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  • June 19, 2017
    8:00 AM


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Our kind and gracious and loving heavenly Father we are so grateful this morning for your mercy Lord we're grateful for the hope that we have that in the Sweet By and by the Lord our plan is to meet you there but until then lord there are some things here down on this planet Earth that we must work through that we must allow your Holy Spirit to contend with us with and today our topic will be on relationships Lord and some different things that we encounter whether it's from our past or present and also looking toward the future we are asking that you will be here with us and dwell with us here open up our minds and give us wisdom and understanding because it comes from you and you said Lord that when we ask that you want to give it liberally so we are asking for that today Lord we don't stand here as 1 who profess to know everything there is to know about relationships war but we know that the experiences that we've all had here are put together to help us to be able to learn more about who you are and more about who you want us to be Lord So again we praise you we thank you Father and we love you and bless our time together here is what we ask in Jesus name Amen amen All right come on the end have a seat and we will get started here. But we are going to be stepping in a little bit and we're going to be sharing with you guys a kind of a 3 part series in regards to relationships and the name of the presentation or what we dubbed it is called the flight plan right and so how many of you have actually gone on a flight gone on a trip right OK It is a very great experience to be able to go all these different places but it takes some preparation correct the destination is just 1 part that is not the whole right getting there for some of us can be a bit of a challenge right and so that is what we're going to be discussing in talking with you all about today the flight plan of our lives and when it comes to relationships it's pretty much a 3 part plan to what it is that God has in store for us. So I'm going to ask my husband to come on up here and he is going to help me this year remember me as before he's doing that how many of us are married here OK all right and the rest of us are sort of single maybe dating right now just loving it like living it live in the wife right which is totally OK is nothing wrong with that OK I don't think anything about it so this is going to be relevant to all of us because even though we may be in relationships there are still many things that we can learn that can help us to grow a man let me tell you I've been married for 16 years and I feel like I'm learning something every single day ya gotta shaping your Modi our characters so. 1 of the things that we are going to be talking to you guys about is the process before marriage how many of you know that the place that we come from it molds us and shapes us right our parents our grandparents the people who are in our lives that give us the image of relationship right or sometimes even the lack thereof for me I actually grew up in a single parent home for most of my life my parents divorced when I was around the age of 9 and so that was really devastating you know that was I didn't expect him to know really what to make of it and so as a kid you just kind of roll with it you know it's not like you actually have a say so you know and so in that process though you are learning a lot of different things and a lot of those experiences in it up actually showing themselves later on in my life as a young adult even as a single person and also going into marriage and so. Partly those experiences have a lot to have a lot of impact on us as we go into seeking or trying to have a healthy relationship yeah I want to 1st of all want to let you know that. Has to Bentley had some circumstances come up and that's why he's not going to be able to be here with you to do part 2 of this presentation but hopefully we done like I grew up watching wrestling and we you know. OK The Ultimate Warrior nobody knows about them but anyway tag team you know so like 1 partner is reaching out like that on the other 1 comes and to have his hand in there so we're rushing in the kind of. Filling in for Pastor Bentley as my wife said the. Title of what we're going to be sharing with you is flight plan. Every 1 of us is on a journey and there are several things that every journey has in common and we're going to be looking at 3 crucial elements of every journey and we're going to by the grace of god help you to discover how our beginnings affect our journey how our baggage can keep us from reaching our destination and the benefits of not taking the direct route I once was going out to the west coast flying from here in the Midwest and I had to stop so many East Coast birds that make any sense so awfully from Detroit to like New York to North Carolina then out to California oh man that was ridiculous but we're going to be looking at some biblical principles biblical principles that don't just deal with marriage but they deal with life and these principles will give us insight into navigating some of the most challenging twists and turns 1st thing I want to do is ask you to you read barely. Anyway this is Psalm 139 horses 13 through 16 says Certainly you may my mind and heart you walled me together in my mother's womb I will give you thanks because your deeds are also and amazing you knew me thoroughly my bones were not hidden from you when I was made in secret and soul together in the depths of the air. In the depths of the earth your eyes saw me when I was inside the womb all the days ordained for me were recorded in your scroll before 1 of them came into existence so how will a court in the 139th home how well or how intimately acquainted with its God very right would you say that he's more acquired it with us than we are with ourselves. Yes sir let's take a look at another passage this 1 isn't Jeremiah chapter 1 verses 45 he read the 4th time he says the Lord said to me before I formed you in your mother's womb I chose you before you were born I set you apart before I formed be in the belly I knew the him before that comes forth out of the wall I sanctify the and I or deigned the a prophet unto the nations right so of the $139.00 song reveals God's intimate knowledge of US Then Jeremiah chapter 1 tells us that while a farming that God has an intimate knowledge of US It also tells us that God has a plan for our lives right or Dana you are sanctified you and I were danger to be a prophet unto the nations in. In the New Testament the Bible goes on to say something else and OK Jesus answered and said unto him Verily verily I say under the except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God So if you're following with us 1st gases I am intimately acquainted with who you are I know everything that there is to know about who you are Garcias not only do I know everything that there is know about who you are but I have a plan for your life and then in the New Testament God says by the way. Let me say I want to say this right because I am so intimately acquainted with your birth and who you are I'm going to say that you need to be born again. You need to be born again in other words your 1st birth is not enough you need to have a 2nd birth your 1st birth was so Jack that you need to press restart and you need to be reborn all right now even in that context I know some of us may think well you know from what I know my birth was actually pretty decent right you know everything went pretty well for us I have really good parents I was raised in a good Christian home but the Bible is true and it says that all have seen right and some sort of the glory of God So even in the best of circumstances we still need God to come in and transform us to recreate us as we were now 1 of the reasons why God says that we need to be born again we need a restart on our lives obviously he knows us better than we know ourselves so in spite of the fact that we may not think we need to restart dances we do 1 of the reasons why God says a restart or rebirth or new birth is so important is because each and every 1 of us will stand before God in the judgement is that true yes or no everyone's going to stand before God in the judgment I want to read when my favorite passages to you this is a song 87 verse 6 the Lord right in the sense this book of the nations this 1 was born there now. All of us are Homo sapiens born on planet earth unless we have any Martians and here I'm certain that all of us were born here on Earth and this earth has been polluted by what by Since Now it's true that there are certain places here on Earth that are better to live than others would you agree with that yes now God says in His word here in the 87 song. That when he writes in the census book of the nations. He says this 1 was born there so in the judgment got considers the county you were born in the ward you were born in you know they divide that by voting purposes and so forth and so on the street you grew up on and also the family that you are a part of and I'm going to go out on a limb and say you may not even know all of your family we sat down with our kids and we try to do a family tree we can only go back so far before it's like well who was after grandpa grandma grandpa grandma or grandpa Grammer right so we can only go so far which means that there are people that are in my family and in her family that we don't even know in fact. My grandfather side of the family I have family members that live very close to me I live in the city of Detroit I have never even met them never met them so there's family that we don't know but got says When I look at you in the judgement I'm looking at every detail of your existence including your family and all the places that you were born I'm going to skip over some stuff with the next. Oh that's good that's good now. On Let's read this this is from a book call our connection Marana through Ron And this describes it this is if you didn't think you need to be born again this gives them scientific perspective on the importance of this the warm in a very real sense is stablish is the child's expectation if it has been a warm loving environment the child is likely to expect the outside world to be the same. This produces a predisposition to trust openness extroversion and self-confidence let me ask a question how many of you know the circumstances surrounding your birth when you see your hand if you are acquainted with the circumstances surrounding your birth in other words. In other words what what was what where when your parents when you were born how was their relationship good or bad how was your mother's health. Was she excited for most that you were going to be born emotionally so we talk about the circumstances surrounding your birth that's what I'm talking about how many familiar scenes 1 hand to kind of a real K. so some of us are familiar with that So apparently what we experience in the womb has a great impact on how we connect and relate with others when we are born now hopefully we'll continue to see the importance of why Jesus says we need to be born again this is another 1 from the same book. The continuation of the previous quote The world will be his voice or that is this child was had a a pretty good prenatal or warm experience the world will be his or her just as the woman has been if that environment has been hostile the child will anticipate that his new world will be equally uninviting he will be predisposed to suspiciousness. This trust and reversion relating to others will be hard and so will self assertion life will be more difficult for him than for a child who had a great Womack's parents OK so go warm experience that will mix variants all of us have kind of a say T. will make spirits because we're born in a simple world OK even though our parents may have done their very best you can see the emotions that this is really powerful you can see the emotional reactions on the fetuses face says Dr burn holes if they look unhappy there is probably a reason I've seen starving fetuses crying just like the newborn they used to be considered blobs but they are not I'm a tell you something as having given birth to 4 kids or help me. It was is amazing now just the amount of ability that you have to be able to go on a screen and look at the child in the womb and in the faces and all these things and you know when you're having a baby you're going online you're looking for everything you know that are scary like like I want to bring the child into the world and it's amazing 1 of the things I read about was that a child can actually sit when the environment that they're coming into is hostile so much so that it can actually even abort itself so you hear about people having miscarriages right and they don't know why but not this is an attribute to every situation OK but children know when the environment that they are in is hostile 1 of the reasons why they know is because of the mother's emotional state right everything that you're feeling when you're pregnant that baby can feel it they can hear the arguments they can hear or feel when you're fearful or you feel abandoned or where you feel like going to have to go through this all by myself I'm alone so it is very powerful and I think this next portion of it brings and I want to read them to. The fetus can see hear and experience taste and on a primitive level even learned in utero that is the uterus the uterus before birth most importantly he can feel not with an adult's sophistication but feel nonetheless. An unborn child grows emotionally agitated as measured by the quickening of his heartbeat each time his mother thinks about having a cigarette she doesn't even have to put it into her lips or light a match. So a mother who smokes when she thinks about the cigarette they can measure the fetuses heartbeat beginning to quicken as a result of her thoughts hasn't smoked it yet isn't a profile. So the heartbeat if it may not be a cigarette but if the mother is going to a slice of pizza what I'm watching over there is that maybe the heartbeat will quicken So there's a connection this just demonstrates the powerful connection that exists between mother and unborn child now. If you didn't understand it before certainly hopefully now you can understand the importance of Jesus saying that you must be born again and I'll share this too just because I know that we've talked about the mother right before others play also a major role it was funny when we had our 1st son Israel my husband used to seeing of course you know to him when I was carrying him in the woman you know you think it's. Used to say and the funny thing is the day that we gave birth to him he was crying and he was you know just baby cry and my husband began to sing and literally everybody in the hospital in the room where he was born even the nurses were amazed because he immediately stopped. He looked he found his father he recognized that voice so fathers and mothers way that God intended it play a major role even prior to them coming into the earth Him Him Now let me let me suggest something to you in a in the form of a question that Mary's pregnancy affect Jesus did Mary's pregnancy affect Jesus. Consider the manner of Jesus's birth now where was Mary where were Mary and Joseph prior to Jesus being born when they were Nazareth and they had to travel to where that land and they had a nice comfortable limousine with a lot of the and you know there was a great suspension system and that how she made no right OK on a on a don't answer or how did I You think that felt right obviously she had to be riding if she's riding in a don't sized saddle this would have been extremely uncomfortable they make it to Bethlehem now this was the town of Joseph. Lo the actually this was the town of both Joseph and Mary this is what our families live for me my wife and I both come from Cleveland Ohio if we go to Cleveland we're going to be able to stay with family so have you ever asked yourself why were there no homes open to Mary and Joseph why did they have to see. Refuge without water they have to go looking for a place for a place to stay in when this when they should have had a more complete when they should have had some sort of family that would have been there when it. Absolutely absolutely so he said in the Jewish culture because Mary is pregnant before they are there their wedding there she would have been asked by the family so that means she's cut off nobody's talking to her How does a feel a magic Yury your 1st child your 1st baby can't talk to your mom who is supposed to be special you know from God so forth and so on and yet you're going through this tremendous amount of loneliness your family you know your husband's family so forth and so on and I'm merely suggesting based on what we've read that Jesus is able to meet each and every 1 of us where we are the fact that Jesus was born here on Earth means that his physical birth was not a perfect 1 all right it was not a perfect 1 and he was in fact influenced by those prenatal things just as you and I are but no matter what the circumstances of our birth have been Jesus can reach us exactly where we are now. I think that we want to show you guys of video. You've heard the saying let's carry baggage from his past or avoid her. But think about it. In back to. Get it from other people the things that they do to us or say to us and if we carry those memories around in essence carry back we begin collecting baggage we were just little kids there you are a day I can talk to you yet what we were talking about building a tree house yeah I love tree houses Yeah that's the thing I'm saying you can help us build the tree house why you don't let me tell you doing OK We were talking. Again we are talking and. You're too fat no way down the tree house I'm not. Moving just says I'm big dinosaurs or big boned you're fat no no no mommy says I'm. Going about a junkie you're fat no doubt my mama said. Thank you found it. Let me says I'm just different your mommy says you just different just different back to where it came from now to go back. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt. Or the biggest lies we teach children were hurt they cut the if we carry around the words of other people simply what we do is. Like the baggage. See we can't we can't find our self worth based on what other people think of us we have to find our self worth based on Christ our relationship with him. But it doesn't seem to be that easy and as life goes on we get older just in to collect more back sometimes we pick up baggage from people who are very close it's like a best friend now I know I know Shelly I know it's like we talked for 3 hours and seem like 5 minutes I know I know it's like we have this amazing connection this chemistry. OK I was going to say this Shelly never said this to anyone really long time. Shelly if you like your You're my density her really really do. I know you're right you're my you're my destiny that's I'm you're my destiny you're right I'm just so all of these are here going to go and I was up how much he talked to. My mom your mom's your destiny Yeah yeah I mean she gave birth to me and everything yeah I mean you know who knows really because it sounds like you said Shelley. Yeah that's her that's a name that's most name is Kelly that's a militant Muslims Kelly Shelley Yeah yeah and she was picked on a lot of she's a kid so I just really trying to encourage all the time and what was wrong with that OK OK whatever whatever did you talk to myself. Yeah I did and. She's not she's not going to be you're showing. The which started talking we should be just kind of hit on it just happened I mean we have this great chemistry just no no no no no you were supposed to call her for me I did I started out doing that I did not believe me you're supposed to be my best friend I am don't don't let a girl come between us OK then I got to make you did this look where you know I've liked her since we were in kindergarten and you were supposed to talk to her Per me yes but but I've been your best friend since kindergarten and we've always said grown up best friends forever right you know what forever just got a lot shorter took all this time to listen to you or did this. You're supposed to be my best friend. And our friends they're just trying to get through life the same way we are and sometimes they're going to make poor choices and we need to learn to forgive them. Or. If you get more bang inch. You know the truth about baggage is we don't need other people to load it on we do a pretty good job of dumping baggage on ourselves when we compare ourselves to others we think things like Ah if I could be as popular as they are I could be as gifted in talent as they are but I'm not I'm a loser I'm no good. When we think that. We pick up more back. Or we find ourselves thinking. That may and why is life so easy for them and so hard for me. Never Going To me. When we buy into that line. Or baggage. Sometimes. Sometimes we pick up baggage from people who love us and you. Just don't realize that their words cut like a knife. That had been out there. The ball slip the lights got in my eyes. Lights got in your eyes yeah you know that's what cost us the game don't you. Boss How many times have I gotten up in the morning before 5 am or I go to work to work on the stuff with you there were scouts out there was at the ball slip all celebs did I mean what do you wake up each other now butterfingers Yeah. We're going to work with them. All right later. Crying. Don't pull together people are watching. I want you to grab your stuff I'm going to go to the car and I meet you there are right. That I'm just disappointed in you all right these were dreams right. Your parents they don't mean to hurt us it's just they've got their own baggage and we don't deal with baggage. And for us we have to learn to find ourself we're only in our relationship with Christ if we don't. Get more baggage. It gets uncomfortable tedious and our natural tendency is to want to dump this baggage on to someone else but. Always backfires. Kind of skewed question you know in my room I just need to ask you a question what. Can you give me and my friends or a ride to school if it's cold I don't ride my bike. What. Are you really asking that you know I don't think it's a big deal just give me a ride my friends in school you need to understand something just because you and your loser friends are in high school now doesn't mean I'm going to give you a ride OK because look at me you need to understand that when people look at you they see a freak and if they know that I'm related to you if they know we're brothers or think I'm a freak too OK I'm not OK with that So here's the deal I don't care how you get there I don't care if you have to walk or crawl or whatever but I'm not going to be a chauffeur for you when you lose your friends OK. Not my fault the dead left. Keep taken out on me whatever no you know I'm right OK I'm sorry you're not sorry you're only sorry that I'm calling you out. For my bike I said I was sorry my bike. And in the process of trying to dump our baggage on someone else inevitably what happens is we pick up more baggage. And then there's that 1 my sin my secret. It's cool I mean. I've got it under control. My kid. Is the time it is control me. This is the way I live. And yet I hear the words of Christ who says I've come that you may have life you may have it abundantly I don't know about you but that this doesn't really feel like abundant life to me. I can't walk straight I can barely keep my balance. And then I remember his words. Christ also said Come to me all you who are weary heavy laden. Who will give you rest. That's what I want. That's what I want so I go to God God. Please. If you're willing would you take this baggage for me because God I'm miserable and I can't live this way anymore please take it. You know what. It takes. My husband and I love this little video because. We found it is just an amazing description of what really honestly we all have to experience. In order to be set free from C N N C C and it's not just always about some of the things that we do right as we saw in this video is very clearly that we pick up baggage right we can gather baggage as we read about from utero you know being here and and having nothing to do Nessun with the outside world but coming into a world where there are already people who have issues and things going on in their lives you can pick up from our family we can pick them up from our friends or the experiences that they've had some of the choices and decisions that we've made for our own lives right the mistakes that we've made we add on the baggage not even knowing that that's what we're doing and of course just living in a sinful world so because of those things because of those different packages and baggage is it is so very me feel important for us to be born again Amen we need a new birth experience and without it we walk around often times carry those baggage is and they spill over into the way that we deal with our family members and our friends our coworkers how we look at the people around us right and you know when you're when you're traveling sometimes you you arrive at a destination and what doesn't come with you your bag and so they tell you we'll deliver that later right because it was on another flight or so forth and so on so can you imagine getting into a relationship with someone who's bag it's hasn't arrived yet you know and here you are NOW YOU'RE Oh yeah and then hike Oh by the way I got some stuff. And you open the door and there's this mountain of stuff that just comes rolling out but it's not as though it comes from 1 person it comes from both of us you know we bring baggage into our and not just in our marriage relationships listen when we come into churches yes people come with a bunch of baggage they come with stuff in your life and why are they so angry as though you've done something sometimes we haven't done anything yet it's just that individuals baggage Well there is a need and I hope that we've emphasized that clearly there's a need for a fresh start a need for a reboot or a re birth but I want to share with you. My wife and I want to share with you some of the some of the encouraging from scripture that no matter how involved our baggage is that God is able somebody the same God is able. Let's look at 2nd Chronicles I think you have some Bibles there and funny 2nd Chronicles chapter 22 and you know as we were preparing. This presentation it caused me to look at some portions of the Bible a little bit differently 2nd Chronicles chapter 22 and I will begin reading with verse 1 are you there not yet give you a little bit more to our 2nd Chronicles chapter 22 and we'll begin reading with verse 1 everybody got it all right all right. It says and the inhabitants of Jerusalem made a has Zire his youngest son King in his stead for the band of men that came with the Arabians to the camp have slain all the elders so. The son of Johor and king of Juda rain 40 in 2 years old was in when he began to rain and he reigned 1 year in Jerusalem his mother's name also was at Elia the daughter of armory he also walked in the ways of the house of a have only if you're not a Bible scholar when he says that somebody walked in the ways of the house of a hare What does that mean they were good fellow or bad fellow they were pretty bad right so verse 3 he walked in the ways of the house of a have for his mother was his counselor to do wickedly. Wherefore he did evil in the sight of the Lord like the House of Ahab for they were his councillors after the death of his father to his destruction verse 5 he walked also after their council and went with Joe Horn the son of a hair king of Israel to war against her sail king of Syria at Rome of Juliet and the Syrians smote Jorm and he returned to be healed in jazz real because of the wounds which were given him at Raymond when he fought with his ale king of Syria and as a rider the son of Johor and king of Juda went down to see the whore of the sun a have a jest real because he was sick and the destruction of a has a was of God by coming to join him for when he was come he went out with your hormone against Jay you the son of Nim she who the Lord had annoyed to cut off the house of a hare and it came to pass that when J. he was executing judgement upon the house of a hand and found the princes of Judah and the sons of the brethren of A has that minister to a has he slew them and he saw it and they caught him where he was hit in some area and brought him to J. Hugh and when they had slain him they buried him because said they he is the son of Joseph who sought the Lord with all his heart so the house of a has had no power to keep steal the kingdom there is a couple of things I should jump out of here number 1 this guy decided to do wickedly because he was counseled by what type of people he was counseled by wicked people so he decided to do wickedly but that at the end of this passage is says in verse 9 then he was that the descendant of what. He was the he was the descendant of Joseph Joseph that was a good king a Gardley King who did that which was right in the side of the Lord but apparently his son and grandson decided to do what differently so this gives an example that a person can make right choices they can live right but it does not automatically mean that their descendants will choose to walk in their footsteps because there is this see we're caught choice what is the core choice now take a look at Jeremiah Chapter 18 with me Jeremiah Chapter 18 will begin reading with verse 1. And he says the word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying Arise and go down to the patters house and there I will cause the to hear my words the N I went down to the Potter's House and behold he wrote a work on the wheel in the vessels that he had made of clay were marred in the hand of the potter so he made it again another vessel and seemed good to the potter to make it the word of the Lord came to me saying all house of Israel cannot do with you as this Potter said the Lord behold as the clay is in the Potter's hands so are you in mine hand or house of Israel All right so we talked about beginnings we talked about influences that are in utero or prenatal and so forth and so on and yet here Garcia's if you were marred in utero if you did not have a good experience and just to let you know where Mark my mother my father would never marry but my mom and dad have 2 children my older brother and there me and my mom tells me all the time she says that I cried a lot when I was pregnant with you and I'm well thanks great you know me now you made me and made me a weeper up in his Thank you but she said she was extremely sad because of the relationship between her and my father and it was becoming evident to her that they were not going to be married so this was an extremely emotional time for her and she said that because. She would see me I was 1 of those. Kids who didn't get into a lot of trouble my older brother was the troublemaker in the family but I was I was 1 of the kids who my parents didn't have a concern and tons of school or so forth and so on but hours and days them all sorts of foolishness behind closed doors and I dealt with and still deal with depression so my mom was able to see that and she was able to let me know that hey look this is an influence on why you are struggling with this but the good news of the Zeke yours you know Jeremiah is God says that if you were Mart that I can do work. I can make you over again just like the Potter can do with the clay Garces I can do the same thing with you so listen yes you may have experienced certain prenatal influences Yes you know your beginnings may not have been the greatest but here again is where the New Testament promise of a new birth becomes extremely important to each and every 1 of us because it entails God's promise to do our work with us for us and in us which we could never accomplish for ourselves now let's look at his E.Q. Chapter 18 chapter 18 and I will read in your hearing beginning with Verse 1 is your chapter 18 verse 1. And the Bible says in the secure Chapter 18 begin with verse 1 the word of the Lord came unto me saying what mean he that she used this power for concerning the land of Israel saying the fathers have been sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge as I live say of the Lord God you shall not have occasion any more to use this proverb in Israel behold all souls are minus the soul of the Father so also the soul of the Son is mine the soul that Senate it shall die but if a man be just and do that which is lawful and right and have not eaten upon the mountains neither have lifted up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel neither have defiled his neighbor's wife means or have come near to a mistress woman and have not oppressed any but have restored to the debtor his pledge has spoiled none by violence have given his bread to the hungry and have covered the making with the garment he there have not given forth upon usury neither had taken in the increase that have withdrawn his hand from iniquity have executed judgment between man and man have walked in my statutes Burstein if he be good a son that is a robber a shutter of blood and and that do with the light any 1 of these things and that do with not any of those duties but even have eaten upon the mountains and defiled his neighbor's wife have oppressed the poor and needy have spoiled by violence so forth and so on verse 13 at the end he shall surely die his blood shall be upon Him So God is saying in all of this there is the individual who says is going to bear his own iniquities. That makes us there we body it says it even clearer right here. Verse 19 yet you say why does NOT the son bear the iniquity of the Father when the son had done that which is lawful and right and have kept all my statutes and have done them he shall surely live the soul of that sin is it Shell dark the sun shall not bear the iniquity of the father neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the Son the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him and the wickedness of the work it shall be upon him now there's something important I want to bring out here because you read that and you're like yeah but you just talk about all of these influences God is talking about judgment he's talking about were judgment so in spite of all my in utero prenatal prenatal experiences God and my family God is not going to judge me according to the sins of my mother and father if I do not persist in those scenes does that make sense to you visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the 3rd and 4th generation of them that hate me so that's what it says in its economics if I am not participating in their scenes then I do not read the judgment of their scenes are right is that clear everybody's knowledge of here like Yes that's clear that makes sense all right so God say is that each 1 of us is individually responsible for ourselves in the judgment let's take a look at another passage right here 2nd Kings Chapter 22 2nd Kings Chapter 227 Kings Chapter 22 and all reverses 1 into 4 year 2nd king chapter $22.00 verses $1.00 and $2.00. Josiah was 8 years old when he began to rain and he reign 31 years in Jerusalem his mother's name was just died or the daughter of a dyer of basket and he did that which was right in the side of the Lord and walked in all the way of David his father and turn not aside to the right hand or to the left now let me do a little bit of a family tree here Josiah was the son of an individual by the name of Ammon and then was the son of an individual by the name of my master anybody heard of an ass or. Probably the wickedest King in the history of Judah reign for the longest of any king in the history of Judah and he did with it in wickedness in the southern Lord he was converted at the end of his life but. I guess the influence was too strong but just when asked his father worse you know his father was Hezekiah I was Hezekiah good King Yes the Bible says He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord so Hezekiah was a good thing gives birth to a son who becomes the wickedest King ever who was converted at the end of his life yet his son Ammon is Wickett and this gentleman by the name of Ammon gives birth to Josiah question what would it have been like to grow up in Josiah's home and yet the Bible says when he was hollow when he was 8 years old. Right now we're not saying that this came out of a vacuum obviously he would have had some sort of influence but the major influence the influence of his grandfather my master the influence of his father and men would not have been the best genetically he would have not been predisposition towards righteousness or holiness and yet Josiah at a young age chooses to be different now I've chosen to be different by the grace of God 1 person said a man. Are chosen to be different by the grace of God 1st person 1st person on my mother's side of the family that did not have a child out of wedlock but had children after being married 1st person choosing to be different right each 1 of us has by the grace of God and through the power of being born again to live different my wife and I she mention Mary. 16 years 16 years and by God's grace have experienced a good marriage which is different from the history on my family side and is different from the history or my my wife's. Family side. You know the 1 marriage on my family's side was my grandmother and my grandfather my paternal grandmother and grandfather and my wife her paternal. Grandmother and Grandfather demonstrated a good marriage other than that. Not good not good but God is gracious a man God is gracious we can walk a different path by God's grace than those who have gone before us and this is this is what I like us to close with can you read Genesis Chapter 11 Genesis chapter 11 verse verses 1 through 6 for you in Genesis 111 through 6 it says and the whole earth was of 1 language and of 1 speech and it came to pass as they journeyed from the east that they found a plain in the land of Shine R. and they dwelt there and they said to another to another Go to let us make brick and burn them thoroughly and they had brick or stone and swine they and sly have they for martyr order and they said Go to let us build as a city in a tower whose top may reach into heaven and let us make us a name let us be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth and the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which they the children of men built in the Lord said Behold this people is 1 and they have all 1 language in this they begin to do and now her nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do and as a partial passage of Scripture Generally we use it talking about wicked folks but there is hope there there is hope there. And the hope is this if you have 2 people who become 1 God say. Nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do I'm encouraged because in earlier in the book of Genesis it's also about a marriage relationship and I says the 2 shall become 1 flesh. So this has at least in my mind has profound implications profound implications as to what my wife and our what my wife and I are able to accomplish by the grace of God and how drastically different it can be from where we have come from right the Bible says whatever we imagine that it will not be restrained from us is what God is is saying and so. This is at least in 2 areas number 1 in terms of the way that I treat my wife I don't have to be what my father and his father and his father were before him I don't have to be as they are and were and neither does my wife have to be with her mother and her father and so forth and so on we imagine something that is much better for sales and no child grows up in a dysfunctional family says yeah I want to be dysfunctional just like my family know every child wants to do better you know how I know that because when you're getting a spanking yours you know you're promising to yourself I'm never going to spank my child. Everybody who's ever got a real woman that's what we used to call anybody who's ever got a real woman has said this is cruel and unusual punishment and I'm never going to do this ever and then you end up of course you end up doing it to hopefully anyway but anyway we don't have to we don't have to be what we have come from because we've been recreated in the image of God Now we imagine something that is far better for our family and for our children then when we had the what we had and so the way we raise our children by the grace of God is different from the way that we were raised it is better now listen if you think your parents raised you wail. I praise God and hope somebody can't reason with him and if you think your parents raise you well I want to encourage you that God expects you to do better. Than expect you to do better if Jesus doesn't come and you have children you get married so for the soul God wants you to raise your children better than you were a that's what he wants for every generation but in order for that to happen. What we bring into every human relationship in every experience and by the way this even goes for our experience in our relationship with God not what we bring in all of this bag it has to be taken care of in the new birth experience before we can come together with someone else have 1 mind and accomplish by the grace of God that which seems impossible so of us say my wife and I we went to the same high school graduated from the same high school in the same class and USA My wife and I are back in the early nineties and high school you would never have imagined in fact we would never have imagined him in that we would be you know doing what we're doing that we would be where we are in our lives it simply was not in the cards as it were for us at that time however God had a plan and put a working in each and every 1 of our lives he's able to bring us together so that we can accomplish by His grace something that blows our mind it blows the minds of our parents and the rest of our family members the beautiful thing about us and I guess we'll close here is that it doesn't matter where you are in your life right now doesn't matter what stage are in if you're single if you're married if you're going through some type of weird relationship situation is never too late never too late to deal with your baggage is never too late to say you know what it's time for me to be able to take identify with these things are that act out on or have been given to me because some of the baggage that we have we didn't give it to us right I come from a abused background I Don't aks for that but praise be to the Almighty God that baggage just as we saw on the video can also be released it can be dealt with it doesn't matter where the baggage came from you can be a new creature in Christ Jesus amen and I want to say this. We know this theologically and we're the rest of the time that we've been together not today but the rest of the time we spent together I hope will bear this out that there are things that take place in a moment and there are things that take place over a lifetime. Dealing with our baggage being liberated is the work of a moment by faith but it is also the work of a lifetime so we will we'll delve into that the next time that we will spend some time together are there any questions comments All right well let's Bower His together for a world where as we close loving father Nagar we are so thankful we're so thankful that in your infinite wisdom and knowledge that you have provided a way to deal with with every inch of who we are every fiber of who we are there are things that we don't even understand about ourselves today and yet you have already provided a way to deal with those things as it says in your word is shall come to pass that before they call I will answer lower We're just thankful thankful that you are who you are we asked the Lord that you would help us to experience a radical transformation the Bible calls it a new birth we have tried to look into the necessity of the new birth today it deals not only with our eternal destination but it also deals with the relationships that we enter into on a day to day basis how we relate to our children how we relate to our spouses how we relate to our parents to our brothers our sisters even how we relate to the people on the street so lower we are asking for that transformation to take place Jesus has made a way for each and every 1 of us and as Jesus does this momentary work we pray that the Holy Spirit would also minister to us so that we might experience this moment by moment day by day work. Upright father that you would help us to see that which is impossible as being your plan for us as we come together with you and with 1 another. Or that nothing we can imagine which is for your glory. Like you for hearing and as. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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