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AudioVerse Around the World - 3ABN Today Interview

Alistair Huong Tim Arakawa
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Join Tim Arakawa and Alistair Huong, Co-founder and Executive Director of AudioVerse respectively, in this 3ABN Today interview as they share some of the amazing ways that God is using AudioVerse to touch countless lives around the world.


  • May 20, 2018
    9:00 AM
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Hello and welcome to 3 A B. and today my name is Molly Stephenson and I welcome you and I want to invite you to spin the next hour with us as we get to know the the inside of an incredible ministry that God has given to this world to spread the gospel of the kingdom you know I want to share a Scripture with you and that's what 3 A This scripture is what 3 A.B.N. us all about and it's what the ministry that we're going to share with you today is all about and that would be Matthew $2414.00 and the Scriptures say yes and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come create the hands purpose is to get the message to the poor corners of the earth and. This ministry that is with us today is has the very same purpose the very same ministry we want to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with as many as we can so allow me now to introduce to you 2 incredible young man that are doing a wonderful job to spread the gospel to the 4 corners of the Earth 1st we have with us Tam. Tam it is so good to have you with us and I believe that your sister is married to your coworker is that correct that's right this is my brother in law your brother in law so we're happy to have him and Allister This is our sister Juan didn't get that right yeah those are. OK Alice Stewart and you are the executive director of Audi go 1st and I didn't tell you but tell me is the co-founder of the co-founder of audio verse and today we're going to have the incredible opportunity of getting to know all about audio verse this ministry that is using Oh I'm lying media to reach the world with the Gospel But 1st before we're going to have a song here in just a moment and it's a beautiful song this is my father's world we're going to have that in just a moment but before we go to our song what I want to do is to let you get to know more about Tim and Allister So Tim tell us just a little up that you're saying. Well currently a practicing physician at the 7th Day Adventist clinic that's on the beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and I'm married to my wife Sonny and I have 2 little boys you know and no so you're in Guam you're in the medical field married with 2 sons but still you're a part of a worldwide ministry so this is going to be interesting to know all of the. Tales of it and Allister tell us a little about your say oh yes and as as you mentioned earlier Tim and I we are very close friends but we're also brothers in law I'm married to a sister her name is Deborah and she and I live in the College Hill Chattanooga area of Tennessee and we have a little girl namely Lonnie who's 2 and a half right now and she's just the sunshine of our lives you know with you know he told me the most interesting thing he said that she is in such a D. delightful era of her life she is 2 and a half years old and just adorable but he said the 1st few months were a little difficult what made those 1st few months difficult Well the reality was that the 1st few months didn't feel like a few months a feller years because night and day would blur together and we never really slept regular hours and so it was just 1 long day and once our little girl started sleeping through the night everything changed and boy it's just gotten better and better since then absolutely Well I think every parent that I know can relate I told you that we've got a beautiful song coming up the presenter the person that's going to minister to us is Johan Santana and I can the name of this song is this is my father's world. You're. More or. Less. Johansson Tara and what a beautiful rendering of this is not fathers for all thank you so much and gentleman you are here representing are presenting to us the ministry of audio 1st and I would like to know TANF a shoe or a co-founder I thought I would go you went past you price what. What is the foundation of the history of audio verse well audio verse started originally back in 2005 and if you can think back that far there was it was very different back then we didn't have all this social media smartphones with all of our apps and things like that but we did have were M P 3 S. we had the Internet and so there were beginning to be ways to spread the gospel that hadn't existed before. At the same time there was a revival that was sweeping through the campus of Loma Linda University and so there were young people all over the southern California area that were becoming on fire for the Lord they were learning more about Jesus they wanted to share that with those around them and part of that included events for instance there was an eventual 6 year is that was led and run by students called Restoration there was also it a little Sabbath school class in the university church that was called Advent hope and there were other G. Y.C. like events including 1 that's now called the Southwest that were happening all of these events were bringing in wonderful speakers with life transforming messages and we were looking for a way to share those with other people they were all recorded but in the old days we had to burn a CD pass it along it was very difficult to do and all of a sudden this way opened up through M P 3 to share and that was really the beginning of audio verse and so here was. A main to get the gospel to them that was being presented by the young people and to the hands of other young people through this M P 3 and tell the people exactly what Adil verse does how does he reached the world with the with the gospel. Right so from that small beginning audio verse was primarily a website that promoted or shared sermon material from local events in the Loma Linda area and from that beginning it grew to become a website that ended up posting messages from lots of other events. International Convention that also is aired on 3 B. in. Every August and other youth conferences such as the generation of Youth for Christ which is what Tim just referred to which is a lazy run youth movement conference health and really as well and so it is a Web site primarily at least that's how we have been known early on as a sermon website a website to download free sermons but the ministry has grown since those early years to now realizing with the Internet and with the power of media there's a lot of other material that could be shared other than just sermons or seminars and so at all diverse we have a burden to present the gospel to all members of the family to people of all faiths them backgrounds to people of all ethnicities and and cultures because that's what our mission is here you read the verse from Matthew 24 and so since that time Audie verse has grown to provide other content as well we have also audio bible and multiple versions we also have the audio books we also have some children's programming we have online courses and was really exciting is that we also have expanded our library to not just have English messages but also we have language or websites and 7 other languages for other people groups around the world and all of this is available through also mobile apps now and just like Tim referred to it's hard to remand him but when Audie of Earth 1st started in 2005 You Tube didn't exist Facebook didn't exist and now here we are with all of these amazing technologies and we are continuing to innovate and use technology and all of these other media sources to reach morsels for Jesus you know I went online just googled Yes audio verse and went online and when I opened up your home page I was so impressed that there were of the 7 different languages saying you just clicked on the 1 that was you know pretend he is right and so you really are reaching every nation Kidron. In people that's what Jesus told us to do it helps leads and also I know that 3 A.B.N. has worked with a hearty go 1st I went in my files because since 2000 Apple it was 2009 we have been making the audio feed of the little ball to you for G Y C and then you take those incredible sermons and make them available to viewers all over the world now I wanted to ask you this for instance a sermon that you get from G Y C It will be in English is it then translated into other languages or is that what happens Well it's interesting you bring that up because we recently have been looking at how can we do better in reaching people of other language groups up till now each language website has had its own source of content we want to as far as possible to get native speakers and messages from their culture and their world view but we are looking at looking at expanding that to allow for some translation of really powerful foundational biblical messages from the English side over as well as so that perhaps maybe something soon that will begin doing that will be amazing to be able to translate into the language of rights that that's always another weapon another tool in God's arsenal to be able to use what we like to consider. Every avenue available to get the message you know people will call us and ask us and I expect they do this to you as well can we use your material own own our platform and 3 A.B.N. heart has always been another avenue to get the gospel to the world every avenue that's more souls that will have access to to the the the Word of God and be able to own. Coming to the knowledge of the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as we have Angel as this world we all are doing an incredible work I think kid it's a stream or a platform 3 a being and isn't covering and this is what is so beautiful I think about God in his full riot to us that he uses every have a new and we are so happy that we have been able to partner with you for all of these years as we encourage and help each other that's right and I certainly agree with you Molly is just been a joy working with 3 B.N. and have to do as you've alluded to we are moved by the same spirit and we're here to do the same work in partnership and that's to spread the 3 angels messages to the whole world in this generation and using whatever means is necessary and so it's just been a wonderful partnership and we're so privileged to be able to work with 3 B.N. You know something that 3 gabion takes very seriously and I know you do too is that we truly feel that God has intrusted and in time message to our church he's made us responsible for it and now it's our responsibility in honor of God to see that this message gets into the world through because he really is going to return and in fact we have a video that we brought with us to just illustrate how just 1 message or a 1 download or 1 stream or 1 view may translate into something much more there is a young man that you were going to be seeing named Isaac who's going to just share a brief testimony of how the messages on audio verse has completely changed his life praise God Let's see that video. So a number of years ago I was really struggling to make sense of absenteeism I was trying to find a basis for having us beliefs. Actresses who call it logical basis and a friend of mine introduced me to audio. And I discovered so many messages that were deep in God's word and really relevant and inspiring and it gave me such a richer appreciation for the. If not for audio verse there's a good chance that today I would be an avid and maybe not even a Trish So I'm standing here today a large part because of audience so thank you. So you see Molly Isaac is just 1 young person whose life has been completely transformed he said he probably wouldn't even be a Christian if it weren't for the messages on audio verse he's a young man but we realise particularly since Tim and I are both parents now that there are also you even younger members of our families that there's not a whole lot of material that's available for them as parents we look at the media landscape and there's just a lot of inappropriate material vying for children's attention and so we have just been moved by the Spirit to also provide something for them and I know Tim has had some experience as a young man that has influenced some of the decisions that we've made and perhaps you can share a little bit about so you're not just interested in reaching the adults That's right yeah being a parent will really make you the changes things are you know it's the children's souls to be reached as well right you know as a child sitting around the radio after church just waiting in eager anticipation for your story our Uncle Dan and aunts. And just really. Just being amazed as a listen to those stories and to spend that spiritual time together with the family and now that I have children I want to share that too with my children to have that. Spiritual bonding time with them have 2 boys and their ages are $4.00 and $6.00 and their names are you know that is beautiful and unique and no kidding that's right and so with that with a burden on our hearts we have embarked on an initiative to provide children materials on audio verse and we actually partnered with your story our with a few of their programs on there and also like voice of prophecy We've also parted with them but what most I'm exciting to me is that we have actually started creating a series of children's programs ourselves our audio program is called Story time adventures and these are programs that teach true life character building stories that help young people develop a love for Jesus to make positive choices and each episode also has a memorable song usually a scripture song or something of the sort to just fix these lessons on the tender hearts and boy we've just started but the parents have already told us they can't wait for the next episode and so we just can't get them done fast enough but Story time adventure is a brand new initiative it's available on audio verse now with new episodes coming out every month so they can go to go to your website on your purse and click on it and find this story just look for the stories section and you'll find all the stories there you know I want to interject just a little 3 a B. in story if I may. I was shopping grocery shopping at my local Kroger's and these 2 little girls came up to me and they were just let me make blinking there I think we know you and. You know how do you mean it was from 3 A.B.N. But let me tell you what brought them to be viewers have 3 A.B.N. their parents home school them very godly parents but they're not 7th Day Adventist and they wanted programming for their children and the only place they could find. Children's programming that was appropriate was 3 aping And so once they put the children's programming on they never changed the channel and now the young girl the older of the 2 they were maybe 7 and 9 the older 1 said Oh my favorite story is 3 A.B. and today and she knew every single 1 probably not every single most of the people on 3 gave me a children's programming is vitally important it gets the children but you know what it did in this instance that the parent things went on for praise the Lord gets so we're trying to do the same thing thing with another avenue another tool and in addition to that we've also been looking at other ways to expand other types of content and you know we are looking into some online classes and Tim can explain a little bit of the background for that well you know there's another segment of people who also want to find more resources perhaps someone would want to learn more about how to share Jesus with a friend you some of vandalism so witnessing or maybe how to grow in their healthy habits in their lifestyle but many people don't have access to let's say a Bible training school or other resources like that and so what we want to do is we want to think about those people and produce courses that they can access wherever they are in the world I live in Guam and I don't have access to some of the resources that most people do and I'm really excited that audio verse has the ability through the internet to provide courses. Now it's something that I've noticed that you haven't said any instance concerning the sermons that you make available the children's programming and now an online school is if there's a charge for any of this so so this online school it sounds so. So powerful to be able to go online. And get some education in some areas and you make this available in no cost to the person this looking at well the school there is a minimal cost just because of the cost of production $3.00 B.N. understands a very little but the goal here is not primarily to make money it's just simply to cover the cost keep the lights on but to make it available as affordably as we possibly can and so but of course the children's program in the service they are all available at no cost I knew you were I Miss Faith ministries but we certainly do understand that you do have to pay the electric Bale has just and for some reason that is mightily important we do have some free courses so it's not that everything has a charge attached to it but some of the courses that we offer are things really related to practical aspects of life so as to mention we have flagship series of evangelism training courses that we did in partnership with the event Emanuel Institute of evangelism found in Michigan and we have 3 courses currently actually 4 courses 1 is a free introductory course and then we have a Personal Evangelism course teaches people how to share their faith more effectively how to give Bible studies and call for decisions of a course on public evangelism and also an exciting course called How to create a culture of evangelism in your local church and personally I think every church should take that course because it's practical and it gets your church members on fire to work for Jesus but besides that we also have some other courses like Introduction to natural remedies we have a course on how to reverse heart disease called Heart savvy and naturally reversing heart disease naturally and also even in organic gardening class you know and we have also other courses in the pipeline that we're working on right now and will be excited to share soon you know nline schooling is becoming more and more popular has people find we have. Young people here at 3 A began that work here that's right you know at night they're taking on line course he said Hertha ring their education so this is 1 of those cutting edge tools that you are offering to to further people in becoming more effective tools to be used exactly right and so you know we have we have another video to share about the online courses and Keith as you will see in just a moment is an individual who realized that in his line of work he could actually use these online courses to improve his ministry but also as a tool to help others come to know Jesus as well and maybe we can take a look at that now I'd love to see it. C.P.R. and 1st day for the American Heart Association and you know it's kind of a stand alone business and so I have people come in to train for C.P.R. class and as they are training I'm asking God like OK how do I talk to these people how do I share crys with these people who are transitioning from C.P.R. into the Christ gospel and so I'm praying about that and on this particular day and then 1 day the same day as I'm praying I go in my email I get a email from audio verse and it has on the e-mail. Chart 7 which is a course or an audio verse events which is also because I say Oh wow now aka transition people from. C.P.R.. To from health into the Gospel Noella why I said that health ministry should be presented as a Bible study and so I saw that opportunity and I went ahead and did that opportunity has been a blessing and I've learned a lot and I shared a lot with me and my students praise the Lord. You know I love the story that Keith tells because it embodies that spirit of witnessing and wanting to share and find any avenue possible to share Christ and so really that's that's something the audience has always been interested in but as we've been talking about audio verse is really currently a major resource for Adventists all around the world but over the years many people have come up to me and asked Is there any evangelistic. Way that I can spread the blessings that I've been receiving from audio verse to those around me especially to those who may not know Jesus or maybe are not familiar with 70 haven't isn't and so we have recently created a special website that's designed specifically for witnessing. And really at audio verse we have over $16000.00 messages now in our archive Wow downloaded over $4000000.00 times around the world over $200.00 countries and it's record frankly is a little overwhelming and so for a new person who is unfamiliar with audio verse or what a 3 B.N. might be just landing on a website with all of these thousands of choices is sometimes counterproductive they don't know where to start and so we wanted to do better at sharpening the point of the spear so to say to make an inroad into people's hearts and as we looked at our data we realized hey the most powerful and most engaging content we have in our library were personal testimonies because hey everyone loves a good story isn't that right and so we realize while we are sitting on a treasure trove so many powerful testimonies that if we only could bring them to the surface to make them easily accessible we can touch so many people and that's what journeys and script it is all about journeys and script dot com is a sister site that we developed by the that was developed by the Audi 1st team with the express focus of making it a friendly place for people of all faiths and all persuasions to come find the divine author who wants to script our lives for us and these stories are just amazing miracle stories of God's healing power deliverance from besetting sins or addictions and so we are using this as an outreach tool for people to share and I just want to also bring this out and that is that we wanted to make this. A very effective tool for people to use offline not just online because that personal touch is so important and so we have actually created these small tracks goes along with journeys and scripted where each track is actually a summary of a story that can be found on the website and you read The These can be read by individuals there's an appeal at the end and also a link to say if you want to hear this story with all the details the rest of the story or if you want to sign up for bible studies we can just send them to the website and it's a wonderful tool to lead other people to make a decision for Jesus journeys unscripted dot com That's right click on that and now tell me again how you can actually receive the tracks just so these tracks are all available right now at the audio verse store and if you just visit our website at ADI Verse dot org There are links to journeys a scripted and links to our online courses links to our store it's easily accessible right on the homepage now I want to tell you that we are going to give an you know an address role here before very long so get your pencil and paper because I know you're going to want to get these addresses and contact information for these gentleman but just for and they are we are telling you these different addresses so that you can just exciting it was exciting for me again the way I got to their website was I googled him you know 1st just Google him and then click that's when you can find all of this wonderful information that we're telling you about all right and I just have to share this because the impact that we've had with Journey as a script it has already started to trickle in we we launched the website just around Christmas time at the end of 2017 and it's only been a few short months since then but we've already gotten. Bible study requests for personal bible studies people signing up for them and what's amazing is that a number of these individuals are from countries outside North America like Indonesia and Malaysia which as you know are both Muslim countries and this type of early response and I believe there is a lot more to come it just goes to show the power of technology how the Internet can transcend boundaries just geographical boundaries but more important than that personal testimonies also can transcend boundaries cultural boundaries religious even to bring the Gospel of Jesus right to the hole right into the heart of individuals that I was just so excited to see what God is going to keep doing you know you can argue with somebody about their theology or so forth but you just can't argue with somebody personal testimony when they sack this is what happened to me you can argue with they had and you know it's so exciting that you're already getting the feedback yes because there is some equations that percentage and I don't know what that is now I've heard various if for every e-mail you get how many more people were actually watching that didn't they didn't respond to you so if you're if you're getting feedback that means that it's an effective ministry it's actually doing what you had intended to do that's. God's word never returns and to Him void Yes And we believe that with all of our hearts and that's what we're all about and yes I mean well I think that. We want to look at how do you how do you get people involved in this ministry Well audio verse we really have a lot of different avenues you know we look at the the technology in the world social media so there are a lot of opportunities for people to share and also people to get training like with the courses and now with these tracks that we talked about that people can utilize these as evangelistic tools to share with their friends we believe that the media piece the technology piece that's not the full picture we as disciples of Jesus we have to do our part and so we want to encourage our viewers or listeners to do their part get the discipleship training whether it be with an online course be a soul winner for Jesus by sharing a message improve your spirituality by listening to messages and share the tracks maybe even and so these are just some of the ways that people can get involved and I just if it's all right I just want to share just a story that just ready to burst out of me OK about an individual does just. Life is changing just really goes to show tied together all of these things that we're talking about and this young man is his name is Tad and he was brought up in a unique home he was of the Hmong descent minority group in the ethnic group in the Southeast Asia region but he was raised in Minnesota in the in the U.S. Cold Country old country and also in the Catholic faith however they did go to church every Sunday but really God and religion didn't permeate their lives during the week. But in the early 2000 somewhere in there he was introduced to the Bible in the real way and he started reading any got interested. But he didn't understand he just couldn't grasp what was the message he was supposed to take home and I'm sure many of us go through similar dry spells in our Bible study and in the year 2007 a family member introduced him to the generation of Youth for Christ conference which happened to be held that year in his hometown of Minneapolis All right so for the 1st time he was in the room or in a convention center with thousands of people talking about Jesus praying and Zani people I felt that people on fire for Jesus and he realized I need this but he couldn't go to all the meetings there were so many seminars and there was so much going on he just wanted more of it and he heard that all of the messages were being recorded and that they would also be available on audio verse and I was 3 be in probably was there too and so will after the conference he went home and he logged on to audio verse and he just absorbed and devoured all of the 00s of messages he just began listening nonstop and he started to realize the Bible was not a mystery anymore Jesus was not a foreign mysterious figure anymore he started to understand things the Bible started making sense he started having a basis for believing what the Word of God. And he had a very unique work situation where he was working in a manufacturing job in effect tree where he had to wear hearing protection in order to protect his hearing every day and he realized he could be playing music and listening to the radio but it hit him why not listen to sermons to improve my time while I'm at work and I have to do this anyway what a unique pretties Yes and he would be he would work Monday through Thursday is 10 hours a day and so he would load up his M P 3 player and he would listen to sermons for 10 hours a day every day at work that can do nothing but change that much or your input of God's word and as we know by beholding you could become changed right into the same things we fill our minds with you know it's amazing thing is he didn't do this for just 1 week or a month or even a year get this he listened to 10 hours of audio verse sermons every day at work for 7 years 7 years and then years and he told us that he estimates he listened to at least way over I would imagine by now $5000.00 hours of sermon material all from audio verse and during his time at work and just like you said Molly it is absolutely impossible for someone to hear the truth that much and not have an effect on him absolutely and you know during this time he told us also that he was struggling with addictions and things in his life sometimes he would be smoking while listening to sermons at the same time realizing on 1 hand his need of Jesus but not necessarily knowing how to go about it but 7 years later in the year 2013 he said enough is enough I have to turn everything over to Jesus and he was baptized into Jesus Christ in 2013 but he didn't stop there as you were mentioning earlier the whole. Dia's to get involved and to use our talents for witnessing he has actually gone through the amazing fact center of evangelism training course for full time ministry praise God and just to see you know overall prolonged period of time such a simple idea that started as a bunch of young people putting sermons on a website the multiplication effect on the life of now this young man his whole family and now as a minister for Jesus Praise God Praise God and it and it goes back to his diligence and listening to God's word and new making that word a vital to him to readily access that's thank God it takes all of us working together to accomplish There's a saying none of us have it all together but to gather we have it all and if we all do our part then the whole gets accomplished so that's that's what we're doing it's a beautiful testimony yes and it just brings chills up and down my spine when I think about while God is really working yes he is STILL have other testimony or system only. He is well you know God is working all over the world and I know of a wonderful young man his name is a seat and he grew up on the island of. Which is a small group of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean even smaller than believe it or not and he grew up there. Without access a lot of the resources that we take for granted nowadays and. They don't even have a very reliable Internet they're you know it's such a small island and so there is a difficulty to hear wonderful wonderful sermons like audio verse has but what 1 of his friends would do is they when they were off island they would download sermons from audio verse and they would burn them onto a CD remember we talked about the old way of doing things they would bring it back on CD to the island and there they would put in a CD player and gather around as a group of friends and listen to these sermons over and over and over again some of those sermons they probably listened to $100.00 times as many so they really ingrained the message into their hearts and that's really where missed seat learn to become a faithful Adventist and as that desire grew in his heart he began to want to be a bible worker and so that's the 1st time that I actually met Missy It was on the island of Guam he was a Bible worker for an event of the sixty's were having with our church and I remember him walking up to me and he recognized me right away and introduced himself but he told me the way that he recognized me was not from my face because he had never seen me before but he recognized my inner voice. Because it just so happens that my voice is the voice at the end of each audio verse sermon there is a bumper at the end and so he heard had heard that bumper so many times that he actually knew me from just hearing the voice but the bottom line is that he became a Bible worker and eventually he heard God's calling is life to become a pastor and so he actually became if you can believe this or not he became the pastor of my church so now I call him past. It is just wonderful to see how the Lord used a small ministry. To work in the life of a little boy in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and now that's come around full circle and now I am a recipient of the blessings of the pastor that I love very dearly you know something that you're saying about this gentleman as well is he listened to the word over and over and over again sometimes on 3 A.B.N. because we do reruns sometimes people will well you know say oh you've got too many reruns do you know that the power of sin that word never never changes they never loses its power and every reading the Bible every time you read the Bible you get something else out of it and you can say you know I for it that chapter but I never saw this before or I heard it so I know I've heard that sermon 4 times but I didn't hear that it's so important I tell people it's amazing is it is people kit come into the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ they get delivered they get set free on reruns thank God for rewrites right every time you listen to something over and over again Faith comes by hearing and hearing back God's word that's powerful but the but going back to a common denominator is that they listen to the word over and over and over again some other testimony or love testimony you know we talk about the effect of the messages of audience on an individual's life but really there are other ways that the Lord uses these messages that we don't really even realize and 1 of the most amazing things that I have come to realize is that audio verse has been a source of support encouragement and nourishment for our missionaries overseas Yes I have has so many of them come up to me when they're back in. States on furlough or or when I see them of various places when I travel more than 1 occasion they come in the say thank you so much for audio verse we're out there and we're very lonely we're somewhat isolated from our support system and sometimes there's just working so hard to save the souls of those that came to minister to that they don't have time for themselves and so the Word of God delivered to them through the medium of the Internet has been a way to support them some of them even say they might be 6 hours away from town they only go in for supplies once a month or once every 2 weeks and they always make a stop at the Internet cafe with their flash drive with plenty of space to download every single message that has been released since their last visit and that's that's their source of life giving water for the next 2 weeks or month before they come back to town and when I think about it that to us in our statistics that's just 1 download or 1 view or stream but by impacting the life of the missionary we could change entire cities entire countries yes continents you know if they're coming into town so probably they're getting supplies food supplies yes for their physical bodies but they're getting supplies for their spiritual. As well that's exactly right and it's for missionaries all over the world does it sound the United Way and the Internet isn't local to any 1 area that's available everywhere there is internet access and that is quarrelling exponentially throughout the whole world that's right and we just praise the Lord for him using the holy through the Ministry of the Holy Spirit to just open the way as long as we're doing our part the end result may not be what we intended or even knew was possible but the Lord knew all along and he knows exactly how we can multiply the effect of the word you know we look at technology and technology is abused in some time. Times technology can can carry evil content but we don't want to do away with technology because also it's a mains that the Lord can use to to share of the Gospel going back to our opening scripture of this message of the kingdom has got to be preached way or it's to the whole world and we know that physically we aren't able to do that but in in countries will call them dark and countries. Where the gospel isn't even a lie have we get feedback from countries where to acknowledge that you're a Christian could be life threatening we get feedback from them about their services if they have underground and how did they received it on this modern technology it's how they received the message that has changed their life and now always changing their family's life and sure saying it is it is so important that we use every means available to me and that is that's why we exist absolutely Now I know that we're going to go to an address troll here before long as mentioned this before because it's so vitally important you take advantage of all of this information that we're making available to you and that audio verse is making available to you but also I am going to dare to say that you need financial help as well would you like to tell us some of the areas they have financial help would be a blessing to audio verse at this time. Sure you know as a ministry The operates by faith we have to testify that the Lord has always supplied all of our needs and yet we want to make the opportunity available to those who want to participate and to have the opportunity to. Be part of this mission and so we have so many projects that really are looking at ways to enhance the technology use just like you say so there are needs to improve our infrastructure and the technology we're using because as you know technology is not standing still there are always new innovations and the phones you know 5 years ago are no longer in operation and technology 5 years from now will also change and so investment in technology is always something that's needed we've talked about the international growth we have a deep burden for reaching people not of this country and the people who perhaps may not be able to understand English and so we want to do more in the translation work in reaching to other language groups and that is the real big burden of of our team and also the children's programming is something we continue to invest in and new courses for training individuals and we also have ideas to create other outreach platforms similar to journeys unscripted that can be on other topic areas perhaps to make it even more effective to reaching people whatever means that the Lord provides through the 3 B.N. family or elsewhere we use every single penny. Expressly for the purpose of taking the gospel to the world there's no other reason why we exist and I believe that's also why 3 V.N. exists and know that the Lord will provide and he always blesses but we invite any any of our listeners or viewers to join us in this mission because we're in it to to the very end until Jesus comes well I can see just by your testimony that you've shared both of you that audio verse is an effective ministry it's a ministry that really is getting the gospel to 2 to those that need it so badly so this would be a ministry that would be very vital to furthering the cause of Christ and a ministry that we can take great confidence in that you're handling the finances properly and that you are furthering the reach of the Gospel and so I know that you want to get in contact with them and we have contact information now so here is how you can reach either Alister R.T.M. are already over. Audio verse is an online collection of bio based media content that's available for anyone in the world to stream and download for free each year millions of files that inspire and educate spiritually minded people of all ages are downloaded in over 200 countries check out their presenters sermons audio Bibles and testimonies by visiting audio Vers dot org That's audio Verse dot org You may also reach them by telephone at 951-223-6794 the right to audio verse Post-office Box 2 to 8 college Dale Tennessee 37315. Hello. And I want you to know how much we appreciate your faith and often sacrificial support of 3 angels Broadcasting Network when God 1st impressed Danny Shelton to begin building 3 A B. and he honestly had no concept of what God would eventually do with this ministry he only heard the simple instruction given him to build a television station that was rich the world 1 that would preach the undiluted 300 messages Revelation 14 Danny move forward in faith and 380 and television came on the air less than 2 years later and from that day forward it has continued to grow today 3 angels broadcasting network includes 8 television and 4 radio channels over a vast network of stations all around the world these can also be seen and heard over the Internet and on satellite but that's not all we also have a $38.00 B.N. but the vision as well as the 3 A.B.M. music that publishes crisis and turned music. The days and D.V.D.'s our passion is to get the message to the world through any and every means we can and we've been doing that for over 31 years thanks to you 3 angels Broadcasting Network is here only because of your prayers and financial support through the years we have been grateful to those who support us through a monthly check others choose to give their texting. Through recurring deductions from their accounts but now there are even easier ways to support financially our website now accept your support through Pay Pal from the United States and other countries making it easy for supporters to get in their own currency we're also tremendously grateful for those who have chosen to become blessing is on the go evangelism team members registering to give a monthly donation of bikini a man to support evangelism around the world and in their own neighborhood in return month we send them a D.V.D. CD book or Bible study to share with their family friends and neighbors please remember that 3 angels Broadcasting Network is a 50163 nonprofit organization and with that your support we would not be on the air any point if the Holy Spirit impresses you to support police injured tax you still creating in post office box to 20 Western for Illinois and my God rich relations. Well gentlemen this time has just quickly flown by and I have thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about audio 1st now I know that our viewers and our listeners their hearts have been pricked with the vitality in this ministry that is reaching out to so many and I want each of you tell me I'll start with you just look into your camera and explain to the people how vitally important it is for this message to continue to go. Well there may be many of you who are struggling with something in your life right now and perhaps you know of someone who also is struggling it could be a reason illness could be financial difficulties could be just a difficult portion of Scripture that your a yearning to learn more about audio verse is a resource for you there are courses there are free sermons there's even opportunities for your children to learn more about God take advantage of the wonderful opportunities and blessings that are available with audio verse and then if you've been blessed share it with someone else you know there is a section on our website for testimonies go ahead and read from that section and perhaps you can submit 1 as well. And Allister tell us some of the areas that you would find important for people to know about audio for. Just like him as mentioned audio verse is a ministry to reach hearts and to change lives for Jesus and if you are 1 of those people who need help come visit Audi 1st or to see if perhaps there's something there for you but I want to encourage you to go further and that is to use your influence for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus audio verses here for the express purpose of taking the 3 messages to the whole world in this generation using the means of technology and any means necessary join us as an evangelist passing out tracks sharing on your social media page of a powerful message you've heard or being a financial partner with the organization we welcome you and I want to thank you Alistair and you too Mom and all of Q Our precious 3 A.P. and family for being with us God bless you all.


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