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6. Death- Explaining the Difficult Texts

Terry Nelson




  • June 19, 2017
    1:00 PM
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I do kind Heavenly Father I want to thank you so much for each 1 it is here and as we're here Lord we're asking for you to teach us your word because Lord that's what really matters so Lord I pray for your blessing upon us today in Jesus' precious name Amen It was a false of timber day it was warm it was sunny and Mrs Reynolds was washing the dishes and as she was washing the dishes she looked out her window and saw the leaves blowing gently in the trees and she began to be taken off off into a thought about her son her son was off to war and her son daily would write to her and daily she would respond to him and so every day she get letters and he always focused on the good things how things were in the beauty of things and never talked about anything bad or negative about the war he was over fighting in. 1 day she didn't get a letter and that 1 day turned into a week week turned into a month and she said standing there at the window washing those dishes kind of caught into the moment and she's thinking I wonder why I haven't gotten a letter I've been praying to God would keep him safe and as she was washing her dishes and thinking she saw a car that was a military car that pulled up in front of her house a man got out of the car and he briskly walked up to the door and he knocked on the door. She went over and tiers began to swell up in her eyes she opened the door and sure enough the man was there he handed her a letter and he simply said I'm sorry ma'am and just as quickly as he had come he turned around and he left as a car moved away with tears streaming down her she cheeks she went inside the house and went up to her bedroom and sat on her bed and she opened the letter and inside the letter read. Your son is missing in action and must be presumed dead she laid on the bed crying in saying Lord I prayed I pray that you would keep him safe he's all that I've got left why would you let him die few days later a neighbor was down visiting with her and trying to comfort her and as their talk and she says well you know really what don't you come to my house next Tuesday night and she said Why what's Well she says a group of us get together and we talk to the ones that have died or departed from us. Oh no no no no she says I don't believe that you can talk to those that are dead well you can believe what you want but every Tuesday night we meet with our dead loved ones well she went around into next Tuesday night came and guess where she was not there she didn't go she thought about I'm a she didn't go next day this neighbor came to her house and said I just wanted to let you know your son showed up last night and he wondered why you didn't want to come see him. Now the next tuesday guess where she was in for the next 6 months every Tuesday night at 7 o'clock she would meet at this neighbor's house and they would all be talking to their departed loved 1 so to be and she would talk to him about things that that she felt only Shion know she and him know she was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that it had to be him she went to her preacher and she said listen you've been deceiving me all these years I now have proof that you can communicate with the dead and he tried to explain he tried to draw into the Bible but you would have nothing to do with any of it and she says simply said take my name off the books 1 late spring day. She was washing dishes once again when she heard a knock on the door. And she walked over to the door and she opened her door and there was her son delight. Her 1st words she was she didn't know what to think she said but delight Why are you here we're not supposed to meet till Tuesday. And he says What are you talking about mom it's me that I'm here I'm home we should begin to realize it was really him it was him in the flash and she gave him a big hug and welcome to manage to come to find out he'd never died it gotten wounded in action got sent to a hospital and was not able to send any communication so here's my question for you. Who had she been communicating with for the last 6 months. You see that's why it's important for us to understand this topic because the devil is alive and well and the devil is going to do everything he can to deceive you that's why in the Garden of Eden when Eve was there and he was trying to get her to eat the fruit. And he says to her shell not sure Lee Di and the deception of death has gone on down through the ages and so I want to take and I want to take a look at what the Bible has to say about the subject of death but as I told you I'm assuming that most of you or all of you hopefully understand this topic have studied it before have gone through it you know what the Bible teaches Yes. You know. Not in the story. In question was did she get her name put back on the books I don't know but the in the story that I read that did not come back out I would hope at the end of it all that she did absolutely but let's take a. Little bit of time here and I want to go through several passages of Scripture I put them down on this worksheet for you because my real intent is to actually take and focus on the difficult text the ones that are that are seem to be harder to explain so take your Bibles with me and let's go to weeklies E.S.C.'s chapter 3 starting with verse 19 now do you remember what the principle of Bible study is. OK you're right line upon line precept upon precept here a little there are no where do we find that. In the Bible very good. I love that. It's right in your Isaiah 2810 that's right I put it there so you'd remember it the issue is this that is the Bible is in harmony from Genesis to Revelation isn't it I believe it is therefore you can go in different areas of the Bible and get the same teach scene about any topic Amen. Aimin. Ecclesiastics is right after the book of Psalms. Proverbs then you have the book of Ecclesiastes days to get to some of the Song of Solomon you've gone too far OK go to see what it says Chapter 3 and verse 19. And this is what I want you to begin to ask yourself I want you to ask yourself the question of does this topic does this verse teach me or support that when I die I go to heaven or that when I die I go to the grave and wait till Jesus comes that's what I want you to ask yourself with each 1 of these passages of Scripture Ecclesiastes chapter 3 starting with verse 19 it says for that which we follow the son is a minute before all it beast even 1 thing before all of them as the 1 daya So what So diet the other Yea they all have 1 why 1 breath so that a man hath no preeminence of a beast for all is vanity all go unto. 1 place all are of the dust and all turn to dust again who know it the spirit of man to go it upward in the spirit of the BE SICK go it downward to the earth would you say this passage of Scripture supports it when I die I go to the grave or when I die I go to heaven the grave very good let's look at the next 1 go and me to Psalms 146 Psalms 146. In notice with me in verse 4 OK said I'm going to do this kind of rapid fire sequence Psalms 146 in verse 4. The bible says his breath go a 4th he returned to his earth in that very day what happens. His thoughts perish. I want you to stop and think about it for a minute if I lose my breath and now I can't think Wouldn't that be what losing your thoughts would be. How exciting would it be to sit on the edge of a cloud playing a harp and not be able to thing. Just just a thought let's go to the next 1 Psalms 115 in verse 17. Psalms 115 verse 17 I was riding with my father in law 1 day and he said I got a text for you on the state of the dead and I said John Man I've got so many texts aren't I can't use them all in the sermon now and he says but this is good and it went it was this text right here Psalms 115 verse 17 The Bible says the dead prays not what the LORD neither any They go down into silence now stop and think about a minute if you were to go to heaven when you die what's the 1st thing you're going to do praise the Lord but the Bible says when we die we can praise the lord amen amen let's look at the next 1 Ecclesiastes these Chapter 9. You were just there. Chapter 9 notice would be in verse 5 in Clichy Estes Chapter 9 in starting with verse 5 the Bible says for the living know that they shall die but the dead know how much nothing not anything neither have they any more reward for the memory of them is forgotten also their love and their hatred and their envy is now what now what would you call love an Ambien hatred emotions and feelings not what you do something about some for a minute what would it be like to be playing a harp on the edge of a cloud with no thoughts. No emotions or feelings that be exciting when it. Yet in camp Raissa lowered notice we continue on neither have they any more a portion forever in anything that is done under the sun just down to verse 10 whatsoever the hand find it to do do it with I might for there is no work nor device nor knowledge nor wisdom in aggrieved where the go is now I got to tell you the truth I would not want to exist in a state of mind and are some people that that happens to they go into what they call in a coma they're alive they're breathing but they can't think they can't talk they can't were I would life be like that I got to tell you it's not what I picture have been like so it's something it's very important that we understand yes. You know the thing of it is we've got to realize that the Bible is trying to teach us something so with this passage of scriptures support the idea that when I die I go to the grave or when I die go to heaven Alvey Asli the grave let's look at another 1 let's go to accept are 2 Acts chapter 2. Matthew Mark Luke John acts come into the Day of Pentecost would it be safe to say that the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit Yeah absolutely so we can trust what they say amen notice with reaction after 2 in verse 29. Acts chapter 2 verse 29 men and brother let me speak freely or freely speak unto you of the patriarch David that he is both what dead and buried and his settler heard that word means to me is with us and to this day Jim down to verse 32 this Jesus has God raised up there are there are whereof we are all witnesses there full are being by the Right Hand of God exulted in having received to the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost which he shed forth this which he now see and hear for David is not what ascended into the heavens but he sat himself the Lord say it unto my Lord sit on my right hand so let me ask you a question what is what is Peter saying about David. Is Dead any still in the grave That's right so would this passage of Scripture teach us that when we die we go to the grave or we die we go to heaven we go to the grave very good let's look at another 1 let's go to John Chapter 5. John Chapter 5. And notice in verse $28.00 John Chapter 5 and verse $28.00 The Bible says Marvel not at this for the hour is coming in which all that are in a great show here is voice and shall come forth they that have done good unto the resurrection of life and they that have done evil under the resurrection of damnation Now let me ask you a question does this passage of Scripture support the idea that when I die I go to the grave or I die I go to heaven to the grave very good that's right so you began to look at what Jesus is saying and he has laid out the foundation that we are going to die and go to the grave. If we tarry Terri's long enough Let's go to 2 another 1 go with me John 14 passage you know well you all love you gain courage from but I want you to see what he says here John 14 starting with verse 1 John 14 verse 1 Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me for In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you maybe also let me ask you question does this passage of scripture out of the words of Jesus support the idea that when I die I go to the grave or when I die I go to heaven to the grave very good Let's go to John Chapter 11 now right about now if we believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God then we ought to be under an understanding that the Bible teaches all the way across the board that when you die you go where. To the grave That's right it's. Very. It's. Very serious if you. Are still alive. It is for. What it. Is OK this is it. Oh yeah but that's talking about every That's a life those that are alive yeah yeah the question was for those that are on the recording was you know is that when Jesus comes he's going to raise the righteous dead and the righteous living are going to be caught up together with them and they're going to go to heaven and he knows that the wicked will that are alive are going to be slain by the brightness of His coming but what about the wicked that were dead and of course the Bible tells us in Revelation 20 in verse 5 that they will stay dead they live not again until the 1000 years were finished and he said well what about it says every eye shall see him that's not talking about those that are in the grave it's talking about those that are alive OK so now we come we come back to our subject this is the story of Lazarus John Chapter 11 I'm going to come to verse 43 probably you will back up let's back up to verse 41 but the story of Lazarus is Lazarus and gotten sick in a center Jesus and in Jesus tarried and waited to Lazarus and died and he was dead for 4 days before Jesus went and he tells us disciples that he's going to go away come up now they thought he was just sick but finally he has to tell them listen he's dead and I'm going to go wake him up and so they all go in the short of the story is they finally come to the grave and Jesus prays to his father and I notice what happens. Verse 41 then they took this way the stone from the place where the dead was laid and Jesus lifted up his eyes and said Father I think that thou has heard me and I knew that the hear is me always be but because of the people which stand by I said it that they may believe that though his sent me and when he had thus spoken he cried with a loud voice allows us come down now. Why don't. Why would he call him forth if he was and have an AMEN AMEN So once again you begin to see the story here that Jesus had this is a literal story this is real. And yet he doesn't send Lazarus to heaven and after 4 days call him back to read there he goes to the grave he rests in the grave and you can imagine what a sight it must have been as they were all watching to the words of Jesus Lazarus come forth and now comes this money because he was all wrapped in enclose So you know if he says unwrap him let him go now I want you to take a look because we have covered how many passages of scripture 123-456-7898 so far and we take you to 1 more that have discovered to us that when Jesus comes he is going to raise the righteous dead why because they're not yet in heaven Amen take your Bibles with me and go with me to Matthew Chapter 16 Matthew Chapter 16. And notice with me in verse $27.00 Matthew Chapter 16 in verse $27.00 The Bible says For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his father with his what angels and what's the next word. What's the next word. I don't call what's the next word. OK And what. Say it together and then OK what does that mean. OK when he comes. Then shall he reward then show he reward every man according to his works so when do you receive your reward do you receive it at death or do you receive it at the 2nd coming 2nd coming that's why Jesus said there's 2 resurrections the resurrection of life and the resurrection of damnation and let me tell you brothers and sisters I want to be a part of that 1st resurrection if the Lord chooses to let me die I'm open seemed come a mint and I believe all of us here are close enough to his coming that that could be reality. And so I just look at that and I say without a doubt the Bible is clear that it teaches that when we die we go to the grave now I remember I was visiting with some people 1 time. And they said yeah we know the grade the body goes a grave there's no doubt about that but it's our Saul that goes to heaven I said well OK but that's how we just read a preacher just read it that when our bodies return to the grave an hour an hour in our soul returns to God and I saw was not quite what it says it is oh yeah that's what it says he just read it we just heard it and I said Well do you have a Bible and they so sure and I get out a Bible and I'm praying as I always do Lord where do I go and I tell you what it wasn't there. And so I said all kind of are your virus. You think I could find that passage No I tell you what it was probably to their good that I didn't because I probably would been hard but I take it was for my good to let me say just because you don't always remember everything that you think you should remember it's not a bad thing because you go back and you study it out you wrestle or don't think Jesus and I didn't have a little talk on the way home. We did but I'll tell you what I looked it up and I never forgot ecclesiastics 127 Take your Bibles Let's go there and I want to get into the troubling text the Texas seemed to say something different. I want to go to Ecclesiastes Chapter 12 verse 7 so I went home I looked it up and sure enough I've never forgotten it sent so it's all it's not always a bad thing that you don't always remember everything. OK And listen to this you need to remember that you need to be praying when you go give a Bible study that you do it in the spirit of Jesus. Because the whole issue is you want them to see his love him and now you've got to teach the truth but they ought to even see in the Mark of the beast in the United States of Bible prophecy that that that God loves us so much that he's trying to save us in men it's not just about do's and don'ts it's not just about the history of the world it's about helping us realize what we've got someone that loves us so much that he was willing to come and die for us so he would not be separated from us. And notice here please yes Chapter 12 or 7. Sure enough the Bible says then shall the dust return to the earth as it was what does it mean when it says the dust shall return to the earth from a dust storm here. What are we talking about come out our body was made out of does dusted us from ashes to ashes that's right notice verse 7 then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spirit shell what return on to God who gave it well there's no doubt you begin to look at that word sphere and some people say oh yeah that's Ed the soul well if you look at that word in the Hebrew that word in the Hebrew is a rude word rule walk and as you look at that word it simply means grass so it's obvious you've been by people that when they passed away they took their last breath as by my gramma when she went. Knows it now who has control of her breath they got to heaven does now very simply all you got to do is take a look at this in the Bible says that the spirit of the breath returns on to God who gave it now let me ask you a question this young man and a bad name Rob Have I ever been to your house. OK can you say that loud enough so that they could hear it on a recording. Little louder OK jog it that I've never been to Rob's house. Is it possible for me to return to Rob's house why because I've never been there how many of you been to have been. Then is it possible for you to die and go to heaven because we haven't been there yet so once again when you understand the formula that puts this all together you realize that God is not trying to tell you that when you die your spirit or your soul is going to go to heaven take your Bibles Let's go back to where it started Genesis chapter 2. Genesis Chapter 2 1st book of the Bible 2nd chapter and notice with me in verse 7. Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7. The Bible says and the Lord God formed man of the wild dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man what became a living soul now you know if you've taken any kind of math that every equal Asian has to have a sum right a total So if you were going to put this into an equation how would you put it. OK So dust or I'm going to put in print the seas body. Plus brass equals what pay a living soul. Now the interesting thing about that word soul there if you look it up in Hebrew it means breathing creature. You know what that means. It means breathing creature Now let me quickly take you to a passage of Scripture hold your finger right here for a minute I want come back good me to Revelation Chapter 16. And I want to say verse to. Revelation Chapter 16 we're coming to the plagues. And I want to come to Chapter 16. OK I want to come to actually verse 3. Revelation 16 in verse 3. The Bible says in the 2nd angel poured out his vial upon the sea and it became as a blood of a dead man and every living soul. Died in the sea now it's a talking about. Breathing creatures what breathing creatures are in the ocean a fish animal life Listen listen I love to scuba dive in so when I go scuba diving I take in I take a camera down and I do video for Tiger fee of of fish I specially like to look for sting rays and sharks and eagles and those kind of things but the Bible says that during the plagues that the seas going to turn to blood and all the souls that are in the sea are going to die listen anything that has the equation of a body plus the breath is a breathing creature or a living soul a man you know what that means that means you don't have a soul you are a soul a man you see many people today want to say well we have the body and we have the brass and we have the soul but when you say that you've got no Indian equation no son the reality is a Bible lays out the equation and that's the body plus the breath is a soul in so you have this this thing that that you realize that when Jesus says that the Spirit shall return to God which gave it you can know that he is explaining that when you die he simply takes your breath away Amen amen let's look at another 1 go with me to Job Chapter 27. Just before the book of Psalms Job Chapter 27. And notice with me in verse 3 job 27 and verse 3. The Bible says Job $27.00 verse 3. All the while my breath is in me and the Spirit of God is in my nostrils those out talking about some living ember being or essence or something that's in your nose and mine what do we learn we learned this whole idea that this this word here for breath and the word for Spirit actually are the same or so you began to see that when he's talking about the spirit returns on to God he's simply talking about the idea that when you die it's God that has control when you die or not Amen and he simply takes you back your breath in so there's really no misunderstanding there is long as we let the Scriptures be the 1 to interpret the scriptures Amen amen Let's move on to another 1 let's go to Luke Chapter $23.00. Chapter 23 3rd book of the New Testament Matthew Mark Luke want to come to Jesus when he was on the cross and of course when he was on the cross there was how many people up there with him it was 21 on either side they were thieves and the interesting thing if you read the account is it to 1 reaches out and and in ask God to take them off the cross back verse 39 says the 1 male factor which was hanged railed on him saying if Christ saved I self in us but the other answered rebuked him saying does not fear God seen the art in the same condemnation and we indeed just slightly for we receive the Dury words of our deeds but this man has what done nothing to how did he know. I want you to understand you're right he obviously knew who Jesus was obviously if he knew he didn't deserve this if he knew he'd done just right if he knew and he recognized all this that he had probably come pretty close to Jesus. Betty more than heard about him I'll bet he hung around with them in a while but you know what happens when you hear the truth you've got to do 1 of 2 things you've got either follow it in walk in the light or you've got to turn your back and run as far as you can run and that's why add been a Safad off the Hill who they've got to go deep because they've got to get away from the conscience that's keeps. Convicting them I was trying to say that he was he really is trying to convict them that they need to turn back around that there's Grace at the foot of the cross Amen so you began to realize that here it is that this man obviously knew who Jesus was obviously I would say he'd even been maybe a follower of Jesus so now it is they're hanging on a cross and they're all there together and notice what he says verse 42 then he the thief that just talked back to the other 1 then he said then to Jesus Lord remember me we're now coming into the. Kingdom and Jesus said unto him Verily verily I say entity today now she'll be with me in paradise Well you begin to look at that and say OK what him promising excitement that here today Jesus was going to meet him in paradise worth Paradise Heaven the Bible tells us in Revelation Chapter 2. And I think verse 7 that the tree is in the midst. Of Heaven so without a doubt we're talking about heaven here that Jesus was promising him and people will look at then say see today today the thief was going to meet him in heaven I remember 1 time I was doing a series of meetings what's at issue 7 thank you I was I was doing a series of meetings and I was doing Question Answer I love question answers as in question answers and 1 came in about the whole idea of the thief on the cross and that didn't he go to heaven to meet Jesus that day and as I began to start to explain this person pipes out from the audience it says in don't give me that comma thing. And I simply said to them Well let's stop and take a look number 1 the punctuations in the Bible were not inspired. Just like the chapters and verses were not inspired. So they were they were 7 you'll find sometimes you'll see Daniel Levin and 12 actually really go together there should have been a separation there but it's OK I'm glad that they've separated because how would you find where I met If you didn't know how to get there. If I just started reading and said all hope you can find me that 1 that wouldn't work so I'm glad that they've done that but before I take you this whole punctuation thing that came into the in the 1400s I want to take you to the Bible for a minute because once again the Bible has to explain itself Amen so take your Bibles and go with me and I want to go to John and I want to go to John Chapter 19 John Chapter 19. And notice with me in verse 31 John Chapter 19 in I'd like verse 31. The Bible says. And the Jews therefore because it was the preparation what days that Friday that the body should not remain on the cross on the Sabbath day for the South that Sabbath was a high sabbath the sun pilot their legs might be broken and that they might be taken away then came the soldiers and break the legs of the 1st and of the other that was crucified with him and when they came to Jesus and saw that he was what dead already they break not his legs Now 1st off we began to see of the 3 who died 1st Jesus did it why did they want to break their legs. OK they were still alive weld breaking my legs would necessarily kill me. Well what really happened is this and that is on a Roman cross you had just a little bit of pedestal where your feet would be nailed so that with that they tied you up and nailed your hands to the cross pillar. As you began because of pain and because of being wearied you began to sink and you began to struggle to breathe you could take and actually lift up with your legs a little bit to get a little more air. But by breaking your legs you were not able to lift yourself up anymore and so you die quicker that's right but they came to Jesus and they saw that he was dead already so we know Jesus died before the thief right but then notice when we come to rebel enter to John Chapter 20 and verse 17 a moment it's John Chapter 20 and verse 17. Notice the Bible says and Jesus said enter this is resurrection morning hey that's the setting Jesus died he went to the tomb he rested over the Sabbath 1st thing Sunday morning he was resurrected Amen amen up praise God for the resurrection Amen amen Notice it says in Jesus saith unto her touch me not for I have not yet what ascended to my father Big go to my brother and say unto them I ascend and to my father and to your father and my god your gut wait a minute wait a minute what day are we on Sunday what day did he promise the thief Friday did he lie no then what how do you answer that if the Bible says on Sunday morning he had not yet ascended to the father I can promise you when he said today that I shall meet with me in paradise he didn't go to paradise on Friday. So how do you explain that. Well I put a little go back with me to Luke 23. And I put a little illustration on your worksheet. Now as you look under Luke 23 verses 42 to 43 I put a little illustration there and I want you to think about it as I read it the Bible says. That I will then say I am saying a woman without her man is nothing. It's not. OK but I want you to I want to show you something on your paper taken scribble that comma out of after man and put it before man. Put it right after her take it. Right here under under Luke 23. OK let's just put it up here. A woman. Without. Her man. In this now thing. Put an exclamation point now you could read it that way but what would happen if I took this comma a simple change took this comma and took a dot of 12 after man and simply put it before her you for after her or before men now notice it look. I'm not going there brother. But but but but look at what did the difference is in the sentence A Woman Without Her man is nothing. It's the point stop and think about it 1 change in a punctuation totally changed the meaning didn't it so when you look at this here it remembering that punctuations were not inspired and knowing that Jesus didn't go to paradise that day amen because of Jesus' promise to meet him in heaven on Friday and on Sunday he said I haven't yet gone to heaven I haven't yet ascended my father he'd be lying to somebody. But I don't believe he's lying Amen I simply think it's the interpretation that we put on it and that's why if you begin to look at this look at verse 23 with me again today again notice Luke Chapter 23 and verse 43 Luke 23 and verse 43. What do you know if we took that comma after the and put it after today. That would simply read this Jesus said unto him Verily I say on to the today. That I shall to be with me in paradise What has the changing of the comet from in front of the word 2 and back of the word change. Totally change the context and by changing the comma and reading the context that Jesus is trying to Yemeni and helps us to understand the subject in the same same way he has told us all the rest of way through Scripture Amen Amen so the thief didn't go to heaven that day I want you also think of something else what did the thief ask for. It OK said remember me but remember what. You know. Remember me when thou comest into the kingdom now let me ask you question when was Jesus coming into his kingdom at the 2nd coming after judgment so he wasn't asking to go to heaven that day he's simply saying listen when you come into your kingdom I want to be there. And she says I'm telling you right now that's a new Nelson Translation I'm telling you right now you're going to be with me in paradise praise the lord amen amen let's go look at another passage that's difficult to explain sometimes go with me to 2nd current DNS chapter 5 2nd Krinsky INS chapter 5. This is that 1 that is everybody loves to go to and verse 8. Second Christians chapter 5 in verse 8 the Bible says we are confident I say and willing rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord and people said There you go what more do you need when I die I leave this body and I'm present with the Lord Well remember. In order to understand the scriptures we have to understand it in context. Because notice if that's what you say back up to verse 6 where for we are always confident knowing that whilst we are at home in the body. We are what. Actions and lowered which means Lord is with you if you're alive. Right now that's what you have to say if you're going to say that when I'm absent from the body I'm present with the Lord so rather we need to take it in context and find out what is Paul talking about you know Peter he even tells us that poll sometimes is hard to be understood. But notice as we take it in context I'm going to I'm going to read down through I'm just a start at verse 1 and I'm going to read down through the chapter. And I'm going to do it very quickly but I want you to follow along and I want you to ask yourself the question what is Paul trying to tell us is he trying to give us an understanding of what happens when we die well let's read for ourselves notice chapter 5 2nd 5 Verse 1 for we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle was dissolved we have a building of God a house not made with hands eternal in the Heavens and I want you to stop and think about some from what did Jesus say don't worry about those people that can kill the body. But not the soul but rather fear him that can kill the body and soul in heaven so you know I mean hell so you begin to look at to realize that here Paul uses the metaphor of the earthly or the natural man or the carnal nature he uses lots of metaphors to help us to explain the difference between being spiritual and with Christ and be in earthly or worldly notice we continue on verse 2 and for this and for for in this we groan earning earnestly desiring to be closed upon with our house which is from heaven if so be that being closed we shall not be found naked for we see that our in this tabernacle do groan be unburdened not that we would be on close but closed upon that mortality might be swallowed up in life now he that has wrought us for this self-same thing is God who also has given unto us given unto us the earnest of the lot the spirit why does it give us a spirit. OK to give us life. To guide our lives. But the Holy Spirit doesn't guide the dead. Amen notice we continue on verse 6 therefore we are also can confident knowing that whilst we are at home in our body we are absent from the Lord for we walk by faith not by sight we are confident I say and willing rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord wherefore we labor that whether present or absent we may be what excepted by him what's he talking about. OK whether alive or dead he's talking about the fact of whether or not we are ready to meet Jesus is talking about whether or not we are 1 with him whether we've surrendered all to him he's talking about whether or not we have followed in the worldly path or we followed in the heavenly path the natural man or the spiritual main and he's saying listen I would rather be absent from this body I'd rather be absent from what goes on in this world and to be present with Jesus let me tell you the Bible says that he can give you a piece it passes all understanding even in the midst of a world of chaos now notice we continue on remember we got taken in context. Verse 9 where for we labor that whether at present or absent we may be accepted by him or of him verse 10 for we must watch that next word all appear what the for the Judgment Seat of Christ that every 1 May receive the things done in his body according to that he has done whether it be good or bad well let me ask a question why do you have to worry about that if your dad Amen does it sound like he's talking about how you die or how you live. Let's continue on knowing therefore verse 11 the terror of the Lord we persuade men but we are made manifest unto God and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences for we command not ourselves again until you but give you occasion to glory on your behalf that ye may have somewhat to answer them which glory in appearance and not in heart for whether we be beside ourselves it is up to God or whether we be sober it is for your cause for the love of Christ constrained with us because we thus judge not that if 1 died for all then all are. Dead dead and what I mean is he talking about death or the time of dead to sin. Will be some of death to sin he's not talking about the Natural Death Izzy he's talking about the spiritual death the death to the new human nature notice verse 15 and that he died for all that they would live in the time of those deliver those a die a month was a say and that they that he that died for all who is that Jesus that they which should live should not henceforth live on to themselves but unto him which die for them and rose again does that sound like you're talking about how you die or how you live. You live absolutely knows we're not done wherefore henceforth No we no man after the flesh once again there's a metaphor the natural man the carnal man the man of flesh. Yea though we have known Christ after the flesh yet now henceforth know him no more Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a what new creature old things are passed away and be cold behold all things are become new sound like it's how you die or how you live I you live notice we go on. And all things are of God who has reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ and has given to us a ministry of reconciliation What's that mean. A reconciler is 1 that takes 2 parties and helps to bring them together in so as God has reconciled the world he has taken a world that is lost and now brought them back into unity with the father Amen that was his job and that's what we're reconciliation means now as he gives you an idea that ministry notice what it says as it continues on verse 18 and all things are of God who has reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ and it's given to us the ministry of what reconciliation So once again I have to ask you is is Paul trying to tell you about how you die or how you live how you live and he's saying we're ambassadors for Christ he's saying that we are we are there and transformed into a new nature to be like Christ and we are to reconcile the lost world to Jesus Christ where that reconciler him in him in Notice we continue on verse 19 to wit that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself not imputing their trust passes on to them and that committed on to us the word of God reconciliation now then we are watch embassadors for Christ I can be of baster for Christ if your dad. Amaan you can so once again this chapter if you read it in its context is not talking about to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord me when I die I go to heaven he's not trying to talk about what happens when you die he's trying to talk about the death of the natural man talking about the death of the person that we are born with in taking on that new life in Christ notice what he says in verse 17 Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature all things are passed away and behold all things are become New him and so this is not to be absent from body to the end is to be present with the Lord is not talking about death Amen it's actually talking about your spiritual life. Because God has called you to be an ambassador and he doesn't want you to be a dead invested in man you want you to be alive but let me tell you if you're to be a true investor you've got to know His will and men you've got to know exactly what it is that he wants and what His Kingdom is about so that you can share it with others and reconcile them with Christ they don't need to be reconciled us we need to help reconcile them with Jesus Amen Amen so when you look at this passage of Scripture you realize that if you read it in its context it really has nothing to do with death in men as we would know it let's take a look at another passage of Scripture Let's go to 1st chapter 4 and verse 14 versus alone eons chapter 4. And verse 14. Versus alone eons chapter 4. Verse 14 it's another 1 people like to say but let me let me ask you a question so far in all the passages that we have seen. Has there been a hint that when we die we go to heaven know the Bible's very clear when we die we wait in the grave until the resurrection either 1 or the other and I hope if I have to go by the grave I hope it's in the 1st resurrection Amen and I'm I was I said earlier I'm hoping to live see Jesus come and I think that's a reality for everyone in this room because I believe we're that near that near but notice here what it says 1st testimony in chapter 4 verse 14 for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him well there you go pastor when Jesus comes he's going to be I'm always around and I have to say wait a minute with everything else we've studied so far today how many souls are in heaven we know if you. We know we know at least. And Moses and even ache and we know that when when Jesus was risen from the dead that there were some that came out of the graves we believe they went back to heaven the Bible depicts 4 beast and fix for 24 elders so you know we don't we're not given who all they are but I can tell you this God has taken some back as the 1st fruits of his resurrection Amen praise the Lord for that but I want you to ask yourself the question if the Bible teaches that when we die we rest in the grave until he comes again how's he going to bring them with him. And then. So you just begin to know that you've got to put take it in context so back it up let's look at verse 13. But I would not have you to be ignorant brother and concerning them which are what asleep what does that mean those that are dead that's right I would not have you ignore brother concerning them which are asleep or dead that she sorrow not even as others which have no hope for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him now if you look at the original language there it actually would read them God which sleep in Jesus will bring with him see now you couldn't you could take that 1 or 2 ways you could take it that God is going to bring him back from heaven or you could take it that when God When Jesus comes back to heaven he's going to bring the Saints with you notice we continued to take it in context. Your original is them God which sleep in Jesus will bring with him so you begin to look at this idea as we continue to go on notice verse 15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord that we which are alive and remain got to put it in here what's another word for remain. Left. There we go. Unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep what's the word prevent means means to Priest cedar go before now son think of Paul the same that those that are alive and remain are not going to go to heaven before those that have died but see then you have to turn that around Also don't you. The dead are going to go before the living and the living are going to go before that Dad why because notice verse 16 for the Lord Himself should be sent from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise what 1st then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them lose them. Those that have just been resurrected That's right gathered Then we which are live and remain should be caught up together with them in the clouds in where the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord where for comfort 1 another with these words why would Paul try to say 2 verses before he says that the dead in Christ are going to Rice 1st and say that he's going to bring them back with him already. You've got to put it in context Paul is not trying to say that that Jesus is bringing the dead ones back with him he's rather saying that he is going to come and when he comes he's going to take all of his his righteous Saints living and dead that he raises back to heaven with him amen praise God That's why he says where for comfort 1 another with these words I want you to ask yourself the question know who wrote the book of 2nd Corinthians. Paul who wrote the book of 1st US alone eons Paul why when Paul tell the church at Corinth to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and say listen when you die you're going to go to heaven and now tell the church at Tesla Nika that you've got to wait in resurrection. See Paul is not confused. It teaches the same thing Paula simply trying to say that when Jesus comes he's going to gather His saints and with it with how does he put it the Lord Himself should be sent from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise 1st then we which are live and remain should be caught up together with them in the air to meet the Lord are in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so should we ever be with the Lord listen Paul is trying to help us to understand the great joy that we're going to have on that day Oh I love that man I tell you I can I love that song What A Day A That will be. When my gas'. The when. The 1 who say a me by his grave. Then he takes me. In and leads me to judge the promise. Of. A glorious day a that will be the I got to tell you all of us have dead loved ones that we just can't wait for this time when God raises them from the dead I tell you I was at my gramma's bedside I was running from God in my gramma said to me 1 day she said what's it going to take for you to go back to church and I said all grandma you'll outlive me don't worry about it in a week later to the day I was at the hospital when she passed away I was singing at her funeral and as I was singing at her funeral I don't even know how to sing a song because to be honest with you all I can remember is thinking about grandma is ready to meet Jesus in the next saying she's going to hear is that trumpet the next saying she's going to hear is that voice that says grandma are come forth. What about me I wasn't ready to meet Jesus. And I tell you what I began to really think about this whole idea of what happens when we die and what happens if we choose not to serve Jesus because remember this if you die you go to the grave without making things right with Jesus your destiny is already determined and it isn't going to be joyful in the end of it all and I can tell you what my grandma got me thinking but I got to tell you I wasn't I didn't change right then 2 weeks later my dad had a stroke and that's when I said OK Lord I don't want to be 60 years old and know you've called me to do a work and not have done it and right there at 2 30 in the morning July 3rd 1993 I gave my heart back to Jesus and I'll tell you what I was kneeling out in the middle of a drag strip and we were looking up at a moon that was was was bigger and fuller than I'd ever seen before. And I tell you I just confessed for running in for keeps confessed for all the sins that I had been doing I was workin 7 days a week most times 20 hours a day when to the hospital 3 different times since I was having heart attacks Dr says not your heart says you need slow down and stress. And I can tell you what life isn't always easy or in ministry but I tell you what when you do what God wants you to do there's a peace that passes all understanding Amen. So you know all I got to do is put my trust in him and I can't worry about the idea of of whether I die or whether I live to see him come all I can tell you is that I want to be there when he comes the 2nd time Amen and you know winter either way that's right so you know it comes down when you let the Bible interpret itself you can No you can always trust the Bible Jesus was with his disciples for 3 and a half years if anybody would have known to do will of God It should have been them don't you think. And yet what was what was his number 1 concern for them. The Bible says Take heed that no man deceive you listen this deception of death has been going on since the Garden of the day it's the devil's plan to get you to believe don't worry about it because you don't really die. I want to submit to you that the Bible says we are going to die unless Jesus comes. But you can know that you're going to be right and you can know that you're 1 with him and you can know that you can have the confidence that Jesus is going to raise you from the dead and take you home with him Amen amen I want that whole pub out you aimin Let's have our heads for a word of prayer our dear kind Heavenly Father want to say thank you so much for each 1 it was here I want to thank you so much for the promises you give us the promises says you're preparing mansions for us and if you go to prepare a place for us that you will come again and receive a Sunday yourself that where you are we will be also so Lord I pray for your blessing upon us as we continue to enjoy camp meeting May your spirit prevail upon us may we understand your trews and Lord May we have the boldness to share them so bless us now in Jesus precious name Amen. 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