this text just a moment ago that the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace eccentric setter. So this he contrasts with the fruit of the world innocence in English and Chapter 5 verses 19 through 21 where he talks about things like hatred and variance and in you lay sions and wrath strife seditions Harrison endings murders drunkenness and reveling which would you rather be offered if you were hungry I would much rather have love joy peace patient upset or than hatred in the late Dr so likewise that's the way it is with us the precious seed of truth that we have to share with someone else is much more powerful to a person hungering and thirsting for spiritual teachers if we manifest love than hatred peace rather than anger if we show acts of mercy and acts of kindness those allow the seed to sprout in a person's heart and if we offer somebody a Bible study and we're mad more angry do you think they're going to be more receptive or less risk. Less recent. Price object lesson pay 67 the object of the Christian life is fruit bearing the reproduction of Christ character in the believer that it may be way. Reproduced in others and after all isn't that what their purpose of a Christian is is to bear fruit in the when souls so Christ object lessons page $68.00 says it is the privilege of every Christian not only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ were all who profess his name bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world would be song with the seed of the Gospel quickly the last great harvest would be right then and Christ would come to gather the precious grain. You remember the story that Jesus told. Wasn't really a parable of the real life experience he came to an olive tree that was fully in bloom now we know that an olive tree full in bloom shouldn't have any fruit correct Well supposedly he came back to that tree a while later expecting to find for on that tree that was fully in bloom at 1 time and what did he find nothing it was no fruit on that tree no bible and spirit of prophecy says that that tree represented the nation of Israel and she L.-Y. talks about this here she says asked the glory of the good tree testifies of its value by the fruit it bears so also the genuine Christian is known by his usefulness it is not merely blossom out with a pretentious show professing godliness but he bears fruit with all his might and me there is not a dime twig or a barren bow on the whole truth which grows by the rivers of waters of the craze. Or the interested. So what is the master gardener do with the trees in his orchard that don't bear fruit Jesus gave that parable in with Chapter 13 versus 69 I didn't put it here examine why talks about that as she was instructed to apply the same counsel to 1 of the brethren in her so she says Brother eg you should have gained a valuable experience during the many years that you have been blessed with the great Light God is permitted to shine upon your path way. I heard a voice saying in reference to you it is an unfair fruitful tree why should its fruitless branches shadow the space that a fruitful tree my don't suppose cut it there or why cumber it the ground then I heard the pleading tones of mercy sweet voice saying spirit a little longer I will dig about its roots I will Prudence give it 1 more child if it fails to be fruitful then you may come. So a little longer probation is granted the unproductive tree a little long longer time for the barren life to blossom and bear fruit will the opportunity given be improved. Will the warnings of God's Spirit be heeded. Tells us in questions 127 to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of global it was the master gardener that took care of that on fruitful tree and hopefully by his doing in our lives we will bear that fruit so the key for us is to have fully developed proved by having Christ inside our hearts so this fruit can never perish according to Christ object lessons paid 69 but will produce after its kind a harvest unto eternal life when the fruit is proper for immediately put it in the sickle because the harvest is come Christ is waiting with a long desire for the manifestation of themselves in his church which when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them as his own and that. It is the life cycle of the planet and how it relates to us spiritually so my wife somewhere around here. She has something that she is going to share with us. So we will give her a moment or 2 any question. Except for 1 atom. Magnesium versus our. Now I'm still baffled by that why scientists have not figured a way to make that chemical conversion sure would solve a lot of problems. Any other thoughts or questions and give her a moment come. Yet those steps again let me go back to them for you she's got a little exercise for you here when you find out if she's OK she's been having problems. Like. My wife. Always. Does you. Ever you. Are. Never. Sure. Why. You would be. Here were. You would. You want. If you will. You are used. To you you're just want to hear. A laugh and she sell your. Whole wall and shoes. Just. Thank you and. This is called the great country. This happens every time I speak I'm feeling like I'm having a pink Radica tack like I've had like 4 years ago but every time I do can't meeting 1 year I end up in the hospital almost because I have. Allergy reaction and never been allergic thinking 1 year I regular can't meaning I flew below my steps and ran into the wall and saw every time I speak something happened so this is not unusual but I am realistic now and I just might come it is not it up but it feels like 1 of pancreatic attacks I just figured the devil with it can be going I have to quit I'll quit not to fix tomorrow we're just going to work through it because I think that's what it is as not new for me I don't know why pick some meat and pick on my have been fucking up what you did on a good day does it every year every year there's something I'm just waiting anyway so I think that's what it is and he went through a lot of these L N N L N F L N N L N And what else in Elf right Lawson fans love the sound of an advantage the books on and that you can get in touch with if you find it online but they have a lot of all the admin afoot now those of you that haven't been to Andy's class at least over there Friday look at her resources her library looks like my library only I have some of the old or books that I got while what was called book of science you may be up to find some of those on here but they're all all books my library is full of things the reason I didn't bring a because I we weren't really doing nature like she fixed explaining it and I'll tell you what we did and that's why I know I'm having the Fatah I'm a show you how to do 1 of these in depth study right now and I know every inch of Matt character sketches she just went through hell and for the and scary McComb hell of a fee I don't know if you brought her husband has a lot of good stuff. They've been gone for a long time now but they have a gospel choir and a snowflake Gospel According to a blade of grass a tree a dandelion Cherry McComb have picked up on some of that and continued on so you can get a lot of that type of concept through him. We worked with Cherry a long time ago creation magazine Tom ish This is bad Venice they've been around for at least 25 years because they used to have Ron write articles for him and I'm you'll find a lot of stuff at the Creation magazine if you want to get that U.N.C. something I'm good for that's really good there is a good science curriculum that's out there in creation put out by Answers in Genesis that you want something that's very spiritual that's done for you it's done it's out there some light education like she said Dot com. Gina cook with a round when our kids were little and so she has asked to take a lot of our material and use it in her curriculum. Her business went out of business and now she has offers that all 3 seen just go in there and pick up there's a lot of good material and then of course like I said you got Angela program it's in conference too you can look at the resources now I'll be honest we have a library like curry but that's not what I use. In reality when we were going through this I wanted the Bible good prophecy in the holy spirit that's what I wanted I wanted to be taught. And 1 of the finest science book I wanted to be taught by God and show what I did I'm a show you win both right now and next year if I need everyone get a piece of paper and a pencil back there because we're going to give you a little lesson here of how I did it and we're just going to keep walking through this. K.. OK. Thank you Paine's pretty intense. Of this kind of pain it's like. First time I had a pink Granik attacked the teeth the doctor asked me from a scale from 1 to 1010 being childbirth was a skill like I said this is a 20 I could give a child for thinking those are very painful. Yeah. I don't but I can give it to you. Like if if you go there and as you will see everything her library is very very nice OK now I'm going to give you like a fed whenever I read something I knew that there was a Bible something behind it there was truth behind it everything that God has made in nature has truth and I wanted to know what that was so every time I've just something read something I just kneel and I start praying and say OK what is this and then you get certain concepts like I told you yesterday Greek or fill red you know look at light we already know it's going to be red right I was going to be red I have him here blue and green and so we're going to see God's character and those are the certain concepts you just get you know and after you do a poll while it just becomes so easy you're just doing it over and over and over and it's just natural to you and it's all of you do that you have a field that you're good at and just come to town you just know what to do I work with kids with a D. in autism and them to flexi and this calculus enough kind of issues I just know when I was a kid I just know I know what's going on I just know what to do you know guy gets this in our gift gives us gifts in our bill he blesses us and this is no different from going to give you this and I'm going to have each of you write down your left but I want you thing out loud I want you to write down your lesson and just kind of a way that I've walked through think that to give you an idea of how this thing nice and warm OK So we have a tree. I'm at the branch and I'm not an artist here but there's a belief on this ranch and then we have the fame treaty and now we have a fruit every year the plant 2 times goes through the process it's cotton vision layer and it happens every year it happens that winter time it happens right before the proofs ready and at the same process and I'm going to explain it and then tell you how we're different and you're going tell me why it works different and so and then any other spiritual lessons you get from this and then I'll show you what God showed me when I was doing this OK so there is a thing called Obsession layer this tree realizes that it is not going to make it through the winter because it's going to be too cold it's not going to get in the moisture and if it doesn't do something it's going to die and so it does something to protect itself to keep it from dying because of not enough moisture that's going to come up into it to feed these leaves but spent right here and it makes what we call in a vision layer it comes off exactly what is doing it's cutting off the nurse meant going into the leaves so it's going to cut that off. OK so I've got to cut this off. And what happens if their sugars that are going up in here and the minute it cut this off then the sugars are going down and to this effect cuts it off at the sugars are trapped now with the servers being too frappe it actually is causing the green in here the quartile to go away the minute the floor still goes away then we start seeing what the color the leaf really was but this leaf has always had yellow or orange These are basic ones are red that have always been there we just can't see it because all we see is the green but when it goes away the poor Bill we will see the color then it die and it drops and of to the ground OK now we have all these leaves down here a case that that now that happens again right before the fruit is ripe we have a chlorophyll and fission right here layer that happens and it's doing the same thing if for thing all the sugar into this not for the sugar into this to which cause for still to go away when it forces fish sugar into the fruit What are the do to the fruit right and then a K. it right then that OK for the Venice then drops off so but now it's ready to eat and this 1 have died. But yet it's the same thing the fishing layer if the exact same thing but this 1 dies this month live now I want you to think and if you don't know did re write on your piece of paper why is it that different about this than the leaves 1 what kind of lessons can you see here you've already talked about color we talk about color in character with our I talked about that and we're talking about green we should know what that means right now so I want to just start writing down some parts of what this could be and what this could be but the main 1 I want heard is why does 1 die and then 1 live when exactly the same thing why is that happening so you can take about 2 minutes here and write those down you have in it but. Shouldn't. Make it right. I cannot tell you the pain I'm in right now and believe. I don't know what helps of most. We're just going to get through this OK so what to OK So we have about a minute some by some We've got noses up put down some concept a cave. All right girl. Yes OK So this moon made him write down what he said Now my mission after them and some thought sounds I wanted you to short to get. Yourself. A little more tight because if I don't wind up before you have time to think. I'm going a minute. Wait wait wait we're going to write down your good everyone's got to buy 1 make sure you get them but I'm going to fast. Em and take a minute think. I want to think the main 1 I want to tell me is your Give me some good ones I would definitely want you to tell me why write them why this 1 died with 1 live in the same thing happen. And think about it 2 when the sun shines on the ice it melts that when the house gets on play at pardon but a faint sun but 2 reactions are different Ok that may help. But that is why you're thinking I'm a sit down for a minute. I K. so what is the difference between well let's look at the lesson OK lessons Let's get less of 1st because the way I got yours this and our true colors show and what do we learn about color what would Yellow be when we talked about colors yellow everyone has for you sure are yellow when I say you're chicken you're coward of a term we use red. Anger OK Aren't I don't know if we have 1 for orange but we have yellow and red caution OK but it's character and when the green goes away or flies a green and there are faith a shining but you have character underneath that faith that you have when that faith leaves your character shows and it can be on a moment by moment basis you wake up in the morning and you may show the Jesus in your heart and within 5 minutes of gone we see your character is shows you know and I remember 1 time my little girl I was. Little she was really little and I was going to a lot of depression at that time and Stacy came in and she said Mommy are choking and know she said Are you sad and I said no and she said Oh will you happy and I said no what are you and I said I'm blue states and she said you're not blue Mommy you're white. Or you know a little Mississippi you know rich but that's a term that we use in character so here we are having faith and as long as our faces there those colors don't show but when we start moving our feet you start showing who you really are and that's why we always need to have a strong faith working in our life and it shows more in our home than any place else where our weaknesses OK So that's 1 lesson but now why what is the different about the leaf and the different about the fruit and I know what the fruit was OK the fruit has new life with the net OK you're starting Why does it have new life where you want package and probably have it was wide of having your life what is the fruit have that the leaf that I seed how right OK what did we learn so far in the Bible about a seed was the Bible say the seed is. Luke $811.00 is the Word of God OK for the feed is the Word of God So if we look at this that see if the life it is and that's why it can be cut off and it still lives where this is cut off and it dives because there's nothing in there to keep it alive it's got a phone true colors as much showing this 1 has something in it that keeps it alive spiritually what would that mean for ask Jesus in our heart if Jesus and I on the heart was going to happen a lot of latter We're going to have like we're going to live OK we've got a good character we're going to look at it he's not in our life we're going to see. The fetus hidden in the group very good defeated him in the fruit and but it also shows in our character doesn't it that you don't you always know that there's something alive in here because of what we see on the outside we know that it's alive where that 1 devil so that's how I started was just taking a concept and just saying OK well I know there's a feed and that's why I went to what is the represent Well that's the word of God OK So what does that mean it's cut off I'm also thinking about the IN TIMES case something about the end times where do I need to be in the end times that are coming where I need to be there are here the leaf or the fruit why the fruit. Herby and also we're going to be cut off from all our forces and so we have to have the seed in our heart because if we don't we're not gonna make it to the in times that are coming we have to have that in our heart so that's taken something very simple and is turning it into deeper chippings embody ahead in concepts that I didn't cover. We need a lot of rain to arrive in very good because we yeah that we need a lot of rain in thing else we need to die to self cave. Self sacrificing clam OK good so if we look at an apple we have a red self sacrificing left and only self that can fry thing lab only comes when that feeds a live in the heart base only comes when it needs to live in the heart obedience only comes from a seed to live in the heart. To Jesus is the fee that dies and goes into the earth and that other fruit can come up very get. A whole nother very tree in that see. Which will bear more fruit right if they want to happen the just move on in the not yet fancy. Exactly. And I would repeat all that but yeah I have. There and it's going to go up or. I sure that I should do it but to have the fan do you want to come. But to see how simple it really is when you start already have a concept and you start asking the Lloyd and also with the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit teaches you you know like I said when we got on our knees and we said OK what next the Lord would give us a thought and then we'd go research that god for a while that was amazing and then research the next thought all that was so amazing you know you have the Holy Spirit so and that's all these people did they didn't have any other resources they looked at this they pray the Lord gave them an insight they wrote down the book praise the Lord for those of us that need that to get it started but you have a god that's going to teach if you want to know and you go ahead and come share that. All right so the key to life is purpose and when we have a purpose then we go out and do something for the Lord and so when we are in the church and we have so many opportunities available to us whether through school or through pastors or can't meaning you name it as many opportunities to grow in the Lord and become strong and do wonderful works for him and be beautiful on the outside serving him but if we don't plan it in deep like a seed in the fruit then when you leave the church to go and work in the world for the Lord like we're supposed to do we die but if the seed is planted deep then we're fruit and we're productive and we have something to give. This young lady spend a lot of time in nature versus spiritual concepts and like a fad you just start doing it and the gov going to bless you I'm going to stop because I'm really hurting and I'm going home I have been a prayer I'm hoping tomorrow better that I can share for more with you but I've got to figure out what I need to do here. Her loving Father in heaven thank you so much for bringing us together today to study nature study a word to learn from you. Just ask in special way that wasn't so information that we received here Gloria in our instant to Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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