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2. Reformation- The Laodicean Message

Royce Snyman


Royce Snyman

Ministerial Department Director and Coordinator of Evangelism for the Michigan Conference




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Father haven't thank you that we have this. Wonderful careers to study the Word of God and we also have the gift of the spirit of prophecy that has been provided for us to guide us and to prepare us for the coming crisis we pray that your spirit most importantly will be present in this room today. And that you will guide what I say and what we hear now we learn together may we be prepared together for the return of Jesus and we thank you in his. Yesterday we spent some time talking about preparation for the Final Crisis in the light of the advance going on in the world today. We spent the early part of our time talking about the events that go back to late seventy's hundreds of early hundreds that are clearly marking a do in the nation between what has gone on before and entering into the last days the final days before Jesus returns as your will recall especially those of you who are studying and I know you all are studying the Sabbath school lesson you know that this issue of delay in 1st Peter and 2nd Peter is discussed and these delay this delay that's going on has people challenge trying to figure out how is it that this delay still means that Jesus is coming but he to reminds us that with. A day is 1000 Years 1000 years as a day for you and I who just in that little brief period of time of 60 or 70 years or by reason of strength or more it seems like nurses for ever but when we live 80 years or 90 years this is not Wherever there are some chairs over on the far side over here so there are some places come on in we were there. With the with God time doesn't work like it does for us and he is wanting the US to know don't give up it's coming you know we're like little children waiting for Christmas Christmas never shows up does it edges to be a point you know I mean we've been waiting for 10 days already Where's Christmas you know and we sometimes are like that so we talked yesterday about the events that are going on now that really help to put it into perspective that there are things happening now so quickly that we as 70 avenues Christians need to be paying close attention because things are happening so quickly the stress I place yesterday is we're not saying by events the events will not save us our knowledge of the events will not save us we may die in our knowledge of the events we might die a turn away with the knowledge of the events because it's not the events that say the US is Jesus. Who saves us he is our savior. But in His mercy in these kindness he wants us to know that his promise and John 14 is going to be fulfilled and is in the process of being fulfilled and we're almost there 1 of them will be finally fulfilled and Jesus will return his promise is valid as truly as the miracles he performed on this earth as truly as the people he saint from sin is his promise that he is wanting to save us from sin as well today I want to take us and to. A part that you may say you know I thought I was going to ask you so I guess I will you really want to go on with this our. What we did yesterday was the fun part is there a fun part now it's time to start thinking seriously. About what Jesus wants to do in our hearts and lives and that means change. It means every 1 of us are going to need change. And it means that people like me who stand up and teach classes about needing to change are also going to need to change so today we're going to be talking about reformation that's needed in the Laodicean message that we are told is going to bring about this final Reformation this is the part that we really need to understand. We're going to get into some of the things that come on the heels of this in our days that follow you've seen the outline in the in the little book with that's out there what we're going to be doing we talking about more about the shaking in those kinds of issues that go on within the church we're going to be talking about. The events that surround the return of Christ and all that goes along with that but we must 1st recognize that there is a reformation to come and if we are to be prepared we must be part of that reformation the Reformation must be going on in our hearts and our lives Alan White says this and a 2nd volume of spiritual Grif she says I saw that the testimony to the Laodiceans applied to God's people at the present time yes at her time and yes in our time as well 1 of the things that I learned by studying the material that Ron Duffield has prepared and is sharing here on the camp ground as well is that God wanted to do something special with these people back in $888.00 in the years that follow a God's people resisted that and so when she makes a statement like this she's talking about them then that she wanted that God wanted to do that work for and now you and I are still here that means he still wants to do that work that means now is the time for this to happen he continues to say it was designed to arouse the people of God to discover to them their backsliding and to lead to zealous repentance that they might be favored with the presence of Jesus. And be fitted for the loud cry of the 3rd angel it was the resigned to arouse them to the issues in their lives to discover to them their backs lightings to lead to zealous repentance and that they might be thing I've heard with the presence of Jesus is that good news or is that good news it's not I don't want to know about my sins but I need to know about them and I need to zealously repent and I need to be rude prepared Ellen White says in volume 1 of selected messages page 121 up here on your screen and it it says a revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs that is a very well known statement but I dare say we're not taking it as seriously as we need to we're not realizing that this is exactly what God wants to do for us is to bring in among us a revival of true godliness I am concerned you should be to the 7th Day Adventist church is dealing with issues that have nothing to do with the revival of. This is our greatest need some of the things that are being thrown around in the church and I'm you Ivan and then if I what they are I just said some of the things that are being thrown around in the church are not the kinds of things that are needed here God wants this is our greatest need and he wants to help us to seek this should be our 1st work. This should be the work that we are seeking to have happen in our lives there must be earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord not because God is not willing to bestow his blessing upon us but because we are on prepared to receive it this should be getting our attention it should be our concern it should be the matter of our devotional life every day and I don't mean to obsess about it but I mean it should be the focus in our understanding that this is indeed our greatest need Ellen White says and I wish I had time to go through every single statement and death but we do have the references here you can look them up and that will be able to give you some guidance but she says in. Christian service page $42.00 Reformation must accompany revival there are a lot of things that go on pretending to be more jurors in the that I think out there is 1 more level OK we're good. People find that when you're at the door and you see people point them towards the chairs that be great a revival of true godliness may be our greatest need but it that revival includes referer mation Reformation doesn't only imply a change it means change there is going to need to be a change in our hearts in our minds and what is that change that's what we're talk about today. Ellen White tells us great controversy page $464.00 that the greatest revival since and it cost is coming Wow. And you want to be a part of the. Don't you want to see that. In your church where you live worship and serve. And you want to see that in your church the 70 M. church in Michigan in North America in the world then it needs to be the focus of our prayers and needs to be our commitment and needs to be where God is leading us a some of the challenges we need to keep in mind in relationship to reformation and to change. That God wants to bring about is the devil gets this to you understand what I'm saying he knows what the Bible says. He's had 6000 years whatever to study it you and I have had a how many years 60 you know and he's got I pretty good brain to go along with it so he studied this all out and he's been planning all on his steps in relationship to what he needs to do to counterbalance for our in the Reformation that we call the Protestant Reformation that came about Satan knew it was coming Satan saw it as it arrived Satan had already prepared the ground to be able to work with and some of the things we're talking about here is exactly what he did but we turn around and we call what happened next especially as the Roman Catholic Church responded to the Protestant Reformation we call that the counter Reformation what the Roman Catholic Church did in order to try to push back the Protestant Reformation. God knows what he is seeking to lead his people to and Satan has an idea of what it is that God's going to do and so he's already preparing his counter-Reformation for our own time he's not only pushing back the Protestant Reformation and 2017 in a very real way but he knows there's a real revival just like Anacostia and a reformation just like panic cos that's about to come and he's preparing the ground now for the or tools does he use a uses things like as he did in history he uses obstacles that can be brought into the way Paul says and white in great controversy 396 wherever the Apostle raise up the church there were some who profess to receive the faith but who brought in heresies that if received would eventually crowd out the love of the truth did you catch that this is the challenge that we are facing the in a very real way. And the United States it's happening in alarming ways and it's going to start becoming even more visible in the days ahead if former 7th Day Adventist minister even happened to pastor in Michigan some years ago longer in Michigan and that's all I'll say about that part of it. Posted something on the Internet recently and said people are going to be shocked because I'm telling you what I believe and there are other people like me who believe what I believe and you're going to be surprised and what he believes is not what some of they haven't believed. And I'm not going down that road today because I don't want to get off on a side track I'm telling you that these kinds of things can be expected we are warned about them and they will come they will come with fanatical strength to go back to the dictionary to remind myself what is fanaticism analysis I'm as mentioned a little bit further down here but it comes in the same category with heresies it is people who become the Natalie focused on something zealously in gauged in some belief some religious belief some whatever belief that they they are focusing on that no matter what happens and and they lose balance it happened during the Reformation it happened to Martin Luther he had the same problem he was getting on with the reformation process and turning people back to the Word of God and teaching people about righteousness by 30000 in and righteousness not by works but by faith in Jesus and these people started to come up out of the woodwork the devil brings them out with all kinds of heresies that are also fanaticism So he he uses these tools to create a spirit of discordance sometimes it's through heresy other times it's through the color of the carpeting and whatever he can you will use to bring about discord and strife where you know you want to be focusing in on what God is trying to do the devil brings people in who are going to disrupt that and bring about strife in the church and I see him right here every 96 great controversy very nicely no problem. That particular 1 I added later I think yeah OK. They act with Energy N D C That is Satan and the P. and his deceptions and his enemies cohorts work with tremendous energy. Don't you wish you had the energy that well I don't say that quite that way. It's amazing that the devil he isn't half asleep at night he just is he in is and his cohorts are out there stirring up trouble when you're sleeping and you get up in the morning you find out all the strife that they've cause anyway analysis them as already mentioned you warnings about going to the opposite extremes of what God is seeking to lead us to this is a very dangerous area folks and you and I have to pray that we never fall into that trap those are tools of Satan there are those who come along claiming that they have new light and we know that new light could come but we always test that new light by the Word of God and the truth is if we would just live up to the light we have we'd be a lot stronger than we are. Only elements of genuine new light are there we need to know what they are those that new light will never contradict where we already have come to and even that gets to be a challenge today there's 1 particular challenging doctrine out there that's not from the Bible but people are saying well this is actually the way it was before and and the church went the opposite direction. That's part of the challenge today and I can't get into all of that but there is something that will protect us and that is by trusting the word of God and following with him and realizing that Jesus has told us he will guide us through this difficult time yes. I think it's both in there as well and when I say Page 3132 that's the book this book. Yet though this is preparation for the Final Crisis OK yes that that when it says like that. It's referring to the book itself where some of those things are mention thank you notes of the question not referring to 1 of Allan White's books now there are some characteristics of the reform that we want to keep in mind and that is that they're 100 percent in harmony with the Bible so if you don't know your Bible you won't know whether they're an Armani or not you and I must know the Word of God I told you yesterday about some of the statistics that are out there are people not studying the Bible now is the time that we need to be doing that already mention the fact that they won't contradict basic group and we also need to realize that genuine reformers are humble false reformers tend to be very egotistical why because Satan is egotistical and Satan when he is the 1 who is generating the so-called reform and it seems to be centering around a person and and that person seems to be very egotistical the Spirit of God is not the 1 who's doing the leading there anyway there are some quotations on page $32.00 of those book that will help you with that and that's what that references so I'm going to keep moving ahead because I want to make sure we have time to spend in our most critical area here. Some of the characteristics of true reformation include what you see on the screen right now a spirit a prayer folks the needs that we have today the days in which we live is a call to prayer I don't mean blessing at breakfast and lunch and. I mean serious time with God. Searching the word of gone and spending time in prayer in communion with Him That leads to us to sincere version because as we in our relationship with God he's showing us you know when I study the Word of God and I'm not looking there to find out all the things that I can. Point out in other people's lives I'm walking there to find out what he's telling me I need to be doing in my life what he wants to change in my life what he needs to clean out of my life and it's not always a fun process like almost never. And it leads to change and conversion and that's what's taking place where there is a genuine Reformation you also know it's not a genuine reformation if it doesn't lead to an advancement of the message of God Going to others. It becomes self-denying missionary work and how many of you have ever been to A G Y C S I. Know many of us are to all go to U.S.C. doesn't mean you don't go and this means we're to all the go at the discounted prices or the regular prices we pay extra but when we go to do I see and if you haven't been I encourage you to go or at least watch it online or do something. You know I don't I cannot forget the time when. His name was a fellow that used to be a passer in Michigan his father was also here in Michigan and his name just went right out of my head but anyway he is been leading in the Far East and he got up and he made a call and he said I'm looking for people who will come to the Far East and I'm going to tell you I can't guarantee that you'll come back alive now that is conversion and that is now denying missionary were you and I are Would you ever leave your house and say to your husband or wife I'm going to go out witnessing today and knock on a few doors I may not come back alive but I'm not gone I'm going out there most of us are afraid to knock on the door period riot but we need self-denying missionary workers and white cops about the Christian service. And it's also fill with praise and thanksgiving this reformation is filled with praise and honor and thanksgiving to God for what he is doing and what he is accomplishing a genuine Reformation is what God is going to bring to his people he will bring about the heart of that reformation is the Laodicean message the Bible makes that clear because the message is in Revelation Chapter 3 it's for the church that's the last of the 7 it is a message that we know is poor our time because Alan White said it is it is a message that you and I need to be heeding and looking at much more closely than we do we need to study it in our churches and we need to help each other and encourage each other through prayer and fellowship to allow the working of the Spirit of God and Jesus to do his work in our hearts as the laity do see in message brings out we're going into that in a moment what is the. Summarize it is a message of just a faith cation by. Not works. It's a message of justification by. It is faith in not myself not my pastor. Jesus is my Savior and acceptance of this message will bring a genuine conversion it will bring a separation from the world and it will bring us to the final. Separation from the world the world is attempting to be so attractive to us today Hollywood makes evil look great not to tell you I don't think Hollywood even makes evil good. Looking worse and worse and worse and for some priests some reason people seem to like worse anyway. Nother nother point. We. Only have to do is keep producing that stuff doesn't exactly. It's crazy. Yeah absolutely. All right it's OUR I were preaching about the same things or OK let's keep going all of this is as a challenge and that is human beings like you and me and it is this message that wants to bring change to us and if we respond to it in will bring change we know that rejection is what will lead to the shaking and we will look at that a little bit more in depth in the days ahead the latest see in message is a severe message I mean severe because it's a serious going to the heart of the problem message but it is given by the 1 who is that surgeon that does the work in LA he does it out of his caring for us and out of his concern that we will die in our soon if he is not allowed to do him or us from our sin. That's why he says that our art luke warm to be lukewarm is to profess to have the truth but to not allow that truth to really work in our hearts and lives. When we say we have that truth but we have no horror we have no devotion to God and it leads us to going to church on Sabbath morning we might make a percentage of a school we might not make it a school where you get the more church we get home don't even stay for potluck don't have the time to do that other things to do no time to be involved in spending time sharing the message with other people don't come to permeating go on and be involved in the church and that's our lives that's a lack of her and. 1 of the signs that's going on in our lives I warn you I gave you a chance a leave. Of the Spirit of God is kind to us. And Jesus loves us that's why he wants to spend time with us I don't go to to a place where prayer is being being shared and fellowship with Christian believers because Lord please give me some brownie points on here today no because I'm going there to meet my Savior and he wants to speak to me and he wants to draw me closer to him and there are times when I need to be around fellow believers because being around those believers actually draws me closer to Jesus it can't just be on my knees all it on all of those are needed Yes it's a severe message given in love and it's evidence that it's not working in our lives if it doesn't lead to dedicated service but Jesus wants to work that grace into our hearts and when it's not working we know it's lacking you see Jesus said in Revelation Chapter 33 he said I will spew to you out of my mouth that tells us that lukewarmness is not something that Jesus. Anybody here oh well you know what I've gotten used to happen in water. And I like it I don't like cold water and I don't like hot water when it comes to drinking water but I do like hot food and I do like I don't like cold. And you know I mean you just think about all those things and the things that are lukewarm and when I'm really thirsty and it's hot outside whole goes the oh good all right those analogies aside lukewarmness is evidence of the fact that there's something not going on in my heart and my life and it needs to lead to change the message that Jesus is trying to bring to us and is at the heart of the Reformation is the fact that we may be spiritually infatuated with ourselves we may be justifying ourselves but this is a condition of deception of deceiving ourselves and there's nothing worse than self deception if you ever talk to somebody who is so deceived that you can't you can't even point them in the direction of the Bible you ever talk to people either they just don't even want to hear or they so deceive they don't want to only the Spirit of God can get to those people but if we are those ones that are does see and no 1 can help us we're not walking in that light then we are to be challenging the call of God in this message is to repent and that repentance is defined as not just saying I'm sorry but it's a repentance that does what it leads to change doesn't. And self righteousness is something we need to replace with Christ's righteous that's what he wants for us in the message we are promised the Laodicean message will do its work so so let's spend a little bit of time talking about that message now coming from the true witness coming from the 1 who knows us as individuals like nobody else does the 1 who I was us are nuff to die on the cross He is the 1 who's coming to us as the true witness and with the latest season dizzying message not only does he provide the diagnosis but he also provides the remedy now I don't know how many of you are involved in the medical profession or anybody here might be a medical doctor. Doctors are not my favorite place to go. But when I go to the doctor and especially if I'm sick or I know something's not quite right the way it should be I don't mind going to the doctor when I go to the doctor and the doctor says this is your problem and doesn't stop there but then says this is the solution what's not horns going to the doctor and I know some of you have that experience and says I don't have a solution Jesus looks at us and he says you got a problem in his terminal but I. I have the solution he says about us that we are we think we're rich when we are really in poverty he says You think your clothes but you're really naked he says you think that you can see it but you really blind. That's a terrible condition to be in. And we're in. We are. But Elam White tells us that there are some solutions to this and we're going to look at it a little bit more in depth 1st of all what is that goal that is tried in the fire that Jesus talks about in Revelation Chapter 3 What is that goal that gold is faith and law that Jesus brings to us you and I can't even generate may remember the poor man. His son was demon pose asked Jesus and his 3 disciples were on the Mount where the Transfiguration took place and they came down off of that mount and the rest of the disciples were gathered around. Where a crowd was gathered around them and they were desperately trying to solve a problem in this case a demon possessed child Jesus comes among them and says what's wrong the man says I've got a son and he's possessed and I we can't the disciples don't seem to be able to solve the problem and Jesus says to him Do you have pay you have. And the man's. I have a but help my lack of. And Jesus responded to him even in his lack of faith and said I can solve your problem that's what he's saying to you in the faith comes from him we don't have faith we don't generate faith he is the 1 who gives us faith we come to him every day ward give me more faith and as I test out what he asked me to do and go through the struggles of that day but through prayer I see a solution and resolution to whatever challenge I'm facing that day and I see God working I say Lord thank you you're strengthening my faith you're showing me that even though this is a little thing to me you care about it and I can trust you with the little things I can trust you with the big Sometimes he brings the big things they also help. What about the white Raymond we need to look at that a little bit more we'll come back to that in a moment I got ahead of myself a little bit a lot of the guiding principle in the Christian life it's a power for transforming the life it is part of the fruit of the Spirit and with faith we obtain law by is dwelling in us and the faith grasps on to the power of God and makes victory ours through his promise. Justification by Faith the white Rayman there's a parable that is remind we are minded of in this book I want to remind you of it as well parable in Matthew Jesus told the story of the wedding garment and the man who along with others are invited to the wedding and people don't want to come finally they go on the highways and byways and they bring these people in and they come into the to the wedding and then there's this 1 man as as the. Wedding master looks out over the over the people that are there he sees everybody dressed rural appropriately except for 1 guy who's who in his filthy rags that's you and me. You and I are the 1 who are dressed in filthy red. The white Rayment we are told is the right of Christ. Which is the filthy rags that we have is what separates us from God and it results in sorrow and guilt and disaster in our life sometimes it's very obvious by the things that happen to us other times it may be more subtle but the bottom line is that that sin that we cling to separates between ourselves and go on in Jesus said I've got a solution for that I have my right just to give you but Lord I'm not good enough you're I. You're not good and I'm not good enough to accept and you receive the righteousness of Christ but there's nothing in that parable that says that that man needed to be better than he was or needed to pay more money than he did or whatever he was handed that rope or righteousness when he came to the wedding you and I when we come to Jesus he says I have what you need you just need to stay with me I have the solution to your problem man seeks help way always do we can even begin to realize most of us know are in trouble some of us don't but most of us know there were in trouble that we need help but we have 2 ways of trying to get it 1 is by our own efforts there is a there are a whole the nominations that are both on the basis of solving my own problem there are a whole religion is based upon solving my own problem that's what makes the different that's why I can't be a Muslim with all due respect I cannot be I cannot go to Confucius I cannot become a Hindu all of those a religion is based upon works trying to find a way to solve my own problem I tell you what that's a dead end road riot it's a dead end road my own efforts though can come into Christianity in very subtle ways and my own works can come into the 7th Day Adventists Christians live just as really is it comes in to anybody else's life I'm not saved because I'm a 7th Day Adventists I'm saved because I'm rendered Jesus Christ. And if I start going a different direction and think that my Sabbath keeping or my eating or my water ever is going to save me then I am going to with everyone else lose out on eternal life because it's faith in Christ that brings the results in my life the layers disini and condition catch this part hands to self righteousness why why somebody tell me why does the Laodicean condition lead me war to be more likely saw her righteous why does it why we think we're something we're not we think we already have the solution that's why this message is so critical that's why in the lady hundreds as this message really started to come to the surface Ellen White was trying to help the people during those days to understand the condition of their own hearts and those that were resisting it you know there were people resisting that message that we look back on with we're in amazingly high esteem and yet they were turning their back on that message and I didn't say there would be say a moment saying any of that stuff I'm saying they were major leaders in the church but when the Laodicean message came up they could not let go of their belief that the law was their Savior and even though they would so wouldn't say that they were actually living that way and they were actually teaching that way that the law was their Savior and and Ellen White Jesus trying to get the message through as people was trying to help them understand that their understanding of the way that we should live and why our understanding was actually righteousness by works and it didn't work that's why the Laodicean message was so needed for God's people then and why it's so needed now. Christ robe is our only hope and we receive it under 2 conditions the 1st 1 is repentance and a surrender of self repentance and the surrender of. The message of Jesus and Revelation Chapter 3 makes that abundantly clear that you and I received this gift from him by surrendering ourselves to Him through repentance. And I think we need to keep going because we're going to see some things that will help us in relationship to the in my in. Messages to young people Page 35 Ellen White speaks of the fact that the righteousness of Christ is the way that we are justified we are justified by the righteousness of Christ our folks I'm going to get into an area today that it's really easy to wander down a lot of corners back and forth there are whole books written on the issues of righteousness by faith and salvation by faith and imparted righteousness and Putin righteousness and all of that and I'm not trying to downplay that but I'm also not trying to deal with every single nuance and every little curve that we might have in relationship to this issue our solution and my solution is Jesus. And Jesus will lead us to the truth that we need. And he end saw I I just want to caution you that where we're going has some curves in it and some direction here but let's not take ourselves down those curves let's try to keep simply moving had to get the basic understanding because I believe that's what's going to lead us closer to G R I I just want to warn you there are some little nuances here and you may have some that you might think of but I want to try to keep the simple as we can because I believe the Gospel is simple 1st of all righteousness by which we are justified is imputed to the 2 of us do you know what that means what does imputed mean to. Some of it's all me. You have been OK good. I'm sorry. OK OK OK Good anybody else. OK All right so this is something that happens if I can put it this way in an instant in a moment of time when I come to Jesus I have nothing to give to him and he says OK I'll take you the way you are right a man I'm going to take you the way you are and I'm going to give you my righteousness that's why he could say to the thief on the process who at that moment was giving his life into the hands of Jesus Jesus can say I will see you in heaven I will see you in heaven you will be in heaven with me because he is righteousness was being imputed to that they've on the cross at that moment of time right you didn't have time to develop a sanctified life he was on the cross he was going to be dead in the next few minutes it was over for him it was done but Jesus had what he needed at that particular moment as Ellen White puts it It is our right to have. She says it is what justifies us and the we receive it entirely by faith I have no money to give I have no good works to give I have nothing to provide to Jesus except my filthy rags and my sinful life and Jesus says that's all I need that's not a a fair exchange by any means but the message of the Laodicean to the Laodicean Church is you have this problem and that is what I have to give you in exchange I will give you what you need the Rices of Christ is also that by which we are sanctified the process is an ongoing process in our lives the righteousness of Christ is not just given to us and imputed to us in an instant when we come to him but Jesus doesn't want to abandon us and he doesn't believe us alone after that time he continues to live in our lives and to work in our hearts and that leads to the experience of what we speak of as him our Tud righteousness words up here on the screen it's in your book I wish I had time to go through and read all the quotations from Ellen White there but I am seeking to lead you to a place where you can continue to search this out in depth for yourself but her statement in regard to this is very clear that the righteousness by which we are saved in an instant is that which gives us title to heaven at that moment and that it is imputed But then there is righteous and that continues in our lives over the rest of our lives and it is him parted to us it sanctifies us and it transforms our characters her biting us fitness for having the word that she use. It is it is so remarkable to me how Jesus in His mercy gave that special gift of Alan White's ministry. And it makes it so clear and so simple it is I my my right than title to heaven me no Jesus is my right and title A I'm with him. When I get to the gates so to speak that analogy we use I'm with them now would you go on into say as I don't know who he is. As exactly right and so what we recognize is that what he does for us in the beginning he continues to do on a daily basis but where you and I enter into trouble in our lives and were a lot of the world today in the Christian church are often not deal with the rest of the of the world that's challenging enough but in the Christian world a lot of the Christian world does not understand the true power of. Many Christians see it only as that moment in time where you are saved but they don't see it as having power to change you and your life I wish the Methodists of today with the math of this of John Wesley as. If they were the Methodists of John Wesley as they John Wesley got this far he understood that the gospel will change people not only save them for an instant but say them for or from their sins that's why when John Wesley and his team would come into a city in England or some other place. The bars would all go out of business. Because they believe that Jesus could change people's lives and he did he took the drug lord out of the streets he took the people out of the bars and he brought them to church and they not only came to church but their lives were changed and they didn't want to go back to the bars the bars could handle it for a couple of days but when the bars didn't get anybody for weeks and months and years they had a close our Maria. Jesus wants to do in our lives that to me is an illustration of the righteousness by which we are sanctify in Jesus the fitness for heaven the work that he wants to continue to do in our lives. The righteousness by which I am saved that is imputed to me when I begin my life I receive by thing but the righteousness that I receive from Christ. That is imparted to me I received by. The but Word doesn't belong there goes it it's not but it's an the righteousness that I receive that's imparted to me and is by food in a spring heaven also comes by the way I want to keep this balance there's a chart in your book those of you purchased the book and it is up there right somebody tell me it is of there or make sure it is there there's a chart here there are variations of this chart and there are nuances that you see in a lot of different places but it does help to make up point you and I as individuals we come in our lives we're on a downhill slide that's where we are we are in a downhill so I we're going down down down if we use the analogy a lot of people like to use were headed to. Partition. Bible uses the word well that's really where we're headed we're not talking about a place buried down here we're talking about the state of experience where we are out of connection with Christ and that health fire that comes after the 3rd coming of Jesus that destroys the wicked for ever that's where we're headed that's what's going on here but when we come to the foot of the cross and there's a change that's imputed righteousness' comes to us it's justification it's our title ave we receive it by faith and it's in an instant Dany is work I don't have to go out and convince somebody I'm good enough to be saved when I come in whatever state I am and give my heart and my life to Jesus and my life has changed that is that imputed righteousness but then my life and my journey with Jesus continues on and Stana go in this direction I'm going another direction and people we talk a little bit about how these things all happen but the bottom line is I'm growing just like a stock of corn grows that at every blow stage along the way it's perfect it may not be where it needs to be but it is where it needs to be in my relationship with Jesus when I give my life to Jesus I may not be perfect today you can ask my wife who you like. But I have given my life to Jesus and I know that Jesus loves me and I'm saying Lord what I said today or what I did today I know that was the wrong thing for me to do please forgive me and please continue that work in my heart and my life and this continued growth experience with Jesus is still by faith is not by my work has not by anything that we do before we finish today we do need to have a little bit of a conversation. And I want to share a couple of things with you that help to kind of put this all in the proper perspective I'll get there in just a moment Christ's righteousness provides sanctification as well as justification sanctification is that lifelong experience of growth justification as our title heaven sanctification our fitness for heaven making that point this is the Laodicean message this is what's coming out here what Jesus is trying to help us to understand the secret of victory is in. We have not yet attain perfection by the imparted righteousness that is supplied by Christ imputed righteousness' it's an ongoing experience for us provision is made for our failure 1st John chapter 1 verse 2 I'm sorry chapter 2 verse 1 tells us that if we sin Jesus is our savior He is our advocate he is the 1 who is there for us we need him still it's an ongoing continual process and there is this analogy of trying to illustrate what this is like the imputed righteousness' the imparted right to snus and it in each place the only problem I have with that it seems to be implying that somewhere along the way I'm getting so good here and pretty soon I'm not going to need Jesus anymore that isn't going to happen that's 1 of the problems we have with these charts there are Mr Asians trying to help us to understand a principle that we're going to study through all eternity we're always going to need Jesus we're always going to need Jesus he is our savior. First John Chapter 2 and verse 1 earth John 2 verse 1. But let's put a couple things in perspective there are 3 statements from Alan White there in your book. And I don't remember what pages they are on but the statements themselves are here on the screen I think it's right near the end of Chapter. 1 of the book. And pointed. Already 6 that were news $46.00 were some were somewhere around there yeah I knew where out there anyway somewhere there where but here are the references and I want you to look at these carefully she says when it is in the heart to obey God when efforts are put forth to those in Jesus except for this disposition and effort as man's best service and he makes up for the deficiency with these you fine Mary we need Jesus we don't need to be fretting but we do need to recognize that we need I say have to be seeing where the challenges are we're told that the closer we get to Jesus the worse we look and it's true because any sin in our lives is terrible and the closer you get to Jesus and you see him in his perfect righteousness you say who are I can't be like that I don't have any hope there are times when I say Lord seriously this is what you're trying to take this person here and you're going to do this with that person and Judas has to remind me that it's not a person it's that person that's doing this and that I have to say close to him and be in connection with him that's 1 of the reasons I preach this message I need to preach it to remind me. She continues and she says but he will not accept those who claim to have faith in him and yet are disloyal to his father's command say this is that is that in these in the notes that's what I mean and in the in the handout a gave you that's right that's where it is thank you I did something right. So you have it right then you're following along with me great thank you for the reminder caramel or whatever we hear a great deal she says now this is the power sentence I want you to catch we hear a great deal about faith but we need to hear a great deal more about works that shock you. We have to be reminded I believe this is what Ellen why decide that the Christianity that Jesus is speaking of in the lay of the sea in mercy is not a man be pamby religion or a mammy Pammy hammy theology. It's a gospel message that is powerful enough to change my life and to change it on a daily basis and meaning the meaning of changing my life is that if I'm squabbling with my church fellow church members all the time and I claim that I'm drawing closer to Jesus I may have to stop and take a look at that and realize I'm not I need the I say have the Jesus as promised to give me in the lay of the sea a message to open my eyes to my of my need and then I'm the 1 who's doing the squabbling I'm the 1 is causing the problem I'm the 1 who's not following Matthew 18 I'm the 1 who's not doing what I should do and Jesus wants to change that because it is a church that is reflecting Jesus that is going to attract people to the world and if we are fighting with each other they're not attracted to us. Many are deceiving keep continues deceiving their own souls by living an easygoing accommodating Chryslers religion Wow is that powerful the Jesus says I If any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. That's why I said Are you ready for this guy you really want to go on with this class because now we're going from the fun stuff the exciting stuff the the stuff that that gets people's of blood rolling and now we're moving to the stuff that scares people and makes people fearful because they say I can't do it and they're right but this is the place where we need to be because when Jesus starts to open our eyes we begin to see not only the problem we have but we also see him standing there willing to help us. Continuing on she says higher than in another place an education she says higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for his children you and I are setting such a low standard down here for ourselves and for others realizing that God is a big God and he has a high standard for us not 1 that we can attain he would never call us to do something that we would never be able to see and experience on our lives she says godliness God likeness is the goal to be reached read that statement outside of the context of Jesus and I'm all wrong on a read it in the context of Jesus Jesus is God Jesus is God like Jesus is God and He wants to help us be experience God likeness in us there was no heavy theology in that Jesus is God like I am trying simply to make a point that he is God and that he knows how to do this work and if he wants us to be God like then he's the 1 who is going to impart that power to us. Before the statement there before the student I'm sorry she continues there is open a path of continual progress is an object to achieve a standard to attain that includes everything good and pure and noble he will advance as fast in his part as possible in every branch of true knowledge that is efforts will be directed to objects as much higher than mere southeast and temporal interests as the heavens are higher than the Earth only the Spirit of God Only Jesus giving us eyesight can help us to see when things are destroying us I don't care if it's television or the computer or phone or or or what we read or why we go or what we wear I don't care what it is whatever it is that Jesus says those things are leaning away from me and he needs to help us to be able to see that and he promises that he will because our selfish hearts will keep us connected with what's down here but his goal for us is as high as the heavens are and that's because that's where he is and he's preparing us for that. By the wedding garment in the parable she says in Christ object lessons page 310 is represented the pure and spotless character which Christ through followers will. Do the church it is given that she should be arrayed in final in unclean and white not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing the final linen says the scriptures the righteousness of the Saints it is the righteousness and I underline this part is the righteousness of Christ is unblemished character that through faith is imparted to all who receive him as their personal savior. The secret to victory is in faith where there were go is in faith in Christ receiving his unblemished character that is imparted to us when daily we. Reach out to him and accept Him as our personal Savior So to conclude today the layer is this in message is there for a called a reformation it is a call to develop a character that is developed by a battle with self but victory is promise please don't go away from your discoveries I remember in my early ministry some. On time ago. And I was preaching about rice this by faith and I was talking about some of these kinds of things and I remember 1 of the church members coming out blesses are His name is Howard not his last name his 1st name and Howard came out and he was so discouraged after listening to me preach about what God wanted to do in our lives and I realized that our the problem is I didn't explain it so well but I've not explained it too well I want you to know that Jesus is going to explain it to you very well east promise to do that that's what the Laodicean message is all about and that message to the Laodiceans is not a victory a message of defeat it is a message of victory probably 1 out of my screen again. It's a message of hope and victory he is going to take you and bring you into the experience he wants you to have that's what that Laodicean message is don't be afraid to study the Laodicean message because that's where the victory is it isn't Jesus saying on. Just let me in I want to come in and I will lead to the solution that you want in your life pathway to victory is to renounce self to fully surrender to Christ to bed depend on the a moment by moment and all of this is by faith believing victory is yours are you grateful for the Victory in Jesus raise your hand and say Lord thank you for the victory that you have promised 1 last statement when the saw surrenders itself to Christ a new power takes possession of the new Art A changes wrought which man can never accomplish for himself it is a supernatural work hallelujah for that bringing a supernatural element into human nature the Soul that is yielded to Christ becomes is own fortress whose fortress. Here is fortress with a capital H. That's Jesus' fortress which he holds in the revolted world and he intends and no authority shall be known in it but his own a soul thus kept in possession by the heavenly agencies is impregnable to the assault of Satan go away Herm here he can't touch you alow you are. Touch you well that's the message the more wants us to have from the Laodicean message today praise the Lord he cares about. Tomorrow we're going to move into some of the other things that are coming in this crisis which you and I need to prepare for because it's. It's encouraging to know that victory is in Jesus and that's where we need to be but I dare say that our church is facing some really challenging times what does it mean for us and what is God going to do to help us get through that time what are the challenges we might experience and 1 of the solutions to those Jesus is always the solution but we're going to talk about some of those things in the tomorrow and look forward to seeing you there let's powerhead through her father in heaven how grateful we are. We are also that we're not defeated Christians we are victorious Christians and Jews more there are times when I don't feel victorious and I'm sure that Struve those in this room along with. When my as a myself are myself I'm certainly not the Tories that my my hand is in the hand of Jesus you have promised to us a victory against any a solver. Oh Lord we leave we go back out there to other classes another opportunity somewhere along the line the devil. We know that you promise then be with us. And if you. Continue to lead us moment by moment thank you for hearing our prayers. Media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know about. More service please visit. Www dot. Org.


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