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1. An Overview of the Crisis Ahead

Royce Snyman


Royce Snyman

Ministerial Department Director and Coordinator of Evangelism for the Michigan Conference




  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Our of the title of this class Yes I've figured it out now is previewing preparation and the coming crisis and we're going to today we're going to look at an overview of the coming crisis the things of what to expect with this class is not this class is not going to spend most of its time talking about the last day of events but we are going to talk about last day events and especially today you can't talk about the coming crisis without talking about current events right and so today in our overview were especially going to be looking at that the U.N. I may know the events and not know the 1 who's coming and it doesn't matter except a jewel just knowing your heart will be filled with fear because advents only will trigger fear in our hearts and less We have a relationship with Jesus who casts all fear out. And so our class is going to be talking especially about the work of preparation for the return of Jesus. We have a book I have a book that I. Got in my library many many years ago and to tell you the truth it suddenly vanished when I really wanted it and so I hope I was so great for when the book showed back up it hadn't been properly published for a while but it's called preparation for the Final Crisis by Fernando Jai. And we told A.B.C. about it and their book is available with the B.B.C. and it's kind of going to be our textbook for this for this class but I'm not limited to that textbook I hope that's OK and the things that we will share today to sources for our presentation today and terms of primary sources 1st of all I will white in the Bible OK that's a critical source. A source for some of the final events that I'm going to be sharing today come from a presentation by L. or R. ed reed and some great materials that I was able to glean from him and then also from Fernando Chuy's book and just to give you a little bit of reference so if you want to go back and and get some of those materials and maybe fill in the gaps that we don't have time to get into there just want you to know what those those sources are I'd like to begin by talking a little bit about some of the current of then state are going on what's happening in the world well you all have cell phones and you have i Pads and you have computers and if you're shaking your head God bless you. I am so I'm so tired of these things and wish I could get untied. And my work unfortunately I need them and they are helpful to me but there are times when I say really anyway that's that's a current event by the way these things I believe I believe it is but it's a valuable tool that helps us but where that where you get your news from if you are listening to the news you are. So the current events I want to share with you I want to do it in this context this is a statement from Alan White and actually Apostles and he's 260.1 now I'm just curious I know this a small print is a large 1 can any of you in the back read it. OK are a good it's acts of the Apostles page 260 and this is what she says in the underlined portion there are in the world today many who close their eyes to the evidences that Christ has given to warn men of his coming they seek to quiet all apprehension while at the same time the signs of the end are rapidly fulfilling and the world is hastening to the time when the son of man shall be revealed in the clouds of heaven. I hope you're studying your Sabbath school. Lessons from 1st and 2nd Peter have been absolutely outstanding and there is so much that applies to what we're talking about today in 1st and 2nd Peter Peter makes it clear that people are ignoring what's going on around us saying that there's a delay and Jesus you know this isn't really going to happen and this is the kind of thing that we've been dealing with for a long time in our lives as 7th Heaven as Christians but the things are beginning to kick in at such a rapid pace today I have a friend of mine who told me that he was putting some things on a blog of last day of events and he said I was I thought you know I'm going to have a hard time finding stuff saw put something up there once a month and be able to do that and he found he can't keep up with it eking at he every every almost every day something is showing up there L A Y continues in the statement she says Paul teaches that is is sinful to be indifferent to the signs which are to precede the 2nd coming of Christ those guilty of this neglect when he calls children of the night and of darkness out of the night and of darkness he encourages the vigilant and watchful with these words be then brother and not in darkness that the day should overtake you as a thief you are in the Children of Light and the children of the day we are not of the night nor the darkness Therefore let us not sleep as do others but let us watch and be sober so someone says Why are you just watching last day events and all that and that's bad now she says we need to be observant we need to know what's going on around us it shouldn't control us and it shouldn't be all we do our relationship is not with the advances with Jesus. He's our Savior not the events not knowing when something is going to happen is not going to cast is not gonna cost you salvation not knowing Jesus will so this class again is focusing not just on the events but on the preparation for what's coming Jesus is preparing us now. When we schedule the class and and I am in charge of seminars and along with Shelley ring staff my secretary she does all the work I get the responsibility but she does a great job and we really appreciate I really appreciate what she does and as I got to looking at the schedule the way it was laying out I asked myself I sure don't want my class to be conflicting can flirting with another class is going on as well during the series and that class is the 1 that's being taught by Ron Duffield if you don't go to the class I hope you will go to the class that class I've been reading his material and I'm so thankful he agreed to come because as we all need to understand what is God's work for us today in these last days. So I learn why it is trying to help us understand what the issues are so I put this in here I want you to be aware that this presentation by Ed Reed is on You Tube he has books out you can get it any form you want or to list some of those things the material that I found most recently doesn't have some of the latest events that are going on that are absolutely dramatic and critical but nonetheless they're there and it's is helpful to you let's talk about some of the signs. I know that you were around in $755.00 so that's not a current event but let's put it in our context let's get an understanding that we are living in the last days the reason these events are critical to us is because those were the events that began to set the stage for the last days of history these dates are leading up to 844 when God's people in the Miller right movement and what followed afterwards began to see what God was doing and what was happening in the world and they began to realize that they were indeed living in the times that the Bible said would be here and that they were then experiencing they were living in the last days this is in my mind the beginning of those last day of dance that really set the context for us I'm not going to spend any time about those most of you know about those you studying about them when you became a 70 Abner's and you study the about them when you go through an evangelist experience and you connect with those but let's get a little bit more current and come up to our time and be reminded of what God told us in Matthew chapter $24.00 Jesus when he was talking to his disciples you remember the context he was on the. In of in an environment where they could see the Jew city of Jerusalem they could see why that beautiful temple that was built there and Jesus told him that the temple was going to be destroyed and raised up in 3 days they're trying to do the math on all of that they're looking over there and they're trying to understand that but only 1 event made any sense to them about the temple being destroyed and that was the was the real end of the world and the return of Christ and so Jesus put it all in the context of the last events and that's in Matthew chapter 24 and 1 of the things he spoke of there are the false prophets. All around us of false prophets today in all kinds of different guises and forms they've come they've gone some remain Dr Louis Jose Luis de Hey Susan Miranda claims that he is Jesus Christ and he and them think that amazes me about these individuals as they have amazing followings of people it's not just a few hands on people like Jim Jones who had well he had 800 some odd people that died under him but there are others who had just almost handfuls smaller groups then you got in this room but not Jose Luis de Haye says Miranda then there's Harold Camping is not even alive anymore but he had an opportunity for getting everybody's attention and he said then I'm 821-2011 if I remember correctly had several dates that he he set he said the Bible guarantees that Jesus was coming then and what does the devil do with that they say that Bible guarantees is a doesn't happen and people say therefore what can you trust with the Bible you bible can't guarantee you anything you don't know anything by going to the Bible and the devil uses that to discourage people from understanding what's really going on in the world today. I could spend more time talking about false prophets you can look that up again this is not a seminar on final events this is a seminar on the context of final events in terms of our need for preparing for the Final Crisis but I want to share a few more events with you that are indeed dramatic and worthy of us taking careful note 1 of the most critical ones is the growing influence of the Roman Catholic Church in America and in the world by the way not just America I know I'm being recorded and I don't want to be offensive to anyone but the Bible is very clear in the Protestant world has known this for 500 years that versus what was going to be happening and that the Protestant world knew about the scent taught it and preached about it as a matter of fact the United States was formed on that Protestant foundation that that established this nation and so the kinds of things that that I'm speaking here of is I'm not in a Catholic a wonderful people I've got I've got and had wonderful neighbors that a Roman Catholic I'm not talking about individual people I'm talking about a system of belief that the Bible actually speaks of and the Bible is concerned about anything that takes the form of godliness but isn't. And leads away from God instead of leading to God And so the growing influence of the Roman Catholic Church in America and in the world today must be noted and read came up with some statistics I found very fascinating full diplomatic relations with $172.00 countries and $202.00 out of $228.00 that's 76 percent of the world. And to me the most dramatic of all is the connection with the United States of America you and I many of us in this room were living when the 1st ambassador was assigned to the Vatican I mean I couldn't believe it then and that was you know were relatively long time ago it's been there for a while but look how that has expanded and the role that plays in the world how about the influence of Pope John Paul the 2nd who appeared a record 16 times on the cover of TIME magazine TIME magazine or the any of these kinds of publications are trying to highlight people that are important in the world are having an impact on the world an influence in the world 16 times during Is his life appearing on Time Magazine How about the famous picture of John Paul the 2nd. I'll see this technology is actually going to work for me. Isn't technology great how many of you remember this picture or have you seen this 1 that's off it's tremendously dramatic what it is it's a pope funeral John Paul the 2nd funeral and the picture there is of John. John George Bush I believe that's his wife this is that's George what W. Bush and that's his father George Bill Clinton and candle Lisa Rice and I'm not sure who is next to her but probably somebody important and I could go through that but the amazing thing about that is 3 presidents of the United States on their knees at the Vatican. At the death of the pope the influence of the papacy under years ago this would have been on thinkable impossible could never happen that's how dramatic the times are in which you and I are living Pope Benedict came along next Pope Benedict the 16th 1 of the things that happened in his situation that is every day uses word in a fascinating way he says unprecedented So if you listen to his presentation you'll pick this up he uses it several times throughout and when he uses the term unprecedented and other words it's never happened before this is all unique this is all helping us to understand the significance of the time in which you and I are living present present Pope Benedict the 16th resign you have of dying before that before you got out of being a pope I was the only way out and this particular case he resigned and he's still alive also he notes OK this sorry I've got to get back to this. If I could I probably be in a very interesting position today and probably not were I am I don't know that anybody really knows the reason as to why he did that he. I'm sorry. It's significant period but it is unprecedented it's always kind of a combination of both of those and I need to get back to World Wars scuse me here for just a moment. So it's just it's it's a series of things in relationship to how the Roman Catholic Church is having influence on the world and on the on the United States in particular and in the just how this is all playing together that why the question the kind of goes along with the question that was asked is why did this happen and how does that somehow impact all of us I don't know the answer to that question all I know is that the pope today is in a very dramatic situation coming to him in just a moment 1 other thing in relationship to the influence of Roman Catholicism the United States 3143 counties an independent cities according the 2000 census in the United States all of those 1259 or 40 percent are predominantly Catholic at again I'm not trying to I'm not a catholic basher we're trying to understand what the Book of Revelation and books of Daniel and Revelation had to say to us and the impact that that the fulfillment has and as we begin to see the change taking place in our country we should not be surprised because the Bible predicted that there would be this tremendous influence the churches goal is prone to predominate in every county and city and that's in itself interesting let's switch off to. The Supreme Court and the influence the Roman Catholic Church has with them just because of the complicated nature of making this change I'll see if it works for me when you see that will come or it's going to be nice no it's not going to go to the screen but you can go and look up the Supreme Court today and Google it right now and you'll see all those people that's a really nice to see them there but 5 to 9 of the justices in the Supreme Court today are Roman Catholic. Now it's not just that they are only Catholic Catholics on the Supreme Court but there are no Protestants on the Supreme who are are you with me now this is not the way it used to be there are no Protestant justices there are 3 Jewish justices the latest justice justice Neil Gorsuch was raised Catholic Now some people will say well wait a minute he's a Protestant because he is says he's opposed to pale in but it's interesting I did I googled this a little bit and there's a an online blogger journal called courts and that journal says this is Faith is a bit of a gray area it also points out in that are in their article that the a person in church calls itself her are distant yet Catholic. And the way things are going anyway it doesn't really make a difference because look what's happening to Protestantism in its relationship to Catholicism which we will come back to in just a moment. The USA Today in 2009 said Catholics cannot help but interpret the Constitution in light of their own traditions this was in an article about the makeup of the Supreme Court after you know if our 7th Day Adventist on sitting on the Supreme Court am I going to be able to ignore the fact that I'm a 7th Day Adventist and I know all the things that I know no it's not possible no judge is really able to just simply turn the brain often ignore the way they have grown up and the and all of that influence and especially when the people on the Supreme Court that you serve with that are making these decisions all come from the same background or a significant number of them do you know a growing influence of the Roman Catholic Church in America is also recognized by the job Pope Francis who is the 1st Jesuit pope 1st of any pope to be a Jesuit a looked up again I've heard so much about the. The oath that Jesuits take you can go online you can take a look at it it's pretty dramatic it's pretty amazing it talks about the fact that they have a sworn responsibility to get rid of heretics and guess who those are. October 31 2016 had a significant event and that was something that took place in relationship to move through means anybody happened to watch that while that happened I happen to have a few moments 1 person did and I associate myself went into our conference room at the at the office and connected with using our computer and put it up on the screen while this event on October 31 was taking place when Pope Francis together with the head of the Lutheran Church were doing a service together and talking about how they were working on a unity document that they were working towards putting everything basically behind them now that that is the beginning of the process this year is leading up to October 312017 that is the 500th year of the Protestant Reformation and what are they getting together to say how grateful we are for the reformation and how we need to embrace the Reformation and how we all need to be reformers is that what Pope Francis is planning to say. Yes fully rule out please. Well let me let me me help you with that and then we'll move on 1st of all it was true in relationship to a Jehovah's Witnesses is my understanding it is not true in relationship to 7th Day Adventists and the General Conference came out with a statement in relationship to that but in Russia things are changing dramatically and what might happen in the future or even here we don't know but at this particular point they haven't experienced that yet Francis is extremely popular that's really the bottom line and this is a significant event you remember what General Allen White said in great controversy page 588 the Protestants of the United States will be foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to grasp the hand of spiritual ism they will reach over the abyss to clasp hands with the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold Union this country will follow in the steps of Rome and trampling on the rights of conscience about the time that this is been happening I happened to come across. Through Facebook a section where there are people who are disgruntled former 7th Day Adventists and it was fascinating to me how they were saying and they were interpreted in these events they said all we know what 7 they obviously going to say about that they're going to say that these events are fulfilling prophecy and yada yada yada. That just might be true they had just might be what we ought to be doing in paying attention to. It so to me it's it's sad when you see people who really know better. Making fun of the fulfillment of these prophecies just exactly the way Ellen White said it would be just as the Bible said it would take place amazing and that is the real sad part of the well that's why you and I want to prepare and that's why we're here. Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer was speaking to a group of calories medic proud pastors at a Kenneth Copeland Ministers Conference and he made the statement in the video that many of you probably seen it was also shared by Doug Batchelor and others and they were talking there about the pope said let's give each other a spiritual hug Kenneth Copeland was so excited he asked for an appointment with the pope which he was granted not too long after that and that visit and several others by well known individuals such as Joel Holstein of the largest U.S. mega church in the United States in Lakewood. Lakewood in Houston Texas he and a group of 14 other religious and political leaders from America went and met with the pope on June 5 2014 work Warren the 2nd largest U.S. church pastor 40000 members he also was granted a. Chance to meet power France Pope Francis in the Vatican in November 18 of 2014. Francis was quoted. And this is showing the direction and what's happening in relationship to Pope Francis on July 6th 2014 a New York Daily News he said. That's 1 of quoted it it was actually said on July 5 in this is what Pope Francis stated he said that keeping stores open on Sunday is not beneficial to society he said that the priority should be not economic but human maybe it's time to ask ourselves of working on Sundays is true freedom this is the kind of context that you and I are living today this is what's happening in terms of the signs of the end of the time in which Jesus said He would come back again the growing influence of the Roman Catholic Church 1 last piece here Pope Francis in September 24 2015 addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress and this is 1 of those places where Ed Reed says unprecedented unprecedented On believe all our amazing going into meeting with the president meeting with the joint. Session of Congress going into Philadelphia and meeting in the place where the where the documents that we hold dear in relationship to freedom are were signed amazing and he at the same time is talking about freedom through 1 side of his mouth and when he goes some other place where he knows he can talk about freedom in a different way he talks about freedom the way the Roman Catholic Church understands freedom and it's helping us to understand that indeed things are changing on us in this world well let me move quickly on to some other. And of the world events that we knowing about we know about tsunamis and earthquakes just in our lifetime they're happening around us constantly for $9.00 earthquakes just in the last 4 year 50 years I'm sorry and those are significant because the world hasn't seen those kinds of earthquakes of that level and you and I many of you seen all the pictures came out of Japan the tsunami that happened center Inger around Indonesia and that part of the world and 200000 people die in the world just blinks an eye and moves on super typhoon high 1 ion most powerful storm in history and that was into any 13 and I heard them talking about a storm last year and they were talking about that storm being the most powerful on the earth and Sime I can't keep up with there is superb at those and helping us to understand we haven't seen this before this is what's happening I don't care what the source of it is whether it is global warming or whatever the fact of the matter is the Bible said it would be like this this is what we're seeing and this is helping us to realize we are living in those last days is what about in the financial world we all know that the world those living by a financial thread it would only take 2 or 3 major events all at once to begin to bring this world to its knees you and I have you been watching over the last few years how country after country after country is going bankrupt and there's say they're throwing money at it throwing money at it throwing money at it but they can't solve the problem that's causing the problem. And it's people's desire for with this and that in the other thing and the ability for the world to go and manage a situation like a. Like a recession or or worse that happens in the world we just don't have the ability to do that society does not want to give in to those kinds of things today it's not willing to do that and that's why the countries they rebel look what's going on in Venezuela right now and by the way we had 1 of our pastors in Venezuela and I put on all my list pray for him while he's in Venezuela because he was going there to help to advance the gospel message but taking his life in his hands it's dangerous in Venezuela today because people are rising up against what governments are doing and they can't solve their problems. You know that's exactly right can't solve the problems is what's happening I love to show you the clock I wish I had time to do that go and google the debt clock in the United States good any of you don't. Have scary it is changing every day by 2890000000 dollars If you want to see that clock move you want to see time fly that's really moving as of June 6th 2017 the America was $1000.00 trillion 934934 1000000811 true 1000000 700000 dollars in debt today I can't tell you what it is I can't keep up that way credit card debt in the United States is $801000000000.00 if it were all to collapse today where would the world be including the United States. Government corruption free the greed and fraud are rampant we're talking about immorality I have another sermon that I've been sharing the last couple to 3 weeks about people who believe in America that on about 80 percent 88 percent of people believe today that the morality of American and the world America in particular is declining this was a size a survey done by the American Bible Society and in that they were trying to understand what people number of people are reading the Bible and so they 1st of all wanted to see if people thought that morality was declining they said yes 88 percent of the people said that morality was declining Well yeah sure look government is corrupt greed and fraud are a rampant violence and immorality on television you know this is not the days of Leave It to Beaver by any means this is cry there's crime same sex marriage legal in $37.00 countries all of the issues that are dealing with the people that are losing their jobs or taking a stand against decision or even talking about it how about the the 7th Day Adventist who is out in Pasadena California with the health department out there and they went and found that he had even talked about it in the context of his own church and they fired him for it. That's what's happening in the world today and and that should be getting our attention and raising great concerns well we could keep going on with this I'll give you a few more things here there are some good news there's an upside in the downside to it but the gospel is and dancing the downside is there are still billions of people who don't know about Jesus. And we must finish this war God has promised the work will be finished and then he will come He's also promised that he won't come until the work finished. So that's what we need to be doing that needs to be the work that we're about but here are some positives in all of this Agnes media is working in a way that I I it's astounding just to see what's going on my family moves in Africa about 10 years ago a lot of my family's from South Africa about 10 years ago 2 of years ago I was visiting in South Africa and I was amazed you know you think of Africa you know Wild Africa wild animals and all I kind of thing and that's not the right picture of Africa Africa is very advanced and a lot of places and I assure there's still country places and out there but I was out in a relatively country place and by the way better cell phone service out there than I have a mile home and what's what is showing what of my 1 of my relatives out in this church that was started by 1 of my relatives what do they do when they don't have somebody to preach on Sabbath or to have a vast was on Friday night they turn on 3 A.B.N.. Is all over the world. Channel 3 A.B.N. administers World Radio. 30 minute Bible messages can be downloaded off of the admin it WOR Radio in just about any language though of the most common language of the number 1 language that these messages are downloaded about Jesus and about the Bible and about truth of the Bible is Arabic. That tells us what they were reaching the Muslim world in ways that we might not have been able to do in the past number 2 is Chinese so don't think that we're not having some impact or contact with with China I want to switch now from reminding us of the contexts. In which you and I are living is something that's far more important. Than the context of the last day of ends. You see the issue is not just knowing the issue is preparing. When you and I see these things happen Jesus didn't tell us to get all excited about it and get fretful when worry as a matter of fact he said the world would be doing that but we shouldn't be doing man because our trust is not in those advance that will be fulfilled but our trust is in Jesus and preparing for his return Paul says in Romans 13 versa Levon that we should knowing the time prepare for the return of Christ I want to give a little bit of a panorama of the Final Crisis Now this is moving into the book preparation for the Final Crisis by a man Fernando chai and and it's gives there are a panorama in the 1st chapter of the last day events in the Final Crisis and the kinds of things that were big becoming I'm going to hit some of those highlights here today and this will lead us to a conclusion of our session for today 1st of all a very critical of then is the work of sealing you are not I as we're preparing for the return of Jesus want to understand what sealing is all about the Bible makes it clear that there will be 2 groups of people at the end of time there will be those who will accept the mark of the beast and those who have the seal of God Revelation Chapter 7 Revelation Chapter 14 make those dynamics very clear I'm not going to be able to go deeply into that today but for us to understand that context what is the ceiling. Fernando Chai puts it this way he says it consists of cleansing from sin and victory over every weakness and the Fed consists of cleansing from sin and victory over every weakness and defect he makes the statement on page 17 of his book so if you don't have the book and you pick it up you'll be able to find it that's the reference there were he wasn't quoting anybody was summarizing things that Alan White has said so he's putting that together again page 17. Shy C H A I J OK and I don't know if you say it every time I've heard it pronounced I've heard of Jais So that's the way I've been saying it I hope it's right no problem thank you for asking I meant to bring my book in here but I came to a different class. However with me tomorrow I did want to run back and get it the 2nd. Looking in the panorama of events and 1 of the challenges you and I have with all of this is trying to say what a follows what what and then what follows after it that's not really what we want to be talking about in this class we want to understand how these things interrelate with each other because they help us to understand the work of preparation that God wants to do in our lives the ceiling is helping us to understand that this is an ongoing advance for us the ceilings going on right now the ceiling for a person who walks out of here and is hit by a bus the ceilings over it's done for them you and I are in the ceiling time right now but you and I are also in the ceiling time for those who are preparing to meet Jesus when He comes and be translated and see him when he comes the ceiling is going on now the time you and I need to be preparing is not tomorrow it's today. Following the ceiling or on the heels of the ceiling or in cooperation with the ceiling our ever the best way to put that is is the latter rain that's why I'm telling you that the presentations that Ron Duffield is doing the return of the Latter Rain did you notice the wording. What the return of the Latter Rain is critical to you and on you and I need to understand what this is all about and what what God wants to do in our lives we know that the Latter Rain is not going to be given to us except as we plead for it in prayer individually as well as corporate really out of the louder out of the Latter Rain comes the loud cry the time of the finishing of the work of God we're going to hit that here in just a moment a little bit more in-depth the shaking What is that about what does that mean I'll share some things with you on the screen here in just a moment and then there's the early time of trouble before probation closes and what the world's events will be like in the conditions in the church so let's look at the latter rain a little bit more closely and identifies some details about that the purpose of the Latter Rain is to enable God's people to complete the finished work again this is material that you will find in the 1st introductory chapter 2 for Nando Chuy's books I want you to know it's there you can find that because I did this is on the material that I didn't put in the outline enables God's people to complete the unfinished work there's 2 parts to that unfinished work the most critical unfinished work is in your heart and mind. When God is doing that work in us then through us he's able to do the work of reaching the world and he wants to finish that work and get that work done so that he can come there is a pre-wired requisite not a prerequisite whatever it is on the screen and that is the great majority of church members must consecrate themselves completely to God denying self repudiating sin seeking the Lord with humility it really is time. For us to ask what's happening in my church. What's happening in Milan. Is this what we're experiencing in our church are are we experiencing the great majority of the members consecrating themselves completely to go on or are our churches filled with people who are squabbling back and forth over Muson that and the other thing and maybe it's as Monday in is unimportant and is non-eternal as the carpeting color of the church and people leaving the church because they didn't get their way on this or getting their way on that the work of the Latter Rain is not to change us instantly That's the work of God Now in the Spirit working in our hearts and minds but the final hour of the completing of that work is done through the latter rain but of we're waiting Alan White makes it clear what we're talking about this later but Alan White makes it clear that we can't sit around waiting for the latter rain due to experience what God wants us to experience that's not what we must be doing. And we'll talk more about that later the loud cry message follows shortly with for on the heels of the pouring out of the Spirit of God and it lightens the earth with the glory of God that message goes to the world and the world stands up and takes notice not of us but of the message that Jesus is coming again of the message that God's law is really true that the 7th day sabbath is indeed the Sabbath and that this whole issue that that is talked about in the Bible and talked about clearly and especially in the Protestant world it's been denying this for so long people will begin to understand that this really is the issue at the end of time a special process of reform and sanctification is taking a place a place and it affects the great majority of the members of God's church and while that's happening there's also the shaking and the shaking time is the time in which some of God's people will apos to signs this is going to be a challenge. The yeah that's exactly but within the admin a church there is a real struggle going on right now. And the truth is it's a struggle over the Word of God are we going to understand the Word of God simply the way it's. Understanding the basic hermeneutic principles that are there or are we going to find our own ways of interpreting the Bible. We will look at this more in depth but we know that part of this is that added US will leave the church because they do not accept the divine call to conversion and keep complete consecration and most critically they reject the message of Christ to the Laodicean church which is 1 of repentance and reform if you go and listen to Ron Duffield and the message that he shares in his class you will find that 1 of the. Assuming that he shares some of the things that he shared his book he makes it abundantly clear that the Laodicean message was the message that God was sharing with these people in the late 18th hundreds and that God's people were struggling to understand and implement and that's the beginning of the Latter Rain and that's why we're not done yet that message is still valid it still has to finish its work that work must be done that reform and repentance must take place that is the preparation work that Jesus is wanting to do in our lives he's reaching out to us he's knocking out our door and he's saying please let me again let me to the work that I want to be able to do if you will let me do it. That will cause a shaking because people will reject that message they will turn from that message and say too much I don't see it that way I can see it going that direction. I would. Is it happening today isn't happening today. If it's not happening right now I'll be very surprised but I think we're only seeing the surface parts of that and we will see the depths of the Bible I mean Ellen White makes it abundantly clear that bright lights will go out and we're said we've seen some of those people who have been bright lights a. Journey to become Catholic so his companion whatever turn their back on truth and for any message that's out there and ways that just doesn't make sense to my simple mind. In us and through us. I think that's a simple way to put it he wants to deal with what's here so he can use us to do what's out there that needs to be done. I don't know. Precisely eg a man's sister preach the message this message is a message of rice in a spy faith that is the message that was being preached in the early 1800 I mean late 1800 and it was generated by this work here I know there's a lot of discussion and argument about this angle and that angle of it and that's really not what I'm trying to get into and then run and run Duffield says that's not what he's about either all he wants us to do is remove be reminded of the history and the clear teaching of the Bible and the when the Spirit of Prophecy that's what you and I need and we're going to work on that here are 1 more comment then we're going to wind this down. All combined together is a part of the rejection of Alan White Yes and it's the rejection of scripture as well we're seeing all of that playing into this particular situation so yes it is indeed a a challenge in relationship to that. After this work begins to advance forward in a mighty way the very fact that the gospel message the 3 Angels' messages are being sent out to the world in such a tremendous fashion and the world is beginning to see what's really going on that leads to the early time of trouble in there to times of trouble according to what we understand from the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy the early time of trouble takes place before probation closes and the conditions in the world sound somewhat familiar confusion and war political strife and economic and social distress disintegration of the family fear and war worry will increase. And I've been hearing about that lately. But the this time of trouble will increase in intensity it's not the kind of trouble the you and I see now if you were living in Mosul you'd understand this right if you were living in some places in the world like Syria you'd understand what that means if you are a Christian and the 7th day of his Christian try to live in those places where Christians are being beheaded you know understand what this means but we live over here thinking that these kinds of things are never going to come to us the Bible makes it clear and the spirit prophecy makes it clear there comes a time when the in this early time of trouble that spills over into all the world in a tremendous way because the pawpaw Leticia have no way to control what's going on they have no ability to be able to deal with is taking place and there and within the church is going to be tremendously tempestuous times because what we saw back here with the shaking is now done its work and all of the fact that these things interrelate with each other is just truth and reality. Let me go to the next slide here begins this all the early time of trouble begins before the close of probation but it leads into the final time of trouble that you've heard so much about the 1 that spoken of in Revelation I mean and Daniel Japp and 12 versus 1 and 2 and that moves us past the prose close a probation this is the time in which we begin to see the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13 fulfilling the purposes that God has outlined in Revelation Chapter 13 this is when the 2nd beast the United States begins to speak as a dragon begins to oblige all to worship the 1st beach which is Rome we Guinn's to work miracles through Spirit ism and all I did I don't always like. The word spiritual ism because there's really nothing spiritual about it on a Christian in a Christian sense but it is the term that Ellen White uses she uses it frequently because it was used in relationship to the special working of Satan and the kinds of things that he did and today look I mean I don't even talk about this I just highlighted what's happening on television but they're called is all over television it's all over the books that our kids are reading it's all over the US The part that scares me the most is that I is the ministerial director get reports back from our pastors who will stand up and preach a sermon on Sabbath morning in their church about the dangers of Harry Potter and will have parents complaining to them and bickering about all of that when all the pastor is trying to do is warn them about Satan's deceptions. The Lord help us in the situation when our people are so blind to what's going on around us we must be students of the Word of God we must understand what God has told us is going to happen in the end of time we must realize that these the separation that Satan said that the Bible said Satan would bring are here now it's a dangerous world out there it's not 1 you and I can can mix in and play around anymore and when those miracles begin to show up you know there was a day when you look back at the time of Jesus they the Pharisees claim that Jesus was doing his miracles because he had a demon in em. It was almost almost easy in those days when those miracles were taking place when 1 man the blind man the Jesus heel was being quizzed by the by the Pharisees and they kept saying the you know how could he do this and and he couldn't be from God and all that me and the he's the man responded and said how could this man do this if he's not from God or what is it going to be like in our day when Satan does those kinds of things and he is not from God You and I will not be able to trust our senses Bibles made that abundantly clear. He is full of all kinds of challenges for us but along comes the commands on all the earth to make an image to the beast and when that image is the Federation of the Protestant churches uniting together and we are seeing it happen before our eyes October 31 2017 is only taking the next step from October 312016 and this federation is taking place right in front of us and where is it going to the federation is the Protestant churches are going to Vatican going to the Vatican going to the Vatican that's the uniting factor in here and it's no coincidence also that the Muslim leaders are going to the Vatican it's no coincidence that the Jewish leaders are going to the Vatican they're all going to the Vatican. As Revelation 13 said it would be like the. Last day of dance. You have Sariah that's where we need to be their final thing they will be happening here is the enforcement of the mark of the beast this is the time when when God Sabbath versus people Sunday will become a reality and everyone in the world will know that this is the issue the Lord will do that's part of that latter rain experience is part of that loud cry experience were God is able to get the word out to everyone and persecution will result after the pros and close of probation during Jacob's time of trouble will talk more about this is when the death penalty comes but it's also the time on the other side of the close of probation when God's people are protected praise the Lord for the Psalm 91 should be. A psalm in our hearts that helps us to understand the context along here comes the dragon the beast and the false prophet spoken of in Revelation 16 we'll talk more about that Armageddon under the 6 playing and finally the deliverance at the height of persecution We're told there will be at midnight this time of trouble it begins with the close of probation it's world wide that God's people are protected during that time. You are not I are not just wanting to know when the events are going to take place you and I want to know how to be prepared for that to happen in Fernando's book is this chart if you want to get a little bit of an idea of the flow of events and the things that are happening the things we've been talking about here a little bit and how they relate to that process that chart is in that book we're not going to take any time with there will have time to come back to that later but here's the good news Jesus is coming. You will be back soon. While it's time for us to end our class let me tell you just remind you what we're going to be doing tomorrow I'm going to see what I can do I can't promise but I'm going to see what I can do about the possibility of changing classes the classrooms we've already had 1 particular set up for that it presents a bit of a challenge for me because all my classes are here and I'm videotaping those classes but I also wanted to be comfortable and do it's all to see what I can do but my best suggestion is coming early and we will do all we can I can make a promise with that I will give you our next section and section tomorrow and the handouts there keep bring your noble back with you please because that folder will be a place for you to keep that information together and God bless you any questions about process here I need to have a prayer and come close and conclude All right let's bar heads Father in heaven thank you for being with us today more importantly thank you for your word that tells us what today is all about and also tells us that what's important is not what's going on but what needs to be taking place in our hearts. So I ask that you will be with us as we leave our class today and in the days ahead we pray that you will guide us as we seek to prepare for the return of Jesus in Jesus' name we heard. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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