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4. Make it Memorable




  • June 19, 2017
    11:00 AM
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All right let's pray together Father in heaven thank you Lord Jesus for this time that we can spend together to focus on you and your wonderful ways the joy that you place in our hearts every morning Joy in the journey is what we need and what we are asking and we thank you please please be with us today in Jesus' name amen. All right so the thing I want to start with this morning. Is that we pray as women and men of God we pray for insight don't wait doesn't the Bible say that we are to pray if you if any of you lack what wisdom let him ask of God to give to all men liberally in upbraid us not and it will be what it will be given so what is insight what is inside. It's knowledge it's the knowledge to know what to do what to do we also pray for foresight what is foresight Yes foresight is understanding what's going to happen as a result of a choice right we also pray for oversight what is oversight it's the part of you that monitors yourself. You're watching yourself the Bible says ponder the path of your feet let all here ways be a stablished So we pray for insight the ability to know what to do we pray for oversight the ability to watch ourselves and monitor ourselves as we go that we don't get stuck in a sick it you know we can get into a situation we don't know how we got her and we don't know how to get out front Fortunately God is there for us to help us and we also pray for. In We pray for insight oversight and foresight and that's the ability to foresee a consequence now all of those things are things that we pray for God tells us to pray for them but you know what they are also brain function they are brain function they are functions of the what I call the hardware of your soul we don't have a separate higher part that is separate from our organic brain we don't the Bible doesn't teach that many many religions unfortunately teach a concept that the thinking planning wisdom part of man is separated from the body but we know that that is not a Biblical teaching that from Plato the Bible teaches that you are an organic being vivified by the life of God and when we have an unhealthy lifestyle I call it Biblical principles of biblical living so when we don't take care of our body temple we are actually damaging the organic hardware of the soul which is the only way that God can can answer that prayer and speak to us so so taking care of our brain is taking care of our souls and then the battle is not for the bullets it's for the brain it's not about weight control it's about appetite control and that's a brain thing. And so I love people have talked to be about my old cookbook guilt free Gore may and they like it and recipes and blah blah blah and then we broke it up into 3 smaller books and updated some of the recipes but when I look back as a homeschool mom feeding a family of 4 that were out working hard all day planting stuff planting trees I was making a haul rocks and all the things that homeschool moms make their kids do. I look yeah I look at the size of those recipes and I and I'm thinking to my now I'm I'm a widow I live by myself and I'm thinking what was I thinking OK so now I have a different perspective as an older woman living by myself I want to know how to cook for myself in a way that is healthy that helps me in my busy schedule so that I don't waste food so that I can still make healthy choices for 1 or 2 or 3 people without making a bucket full of stuff are you with me I'm all for making bucketfuls of stuff but we're not all there anymore and so when my husband day was going through his cancer journey here is a lesson that I learned and it's a really important 1 what you learn in times of peace the habits say US stablish whether it's worship habits walking habits sleep habits so all of the things the devotion the worship that we had the the exercise the eating healthy foods the going for walks that we don't how many times do you consult your feelings about when you make a right decision is it really is it all about your feelings ers It really nothing to do with your feelings walking with God means you can feel wrong but you do right. We don't rush our case just when we feel like it I wasn't in the mood to brush my teeth when I brushed them this morning but I did it because it's the right thing to do so what I learned is that in a crisis in a drawer in a traumatic situation you're going to take with you into the dark what you've been practicing in the light and we asked Jesus to hold us but what we've learned to do will hold us what we've learned to do also holds us and so in the same way that the things we pray for are spiritual things but they are also organic parts of the brain that we can damage insulin resistance high blood pressure high cholesterol metabolic syndrome diabetes obesity all of these things affect the brain's ability to exercise insight foresight and oversight it effects them organically you can see it on an image that's why we don't do the instant you know just get these raspberry drops and in 10 days you know you're going to lose your fat your mid body fat and you're going to be able to think clearly no it's a process it's a process and just because it's hard doesn't mean God isn't in it the very fact that God is giving you the perseverance to do it when it is hard when asked a miracle so you can have joy when it's hard you can know that God is in it when it's hard because he's restoring your brain and body systems and by the way the definition of obesity is not business it's the ratio of lean muscle to body fat so given that definition 40 percent of our college students have what is called normal weight obesity and they are at risk for for 30 different chronic diseases that affect the brain as well as the body. So as I share this with you I want to tell you that during my husband's cancer journey this was a lifesaver this is a rice cooker This is my personal rice cooker it's a Joshi Reby Joshua It's a joke shoe I can't pronounce it just here Rishi it's a Japanese rice cooker OK so we're going to have a drawing today a rice cooker is the opposite of a slow cooker the thing I love about rice cookers is they are fast That's exactly right and so it has all these wonderful parts and I have 2 of these I have this small size and then I have a larger size and my larger size is an aroma from the grocery store from Myers and I I hide bought a paid for this years ago bunch and paid a bunch of money for it at a Chinese or Oriental shop and my 20 dollar 15 dollar aroma works better than this thing. But I love it so it has these parts and. I'm always learning new things for Evelyn I got each of my children a rice cooker because they're so amazing and you can be very busy and you can get a really healthy meal together so Evelyn talks about Paul avoid being overly hungry anxious or angry lonely or tired because when you get any of those in any of those places in your head you're going to make stupid choices so having something already ready for you when you know your day's going to be busy and it's warm and it's waiting that will keep you from. The French fry frenzy kind of deal where you just grab something and then you go why did I do that and you feel nasty so. By the way every good choice begins to rebuild the brain and body systems and restore those areas of the brain that we desperately need to navigate through these last days so when I bought my children their rice cooker. I said this they come with a little paddle to scoop the rise and they come with a a registered rice cup OK Don't lose your registered rice cup if you lose your registered rice cup the rice cooker says you must not use anything but this registered rice cup. So I told my children if you lose this you lose the whole pot it's not even worth using so you must use this rice cup so after doing my daughter's afraid to use She's a foe afraid to lose hers that she keeps it in their chairs even use the rice cooker. So after about a year of this and telling people this I wonder how was it ever was how she had a rice cooker out I said do you use your you know your registration rice cup with your she said I've never seen it I don't use it I've no idea where it is so take your pick who you want to listen to. But I've got my registered rice cup here and we're going to do this thing right so. What I always like to do I like to take my cup and but I want to always add value to my meals if you're here for super slow we want I want to add this so that's a beautiful meal not just 1 thing so here's what we're going to do in the order that you do this is important by the way I brought some lovely tri color cane was I love to make cane while I love to make to mix cereals that Evelyn brings me because I'm certainly not going to buy a trash can full of this stuff so she brings me a bag every time she comes and we work I tell her when I'm running out so mixed cereals porridge is rice Here's a lovely wild rice blandest it's very awesome these are really fun things to use and then I brought my own rice from home and so which 1 do you want me to do today should I do the wild rice blend or should I do my brown rice the brown rice to put your hand up if you want to brown rice wild rice but you hand up up wild rice has it OK so. It's a big part of the hard. Work. Well you should be up here doing this. OK let's just do that very thing and see what happens now that order of this is very important so I'm going to put I'm going to put some of the brown rice in here and now I'm going to compliment it with some swell recess a really cool idea I've done millet in here which is such a fun grain. So now I'm putting my exact proper amount in this pot now that the order of doing this is really important sometimes I put a pinch of salt or a little Bragg's in there but then the next piece is important because you want to put the right amount of water and my eyesight is pretty bad and I'm guessing right now but you want to put it up to the line. You know no it has a line in here he says you're supposed to do it according to I never follow directions except with this this is really it's like it's very important to follow your OK So that was Step number 2 step number 1 is put the what in number 2 no this is so important you put in the water because you have to measure it properly or your brain's either going to be sticky or it's going to be harder it's going to be mushy and then you cannot have any Asians to your house to eat because it'll be so bad you want your rice to be perfect OK so I have talked to some Japanese people about Rice and I want to tell you we have pasta when they come over because. It's like they can even tell if the rice is old I'm used to you so anyway so now I want this to be more of a complete meal I'm coming home we're busy you know we have stress we I want something ready that's going to be wholesome a nutritious so I'm adding a can of drained being whatever kind you want I drain them very well and rinse them because I don't want gummy All right so the gum fiber is gone but there's still a great beans are the highest source of soluble fiber insoluble fiber and resistant starch they are just the trifecta of perfect food 15 grams of protein yes. And so now I'm putting an entire can in there IS SO PRETTY already and I'd left my plastic paddle at home but don't tell the kids. All right. Yes. Well I should I do at home but. So now here's another cool piece here's the tray the steamer tray and this 1 has a steamer tray it's so fun now I'm putting my steamer Tran and I have some sweet potato. And I'm just going to put my sweet potato disks these are just disks that I've put in there and I'm laying them in here I'm putting the the lid on and I'm I don't have to do low medium or high I just plug it in push the little switch and my whole house is going to smell like this amazing palace occupied by chefs and it cooks and then it goes into warm it just sits there and I've left it there for hours and then enjoy it then you can season it do what you want put your soit curls in there whatever you want to do but isn't this just fabulous for a really gorgeous meal and then you have your super slow with it and will you have anything to complain about the food department you know so I love these and so I wanted to make sure that we had a drawing today so that somebody will go home with a beautiful rice cooker and a Roma rice cooker and my best 1 is an aroma Yes Karan. How old that's a great question this is probably going to take 30 minutes 2530 minutes to be done and it bubbles you can hear it by the rules and the little steam is coming up it smells up the house it's just perfumes the house and you're doing something else you can go for your walk and when you get back your meal is ready what other kind of vegetables it's OK you can do other vegetables you can do the harder vegetables you can do potatoes or squat you know you can do butternut squash or harder but those gorgeous rainbow carrots you can put that if you're going to do something like broccoli or cauliflower then then wait till it's halfway done and put your veggies in there another thing that I've done Evelyn is I've taken mixed vegetables if I don't want beans in there I'll take frozen mixed vegetables or corn then when it's all cooked I just put the frozen veggies in there lima beans that's fun. And just hit cook again and it heats them up in about 5 minutes and you've got this incredible delightful fun meal put a little what do they call that stuff that veggie sour cream What do they call that tofu the sour cream. So good a little in there a lot of the guys have done this when we do corporate wellness programs they'll buy 1 of these and put it in their office yes and the people Andrews and you you can smell it the whole office are all much worried you have lots of conversation so you've got beans you've got rice you've got beautiful vegetables with carrots annoyed you've got the basics of a fantastic meal you add just a little bit of raw salad with this and you have an amazing meal So yes somebody had their hand up yes ma'am put what now. Oh did I say that you know that is on my paper Yeah that's true OK yeah that's true OK so yeah you can put a bowl in a little glass dish in here with not that covers up or yeah you could. Yeah just a little you can do that because if you don't want the red dripping down into the rice for the steam Yeah the steam has to come up but yeah I've done I've done it the polite way but I don't what's a little red in your rise so yes. I've never tried that I've never tried that would be fun to try to take 1 of those bags I go to the store and I buy those bags of mixed vegetables where that you get all these nice little vegetables or or you have the beautiful chopped kale with Brussels sprouts and all these cool things imagine making a whole little pot full of that and putting it in here with a little bit of water and it would just seem right up for you yeah I don't know how that would work but it would be fun to try yes. It's called a what. But what's it called. Instant pot. Oh. And you can make you can become either arised cooker or a slow cooker or just a regular. Pressure cooker how many of you have 1 of those. Do you like and you're like oh next you liar you're a hero OK. Yeah no I just that's great if you can get will investigate that but you know this has satisfied so many of my needs that I just haven't needed anything else so are there any other questions comments yes 1 of what where do you buy an instant pot. Online where do you buy it. Leo my. Great amount is how fun is fats and by the way the whole grains are getting such a bad rap but I'm here to tell you that whole grains are excellent for the gut microbiome and the actual the bacteria that are the most important for lowering inflammation are found in whole grains and so whole grains are incredible whether it's whole wheat whether it's whole grain rye when you get whole grains you are helping your gut microbiome and especially if your gut is sick and brown rice especially I went to a special of a program by a gut specialist who is talking about leaky gut and bleeding guts and call itis and he said you never want to fast a stick but you want you want the gut cells to have nourishment and the nourishment is provided by what the bacteria break down and the bacteria love him I sell you a los that is in brown rice so for his very sick patients he would have them make rice brown rice in a lot of water and then it becomes foggy with the ham I sell your load pour off that water and just drink that water and it provides this amazing nourishment for those G.I. cells of a sick gut so brown rice is a wonderful medicinal compound for a gut that is touchy yes or. I've never pop popcorn in a rice cooker. And never done it I can't imagine what that would be like because you have to use some water in this thing. Have you just said you're going to try and OK let us know you might win this thing and get a chance to try it in there who knows yes it's truth. There you go she doesn't even look at the registry she knows what they need a rice cooker Yes somebody had their hand up over here yes. I left them so what do you do do you make your soup in it or do you just hit your soup in it either way that's fabulous What a great idea I'm going to go home and try that OK yes time for the drawing anybody else yes did you. Know I'm so sorry and now here it is the end of the thing and yeah Oh hopefully will remember that tomorrow but if we don't remind us so for weddings this is the get right by the rice cooker for soups use the right cooker either making it from scratch or heating it up a great idea this man back here was going to pop try to pop popcorn and it will see what happened with us can go if you put it in OK. OK glumly. OK so what she loves about the rice cooker is that it relieves a burner on the stove Yeah OK So Angela Walsh. And to Long Yeah OK 1 little parting word of advice Don't lose your rice cup in fact this is mine from home and it's going home with me all right God bless you everybody thank you and now I would like to introduce Stephanie who has done so many amazing projects and for the Lord so many of the funds that that she has put into producing cookbooks and all her amazing ideas have gone to fund the literature work so we praise the Lord for the mission spirit that she has and she's here somewhere oh she just left that her WHERE IS SHE Oh very you are OK You made it OK Stephanie OK. So how do I know. How is the food. What would be like best. You've had it before Betty. Popular. Sliders OK good everything was the favorite Yeah OK well I wanted to slow down for just a moment. And take a deep breath OK get. I want I really have enjoying the testimony is that Evelyn has been she have you all share about the supper clubs and there's lots of good ideas and good tips I really like taking all of those things and to gather that's what I did when I wrote a little how to have a successful supper club. Booklet that I have written I actually wrote it mainly because my mother in law who lives in Ohio 1 of the stars ever club and she is 1 of those people who. You know like she'll call you and ask every single question and so she calls me and says So what about this and what about that and she's I don't know what to do I've never done a circle before and I just I myself didn't hear what I do so she would keep calling me and calling me so every question that she asked me I like wrote down the answer so that after she asked me to show Shall I call you notice Unfortunately 3 times so I wrote it all down I spent her but you know what she did. She didn't read it she just called me to ask me. But after I had all written down I thought well you know it's all written down maybe somebody else could use the information so that's why I did it. There's lots of great things about a supper club but since Miss Betty's here I will tell you the most important thing besides having really really good food and about a supper club is having a good registration lady she was my registration lady back at Goebbels and that is the key really the really key to keeping your people coming and what she does I'll tell you what she does do a show you do better you mean it's OK. What she does when people when we get people to come she has a minister on a card and she's tracking everyone who comes if someone misses a. Supper Club she will send them a little personal note handwritten notes and Darwinistic to hear the recipes that you miss and she'll send him off to them and if somebody is Mrs say 4 or 5 in a row then showing to give him a phone call that we miss seeing you and if I miss more than a year she'll just common say we know she have been coming to meet you still want to keep receiving our information so she just keeps up with and she said she's never had anybody say she didn't want they didn't want the information except for the people who move to Florida there's only 1 couple that have that so but because they keep you these personal notes people facing the people seem to care about them they want to keep coming and that's what Suze said yesterday when she talked about the ministry of supper club is really making friends with the people and that's really what we want to do we want to. Make friends friends and be part of the evangelism cycle that there's a cycle of vandalism that starts with seed planting you you've seen the signs and you've heard everybody talking about you plan to see what you cultivate the soil you plant the seed you wait you prepare the soil you farm gardeners help me thank you very much. Prepare the soil plant the sea cultivate when you harvest and then you preserve. What is really cool about health ministry is it gets into lots of different categories the 1st category and I think the most effective category is cultivating the earth. Is preparing the soil it's where you making friends with people and you're talking to people you're getting. You're getting to know people and when they get to know you when you're friends with them they're more willing to ask you questions about spiritual things and you can ask them if you're having a conversation over. Supper you know edge at 7 club table with someone you're having you can mention all kind of spiritual things because it's your personal testimony and then the feck them it doesn't. It's not like they're offended by you talking about it because that's who you are you've got to fit in they talk about their basketball team or their recipe they just try because it's who they are and that's what you just discuss these things and you become friends and then eventually you can say hey would you be used in a Bible study and some of them times they will I'll tell you 1 short story and then I will start cooking because you know happened yesterday. I got too much stuff going. And we had a lady we have a lady in our church Her name is Linda and she's what I call a quiet evangelist you don't see her around a whole lot she doesn't run the cradle department so you know what something what Evelyn said or Vicki said earlier about the Cradle Roll environment she does run the cradle department and but she comes up a club and when she comes to separate the very 1st summer club we had we had Lady Marilyn come in and she. Was going to the Catholic Church but she'd just been diagnosed diagnosed with diabetes and she saw our flyer the topic that we were talking about was diabetes and she goes I think I'm going to go to the supper club so she comes and she sits down and let the sits down next to her Well Linda also runs a community service center another talking and chatting and she learns that Marilyn really just moved into the area she doesn't have really neat friends and she just hasn't really made any good connections so 1 of the said hand once you come work at the community service center with me 1 day a week so sure enough Marilyn starts coming and she starts working at the community service center once a week she come to supper club every month and she's still coming basically. And she. Linda asked her frontal studies so she starts taking Bible studies well as but you know when you get bible say sometimes they get a little nervous when you get to certain subjects and so she kind of backed off but you still help in the community service center Well our church school was doing Bible studies with community people and we were trying to find people who were friendly to our church who would be willing to have the kids come so our How old were the kids when it was like death through 5th attempt that went into Bible studies with the with these people so she was more than happy to have the kids over my daughter was in the group and she loved going to Maryland tapped because even though Marilyn had diabetes she loves to bake and it was a good excuse to bake when the kids came over so she fed them lots of you know sugar. But it was a small price to pay for the friendship that they made when my daughter was baptized she asked Marilyn to come to the baptism Malan came to the baptism. Marilyn and brought her husband to the Christmas program and the. Other program in Maryland times and was not a Christian at all and he says I'm going to go to any church it's going to be this 1 she said he said and so that friendship and developing and building and it takes time I always talk about evangelism when they go through a. Meeting like a mock revelation but that's what they call a pressure cooker and when you cook beans in a pressure cooker How long does it take Facebook I'm going to be in a pressure cooker how and to take. That 30 minutes OK So when you're cooking an interest or a friend in evangelism and a pressure cooker they can be down and ready for baptism in a month or 2 or whatever but when you're doing health evangelism it's like a slow cooker Hellenistic of beans in a slow cooker. 10 hours 3 hours and it can take any number of time but in take several hours as that and also when you're working with interests who are health interests it's not going to be done in a day or a year week or sometimes it could take up to 10 years we had Mary and Paul Elder took 10 years when they're about time they started coming to cooking school and 10 years later they finally said OK I'm enjoying this church but it just takes time so when you're working with people and wanting to do healthy Vangelis don't get discouraged if you're not having that his and the after you know summer type A I want to get baptized Well that doesn't generally happen because there's a cycle you have to take them through if you're preparing the soil with your help then you just keep moving them on to other parts and everybody works together that's what the church is a team each department of the church the church school the community service center of it all different parts of the school Sabbath schools all work together to win a soul so that's what I wanted to convey in the summer called booklet that we talked about but for today we're going to make this is I me on the net for a supper club I always like to serve a salad a main dish a side dish and a dessert but you didn't see the dessert I'll show you dessert later. Today we're making the B.L.T. cell this is by far my most popular salad it is in the Kid licious cookbook but you have the recipe there but if you want to get the cookbook or the other good stuff in there so. It's super easy it's kind of not rocket it's not rocket science I want to talk about pasta just a little bit it calls for a box of past and and we talked about whole grain pasta. On Monday I believe and there's all different kinds of pasta and I want to bring up the fact that when you're serving people who aren't used to eating healthy sometimes you have to make compromises that you would normally make at your house. When I cook for a man you're in the soup we had a variety of people who ate meat who came people who just weird. There there was 1 guy who ate pizza almost every single day we asked them what they ate almost every single day and he dipped his piece in women's dresses. It's true. That even when I made the healthy pizza he dipped that in the healthy ranch dressing. So whatever cover my eyes I make with pasta but I'm serving people who aren't as healthy as i used by the white fiber pasta it's not a whole grain it doesn't have everything that you want it so it's better to use the whole very pasta if you like it and if you even if you don't like it like I think you said but if you're serving people that you're trying to get to come around at least it has more fiber in it it's not just plain white nothingness that you can this is called White fiber This is called Smart taste this 1 has to have tons of fiber regular pasta. Which is 5 grams of fiber per record of a cup. This 1 this 1 has a grams of fiber in and 2 ounces that's it so you get you're getting your fiber it's not again it's not the ideal but it's a compromise that you can make if you really want your people to eat or if you haven't maybe a husband or children at home who just want to eat the whole wheat pasta they like. The speed in this they won't know if you're getting something will help here and you're up there fiber intake without them knowing it which is always good so I made the pasta I put it in my bow and then I made the suede curls Now we talk to my birthing was not working yesterday is still not working very well but this is a sweet girls and we talked about those little yesterday it's very much the same process as we did yesterday when we made them we took the sweet curls I soaked mine in water I am I was mentioning earlier how she soaked hers in the soffit she's using so I haven't tried that yet I like mine to get brown and certain sauces would let it brown so I brown mine 1st depending what you're making. You can i Brown them and then I put the sauce on and cook the sauce into them because when you brown when you cook them some of which there comes out and then it soaks the new flavor in so it kind of you doing the same thing twice. So I put in this this is our. This is the be a few thoughts of salad Let's find that recipe and this is what we call the B because it really doesn't taste like bacon but it adds a nice sweet and salty chewy texture to your. To your recipe and then all I do is that once I brown my. Girls I mix up the Braggs a liquid smoke salt and pepper maple syrup I just poured over the top and I cook them until it. Absorbs all the moisture still there drag like this and then though that's what you had in your salad to try and. So that's all you do so then I dump those in here and so. And then I mix up the dressing now in the dressing. For the salad that we have a man is OK Thank you I'm sorry. OK so I need to have been using this many ways most recently. Vegetate is great I love the Judaize it is extremely expensive so I don't buy it anymore sometimes I make my own homemade Manet's but I tend to be really busy and don't have time so I try to keep something on hand and so I just found this new mini is this 1 that my are this is at Walmart Yes this is that Meyer and I got this at Walmart. This 1 to my mom my Meyer doesn't have this 1. And we're going to keep us all straight thing you go. Over Bill there you go. And you've all seen the vegetarians thank you I'm going to try to move that camera is there. I don't like looking at your faces see I'm something you need to be aware of however when it says begin that doesn't mean it has health food it just me that's big and if it was if everything big it was a health food we could live on French fries and Oreos and that would be great not really but you know but so just because it isn't so you don't want to use a whole bunch of it it's a lot of fat in it if you make your own home and you know that's great but for us out dressing and for an occasional. Different things that you do it's it's fine to use just letting you all know that and so I made my salad dressing actually mixed mine up in here can I just have a little bit of. Manny's left in here and I just shook it up and that made my salad dressing which all all the salad dressing is is Mayo lemon juice. Some cane juice crystals and some chicken stuff using very simple and then we just add lettuce and B.L.T. salad so we have lettuce and tomatoes. Yes you can in your mind and Myers and in the health food store. And really any sweetener that you want I don't like a liquid sweetener in the dressing it just doesn't seem right so and then I just pour the dressing on and stir it up which I don't need to do it moment and we have a beautiful salad. Wasn't your salad yummy Yes it was so I'm going to move this out of the way and we're going to go on to the flight is because they're going to take a little bit more time than the other. OK. So let's do this let's see if I can. I use actually a little bow. Little bit of both I had 2 boxes of the the white pasta and 1 box of the smart taste pasta I just put it all together in a pot and cooked it OK so now we're going to make the black bean sliders which are on the front of the page where I don't know where they are on your list these but the problem in the From this is I've learned something really new I might have a friend who. I have a friend who know obviously much as makes that person OK all of them so that way I'm all together for later OK. So to make it might be insiders I get a super easy recipe you do not have to use a food processor for this but I don't like to do all the work so I do it. Because you can put it all in here because it says to die sure. Onion fine but if you put it in here you don't have to it does it for you so I put in my size medium onion and then I'm going to dice it fine. OK it's than OK that was but OK and I'm going to put my black beans in here the recipe also calls for re fried beans or you can do your own canned beans or you can make fresh means if you have beans of you think a big pot of beans early in the we can use have beans all week you can use those and really you can use any being you want to. But these are black bean burners and I drain them I didn't Rense them so there's a little bit of juice left in them. And then I'm going to add well I'm going to blend this up 1st since I didn't use the reefer I don't want to go ahead and. Do a little mix on that I'm going to knock the side of that and then we added some wooden flour glue flowers what kind of hold it together. You can use flax I have a recipe for my book that uses a flax mixture there a little softer in texture but you can still use it works and act. And then add some beef staff seasoning I like the vegetarian expressed beef Stassi using better than the other brand. But I won't name. And a little bit of garlic and a little bit parsley and then all you do is you chop pine again. Never go and then what you want to do next I didn't play my pan. Because the wooden flowers in here it's going to set up and if you're using the flax you're going to be adding some liquid so you might want to add just some regular flour to kind of soak up more oats that's I forgot to add. Well the better. I would be I would assume I got together like this is way too soft You might want to add a few extra oats if you're out in the water. So then I add the oats in the old to what's going to really give us some. Texture. Knocking them. Perfect and see how easy it was and you don't have to do all that heavy stirring and you know if you want to use your muscles that's good. Now this is what I've learned since I wrote my cookbook in the kidlet us book it talks about taking these this mixture and forming into patties and then baking them but I farmed that. Patties are just a pain to make. Let's just be really honest and if you're making sliders you to make a little small ones I have a friend at my previous church who makes my mushroom burgers from something better and she always used to use this little thing and she makes the beautiful of little patties they look so perfect and nice and then I always complain because mine to look as good as hers you know and so she gave me this and I don't ever use it because even when I use this my patties don't look all perfect and nice like hers she's 1 of those people who can make everything look good and I love those people. So I came up with a new plan this is brilliant you're going to want to write this down this is the tip of the day and you may not even have to write it down because it's such a great idea that with a stick right in your head OK so what we do is I would spray the bottom of this pan I did not do that because I forgot but that's OK I'm going to put it in here we're going to put it in the bottom of this pan and we may have a little bit more than we need for this I usually use a 9 by 13 even a moon over this Andy. There we go. And so you want to make a layer about a stick as you would make your patties OK And like I usually use a 9 by 13 but what I have is a small pan in the big band so that's going to be that weird but. This 1 here and that's from the popcorn OK There we go so I smooth out nothing new. There we go I just knew that and then we're going to bake this OK and we cover it with aluminum foil or cover if you have a cover so it doesn't get dried out the 1st time I did I forgot to cover it and it got really dried out is good. But this time I didn't I cover it in the you cook it for about because it's bigger than the little patties I could get for about 40 minutes and then I took off the aluminum foil counter for about 10 more and then this is the really cool part. Then instead of making all those little patties you've got this 1 big piece you take this piece when it's baked it comes out like a full piece you plop it right down on top of your rolls and then you put your lid on top of well then you put your pickles in your lettuce on top like this you make your make you'll sandwiches and then you. Cover them all up but they're brilliant I love that and you have all these cute little thing which is and you can make $24.00 and what they usually come in when you go to the grocery store as you can buy the dinner rolls I like to buy the whole wheat or whole grain dinner rolls or are slighter buns and if you can find those and then you just put you take the whole piece of them you're cattlemen half longways you put them in the bottom and then you put all your toppings on and then you put the lid on and then you just slice them in pieces and then you have all these cute little burgers That's great I think it's the best idea ever I couldn't find the sliding roll so I was in the store Usually I buy a really nice ones at Wal-Mart but they didn't have them when I was there so you have done but you haven't you just cut them the we cut these in hat we cut these in smaller pieces for you to all to try so then you can make if you want to do 1 for a potluck or a party you just you could $24.00 per container and it doesn't take hardly any time to mix that up and you're going to go is that great I love that OK So there's your sliders. The the meat part is yeah you can freeze that any time. And then I didn't get the stuff to show you how to make the pickles we made the homemade pickles I think the ones that you guys had were a little salty. I must not have measured real carefully when I was doing it. So they're not supposed to be quite that salty but the pickles were in the sandwich and they were also on the side and to do that it's very very simple you just slice your cube cumbers and you. Take your all your liquid into all your other ingredients and put it together in the new stick in the fridge or you want to put it into a glass bowl or jars because you don't want in a reactive if you put metal or something that's not going to be good so. Now the yes ma'am. Those were until. Those were Dylan. And I like to use lemons I did you know I tell you yes I am like a strong vinegar taste so I like I used to live in juice with their girls OK The next thing is you're probably wondering why we had popcorn with a picnic meal but normally a picnic you have chips and chips are always fried and not really healthy for you so we came up with some popcorn seasonings that we like to use and today we made that you have on there the kid licious popcorn seasoning which is really the same thing that you guys always put on your popcorn but there's a trick when you blend the app to use flakes and the salt they use like actually stick to your popcorn is not better that so I don't use the fluid out here and I put my use by say half a cup Eastlake So go in there and then a little bit of that make a tablespoon of salt would say recipes right here a quarter cup of salt no that's too much salt I think is a typo you want to tablespoons of salt half a cup of these likes 2 tablespoons of salt. Then you just with it up. Really it doesn't matter if you like your salty or you just put less seasoning on but I like more use like the salt ratio Africa because flicks are the same recipe I'm sorry I bring this totally out there I have a cup to a 2 tablespoons is the same as a cup to cool it's the same thing it's a mess to get. Only a half a cup that's in here so I put a half a cup in this little guy here and then 2 tablespoons of salt and this is a spice grinder or the way it's a coffee grinder I think it's a smart guy and it's a coffee grinder. You can use a dry blender you just have to put a little bit more in there to cover the blades so if you want to use a dry like a year by the mix just put that piece likes to cover the blades and then the salt to match and then a blend up in there on. So and then I put it in here and I sprinkle it over my popcorn it's always ready to go in the cookbook here we also have a chili cheese flavoring and we have several. Options and I see I could find them anyway as a great option instead of using chips that the deep fried chips are hearing or see and in my book we have a gas pool in popcorn Yes you have to read about that. But we we have a several That was eating to them. And then. Also we only have 1 more thing. And that is our dessert Yes Can you run under water real quick the bestest thing in the world is none of this is there was brilliant ideas and when I find that I don't actually come up with all of them and I guess I find the other places and I just you know use them. But we're making these popsicle these principles it's fresh fruit in your popsicle and then you just add little bit of juice to make a popsicle I'll show you what I mean I made red white and blue ones so the bottom is red strawberries the middle is bananas is white and then the top is blueberries so you've got a red white and blue popsicle like a bomb pop really with a bomb. And so that's what So that's our Pops and that's our dessert and she's trying to get them out of the container because once they're in the little popsicle holders are hard to get so they're when you're give your kids a popsicle or hungry or a popsicle they're getting fresh fruit they're getting all the fiber and they're not getting just sugar my salmon can eat 5 popsicles in a sitting and that this little size I'm going to show you she's coming. Up right here. How can. You do that to. Didn't come out right she says. All right hang on. Hang on we're getting sometimes these popsicle sticks I need more water I'm afraid to all come out. Of. What I want to get to the years. You've done this before I you don't have any trouble getting them out but today of course I'm in front of 100 people zoom on them or. They come out OK we're going to stand here and talk until it comes out so let me have any questions about the best things that we need. And then you give me questions about what we made I think. With all the. Fires are the only thing that's not would be useful I can chickens out you. Know you're not used like strings of Indians when girls country life has them or the A.B.C. or other health food stores if you live like in Lansing or wherever you can find just about whatever you want if you live in Cedar Lake praise the Lord who Roger's home because otherwise you wouldn't find anything. Yes ma'am. Oh really that's good to know she says that in her area the Meyer has used Lakes where they have all the Bob's Red Mill flower and stuff like that. We meet once a month and I don't I'm not running away we're a bit more runs ours here and she was started we do once a month the reason we do once a month. The reason we do once a month is because you mean it's better to meet the people on a weekly monthly basis if you wait and do 1 once a year once a quarter and you really can't build those friendships the way you want to do that. 1 or. The every. Moment. OK so she doesn't want to have that monthly. From us you see that she didn't have a club for a month every Tuesday for a month. I prefer to do it all throughout the whole year because you get to know them better but if you have a different other programs going on like she said then she does that work for and then she does something else and other time just to follow up with her people so that that's good 1 thing I like about the Supper Club is that when you do it on a monthly basis or if you do concentrated thing like she talks about is you can teach whatever you want to teach. You can teach whatever you want to teach during that time so if you want to do a depression recovering from when the depression cover that way but if you want to do a stress seminar or if it in free will or something else 1 of the other seminars you could just see teach it once a month I when I was when I had a big group at the global several club I asked them specifically do you want to meet more often left and were to do this longer similar to what I mean more often and most of said oh we can't do it more often we wanted to do once I'm up there you get used to coming once a month or come to 1 some of the matter what you're teaching him and then you can start teaching them whatever you think is important for them to know because sometimes. Church as we know more of what they want to that what they need to know than they really know what they need to know they come because they think they. Need to know something but they really need to know something else now. And these are great to use for several cups and you just have to. Adjust them a little bit and do 1 session each month so I know you. Want to give Stephanie a big hand. Thank you nice she she has just been amazing in creating these 2 cookbooks I love them both so I think you need both of them if you've got kids in your life oh this is grand kids perfect it's awesome it's awesome if you don't have kids in your life they're all recipes just like the B.L.T. salad so you like those of your grown up or younger 1 doesn't matter how old you are we all are kids of heart anyway if you like to make barbecue so I curl always make it and then re freeze it because then it gets a consistency of chicken and my husband was totally fooled in his seals in all the flavors. So you cook the soy girls season them then freeze them and make a barbecue in Ziploc bags and freeze them so you put the barbecue sauce on them and then freeze them and put them in a crock pot and cook them. Barbecue saw it curls Oh cool OK body else got a tip what you're doing that you've you've designed in your kitchen oh those are great ideas how many of you have you sir so it curls OK so some of you haven't how long do you think they'll last. You can keep it in the freezer the refrigerator Yeah and look at the expiration day. They don't have they don't have the preservatives in them a big trick with that is to put bay leaf in those big containers and that drives away all the critters Yeah put bay leaf in those containers they don't like a leaf and they say plant marigolds to keep the rabbits away but our rabbits eat them so I don't know what the deal is with that but anyway yeah there's always little tricks yes with soy curls I guess a lot of people rehydrate him with water I rehydrate it with either spaghetti sauce or so it it penetrates in and it's more flavorful. Did you hear that rehydrate you're so white curls with a with tomato sauce with spaghetti sauce or any pasta. Sauce if it's a for enchiladas or something like that I use and a lot of sauce and it goes right into the into the so I season it up before and then I put the soy curls and that nice season yeah yeah that's like Stephanie did yesterday when she saw the soy curls in the dressing that was going to go in the salad and so it brought on that flavor Yeah yes OK he doesn't want anything from the microwave did you like give him the pans and tell him he could take over the kitchen staff in the cupboard were a mess OK Would you like to address the microwave question it depends on if you're microwaving pop tarts or potatoes sweet potatoes that's. It does not even affect vitamin content less than steaming So you know it's just you yeah yeah no it's not a problem I'll tell him that all twisties are we go to the same church. I'll go hey come on Dan Now get over it. It doesn't kill water. Yeah there are certain containers that you don't want to heat in the microwave it'll drill a hole right through him so yeah so he the heating of the certain plastics you don't want it releases but you know in the big picture I'm always looking at the big picture just eating better foods no matter how you heat them or what you heat them in is going to get 7 out of 10 people off their blood pressure medicine so we can get so micro in our thinking that we can miss a big picture and miss a lot of blessings that people can get just by making really modest changes so nobody's listening but that's OK because I might be saying something wrong that's OK I really like it when people are not listening because then they're not going to write me a letter. OK Thank you Evelyn when Evelyn really wants to make a point with me and she doesn't think I'm listening should go that she's Southern That is wrong are so in G. wrong and then I listen and I know Evelyn those actually started. Are A Are you ready R E A D Y Are you ready we're going to get going where's Evelyn OK Cisco smiled. Evelyn now have a drink of water please thank you. Well good morning everyone. Everybody smile and hey how do you like the sliders and the salad in the soil curls I tell you these women are doing this out of love and I was 1 of them you see this finger right here somebody got a slice of me that's lighter. OK I just want to let you know that when Peggy was giving her testimony the other day of doing a community program she was using the food for thought program it's 4 sessions the 1 we're talking about we have Jerry shield with us at the 2 o'clock session how many of you are going to the 2 o'clock if you. Of you Jerry shield is doing this and. He has actually has an income from doing the living free programs he charges for people to come and this is his full time work is doing these living free programs and helping people overcome addictions bad habits and addictions they're both path price all of our modules are half price so take advantage of that we're having Christmas in June and whole bunch of good stuff resources and what Vickie and I have been commissioned to do is to create materials for you to use so I hope that you are finding them useful if you have comments or ways that we can make it better we would love to hear from you thank you all for coming and I hope that your ministry in your community is just amazing tomorrow morning we're going to have a discussion on how to create these community. Opportunities for people to learn and share with each other what we have learned so let's pray Heavenly Father thank You for this time together for all these resources for good food that you have given to us for this amazing message for Mind Body and Spirit help us to embrace it in our lives and share with others in a winsome way and uses. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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