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10. What is Discipline?




  • June 19, 2017
    5:00 PM
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Probably we thank you we've been able to be here a camp meeting this week we thank you that we have the opportunity to work with your kids now we ask in a special way that your Holy Spirit can be with us specially with me that people can hear the words you want to hear not just the words that I say yes this is 1 name. So what is discipline discipline is helping Pathfinders develop self-control setting limits correcting this behavior also encouraging Pathfinders guiding them helping them feel good about themselves teaching them how to think for themselves discipline is not to be confused with punishment somebody said Discipline is doing what needs to be done even when you don't want to I remember looking through materials for a presentation on March and drill for the Pathfinder Leadership Award and in there it talked about how usually clubs who are good at March and drill are good at a lot of other stuff too because in there they learn teamwork they learn. You know this idea of doing what needs to be done even when you don't want to now just a few moments ago I took a survey of how many of you had exercised this week is there anybody here who raised their hand who exercised this we that really didn't want to al Qaeda. OK Had I've see it about have to have an I yeah and mine was up on that line OK. You know. Yeah. But so if you did it and you really didn't want to Why did you do it. Good for it because you need it and now I'm. And somehow our kids need to learn that sometimes there's a connection between doing stuff that needs to be done even when we don't want to do it. Because there's benefits down the down the road we do have to set some limits for our kids and here we have a cartoon that says And the biggest mistake was somebody is getting them the steak of the Week award. Not every mistake deserves punishment you know. Our kids do have to learn some you know sometimes we have to acknowledge the stakes and talk about them and correct them we don't necessarily have to punish everything or and there are some tots some things that have their own natural consequences. I remember we had a field trip planned we're going to the Myer gardens and to see the butterfly exhibit and people were working on the butterfly honor and we're going to be leaving at whatever time Sunday morning and have your sign permission slip from your parents etc and 2 kids Kane they were from the same family without their permission and slip and fortunately I had another staff member they I mean in Mom and Dad just dropped them off and they're gone and fortunately I had another staff and sort of wasn't an extra staff member but he said. So they can't go right. Well. You've got enough kit you've got enough adults for the for the ones that are here so I can just take them home and he took them home and they were disappointed and you know what warning took place that was a natural consequence they had wanted to go. And now they knew that if they were going to go on stuff they weren't couldn't depend on their folks to do the permission slip they still needed to get it from them but now it was on they recognized if I'm going to go I have to get the slip from them they have I can't just take it home I have to get them so get it signed so I can hand it in. So how do we set limits well do we want to start out with a long list of stuff no because the kids don't want to read it guess what staff don't want to read it either right let's start with just a few rules because the more you have the harder it's going to be preachy older and staff to remember him. Be sure you know why your you say no sometimes we have to say no as a leader we have to keep our kids healthy and safe. We need to help our help them learn how to get along with other people and sometimes we have to explain our reasons for saying no and we want our kids to understand what the reasons are here we find somebody at the reference desks being inform your flying classroom discipline in the 3 Easy Lessons in fiction somebody has said that if you take your dog to obedience training most of the training is actually done to the human. Discipline is almost always learned over a period of time so no another part of setting limits give the Pathfinders a voice. You know they need a chance to tell you what they think and feel if they help make the rules or more likely to obey him and we need to understand their point of view. But just because you listen to him doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to agree with them and change the rules you can set a lot of limits together though some may be set by you alone let's face it in a good Pathfinder club it's not a democracy in a good 1 we have a benevolent dictatorship. Not a mellow event dictator but I among Evelyn a benevolent dictator. Now aren't. The universe is not a democracy or huge You're telling me this it's not so what do we have in the universe we have free choice and so here's another cartoon as these guys in this baseball team that are looking pretty well pretty well exhausted and everything and Guy says here's the problem coach were a lot of this hustle container. And now I remember a little bit ago I said I commented about how you're brought up about March and drill as EVs memory serves me 1 of the 1st requirements to getting that honor is to list some of the benefits of doing it. And 1 of them is what some call esprit de corps which is a French in and I'm I not great it front and French pronunciation but it really what it means is the spirit of the body. And if you get a. Group of kids who learn to work together in teamwork like a drill team should be. Vague they will develop a sense of being a body that they are a unit and a part of that something that will come along with that is they don't want to let somebody else down and so it and out of that sometimes can come the hustle that they're meant that they're missing right here that's just 1 of the indicators of when organizations help communicating clearly is another very important part say what you mean and mean what you say the clear about your limits and you know if you say. We want you back not and I don't mean to light when you come back what does that mean. What it is too late you know you might have a totally different idea of what too late is compared to him and you're in the same club. And their kids are going to have ALL lot different idea OK but when you say a love and a clock now we have some clarity so we're going to look at 5 C's of discipline. The look at them individually clarity as a really cool butterfly that you can see through the wings on it be clear when you set rules rights and limits don't assume club knows the rules until you've talked about them. Be sure your club understands why these rules are being made in the consequences for breaking them Bob your club as much as possible and you make them have them written out and make sure each Pathfinder can sign him and take them home we need to be consistent. Consistency might be boring but there can be some benefits now I'm sure. Those of you who said you have exercise this week did anybody do something that really wasn't exciting he did why isn't exercise most exciting sometimes it is. You're teaching elders something that they needed to do. To continue to do to prevent qualify K. like words in a. Regular OK sometimes we need to be consistent I. Like I've mentioned to you before at work I sometimes will listen to stuff. Through ear buds and sometimes I'll listen the pod cast and I've listened to some on the topic of exercise and. What seems to be 1 of the keys you know will back up why do you think most people choose to join a gym frequently in the month of January January is the biggest biggest reason weight loss and what do you think is the biggest hindrance for most people to achieve weight loss. Aren't. Their stubborn. Some are well I think you came out with it here consistency you need to be consistent over time. You can show up and go through some really incredible workouts in January are you still doing them in February you should be. But a lot of people will drop out because it's not exciting enough consistency wins the game that's Remember the old tortoise and the hare the tortoise kept at it now be consistent when you're in forcing rule stick to the consequences been established for a broken rule this plan will be more effective if your children have been involved in the stablish ing him and if a change needs to be made let's talk about it before it's broken and you know what as kids get older they are ready for expanded rights and we can adjust their limitations talk about you can talk about this stuff frequently. Is the rule fair encourage your club to come to staff meeting to the staff when they need help. And we want to fix press respect to our kids in all what we do here little kid says to his mom how come when you say we have a problem I'm always the 1 that has the problem caring using courage when in support not just discipline for broken rule praise your Pathfinders when they follow club rules when a rule is broken criticize the action and not the Pathfinder follow up quickly when a rule is broken stay calm and carry out the consequences your Pathfinder picks and. Make sure the consequences are appropriate for the program rule you know. What what consequences are appropriate I remember we had. When I was the director team snow outing was something that not everybody could go to just because they were 18 and I remember 1 year we. When we had the enrollment in August and everybody got the calendar. It listed the last date to sign up 14 snow loading which is like December 18 years something like that and at that time you needed to have filled out the form have the check or cash and have at least I think it was 80 percent of the possible points up to that point and. That year I remember on and it may not have been the 18th but will use that number because it comes to my mind and I'll stick with it we had a club meeting that night and before the meeting the secretary No no the deputy director came to me because his wife was a secretary he says Dave. This thing about the 80 percent for going to teens no outing. He said now is that having them the point when they get to the meeting or by the end of it and I said. This must be important for somebody. Said well as a matter of fact yes it is and the because his wife was the 1 that was doing the numbers and she she had done the computations and spreadsheets are handy for these things and I says Well and I went to the what I had handed people out that they were to have the 80 percent buy that needing. Because OK That's all I needed to know now we know the line is drawn and they're either on 1 side or the other and so I was a little surprised when I got a phone call from him and this is a number of years ago that some of you might remember the names I got a call from E.T.L. us shoes Terry Dodge's secretary he was the conference Pathfinder director and. Loose paraphrase of that. Dave Brother Smith is here to pay for his son's attendance at the teen snow outing and I said oh really his son isn't going well his dad thinks he is nice as no he's not he did not have enough points by the right time. OK I'll let him know and I ended up being it rather Smith's home to explain how this worked to him and brother Smith's son was greatly disappointed and I also had a chat with with young. Brother Smith and. I pointed out to him that for the upcoming. Honor backpacking trip you also needed to have 80 percent of the points to go on that and so he was not in a position to lose any and so he said to me Well is there anything I can do for extra credit and I said or like what. Ah I said think about it come to me with ideas and maybe we can work something out but he would see what ideas you can come up with and all of a sudden. He was never late and he was there about the same time I was and he was setting out all the flags and guide on stands and everything and he ended up reorganizing the Pathfinder library he figured out. They and it's the book shelf that your mom bought for it OK but he but he got everything organized on it. And some other stuff he figured at that time you were supposed to have a working demonstration for the fair so he figured out what to do for it and what he was and he was going to do it and. You know what he ended up having fun he missed going to 200 snow outing but he learned he learned because there are consequences now here we have an illustration as ever for a fair selection everybody has to take the same exam please climb that tree so we've got a goldfish we've got a elephant we've got a penguin we have a monkey a bird. This is a seal or earth sea lion and what was this 1 here that a dog. Whatever some sort of a critter. You expect the same from everyone why not. Yes. We have different abilities that's right create a sense of social responsibility. Let your Pathfinders know you expect moral behavior like honesty and fairness set an example and promote your Pathfinder sense of self-respect we want our kids to by the grace of God I will be. Fine. You know want that's a lot right there really that's a lot and then we add on I'll keep the Pathfinder law. Yeah you know if you build your rules around those 2 items the pledge in law and you mean that it is telling you expect you to leave you expect them to live by the pledge in law and you need to live by it to something now I had to break the news to some of you but. There's a chance that 1 of your kids might be misbehave some time. And let's face it there are some kids that just want attention how many of you have ever heard of ball lot of the soggy potato chip. Nobody's heard of that all you got OK so. Let's take the kids in your club and I don't care if it's adventures or pathfinders most of them if you ask him you're out doing stuff in E.M.L. and you've been doing stuff for a while and and and you're done with whatever the activity is me ask him for joy some potato chips they're probably going to say Yeah because guess what most kids like potato chips a lot of adults do to matter of fact I think most of the ones kids eat and are bought by adults. And I'm not. Complaining about if people eat a few potato chips here and now here in that OK now if you offer them a choice if you find out they're interested in potato chips if you offer them a choice between a a fresh bag that has not been open or a bag that's been open in a hot humid day all day which 1 do you think they're going to choose they're going to go for the fresh bay but if the choice is between the bag that's been open for a while and not spend a lot of Mlle take the soggy potato chip right that's how it is and sometimes if kids aren't getting enough good attention they can figure out ways to get attention that aren't good this is the law of the soggy potato chip OK. Sometimes kids the their bids are real SAGAL Some of just want to test whether staff will enforce rules I remember 1 time the 1st club I had here in Michigan we were reviewing them at the camp are really. Brand new club and we're just coming together and and I don't remember what the infraction was that we didn't want and I don't remember what the punishment stated for it was I don't but there was the it was clearly lined out and I had 1 kid in less than 15 seconds of them both being announced call my bluff and after I picked my chin up it says you know what to do do it and he did it he he wanted to he was finding out did I actually meaning and he found out and I you know. It would have been unfair to me to disappoint him right unfortunately for some of our kids there's going to be a different set of expectations between school or pathfinders in their home and when there is a big difference frequently they're going to have a little difficulty understanding the rule and some of them are going to try and assert themselves on their independence and especially if they've been rewarded for their misbehavior with staff attention. So know that these things can happen. Now can rules cover every possible circumstance probably not so the concept of insubordination in Christian love are going to be need to be reflected in our rules we need to have some proactive strategy we want to take action before a situation gets out of control health Pathfinders understand how their actions affect the rest of the club and we want to have a clear and consistent rules be a motivator for good not just somebody that out to inforce stuff so should club discipline be the responsibility of only 1 staff member. Why I heard an immediate response on that 1 and it was no so maybe and different clubs are going to be set up different ways and a really small club maybe a half dozen or less things are going to be different than if you have 60 or 100 kids an it and sometimes in a club where you've got. The bigger club. People are going to be sent to their counselor to get directives and some of that kind of thing so what do we do when the rules are broken there we have this guy standing in front of the judge Nuku the head down and his attorney looks up and says Your Honor I'm not saying my client is innocent just a perfect representative of the fallen race of man let's face it we all have imperfections we all make mistakes. So what are we going to do when rules are broken well take home if we need to sometimes we're going to have to contact the Pathfinders parents do something that makes sense and will help them learn not to make the same mistake again and this is 1 of those occasions that you can pray with the individual Pathfinder there are some people that feel the need to be in control member we talked about some of the different temperaments yesterday some of them really really really want to be more controlling of kids than others God is specifically designed us so that nobody's going to have a remote control for the what are we going to do well we want to establish rapport Now just last hour was that on the list of things that you wanted to do if you're going to lead a child to Christ there's many reasons for doing that on establish rapport stablish yourself as an authority at 1st rowing and ask his to do things that can be enforced and make real and some of this is just general parenting information which some of our kids their parents don't know how to do and I'm being a little blunt here but I am a college shovel a shovel. We can't make too many demands upon a kid a lot of times when you're giving kids directions you're not going to give them a list of 4 things to do for a lot of our kids you're going to get going to give them 2 things says you do these 2 things and then come back and I'll tell you what the next 2 are going to be OK for some it's going to be 1. I'm calling your laugh and Button button but you know what I'm talking about. OK after our kids learn to respond to requests that are easily enforce we can begin asking them to do things that aren't quite as easy or being consistent Be Consistent be consistent in following through requests made of children the methods the discipline the staff need to be consistent. We've all we've all seen where kids. Maybe Dad said no so them the Go Ask Mom and hope that she says yes hopefully that isn't going to be happening in your club. There should be consistency between home and club in terms of expectations there isn't it's not always going to happen and to be the 1 to break the word that here we want to avoid conflict and sometimes planning the program carefully can take care of that. What do I mean by that I don't give kids a lot of dead time keep the program moving now there's always you know let's say we start out with a devotional and. Then you're going to take attendance in some of this kind of stuff. Event maybe a break up into groups by units or maybe it's by classes to work on a Y. stuff and there's always going to be some kids that get done get done with this whatever you're doing quicker than other kids we can have a big gap between when the 1st person gets done and the last 1 without have been in the sun you gotta have something for the kids to do it they'll find things to do We don't need them to do believe it or not of actually seen it happen. But if you plan your program to keep things moving. So you don't have a lot of dead time that can help a lot define lemmas Now here's some really simple simple broad characteristics for lemons you may not hurt yourself you may not hurt others you may not hurt things. That covers a lot of territory pardon. Don't be destructive we need to help them learn to make good choices anticipate difficulties sometimes. You know after a meeting you may want to have a short staffed meeting say OK what were what didn't work what went wrong here how can we avoid this. And what went right and can we can we do it again or not Pastor Harris talked about touching. That can be a big factor for some of our kids and sometimes you know he talked about giving the kid a aside hug that fall or a hi fi that falls under the category of hypodermic affection just to give him a little shot of it. Sometimes we they they get somebody gets too focused on doing 1 thing and we need to get them to bring it into what they're supposed to be doing sometimes pointing out reality you know if you keep doing that this is going to happen there are natural consequences sometimes under natural consequences we point out that OK if you're going to do that you're going to end up all by yourself or like the thing I told talk about with that we're with Brother Smith's son. Privileges were well praise the positive sometimes we need to ignore some of the little negative things that happens 1st ask is it destructive to this child to ignore him is it destructive to property of the group so there's a couple kinds of reinforcers we can have the social things the smiles where praise the hugs nonsocial points raisins stars whatever happens. Don't go moralizing criticize the Act somebody does something wrong not the person why did they do it how many of you are good at mind reading. Sometimes we can have some ideas as to why they do things that some day I think I mentioned before the 1st club I have 1 of the kids was misbehaving and I was about to get on him and the boys counselor says Just take just taking off their talk to him so I did he want out and talk about what he was doing wrong and all of the sudden I found out what was going on and it yes he was misbehaving but other kid was the 1 that was actually starting it all and I was at Chain him you need to be positive now by when Jonathan told me to take the kid out that helped the kids' safety. A hands off policy we're never going to have the ceremony of the laying on of hands the cost here say we don't do that. Be an example remember we want to live by the pledge in law Mrs White said if parents and I are to teach their children self-control they must 1st form the habit then I'll. Be scolding him faultfinding appearance encourages a hasty passionate temper in their children is anyone ever seen evidence of that. I have when I hit this slide I think of Felix no idea what Felix his last name was no idea. Met Felix at Camp meeting I was in Primary Department see you know this is a while ago because I thought I was in the primaries when I was a primary. Hey this is a while ago this is a long time ago this is when Minnesota can't meeting this is after long after the you know can't meetings this is it mission farm and my mom was in the Primary Department at that time and I later learned from her. That. This little kid don't know a lot about him other than the fact that he was just way out of control he was just way out of control and my mom I remember her talking about how. They had staff meetings after every warning what are we going to do the next time and all this kind of stuff and they got to where everyone they were praying for him. That's what they knew how to do you know everything they were trying wasn't working but that's the 1 thing they knew how to do and they didn't quit doing that we can always do that now I have even warned some of the kids in my club that I reserve the right to pray for them at any time in their life that I choose. So you to still fall under that so you're warned you've been warned it can happen establish a few rules we want them simply stated respect yourself respect others respect property needed to post the rules. Send or give a copy to the parents probably when you see at the beginning of the year when you're starting up and you got registration this stuff can be in that discuss things in details at the 1st meeting so everybody knows what's going on and you review it as needed sometimes yeah end up getting in a Diot in a dialogue with somebody so Jerry The point is he's a Pathfinder and he was asked to help clean up the campsite but he's off playing a board game later says Jerry what are you doing nothin the leaders as Jerry what are you doing. And just playing the game now is playing against the rules you know I'm OK So Gerri what should you be doing. Than Jerry what should you be doing. Jerry what should you be doing you know sometimes in. Have you heard that. So that 1 sort of related to the broken record dialogue now please put the tent in the truck going to swim please put the tent in the tractor let me go swim we please put the tent in the truck but my mamma said I can go swimming please but the tent and I are. Sometimes. Sometimes they're testing you. So a written warning can be given without a lot of fireworks or lots of. I've heard of people clubs where they have caution tickets. And if I were a club director I would have 1 of my T.L. pieces put this together yet you know go go to the go to Staples or your favorite office supply place and get 1 of these kits for making your own business cards and say hey I want you to make up caution tickets that say something like this on. In yellow or red why yellow or red So what would the color yellow mean yellow would mean caution. And so red would you get a yellow 1 before you would get a soda so might that lead to something so many yellows lead to a red tank Now here's a behavior contract sample I choose now this is something that the Pathfinder would have to write out I choose to. And then they have to write out so that I can participate in club activity that has to be dated and signed by the Pathfinder then the parent believe it so. Maybe things. May be a little Felix's having lots of is being very challenging. And so we end up having a conference where the parents you're talking about behavior and looking for the plan for the future you really can say OK we've done this we've done that done that now is it who is responsible for the kid behaving the kid so let's put the responsibility on then John perhaps you can share with us your future plans concerning your behavior while at the Pathfinder meeting who just got all the responsibility little Johnny So this is 1 we don't like to talk about. This isn't 1 I've done a lot of I don't have a lot of experience here yes and I'm very grateful I do have 1 experience. And it was 1 it was not 1 situation came to light after Pathfinder camp or 3 that somebody had been doing things that were quite inappropriate and that's as explicit as we need to be OK and. That we get back from the camper each Sunday. Monday night we have a board meeting and at that so I'm at the board meeting and our pastor wanted to report and so I told the bot all the wonderful things that happened in the camper E. and the all the stuff cool stuff that's coming up that we're planning on doing and I thought I was about done and I says however we do have a situation and I when I went to outline. As needed as clearly as it needed to be without getting overly explicit. So that there was no question what we were talking about or who we were talking about and so I just dropped this bomb on the board and there was silence in the room and then this older gentleman in the back who had been a school administrator in public school for years and sat in on was also involved in the local church school he said that reminds me of a situation a few years ago and maybe if we had acted right away we'd have lost 1 instead of 4 there was a more than challenging homelife. And some of that came up the it was 1 of the elders knew very very very very very well was involved in working with the family such as it was and in the course of the conversation in the board he commented that they really shouldn't have custody of those 3 kids but shortly after it was a very quiet time in the board meeting but the board supported the idea with a vote that he would have to leave the club. And then I got to break the news to them when they came not fun but it needed to be done but it was a lot easier to do it because I had talked to my board and they supported me. And the comments that 1 gentleman made about if we had done it sooner in the school with that 1 kid. We would in the last the others that help me a lot. Fair question very fair question. OK The question is did I so little Felix is now gone do we talk about this to the rest of the club very question and this is where Dave didn't do a lot OK his siblings did continue to attend. You know Dad. Who is not the actual father. Had brought the kids to to the meeting and I literally met them in the car and I too went in and I have the 1 guy calling Felix stay in the car so he could be there oh he had done he had done but. And so the father asked for clarification on a several points you know and. You know his sisters I think overheard part of it but we didn't talk about it to the whole club maybe I should of. Dave's not real good with words sometimes I'll be on he's not. And I didn't have a prepared report for the club other than what are the regular meetings stuff was. Because we still need it we were still going to do it we had to do we got we had to do it without him. And I didn't have an axe to grind against a kid but with what he had what happened no you can't be that. He was not pure kind in true and it's just leave it in there. This is OK She just she just used the words I would wish I would have thought of she said and for the benefit of the recording she said some of you may have at the camp free of Nate may have noticed some things that were inappropriate and because of some inappropriate things Felix isn't with us that's a loose restatement of what you said that yeah I wish I could come up with words like that when I need them. Yeah OK for the benefit of the recording there was a there's a club that had that had somebody whose parents who came from a non-Christian home and. The boy had had problems with violence and. After they had worked with him for a while and he. Wasn't responding enough so I ended up having to. Have him leave the club how do you how can you still do for the kid you can always pray for the kid you can tell them that you're praying for them. And there are for some people there is life outside of Pathfinders. On occasions my wife has tried to remind me of it and she thought it was taking over everything. But. Sometimes we can find other avenues Pathfinders doesn't work for everybody. I wish it did. It doesn't work for everybody and maybe there is something else you can do with them. Outside of the club. But you're going to have to do it in such a structure to protect yourself as well you're not if you know. For instance I'm not going to go on a camping trip with him a lot you know that no that doesn't work. You'd have to structure it with me you know but he'll you said he like camping and he's not you probably not going to have a chance to do that maybe. If there's a man's ministry group in the church some of them can take him on as a project and maybe some of them can work with him and do things with him and maybe some others in a with a different structure than Pathfinders maybe you can minister to the map way. But get in some need time talk with your pastor. Talk with news directors. You know our I don't have all the answers trust me. We. We want let's go back to the beginning. Of the presentation we want our kids to learn to do or to do to control themselves we want them to learn to make the choices that they need that are going to be appropriate in their lives. And this is why talks about they need to learn to reason from cause. And effect if I do this what's going to happen. You know if I push this bottle over what's going to happen. You know. You know what else might happen. If that 1 is made out of plastic. There might be other consequences that can happen also that weren't anticipated. I'd And it looks like it we're not going to see it but the whole reason that model was on there was to hold this paper down so the fan didn't blow it off. You're getting cold. OK. OK. So. Here's some questions you can ask yourself so did I use appropriate verbal interactions that I give a warning to get it I provided an opportunity for isolation and a written contract that I meet with the parents. If so then maybe you can have a letter like this. We're ending up with the part of the discipline stuff that we don't want to do we hopefully through organization and working with them on the front end we don't end up with the stuff right what is our goal. Leading children Eucrites that is our goal. That is our goal and sometimes. You know just like in the exercise we end up needing to do some things that we really don't want to do if you remember Pastor Harris talking about that 1 camp fire he had to do something he didn't want to do. The Holy Spirit was prompting him to talk to that he didn't want to do it you know but then he did and what came out of it a baptism and not only 1 there was 1 that want Yeah there was that 1. But he learned something when he did that he learned how nobody had ever taught him what to do that's why he's sharing it with YS. And because he had a 1st 1 he should have a 2nd. Makes sense these things can build. What's the best cure for gossip truth yeah and like he was just saying sometimes you don't want to use names and. Yeah yeah yeah sometimes it will be obvious. But. Yeah any other comments. So now comes the part of the why we have to say goodbye this is going well. You know I didn't expect to have as much fun doing these things as I am but I remember 2 years ago we got to the end. You know the. I'm not good with names I know I will never be good with names but I can I have a lot of friends I don't know the names of but I know what club they go to sometimes. And. It's fun getting to know planes. And I was I can remember as a leader getting very very very discouraged with frustrations. Sometimes from kids frequently from kids parents. And. Going to the workshop and meeting with other Pathfinders that I hadn't seen other staff that I hadn't seen from the fair and just getting a lot of encouragement from them and it's payback time and that's what I'm part of what I'm trying to do I'm trying to encourage you folks. I don't have all the answers I haven't even heard all the question but. Although I may not be your area coordinator I want you to feel free to contact me if you want to I maybe have the answer I maybe don't but if there's an issue in your club or how do I teach the shell on or do you know anybody with Helps to the shell. You can hit me with questions and the worse thing I can say is I have no clue. But but you know I do have I do have a few computer files but I'm more than willing to share them so it's been good. She she just says What's my number so I'm out of business cards. A lot of you have my email. OK A and E. mail is. David dot our DOT Christians. At G. Mail. So let's have a word of prayer Our Father It's Been Good To Be Together we've had a lot of fun together but we're looking forward to having fun with you. We want to have a whole bunch of kids with us when we do it now we asked the to be with each 1 of these leaders. That they can take all the things that they have learned this week not only here but in all the other meetings that they've attended. In that they can have sold your King Yes this is my name. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio person dot org.


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