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5. Law, Sabbath, Mark of the Beast, & USA

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • June 19, 2017
    12:00 PM
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Father in heaven we do thank you so much for beautiful new day and Lord we thank you so much for can't meaning we thank you for the privilege we have of coming together as fellow believers in an atmosphere would be consentual presence and your holy angels and get a little foretaste of Haven't father this morning we need your spirit the spirit of truth to give us clarity of thought to help us to understand not only why we believe what we believe from Scripture but how we can share it with others so Father we pray that you would guide us and bless us to this and for we ask it in the name of Jesus for his humanity OK let's see here where do I want to begin we were in the it is written lesson guide so let's look at that and I'm going to tell you what we're going to look at today by God's grace there's a study number 7 called Quality time is about the Sabbath and then study Number 6 is called Peace on Earth and that's about the law. And then study number 18 is the mystery of a mystery beast a revelation that's 1 of the Christ we're looking at yesterday and. We're also going to be looking at the market to be so I don't know how far we're going to get into the USA Today we'll see what we can do but. We really want to spend some time on the law and the Sabbath because in everything that we look at it really. Is a central part of our message I mean we can say Christ is a central part of a message but something that we'll get into in the Sabbath study that even though it is written study doesn't get into the way I like is that it was Christ who instituted the Sabbath a lot of Christians don't understand that we say that God made the Sabbath in the beginning before sin and a lot of people don't remember don't realize that the part of the Godhead who made the Sabbath was Jesus Christ because He created all things are made by him without him nothing was made that was made and so it's really a central. Focal Point. Something else that we've touched on but I didn't look at the passage and I want you to take your Bibles and go to Roman 6 this is you'll notice that depending on who's teaching or who wrote the lesson or whatever else everybody has their favorite passages that they'll try to bring a point out from Roman 6 and verse 16 is really. A fabulous passage when you're talking about the real. Essence of obedience you heard us say a number of times now that obedience is is really about exercising your faith is about loyalty to God is not legalism that I want you to notice it's about worship of talked about that how obedience is the highest form of. Love you can show to somebody look at what Paul says in Romans 6 and verse 16 he says Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey and some translations my servants to obey you are that ones slaves whom you was obey whether of a sin leading to death or of obedience leading to righteousness now what's his point his point is you're the servant of are you the servant of the 1 you say you're the servant of not necessarily you're the servant of the 1 you render obedience to regardless what your profession is and this is Paul's point is obedience is what indicates where your service lies and that's why it becomes the issue that it does in the end of time it really is the indicator of where our loyalty and allegiance is now we're looking at the study of the anti-christ power I'm going out of the mystery of the Revelation guide we talked about how this is a counterfeit in a Christ is a counterfeit Christ of a counterfeit Christianity and I raced all that and put some other stuff up here. When we looked at our 4 points. We talked about how the images the beasts of Daniel. 7 and the kingdoms of Daniel 7 are parallel of the beasts of Daniel 2 or I'm sorry the image of Daniel 2 now I want you to look at this chart that I gave you yesterday as anybody who does not have 1 of these charts let me know if you don't OK there is a fuse would you not who can can somebody pass of you out for me please and give you some of these and just hand those Keep your hands up if you don't have 1 of these all this is it's a chart that my brother and I made up years ago and I've added a little bit to since but it's a it's a parallel chart where you have the kingdoms on the side and then you'll notice that there's 3 columns Dinda to Daniel 7 and 8 Now if I had 1 to take the time and made a wider page and everything else I would have included Daniel $10.00 to $12.00 what you'll find is that in Daniel there are 4 different visions that parallel these kingdoms there always running through the same kingdoms Babylon leader Persia Greece Rome in Daniel to Babylon me to Persia Greece Rome and then a 7 India new 8 we're moving into the Persian empire in the time the end is writing so you know so we Babylon out we just heard her Greece Rome and then of course the breakup of Rome the little whore in the papacy and you come into Daniel 9 through 11 I'm sorry tent 10 through 12. And you have the same thing starting highlighting the Persian Empire and then Greece and then Rome with a lot more detail and I like to describe it as if you've ever taken a video of something you know a lot of times when a person is videoing something they want to get what's called an establishment shot where where are we you know it's kind of a wide view of where we are and then I just don't want to take my whole video way back here it's a kid's birthday so I'm going to zoom in and there's the kidneys blown out the Sheehy blowing out the candles or whatever and so you start with this wide focus and you oftentimes will what they call video Pan your audience right you move around because you want you know this is what's going on here and then you'll soon into things for detail OK Now in the illogical circles it's called the expanded in large principle and then well that's saying is when you're going through prophecy Daniel does it and Revelation does it you'll get a big picture and then you get a repetition with more detail and a repetition with more detail and that's what we have Daniel to us very basic doesn't give a whole lot of detail then your 7 we zoom in a little bit and now we get more detail in 8 and 9 we zoom in a little bit we get more detail but it's a repetition of the process and what's beneficial in that is if there is just 1 chapter dealing with these empires of prophecy and then the other vision was entirely different and then the other vision was entirely different then it would be in some ways would be anybody's best guess it's like when you say it's about 1 metre Persia Greece and Rome how when overture but when you lay 1 over top of the other over top of the other why do you repeat something parents why do you repeat things to your children so they get it right and the Lord repeats enlarges and receipts and enlarges so that we can have confidence that we're on the right track when we're dealing with these. These prophecies so that's just for reference has a lot of handy little things in there but we're in in Daniel 7 and we have you open your Bible there again and we'll be using this in the lesson and I told you yesterday well let's again bring us up to speed so we looked at the fact that according to the Bible and in Christ is not somebody who's opposed to Christianity but an impostor within Christianity a counterfeit power something that a poet pretends to be Christe and it's not gives us a little clue as to what we're looking for we come into Daniel Chapter 7 and we see the 4 beasts we've looked at how these are look at Daniel sky as and we look at other evidences that help us to see that this is a repetition so we're seeing the kingdoms of Babylon me to Persia Greece and Rome that's all the same but what's new in Daniel 9 you have the 10 horns Well that's equivalent to the 10 toes so that so far we're seeing the same thing we saw in Daniel 2 but then we see this little horns this is this new thing and there's a lot of attention given to the little horn and this is the thing Daniel asks about I wanted to know the truth of that Daniel 7 in verse 19 then I wish to know the truth about the 4th beast in fact go back to verse 17 and Pastor bore touched on this the other night Daniel asks the Angel about these beasts and the angel says whoa this is this is what I just showed you Daniel those great beast which are for our 4 kings and we look at that they're representing their kingdoms we find that for their own the chapter there are 4 kings which arise out of the earth but the same some of the most High shall receive the. Kingdom the kingdom for ever even forever and ever that's it another is Daniel sees all of this in this vision in the end it's like oh you want to know what that means the 4 Griese B.C. you saw there just 4 kingdoms and finally God's people are going to inherit the kingdom if we can. I mean Daniel Daniel I'm hoping that you aren't relating to Daniel who's saying is that all you're going to tell me I want to know more and that's exactly what Daniel says we need to give an explanation then he says then I wish to know right but what's interesting is he didn't say that I wish to know more about the 1st place and the 2nd because in the 3rd means Diddy he said I wish to know more about that 4th means that 1 was the 1 that unsettled him that was the 1 there's something different about it and that's what the Bible says he was different than the other then I wish to know the truth about the 4th beast which was different from all the others exceedingly dreadful with his teeth of iron and its nails of bronze which devoured broken pieces and trampled the residue with its feet and the 10 horns that were on its head now I want you to notice that once we move into this you have Daniel asking a question and then you have an angel giving the answer and in the question in the answer there are clues that we are going to use to identify who this is and that's the key part of your study is identifying the inner Christ how many of you have ever been in a situation maybe you've given a study on the end of Christ or maybe you've just talked to somebody about the end of Christ and they're all like you know puzzled about the enterprise and you're like yeah I know the enterprise power is I don't know if you've ever been in a situation like that and that's what we do in a in a prophecy meeting you know what you got in your fire it's like the enterprise you couldn't even tell who it is or yeah that's you know who it is some people just think the in a crisis to some curious thing that we won't know until he shows up and they don't realize that the Bible gives these clues so this is a real eye opener for people in a lot of ways as we talked about yesterday so I want to pick up on some things I'm going to read through this and the interpretation again and then we're going to put up I want to look at the clues that the lesson gives and I'm going to tell you which ones I'm going to use and why I'm OK So Daniel is asking the question and I'll highlight them as we go through. I wish to know the truth about the 4th B S relooking at verse. 19 he was exceedingly dreadful with teeth of iron its nails of bronze so we see him reference back to the image with the iron in the bronze I don't make a lot of that but I think it's you know it's not accidental either which devour broken pieces in terms of the residue with his feet verse 20 and the 10 horns which are on its head and the other horn which came up before which 3 fell namely that horn which had eyes and a mouth which spoke pompous words there's appearance was greater then his fellows OK so you have the 10 horns on the head of which beast forth Beast What's the 4th beast Rome you have a little horn comes up among. 10 which came up out of Rome which means we're looking for the inner Christ we're going to look at where the room is going to have some to do with Rome right I mean you can't get away from that when you understand the. Imagery here so that the 10 horns come up Dennis's they came up obviously of the head 3 of the horns of the 10 fell to make way for this little horn he speaks a little horn about tells as he speaks pompous words and verse 21 he says I was watching etc I'm going to jump past as that judgment scene and so we're just looking for clues right now with your lesson will do to when you're studying it so he asks this question brings up all these details and then the angel answers him in verse 23 thus he said readiness that I wish to know more this is what he said to Daniel the for the beast so be a 4th kingdom on the earth which will be different from all other kingdoms it shall devour the whole earth trample it and break it in pieces the 10 horns or 10 kings who shall rise from this kingdom and another shall arise what. After them that's key OK So 2 things that we find well let me let me go through this again he should be different from the 1st ones and shall what so do 3 kings he shall speak pompous words against the most high he shall persecute the saints of the most high and shall intend to change times and law then the Saints should be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time that verse right there has most of your crews in it it's just perfect but it says the court should be seated and take away his dominion to consumer forever etc Now I want to look at the clues now want you to take your study guide your mystery Beast of Revelation and answer in Incidentally we're still in Daniel with the mystery Beast of Revelation so we'll have revelation shortly but we're drawing these clues out of Daniel and it says on page it's not page number 8 number 8 lists 10 clues OK you can go over it I suppose I'm giving the study I'll probably touch on the 10 clues but I want to I want to highlight the ones that I think are the clearest clues here the 1st 1 here in the study guide says it arises from Western Europe among the rest of the horns OK so so Daniel 8 Daniel 7 verse 8 rather talks about the little horn coming up where. Dana says in verse 8 I was considering the horns and there was another horn a little 1 coming up was among speaking of the 10 among them the 4 who 3 of the 1st horns were plucked out by the roots Now the other you know so going through he said that the 3 horns were displaced by this horn everything else this verse in verse 8 says they were actually plucked out by the roots when you take something out by the root what happens it doesn't come back right and so that's being conveyed here you have the 10 horns now the 10 horns if you look at that parallel chart we didn't spend a lot of time on this when the Roman Empire was broken up there were 10 major divisions which you'll see at the bottom very bottom of the handout and little ass trick because it's referring up here to the toes there's an asterisk there and it's these are the toes these are the 10 toes these are the 10 horns which also has had asked Rick you have the Anglo Saxons which became Great Britain you have the Allah Mani anybody speak French here what's French for Germany. Right you have the Amani which is Germany the Visigoths which is Spain in other words that they were at the time this is what they were they were these tribes Germanic tribes Yamani the Visigoths of Franks the sway of either Burgundy and Salaam bards the hairy ally the Vandals the Ostrogoths all of these tribes which became these nations of Europe and as I mentioned the other day now there's more than 10 nations of Europe today. But this is how it started out and I've told you that sometimes people will contest this with me they'll they'll say well how do you know there are 10 some well how do you know there weren't 1st of all that's a good question to ask when somebody challenge you and say well how do you know where's your proof that we're to prove it isn't that way there are some things that there is not proof either way in other words 1 historian says 1 thing 1 historian says another the fact that there were 10 is not a key part of the prophecy in other words if there were 9 or there were 12 it doesn't change what the prophecy is telling us they were when the Bible talks about the 10 toes you can't put 12 toes on a foot because most people have 10 toes on the feet right and so the feet is just using in the images using the division and it's picking up the same imagery and in a type of 7 The point is that Rome was divided and I believe it was divided up in 10 parts and when people ask me Well how do you know it's 10 parts Well historians bear that out well I've read a history book and I'll say well I historian agrees disagrees with your guest but the Bible says there were 10 and historians say so here's the 10 OK but the point is that these became the modern nations of Europe and when I share this in a in a prophecy series I'll go through the list and then you have the last 3 that were up rooted and I share the same idea into study and then I tell him you know that these 3 were uprooted you guys want to know why they were uprooted and he had come back and talk about the enterprise. But at any rate there were these these divisions became modern Europe OK And so the Bible says in giving the clue that the 4th beast would and this is this is how I'm going to put it here it's going to rise from you know Christ power rises from Rome right from the 4th beast you can say modern Europe right Rome or Europe or the divisions of room that's where he's going to come up into the Bible OK. Right so when I'm going to the study with somebody what your lessons are going to do whatever the lesson you're using is going to bring up these points and it's important for you to remember that this is not Adventist stuff we're drawing right out of Scripture we're establishing the 4 beasts once you've got the 4 beasts down it becomes easy because you're just plugging things in OK to run the whole little horn which is in a Christ and maybe I should have put that on the horn comes up out of the head of that force the 4th These So he rises from the 4th the now the next 1 and I'm going to explain this to you OK so I'm going to put it up you know where you get that it rises to power after war 76 A.D. already get that from the Bible here's what you need to understand 1st of all it tells us in Daniel that the little horn rises up among them you remember saying that OK now for me to be among somebody bring it for example if I came here this morning at 8 o'clock when I be among you why not. Because you weren't here I don't think anybody was here anyway if you were waiting a long time so you weren't here I could be among you have to be present if I'm going to be among you the 10 horns had to be there if this little harm is going to rise up among them then the Bible also says in the interpretation in verse $2410.00 horns or 10 kings arise from this kingdom and another shall arise after them now we know from history that the break up of Rome was not complete until 476 A.D. it wasn't complete you didn't have your 10 horns yet and 1 of the group 1 of the most well known historians who's written on that is a guy named Edward Gibbon who wrote a 6 volume classical set that historians refer to to this day called The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and word given I've got I've got these a lot of this these resources in 1 of the handouts here and I'll show you that. Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 6 volumes about this thick just to read about the decline and fall is not on the whole Roman Empire it doesn't go to the rise of the Roman Empire just decline and fall but the point is that historians are agreed even if you don't nail it to this exact date the exact date is not essential The fact is you're in the 5th century A.D. before this break up of Rome is complete so this little horn power can't rise up among something that's not there and so he had to wait until some time in the 5th century A.D. to rise to power OK Now the Bible goes on to give us some other clues here it says 1 of the things the less yes. Yes. Right. OK but the only thing he's asking a question about the earth is the number 17 it talks about the earth and if we've got we have got a new study in the US in prophecy which in the vision rises up your 2 you don't want to take the language of the vision with the language of the explanation the interpretation in other words the vision says these beasts rose up out of the sea Daniel commenting on it says yeah so these beasts that came up out of the earth he's not he's not giving a symbolic. He's not making a symbol he's simply relating the facts that he saw in other words we're not a quiver lading the earth. Or the beast coming up out of the sea is what would you do here make that the equivalent of the earth OK the sea means the Earth that's what you would have to do if you're taking that what Daniel was saying here as an as a as an explanation Daniel's just repeating to the angel what he just saw and he's asking a question about it OK so the rising up and again if we get into if we get into the US in prophecy you'll see that the the beast of the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13 rises up out of the earth. I'm trying to answer it quickly and not take the time so it's actually something I don't have time to get a lot into I would just say that this Daniel's not interpret in the symbol here and I leave it at that at this point and if we have more question more time we can address that. So you've got the 10 divisions there rising the the little horn rises up out of the 4 the beast in this division area and we have the timing of it because we know when the horns came into their existence so this is I mean these are very helpful 1 trying to find out who the inner Christ is right who is this little horn power he's representing some power is going to come up from Rome among the divided Rome or in the nations of Europe is going to rise to power some time after for 76 A.D. the Bible brings up the fact that he's different from all the other B.S. I've never Jim Have you ever gone into that. Yeah OK I rarely go into it myself it's. 1 of the reasons I guess is this is 1 of the things you'll find when you get into studying prophecy there are certain things that are very clear and very consistent even among 7 the evidence there are others for example that let's go to Revelation 17 let's talk about the 7 heads of the beast and what are they there are 3 main interpretations in the administering and all kinds of other interpretations in the Avenue Church then you go outside the have a church and you get even more and so there are certain things that there's so much there just is a lot of different opinion on hey the fact that this beast is different from the others is not universally agreed upon usually most I think most interpreters say that the thing that made it different is what do you understand it you know it was religious OK but that's not true. Because never can as are his kingdom was he was served as a god right Dario's in the Persian Empire What was the whole issue in Daniel Chapter 6 worship me right and so I have a hard time giving that explanation because it's not now if we were going to say it was it was a professed Christian nation then I could go for that so that it's just 1 of those things that it was different it was unique and if I were to give an explanation for why it was different I say it's different because it was the only 1 of all those nations that professed to worship the God of Heaven they professed the little horn professed to be a Christian nation and that would make it different from all the others but some of the explanations bring up the fact that it was a religious it was civil and religious at the same time that that that was the same thing that was true with Babylon or you wouldn't have this or the fiery furnace that was true with hers or you wouldn't had the lion's den Yes. Yeah I'm going to go into that in just a minute I'm going to put the clues up and I'm going to tell you why we believe those clues point to Rome so right now I'm doing is we're looking at the Bible and saying what is the Bible pointing out of the Bible points out the little corner rises up out of the for them and the Bible points out that little horn arises among the 10 and after the 10 so it have to be after their established in 4th and I just threw that I plugged in the $476.00 date that I could just say that would rise after the little the 10 horns were established the lesson brings out the fact that it was diverse from the others. But I want to go into there a clearer clues I guess is the point I'm making when you go on into the next clues I would draw would be in verse 25 Most of them well not in verse 25 he's going to subdue. 3 Kings I'm going to bring that up with the horn it says in verse 25 that he's going to speak pompous words against the Most High OK now I'm going to substitute a word here and we'll look at why in just a minute but it says he would speak if you were to if you were to use another word for that way what do you call words that are spoken against God blasphemies right that's that's the word I was thinking of I can't just put the word last means he speaks blasphemy. Now it's important obviously when you're going in your study with somebody to establish what a blasphemy is and you if you've been through a presentation of this you know that we usually go to has a couple passages 1 is in Mark chapter 2 So let's do that let's establish blasphemies here. In the end of Chapter 7 verse 25 it says he shall speak pompous words against the most high and I remember I told you I'm going to I'm going to. I wouldn't do this right off in a study OK And the reason is this is 1 of the things that becomes hard in teaching the classes I know you have questions and so we're good and I'll jump here and I'll jump there and I'll show you things but what happens is you lose the momentum of what the study would be and I just want you to understand that when I mean answering your questions here I wouldn't be derailing the study constantly like that in the study I'm going to go through it we're going to get there OK but here I'm a segue and I'll show you over here this is why because it's hanging in your mind how do we get this I'm going to tell you it's not hanging in the mind of the person you're studying with you're like wow how do I prove that I mean the Bible doesn't say blasphemies it says pompous words and Compazine italicize How do I even you know when you're thinking about this they're not thinking that when you've been in the study right now they're not like how do they know for sure they're not asking it but we get all bogged down so so that you can be confident in our interpretation if you hold your finger Indian and go to Revelation 13 we do this later in the study. I don't spend a lot of time in Revelation 13 in this study that will spend and most it depends on the on the angle that that the evangelist is taking if they're presenting it or the study is taking but all establish it from Daniel Chapter 7 and then I'll just show Revelation 13 very quickly you can see the parallels in fact I usually wait for this and you'll see why in a minute because what Revelation 13 brings up this stuff we haven't put up here yet and so it just kind of so I'll probably do it twice so if you go to Revelation 13 notice what it says in verse 1 Daniel says then I stood on the sand of the sea and I saw what how many 1 B.'s rising up out of the where Dana see the beast rising up out of the sea right having 7 heads and 10 horns so he similarity there what did NOT the heads but yes 7 heads and 10 horns and on his horns 10 crowns and on is heads what. A blasphemous name now the beast which I saw was like a what a leopard his feet were like the feet of a bear in his mouth like the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him this power and his throne is great authority now where every seen that before where. Lion Leopard you know he and Daniel 7 is the only place you're going to find that so you have Indiana 7 you have all these these rising about of the sea John sees 1 beast rising about of the sea and it's very interesting as he describes it in the order that he puts the beasts What does he see 1st he says he has a body like. We were in the beasts was always like a leopard his feet like a bear is Mount like a lion What order did so he's got leopard bear lion How did Daniel bring it up lion bear leopard why. Because when Daniel saw it it was yet to come but when John sees it all that exists is the 4th beast and think about this for a minute when a nation conquer the other nation what happens to the nation they conquered. Have you ever heard of Greco-Roman culture what does that mean I mean Greece was swallowed up by Rome they didn't disappear the Greeks didn't disappear they just became subject to the Romans right and so what you have is you have a Beast of Revelation 13 that's just a conglomeration of all of these because what you have is Rome who has conquered Babylon meter Persian grid Well they've all subs subsequently been conquered and so they're all rolled in there and John looks backwards you can't help a person you're starting with can't help to see the parallels right away a C.B.S. coming up out of the Sea The only difference that there's 1 instead of 4 is because all the others have passed behind in the time period that John is writing in and so he says verse 3 I saw 1 of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded I'm not going to take the time and this is where you get their differences of opinion on on the heads but in general we understand the heads as being the different powers throughout history that the devil has work with and we know that 3 of those heads of Babylon meter Persian Griese are 4 they had in Rome but then there's another question as to which I'm not going to get into but that's the idea he says I saw 1 of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded and his deadly wound was healed and all the world marveled and followed the bees so they was worship the dragon who gave authority to the beast and they worship the beast saying who is like the beast who is able to make. War with him now notice and he was given a mouth speaking was. A. Great things remember we looked at that yesterday right the marginal reading when it says a pompous words that he was speaking was literally great things were here Revelations is great things and blasphemies Indiana 7 is said great things against the Most High What are those blasphemy and so this is just a confirmation for us when we talk about this the speaking great things that doesn't mean he's just saying you know talking about himself whatever else he's speaking against God and that it tells us that in Daniel but then it actually brings the word blasphemies in in the Book of Revelation Like I said usually I come into this after the fact now since we're here he's speaking great things and blasphemies and he's given authority to continue for how long 42 months so there's a time period we can look at that a minute then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God to blast FIM his name his tabernacle and those who dwell in heaven I'm going to refer to that a minute too it was granted him to make was war with the Saints and to overcome them we're going to see that all in the Book of Daniel and so what I usually do is I'll go through the clues in Daniel established that in a capital often going to Revelations it woud here at the end of time this power to contend with the end of time is the 1 Daniel pointed out way back here and we see all these same characteristics but that's where I get the idea well another place where we can confirm the idea of blasphemies So what is a blasphemy according to Scripture we'll go to Mark Chapter 2 Mark Chapter 2 and. This is when the paralytic was brought to Jesus for healing you probably know the story I'm not going to take the time to read through a lot of it but we're going to look at verse 5. When the friends of this paralytic brought him to Jesus Mark kept to verse 5 Bible says when Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic son your sins are what forgiven you and some of the scribes were sitting there reasoning in their hearts why does this man speak blasphemies like this who can forgive sins but God alone now let me just back up even before this this scripture definition does anybody here know what a blast of what blasphemy really is by definition OK for me and taking claiming any Parag of God That's what blasphemy is now this is giving a context 1 of those examples is if man claims to forgive sins and in this case here is Jesus he's come to forgive sins how can he do that he's a man and he's claiming a private of that belongs to God This man speaks blasphemy So 1 of the definitions the Bible gives for blasphemy is. Me and claiming how or to forgive sin. And I tell you when you get to this point in your study your people are pretty well there you can tell you don't go how many places how many Let's see rises about or Rome in the time period that we lean to calling the Dark Ages any claims of power to forgive us I mean that alone is really clear but that's 1 definition for blasphemy that we see in the scripture and let's look at another 1 in John Chapter 10 Matthew Mark Luke John John Chapter 10 and we're looking at verse 31 well let's start verse 30 to give us a little bit of a run in here. John Chapter 10 verse 30 stories a speaks and says I and my father what are 1 then the Jews took up stones again to stone Him Jesus answered them many good works I have shown you from my father for which of those works do you stone me the Jews answered him saying for a good work we do not stone you but for blasphemy because you being a man what make yourself God again that fits with the dictionary definition of man claiming the authority of God in this case man claiming to be God right or let's say the place of God lives of God equality with God something like that anyway the those those 2 definite mean I'm telling you is your studying with people. You're narrowing the field here but let's look at a couple of the quote clues from Daniel Chapter 7 Daniel Chapter 7. That's why I'm saying there's a lot of things you could go into when you're trying to prove the end of Christ is but it's not necessary these clues are pretty plain OK so in verse 25 again and Daniel 7 he says the pompous words against the most high the next thing says he shall persecute the saints of the most high and so he persecutes who are the scenes. Persecute God's people. Right and then it says he shall intend to change times and law. Or thing to change depending on your translation and in the context he's speaking about is blasphemy against God he's attempting to change God's law and then finally it says the same should be given into his hand for a time times and half a time so I'm just going to put him on rain for a time times. You know how I'm going to leave it that way so I don't have to write more now that time period and some of these things obviously take explanation but understand that all we've done here is put what the Scripture says we just we've just put. I can put great things in blasphemy here but I'm just put on the board the clues the Bible gives us not going to plug in the clues who do they fit who who does this address I'm looking for this little horn I'm trying to identify and I'm taking a Bible prophecy and looking at the clues the Bible gives me I just listed them out who fits these clues. In order to clarify there's a couple things like I said last means well what does that mean right I'm going to I want to know who who this fits this description fits so I've got to know what I'm talking about blasphemies and then I got to know what I'm talking about with the time times and half the time and so if you look at your lesson on Pit Well not pages not a page number where you got the little chart like this on the top on the top right hand side you'll see that there are 7 places in the in the scripture that refer to this time period they're all referring to the same time period Hey Daniel 725 in that you know that doesn't help me out like Revelation 12 doesn't want you to look at Revelation 12 it's helpful but I want you to see Revelation 12 because if I'm trying to explain to somebody what time times and half the time is there are some Bible translations that instead of Time times and half a time will say 1 year 2 years and a half a year. OK now I'm sharing that with you just a Bible translations are put together by a person with the exception of a handful like the message by Eugene Peterson and if it is by 1 person it will say but your your most of your Bibles are put together by committees and the whole committee agreed that time times and have a time is equivalent to 1 year 2 years and a half a year and some translations have have come out like that now that I'm to I'm only saying that to say you know we're not sharing some wacky thing that our church cooked up and it's only in the interest Study Bible OK you hear what I'm saying I'm just saying that so you understand that this Incidentally everything that we're hearing about the inner Christ was believed by the Protestants by the reformers who were Catholics as I mentioned before so time times and half a time if I'm trying to explain it to me my favorite place to go is Revelation 12 and you'll see why because if you go to Revelation 12 and look at verse Yeah I'm going to start in verse 13 are you there you look at this Revelation 12 or 13 says now when the dragon saw that he had been cast to the earth he persecuted the who the woman who gave birth to the male child but the woman was given 2 wings of a great eagle that she might was fly away or into the wilderness to her place I'm emphasizing all this because it's going to come into play in just a minute where she is nourished for how long a time and times and half a time from the presence of the serpent Now go back to verse 6 same chapter very same chapter Chapter 12 or 6 then the woman where they I saw this before right we just saw this the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared by God that they should. Feed What was the word used later on in the chapter nourish right same idea feed her there in the wilderness for how long 1260 days OK so what the Bible has just done for us is it's made time times and half its not I'm equivalent so $1260.00 days how does it do that yeah no but it's a parallel thought it's a parallel thought and so you have the only thing that changes the summary verbiage you have time times and half time what $1260.00 days as I said these are prophetic words most scholars are greed as I said Bible translations of the time is singular so as 1 times is 2 and half a time 1 year 2 years and have a time is 3 and a half years how many days and 3 and a half years 1260 if you're using a lunar calendar this gets a little it's not it's not a big a big issue with a little you'll find that that in prophecy and I'll be honest with you I don't go to a lot of. Great lengths to try to prove everything as I'm going through because here's what's going to happen let me just jump jump to the gun a little bit jump the gun a little bit here I'm going to come back to this. In the in the Bible and I could give you verses for this and I think I have been 1 of the study guides but in prophecy it uses a 360 day year age use often employed a lunar calendar and I could show you that in the book of Genesis but you have 360 days in the lunar year so 1 year 2 years and half year be 1260 days how many how long would that be in month. OK 6.4 for how how many months you remember in Revelation 13 how long it said he reigned. $42.00 months OK So I mean over and over and we could go there live there are 7 places that this less and less is the South that use that time period either as 1260 days time times and half a time or $42.00 months it's all speaking of the same time period which will go to in a minute so when I give the clues I want to lay the clues out here and I will I will suggest this in the study. I don't know I think in a crisis is usually the 1st study you got into day for your principal depending on whether you cover the 2030 days yet or something like that so I'll suggest that to them will say OK we're going to aim for time times and have time look at Revelation 12 the Bible says that's equal to $1260.00 days I'll probably share with them that you know some translations will actually say 1 year 2 years and a half a year that's how they understand this to mean is $1260.00 days that's why we read it that way revelation that a time times and half a time is the same as $1260.00 days now in Bible prophecy a day equals a year and so we're talking about a reign of not $1260.00 literal days but 1260 years and you'll see that when we go through and apply the clues that's what I'll tell them and they will and at that point the question because I could take a lot of time right now to say well this is why look up texts and there are texts we can look up but the proof is in the putting as it is to say so let's look at the clues here arises from Rome most of you are aware of this that you know my my and I ask the people actually ask the people at this point when I've given the study I'll say now looking at the clues so far before we actually go through them what power in history these clues even if you're not clear on this you mean like well they for year I'm not sure about that mood let's see it comes out of modern Europe as it rises to power. It will be in that time of the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages claims the power to forgive sin and claims the place of God on earth is persecuted God's people I mean you tell me where else you're going to go where else are you going to go that you've got a very clear picture and somebody will use you unfortunately I use the African somebody say the pope you know well it's really not the pope it's a system Catholic system and at some point you establish that and it's usually after these clues that I'll make the you know will say you know walk through who what powers I'm going to tell you friends is only 1 power this existed on earth that these clues that powers the Roman Papacy or the Roman Catholic Church now want to make a and you'll hear evangelist was you that I want to make a point here that you know this is this is where we're plugging in Bible clues not talking about people here not saying Catholic people are evil or baptist people either and any other Christian of the bottles pointing out that there are some problems with the system of religion that it's called at Alice's I'm in we're going to see why as we continue on in our study but but you know let's plug in the clues let's make sure that we're we're on point here and see if it fits OK because the bottom line is when you go through it it's plain as day you've got in fact I'm going to have you turn to let me just see if I have in the an echo I have it out here I handed this out yesterday you should have it if you're guessing in a crisis and change of the Sabbath study. Oh if you have that yeah if you had if you did if you already have the folders in your folder sorry yeah you're going to find that after. The great controversy study the plan of salvation study long grace the Sabbath and right after the Sabbath study I present and I'm going to tell you why present is the change of the Sabbath study. Now I want you to notice something that after in this is how I stated in fact let me tell you this with a Bible Doc studies the way that these are written. And there sits question answer and the italicized explanation after is all you should need to know to give a study the explanation I had and I tell my students I don't want you reading the italicized part when you give a study I write these studies so that they can read ahead of time in preparation and they can understand it and then they can put that point in their own words but in most every point so you'll see for example number 9 at the top of the pay the 2nd page on that study to see it OK How long is a time time to have a time and then I give the texts in their back to read at the margin of the N.I.V. says a year 2 years and a half a year comparing Revelation $1214.00 with $126.00 we see that this time period is also referred to us 1060 days the Bible uses the year day principle in prophecy there's a couple text you can look at making this a 1260 year period over which the end of Christ will reign I don't go into a lot more explanation because going to get clearer in just a minute so what clues can we derive from this chapter and then I have several The clues that we brought up here OK Now notice the explanation I will give this some form of this when I get to this point the study I've asked them so you tell me who it is and a lot of times before I even start the study anytime I'm preaching this before the study I'll say you know a lot of people question in the end of Christ is tonight we're going to get into this study we're going to go through the Bible and you're going to tell me who it is oh yeah you're going to be it's going to be that clear and folks I want to tell you whether they speak up or not it's. Or for 95 percent of whoever you're studying with it's clear if they have any kind of knowledge of the Catholic system so we go through the cues clues now mostly tells us print there's only 1 power to history that this all of these points the papacy of the Roman Catholic Church state why cliff Tindall looser Calvin Cranmer Bunyan Sir Isaac Newton Wesley Whitfield Jonathan Edwards and countless others all saw the Office of the papacy as the anti-Christ these men are known as Protestants but you understand that they themselves were Catholics who merely protested the church's right to put tradition about scripture I'll bring that point in here when I'm identifying this and then the next paragraph it is important to distinguish between the system of Catholicism and the people of Catholicism it is the papal system of worship that is here condemned just as it was. The Jewish system of worship in Christ day right Jesus condemned their system of worship but he didn't condemn the people this is not an indictment of all Catholic people any more than Jesus was on the fair seas or was to the parishes Matthew 22 you are an indictment of all Jewish people the issue is 1 of faithfulness to God's word and I'm a puts a say something like God is trying to help us to understand that we have gotten away from his word right all have sinned and fall short of Glory of God and God is calling us back to faithfulness to his word such trying to make it clear that that's the issue now let's review these 7 points OK now I have some quotes in here then that's why I had you open if you turn to the next page you have each point has a reference to it well some are quotes of some are just statements for example rises to power amid the ruins of imperial Rome no 1 would argue folks that the Roman Catholic Church is from Rome. OK. Theorizes room you understand a thing is still to this day called the Roman Catholic Church OK arises from Rome What about a rising for after for $76.00 and overthrowing 3 powers the 3 horns so you understand a little bit of history and some of you heard this before that. The Roman Empire as we said was not conquered and there are some real interesting connect the dots that I'm fighting going into right now because I know I don't have time for it but Rome was a republic that was their government you know another great nation whose government was a Republic you know it says America Rome as strong a nation as they were became weakened because of their love for entertainment right the coliseums their entertainment the love of ease an easy life they ran into economic troubles because of their indulgences and all that stuff and I'm a former Catholic and I'm talking about indulgence in sin and pleasure and and vacationing and all that. And you see any parallels between that nation and another nation that happens to be facing the same 80 Jones wrote a book called the 2 Republics and the contrast of Rome and then this is 100 years ago but I'm going to tell you it's just really fascinating when you look at well what happened is this and this is this is the amazing part that is Rome was crumbling because of this internal corruption because of its lost its focus and because of its desire for ease and whatever as it was crumbling and these other German animations were taking advantage of Rome and the detritus were coming in and Rome was being divided as as. Imperial Rome was sinking Christian Rome was rising Christianity was flourishing and so the Emperor 1 of the emperors of rome named just standing of course Constantine earlier tried to mingle you know what why did Constantine try to mingle Christianity with paganism. He wanted to unite the empire right he wanted to save the Empire and something that you need to understand that a lot of Roman Catholics don't understand is that the Catholic Church has always been a far more Kalid a culture than a Christian church it's fascist it's saving the empire that's what it was about and so in order to save the empire you know Constantine did his thing and then we come down the emperor just standing and just standing actually made a decree call just in Ian's decree where he decreed that the power of the government was to go into the hands of the bishop of Rome the pope of Rome the head of the church he did that because he felt that because the church was strong and the government was weak he would save the weak government by transferring the power to the pope. OK you live in the United States of America were Republican Republicans crumbling right we've got problems in all kinds of problems economic and otherwise we've already had offers by the papacy to help us out with our economy. OK you go back and you look at what happened and how the papacy came to rises because the empire was crumbling and Catholicism said will come in and we'll help you strengthen it and to save the Empire there was the church state union and I'm telling you that's what the Bible says is going to be repeated that at any rate. That's why this is so significant now this isn't just in the past I mean it's just history being repeated and so what happened is just any made it created transfer the power of the government to the church the problem is that all of those 10 horns there were 3 powers that said we're not going to do it we're not going to go for it we're going to resist that and so Rome joined forces in systematic a systematically up rooted the powers of the Harry ally and the Auster dos and the Vandals and when that last power was up rooted in 53818. Which was the Ostrogoths power I believe then just in his decree went into effect he maybe to create but it wasn't in effect he couldn't the government couldn't be given into the hands of the pope yet because it was resisted by the people and so they they up rooted those opposing powers so that they could make the way for the decree to go into effect which happened in 580 S. And I want you to notice it in the in the if you look at the under rises after for $76.00 A.D. look at the 2nd paragraph at that time there was a popular viewpoint growing among some believers called Arion as I'm 1 of the beliefs of varying ism is that Jesus was a created being which Catholicism did not teach for this reason the 3 areas powers area why they are vandals withstood the decree of dystonia and as a result in $493.00 A.D. The bishop of Rome using the military might of imperial Rome attacked and up rooted to Harry lie power and for $9680.00 Clovis the king of the Franks unit later became the French converted to Catholicism wherever he went afterward to conquer the people were given the choice to become Catholic or move in the year 534 A.D. He may were against the Vandal king and they were stamped out and finally in 580 they wage war against the Ostrogoths Kingdom and up through to them opening the way for the decree of dystonia to finally go into effect and Pope the Julius ascended to the papal throne now here a couple historical sources the 1st 1 from Shaft history the Christian Church says the Julius a pliant you know plant means kind of what's that would you say got a flexible kind of a. Cow or some is that a fly in a pliant creature of Theodora you know who Theodore was I used to think of some Roman leader or something it was his wife. But Joe is applying creature of Theodore ascended the papal chair under the military protection of Belisarius Belisarius was a general of just an aeon and he carried that into effect a notice to date. 538 to 555 it starts with a 538 there and gives us that date now another reference yes another reference is the next 1 says from the death of severity as the Roman Catholic writers date the A Pisk up a C. of the Julie is that is his reign his rise to to his office reckoning him dense 4th from that point forward among the law whole popes in the book History of the post volume 2 Under the year what $580.00 OK so that's where we begin what we call the papacy prior to that the Roman Catholic Church was not the church state power that it became which we refer to as the papacy the problem was when you had the church in the state blended together OK now you go to Rome you go to Catholic Rome did it arise out of Rome Yeah. Catholic row Rome catheters did it rise to power this little horn after for 7680 Yes it did it up through 3 of those horns Yes it did to make way for the papacy that's exactly what had to happen and that's exactly what did happen in history speaks blasphemies does the Catholic Church claim the power to forgive sin does the Catholic Church claim to be in the place of God and here look at some quotes here and I share these in my study and I'm tell you some people are blown away by this they just are not even aware of Catholic teaching and these are from Catholic sources these quotes OK blasphemy is a blast seems God by claiming that's ahead in their 1st part says claiming to forgive sins says Seek where you will through heaven on earth and you will find but 1 created being who can forgive the sinner who can free him from the chains of hell that extraordinary being is the priest of the Roman Catholic priest yes beloved brother the priest not only declares at the Centers for given but he really forgives him so great is the power of the priest that the judgments of heaven itself are subject to his decision the words priest aside and haven't said yes or no based on what the priest says OK yes it is going to look at the next 1. God Himself is obliged to abide by the judgment of his priests and yet when you get that God is obliged to abide by the judgment of his priest and either not to pardon or to pardon at according as day that is the priesthood refuse or give absolution the sentence of the priest priest seeds and God subscribes to it that's just a little taste of Catholic teaching on the forgiveness of sin OK claiming to be got from these cyclical letters of Pope Leo the 13th he says we hold upon this earth the place of what God Almighty I've had some people say well yeah the representative just like a pastor would be you'd be as a pastor represented NO NO NO NO her look at the next statement the pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ but he is Jesus Christ himself hidden under the veil of flesh does the pope speak it is Jesus Christ who speaks OK And then it's interesting the next 1 is just claiming authority over Scripture which is also blasphemy Catholicism says like 2 sacred rivers flowing from Paradise the Bible and divine tradition contain the word of God These 2 divine streams are of what equal sacredness still of the 2 tradition is to us the more clear and say OK that's glass from the folks and so does does the Catholic Church fit this yes it does so far we've got this 1 we've got this 1 we've got this 1 did the Catholic Church persecute God's people did it persecute believers notice the statements under where are we persecute God's people you've got to jump further down to the next page there's a this 1 quote I have here persecutes God's people that the Church of Rome has shed more innocent blood then any other institution that has ever existed among mankind will be questioned by no Protestant who has a competent knowledge of history. It is quite certain that no power of imagination can adequately realize their sufferings I'm going to tell you Hitler was more merciful in putting people to death in the Roman Catholic Church was I don't even want to encourage you to study this panicking the Spanish Inquisition and give you nightmares OK I want to tell you that in the Holocaust and we've got if you got a criminal today you want to talk about somebody being a really bad guy Hitler just ranks up there you throw Hitler out there and everybody knows you're talking about a bad guy right Hitler killed 6000000 Jews in the Holocaust the Roman Catholic Church killed over 50000000 Christians in the dark ages and that's a conservative estimate some say some historians say over 200000000 and yet nobody bats an eye it's amazing it's amazing when you think about it it's also amazing from my standpoint when people will say you've heard this maybe a 7 am is people say I heard your church is a cult you're here that you know that your church is weird Let's see you've got a church who teaches that you pray to Mary count rosary beads for salvation pay money for indulgences forgiveness of your sin even before you commit the sin but that's not a cult as the biggest most popular church in the world it's just unbelievable and it just tells you how the devil has prepare the way for this anyway I don't go into I don't go into all that with a spokesman to say that. Has a persecuted God people yeah we know this from history any competent person with a common knowledge or even a beginner's knowledge of history can figure that out did he intend to change God's law and now I take this 2 different ways OK It depends on when I've presented this subject. I have recently switched over to presenting the subject after I present the subject of the Sabbath I didn't used to do that and Mark family does it that way and in this lesson series does it that way and I like presenting it in a Christ in that context because it gives it a better context in other words if I'm presenting the end of Christ before I get to the Sabbath what I'll do with the change the law is a point of the change of the 2nd Commandment which still blows people way because it's not their right images it's gone right well how do we have 100 you just split up number 10 into 2 I don't know maybe you're not aware of that but what the Catholic Church has done in there now it's not this way in the Catholic bible going to read with the 10 Commandments but you go to their catechism and say What are the 10 Commandments and they're going to attend commands and the 2nd commandment this says that you should not bow down images you got it there in the you know you got it there in the lesson they do is to it's been taken out. And so now you have the 9 commandments which sounds really strange So what did they do to get tan well they take the 10 commandment the says Thou shalt not covet and then it says national cover your neighbor's wife number 9 S. not covet your neighbor's good number 10 spot of the still have a nice number 10 a lot of people are unaware of this and if I haven't presented a savage yet that's what I'll present when I get in the change of law the law and then when I get into the Sabbath we'll come back to this part and show the Sabbath too but it works better when you're sharing this after because what happens is if you show the anti-Christ before the Sabbath for some people just like well why are you picking on now you've granted we're going to prophesy was going through dinner to us why are you picking on the Catholics and you hear this you go to the map and why you pick on the Catholics but when you presented the Sabbath and people like oh wait a minute you see you're showing from the Bible that the Sabbath is a 7 day how do we get off on doing this we're Sunday come from come back tomorrow night right which are next study and then in the context of the in a crisis you see why God is calling a 1000 a crisis a pasta a counterfeit system because it's taking the law of God and is trying to change it as a huge huge part of the study so I think it flows better that way you can share it did the changing of law either way but I'm going to tell you you already have your right here you've already got it nailed down and we were you going to go this is the anti-Christ power tend to change times mall back either with the 2nd Commandment thing or the Sabbath and then he's going to reign for a time times and half a time now. I've said I could be wrong I've said time times have a time $1260.00 days and that's equals hears 1260 years we saw when the papacy began its reign saw from history books and everything else when just an instantly went into effect in 538 if I'm right then we can expect that 1260 years from this date we're going to come to the end of the Roman Papacy the reign of power you know you so if we add $1260.00 to this where do we come to $79880.00 Did anything significant happen in $7980.00 that would lead us to believe that Roman power had lost the church had lost that power if you look under the reigns for 1260 years I want you to notice what it says under there 1st of all just a description of quote We have already seen the papering begin a play of the $538.00 when the Auster God's power was overthrown and just and his decree went into effect if our application is correct we should expect the power of the papacy to be broken 1260 years later in the year 7980 in a remarkable fulfillment of prophecy Napoleon's general Bertie A entered Rome into Rome in the year $798.00 captured the Polk and had him exiled to Vallance France where he died in captivity in a quote from a paper that is a Catholic paper called the Modern papacy says Bertie A entered Rome on the 10th of February when 798 and proclaimed a republic the power church state power of the papacy was broken and prophecy was fulfilled to the letter I mean you're just boom you're there you can't get around it so when you go through these points in prophecy I'm just telling you folks there it's not popular but it's crystal clear and the reason that God so clear on it is all of this is coming around again it's all coming around again which we will get into a little bit later. All right everyone we are going to get back at it here. Somebody asked a question during the break in the point is you're going to study you have some people you study with I've had for example I've had Roman Catholics say well we don't go to we don't we don't go to the church for forgiveness you go to the priest for forgiveness and you know you know they may argue the point but here's the thing that you have to understand they're supposed to in other words you got to have the confidence you got to understand something that American Catholicism is very different now from Catholicism in other parts of the world 1 of the most amazing books you might read is a book by a guy named John Robins called Eclipse he asked a goal may go low mania. It does not sound interesting and it sat on my shelf for years. John Robbins has he is. From Johns Hopkins University and his is 1 of his areas of study has been the political thought of Rome of the Catholic Church you crazy ass to call. Meg alo mania. Megalomania is delusions of grandeur and fantasies of power and ecclesiastical just means it has to do with the church and so the title is a church that has delusions of ruling the world and this is his his it's his research on the history in the growth of Rome and he has some fascinating passages and parallels where he shows the a lot of people are unaware of the. What I want to say the the involvement of Catholicism with Nazi Germany and I don't have time to get into it he touches on some of it he talks about the similarities between Naziism and the papacy because both are fascist in their government form a he goes into how Rome subdued. The Republic the capacious he received the subdue the pub Republic of Rome to rise to power and then he has a chapter I think it's called the subversion of republic talking about what he thinks is going to happen where Rome is going to try to ruin this Republican the papacy going to try to regain the power and the dark ages and it's not just conjecture. You know some of it is obviously because from a standpoint of somebody who's studied the who when he that 1 of the chapters he has he highlights where in recent years because we have these statements about Rome back in the dark ages whenever he highlights in recent years where Roman Catholic Roman had the kind of dark ages authority in modern Croatia and some of you may be aware of that and when in Rome it Rome's rulership in Croatia looks like the Dark Ages. In other words there are things happening in the Church of Rome today that look just like they did back there but not in America American Catholics because Allah system is different and now you have the friendly face of Pope Francis and just everything has a different tone but I'm telling you that's not it's still Catholicism and part of part of Catholicism is the doctrine of papal infallibility that means you can't be wrong and you just it's not changing in L.-Y. says in the great controversy if anything changes Protestant and that's changed so. You're going to have people that will challenge what you've got to be confident that look here's the bottom line I didn't even get into 666 I didn't go into Revelation 13 we looked at Revelation 13 earlier and you talked about you saw the 42 months you saw the persecuting you saw the blasphemy all of those things in fact in Revelation 13 it says he opened his mouth and spoke in blasphemy against God his temple and those who dwell in heaven so as spelled it out so let's see blasphemy against God because bless me is taking a prophet of God What blasphemy of God be calling yourself God taking the name of God right you blessing God It says Revelation 13 any blast seems a temple what happened in the Temple was a primary work in the temple forgiveness of sin right and so I mean it's it's very clearly laid out there in Scripture but we don't have 2 clues. We have I just gave you a few and so you know if a person comes up and says Well I don't know I you know we don't necessarily do that well what about this did Rhoda Catholicism arrive at around her that arise hard for $76.00 it is of subdue 3 Kings does it claim to be God on Earth to claim the power to forgive sin and present persecute God's people know the words it's the end of the day it's going to fit Rome even when a person contends a little bit and so I had. I had a Catholic person tell me we don't go to our church for forgiveness of sin and my question would be What does your church prescribe for forgiveness of sin they tell you just to go ahead and confessed to Jesus folks No they don't pick up a catechism it doesn't say just go to Jesus when I've got a quote from Catholicism where they express the pope's like Pope John Paul expressed his concern with the idea of Catholic people they can just go to for Jesus for forgiveness of sin he says they can't do that they need to understand they have to come to church you know got the quote for that so now I'm just telling you that you might study the Catholic person like we don't do that oh yes you do this is what your church believes and again it's not about and this is it that even helps to make the point look I praise the Lord I've had a I had a Catholic couple come to me after I did a presentation and sweet little lady comes to me and she says you know they tell us to pray the things that we pray to Jesus I said prison or prison Lord you pray to Jesus your church doesn't think that's OK but that's so at any rate your study on the end of Christ power is is going to is identifying this counterfeit for reasons that we're going to look at in our next studies together and what I want to do I mean I'll come back in and tie some things together but I want to look at our study on the law and then. Backtrack at some point and tie some things in so the study in the law in this particular set is called Peace on Earth I'm not going to go into that 1st the 1st thing I want to do. It's finally put my notes and I want to give an overview of some of the significant significance I don't even know what to say about some of the significance the number in that study is 6 Lesson 6 Lesson 6 in that set and in what we're talking about the Sabbath and the end of Christ and everything cloaks what we're talking about is the law of God Ellen Weiss is a great controversy is only the last great struggle or is the great struggle over the law of God in the final movements are going to be the final contest over the law of God The Law of God is the issue here and I talk about that after we pray so let's pray together Heavenly Father just thank you again for the privilege we have of being together to study your word I pray that your Holy Spirit now would guide us in our understanding Help us Lord too to hear we understand the message that you've given us for this time especially father is doles who believe in keeping the commandments of God and having a faith in Jesus we understand the proper place of the commandments as we seek to teach others. The blessing of obedience and we ask him pray this in Jesus' name and number. Now the 1st thing I want to do let me do this this is going to be a little different your I'm not doing a study in the sanctuary but a kind of them OK why did God give the sanctuary to those people somebody tell me it was a teaching tool for my own salvation OK what does a plan of salvation including. That include more than our salvation in other words is a plan of salvation just me being saved are you being sued OK I hear somebody saying God there's a restoration of God's character that's involved in so let me see if I can make my point I'm going to make sure I have enough lamb stands here stand my A and then you have. This is an aerial view pardon my poor art history but it will serve its purpose these are angels this is an aerial view of the sanctuary you have the most holy place you have the holy place you have the laver you have the offer of altar burnt offering and you also had a veil here so when you come into the sanctuary of course you're making your way to the most holy place and let me ask a question what is in the most liquid are going to come in and what's in the ark governor are long gone now I want you to think about this for a minute when you're looking at the sanctuary when you're looking at some structure and you're calling 1 place holy and then 1 place the most holy What is that telling us is that emphasis you call something most holy Why what would you say the most sacred part of the sanctuary is what would you say the focal point then of the sanctuary and it's going to be the most holy place what's in the most holy place where the ark of the Covenant is the most holy place you've got the mercy seat over top of the Ark and in the argue how the law of God Now I want you did not I want you to understand something here there would be no need of a sanctuary let me back up what happened in the sanctuary confession of sin and how a sin how do people receive forgiveness. Symbolically through the blood of sacrifices why were animals sacrificed. For the atonement of sin what is sin. What happens if there is no law. Listen to me very clearly there is no need for the sinks where there is no need for salvation there is no need for redemption if there is no law of God right in and incidentally the Ark of the covenant as a piece of furniture What did it symbolize what happened above the Ark of the Covenant that's going to Exodus $25.00. This whole 2nd verse 1030 in verse 10 the whole sections on the ark of the covenant 1 can spend read the whole time or read the whole thing but if you look at Exodus 25. Verse 20 it talks about the Cherubim that's where all of cherub on top of the Ark of the covenant the mercy seat and the cherubims to stretch out their wings above covering the mercy seat with their wings you remember what the Bible said the other day about Lucifer that he was what kind of cherub or a covering cherub OK that has direct reference right here these 2 representation of angels covered this mercy and notice when it goes on to say the covering cherub or the chair himself stretch out their wings covering the mercy seat with their wings and they shall face 1 another the faces of the chairman shall be toward the mercy seat you shall put the mercy seat on top of the Ark and in the ark you shall put the testimony that I will give you and there what I will meet with you I will speak with you from above the mercy seat from between the 2 Cherubim which are on the ark of the testimony about everything which I will give you in commandment to the children of Israel so what did God tell him what he say I'm going to meet with you here what is this representing what is this piece of furniture representing the throne of God right here you seated dwelling between the chair I'm on top of the Mercy Seat this is representative of the throne of God What is it that is right underneath the throne Grodd the law of God Why because and don't miss this there is no such thing as a kingdom or a government without law if there is no law what are you governing by so we have governing authority is called policeman or or policeman or what else we call oh law enforcement officers right and I just wait understand there's no such thing as a god a government without law is not a government it's an arche right. And so this is true with the government of heaven and it was because the law the foundation of the government of Heaven was challenge that we have sin that we have a need for redemption. And so you've got to understand this we talk about law it's interesting how Christians we that God Jesus didn't died on the cross to do with the law and they don't understand the gravity of what they're saying in making that statement this was at the heart of this system of salvation because God's laws is the foundation of his government law in a government does what what primary function does it serve any government OK maintain order by doing what. I'm forcing I'm not I'm not I'm forcing it what does it do to maintain order what is the law that it defines between right and wrong and in God's government right is called righteousness and wrong is called sin right and so this is what we're looking at we're talking about law law defines sin you got no sin you've got no you've got no law you've got no sin that's what Romans 4 in 15 says almost 415 says where there is no law there is no transgression Now I want you to go to 1st John 3 you're familiar with the passage and I want to explain something with the newer translations used to be. There was a time when most Christians were using the King James Version and so it would always in fact most of us are many of us have memorized this verse in King James. At least part of it 1st John chapter 3 in verse 4 where Says who. Are whoever whosoever committed sins of the King James that transgressive also the law or sin is the transgression of the law how many of you heard that before now this is not what my bible says My Bob is a New King James and it says whoever. Commits sin also commits what lawlessness in sin is lawlessness No I I don't know you may have had I've had some people some non denominational or other damaged the nation of Christians say well you know that's it does say transgression of all this is lawlessness like there's a difference I don't know you know but they go there sometime so just so you understand what it's saying here or what the Bible says in the Greek of the New Testament is this sin. Put it this way sin is lawlessness the Greek word for sin is this word ham R T R I told you the other day the word for lawlessness is and no Mia. And no me it comes from the Greek word no most which means law and the A is negative so it literally would mean law less ness but this word is really interesting here Martin is a word that literally means. The missing. Of the mark. OK And the imagery of that word is that somebody is aiming for Target but they don't hit it and that's what it means a missing the mark you're aiming at something and you're not hitting something OK Now in the context of the verse what is the mark if sin is law less ness missing the mark is lawlessness What's the mark on meaning for is the law. Hey so is it saying everything that we've always understood to mean Sin is missing the mark of the law it's not living up to the law is missing the standard of the law this is what the Bible describes as sin so if you don't have a law. What does that do with the whole picture it would make absolutely no sense so a sin according to the Bible is missing the mark of the Law God are not meeting the standard of God for His creatures right the standard of his government incidentally that same law continues to govern heaven and if you're not in harmony with it you're not going to go live there I'm not going to go there right you're going to move in there goes the neighborhood right it's not going to happen so God's seeking to bring us into harmony now I'm just follow along and bring of different ideas out here that. Bring together a minute now you've heard so we've got God's law as a foundation of government this is the standard he has for his people it's a standard of right and wrong his moral standard. And lessons will bring these different aspects out for example when some 10017 into. The want to look at that with me Psalm 119172 this a great verse as far as God's law being a standard some 1172. Long after the Bible says David says my tongue shall speak of your word for all you are what commandments are righteousness was the root word of righteousness remember I just told you righteousness is God's word for right God's laws defines right through righteousness all your commandments are righteousness acing God's laws the standard His standard of right and wrong in his government Gaza law is also how many of you ever heard that God's law is a transcript of his character it's not just a list of rules it is a transcript of God's character adapted to meet man in his fallen condition neither is spoken in terms that we can grasp but I want you to see the Book of Exodus. We didn't just cook this up or we didn't just get it from Illinois either in Exodus chapter I'm sorry chapter 33 we're going to verse 18 and I'm going to do this kind of quickly but I want you to see it here Moses asks the Lord to show him his glory and you may have read this before in verse 18 of Exodus 33 Moses says Please show me your glory and the Lord says to him I will make all my what goodness pass before you and will proclaim was the name of the Lord you might have heard this before but I want you to understand that with the Bible has just done is told us that glory and goodness and name are all synonymous at least in this context and in many contexts in the Bible when the Bible talks about war it with another way of saying goodness God's goodness character right you'll see that in a minute or so got a lot of time to talk about the glory of God and giving glory to GOD for your god and giving him glory that means reflect his character doesn't mean just wave your hands in the air and saying OK giving God glory got his goodness he says Moses says Show me your glory says OK Moses I'll make my goodness pass before you know proclaim my name name in the Bible is different Often times and we use name even though many of you how many of your parents here how many of you used the name book when you name your kids you went through the name book and he said What is this name mean what does that mean mean right now we've you know we can relate a little bit but in you go through the Bible and you'll see that names were always associated with character and so for example Jacob's name meant deceiver right but when he was converted and we wrestle with the Lord he was named Israel Prince with God right Isaac was named because you know what the name Isaac means. Laughter why because both Abraham Usera laughed at the whole idea of the of the thing and Sarah said because God has made me laugh and i gave me this and therefore they named him Isaac right and when Jacob had a vision of the latter and he woke up he slept on the stone right had that vision of that ladder coming down from heaven and he woke up he says Surely God is in this place and he named the place Bethel which means house of God you know through the Scripture you have these names mean something OK and names point to characteristics and so when the Bible tells us for example to pray in Jesus' name that means a pray in the character of Jesus in the will of Jesus that's not like Jesus please I want to Ferrari Testarossa I like it white like really custom wheels on it and in Jesus' name big attack that on the end that's not what praying in Jesus name is praying in Jesus name is it pray in the character of Jesus in the will of genes So anyway it's important to understand that usage. Of Glory and character and name and will see that played out again a little bit more in prophecy so he says I'm going to make my goodness pass before you in verse 19 are proclaimed the name of the Lord before you I'll be gracious to all be gracious and have compassion and then he goes on to tell me when I put you in the cleft of the rock you can't see my face you only see my backside etc So we come into Chapter $34.00 when God actually does what Moses asked and shows him his glory and it's fascinating how it happens because in Chapter $34.00 it tells us that God told Moses to cut 2 tablets of stones like the 1st ones OK this is after he had already broken the 1st set of commandments not broken he threw down the stones and then he went back up in the mountain gods is what you cut out 2 tables of stone. And I want you to be ready in the morning I'm going to present myself to you and and you're going to present yourself to me on the mountaintop OK So says in verse 4 so he cut 2 tablets of stone like the 1st 1 then Moses rose early in the morning and went up to mount up Mount Sinai as the Lord commanded him and he took in his hand the 2 tablets of stone now the Lord descended in the cloud and stood with him there and proclaimed What is the name of the Lord now watch what he said and the Lord passed before him and proclaimed what's he about to proclaim the may move toward the Lord the Lord God merciful and gracious longsuffering in a bounding in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands for giving iniquity and transgression and sin and by no means clearing the guilty this is it in the iniquity of the fathers etc What is he proclaiming his character and what does Moses walk away from the account with to table a shining face and 2 tables of stone written with the finger of God right I mean gossip cut out the stone and come up in my presence and then as he proclaims his name what is Moses getting the 10 commandments are you following that the words those commandments are a descriptive. Again meeting in a fallen humans in their condition but it's a transcription of God's character their characteristics that are part of who God is is not just what God does but they're the kind of things that will do when we are like God is so the trip to the commandments of God of the foundation of his throne they are his moral standard how he defines right from wrong there transcript of his character who does God's law apply to I want you to look at Romans with me chapter 3 I want to make a few more points and I'm going to show you how it's played out in the study Romans 3. You know in a little bit Romans 3 I want you to notice verse in fact let's hold your finger in Romans 3 and go to John 3 in fact don't do that. On to some else 1st OK Let I want to I want to go back to something else when you were talking with your Christian friends about the law a lot of times what we get into is this we're not saved we're not justified by keeping the Law You heard people say that before in the Scriptures real clear on that I mean actually text over and over and over where the Bible says the works by the works of the law by the works of the law no flesh will be justified in his sight. In fact we're going to see 1 there Romans 3 but so we can be justified by the law and this becomes a big contentious point is look you guys are trying to keep the law you tell us we got to keep the law we're not justified by the law we're justified by faith they now talk a little bit more about justification in a minute some more. I want to ask you what justification means and I'm going to step outside the realm of Christianity for a minute and just suppose and you might have found yourself in a situation like this before where you're in a discussion we'll call it a discussion. With somebody and it gets heated it's a heated discussion let's say you and I are in a heated discussion and it gets to a point where I say you listen you're just trying to justify yourself have you ever heard somebody use that kind of language what am I saying when I say that you're trying to justify yourself What am I accusing you of when you're trying to justify yourself what are you doing. I've never said that your kid could try to justify yourself what is the person doing when they're trying to justify themselves or hey they're trying to prove their innocence right that's what it means justification the root word is just right is justification is trying to show that you're just Or you're right. And so when a person is justifying trying to justify themselves or trying to show their innocence OK So we're in an argument together I'm sorry heated discussion together and and if I say that to you I'm just saying you're trying to show you're right and I'm wrong but I'm telling you I'm right you're wrong you're trying to justify yourself now listen to me carefully when does a person try to justify himself or herself. OK OK Yeah not necessarily when you're get if you're guilty you shouldn't be trying to justify yourself you should just admit it when you're accused OK now listen to me carefully nobody even needs to think about justification if there is no accusation justification only exists in the context of accusation Now here's the big question who is accusing when it comes to Christian justification now I know you want to say the devil but guess what that's not it doesn't care God doesn't care about devils accusations because they're lies anyway well not all realize he can trip us up into doing something but he's a lie and the father of it go to Romans 3 now and I want you to see what the Bible says here in Romans 3 about where the accusation comes from Romans 3 Verse 19 says Now we know that whatever the law says it says to those who are under the law now the Jews mows may be stopped. Every mouse may be stumped and all the world may become guilty before God you know what it means by the mouth being stopped stopped from what I'm justifying themselves right here is not is a hey I'm innocent I'm at it so you're out you're guilty that's that's what is saying the law of God when we face the law of God and we can't hide what we've done we are guilty before God and who is old the world may become guilty every mouth is going to be stopped you look at verse $23.00 a little bit further for all have sinned and both short of the glory of God So here's the point I want you to understand the Bible says that the law of God condemns us all as sinners because we all have sinned and fall short of Glory of God we're all condemned by the law that's why we need justification if there is no law what are we sitting around talking about justification so it makes no sense in our Christian friends don't follow this through the way hey let's not talk about the law because we're not saved by law we're justified by why you talk about being justified why we can argue about being justified if we're is no law you don't need to be justified because you have anything wrong where there is no law there is no transgressions I brought up earlier Romans for Your Right there in Romans go to Romans 4 1st for 15 Romans 415 says because a lot brings about wrath for where there is was no law there is no can't transgress a law that doesn't exist right now go back to Romans 3. It says whatever the law says says those who are under the law that every mouth will be stopped and all the world become guilty before God Therefore by the deeds of the law no flesh will be justified in his sight for by the law is what. OK now I want to tell you something and somebody may have heard me give this illustration before there's it it's important for us to understand that what when we talk about law what a lot of our Christian friends get confused about. Is the function of the law OK what do we know isn't the function of the law OK it's not who or justification or salvation right does that mean it doesn't have a function my wife some to some friends of I should say that Ms some friends of ours some years ago went to Australia and they brought back my wife and I and 1 of the church we pastor brought back this beautiful ceramic dish that they got for us in Australia and my wife uses a fruit bowl OK now I'm just giving you an illustration that did not happen this is not a true story OK just so that you don't think I'm totally insane because you know see what I mean a minute let's just say here in this is in my current house with 1 of the houses I lived in we had our kitchen right by the garage if I'm going to the garage I go through the kitchen and out the door into the garage OK let's just say that I'm heading out into my garage 1 day I stopped by an effort dish I take it and I dump it upside down put all the for on the counter nicely and then I begin to proceed out the door into the garage most of them wait a minute we're doing well what are you doing with my fruit bowl Oh I mean I'll bring it back way way wait tell me what you're going to do with it I just need to change my oil I needed rain into something. So I said just so you don't question my sanity I would not even attempt to do that I don't know if I'd be here today by attempting to do so I take that anyway and then always listen so if I say look I'm going to change my oil and I'm going back we'll go clean it out Oh I said you're not changing your oil in that dish so we're not changed. I mean I gotta have something to change it's a perfect size she says you can't change your why can't change it because that isn't made for changing your oil and now let's imagine then I say well if I can't change my oil in it then what good is it and I take it I toss it in the trash can. As I said I probably wouldn't be here today. Would listen to me carefully would that have been a reasonable thing for me to do why not I can't use it for changing the oil. Oh it's still serves a purpose just not changing the oil listen to me carefully what a lot of Christians will do when they read in the Bible that the law can't justify is they want to take the long throw it in the trash right dislike I was going to throw that dish and I can't use it to change my oh listen the law was never given for justification that was never a purpose just like that fruit dish was never given to change. Your newsstand but that doesn't mean it didn't have a purpose the function of the law is not for justification what does the Bible say right there in chapter 3 verse 20 of Romans that the function is. To give a knowledge of. Then. The law was intended and this again we talked about it being the moral standard of right and wrong the law was always intended to give a knowledge of sin this is where Like I said a lot of Christians get tripped up because the read to the law can't justify That's absolutely true but there still is a purpose for the law the law still needs to be kept the Law still the standard of right and wrong but it's the law is not going to save us a log is a knowledge a sin why what am I supposed to do when I get the knowledge of sin how do I get rid of it let me ask you this question if I don't understand if I don't know if I don't recognize my sin if I don't recognize myself as a sinner what am I not going to do I'm not going to repent I'm not going to look for a savior right I'm not going to see any need for Christ Is that true why do we need Christ I'm not a sinner I don't have a problem. Without the law there's nothing that will give me a recognition of my need for Christ the reason the law is there is to give a knowledge of sin to direct us to Christ that makes sense and without the law there's nothing there to direct us to Christ and that's just the reality of it and so there is a purpose in God giving the law and that purpose was not for justification but for giving us the knowledge of sin and pointing us to Christ once again without condemnation there's no need of justification justification the whole talk of justification implies condemnation that's the condemnation that comes by the law to point us not to the law for cleansing but to Christ for cleansing Now most of your studies will bring up the chat passage in James where the Bible compares the law of God to me or me with that look at James with me. James chapter 1 and look at verse 23 James 1 right after the book of Hebrews you have the book of James virtue 1 verse 23 if anyone is a hear of the word and not a do or he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror for he observes himself goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man he was but he who looks into the perfect was law of liberty and continues in it and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work or this 1 will be blessed in what he does so the 1st thing he does he gives his example of a man who looks in a mirror forgets kind of me was and he compares that mirror to what the law of liberty the law of God and he's just telling us similarly what we're looking at in Romans $320.00 that the function of the law is to reveal to us what we couldn't see without it. So just like a mirror and I had a situation where maybe this is happening before. I just moved in to an area and I was doing some work on my car it was a warm day and I don't know you know bugs are out sweat and itchy and whatever else and you know sometimes you know do this do this and you know if you've ever worked on a car you know your hands generally aren't real clean and I'm not I have a mirror their arms anyway than the new neighbor comes over. And so we strike up a conversation we're chatting there for a little bit so I stop working and after about 20 minutes or so he goes to do this thing and I'm like well I'm up I may as well go in I'm going to go and use the restroom and get back to work and I go and I look in the mirror and what do I see Grease here grease here grays Oh what a great 1st impression right and I and I did shake his hand. But you know I know he might have been working on his motorcycle the time so I don't remember. But now here's the thing now I see I look in the mirror and when I see in the mirror what I see is what I couldn't see before right it reflects back to me I see something about myself that I didn't see before so you know what I did right because I want to clean up so I took my face in a mirror like that and take the grease off. Doesn't everybody. Of course you know I didn't do that I know that's not the function of the mirror the mirror can show me the dirt in the mirror not taking the dirt are right and James is using that imagery to help us to understand the function again the function of the law got a law God is not for justification you can use it for justification guess what it's not going to work but it does have a function and that function is to show us the dirt that the only 1 who can clean the dirt away is Jesus right and so that when you're giving a study on the law of God What you're really doing is you're helping people to understand that the law wasn't done away with but that the that you want them to understand that we agree that the law does not justify but there is a function for the law of God and the law of God will be something that is going to be kept by the people of God It's a sign of of our loyalty to God which I'll talk about in a minute as 1 of thing I want to look at Roman 7 and then we're going to have to take a break here Romans 7 I think John acts Romans back and for some reason verse 14 this is really a great. Verse Romans 7 verse 14 OK now knows what the Bible says For we know that the law is what oh OK The law is spiritual but I am carnal sold under sin What do you call a person who sold a slave What are we a slave to sin that's what assist that's this is the Apostle Paul talking here by the way now don't miss this. He says the law is spiritual and we are carnal do carnal things and spiritual things go together no so if you want to unite. Something that's carnal with something that is spiritual What has to happen when they can't unite they don't go together something has to change right something has to change either the spiritual becomes carnal or the carnal becomes spirits or they won't go together right so you've got to Spears In other words you've got a spiritual law is does that imply a problem if something is spirituals or a problem in the Bible does the Bible point out spiritual things as bad. What does the Bible point out as bad carnal things you know so that it is spiritual is good so in a very context the problem does not lie with what the law applies with the man and so God solution in salvation is to take carnal me N. make him a spiritual man so that he can be brought back in harmony with the spiritual law as polls hope we'd hear the law he goes on to say a couple verses early a couple of years before the law is holy in the commandment holy and just and good the problem is not with the law it's with us now this is what I want you to understand when it all comes down this is what we're getting we're getting to when we're talking about salvation either man has to change or God has to change right we called the change in Christianity called that conversion the reason Jesus said A man must be born again is because he's carnal right and a carnal me and how the coral man going to live for eternity in a spiritual place and live by a spiritual law how is he going to do it he's not has to become spiritual right this is the whole purpose of salvation is making carnal man spiritual through the grace of Christ so that he can be in harmony God's law where there wasn't a problem with the law in the beginning to get let me tell you what's happened this is what's happened in modern Christianity. Modern Christianity has made the cross of Christ which is about transforming us into Christ's image it's made the cross of Christ the means to get rid of the spiritual law because carnal man can't keep your that's right thank you Chris rez there we don't have to keep our God did away with a lawyer so why would he do it was because we can't keep it oh that makes sense you know I mean some rules for my kid not to play on the road they like to play on the road so I just got rid of the rules you know well we'll see how long your kid less right I mean the reality is you don't God is not going to get rid of his spiritual law to meet Paul and me and he's going to raise follow him in to be able to meet the spiritual laws and so far 7 they ave salvation is the Christ transforms us is brings us back into harmony with the original way he created us and restores us to that original glory of the beginning of the creation when everything was good good very good but what modern Christianity has done is they've taken the cross of Christ and the very thing that should establish that transformation is the means of destroying it now think about it for a minute or so so this is what the cross is to many Christians and then they will think it through I'm telling I'm not this isn't the they don't process this but this is what the teaching basically if you follow it to its logical conclusion you ask a person why Jesus died on the cross to give us our sins etc cetera so we can be saved and what was affected by that well the law was done away with because the cross I mean that you hear this and the law was done away with because the cross Jesus died to get rid of the law that we couldn't keep right we sinned because we couldn't keep it all so what lies at the root of all our problems the law and who gave the law then who's the 1 who's at fault for all of our problems God And isn't that what the devil said in the great controversy. So I mean this is the law of the enemy and people will follow it through but if the book of your saying it was a law that was a problem and used to get rid of the law you're blaming God for our problem the problem isn't God is LAW The problem is my sinfulness I need change you need change we need transform not God And so in modern Christianity it's not man that gets converted it's God it's getting convert and once God gets converted everything can be OK now I don't you know nobody's going to say it that way but that is the reality of what is being taught and hear it in what's funny is people teach it and then you have an essential egoless we love God and we're saying no you make your pain now God to be the bad guy but people don't think it through so when we're talking about the law of God we're trying to help people understand that the law of God is holy and just as good as the perfect law of a perfect god that is going to bring perfect happiness to this creation when the law was kept by every creature there was no pain there was no depression there was no heartache there was no suffering there was no right everything the only trouble began when the law began to be violated transgress in God wants to bring his creation back into harmony with that laws that make sense. So if you look at your study guide I just want to show. It. Oh no no no the peace on earth and you know I want to do a couple things here. Oh no it's called Long grace and in there and in what I think I'm going to do is I think going to have you look at the law and grace study but before I do that here's I'm going to have you do I'm going to take a 5 minute break and so will take until 20 after and let's go ahead and do that now we come back together we'll pray and I'll run through that real quickly and then I'm going to highlight some saddest of. All right everyone. We're going to get back at it and what I'm going to have you do is go to your bible Doc's longer a study so we looked at the end of Christ 1 of the earlier it's just back a couple and I'm going to use that now tell you why in a minute. Longer a study in the in the in the book in the man in the binder. The 1 this is law and grace Let's yes and let's pray together. Father in heaven I want to thank you again for this beautiful day and Lord continue to bless our time now as we study and seek to understand your will for lives we ask and using. OK I'm going to do this quickly because I want to get into the Sabbath you know that the Sabbath study there's a few unique things about the Sabbath study but the saddest study is built on the last 30 if you don't have a law study clear then the Sabbath makes no sense if the last night is clear persons not going to get around the Sabbath that's why it's important for us to understand the law the role of the law I have our key points there on the law on the board I want you to know Notice how this study goes I'm not going to look up all the text but I just want to see the flow of the study and how it's seeking to communicate the points of the fact that the law is God's moral standard that we're not saved by it but that the purpose you know the function of the law thing we're talking about that Christ did not abolish the law but established it will see in the study and that obedience to God's law is a requirement of the gospel of grace in other words it's not for salvation but aren't we are we are we're not saved by keeping the law we are saved to keep the law OK In other words we brought in harmony we're made spiritual a spiritual person lives with it let me ask this how does God make a spiritual What is the what is the scripture language we're born again right. OK we're born again more in the spirit that's conversion What does the Holy Spirit do that have us born again what does he do to us I'm fishing for something here he puts something somewhere. OK Right we get a new heart he puts his law in our mind and writes it where in our hearts now the bias not talking about the organ the pumps blood when the Bible uses the mind of the heart is talking about in the thoughts and in the affections OK and what the Lord's you know that's what conversion is and so the question sometimes isn't OK somebody says well we can't run we saved by keeping the law OK fine but let me ask you this question How does a saved person relate to the law a saved person keeps the law so let's get past of Asian roguery on that say I want to say by keeping all cases let's get saved now we're all saved OK now here's the question how do we relate to the law of God because people want to always be on the end of 0 not saved by Kit OK we're not saved by keeping it but listen a saved person means you've been transformed by the grace of Christ means you now are have a heart that is in harmony with the law of God but all God is written in your heart that's a new covenant and so you love the law you delight in the law of God OK So anyway in the study this study takes the approach of the. Immorality of our current society So question number 1 how does the Bible describe the last days and I mention this the other day 2nd Timothy 3 verse 1 and 1 forward says in the last days perilous times will come and will be lovers of themselves boastful proud covetous blast femurs unthankful on holy etc and so the Bible in you see as I mentioned before the telecast will tell you basically the point there a the Bible describes the last days as a dangerous time of people self-absorbed and completely immoral. Question number 2 what is the cause of this state of morality Deuteronomy 128 Deuteronomy 128 and I'm going to look at that 1 real quick to make sure I'm thinking of the right text OK I was thinking of the It also mentions the same thing in judges but in different Veda says You shall not at all do as we are doing here today every man doing what is right what in his own on was the cause of the state of morality everybody's doing what's right his own eyes there's no moral standard you know me 12 it's right here in the study I'm just going through the study now longer a study. In parentheses you have OK So question over 3 but while my heart tell me the difference between right and wrong I mean the law and grace study. I know that's why at the beginning of this class period I said in the binder I'm going to go through this instead I am justifying myself. I'm going to be the 1 in the binder. Instead and I'll show you why and in a little bit after we go through it there's a in every Not in every 1 but in a lot of the the manual studies is a section with difficult text and that's why I wanted to refer to this instead of the other 1 OK So question was 3 Well my heart tell me that if you're right and wrong Jeremiah 79 says the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked Are you familiar with that so the answer is no your heart is not going to tell you this is a big thing today in our world hey my heart can tell me I'm just follow my heart no no you better not right because the heart will deceive you and then Proverbs 1412 now you know remember I told talk to you about the parent that tickle tax I don't need to turn to these Deuteronomy I'm sorry Jeremiah makes the point but if you want another text I like Proverbs 1412 it says there is a way that scene's writer appears right on to a man at the end there of is the way of death and I love this illustration going to try on you and some of you you know it you know just don't mess it up for everybody else and I want you to do me a favor and I want you to spell the word shop for me like if you go to a store or a shop a little gift shop spell shop. OK what's the 1st thing you do when you come to a green light. And look at that. That's what happens when you follow your heart OK. OK Now some of you heard that before but people fall for it all the time and I love you in that illustration I'll tell you I've people I've done it to before still fall for it it's just something the way the point is you can't just trust your feelings and you can ask a person in the study have you ever had a time where you followed your feelings and later on you realized it was a wrong thing OK So this is the problem we need a moral standard outside of ourselves we can't just trust our heart and the Bible tells us that so how can we know right from wrong question number 4. Some 1972 me looked at that earlier all the commandments are righteousness Well look at that verse and I point out to them that the root of righteousness is right righteousness is saying that this is God's standard of right and wrong his law and so while our heart can't tell us right from wrong God's Law will tell us right from wrong now I didn't used to have number 5 and I'll tell you what what are the 10 Commandments. I'm amazed at how many people don't know what the commands are and have never heard the commands cry and so I have this just in this verse what I'll do is in a Bible study will read through the commandments or you want to see some big time conviction coming on people I mean imagine if you had never heard the law of God and here you are reading the Bible is like wow and your reading now shalt not bear false witness that means lying not commit adultery you should not do most of what people do today and it's very So but you want to you know you read the 10 Commandments This is God the moral standard OK OK what are the 10 Commandments number 5 we read them number 6 How does the Bible define sin 1st John 3 for which we looked at sin is lawlessness and then a good text that we didn't look at is Romans 77 and Paul says this I would not have known sin except by the law for I would not have known covetousness unless the law had said You shall not covet it's a great verse because he spells out you can't go anywhere else he spells out specifically what law he's talking about you can say I was talking with a lot of love well yeah he is talking business law that says you shall not covet this is I wouldn't have known sin except by the law the law showed me what my sin was just a great verse to show that sin is violating God's law and that's how we know what sin is from what the law says and that's what Paul tells us there. That's Number 6 So you see the set and you notice is not in parentheses I go to both of those verses for some 34 in Romans 77 in the description will tell you that the. Number 7 was the Bible say about breaking just 1 commandment Now how many of you read the James text where he says he who keeps the whole law but offends in 1 point is guilty of all have you ever thought about that before I mean I thought of my memory and then thinking that's not fair. You know it's still a pack of gum and somebody shoots somebody in the head and I'm guilty of it just like he's guilty that doesn't sound fair at all I don't know if you've ever thought about that before but if you read it in James let's look at it I'm really trying to go quickly but there this is. This is 1 that I want you to see James Chapter 2 verse 10 says for whoever shall keep the whole law and yet stumble in 1 point he is guilty of all the notice he gives the reason in verse 11 verse 11 starts with what word for you know what were the would use because they were the 4 This is because he says so you're going to say wait a minute how am I guilty of all of them because of this notice what his reasoning is because he who said Do not commit adultery also said Do not murder now if you do not commit adultery but you do murder you have become a transgressor of the wall. So notice his point his point is you're guilty of all not because the commandments are equal but because whether you stole something or whether you killed somebody in both cases you have offended the law giver right that's his whole point is he who said this said this so you can say I know I give a steel pack of gum you still disobey God. And I like the way Ellen White puts it in the book steps to cry she says there are differences of and I forget the exact language she uses. I don't see degrees but God regard sins differently but there is no sin that is small in the sight of God So Gaza is going to look at the person who stole the pack of gum the same way as a person who killed somebody and yet stealing the pack of gum still cost him his son's life on Calvary's cross you know stand that and so soon as a small thing to God into a James does he puts it in the in the context that's what I do with this particular question why does the Bible say what does the Bible say about breaking just 1 of the mammoths and why it says you're guilty of all because disappears not about which the law you broke or which thing you did it's about who you're serving are you will bang God or not obeying God you know him for a Christian you want them to have the motive of wanting to serve God Wow can I can get away with doing this and that I don't know is about serving God you want to hold hard service to go our way so the commandments of God. Breaking 1 is like breaking the mold this is number 8 Doesn't the Bible teach that we can't be saved by keeping the law and the answer isn't it just read along with me in the tell us yes it does the Bible's crystal clear that no 1 can ever be justified by their law keeping but it should be noted that God's law was never intended to provide salvation but rather to give us a knowledge of sin Now listen there are Christians who believe that the Jewish nation is going to be saved Jews are saved by commandment keeping Are you aware of that that we Christians under the new covenant are saved by grace through Jesus Christ faith in Jesus Christ but the Jews are going to be saved by commandment keeping their people who believe that look I was really clear that nobody's ever going to be saved I can mimic you. Right accepted for verse 12 says there's only 1 name given under heaven among men whereby we must be saved that name is Jesus Christ so those people have to understand that the law was never given so somebody could justify that was never the purpose of the law and this is where I'll get into my explanation of it because in Romans 319 and 20 it talks about that it says by the law is the knowledge of since you can explain to them this is the purpose of the law he gives a knowledge of sin number 9 is the law is the standard of right and wrong why can't keeping us why can't keeping it save us another word if it's a standard of right why don't I just do it why can't I be justified by keeping the law because you can't keep the law why Romans $714.00 because the law is spiritual in your carnal and carnal person can never keep a spiritual wall everything you do as a carnal person is going to be carnal this is what Jesus meant when he told me it could be missed that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of spirit is spirit now the word if you're born of the flesh and having been born again you can't produce spiritual behavior all your efforts to be spiritual are going to be carnal because your carnal right the Bible's full of examples like this a good tree can't bring forth bad fruit a bad tree can't bring forth good fruit was a point you're Bantry you've got to be converted before you can bring forth the good fruit and all your attempts to try to save yourself be converted etc by doing good isn't going to happen until you're made good by God And so you bring this out in the study you're helping them to understand this the function of the law in and the purpose of God's grace to transform us Number 10 what is the Bible compared a lot to James 1 we talk about that comparison to the mirror how the law shows a sin but it can't cleanse us from sin when the law reveals our sin who does it point us to for cleansing Galatians 324 is where the Bible says a lot of us are schoolmaster to lead us on to Christ that we might be justified by faith and so there you're just building in those in those questions you're building towards Look the wall is not for justification is to show us our sin and point us to Jesus. Number 11 when the law reveals our sin who is a point to prove I just did that number 12 doesn't think do away with the need to obey God's law and we didn't look at this what Romans 331 is such a great text where it says do we make voided the law of God by faith I mean you couldn't ask clearer than that yeah we get rid of the no no do we make God forbid no we establish the law and I have in the note there in the N.I.V. it says we uphold the law by thing in fact the only way you can uphold the laws by faith because faith is what brings the converting power of God If you don't have that you're carnal and if you're carnal you can't keep a spiritual wall so you know all of this is just making that same point. Does it doesn't the Bible teach that once we find grace we are no longer under the law Roman $61415.00. Let's look at this 1 real quickly here Roman 61415 this is this is probably the most common text you'll get in objection to the Sabbath it's not the Sabbath with the law and also the Sabbath is a come out Roman $614.00 says for sin shall not have dominion over you or you are not under law but under grace I may have heard that before OK Look folks just break it down what is sin according to the Bible transgression of a lot more simplified lawlessness or law breaking right OK what is demeaning in rule or rulership right so sin lawbreaking will not rule you anymore because you're not under law but was under grace now I'm not going to take a lot of time to get into a study on the word term under the law I just taking this verse For what it's telling us it's saying and let me just put it this way when the Bible uses the phrase under the law it is not talking about the requirement to keep the law. It's not talking about people who think we should keep the law to be under the law means to be seeking the law as a means of justification or salvation and so when the Baha suppose says you're under the law he's saying you're trying to seek salvation by the law when the Bible says we're under the law and saying this is a person who is trying to be saved by law keeping and his point in the passage is we are no longer under the dominion of sin right since you not have law breaking is not going to rule your life because you're under grace in other words when you're under grace law if lawbreaking isn't ruling your life then what is ruling your life what if there is only 1 other option folks if lawbreaking isn't ruling your life then what's the alternative keeping right when you're under grace because the grace of God can change your heart and make you spiritual Now you can be living in harmony with the wall lawbreaking isn't going to rule your life anymore I get people tell I'm a Christian to say hey I just look man I don't worry about the long free and Jesus I'm free to do it I'm free in Jesus now let me tell you something before I ever came to Jesus I was free to do a lot of Christians were free to do in Jesus others look I could and then I can live and do what I can eat what I want to and I can do what I want because I'm look I did all that before I came to Jesus I was free to do all that before it came to Jesus there was 1 thing I wasn't free to do I wasn't free to obey Him because a carnal person cannot obey Christ the freedom you gain from coming to Christ is the freedom to obey him that you do not have when you don't come to Christ because you're a slave to sin right and this is the point he's making in the reverse itself says look you're no longer going to be slaves to sin because you're under grace so he follows up in verse 15 and says What shall we say then shall we sin because we're not under law but under grace certainly not that makes no sense so the text itself explains it now I don't want to I'm not going to. Spend much more time here I want to get into the Sabbath a little bit here in our in our time together it talks in the coming questions about Jesus to Jesus teaches law be done away with heaven and earth were passed away before his law would pass away he said and you can read through the study self-explanatory I want to refer you to the next page and I want you to notice the difficult text in objection section OK these are written out very clearly and so the question is for some of the questions that people ask did the 10 Commandments originate at Mount Sinai for the Jews only the answer their gives the Texan is very plain but that's 1 people ask Romans 10 for says Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes and some people say are the law is ended well that's not what it's saying and that which is read through that very simply explains it Jesus gave us a new commandment people will say well read about that in that number 3 Romans 614 I just explained it a little bit you can read about that in number 4 the law is Old Covenant we are in the New Covenant and we don't need to worry about keeping the Law Have you heard that 1 before what is the new covenant folks so many tell me with the yeah the law is written in our heart so hard not to have a law in the new covenant when it's written in art and when you read about the covenants you'll find out that the only difference in the Old Covenant new covenant is no coming on the outside of you in the New Covenant is that inside of you and the Old Covenant your carnal new covenant your convert that's that's all we're talking about there the New Covenant means God has converted your heart change your new creature and now you are brought in harmony with His will in spiritual things become interesting to you and delightful to you and you want to do is will and you find strength to do His will that's what it's about. I'd love to say more about that but I want to turn our attention to the subject of the Sabbath now when you get into your Sabbath study you're really you've already covered the law the reason that you're going into the Sabbath is because the law the Sabbath has been challenged in fact folks listen how many of you have Christian friends who have no problem with a law that says Thou shalt not steal now isn't all committed all true when does the problem come in. All of a sudden the law is and I told you this when you give a study on the law and you can explain some of this most people be like you know they're all on board still if they if they see the Sabbath coming you might have some resistance but if they don't tell you have done this so many times of study and people don't see it coming there is a whole young law all about the law we ought to keep the lower Christians we ought to be faithful to God loyal to God great and we get a Sabbath study back pastor Bachelor says that there was 1 place he went he did a series of evangelistic meetings at a Presbyterian church in town and he said the people from the church started coming to meetings the past himself and the people got so excited and fired up and there was a revival in their church and and the pastor was glad they were coming and then they got to the subject of the Sabbath he said in that particular church they had on the wall of the church they had the 10 Commandments there so thrilled with everything that was being preached in the meeting and so they come came to the Sabbath in the course of that meeting which wrapped last for about a month that pastor took that 10 commandments down off the wall of his church and said hey we're not under the law anymore we're under grace all the get rid of the Sabbath that's what's happening so the Sabbath grows out of the law issue there's a few things that that I liked establish with the Sabbath study I'm just going to you have it open if you went it's the next out here and I'm just going to walk through this with you but some key things about the Sabbath the primary thing you're demonstrating in the Sabbath study is which day the Sabbath is on. There was a time not too long ago in America where Sunday keepers really felt they were keeping the Sabbath on Sunday it was just a matter of understanding the day you didn't have all the old covenant new covenant arguments and all this business of people throw today it was just a matter of they thought Sunday was the 7th. And you'd share the Sabbath they count on their calendar and lo and behold the 7th day is Saturday I mean not that's now it's not not so anymore but a lot of your savvy a study establishing the fact that the SAT it's the Sabbath is the Bible's on the 7th day now have you ever run into a situation where you're sharing the Sabbath with somebody and it's like well how do we really know which day the 7th day is you get into that maybe you've been there maybe they were on that other side of it and said how do we really know it say. It's interesting to me even among pastors there are some pass through the more education than others and anybody who has even a little bit littlest bit of knowledge on this knows not to go there it's very easy to show what day the Sabbath is is very easy to deal with calendar issues but they come up and they come up and most presentations in the study would do the same thing another thing that I like to bring out in the Sabbath study that I mentioned to you and you'll see it in this particular study but it won't be in every study is. That the Sabbath Well the Sabbath the fact that the Sabbath was made for man before sin is going to come in a Sabbath study this is not something that is made for the Jews income came long before there was a Jew It was part of God's original creation before sin but a thing that I like to add into that is that that that 1 who rested on the Sabbath was Christ himself because in most Christians my Of Jesus came and Jesus did away why would Jesus do away of Jesus established OK and you going to see that in the study so let's walk through this 7 study 1st question what makes God worthy of our worship Nama to look up all these texts just for sake of our time but revelation 411 spells out very clearly because in the creatures that are worshipping God say that you are worthy Oh lord to receive worship glory and honor and because you created it's right there very cleanly in the text so while we can all tell a person well when I'm studying with him while there may be a lot of reasons we can give to worship God you know we can list out a bunch of things what is said here in Scripture is the reason he claims the right to be worshiped is because he is our creator. So that that's what makes God worthy of worship now 1 of the things that's been happening in when you're studying is when you gave your great controversy study they saw that there's an issue about worship and his worship Lucifer wanted worship he wanted Christ to worship him he still wants worship right they come into the saddest study they're going to see that they come in the in a cry study they're going to see that they're going to see this issue a warship is a big issue so in the savage study you're bringing this out this is disses why we worship God because he's the creator. And of course if you know anything about the Sabbath you know where that's going because the Sabbath is the sign of creation that's why he asked us to worship on the Sabbath day worship the creator on the day he set aside as a memorial to remind us he's a creator So 1st question what makes where they were worshipped because he's the creator number 2 which person of the Godhead is the active agent in creation and I will have you look this up now I use cautions 1 here which is a good passage 1 of the things I did with the Bible Doc studies because I told you they were put together originally for Bible marking if you've ever mark the Bible 1 of the challenges you run into as you start to get into topics that is the same Tex and then you get a big mess in the margin of your Bible when you are so what I would have probably gone to a stepparent that a go verse from John 1 or says in the beginning was the word the word was with God The Word was God the same as in the beginning with God all things are made by him without him nothing was made at center but I used it in another study so I use cautions in this study which says basically the same thing and you have the other in parentheses so you can share both if you want to cautions 1 verse 13 the Bible says he has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the son of his love so we're talking about Jesus here now father has conveyed us in the King of Jesus the son of his love in whom we have redemption through His blood the forgiveness of sins He is the image of the invisible God the firstborn over all creation for by him people get tripped of what does it mean 1st born with the next word over all creation with the next were or was I mean because he says this what I mean because he was. Sorry I just lost my place. For by Him all things were created further that that term firstborn can be used in a lot of different ways but here is talk about him being the 1st or having the preeminence over everything because he made everything so it says by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on Earth this is a ball an invisible whether Thrones or demeans or principalities and powers what all those things were created through Him and for him and he is before all things and in Him all things consist where he can obviously be created if he created all things that exist right so anyway number 2 which person of the Godhead is the active agent in creation Jesus Christ was the creator OK now number 3 what did or how did Jesus and His work of creating and then you go to Genesis 2 and says it is he finished creation He rested and he blessed and he sanctified the 7th. Rites and now in the context we're talking about worship of Jesus and Jesus himself after he finished creating rested on the 7th day and commemorated his works on that day by a stablish in the sever you follow that number 4 was the rest that Jesus entered on the Sabbath the physical rest and I think Pastor bore brought the subset of morning did he get tired and this is you know look I have to be careful here we have all kinds of jokes in the Evans church to talk about on Sabbath afternoon doing Les activities you ever hear that 1 right wink wink Les activities taking a hike to the springs your hear that 1. The bedsprings right because I am going to search notorious for napping on Sabbath afternoons Well I'm not going to tell you can ever physically rest on the Sabbath but God's rest was not a physical rest he wasn't worn out and I hadn't really thought about it as much until pastor bore brought it up how tired he guessing Let there be let there be let there be room so so the could rise if 40 verse 28 tells us that the Lord the creator of the ends of the earth never get doesn't get tired or weary right and so we know from that verse that it wasn't no you obviously wasn't exhausted and then I go to Axis 3117 and if you are here 7 more impressed a bore that's where he went where the Bible says that when he finished his creation He rested and he was refresh and always give the example this point any 1 of you can probably do this if you've ever worked on any kind of project. The Bible says in ecclesiastics Is that something moves in the exact verbiage but the ending of a thing is better than the beginning there of her. And if you've ever worked on a project there's something about being done with it. And even if it doesn't turn out just exactly right there's still something about for example from putting a deck on my house there's nothing like being done and putting a chair out there and just sitting and. You know maybe this board wasn't cut straight and that but boy it sure feels good to be done but when God finished his creation everything was what I mean it was perfect and on the Sabbath God's rest was not a physical rest it was a spiritual rest of satisfaction in a perfect ID work now that's important that's an important point in the study and also just summarize it here because what that tells us is the rest of the Sabbath is resting now before sin it was a rest in God's perfect work after sin it's resting in the fact that the God who created everything perfect is able to recreate everything perfect and listen to me and that includes you and mean OK And so if you on the Sabbath day don't believe that God can recreate you perfect sinless holy you are not keeping the sabbath that is the rest that we have on the Sabbath we are resting in that faith that God can do that for us we look at the evidence of his creative power as the evidence of his recreated power right and so now 1st so this initially in the study what was arrested these Center to physical rest no it was a spiritual rest he was a freshman satisfied with his completed work and I'll bring up an example of working on a project and I just felt so good to have it done right. Number 5 what word to support command that begin with says Remember the Sabbath Day OK and I like to bring out here when you when you make something that is designed to make people remember you call that something a memorial and so the Sabbath then was a memorial pointing back to the fact that God created and I want to interject this here. Remembering God as our creator in fact a jot it down the verbiage of this in the book and prophets Oh no it makes the point that 1 of the devil's purposes in teaching evolution and getting people to forget creation was to do you for all of humanity of the dignity of his origin folks when you realize that you are not an accident that every single person here was designed not God got in mass produce you in a big bucket everyone a year has been specifically designed by a creator that invests with value and purpose that nothing else does and the devil would defer fraud us of that what is the word she used again the phrase the dignity of our origin that's what piece 44 picture from prophets so the Sabbath is investing us with value and if the Sabbath and always says this in another place if the Sabbath had always been kept there would never been an atheist never been an evolutionist because you always would have been reminded of God Your creator right so the saddest begins with a remember that tells us it was a memorial God want us to remember that he's our Creator number 6 in light of these facts what title does Jesus take upon himself he calls himself The Lord of the Sabbath where that makes sense he made it he rested on it he set it apart as a memorial and calls himself the Lord the Sabbath that all fits together so well. And then I interject here and you see it in the note and it's 1 of my parents had a context this is why the Sabbath is called the Lord's day there's only 1 day in the Bible called The Day of the Lord NESA Sabbath and the commandment is called The Sabbath of the Lord and as a 58 says if you turn away from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day there's only 1 day consistently through scripture called the Lord's day and that's the 7 G.'s cities of Lord of the 7 and so people come to Revelation 110 and it says John says that in the spirit of the Lord's day and he does say what day it is to assume that would have been any day other than the Sabbath finds no foundation in scriptures were ludicrous is like no that would be the day that God always called the Lord's day sometimes I bring that in the study at this point that Jesus called social or the Sabbath that's why revelation calls it the Lord's day kind of interjected there in your heading him off at the pass as weak That's right that's right and that's why I say Scripturally there's only 1 day ever been called the Lord's day number 7 What else is a Sabbath to remind us of is equal 2012 and 20 which is where God says I am the God who sanctifies you it's a sign between you and me that I'm a God who sanctifies sets you apart for a holy purpose so the point is this. God set apart the Sabbath from creation as a sign that he is our creator once sin entered the picture now no longer is he just our Creator he becomes our recreate or right and so now the Sabbath is not just a sign of creation but of recreate sanctification and that's the point so now the Sabbath is a sign of or we could say this is a sign of recreate or side of sanctification or we could say a sign of redemption right the Sabbath becomes to us and let me put it this way the Sabbath becomes to us to sign of Justification by Faith doesn't yes or no it doesn't because my faith is God transforming us and saving us. The Sabbath is a sign of that transforming power so the very thing people say were your legal us to keep no we don't and I like you a pastor Doug better brings this up I'm not telling you to work on the Sabbath I'm telling you to rest on the Sabbath from your work you're the 1 talking about working on the 7 right now the words we say rest why were resting from our works because we are resting in our trust in our faith in his works and becomes a sign that our trust all the works I can do are not enough to save me and so on the Sabbath I rest as a as an acknowledgement of that fact that salvation comes through him that's inherent in the Sabbath think about the commandment the command says Remember the Sabbath day what. Keep it holy How are you going to keep something holy let me ask it this way OK and I know a number of you have kids or you are KIDS number of you still act like kids so either way it's going to have somebody you you are going to let's say you walk into him into a room and it's a nice white marble floor oh it's just been cleaned and polished right and you've been outside your bare feet and you've got muddy feet and you're walking into the room and somebody says hey try to keep the cook or clean while you walk across it how's that going to happen is not going to happen unless what. You can't take the shoes off because you're barefoot. You're going to have to wash your feet right now listen to me Don't miss this I can't keep the floor clean because I'm not clean I can't keep the day holy because I'm not holding Now why would a God who knows everything about me tell me to keep something holy when he knows I'm not holy unless inherent in a commandment is a promise to make me whole and that promise is in his creative and we creative power so that I'm looking back to God's creative power and I can believe in his recreated power and I hear him tell me to keep a day holy like Lord you can have to make me whole and keep the day OK so the Sabbath is really becomes a sign about God's creative and sanctifying power. And then we need it number 8 which day is the Sabbath day this is 1 of the best passages in scripture not to look it up in Luke 23 the end of Luke 23 to Luke 24 tells about these events of the crucifixion folks listen to me and just about everybody you talk to at least those who are going to are you with your me then I have a Christian background and I get argued anyway but if they and it's really interesting to me people who are who are don't have a Christian background they're with you right now they're going to read this in the Bible it's played all day it's the perfect people grown up being taught something different are going to have the challenge but those people will almost universally be on board with the events of the crucifixion when we ask them about the day Jesus grew so if you go to this passage that is pointing to it tells us that Jesus was taken off the cross the women that followed him went to prepare his body for burial but the Sabbath according to the commandment came so they went and rested according to the commandment with the intention of coming back after the Sabbath to finish the job OK on the 1st day of the week in the Bible tells us the day was taken down. Was the preparation day it says he rested in the tomb they went home and rested according to the commandments that day after the day was taken down was the Sabbath the commercial cording to that moment and then very early on the 1st day of the week the passage tells us they went back to the tomb so we know that the day between the day he was taken down and the David the Bible calls the 1st day that week is the Sabbath the court cording to the command and you like I said almost universally you ask Christian what day was Jesus crucified on we call it good what I mean they know it Good Friday and if they don't know about when what date it will be resurrected on all come on Easter Sunday the command but the the Sabbath according to command is the day between those 2 What day is and Saturday there's no question that's why the Jewish nation to this day is the Jewish nation is always kept there's no confusion the whole nation wouldn't last track of the day the Sabbath according to Scripture is on Saturday and in this description I go into the fact that languages over 104 languages in the world that day their name for the you know our name for the 7th day of the week is Saturn Saturn's day before most languages it's Sabbath right Sabbath though Sobota and what have you and so that's brought up in here number 9 to Jesus keep the Sabbath day holy bible says in Luke for it was his custom What's a custom is something people do on a regular basis yes Jesus observed the Sabbath some people you have people say well just kept the Sabbath because it was it was Jewish and he did it because he was trying to he didn't want to offend you want to keep the customs of the Jews folks of Jesus kept the customs of Jews he would have been crucified. OK so it's a funny things that people will bring up but. Number 10 were the acts of Jesus on the Sabbath a violation of the Sabbath commandment Have you ever heard people say they love Jesus broke the Sabbath all the time that's why the leaders are mad at him you've gone and he own people and stuff but in Matthew 12 Jesus says Therefore it is lawful to do good to the savages were lawful means keeping the Law Now listen if Jesus was doing away with the law why would he care whether it was lawful or not he wouldn't so the 3rd point he says is lawful saying what I'm doing is not breaking the Sabbath law it's in harmony with OK So Jesus kept the Sabbath number 11 to the Apostles keep the Sabbath day and you'll see in I'm not going to take a lot of time here you've probably been but we go through the Apostles kept the Sabbath and you count them all up in the example so Bible gives where Paul would stay for example a year and a half in 1 place and get the Sabbath the whole time he was there countless Abas $84.00 seventh's and in that time period or whatever else so yes the Apostles kept the Sabbath day 1 of my favorites is number 12 and I know that we're out of time here so but I want to make these last point was there a new day set aside for Gentile believers to worship on and this is 1 of the best passages because it acts 13 it tells us that there were 2 crowds of people listening to the Apostle Paul preached there were Jews and Gentiles says when the service finished up in the Jews had all left the Jews had the privilege and you got to understand this in you see it in the passage the Gentiles had a different place they had to sit in the church they had to wait until the Jews got to ask all their questions and they had to wait their turn and they would come up as the lesser citizens to be able to talk to the Apostles Now let me just ask you a question if you have to pick a church to go to are you going to pick the church or are you going to sit in the back and be quiet and if there's another church where you can be fully accepted. Keep that in mind so once the Jews leave the Gentiles come up and they basically say we've loved this sermon where can we hear more please tell us more in fact they say. Can we hear more than next Sabbath Now think about it for a minute this is what Christians the Christian world says today they say in the New Testament church the Apostles were worshipping when they were when on Sunday they were only in the synagogue why because of the Jews but then a whole nother religious service for the gentiles right that's what people say Now let me ask you question your gentile believer right here's the apostle Paul and yet Saturday and you're preaching tomorrow morning and they say to you hey I'm begging you this is what the Bible says they begged them can we hear more of this next Sabbath What are you going to tell them next 7 men come tomorrow you won't have to sit in the back tomorrow you can sit up and you can ask but what does the Bible say and says nearly the next 70 only the whole city came together here the process why has there evidently was not the 1st day service in this matter is just very clear when you look at that passage so it's a great passage just we see Jesus keeping the Sabbath you causes keeping the Sabbath there's no gentile Sabbath number 13 that Jesus expect his followers to keep the Sabbath after Ascension to heaven now 24 says pray that your flight not be on the Sabbath day was saying that 7 isn't important where is it evidently it was among those leaders of Christ number 14 will people keep the Sabbath in the New Earth Bible says from 1 new moon to another 1 Sabbath to another all flesh will come or shall we see consistency throughout a Sabbath keeping there's never a break in it. Right number 15 does it really matter to God which day we keep and 1 of the examples I like to use to get a real radical example I am wrapping up here. I know we went over but I had to finish this up but I used to have a. Nazi flag I mean I wasn't even Nazi ordered it I ordered it for an example for an illustration. And I would say I come to this and I felt it was a little bit radical I felt it was a little radical so I backed off of it but I would say you know hey want it people say what does it matter 1 day versus another doesn't matter 1 day is just like another day you know I agree with you right so if there was 1 flag another flag right why 1 flag flying on the flag right but I want to fly this way. And it was. Anyway I got away from using that I thought Sunday they're going to be going to find me we're going to be accused to be in some me a Nazi leader is something but the point is I will still use that illustration maybe not with a Nazi flag but I'll just say does it make a difference sure makes a difference you heard people make me give the example of of a person gets married and a man gets married and his wife has 6 sisters 1 out of 7 right doesn't matter which 1 gets out gets married goes in the wedding into the car they're going to leave the wedding right for the honeymoon and he gets in the car is why it's not in there 1 of her sisters is in there hey it's OK right 1 in 7 no makes a difference right and so there's these different there are different ways you can illustrate that. 1 does make a difference in the Sabbath day is God's day he set it apart and it makes a difference to those who. Honor him. 1 tree another tree there's a lot of good examples so number 16 lasting How did Jesus how did Jesus the Lord of the 7 ask us to express our love to him we say I love Jesus greatly love Jesus. What did Jesus say that he wanted you to do to show that love he said if you love me keep my commandments and. So that is the just at most your studies are going to follow a similar line of reasoning but your wanting to bring out the Sabbath was instituted by God I like to bring out the purpose of the Sabbath it's a time where God and I didn't I didn't touch on this we're going to fast that in God sanctifying us just because of that time he set apart that we spend that time with him on the Sabbath and that time is a time for us coming close to him and that the significant process is not independent of the time we spend with God in the Sabbath his holy time now the difficult objections you can read through those they're very. Detailed spelled out here so what happens when people say well the disciples all came together reading the 1st day that week and it means it's a new 7 No sorry that's listed in there or the collection on the 1st day of the week it's listed there the Law was nailed to the cross all of that is here in the difficult text and objections that you can look at and. Having said that we're going to finish up and try to pick up some of what we missed at another time anyway we always do this we try to cover as much as we can and we always end up with. Good intentions. But I hope this has been helpful in some degree in understanding where we come from with these topics of these are important difficult topics and that is not something we cooked up as a church but this is clear teaching of Scripture law of God as a standard of righteousness the holy Sabbath day is is Jesus sign of loyalty between himself and his people and it's the sign of our it is the sign between us and God that we believe in Jesus for righteousness and not in our own works yes. Tradition and convenience and then that's what I am that's what I'm saying. No that's what I said to say Revelation 1 verse 10 and John says I was in the spirit on the Lord's day to apply that to any other day than the Sabbath day is ridiculous because there's nothing in scripture that whatever everywhere in Scripture you find the God saying the 7 days is the Sabbath of the Lord it's much the 7th day sabbath is his holy day and so the only place that you find. The Sabbath Sunday being the Lord's day is is tradition and I guess it's convenient because it doesn't spell out which day other than saying it's a Lord's day and it's a convenient way of people saying oh well yeah this Lord's Day This is the new Sabbath and that's what people say but there's no scriptural. Foundation for that as. Oh yeah business calendars European calendars will start the day of the week on Monday so Sunday ends up as a 7. Hasn't for anybody and other words people I can't tell you how many people have found their way into the admin to church they'll say you present a savin the say you know when I was a little girl I remember asking myself why are we were shipping on Sunday when the 7th day sabbath Saturdays a 7 day week I mean. Yeah. Right. Well OK So let's break here we're going back at 330 and thank you for your patience Let's pray together Father in Heaven again we're just so thankful for the word of truth and Lord Jesus we're thankful that you have given us a sign between us and you not that on only that you are our Creator and that we are worth an infinite amount because we were made uniquely by you each 1 of us when you are also our recreate or who have promised to recreate us into your image and to take us home to Heaven to live in harmony with your perfect will as expressed in your law Lord we thank you for your blessings can't mean now bless us and so we come back together this afternoon to ask you prayed in Jesus' name in. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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