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2. Make it Spiritual




  • June 19, 2017
    9:00 AM
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Father in heaven I'm just so thankful that we can be here to gate today together to learn more of you and the joy and inspiration that you fill our lives with that you want to add value to our lives body mind and spirit Thank you Jesus that you are knocking at the door of our hearts every day help us to say Yes Lord and let you in and keep us on that path in Jesus name Amen. All right so value Yeah when you think of a when you think of a value meal What do you think of what's the 1st thing that popped into your mind. McDonald's. Yeah yeah I don't feel guilty about that because brand recognition occurs with babies 6 months old they recognize brands and so when when we think of a value meal what do we associate with that kind of a meal that it what is the characteristic of the value meal that we're thinking at why are they calling it a value meal why. Because it's what it's shaped right it's shaped So what is another definition of value. Yes quality is the is the definition of value that I want to focus on this morning and the reason that I want to focus on it has very deep roots with me my name's Vicki Griffin I'm the health ministry stricter for Michigan conference and I've been doing this for 1516 years now and I'm so thankful for the Lord's call on my life we're told and inspired writings that some are called into ministry to heal their own diseased mind says net interesting friend God. So you know I started running away from home when I was 5 and got very into. Bad trouble by the time I was 11 I was using all stuff and the lemak I developed the lamia I was bulimic for 20 years till I was 31 years old so I'm and I'm so thankful that Jesus created you and I for renewable recovery and restoration it's got to be some kind of comical thing in Heaven that I'm health ministries director health and temperance health and what OK So let's remember something right now today because you're here because God drew you hear you you're here because you have a need not just an interest in cooking but a need I know that because that's the Holy Spirit drawing us to do better with our lives to add value to every area of our lives and when we think about temperance It's a fruit of the spirit that's right now let's remember something guests are given fruit is grown and when the Bible says when you give your heart to Jesus. He fills you with his fullness that says of his fullness we have received it says that an efficient well it doesn't feel like it because the work has just begun but we receive it in the form of seed so you have the seed of God in you you have the seed of temperance love joy peace longsuffering gentleness goodness make this face temperance is not something you do it is a character trait of God It is a fruit of the Spirit so living for God is not about a list it's about a life hidden with Jesus Christ now by my nephew is a seed scientists I mean the world needs people like this I love my nephew he's a brainiac with C.S. and when I go to Santa Barbara I go for walks with him and I love gardening so I'll walk with him and there are so many gorgeous plants in Santa Barbara and I'll say Michael what is this planet is this a grass is it a fescue What does it say and Vicky I would need to see the seed if I looked at the seed I could tell you what the plant was and I could tell you. If what condition it's in and what disease it but I could and I and I said Michael that is so strange I said Look have you ever lifted a spade in your life and plants know it Vickey it seed with me so. Now have you ever bought 1 year old see in the seed packet Have you ever bought last year c they're usually half price or 75 percent off why. What happens when they sit in the package. They die they dry up that germinating principle actually dies so the seeds half of the seeds or more just will not germinate and it's the same principle with you and I we are given the fullness of God when we give our hearts to Him and were given to it in the form of seed and so we have to cultivate that seed nurture that seed watch that seed spray that seed with the Holy Spirit and we have to watch for those weeds and so is it possible that you and I can leave seed that God has planted in our hearts uncultivated untouched and search for and then it does it dries up and blows away and dies and so so I'm so thankful that Jesus comes to us every day and he is the SO or he wants to sow fresh seed in our hearts how many of you would like a fresh packet of seed this morning Amen and so when just because I'm telling you this just because it starts to feel hard when you're making changes doesn't mean God isn't in it the miracle is the perseverance it's a miracle in a brown wrapper how many of you would like more perseverance today how many of you would like more backbone and less wishbone OK just because it's hard doesn't mean God isn't in it it takes determination it takes prayer It takes perseverance and it takes the power of God Amen so as we begin this today I want you to know that in my beginnings I could eat a wedding cake in 15 minutes and I never saw anything green except money and so I'm very very thankful I love what Evelyn says she says that we can learn to crave the good stuff so what begins as an emotional issue or problems or ignorance Bible talks about being ignorantly alienated from the life of God What begins as a spiritual or emotional problem very quickly becomes a biology problem it becomes a brain problem it becomes a metabolic problem and that's why healing takes time. Her mind the quick fixes never mind the ads about the raspberry drops that are going to burn belly fat in 10 days and you're just going to love everything and in 7 days and lose 50 pounds no I'm sorry they feeling is in the journey let's start to have joy in the journey what do you say Alright so today I'm going to talk to you about value Oh and by the way come to our bootcamp this afternoon we're having balance living bootcamp and 1 of our guest speakers is here Jerry she'll if you'll just wave to he's he's our what he's he's our afternoons 1 of our afternoon track speakers and you can learn how to be blessed professionally personally how to share purposefully practically and personally and that's what we need to do to give the devil a black eye how many of you like to give the devil a black eye put him out of business all right so adding value is what it's all about so when you think about a coleslaw what's in a cul sla cabbage what else. A futile shredded carrots what else of little bit of onion mostly just amaze and sugar dressing I mean there's really not a lot. To Khosla it tastes good I mean we like coleslaw on a picnic but what if we were to think this is this section of our program this week is called concept cooking so instead of going home with just a recipe we want you to go home with a concept so the concept that I want to leave with you today is adding value to what you already like OK adding value to your meals God wants to add value to your life he wants to add value to your social health your psychological and emotional health your spiritual health your physical health and you know what I want to create an atmosphere in my meetings so that if somebody knows they're dying they still want to be with me because I'm going to add value to their experience in the Valley of the shadow of death Amen. So we're going to add value to a coleslaw I live alone and I don't like to waste food and some of the recipes that that we see and that people demonstrate use big amounts of different food but it's hard for 1 person to eat all those individual items so what I'm sharing with you today I eat this or some form of it almost every day of my life and I love it and it is so healthy it's called and it has what's called the crunch factor so let's say that together crunch factor so here's the saying 3 cheers for salad ra ra ra. Now I'm not an enemy of cooked food of course we want cooked food cooked vegetables and cooked food actually increase beta carrots annoyed or the carrots annoyed absorption iron absorption and protein absorption but would you agree with me that we need more Roswitha diet Yeah for a lot of good reasons here's a really special reason why. In the brain there is something about crunching food and I don't mean potato chips but the combination of this what is called the crunch factor is becoming a targeted therapy for depression and addiction because when we crunch on these healthy foods it stimulates a very special area of the brain called the hippocampus which has to do with learning and memory and it lowers the stress hormones that tend to destroy those neurons and so what is beginning to to become mainstream in neuroscience is to incorporate the lifestyle feature of exercise and the crunch factor as a targeted therapy against depression anxiety and addiction so now do you have a better reason to start enjoying some crazy stuff that's why I'm cheerful today is because I something crunchy yesterday really helpful All right so I'm going to show you how to add value to a coleslaw is so fun so what I do I will take now a package of let me show you I have to learn how to do this what is it coleslaw and watch this how hard this is. OK With a little practice you can do this too. And then maybe you have a job like mine someday. OK this is I just want to show some different very cool things so I love this stuff in this part of the grocery store I will even get the chance to check vegetable mixes that have cauliflower and broccoli and brussel sprouts and all that cool stuff and chop it up and put it in there to get a little bit of everything in the South because I want crunch factor so this is a very cool 1 that has different stuff in it this is a chopped salad kit mix and sometimes all it to season my salad I don't use the whole dressing package but I'll use a little bit for flavoring it's kind of fun mixes it up a little bit. I have my glasses on the B.C. Let's see carrots green onions crunchy cabbage kale romaine. Yes cool and then there's another 1 I used in the salad sample that had. Brussels sprouts in it yeah and so it's a really good stuff this I love I want you to be aware of this and use that this is broccoli slaw how many of you have ever seen or used broccoli slaw it's a very interesting fact these are these are the stem said are Julian and they take off the rough outer edge and you think well this is probably just refuse from the broccoli No the the stamp is higher in calcium than the Florette this is good this is premium stuff so now is my call slime I added value to my cost locked Yeah I enjoyed this so very much now this is a Julian carrot I see that there Julie and their little there. See the little They're like toothpicks now and it just looks fun to have them all the same shape in here how many of you have seen the rainbow carrots that are different colors the Deep Purple and they're yellow inside and there's a white carrot in an orange carrot how many of you have seen those they're admires how many of you have tried them they are mazing they keep a long time in the refrigerator they are fabulous they're so delicious and so often instead of doing the Julian carrots I will put this deep purple carrot in there and it's so fun so this is the 1st part of my salad I always want to include greens Greens are very rich in magnesium and they have a calming effect in fact there's a very interesting Japanese study which shows that when serum or blood levels of carrots annoys you that you find in these colorful vegetables and fruits are higher in the blood you have lower levels of irritability and sleeplessness now are those triggers for anxiety and addiction and depression problems so those are all and also higher levels that bags of magnesium are linked with lower levels of pain and nervousness so this is this food is a gift from God not only is it beautiful but it's medicine and it's amazing how how it contributes to mental as well as physical health it also affects the micro biome or the gut bacteria so we talk a lot about mental health in terms of neurotransmitters the neurotransmitter is the basic chemical of communication in the brain that neuro that neurons produce So you've heard of Sera tone and right. Well only only about 3 percent of Sera tone in which it has to do with mood it has to do with appetite it has to do with sleep it says it is a precursor to a sleep or moan. Only about 34 percent of it is produced in the brain 9095 percent of it is produced in the G.I. tract there are 50 neuro chemical that we associate with mood in the brain that are produced by the brain that are also made stored and secreted by the bubble cells of the immune system the cells of the respiratory tract and the G.I. tract and those the foods that you eat affect the bacteria in your G.I. tract and the manufacture of doping means that half of dopamine which has to do with rewards and mood sirrah tone and it effects the levels of these things in the gut including GABA GABA is an impulse control in impulse control neurotransmitter so GABA helps you not do stuff I remember 1 time my husband said Vicki is your motto ready shoot aim he said Do you ever think before you act and so I need lots of fiber to help. GABA. So the battle you know the battle really is about all these multiple systems and when they take miserable irritable rats and they take their microbiota they take their their bacteria from the bowel and injected into happy rats guess what happens to the happy rat they become irritable and when you take happy rats bacteria and put it in a grouchy rat what happens they become happy now look I know we don't operate on the level of rats. But would you agree with me that we need every tool in the book and when your G.I. tract is producing model teleco molecules and messengers of well being it assists mental health mood memory learning and behavior so this is more about much more than metabolic processes it's about every system in the body so we're adding value to our lives not just our our physical health now the other thing that I want to add to this is this pretty so far can you see how gorgeous this thing is I just oh thank you I just added some 5050 spring mix and spinach so I'll either use chopped kale or parsley or all used to want to throw or all use spinach or in a group like this where we're going to eat this right away I'll use a spring mix them so you can just mix it up have a lot of fun but I always love to do this now the other thing that I love to add are these beautiful colorful Tepper's how many of you seen these small peppers before they're really nice I get them because they last a long time they really keep well and. My Coast speaker up here in the back everything that you ate today he chopped. So we want to thank Jerry for all his hard work now they're saying that so I he chopped up these beautiful colorful cappers I'm putting those in there and the other thing that I love to add I didn't bring the package out but these gorgeous sweet peas these crunchy sweet peas they last in the refrigerator they're fabulous so I'm adding these. Cannot the big salad bowl over there please and bring that over here because this is getting bigger than I ever imagined. Thank you. OK Great OK so let's have my sushi chef help me to get this into the. All of it. Wow that is so beautiful Thank you Evelyn. I don't tell her what to do very often so that's kind of a treat. OK. And these are some gorgeous shop green. Chop Greens now that this is where you get to get creative we made 2 different salads for you today 1 had chopped tomato and this lovely gorgeous baked tofu how many of you have seen where's this thing this how many of you have seen this at the store it's baked it's cooked it's ready it's fantastic it has a great Chewy consistency you can put in a salad or wrap or have it as a sandwich this 1 is chipotle A They also have a karaoke and my refrigerator rarely does not have this in it is fabulous just a great way to add a protein component so 1 of our salads had tomato and tofu I'm going to do the other options today course you can put garbanzos you know you want to protein source in here but today I'm going to use peanut how many of you like there salads today it's a good really great OK so I'm putting peanuts in this 1 and a few more OK And now this is a treat this is the treats that I put in with it how many of you got a cherry a beautiful sweet tart Cherry in your salad I love it so I'm going to add some cherries and this 1 sometimes you can add will diced Apple and walnuts do it that way you see use your imagination what do you love so that's this my hands are clean. OK. And now I'm going to add my dressing so I'm going to use olive oil extra virgin olive oil which is fabulous and just a little bit more. Maybe a little more. All of oil is a great it's a great source of mana would you say. So yeah I would cry if it was bad for you I'd like to that would be like a huge step for me but anyway it's good for you extra virgin olive oil is very rich in $31.00 different anti-oxidants including hydroxy Tyrus all which softens arterial wall so it's awesome and put some iodized salt in here a little bit the sauce the big salad guys don't. And now I'm going to put some onion and garlic powder and I didn't bring my to Heaney out but that now it's OK Well what is this onion powder I don't measure. So if your salad was good I'm happy if it was bad I'm sorry. I do your own dressing but make it healthy to hear me OK Thank you Evelyn and June OK sesame to Hany you tell him NO feel OK she started to tell me what to do today already. OK So Sesame to he is gorgeous OK Is that good enough for you it's a glorious sesame I'm going to put a little more. High in calcium is awesome fabulous earthy What do they call that in the New Age world that there's a word for this chem book or something. Anyway so we're going to put some lemon fresh lemon is going to increase iron absorption and it's full of vitamin C. These are all stress lowering compounds so have we added value to this coleslaw or what. Any question is you know it was interesting because nobody asked probably the most common question I get about crackpots and people want to know what size do you recommend what size do you like and. Course I could never just paint can I get a paper towel here I would never just say 1 of course but I would limit it down to 2 I'd want to get a big 1 like a a 6 court and I like the oval kind and just because it's nice to bake bread in or there's other things that hold an insert and hold the dish nicely but a 6 court is a good size and then probably a smaller 1 like about a 3 quarter so that was perfect that you had the 3 court to hand out today. Just because it's lightweight you can do a lot of cooking in a 3 quart pot and and I'll tell you a secret of of the crockpot industry. I figured this out years ago when I was trying to figure out what kind of what size pot I had because it doesn't say there you know once you get rid of the box you're not really sure and so I was trying to determine that and I measured a couple of pots side I measured out the water and I put it in the pot and so 1 of them was a 3 and a half court PA and I could not get 3 and a half quarts of water into it it was like a couple cups over and I was wrong here and so then I got another pot and I did the same thing. Something's wrong here and so I called up the company and I said you know what. I think you've got some wrong labeling on your boxes because I know this 1 is supposed to be a 3 and a half court but it only hold 3 quarts and 3 into cups and they the lady said Wow no kidding I don't know and so then she went and talked to somebody and come to find out they measure the outside of the pot and that's how they come up with that size and so if you really want and just. That's my that's my negative top for the day. Everything else I love crackpots I appreciate them so much are a blessing for sure now this 1st recipe is a savory baked Oh and what this is what you had in the sandwiches and so if you make them the 1st day they're more moist if you let it set until they're cool or serve in the next day then they're more solid just because oats become more firm and I like them the 2nd day in a sandwich and so this is the book that we're cooking from today so they see the 1st thing greedy and there is is your onions and what I have done is I've I've always held my. I saw take my onion in the 1 tablespoon of oil and so I'm just going to I've already done that some putting that in my mixing bowl and then I'm using. The nuts and what I like to do is in this recipe either finally chop them but it's faster if you just put them in the in the blender and so these are just chopped up in the blender and there's some flower seeds and I use some flower seeds quite a bit there only like I buy them 5 pounds from country life and they're like a $1.75 a pound so that's pretty inexpensive and they're very nutritious these are raw some flour seeds Oh that's a good idea. I do it all the. And then we have our tofu which I've already oh I should just say I'm just going to have a recipe for the demonstration you're probably wondering about that and I usually do that for demonstrations I usually just to have a recipe because it's it's faster for me to prepare the items but it's also a little bit easier to mix up something that's a little bit faster and so I have some mashed tofu here the recipe calls for 1 and a half cups but I have 3 fourths of a cup of mashed tofu and I'm using today I'm using the water packs kind but you can also use the kind that is the a septic packaging the more you knew the kind that you don't have to refrigerate tell you open it you can use either kind of tofu and then we have the water and so I'm putting my water in here and the you know I should say to that for if you're doing cooking classes and so I have my my demo item in here and then I always write on the top of this. The recipe that it goes to and what's in there and then I keep those items together and in that way it's faster when you get to your location as far as sorting things out. The next ingredient here is the the yeast flakes. And I've actually put them in here with my oats Sometimes I'll do that too to save the Save a little bit of stuff that I'm carrying along is there anything else here the salt I've got myself in my onion powder right here and then and so it says to mix these things up and then add the old glass that's just to make it a little easier for storing there in the question so far and I use I as quick oats in here because and in the cookies that will happen later just because I like the. I like the appearance better than if I were to use the Rolled Oats the bigger flakes I I just think that this looks a little bit better and. After this is Mitt I'm going to put it a full recipe goes in a 9 by 13 but this 1 I'm putting in an 8 by 8 and. Ness and I'm going to save I'm going to save my 8 by 8 for the bread but what I want to tell you here is that. I. You can use a spray you know like a nonstick spray but what I use what I use in my tale is liquid lesson and this is a very inexpensive way to boil your pay i'm And so I have I keep on hand 2 different bottles 1 has this 1 is strictly lessons that's all that's in here what I use this for mainly is to put in my crockpot when I'm going to cook cereal if you've cooked cereal in a crockpot you know that sometimes that can stick pretty pretty well to the sides if you take a little silicone brush for years I use a paper Russian that works just fine except sometimes it gets a little hey you know the. The what gas is so you know fiber right but I do kind of prefer this and I I just store it like this at home in a jar. And I have my lesson here and for a 6 court pot I paint on maybe about a teaspoon or maybe a little bit less of this mainly on the sides of the crock pot because a crackpot does not cook from the bottom it cooks from the sides so it's a size that you want to cover and the last lesson last lesson is so thin it's very sick that's why it won't dissolve once the water gets hot in the crockpot whereas if you sprayed it or use oil then that's going to dissolve as the crockpot gets hot but this won't but it washes off easily with soap and water but the other 1 what I use for my other pay and this is about there is no combination here but maybe 5 or 6 parts all whales any kind of oil that you like cooking oil not motor oil. To 1 part lessen and you'll find that the lesson will sink to the bottom and so just in that that for is fine because there's always some spill in there but if you want to stir the little bit with your brush before you defeat out you can do that is such a nice easy product to have any questions at Yeah I'm going to say it about the ratio of the oil to lessen is about 5 or 6 parts of oil to 1 part lesson and I have that in both of my cookbooks where I talk about that. Lesson is soybean. Oil. I don't know why it feels that compared to you can buy soybean oil that's just regular oil so I could question. If an excess hussy. Yeah that's I like her answer Evelyn Evelyn said it's an extraction of the oil right they said there's a glow in it. Taken. Is there anybody here that does not know what yes flakes are pass around. The yeast flakes are not something for baking there a. There there. And so it won't rise right your bread and. Any questions about that any of that so far so on the on your sandwiches the next 2 recipes where they catch up and. You can either take that away or we can push it down with whatever but you know that I'm not quite ready but if that's the next 1 ya. Know. So your ketchup recipe I'm not going to. Demonstrate that but I think it's pretty self-explanatory there you've got your tomato sauce and paste and you just mix it together. This will you can freeze this if you want to and it will also thicken more as it chills and then turn into the next page or sense the spread you know oh yes I do. Your sons it spread is is 1 of these recipes that you make of the blender and you and the key here is that you blend that smooth I've got 22 things that I want I'll be talking about today 2 recipes that it's important to really blend your your recipes smooth and I'm just going to pass around for that you can see I won't throw this 1. I want you to see you can take the lid off if you want to but how very smooth it is and so blending might take 2 minutes in your blender. And so it's it really has to go smooth and so the 1st thing greedy and here is the hot cooked rice or millet or pasta and it needs to be hot just because then it's easier to blend that smooth if it's not hot you can still get it smooth especially if you have a high tech you know a strong blender that will actually heat it up while it's blending. Millet is a grain. That if you if you bought bird seed before it's that little round grain what yellowish why grain in the bird seed and. Yes brown rice is what I use. This in the sense that it's bread that I made today I didn't have any in the refrigerator so I just cooked up some instant brown rice and that was a fast way to do it because usually if I don't have more ice or millet I might cook some pasta and I like the pasta texture it's very creamy and it's easy to get it very smooth but and then I thought was an instant brown rice and that's what I did here. The 1 of the common questions I get about spreads is how long do they keep because we know that you can buy a commercial spread and it'll last for months in the refrigerator. But with these types since there's no preservatives in them what do we do and in my freely eat cookbook I had a tip that helped to make your your spreads and dressings and gravies last longer and typically mine like that senseis bread Typically it will last 2 to 3 weeks in the refrigerator if it's a fruit spread or a catch up that will last up to 4 weeks easily and just 2 things that I'll mention is that 1 when I when I make a large recipe and like that's mostly spread it can be frozen but if you make a large recipe I put it into smaller containers so that as I put 1 out on the table let's say it's sat out on the table 2 or 3 meals I. Know as it gets to room temperature then it that's when it's going to boil and so I keep them in small containers and I don't mix them I keep the was that I haven't used in the refrigerator and then when I'm ready for a new 1 I pull that 1 out if that makes sense and I don't if I've used up 1 during a meal and I want more I don't use the same food that was in the old 1. And that helps also to keep things less not getting contaminated. OK And if you do want to freeze as a spread if you want to try doing that what what will work with these fences spread or a cheese sauce is that when it thaws out. Heat it just a little bit in the microwave or in a saucepan just heated a not enough subtle smooth ride out when you and then it'll stick and again when it's chilled already then. I am a I have I have a double blind test here but I think that the double blind they're the ones that are really really that high tech ones and the thing that makes it double blind as even the person doing the experimenting can't tell you the difference because because she doesn't know she didn't know but she A So we have to judge our as with yeast this is the bread recipe we're going to next so now 1 yeast is that I just bought this year just a couple months ago. I bought it I like to use these instant yeast because they seem to be there supposedly a little more durable to the heat oh that's great thank you and. So when I just bought this year the other 1 I found it is at home I just haven't seen by her cereals in 25 pound bags and I do too and sometimes I buy a lot of things that way and then sometimes I don't know what all I have so I found this package of yes' and it said best if used by a certain date in 2010 and this was 2011 when I found it and opened it 1 of these type of things. But I kept it I've kept it in the freezer ever since and so I I decided to compare the 2 so can you tell me what 1 you think is the new 1 and the old 1. And and the answer is because when I did this this week they both look the same and actually the answer is I don't know because. When I put the nice in there I forgot to keep it separated. But they both work right they both work good. Take my word for it because I made bread with the 01. Anyway with with the instant yeast if you know that it's good and so I store mine I put it when I empty the bag I put them in a couple of glass jars and I keep it in the freezer and then I just pull it out of the freezer and use it and so if you know that you've got good yeast you don't need to go through this stage of the call the proof even stage but I just did it for just to show you what it. Looks like. The warm water and the sugar cause the yeast to bubble up and that's what's going to give 11 in here so we're looking at that whole wheat muffin mix I just put the oil in and I've already added the warm water and the sweetener and next I have in here I've got whole wheat flour and white flour and so 3 cups a whole week half a cup of whites and I also put my salt in there as well. And the idea here this is when I I made this loaf of bread that I showed you yesterday and so the thing that I like about this recipe is that it's a no need. And I've For years I've just had that half a cup of white flour in there I'm imagining I was going to try it this week but I didn't have time but I really don't think that you probably need that you can probably just use all whole wheat if you want to but I haven't done them so that OK so now during this mixing process what you're doing is developing the gluten in the wheat and that's what. The yeast works together with to cause it to. Rise and then the instructions I say to stir this for a couple of minutes and that's what you're going to do to. Develop that gluten in there and it questions about this recipe I have in the on the page there that I in my book I've got 14 variations to this recipe so like banana bread or. A Take He bread or or a pineapple or just a lot of different ways that you can use this basic recipe you can make this into muffins or biscuits or you can put it on a. That's what I want that 8 by 8 or. You can bake it in an 8 by 8 or you can use a little little loaf pan like this. And a lot of different ways and so you can see that it's this is not hard to do just stir this for a couple of minutes to develop that gluten and then you put it in your pan now I used for your bread today just this week I started playing earlier. And so I put it in 1 of these. And I was amazed you know to get this loaf like I did but but then I made it a few more times since then I guess it was last week I was playing around with it I did it a few more times since then and I noticed that 1 time I I let it rise for the 20 minutes in a car that I have on the recipe but then I forgot about it and so it rose for another like 10 minutes or so and so it over rolls and so then when I put it in the oven it caved and so I think it was just too big of a pan to too hard of a job for this you know more liquid he type of a yeast bread and then I did it a couple more times and it worked out just fine and then I did it again and I noticed it. It's just a little bit of a a dip in the middle and so I cut it this morning and then the what I had. But I also had some good ones in there all right so this is all there is to this and the 1 thing about this recipe is that it stays moist longer than a regular. You spread it has more flour to it. OK I wanted to you could. Maybe of an in any way. The matter. I guess you'd have to have some some kind of gluten flour. I want to also just show you real quickly how to measure flour because. Some some people well OK some people well. You know put their measuring cup in here and and clean it off and that's how they do it but the. Martha Stewart way. And that you use stereo or flour and then I must say this is my measuring cup and then you put it you know you just spun it in that's the idea so that you're not packing it this is just some whole wheat flour from Meyers and so the idea is that you use the flour and then you split it into your measuring cup and then you level it off. And use the blender so with this so the broccoli cheese soup I think I'm going to bring 1 home with me. EVELYN. This this recipe. What gives the thing you know the cheesy color is your carrots are cooked carrots and potatoes blended bundled up together here and so your cooking and this you know this makes it naturally. Of that's double fiber type recipe and if you want to add more fiber to it you can put some cooked like colored beans like a Navy being our Great Northern being if you're looking for ways to increase the being factor. We are we love that fiber and so I've already cooked and this is just a half a recipe and I've already cooked my carrots and onions potatoes in the watter and I'm going to add my cashews and my salt and. If so I would do this for a couple minutes I want to be creamy smooth I don't want any any little chunks of nuts in there and EM What you'll find is is that it as a blend it if you have a high blood hype and Blender it also creates heat right in there and it'll actually change the color into the more oranges color. And so and then after this is cooked then you want to put it back in your saucepan to reheat it again and then you can put broccoli that's what I use today was some raw broccoli that I cooked until tender and then I stirred that just enough to get hot but if you don't want to mess with cutting up broccoli you can use some frozen vegetables or some canned vegetables you know anything on there this is really nice put over a baked potato over pasta. That like a cheese. At the low fat cheese yes you can use some flour seeds you can use Allman that if you want to use all means and you don't want to see the little brown Fleck in there than you can then you can. Buy the kind without the peeling or in my cookbook I and this 1 I tell you how you can get the peeling off real quick by boiling them guess. All and even mix of all men's and walnuts if you want to avoid the cashews. Oh OK great thank you. So you take the bill and thank you and Vicky was talking about the quality of those broccoli stocks and and so probably most of you already do this maybe everybody but if you when you have your stock if you peel it to the White. You know the white center there just take off. The hard part and this is what I have left and this is delicious and you can either leave it raw or you can cook so like from this to this. That's how these cookies the banana the sugar free banana date. With cooking classes I will usually rather than to mash up a banana ahead of time and then they get you know a little bit of ground they look look that great so a lot of times I'll just use some apple sauce which is what I'm going to and that's what I'm using here which is the color isn't really any different than a banana that gets brown but. It's so if you want a cookie that's not quite as sweet applesauce is a good thing to use or you could you can use a jam like if you've made a dry fruit jam a date jam or apricot jam you can use that instead of bananas so I have. This is my and then just doing half the recipes so the mashed bananas and then the chopped dates here's another thing I'm going to pass around. That was my fault. I I used the date dices. They're nice there just are a to cut up I buy the sim country life the date dices are not the date pieces of the date Dyson So I'm passing around a bag so you can see what they look like I put that in and then in your cookies I use the chopped walnuts but sometimes I'll just do some flour seeds so I just put the samsaric seeds and the salt in there. There's a lot of different ways to chop up walnuts that are pretty they don't take that long to do but 1 way that I use is like a Ziploc bag and a rolling can so I just put my walnuts about a cup or so at a time in there and then I roll them and maybe within 30 seconds or a minute at the very most I've got nice finally chopped wildness and then I'll just I'll just store this bag in the refrigerator so that I can use it again the next time after this is mixed I add the oats. And that's all there is to this recipe you can use any dried fruit that you'd like you don't have to use Of course dates you can use raisins or current and then I will the recipe use a I use about a tablespoon and a half and so you can use like a cookie scoop if you want to or this is a very cool 1 where. You see what it does you push it down and up pops a is so if you dip these like in water and shake out the water and then and then scoop your dough it works quickly or you can just use a measure put some in your hands the you don't want to compress them and so I will just put some in my scoop. I didn't pack it down at all I just put it in my scoop and then I just. Put it on the cookie sheet like that so I just put some in there. And since they're not pressed in there I don't even need to use the little country deal but that is so your sample was about a 4th of 1 of those. It was those small I hope you coulda tasted it. Because it's again a pretty healthy way to have a cookie any questions yet it could be gluten free if you if you're also where gluten free usually are and Evelyn said and they usually are r.a.d. The other thing that I mentioned just take a minute or 2 minutes at the very most here yesterday I mentioned that I was going to give you a couple of ideas for that as at a class at a supper club or at a cooking class what you said ask people to help create some conversation and so in our last classes we had been talking about increasing your fiber gradually on your plate to where 75 percent of your plate was the. Fruits and vegetables your cooked told grains like your oatmeal brown rice that sort of thing he was and beans as 7 if I cut the name of our class was eat more and weigh less. And that was the key here was at least 75 percent of your plate at every meal becoming these kind of food and and so 1 of the classes I asked if somebody could share a positive experience if they've been having about doing this and so you know was something that they've experimented with and some people would start assessing I started eating more of this particular kind of salad it or so or whatever it was and then I and then when I asked a question then I'll just it's important to have good eye contact with the people you know that's the person that's talking and I might say well can you tell me more about that it sounds like that was really a good things tell me what you liked about that and so just kind of asking some more questions to get them talking and maybe some short reflections about what they just said well it sounds like you learned that blueberries on your own meal taste really good to you and your dip kind of supporting what they're doing well and what would you like to do more of do you think and that gets people talking and that's a very good thing to do in a class so if you'd like some some questions like that some some things that you can do in the class again if you email me I'll send you a handout on then. And I really like what Vicki says that she wrote. It's not about a list you know so it is a good thing to to be looking at ways to add fiber to exercise more to drink more water to get rest but but to Temperance isn't really about making a list it's about a life and it's so it's as we can help people not just make these changes but how that we can help them to know the the life that really changes them inside of Jesus so thank you so much it was really great to be with you here last few days. The. Thing. With. The. Thank you. Thank you so much Joe and we're blessed by you know and how did she get all those things greedy and together to show you all this stuff that's what I would like to know 3 in the morning yes. Well God bless you Joanne and she is a wellness a pastor's wife a wellness coach and I talked about that yesterday if you're if you feel like you're stuck and you need to make forward movement it's not happening for you Joanne does telephone coaching and it's an ministry but it is of course there's a cost involved but it's it's priceless It's priceless to learn how to take the next step and stay there until you get to the next step after that there's an art to this that I'm so thankful that she's invested her time to learn how to do coaching so that we can actually take a step step up Jacob's ladder a man I love joins cookbooks I love what she's doing Thank you Evelyn for being such a good sport she's a great colleague for all these years and we just want you to know that it is Christmas in June Christmas in June so this is when Peggy Lee shared with us today Evelyn brought this up for me to show this is the program she used and we're going to have this displayed at our at our balance living bootcamp this afternoon and 1 person was afraid to come because they thought we were going to make a March but. We said no we're not going to do that and it's at 2 o'clock Dallas living boot camp in the comments and then the other thing that's just amazing this is these are our 3 books and we're giving you a $25.00 book free it's the living free book so for the price of $2.00 books you're getting a $25.00 book which is the expensive 1 free and then we have a Power Point scripted power points for you to be blessed by so that you can make your home a home of hope you can do this Peggy really can do it I can do it you can do it and. You know what blessings bounce back when you reach out for God excel if ice the truth in your own heart and we learn Ellen White says as we humbly profess what we know we will grow in grace and truth how would you like to humbly profess what you know today and learn how that learning Spirit in our own cope cookbook is on super special check it out and then some audiobook so you can take care of so you can take advantage of automobile University. So that's all 3 of these books on audiobook back there all 3 of them for just $9.00 so praise God you know we're just want to get the word out Jesus is coming soon my husband used to say the reason they call it organized crime is because it's organized. So when you add value to your own life God is going to prepare you to add value to someone else's life Amen so that's best stand for prayer. Father in heaven thank you Lord Jesus that you that all heaven was poured out in a gift to add everything to our lives to give to give back everything that sin has broken and taken away and we thank you for the gift of temperance we thank you for the fruit of the spirit we thank you for the seeds that you want to grow into mature plants Lord Jesus we want to love you better and represent you better and I pray that you just put that hungering and thirsting in our hearts and help us to have joy in the journey of making better choices every day please bless Joanne for all the hard work she's put into this help us Father in Heaven to go away with a determination that is implanted by God that we will not when we make mistakes give up get out and we just thank you and you. Left each and every 1 that in. 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