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7. How to Prepare Effective Creative Worships




  • June 19, 2017
    2:00 PM
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Our Father we thank you so much for the blessings that you've given to us and thank you for the cool light that we've had now we ask that you will send your Holy Spirit to be here that people can hear the things you need them to hear not just the words that I use asinine name. Starting out looking at children and youth evangelism. And the material in here is like the other was is primarily coming out of this book. And you can still get it from Advent source as I think it's like about 20 or 25 bucks OK And I think you can get a good CD. So it's I think about 15 where you get a P.D.F. and it's all it's a lot of good material it does not have unfortunately all the stuff that I wanted to have for some of the other seminars but we only have so much time during this week anyway so moving on. Our objective is to create an awareness of the scope of Child and Youth evangelism and in so doing emphasize the importance of acceptance of an evangelistic approach to adventure Pathfinder and youth ministry. So in our church there's primarily for aspects of youth ministry we have adventurers we have Pathfinders use camps and the Adventists you society are a why this is also been called Why pack so if you had need to hear the term Why pack that's what they're referring to we're going to look and I apologize I don't have the newer. Adventurer logo so I. But. You still reckon Oh I'm so glad to hear you consider recognizing. The North American division adventure ministries program serves an intern cultural community of children in grades $1.00 to $4.00 their parents and caregivers through a holistic ministry the purpose of the program is to support parents and caregivers in leaving any encouraging their children in a growing joyful love relationship with Jesus Christ it offers instructional curriculum supplementary resources family enrichment and volunteer training from within a 7th Day Adventists philosophy adventurers is a cool program. You run it right the kids will have fun and some of the parents or caregivers. That come are going to get new tools that they didn't have before to help raise their kids and help them to grow closer to Christ that's what it's about and the kids have fun doing it and I think it's for I like the the Pathfinders in the spring we have our pathfinder fair. And adventurers have and I love the name of this venture fund a. I wish I could I wish I was the 1 that came up with that you know but he as cool North American division camping ministries mission statement the Adventist Association of camp professionals provides an intentional Christian environment committed to strengthening each champers relationship with God and all His creation through Scripture nature and recreation. I know of that says at least some of the staff at campus obl are members of the Adventists Association a camp professionals they have their own yearly. Get togethers. And they have their workshops and stuff I don't know when and where they do it I'm not on that list but I know that they do have them. Mad camping ministries philosophy had Venice camp ministry A.C.M. believes that in a camp setting the study of the Bible and nature in the context of wholesome relationships and recreation will place campers and guests in a crisis entered environment which promotes social physical mental and spiritual development that's. That's the main thought behind that so now we're going to look at than the NAD Pathfinder ministries mission statement the North American division Pathfinder Ministries is an organization of the 7th Day Adventist Church dedicated to meeting the social physical mental and spiritual development called needs of Junior and teen youth by challenging the Pathfinder to experience a personal relationship with Christ having a sense of achievement in responsibility and developing respect for God's creation including his fellow man I'd hate to try and say that all on 1 breath. But yeah that that is the North American division Pathfinder ministries mission statement. The goals. Pathfinder ministry seeks to meet the Pathfinders present and unfolding the means to the end that we bring them to self-fulfillment immaturity in Christian faith characterized by their decision to accept Jesus Christ as a personal savior and Lord reflect internalize Christian values through this through mature decision making and behavior exhibit the righteousness true holiness and fullness of stature of Christ demonstrate leadership skills and abled and empowered to become full partners in active selfless service supporting the mission of the church we want our kids to be a part of the church to feel like they're a part of the church and realistically you look at our kids they need to be needed just like we all need to be needed. And. This can help put them to help them develop with some of the skills and abilities that they need that churches are more likely to recognize. And give them the chance Michigan has its own Pathfinder mission statement and you'll notice in ways it's rather similar to the North American division 1. There is there are differences in the sequence and I think part of this relates to. Different philosophies and viewpoints on things some people think that the you want the most important thing 1st when you're listed off and there are others that say well what they're going to remember is the last thing but you know so I think that is a part of what's behind all the difference in sequence I know Elder dodge very intentionally. Put spiritual 1st use very very very intentional about that. Michigan conference Pathfinder Ministries is Nordin ization of the 7th Day Adventist Church for the purpose of meeting the spiritual physical mental and social needs encouraging the Pathfinders in building a personal relationship with Jesus our Creator and Savior developing their leadership skills to be of service to others and preparing them for eternity with Jesus I like this developing their leadership skills to be of service to others not just leading for the sake of leading but leading as a part of service I like that in there we want to tell the US to understand that the church loves them cares for them and appreciates them and they should know that they are needed in its total program they want to share with club members the destiny that God has planned for each of them and expand the knowledge of their part in the Great Plan of Salvation help them want to live up to God's expectation for their lives we want to train and organize youth for active service and teach them that witnessing is not a once a week or once a month project but it's a daily way of life we want to work for the salvation of each individual understand the purpose of God's assignment to man so we're going to look at Pathfinder outreach So there's 2 general evangelist and directions that we as Master guides look at theirs in research and outreach and we have some graphics here to talk about that that's FLORHAM a little being in reach we want to draw young people to Jesus in order to minister others 1 must have a spiritual basis from which to start therefore our 1st goal is to draw young people to Jesus. Now we get to the hard part in perfections in leaders and the stumbling blocks for those we seek to lead that's the hard way of saying sometimes the staff make it hard for kids to see Jesus basing our clubs on Christ and His ministry will allow the whole a skill or Spirit to work with us as leaders and through us to our club's outreach there's all kinds of stuff that with Pathfinders have traditionally done can collecting Thanksgiving old topic it can collecting anybody know where can collect things 1st started in our church so I years ago I'm reading 1 of these books on the history of pathfinders and stuff and I come across this 1 part where that they talk about in WA Dana Minnesota sister so and so I don't remember her name. Was the 1st 1 to come up with this and early fifty's or early fifty's and. There wasn't a Pathfinder club but she sent these kids out and she called them Are you ready Gorka Scouts. And so. So I read that. I don't know many people from wanting in but I do know 1 and so. Down in Berry and springs. Ben and Sandy chills and used to be Area ordinator Zz and they still were at the time I was reading this. And so there was I'm down there for a P.B. in the OR maybe it was Pathfinder Bible achievement whatever whatever flavor it was that year I was down there for a union level. And I intentionally took my book with me and so I went to see Sandy children and I showed this to her and because I knew shoes she had been from 1 teen and I said Do you know who this lady was she grinned and she says my mom oh. So that's a little story I have for you on can collecting I remember as a kid growing up. Seeing in junior guys pictures of kids that had gone out can collecting and there's this big pile of cans when the kids are standing in uniform behind it and stuff like that and so here's some of our traditional outreach roles for Pathfinders can collecting Thanksgiving baskets Vacation Bible School staff musical events special music they can help out with as part of the staff in the evangelistic meeting staff and if you recall there are the requirements. If you're going to get the evangelism award you're going to you're going to be part of the evangelist meeting staff and the sooner you as a director or leaders in your clubs start talking with whoever is doing this stuff the sooner you can start coordinating your efforts. And soon you'll know where you're at now I recall there was 1 evangelist that came through Lansing and. I have a busy work schedule. And I typically get off work at 6 so for Fridays in the wintertime I get off early the Tuesdays. I'm there till 7 so this doesn't help with some of that kind of stuff so there's a lot of stuff related to Evangelist meetings that Dave King get get in on that's just 1 of the facts a life and there was this 1 evangelist coming in and we there was a form sent around you know it as an insert in the Bulletin and you know what would you like to do and there were a bunch of stuff listed and I saw something missing so I wrote in help with music you know because. You know I can blow my horn. You know I've got several of them and most of the music that I play on them is sacred and also. So I said stuck that in and put it in the play in the you know well I didn't hear back and I found out that this particular branch alist he did not want and would not accept any local music he supplied his own I'm not telling this to criticize that he had had a bad experience somewhere and he figured out how to bring other people in with him and so he didn't have that bad experience what I am saying I want you to pick up out of that is the sooner you know whether or not you can be involved the better off you are if you know with they don't want you then don't go talking to the kids about it. You know OK if and if they're all yeah we'd love to have you help then a you can start working now and scheduling in what nights are you doing stuff OK. So I'm going to say that's unfortunate and I don't know who that was and but I will say you know I already said it was unfortunate and I think he lost out. And the kids and others lost down. And most of them like it and I remember hearing elder dodge tell about somebody and I should have remembered their name and I don't but there was 1 evangelist for the conference and he wouldn't he did not want to go to a church that didn't have Pathfinders. Because he for him he found out things work better for him when people saw that there was an active kids group there. That they didn't want to just turn kids lose they actually had things for them to do that were constructive and that can. So. And the earlier you find out the better off you can deal with the situation and like you said a lot of of you because of the volume that's going on most of us are going to have a good chance to get our kids involved. 1 of the most extreme cases I have seen of kids being involved. The guy I got these power points from member I told you about Dave Jones I remember I think it was net 96 he had his kids in uniform to greet people and other stuff. While the meeting was going on he's downstairs in the junior room and they're working on honors. Have. Yeah and that's a fair question and there are some and it all depends on the meetings now in Lansing we've had a bunch of meetings lately and as I'm sure a bunch of the rest of you have and for 1 series they were looking for they had figured out with the messages they were being presented they wanted them from this from here up from the next 1 they wanted them from here up. And they wanted younger ones and they had a children's program. And so what did they run for a children's program the 1st time they ran to it's actually a V B S program. Come meet Jesus. I think Linda gala more is the 1 year that you go to to get the program but it was also it was a full program for the kids and. You know. No no no there were adults that ran it but this was just for kids OK. And there were some there but to your point there were some Pathfinder there were some T L T's that came in and helped with it on a rotating basis. Bought it was off it was a full program I think that was the 1 that we did when Doug Batchelor Was was there and. A very full program but. The kids had fun the legacy the name of the program was coming to Jesus and they have a theme song. That talks about that and. The gal doing who is leading out in it she had an idea of how long she thought the program was going to run and she discovered that it was raining a little longer and so all of a sudden we needed she needed something to do with the kids and so I was walking by out in the hall and I saw that it looked like they were trying to do musical chairs without music. And so I could grab my guitar because they had a song service with its beginning and that I was helping with that and so we we used the theme song for that and they did musical chairs away I have never seen it done before yeah they kept pulling 1 chair out but nobody there the idea was we want everybody to find a place. And everybody around the place and even though you keep pulling chairs because. At that age they're smaller. So you sell some of them you can get 3 on a chair sideways and say that we start as and getting a little higher with some of them and I remember. The leader sitting down and grab an kids and hold the monitor he'll. We did this singing and they're singing along the theme song now it typically in musical chairs you'd have no idea when the music stops right well we didn't do it that way we just we just kept going through it and you know we go through through the verse and stop and. The kids had a blast they hit a kid they've never done a lot of the musical chairs but they've never seen it done that way before and it was a new challenge. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah but this way ever we it was a very inclusive exercise and they had fun and they got to learn the song better. And. Before the meeting started they there were activities for them to do now 1 of the favorites. Somebody's got a big. Package of Solo cups and these plastic ones that hold about 2024 ounces something like that different colors and kids stacked them and they have fun doing it. And I heard. There were a couple kids. The 3rd night that are over here stack and cups and plan stuff and I hear sent Komi G.'s commie G.'s you know they're singing the theme song. Yes. OK These are some of our traditional outreach goals we kind of got hung up on evangelistic meaning step but you know where I'm coming from right so talk to people early. To get stuff lined up branch Sabbath schools aren't as common as they were when I was a kid but I remember there were some folks doing 1 in Lansing for a while and there were baptisms Froment plain and simple and. It was a guy and his wife that were doing it and they were renting space. So I don't think it was a Holiday Inn but some Ramada or some some some facility they had they are renting space every Sabbath morning and they had Bible studies and they had kids programs and. They had. 1 when and both this couple they were both full they both have full time jobs and. 1 day the 1 Sabbath there were about 6 or 7 people that were baptized out of that and I came to Eric and I says you know day to day is a great day says yes you know what else it is his wife says today's payday. You get to see those people do that that's payday. Nursing Home Ministry. Kids. Are Always a favorite when they show up and sing at a nursing home especially if they sing songs that people know OK so we're going to need to be looking at some of the older him. And after you've done done you know the frequent milk of They'll be brought to a big Commons hearing you do stuff and then afterwards you want to go out and have all your kids shake hands with people and warn them ahead of time that frequently when you get to these people they have nothing but clinical touch that is the only touch that they normally get and the handshake might go on for a very extended period of time and sometimes they get very extended and you might feel another hand on your arm so warn your kids about this a head of time and tell them Don't worry about it you will get your hand back. But don't worry about it because what you are doing is ministering to them and to them in many ways this is just like getting a hug and they don't get hugs they're they don't give hugs and they need them. Start with words in his. Words or you know. Everyone with. OK. Some of the light. A sweet side of. You know your is fine. I didn't think. It. Right. He was very brief Yeah. You know. 1 of the things that is important that we teach our kids how to do is how to give a testimony I was been privileged in. 2 different churches where I've had clubs that I have yes. So in 2 different churches where I have had clubs I've ended up teaching a Sabbath school class when the adult lesson was on witnessing and I was able to draft some of my kids to help me teach the class and they had non-speaking parts that were very simple so and in both situations it wasn't an optimal class where we can be around in a circle it's 1 we've got people in the pews so I'm up front and we're starting and to the lesson and as we're we're getting into it. There are there's about a half dozen kids. And what the kids do is each 1 is carrying something. And they're in single file and they just walked around the group they did a full circle. No we didn't go for 7 times because we didn't want anyone to fall down. But they walked around the whole group twice out saying a word and then they just walked out. Thank you and then when I go on and I just totally ignored him I just totally ignored them and I was I just went on about and you know they're looking around the world going on raising kids and younger generation are we all but so. As is true in any good Adventist 7 school class we have people who come late. It actually happens in some churches and. And so when we get where you're coming down toward the end of the class I said I and by now we've got maybe a half dozen people that weren't here before I say so did anybody notice anything unusual happening in class this morning and there's a lot of blank looks and I said. To anybody notice some kids that walk like oh yeah. And some people still have totally blank looks on their face because they weren't here see it so then I ask those who were so so what did you see while these kids walked in and they just walked around and walked out and somebody young and some work they were carrying services so if so what kind of things were they carrying I get a list feel somebody had a crutch somebody had a lunch box and whatever stuff was there and this is all new information to the people that came late and then I said Do you know what you did. You just gave a witness. You told what you saw and as is frequently the case you're not going to get from 1 person the list of all the stuff the that is being carried but different ones will see different things just like in the Gospels different ones they each tell the story a little bit differently it's from their perspective in and I've used this to introduce people to the fact that. It's possible to witness without tons of preparation because you're just telling what you experienced new thought to some people we should help our kids though to prepare a testimony now we're not talking about a 20 minute a 2 to 4 minutes and here here is your main components my life before I accepted Christ how I became a Christian what happened since then OK this is what you need I remember going to my 25 year class reunion. I was a student for my. Junior and senior years at Maplewood Academy in Hutchinson Minnesota and. Like here it's more it was boarding academy on role model at that time ball par 200 ish and boys dorm girls dorm village kids and all of this kind of stuff and. Course I'm sure this will be totally new idea to some of you but some of the kids weren't that fond to be in there. And. Being at at that particular school that they saw and there were some of the kids that has not fully bought into the program shall we say and 1 of my classmates a couple of them actually were informed that their time there had come to an end the school year hadn't but their time their head and they needed to lead now. And they left so 25 year class reunion 1 of the guys. Was came back he ended up going to Wisconsin Academy and graduated there so. We're doing the thing where yet we all stand up when it's our turn and I'm hi I'm me and this is my wife and I've got 3 kids and this is what I'm doing. I'm sure some of you have done some of that kind of stuff and he then goes on to talk about how some of you may remember that I didn't graduate with you because I got kicked out then he goes on to talk now is this an easy group to listen to witness to these are his friends bunch of us were his friends but he goes on to say he wasn't following the Lord and he tried this and he tried that they did not satisfy but when he found the Lord he did this is at his 25 year class reunion so I was real curious to see what was going to happen at the 40th. Guess what thing thing not an easy group in if you know what I'm sayin but it was all real very very real and I'm sure he had prepared it so. It's easy you know what we can with this is something you can work on ahead of time now have you ever been in a situation and someone says What do some dads honest believe now when they say that how many of you think they're looking for a detailed explanation on the 2300 days can I see a show of hands how many of you think they're looking for all the ins and outs on the health message maybe all the little horn maybe so let's make it simple Christ created the world he came in the flesh to save us and he's coming back to get us. I'm only. The woman. That's. With. Non-Christian. Whether they. Are. Members. And you can and you can yes and you that's that can be incorporated into this this is not original with me. I left camp meeting early last year to go to a wedding. That happened so it was really cool is that the base of the Sequoyah tree. In California and the guy that was doing the officiating is the 1 I got this from. He had mentioned this in a series of meetings that he had done and. And I mentioned it to him and thanked him for it. So a number of years ago I was. I went to school to learn how to repair band instruments and the spring of the year. The brass instructor who was a very good trumpet player says he Dave there's a pick up bark a straw that's glue and part of the Messiah would you be willing to help out on the trumpet parts and so ended up playing with it and. We were we had 2 different performances and we were doing bunch of the Easter parts of the Messiah and 1 of those has a trumpet solo it's a trumpet and bass solo is sort of a duet thing called the trumpet chill sound and among trumpet players this is somewhat feared it doesn't as trumpet literature go it doesn't go in a little high but the problem is it's it just stays up and it's very tiring very tiring it doesn't come down hardly admit it you just stay up there and it keeps going and going and going and your chops get shot so fortunately John was due and he was cover him out over there were years before measures he wanted me to cover to make sure he could finish strong because there was some there was another thing coming right afterwards where he needed to go high here but so we're sitting here before our 1st performance and on stage waiting you know the curtain is down it was there is no curtain but it had there been 1 it would have been down and people are coming in and all and he said to me so what do 7th Day Adventists believe and I thought of this and I says. We believe Christ created the world in 7 literal days literal $24.00 hour days we believe he came in the flesh to save us and just like in your solo the trumpet chill sound that he's coming back to get us oh OK and that was enough for him then Mrs White says the name alone is a witness. We had 1st Pathfinder club I had we adopted to a 2 mile stretch of the state highway that went through town and you get to have a little sign up you know this this part of adopted by so what are we going to put in here I could have said the D.C. trailblazers and I did not want that because what's that what's that are they a bunch of bar firebugs arsonists or something you know. So I yeah so I said 7th Day Adventist Pathfinders that way we've got our name out there and sure the name and we all know that period sometimes a club's name does change. As so that what that wasn't going to be an issue but this way it was a witness. Yeah so and as it worked out 1 time I 1 day I was at work and. There there was a dignitary that came through the manufacturing facilities that I worked at and so I got to meet Neil Wilson and shake his hand. And he said that and I was introduced as the Pathfinder leader he said I see that you a job did the part is town or the part of the road right through the town that yes how did it look there's a lot of different outreach that can be done and a lot of us have been involved in a lot of this stuff and there's lots of things that we can do. And what I I am so glad that I chose to put that sign out as a 7th Day Adventist Pathfinders because that was just a witness and once when I showed up at work and so he says what's the pin on your lapel and it says that that's the Pathfinder logo all picked up in the trash lately. So I knew that people read the sign. Yeah. There's a lot of things that can be done and I think you've got most of this stuff in your hand outs right we can spend a lot of time on lot of this stuff but a lot of this stuff you know what we're talking about right you've seen a lot of this stuff how many of you are planning to be involved in the B.B.S. this summer how many of you are involved in Bible studies. There's all sorts of stuff that we can do there's a lot of resources you know you if if you're looking for a project for your kids in the community I'm sure there's somebody in town that this got something that they're willing to. Accept help with you know probably not washing the fire trucks unless it's a volunteer group it's a volunteer fireman it's different than if they're full time. Now today we there's all sorts of stuff that we can materials we can find. From non-governmental organizations conference sites you know we can look at other conferences other than Michigan conference there's other ones that have other ideas and we can we can look at their stuff too and use it. In the. Smoke Detector battery they have different smoke detector batteries now than they did 5 years ago and we have ones that are supposed to go for 5 years now and they're in a different price range. And the totally different look yes how are we doing on time. 25 minutes left are you up for a dash. OK We're going to need to go quick but I know that. This is realistically our best shot at getting this 1 in this week so we're going to add put in the temperament 1. And we're not all the same God made a different people different ways you need 1. The diversity that we're going to talk about in our seminar is not what color skin you have or what country you came from. That is but more of how we react to different things God knows His Fortunately as individuals not as Americans not as Seventh-Day Adventists we are individuals to him and we're each very unique Do you have this quote in the handouts. Then I'm not going to read it to you we differs widely indisposition habits in the ways of looking at things the duties that 1 finds light are to another most difficult and perplexing there are things that I was in are in my house going back 30 years we had a project that was ongoing and well it wasn't going any more and my wife said Will what is the hold up here and I told her that I would add really been dreading this next aspect because globally she's that's the problem that's the fun part because she is different than I am in many ways and in many ways we compliment each other very nicely we all need to study character in a manner that we may know may know how to deal judiciously with different minds that we may use our best endeavors to help them to a correct understanding of what the Word of God and True Christian life. Not all can be helped in the same way I'm going to have you read this on your own because we are sure on time but I do want to get through this temperament can be traced to the theories of humors earth water air fire is 1st were posed by somebody I can't pronounce. 5 B.C. and the 4 qualities dry wet cold and hot humoral theory states are for body humors fluid substances and we're not going to spend a lot of time on that nor on the old periodic table of elements so it was figured somebody says well there's 4 humors So there could only be 4 temperaments so this is how they have been in generally. Divided up and different people put different names on them. And there are some people who are. Have put an animal with each 1 of them more for kids but we're going to be looking at the clerics to say England is the phlegmatic say in the melancholy S. and that this is a real really really short overview of your collection to be very decisive Come on let's get it done saying those are more easy going they loved to tell stories phlegmatic sort of peaceful they'll get along with and they are not in hurry melancholy can be very All goal oriented there but also tend to be quite detail oriented and come on just tell me I don't want all the flowers so you temperament can change with age with sanctification with Association and with culture though some of you may have seen the 1 for kids with Lion Arthur golden retriever and beaver OK so where do you fit in. And. You have an instrument there Mark only 1 word to her row then go to the next row OK. Now. As you work on this I'm going to do a little bit of talking because we are pressed for time there's no way we're going to fully cover this today there's no way there are people who do all day seminars on this there are people who do multi-day seminars on this so we're in no danger of fully covering this. Among the reasons besides time is I'm not my knowledge on it is not that deep but I had I know I've been exposed to enough of it to know initially my wife got a got all interested in it and she thought I should be and I wasn't but I still heard a lot about it and I'm and looking back I'm glad that I did. The 2nd year I was Pathfinder ing in Michigan I went to I met the workshop and I wanted to take the March and drill class and I had forgotten my T.L. a card at home ah shucks but he's got a whole pile of them so I grabbed 1 and went there and got it signed off and got everything else signed off that that weekend you know on what I've now got 2 cards going and. Which which for a simple mind like mine that's not good when I need things simple so. After 1 of the next Pathfinder meetings I went to my deputy director and ask her to transfer. Because I'm not going to sign my own card you know that that you know. And so we're going down through there and in the. Pilates classes there's 1 on temperaments and that's this actually was developed for that and so she asked me if I had ever done it and she commented to me that she was she and her husband had done that before they moved out from Colorado and. And how she just barely dropped out that she came out high and melancholy and all of the sudden I thought. That swi did this. That's why she did this that's why she reacted this way and. All kid that's what's going on all K. now I understand OK OK So fast forward a whole bunch of years and I have a new employer. And initially I was terrified it was this is like I go to work and I hear shouting and I'm wondering so how long my going to last till I'm fired I really need the money from this Lord help me to do a good job and then 1 day. He said something and I remembered something that my wife and said she said sanguine and I Kaleri might say the exact same words it's but when the Kohler excess it there is kind of an edge on their voice. He's clear that's what's going on up K. OK And then I. I relaxed a little bit. Are most of you mostly done with it there is no perfect answer other than if it reflects If you answered it honestly OK. There is we're all typically a blend of of the 4 different parts and I think there are 16 general profiles my wife and said my wife she took seminars on this stuff and had a lot fancier instrument to measure it and there's about 16 I think common blends where you you're high in this and low and here and in the middle here and there and that kind of stuff and we don't have time to get into all of that today but I do want is to go through some of this a little bit collaring it's their strength they they tend to be very direct and that's what I was seeing with my boss when he was very direct. Self determine fairly or. Not always now in this temperament thing frequently the weaknesses are the strengths when they're being overused. So they're they're very self determined but going too far they can be very dogmatic stubborn rigid and bossy and motivation some of them really really like control some of them like a challenge some of them like having the responsibility typically they tend to be somewhat fearless generally optimistic they can be get very angry talk about insensitive. They there they can be totally and that they have no idea that they're being insensitive they're totally oblivious to it. They can be really good to leaders well shucks they like to they they know what to do and they're so they're going to have decide for other people because they're getting around to do it and they can be quite blunt some of them do however do need to confess an angry spirit to God to develop inner strength and learn to be forgiving intolerant sanguine. They can be their strength they can be very persuasive inspiring confident social in if in an office this is these are the ones that are make sure that we get the Christmas decorations up in time and that we have the party and and these things these are very very very important to them. Sometimes they can get a little bit pushy and overbearing. And. So they you know some of them like status. I really think from my ex from what I see I think excitement is more of a motivation than status for a lot of them. But it's going to depend from person to person they like to be recognize someone just like to change stuff just for the sake of change and we've always done that said Come on let's do it a little bit different because they often are very warm and charismatic sometimes can be pretty carefree and these are the people when you get when they get you in conversation frequently you are the only 1 in their world right now and they're going to focus in on you and you know what they're willing to be with you and there may have been a schedule but they don't care because right now they're being with you and. Yanno. You know that's. That's where in the social thing if it goes a little too far it turns into the weakness. They these are the people that sometimes forget to pack the alarm clock. Are. They often are very friendly they can be tender sometimes they can be a bit self-centered not always. Under needs sometimes they're not the most reliable are dependable sometimes they lack self-discipline because all there's something shiny let schools you know. Humility isn't always their forte some of them like to speak before thinking some of them don't have good filters in that area like Maddux and blue. They like harmony they like to get along with people they can be very caring very helpful they like to have peace however they can be very we extend that too far they can be very indecisive hesitant and they're going sometimes it's good to compromise sometimes it's not. Some of them like to be popular closeness they can be very caring people emotionally they typically fairly calm cheerful some of times are a bit worrier a little bit pessimistic passive. Underline passive they can be very passive like a relationship think we very very faithful friends good listeners Well sometimes they will come to the they'll be a little aloof and they might appear to be a bit superior. They might need however help getting involved. Because they're so passive. Giving of self to others well sometimes yes sometimes they need to learn to recognize fearfulness can be a problem and they need to learn to trust God melancholy us yeah and that we there's a lot more of that with the melancholy sometimes and frequently you'll see the 2 together. Melancholy is that they are very exacting there are factual they have very high standards. These are the type of people these are the things you want if you've got an accountant or a bookkeeper because it we need the books to balance it has to be done right OK. What you go too far and sometimes they get pretty critical of other people that because they're perfectionists and not everyone is getting up to their standard and they can be very fussy Why do they do it because we need quality quality quality quality is extremely important. They can be very curious justice is very important the moment they can sometimes they can be very emotional and moody those can go together and their intentions can emotions can be pretty intense. Sometimes they're very deep thinkers on relationships they can be very self sacrificing cautious grudges they can hold for decades. And decades. A. So that they sometimes get a little too self-absorbed they need to learn to be thankful and to forget self and have a balanced life that includes more spiritual things everyone is a mix. Anyone that this has just 1 might have some personality disorders. In your handouts there's a natural blends chief and we don't I think we're out of time so I'm seeing a lot of people moving around I want to run over just a little bit because we are doing 2 seminars here. So on the natural blend sheet this 1 here. We've got our sanguine in our in our clerk together these are bulls I'll going I'll be going ones phlegmatic in the melancholia they're much more introverted they're going to be much they tend to be more internally focused sometimes we end up with a lot of times we'll have opposites where we'll be high in the 2 opposites and we can talk about you you can see we're talk about opposites and complimentary blends natural blends the all the natural blends who are broad brush blood brothers the sanguine the cleric the phlegmatic melancholy either 1 can be higher. If you've got a Calera can a phlegmatic blend the you know these They're going to be warring with each other because the clerk wants a good go on in the phlegmatic. We've just got here. You know they are opposites but there are people who consciously after learning this that yeah that's me I'm fighting this all the time. I have never and sometimes wish that I had had enough staff meetings at the beginning of the year to get to know everybody I mean I would like to have a month with just my staff before I started the Pathfinder here and plan for the year I would love to do this as a staff. You're right we do need 13 months. But I hope for now this is just an introduction I I should have gone up stairs most years they have a book or 2 on this stuff. So. I'm friends with Tim He's a wonderful Pathfinder adventure leader I don't get anything for what he sells stuff OK So but I'm just saying typically they have stuff I know advent source has some stuff on temperaments so if you. Feel free to. Go check it out some more any real fast questions OK we're going to have a word or prayer and then I know I've got to I'm to sign off now. Our Father we thank you that you didn't make us all the same we're each individual. Help each of us that we can be willing to acknowledge and accept as ourselves the way we are but know that we don't have to say like we are that we need to work toward being as you want us to be we ask this in 1 name in. This media was brought to you by audio because a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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