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4. A Church Shaken and a World in Crisis

Royce Snyman


Royce Snyman

Ministerial Department Director and Coordinator of Evangelism for the Michigan Conference




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven thank you again for the chance to study the Word of God thank you for the blessing of the Spirit of Prophecy thank you that the word it makes it very clear about the times that we're living in and thank you that also makes it very clear that you promised to be with us that you were promised to strengthen us and help us to make it through the times that are coming by our trust and faith in you Father I pray that you will bless us once again through the leading of your spirit now your spirit be speaking through me and once again give each of us here ears to hear you speaking to them and to us thank you in Jesus' name amen. While there was a class a question in the class yesterday that was asked and I said I knew the question was coming I'm not sure whether I completely answered it I am poli that I answer that. I might have to send somebody on a mission and it's always nice to be able to send a pastor on a mission because anyway. I don't know her anymore chairs around or not. It looks to me like we have 1 or 2 more fill empty. Anyway I just kind of keep an eye on a jock and it looks like there's 2 or 3 people standing out there and the chairs are full you might steal from maybe in that class that I borrow borrow go to do a manual because they're not functioning right now until after this class so that you can borrow from them and that'll work just fine you might have to go to the other door I think they lock out 1 or. The other door via the other other door. That might be why they lock it that sort of might be why a lot line all right so here was the question yesterday basically my summary of that question and trying to find the person who was asking is. OK OK i they're not more than other materials that you need. Oh well that's because I'm hugging them right here would you mind taking those in and then put them back by the door back there to die Dick the gatekeeper will people. I appreciate people volunteering and helping and makes a possible to do more than 1 thing solve here was the question the question was. After the close of probation what happens with us those who have expressed faith in God Are we perfect. Sinless. Where are we in this what does that. Mean. Well then I had a little bit of that today and I want to summarize that our if we don't naturally come to it here I want to talk about it a little bit more in more in depth. Actually what I want to do the need to rephrase that let me bring up. Previous class and I want to touch on some notes that. We will come to that I want to answer that question because I know that that's kind of a burning question and gets all kinds of theological direction out there but I would like to give you a synthesis of the shaking start with yesterday we're talking about the ceiling before that we were talking about the message that the true witness gives and the work that he's doing in our hearts I want to remind you that the focus of the 3 main jewels messages especially the 3rd angel's message is the message of justification by faith and righteousness in Christ by faith and he and sanctification by faith it's all by faith it's nothing of my works but we talk a little bit about the perspective Alan White says we've heard so much about a lot of unfaith we've heard nothing about works we've got to hear something about that as well that's part of with this preparation class is all about trying to put this all in perspective for us and understand what that means stay with me we're going into the shaking now and what's that all about. Every member will be tested says Luke is going to be a trial of faith called the shaking or the sifting it's it's interesting to me. You know I've I if I didn't believe in God I say there's not a lot of coincidences going on out there. But this morning the pastor of who was speaking to our devotional time was talking about a grain of wheat and what it's like to be a grain I never thought about being a grain of wheat. But he was talking about what it would be like to be a grain of wheat when when the chaff is taken off of it he was describing how you know if you're a grain of wheat in the and you're going to get this the Lord put a nice protecting cover over the grain of wheat but in order to get rid of that so people can eat it you've got to you've got to either run it over with a with a sledge or not a sled but. Something they dragged behind animals or whatever or you I mean it got a you got to go through a lot of pain to get that there but the process is such that you are cleaning off that which is not valuable at that particular time well that's what's going on with us this whole time of sealing and shaking is the time in which God is preparing his people for the return of Jesus and that means there's going to be some some winnowing and and chafing going on because the chap has got to be gotten rid of. That Chasse might be if we're not faithful to the award it might be us or it might be something in my life that I've got to allow Jesus to get rid of and I have to be willing to do that and there's pain in that process we've talked about it but there comes a time when every member is going to be tested and if the end that allergy from the grain to winnowing of grain to a separate good grain from hust is in the Bible and it's God speaking to us of that process we go through the time of shaking the time of sifting the object of the shaking time is to remove the chaff remember we're in the great controversy how many sides are there on the great controversy. To 2 only 2 that's God side and Satan side nothing else the challenge of course is that Satan side can look like anything or it can even pretend to look like the real thing but it can look like anything and he that's what the Bible tells us there's everything out of all kinds out there all of these are out there in variations but there's only 1 true side on God's side 1 true perspective on God's side there's nothing else so God has this work going on that is clearing out everything that's falls out of our lives because we're preparing for where we're preparing for heaven we're preparing to live with God for eternity there's not going to be a nice in there did you know that. Would you want to go there if there was sun. That's why we're going to have and that's why we want to be there because that's where Jesus is and where Jesus is he does away with all of that sin he wants to Cohen's that all away and he's preparing us now for that time Volume 4 of the testimonies page 51 makes the statement God is now sifting his people testing their purposes and their motives many will be but asked chaff no wheat no value in them wow that summarizes where we're going today what God is trying to do for us what the process is like so let's talk a little bit about the causes of the shaking what brings about 1st of all is carelessness and indifference folks it's possible for us to say we love Jesus. But not listen to his voice. It's possible for us to say we're 70 Aves Christians but become very careless about the life that we live thinking that he doesn't care about these than. If you heard West peppers this morning he was talking about the SAT. It's possible to get very careless about the. We think that it's OK to be like the world and yet just go to church on Sabbath and that's enough we believe the 7 days Abacha OK point there I get 1 point for that I go to church on Sabbath and I even go to saddest pool so I get 2 points for doing that when potluck is taken place I get another point for that so I'm up to 4 points now really. I really appreciated what he was talking about when he was reminding us of the fact that this is about my relationship. Why do I not go out to eat on Sabbath because my relationship with Jesus is not spending other time with other people and Jesus said I don't I don't want you to be tying other people down by by employing them and doing that kind of work and I don't want that to happen we get careless in our Sabbath keeping Allen White warns us about guarding the edges of the Sabbath and that it's easy to struggle with that I understand that but you know we prepare for the Sabbath when the sun sets the previous server. Aborigine that you can tell. Really appreciate the perspective carelessness and indifference I'm not talking about legalism I'm talking about caring about my relationship enough with Jesus that it is my priority that's why the Sabbath is my priority that's why I don't work on the Sabbath because the Sabbath is my priority because it Jesus is my priority my relationship with him is number 1 I want that to be there I want my family to be part of that I want that perspective where those are the focuses of my life All right keep going victorious. We have prayed and agonized to gain victory over soon we looked at Hebrews Chapter 12 and Hebrews Chapter 12 says we've not yet really agonized again since the causes of the shaking are that people have not done this they've not spend time with Jesus they've not agonized over sin they're not even sure that scent is sent and in this world today they're not sure that sin is sin what is sent while I'm not so sure is central is there such a thing a sense while it certainly can't be good because that's what I do and I you know what I'm saying. Is we're going on and on with that but the truth of the matter is the Word of God has the answer right here and God faithfully tells us what sin is and the Spirit of God clarifies that in our hearts and our minds by coming to Jesus He's the 1 who's promised to tell us what sin is and what he wants to take care of us careless and the indifferent are shaken out of the church because they have not made this focus in their lives the purpose of gaining victory over soon. Persecution because of enforcement of the Sunday law begins to come in as part of the shaking experience is a large class that are not firm in faith and therefore they abandon the truth under that persecution it's easy to be able to put on a mask and pretend that you love Jesus and that you want to be on the side of Jesus it's easy to do all that and tell it begins to cost you something and tell it begins to cost you your financial strength the home you lived in the car you drive the job you have. Your life your health when those things begin to come up and at stake the food you eat the clothes you wear when those things begin to become. Attacked and under persecution then you really do have to decide whether or not you trust God and are going to allow him to carry you through members will be individually tested this is not a group as a church those loyal to God will both only witness and others will yield up the faith that's the shaking time that's what will happen that's what will deal with these things and our lives and will affect our lives we will have to make a decision by ourselves we may see even our family members turn and leave us we may find that our church members that we thought were the strongest in the church while actually betray us will find that we are on our own in our relationship with God and in following the truth. What is another cause of this the rejection of the Laodicean message the true witness is coming to us and pleading with us to repent and to surrender that we're not rich and increased with goods we're not wearing the garment that we're supposed to be wearing We can't see like we should and that Jesus has been knocking at our door daily knocking at our door constantly knocking at the door asking for us to surrender these things to him and some will reject that. And there are unwilling to repent and conform their lives and instead they will rise up against it and be shaken Al is the shaking going on in your church. Is a going on when something arises in your church and the pastor takes again a stand against something I'm not going to name anything right now but he stands up against something that clearly we have 7 they have this believe clearly we understand that that is not appropriate it's a violation of God's commandments or it's a violation of basic principles of this or that and we know it's clearly there is the shaking going on when the pastor stands up against that even preachers from the pulpit on Sabbath morning to the 7th day of his congregation about that. And out of the congregation on Sabbath morning people start to rise up against in. Is that the shaking going on. It should always be presented in love. And it should always be presented truthfully and honestly that is the shaking going on when we don't support the church when the church has to take a stand against sin when the congregation is standing up 1 of the biggest pains of my heart is when I hear a church bickering and fighting over issues that come before it and the church has to go into business session because somebody are use an extreme somebody is robbing banks and people want to defend the right for people in the 7 they have this church to rob banks and so they start arguing about this in a business meeting when it's clearly a violation of God's commandments that tells me the shaking is going on as a superficial knowledge that causes many to be see deceived by false doctrines our knowledge is so so shallow That's why I as a ministerial director I see people struggling with this today and I can tell that the shaking is going on in people's lives and I say Lord help us help these people to get into their Bibles help me to get in a by a Bible to know the truth so that that doesn't happen to me help our people to realize that just because somebody comes on with with a really good argument that sounds really good it doesn't mean they're right and we should expect this confusion to rise up. False doctrines mixed truth mixed with error unbelief lead those who failed to study or who studied superficially to be deceived or to yield up their faith it's happening now the shaking is going on now I say that I want you understand there there is a shaking process and we'll look at a little bit of this in a moment I'll come back to here on the next slide and I want to make sure that you understand there is an ongoing shaking process and then there comes a time in which it really all comes alludes you get that you understand that there can be that little process where it's going on and then there's the the time when it all breaks loose the subtle deceptions of spiritualism will cause many to yield and talk more about that in a few moments when we look at some of the aspects of who spiritism that's getting into our church Ellen White says that now is the shaking time in other words we're living in this time of the shaking this ongoing process it's not that we just have to wait for the future and these things that are going on now don't matter we God is setting the stage for this time when this will all break loose but as these things are happening around us now the doctrinal challenges that we're experiencing and the differences in the challenges that we experience with us this is that ongoing shaping time for what begins to happen when it all begins to come together at 1 time that's the shaking time Ellen White tells us it has commenced and it's even a more real way today and then it was then so let's talk a little bit about how to be how to avoid being shaken out. It's OK to be shaken but not shaken out you have want to be shaken in but I must not get confusing now. Because the shaking process shakes people out of the church takes them and leads them away from keeping their their roots grounded on the Word of God and in the spirit of prophecy that's 1 of the reasons that the Spirit of Prophecy is so attacked because the Spirit of Prophecy helps to accentuate the message that Jesus gives in Revelation 3 the Laodicean message and makes it clear the trouble with Ellen White is that she tells it like it is and once in a while she steps on my toes that's the problem. So Paul warns us to take he we need to listen to the voice of God speaking rather than being upset with the pastor for the message that he shares with the elder we have some tremendous leaders and lay leaders in the church many of them are sitting right here now others are scattered around the campground they get up in a they preach in the Spirit of God uses them and they preach the truth as it is in the Word of God So whether it's the pastor or 1 of the lay leaders in the church who get up and speak the truth rather than trying to find a way to go to. To justify my sin maybe I need to say wait a minute more to you talking to me what is it that I need to learn from what you just what this brother just said I don't like what he said Lord I don't like it but if he's right it may be me that he's speaking to. Take He by prayer Bible study service and sacrifice main Khan maintain contact with Jesus with haven't. Take your Bibles and look at Romans Chapter 5 a love that passes my wife's favorite passage so I don't mind reading it again because it's my wife's favorite passage. I have to do this Romans chapter 8 how to make sure she listens to this recording right. Romans chapter 8 we're going to look at verses 35 through 39 We just want to keep this in perspective because this is the time we're talking about especially verse 35 says Who shall separate us from the love of Christ who shall shake us out shall tribulation or distress or persecution or famine or nakedness or peril sword that is that final time of tribulation. As it is written for your sakes We were killed all day long are killed all day long we are counted as sheep for the slaughter yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us keep that in perspective in relationship to answering the question that I started with and then I want to end today's period with for I'm persuaded that neither death nor life are angels or principalities northeast powers or things present or things to come nor hide nor death nor any other created being thing I'm sorry shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord that's a wonderful promise that we hang on to that is proof that Jesus is given to us Paul is spoken to us that we might understand he's not going to abandon us he's not going to leave us alone at any point by the way that verse those verses really do answer the earlier question. And the devil knows it and those are the kinds of trials that are coming so I'm going to repeat what you said just so that we understand you were talking about setting your children down when they were younger and reminding and letting them know that things could happen that we could break up a family if those kinds of things happen that you intend to stand for Jesus and you encouraged. Them to do the same you know when I read some of the stories of what's happened during. The World War 2 and even during communism and all of that and how their children have had been required and required by circumstances to take stands for Jesus and how they do so and so faithfully when their father is taken off to prison and they are dead they've got to make a decision whether they're going to go to school on Saturday Sabbath or not they've got to make those decisions and God has to use godly parents to prepare them for those experiences so even though you prepare them and it didn't happen does that mean you shouldn't prepare them. That's right and they won't be for it won't be for yeah it's not to scare people the this is not in the Bible to scare us this is to remind us that when it happens we were told it was going to happen thank you very much in trial and perplexity we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus this is how we of all our boys falling keeping in step in harmony with the message no compromise of principle or doctrine along the way this is where we begin to get in trouble where we compromise those are compromise that or the world does this or the world does that and we need to keep in tune with the world I had somebody to remember who it was but they said that they come from another place another place. And they they said that they just their experience as God's people got together in that place was and I'm not you know I'm not naming anybody for 04 reasons but they just realized that something was going because what they were hearing you don't know what I said when I'm talking about something very careful here and so they went up to a leader and said why and why is this going on and the reason is because we need to do this in order to be able to attract people to us. That's where the compromise the guns that come in and begin to Seems like we're on the right track gonna take an observation and I would always like to get a little bit of a challenge with time today to go ahead please. Not. My. Wrath or I'm. With you. Let me let me say that yes I need to address and I'm Adrian address and more generally but I'm I do so very specifically we're coming. No compromise a principle or doctrine along the way yielding principle in daily life opens the way to yield under pressure that's why I gave you the illustration yesterday of a lady that I work with and and the issue of drinking coffee and caffeine and all of that and the process with her why is that important is because maybe it's a small thing but it's setting the stage for the big things and she learned victory over that and she realized it was wrong she knew it hurt it was hurting her she knew the experience she was getting headaches from it right so I mean that tells you something is not right. And so she reacted to that situation positively by trusting the Lord to deal with it but she was faithful in that matter that means as the things get better and bigger and her life she will be able to deal with them we must also love the truth want to make sure that this is 1 thing is clear the church will not fall sinners will be sifted out people. This gets back to a little bit of the angel on the path of a pin you know how many can fit on please the church will not fall so the question is is it the church now with headquarters in Washington D.C. Is it OK I with all I know is the church won't fall and that God's people will remain solidly in the church whether I get to go to a church building or not as this process goes on Probably not I'm running for my life in most cases that's what the Bible makes clear in spirit talks about us tells us that we're going to look here about getting out of the cities and moving out and all of those processes so maybe the church will look like a group of believers together but the church will not fall. It church didn't fall during communism even though it was to attacked in there and all the things that took place but the church still remained there all right I can't get into their lot more the sinners will be sifted out and that's good so let's talk a little bit about the loud cry in the finishing of God's work in relationship to these issues and kind of put it together. God's program of revival Reformation ceiling shaking the loud cry that array and the loud cry that's his program is process by which he's finishing the work there's a revival that takes place that revival leads to Reformation the Reformation leads to that final scene going process remembers a we said the ceiling is ongoing correct. But there comes a time when we that ceiling is completed is done and we get to the point of the close of probation coming up on that in a moment the shaking this leads to the shaking and I say leads to in terms of sequence of events and then with that is the latter rain bringing this all together and the loud cry and Revelation Chapter 14 versus 6 to 12 is God's last message there is no more message to follow and Revelation 18 verses 1 through 4 is just that allowed that the 4th Angel coming out and accentuating that message taking it forward but those are the last warnings to the world that God is giving to the world. The message closes with great power revelation 18 and there is a loud cry in the whole world knows what's going on the issues now become clear they're not just a little bit about you know. Something that we've talked about in church but you go to church and nobody else knows about it nobody has heard about it know it's going to be in the news it's going to be all over the world everybody is going to know what's going on and there's a struggle going on between the 7th day sabbath and the Sunday nonsense. And envelops the word the word of God is is the focal point of what's happening in the loud cry the message of righteous spy faith is that which is completing this work because it's leading us to to rest totally and completely on Jesus that is the cry that's going to be going forward the message will arouse persecution which. Brings its benefits its benefits opposition to truth brings to its people brings it the truth and the message to the tension of the people when the early Christian church Acts Chapter 8 1st few verses. Stephen was preaching in chapter 7 right and as he's preaching ears. He's. Telling the truth the Spirit of God comes upon him it raises up anger and raises up persecution they take up stones to stone Him and that comes to the attention of salt Saul realizes that something's going on here but he doesn't understand what's happening in standing there is they throw their coats at his feet and then they stone Stephen in chapter 8 and verses 1 through 4 we begin to see a transition to a. Transition was things were nice and comfortable more or less and now persecution rises up at the hands of salt. Saul is so upset about all of this he's going to get rid of all of those so called Christians he going to deal with all of them so he starts taking that that message of his own of destruction out and finally gets to Damascus what does the Bible tell us that is that begin to happen again to happen the message again. Why because it became something that everybody knew about it was just you and I sitting in the church on Sabbath morning me sitting in the church on Sabbath morning and we're just talking about the message and whatever nobody else is paying attention they don't really care but when it gets on C.N.N. News and Fox News and everybody knows about it because of the persecution that's going on all of a sudden everybody wants a piece of this even in the struggles the the. Rights of people struggles whether it's dealing with racial issues or it's dealing with sexual issues or all that kind of thing that going on and on again I'm not talking about the rightness or wrongness of any of them just talking about as those things came about they began to come to the surface in society and society begins to see those and they have to wrestle with them they have to make decisions about what they believe about that what stand they're going to take that's what's going to happen call that a benefit persecution Sunday enforcement also advertises the truth of the 7th day sabbath so while 1 is going on the other is going on while the persecution while we're finding it difficult to keep the Sabbath the rest of the world is finding out I didn't know that there was a discussion going on I never knew that was going on you know most of the world out there is not Christian has no Christian connection never heard the name of Jesus. And for them they're going to say wait a minute what's the Sunday thing whose Jesus all of a sudden these things are coming to the front because of what people are experiencing in terms of persecution there will be counterfeit revivals and false religious fervor and this is part of the shaking process. Folks you and I need to be careful with day because there's a lot of things going on in the church as well as outside of the church that seem to look good and sound good and use the name of Jesus a lot but are not standing up for what the Bible really teaches I want to know that Satan believes in Jesus DID YOU KNOW THAT. He believes in Jesus he's happy to unite you use the name of Jesus as a matter of fact there's a story in the Bible New Testament story Jesus variance with his disciples and they were out trying to cast demons out and the trouble was it was no it wasn't there was it that was later on sorry wasn't in the new that part of the new says was during was either Paul or Peter I'm trying to remember which 1 right now stories come into my mind and in that experience what happens somebody is trying to cast out demons and it was Paul and not Paul trying to but somebody else taking on his name was a. Simon or a what was it named come yes I'm a magazine that's it that's the 1 he's trying to cast them out and the demons are saying look. I know Jesus I know Paul but who are you because he didn't know Jesus and you try to claim to know Jesus and stand up for Jesus the devil knows whether you know Jesus around and the truth of the matter is using the name of Jesus is not impressive. But following Jesus and all that he teaches is and. I believe there are things going on in the church today some of you know what I'm talking about if you don't know what I'm talking about Praise the Lord. If you know what I'm talking about I I'm telling you I believe the 2nd process is going on in the region. And it's taking all kinds of different forms and people are taking sides and people are saying all these other things don't really matter anyway so we need to do that and that's the clearest warning that were headed for trouble spirits will work miracles there will be the great deception including false revivals the condition their conditions necessary for the work to be finished our number 1 sanctification when you read in Joshua and Zachariah you know that the Spirit of God Wants to be poured out upon us so that he can strengthen us and help us is not by my or by power but by my Spirit says The Lord it also not only is that sanctification experience that I have with Jesus but it's also that experience that leads me to activity. The day must end folks when on Sabbath morning the personal ministries leader reminds everybody that they've been planning an outreach event into the community for Sabbath afternoon and there are 100 people in church that Sabbath and 2 people show up afterwards to go out. The activity that we're talking about a soul winning activity is the experience in our lives the parable of the talents should tell us that Jesus wants us to use the talents and the skills that he's given us and not hide them down in the ground he wants us to if we're 10 talent talent people he wants us to be 10 talent people and use that to the best of our ability of where 5 to talent people he wants us to use those if we've only got 1 talent I don't even like that if I'm blessed enough to have 1 talent and we all are blessed enough to have 1 talent there's nobody in that parable that has no talents we all have talents Jesus wants us to use those talents for him he wants us to be involved in activity for him it can take many different forms in the deacons and deaconesses class A sworn in we're talking about the myriad ways that we can share our faith and we can be involved in the community in leading the needs of people. And I'm not just I used that it was earlier about going out and Sabbath afternoon but there are many different ways that we can be doing that work and and involved in involved in activity a real burden is not how many people go on out afterwards but my real burden is that nobody does anything outside of church and that's a problem or not enough people do it so we need to be involved in that those are conditions necessary for that that's evidence that Jesus is working in my heart in my life I've got enough burden to care about people that I want to share that faith in some capacity and I can learn how to do it in ways that I might feel uncomfortable about so the shaking process is an ongoing experience in the church affecting peak God's people leading them to a deeper relationship with him or chasing them out that's what's going on in the shakings going on we need to be on our knees more not less. Then what about the world in crisis the world coming into a time of crisis persecution of God's people begins to intensify during this time I'll give you a scenario with what's going on in society today and the stance that society has taken within the last couple of years in relationship to what's moral and what's not we're beginning to see what this can begin to look like it's on the surface but it won't take long for it to become reality is just below the surface actually it's gone this right there and is only going to take 1 thing to put it all out there along with everything else. Persecution begins to come to the surface because God's people are standing up against that which is not right that which is immoral inappropriate and is turning its back on the Word of God It's not because we don't love sinners it's because Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin the Senate's destructive if I don't recognize what sin is God can't take that send out of my life if he takes me to heaven and he takes me with what I think is not sin and it is sin who see hurting everybody else as well as me so he has to make it clear what sin is but not everybody wants to admit that sin is really certain today we have genetic excuses for sin. And I haven't quite figured out why if my genetic sin is robbing banks that why I have to go to jail for that but of my of of your genetic problem is this you should feel free to do it and nobody should be able to even talk to you about. What's wrong with my genetic disposition to robbing banks that makes my genetic disposition to robbing banks worse than your genetic disposition of the disposition to him or her morality or is the problem soon the sin that Jesus wants to be able to take care of in my life. And when I start to stand up against the sin that's now popular and let me tell you it is popular I'm getting reports back from people you're hearing them as well of kids who say you know. A pastor I heard this from a pastor coming to him and saying you know. Is it really wrong for me to to take the stand against immorality and sexuality like this because you know what if I really want to be popular I need to come out X. what's happening out there today I want to be popular so therefore I've got to be this way. And that's the sin is now popular and when since popular it's OK to do it and then OK I'm getting off here that leads to persecution because it's popular to break the Sabbath it's popular to be immoral it's popular to do these things and when I resist it that begins to offend me that begins to say wait a minute you're telling me that I'm not good enough because I believe that this is OK to do that's not the point well he that is what you're saying and because of that I'm going to beat you up or I'm going to throw you in jail I'm going to make it illegal for you to do that and I'm Isn't that what's happening today. So persecution is used by satan he uses a Sunday law as a way to persecute against the truth Revelation Chapter 13 makes that clear in Matthew chapter 510 to 12 we are told that the persecuted receive a blessing from God So while this is going on God is not abandoning us he's still there with us but most of us don't like persecution. But it is God's reminder to us that he will bless us and he will care for us persecution according to Volume 5 the testimonies is progressive and it comes from all directions when when you and I begin to see what's happening here we're not even into the Sunday law issue yet and you can see by what's happening the kinds of things that are going on did you know that if up in Canada Anybody here from Canada. I mean as in live in Canada or like right now OK Tell me am I right or wrong if I stood up on at an event public evangelist Dick meeting and I started talking about the fact that. The Book of Revelation talks about the beast and this is who the beast is and I start talking about a particular denomination especially if I wanted to do that on the radio that I could be in trouble am I right or wrong. I mean you understand radio and right. That's that's the challenge now we you know the way you solve their problems you have a radio station in Newbury Newbery broadcasts over into Canada and the message still gets out there and then people. You know way come back into the United States to get the rest of the truth. That's what's happening literally happening. Yeah and so it's a real challenge that we face today this is not something future it's here now and it's across the border in a place you wouldn't expect it to be you expect religious freedom there but no wait a minute everybody is free but those people you can't talk bad about them how want to talk bad about people I just want to people to know what Senators I want people to know what truth is I want them to understand that Jesus is coming again but now it's coming to the point where it's illegal to do those things may not be quite there yet in the United States and that's why Alan White made the statement for us that what we didn't do when we could we're going to have to do when it's difficult folks we've got a little bit of time left we should be leaving this place and swarming the state of Michigan or wherever we are from with a message that God still gives us to be able to share we are running out of time a large group abandon the faith God's people are protected by angels praise the Lord for that god prevents death of the saints after the close of probation. Going to get a little bit into that here in just a moment the focal point is the day of arrest everybody understand that this is the point of controversy some people want to say Why what difference it really make it again is over who authorities am I following Sabbath could be keepers or denounces law breakers the state in the church union Unite to stand up against that focal point of the Sabbath and to persecute those who believe that 7th day is the 7th day is the Sabbath Protestants will follow in the steps of Rome they will follow in the steps of Rome. That's what Revelation 13 is all about coming to that the moment Satan uses spirit of. We want to be kind to our brothers and sisters that inadvertently get caught up in this but we do need to toss start taking a stand against what the devil is teaching out there and what's being sold by the media it's tragic when our young people are caught up in looking after the vampires and our dimension before Harry Potter and all of those things it's no longer innocent it never was by the way when we might have thought I was in so innocent a long time ago you know I'm going to tell you I've watched Wizard of Oz watch was a rebel. And I am Wizard of Oz and I thought that was a you know just an amazing thing or whatever now this was years ago and I look back at that and I say the Wizard of Oz. And then I start remembering some of the details of the Wizard of Oz I said whoa see it was it was innocent it was always our name Dorothy that was the character who played it. Julie Garland OK young innocent Judy Garland she's having a dream and she's seeing all this stuff. The devil uses that to set the stage for us and every time these things come out again and they remake them they get darker and darker and that's not coincidental it's because they were dark in the 1st place but Satan has primed the pump so much now that it OK to be dark and he's showing his colors slowly and people don't even realize that the darkness is coming in upon the come up on the land because the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the land and the devil is able to move in behind it and when it's happening in the church and people say also is just innocent fun it was just this or that no it's not it's life or death that's not fun it's serious we've got to keep go keep at it I need to keep going so her comment. Down. I need to speak to that so thank you for bringing that up because that really is part of that what I need to be speaking to I had somebody ask me about the shack earlier my wife actually brought the book calm and somebody given it to her and we started to look at that and I and then I started to do some research and behind it and finding about what people are saying there's another 1 that you mention was Jesus calling folks be careful you start going back and do the research on the person who wrote that and the kinds of ways that she went about doing that those kinds of things have their deep root in spirits isn't if I'm going to take something on that comes from a spiritualistic source is that a safe place to go apparently the devil smart enough and to know how to blend that in. Spiritism is coming in many different forms and it has Jesus attached to it in a lot of places All right thank you for bringing that up because that's a great warning we have this whole issue of the emerging church I'm not even hardly speaking to that because we've had speakers here I've spoken to it it's a tremendously dangerous area today but is part of what's going on in the church in the in the Christian church at large and in the 7th they have this church it's having its impact as well and it's worked itself into the various forms including something that I was alluding to earlier that I didn't specifically mention which some of you know what I'm talking about all right we keep going national trouble charged upon Sabbath keepers the crisis is universal book of Revelation Chapter 13 have your Bibles. Turn to Revelation 13. I keep going over things because of time and wanting to get everything packed into 5 days and about 6 hours but the times you cut a stop of the Bible and remind us what the Bible saying verses 12 to 14 of Revelation 13 context is the beast. Make it very very clear that the beast that exists for 42 months or 1260 days the beast is the Roman Catholic Church again this is the system I'm not talking about people I'm talking about the system and that underlies it and then in verse 11 I saw another beast coming out of the earth and he had to Oren's like a lamb and speak like a dragon in verse 12 you exercise us all the authority of the 1st bees in his presence and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the 1st beast whose Deadly Wound was healed he performs great signs so that in he even makes fire come down from heaven in the earth on the earth in the sight of men deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which it was granted which he was granted to do in the side of the beast telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image of the beast who was wounded by the sword and who lived we're talking here about the papacy we're talking about the United States those most of you raised your hand about having been an evangelist at meetings lately so I don't need to go through that if this is confusing you feel free to talk to me or grab a pastor and talk to them or whatever but these beasts are the kinds of things that we were talking about on the 1st day of our class where we began to see the influence that Roman Catholicism has on the United States and the influence that Roman Catholicism has on the world as those things become more and more and more of a reality the door is open right now it would only take a slight shift a slight something a slight. Catastrophic that's not slight catastrophic weather event combined with a catastrophic financial event combined with a catastrophic moral ground whatever you put those things all together and all the world leaders need is an excuse to take control but Satan uses Rome and spiritism and the false prophet which is apostate Protestantism in order to be able to bring these things about we're talking about Revelation Chapter 16 which I am coming to you in a moment if we define this we find in volume 8 of the testimonies that the seal in the mark. I want to go to Volume 8 incessantly let me see if I can break here for a moment I'm going to have to pass by if I get time I'll come back to it all right watching the clock what's on we start to. Move that's a problem OK That's why you gotta keep going look it up and look there to that to some of those issues there but the seal versus the mark we already talk about the seal and you want to understand what the mark of the beast is but this begins to draw the line with the Sabbath right this is where that line begins to come in and the death the creek comes in the vents that are taking place right here are moving us through the time where probation is still open up to the time where we cross that line and probation is close Revelation 2211. And 12 if I got the verses correct in my mind and that reminding us that what is filthy will be filthy still what is righteous will be righteous Still those are the things the time when probation closes 1 are the demarcations of that line the demarcations of that line are the we are in this time of persecution we are in the time of the Sunday being being established and a deck a Corrie being established the world now is now 6 saying that wait a minute the Sabbath issue is an issue and we believe Sunday is the Sabbath and we're going to tell the whole world that they must keep Sunday and those people that are keeping Sabbath they're violating what God wants them really to do along the way comes. Struction for us this is all happening at the time that it's time to leave the cities I think we've forgotten about this instruction we need to think about it a whole lot more now in preparation for this class my mind started going back to my early pastor days and in all when I've been processing that you know you get in the flow of life and you stop thinking and then you begin to realize wait a minute this is all happening right now what does this mean well you and I need to be processing that with our families and I'm not hey careful careful careful. Just go out and flock away white warns us of acting hastily and not that's 1 thing I believe as preceded by Helen why is she so balanced she's so careful but we do need to recognize that the time is coming when it won't be safe to be in the cities it won't be safe to be in the cities you know the fact that there are places in cities and you don't dare go right here you and I need to know about that tremendous danger I'm going to kind of ignore right now because I look at my clock and it's scaring me so I'll try to come back to it too if I can in a moment the distance the instructions that we have is the time when we must leave the big cities and then there's going to be a time when we must even leave the small cities we are going to come to that tomorrow we'll talk about that a little bit more deception vs vs spiritism. I talked a little bit about it we highlighted some of the things there but what's coming upon us the miracles by Satan Satan appearing to be the benefactor of the world at the same time that he behind the scenes of promoting war disaster and disease but up front east appears like an angel of light and he's telling people that that he's come here to help save the world and he's telling it warning people that there are people in this world who seem to be pretty stuck on the fact of the 7th day is the Sabbath I'm not making this up you know those of you read this on it's in the Spirit of Prophecy great controversy it separates absolutely there spiritism is Satan's last masterpiece He's working this all out to eventually his masterpiece of deception is when he pretends to be Christ and. You heard what Stephen Bohr said you can't trust your eyes you can't trust your ears you only have the Word of God the the deception is over while meaning over whelming what if Paul stood in front of you what if Peter came along and said you know what of Moses showed up. Or we know she's dead but Moses we know is still alive because the Bible tells us what he shows up but yeah but what I am why it shows up. What happens when we are face to face with those deceptions we all want to be like. We all are afraid we're going to be like Peter. I'm not laughing but Peter constantly said I'm going to make it I'm with you Lord no problems with me that goes back to Revelation 3. Am magine their apostles all 12 of the Apostles and gooding Matthias not Judas all of the Apostles Paul standing there telling us that we've got it all wrong fearful sites including fire from heaven that's what's going on at this time the deception the spiritism in chapter in the in the chapter in great controversy page 589 the crowning deception that comes from spiritism is Satan appearing to be Christ's And you know it's nice to think that while I've I got it I understand that I'm already ready for it everything's going to be OK I know it doesn't touch ground so we're we're good that way I've got it I'm good. Heat or. You're going to go to jail you said For me you're going to die for me your draw the sword for me Peter I'm praying for you that you won't lose your faith in this whole thing because you're going to and I mean now here's the good news when we're dealing with this period of time we're crossing over from the time of probation to where there's no probation left and what is the end result of that where you see what's on the screen he looks like Christ impersonates Christ people say Christ has come Satan is being worshipped but he looks like Christ so they're worshipping him and and like remember. Daniel and the 3 he Bruce and that whole experience is being repeated all over again we are standing while everybody else is worshipping. He has diseases he preaches to see fully declares that he's changed the Sabbath but he cannot duplicate the return of Christ entirely our protection is in Jesus not just in the knowledge in our head by completely being surrendered to him and what's happening now here's what I want to do at this point I want to given you some information but now I want to bring up or I need to bring a see if it will work for me what I was talking about earlier All right. Let me see if I can largess a little bit so that you might be able to read this all of these events taking place lead us to a question in our own hearts and our lives am I ready we'll talk more about this tomorrow the final piece where we put this all together. Well talk a little bit about the time of Jacob's trouble in the pieces that are there but I do want to answer this question when he leaves that Jesus darkness covers the inhabitants of the earth in that period whole time the righteous must live in the sight of a holy God without an intercessor What's the theology for that theology is that Jesus has stood up he's been in the sanctuary all the time he's been our intercessor which is what the whole sanctuary messages about and by the way the Book of Revelation clearly is talking about the sanctuary the imagery is all where it's in Daniel it's in Revelation it's all through the scriptures that language is there so Jesus stands up that means he leaves the sanctuary the restraint restraint which has been upon the wicked is removed and Satan has entire control of the finally impenitent. The righteous must live in the sight of a holy God without an intercessor there comes a time when Revelation tells us probation has closed the righteous will be righteous the filthy will be filthy still Satan has control of the finally impenitent and the righteous are not a living without God It doesn't say that it doesn't say that they're living it without help from Jesus it doesn't say that it doesn't say that the Holy Spirit no longer is available to help them it doesn't say that what it says is there's no longer an intercessor and you and I must not sin during that time but not because and we won't send because we are so good but because Jesus is so strong and we're so totally committed to Jesus it's not me that's doing this. The restraint which has been upon the wicked is removed Satan has entire control of. Finally impenitent God's long suffering has ended the world has re ject it is Mercy despises love and trampled upon his law the wicked have passed the boundary of their probation the Spirit of God persistently resisted has been at last with drawn the with the Spirit of God being withdrawn is because there's no wicked to save anymore he can't draw them anymore they've crossed the line the probation is done judgment is completed and now it's a matter of simply in acting what Jesus has already discovered in that investigative judgement process. And sheltered by divine grace they have no protection from the wicked 1 Satan will then plugged the plunge the inhabitants of the Earth into 1 great final trouble as they angels of God cease to hold in check the fierce winds of human passion all the elements of strife will be let loose the whole world will be involved in ruin more terrible than that which came upon Jerusalem of old as Satan accuses the people of God on account of their sins the Lord permits him to try them to the uttermost permits them to try them to the uttermost their confidence in God their faith and firmness will be for severely tested as they review the past their hopes for in their all lives they can see little good they are fully conscious of their weakness and unworthiness Satan and errors to terrify them with the thought that their cases are hopeless that the stain of their fire Filemon will never be washed away he hopes so to destroy their faith that they will yield to his temptations and turn from their allegiance to God but that doesn't mean that he's successful and doing that and tomorrow we're going to talk about how when we cross that line from probation to a closer probation how that this all begins to come together in that final time of trouble and our total dependence and complete reliance upon Jesus and upon the Spirit of God to protect us and to care for us God can not abandon us God will not abandon us Revelation makes that clear and Romans Chapter 3 Chapter 8 verses 35 through 39 is that wonderful promise that nothing can separate us from Jesus nothing except our own choice. And when probation is closed we have settled in that's the ceiling that's what's going on now that's why we must prepare now for that time because we are preparing to cross that line which is just before us I don't know how long that can take but it can happen very quickly Ellen White says the final advance will be rapid ones they will take base very quickly so tomorrow we pull it all together we cross the line into the other side of probation and what to expect during that time and what that looks like and then we look at the final experience but I don't want to spoil the end of the story so I won't tell you how it ends. All right let's pray. Father in heaven how thankful we are that you have already told us what the end of the story is I pray that you will help our hearts to be empty of fear into anticipation of what leads up to that time and totally and firmly grounded upon Jesus. We know these things are happening there Swee see them happening around us we've talked about some of these things here openly in and out of kindness not so openly because we don't want to focus on Satan and his tricks we want to focus on Jesus and his solutions. So Father as we continue our study of the preparation for the Final Crisis we pray that we will be drawn closer to Him who is our Savior who died on the cross for us and lives now to Paris for his return in his name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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