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3. Destination

Steve Conway Tamara Conway




  • June 19, 2017
    10:00 AM


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Let's start with. A word of prayer so going by our heads together time right here that's pretty good. Kind of gracious and loving heavenly Father we are so grateful to yet again be here today and have the opportunity to delve into your word and to take a look at ourselves Lord the long journey of life for many of us there have been questions and and we've wondered often times of the world what are you doing to perfect us and we are hoping that through this series of flight plan that you will help us to be able to see better your hand working in our lives I pray for everyone who's here as well as myself floor that that we will be transformed by the renewing of our minds Lord and I pray that she would just give us clarity and understanding and direction and I bless the efforts today of exposing just just how much you love us Lord and we thank you so much and we pray next all these things that your precious son Jesus name Amen. All right. On yesterday said that those who. Perhaps didn't get 1 of those sheets and I would have 1 for you printing here is a challenge but here's what I'll do if you will like another 1 then at the end of our time together you give me your e-mail address and we will e-mail those to you in a P.D.F. format sure sure yeah sure you know what has around his a paper and just write your e-mail on there. Let's let's get going from here does anyone have any questions about what we have talked about so far last couple of the 1st presentation was called departure and we talked about our beginnings remade also. In Utero experiences that all of us go through along with the fact that we're born in a simple world and we have parents who as good intentioned as they. May be have also been born on a sinful world and we experience things that are the result of scene here on planet earth so we dealt with that and we talked about how these things emphasized the importance of the new birth of Jesus is this if you need to be born again I understand all of the in a working man and I know you better than you know yourself I know your family generation in the pun generation upon generation ago and so we need to press press the restart button so that you can have a fresh or a new start a new birth and then we talked about connections or yesterday we talked about the importance of relationships even relationships that are not ideal and how God uses our relationships to sanctify us to make us more like him and. And today our presentation is entitled destination so any questions or anything we talked about thus far you know all right so let's let's delve into. Our presentation for today then. OK can you can you we want to show you all a video 1st Apparently you can just. Get it it's an Internet economy interrupts that's what he goes right so down payment not done is. The Lord is my separate I shall not want HE MAKES ME MY down in green pastures What are you doing it's me it's Jesus. Lord we take up our cross every day for you oh thank you for the cross is where it begins not ends there are the beginning and the end Lord Alpha and Omega it's all about you. Guys I just want you to be real with me you are the air I breathe you are the air I agree with truth I think it's great when you worship Me Oh yes praise you Lord she thinks just that sometimes feels like you're putting on a show who Jesus please forgive me for putting on a show a mean thing OK I forgive all praise really very slutty the thank you guys just say what you would normally say praise the Yes No I mean like you know if we were talking you know say what you'd say OK. Drew tell us a joke but yeah I mean you know like you were before there were holy lord that's not a joke. No I didn't mean that you know what you guys doing so you guys were living for you just like we always do you don't live for me livin me when you live in me you'll understand who you are and what you're living for I just want something a little bit deeper but if this is all you want. To know what kind of a quick little video and how many of you I'll be honest with you I can at some point in my life identify with that what about you. Yes. The idea that. Our relationship with God is limited to not being personal and not being real not being honest not being authentic. Yeah that is a. 1 of 1 of the challenges and church settings My wife is 1 of the reasons so you a little bit later on in the presentation. People in churches and not to be real or authentic and you know share a story as well but what we want to what we want to do today is we want to talk about where God wants us to be in terms of our relationships where God. Would ideally have us to be so everything we saw him come out as kind of it building up to this and all of the things we've shared are important aspects of where God wants us to be but we want to focus 1st on authenticity with ourselves and with God because it's our belief that understanding the battle can help us to win the war understanding the battle can help us to win the war now somebody asked how how can understanding the battle help me to win the war the 1st way that we believe that this is instrumental in helping us to get where God would have us to be is. God changes the way that we see. Changes the way we see so I want to share with you a little bit of a story. So about a few actually we found out last year their oldest son needed glasses you know and so we were like you know what we need to get on top of this when you take him and saw I was like I'm going to take them so I took him to the eye doctor and we were getting an exam and the doctor said Hey why don't you get an exam to you know these are insurance he said you know have you ever had your eyes checked I'm like no you know why not I see perfectly fine you know because I was worth it you know just to make sure I took a why not never had it done so I'll do it so went back into this little room and you can click for me and while we were back there. It was interesting because as my son was going through this thing you sit behind this machine any of you who have glasses you know all right you can click again for me this little thing is like weird this it was like a maze and I will sit and look and I was like how is this going to help him discover you know record this is someone who has no clue about being an eye doctor so he say you come on and you sit behind you know the little things and so I did and the minute I sat behind her and he started flipping the lenses it was it was amazing because all of a sudden it was like things cleared up. And it was funny because I never knew I had a i Pad. And he said OK what about this so he tried several different lenses and I remember actually even feeling pressure relief somewhere in my head I don't know if you felt that before I felt pressure relief and I was like wow he was like Yeah you know you needed glasses for a long time I was like but I can see perfectly fine and he's like how do you see at night I was like well things are a little blurry but isn't it for everybody right who's like no it's not and so when it was all said and done you could do for me again I ended up having it be for the 1st time wearing glasses and it was strange because I thought that I was OK I felt 1st of all that the way that the way that I saw I was seeing like that for years literally for years never thought that I had a problem and then I got accustomed to it you know when I did see a little bit of change in Bloor come about as I got older I never thought that it was an issue you know just kind of work around you ever had that happen to you something happens which is like OK I'm going to deal with it right in the end after the doctor exam he gave me a new prescription but the funny thing about of his that day when he X. Me if I wanted to take the exam I could've said no and asked and I would have been seeing which is wow you know I would have been seen like this you all would have been blurry but you all look kind of normal to me you know at that point until I got my glasses and I'm like wow I can see much better you know if you take the principle of work with time experience and terms of physically see people imagine if and all of your relationships you have same thing so certain way for the majority of your long answer you is going to love what. It's going to seem normal right but the hopefully some of the things that we've been sharing and what will share today will be like getting an eye exam that will help you by the grace of God to be able to see things differently so the 1st step in the process of that got wants to change the way we see no matter how normal the way we see things appears to be by the way normal isn't always good I hope you know that right and. It takes relationship to reveal that doesn't you're used to doing things a certain way in the home you grew up in you know maybe your mom so cut all the crust off of your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or whatever the case may be or you a white bread or you ate whatever whatever you did and to you that's normal until you encounter someone who does things different and they say man if we're why you couldn't cross off your feet about everybody must families like this right so it's all relationships that tend to expose how our normal is not necessarily normal or it's not necessarily good the 2nd thing that comes that God wants to do other than changing the way we see and by the way he does this again in the relationships he changes the way we see the relationships and. The 2nd thing that he wants to do if he wants to he wants to change something else all of us are created to be interpreters created to be what. And purpose now. What that means is that you can have an experience in life and that experience. It can be interpreted in a variety of ways just like if a police officer comes up and there's been an accident and the police officer is canvassing everyone who was there he's probably going to get several different versions of the story right because everyone interpreted what they saw all according to their perspective according to their this that in the So God has created us to be interpreters that is to take information and interpret the information I have you just consider that that's a profound thought have you ever heard somebody say I just want the facts. I'm just I'm what I'm talking about these are just facts they're never just facts they're always my interpretation of what happened my interpretation of what reality is so if all of us were created to be interpreters if we are going to see things rightly and seeing things rightly means the see things as God sees them it means that God must change the way that we interpret the experiences in our lives change the way that we interpret the things that we see people do to us so forth and so on we talked yesterday about some of our core fears just to give you an example of on this concept of how powerful interpretation is if I have a poor fear then everything that happens to me now becomes interpreted based on that fear I share with you all on yesterday and experience I had when I was about 5 or 6 years old and because of that experience it changed the way I interpreted all the rest of my encounters with women during my adolescent years or teenage girls and of Anna lessons that were my age so I was interpreted things based on an experience and asked only 1 experience that I had a so my interpretation is based on that fear and it was based on fear and not on reality when we come to Christ our lives don't all of a sudden become free of trials and temptation but God removes the glasses which we see life through and now he gives us a new way to interpret those things the Bible now correct my vision and not only the way I see things but the way I hear things I want you to turn with me to the Book of Genesis Genesis Chapter 42 Can you read that for us please him. Genesis Chapter 42 we want to go back to that story of Joseph which I think is profound Genesis Chapter 42 so got the 1st 1 to change the way we see how specifically he wants to change our interpretation of reality Genesis Chapter 42 verses 6 through OK and it says in Joseph was the governor over the land and it was in it was he and he is OK I'm sorry and Joseph was the governor over the life of the bus I'm glad. You read that many have mercy OK Anyway Joseph was the governor over the lead and he it was right OK that Saul to all the people of the land those were English feels comfortable like this is our right it Joseph brother in K. in power down themselves before him with their faces to the earth and Joseph saw his brother and and he knew them but made himself strange unto them and spake roughly to them and he said unto them whence comes and they say it from the land of Canaan to buy food and Joseph A knew his brother in but they knew Him not and Joseph remembered the dream which he dreamed of them and say to them yes to see the nakedness of the land your come all right so here you you gonna get this also is about forgive me I know my calculations old Joseph is about 37 years old at this point in time so about 20 years have passed since he was last seen as brother and notice what happens here Bible says that his brother is Baal down and he knows that. Now it's almost as though Scripture is Thomas the jokes of hasn't really been thinking about those dreams that he had you remember about the bales of hay and the sun moon and stars and everything bound down to Him The Bible almost seems to suggest that he hasn't been thinking about those things until he sees his brothers bowing down to him and then in verse 9 is saved and shows that deal what he remember the dreams which he dreamed at this point at 37 years of age how would he in. At 37 years of age Joseph understand everything in his life differently than he had at any other point in his life what are we saying Joseph puts on a new pair of lenses right here in Genesis Chapter 42 the way Joseph interprets all of the things in his line changes right here in Genesis Chapter 42 and it is powerful now Joseph it's because of what takes place here in Genesis 42 that what we read yesterday when Joseph spoke with his brothers and he said Do not be angry at yourselves do not be grieved with yourself it was not YOU that brought me here but it was God Joe's of could never get to that point if you did not 1st experience this that this is like all the puzzle pieces of your life coming together this is where got changes again as you suggest the way you see things and the way you went to her prints the realities of what is taking what is taking place in your life so Got want to change the way we see and he wants to change our interpretation of the experiences in our laws and let me give you another another example have you ever you have walked into a room and some people start laughing. And 1 goes to the em on. And the way we enter print that laughter is they must be laughing at me there must have been something that I've done right that's how deep our need of a chance formed interpretation process is only God can give us this by the way we say that this is a lifelong process because what we're talking about is sanctification and we suggest that it's the work of a lifetime right now remember how did I tell you Joseph was so you imagine he had all these dreams and all of these experiences in his life but he doesn't really understand their benefit like the quote we read yesterday he doesn't understand the fruitful nature of his experiences or the necessity of his experiences until he's almost 40 years. So you may be here until I who hate it I want this interpretation issue if I want my money glasses and I will get him tomorrow I might tell us all happen tomorrow then always happen like that right is not something that happens instantaneously because this is the the work of a lifetime and there are some things I've got to tell you today that you and I just simply would not be able to handle so he wants with us step by step along the way and when we are ready he reveals things to us way and the interesting thing about that is even to know about having glasses they say every year you should go right and get a night and why is that important. Your eyes may change right this may not work for me next year right so you have to be ready for peer at these glasses I get right now but they may not be good for you may need some new glasses pretty soon. So no 1 wants to change the way we see how does he want to change the way we see he wants to shift our interpretation of reality or the way we interpret the things that happen to us our experiences so forth and so on and now we want to focus on. The primary interpretation shift and I'm going to give you the I'm going to tell you something right now this is going to be the best thing that you have ever heard and your entire life I promise I promise you've never heard anything as good as this in any relationship challenges you have all relationship challenges you have you are 99.9 percent of the problem is if a. Couple I'm sleeping in I'm thinking in any way that he's like No I'm not out of. Any relationship challenges you have 99.9 percent of the problem is you right now we want to explain this but just consider what we what we just talked about in terms of our interpretation of things and experiences shifting and the way we see things being shifted so if you just consider those things you have an inkling but I'm a make a believer out of me yet. Special testimonies August 26th 1897 paragraph 9 your mother is your greatest enemy No that's not what she said Your boyfriend is your girlfriend your your your wife your parents your no no no self. Say that with me. Self is our greatest enemy and day by day each last straw I for the victory this is another and this is in several places in my name in desire of Agent but this reference is a chess 130 $8.00 each 1 will have a close struggle to overcome seen in his own heart this is at times a very painful and discouraging work because as we see the deformities in our character we keep looking at them when we should look at Jesus and put on the role of righteousness everyone who enters the pearly gates of the city and this is powerful of God will enter their as a conqueror and his greatest conquest will be. Over self man not know that you get that his greatness conquest will be over the papacy. His greatest conquests will be over his wife challenges greatest conquest will be over the hard headedness of his or her children. Greatest conquest will be learning how to deal with these folks and the church you know the greatest conquest will be over over self so this is why I gave you that life altering radical statement that 99.9 percent of the problem in our relationship is US itself right now let me let me let me read to you from a book this is I'm and I'm going to share with you by the grace not how this thing plays out you're ready. Because when Jesus comes into your life Jesus wages war against you now we often talk about the great controversy and we talk about the warfare between Christ and Satan and we talk about what the devil is doing but you know a lot of the boneheaded stuff we do don't have anything to do with the devil right oh give me victory over the devil the Lord is my money to give you victory over you the devil in hell Union suggest that that was all you. OK Listen to this. Our desire to set up our own team them that you know that every 1 of us has our own little kingdom our desire to set up our own kingdom is in direct conflict with the Keane who has come to rule in our hearts this is the war beneath all others all right think about it this way if my heart is ruled by a certain desire there are only 2 ways that I can respond to you if you are helping me get what I want I will be happy with you but if you stand in my way I will be angry frustrated and discouraged when I'm with you listen there will be times when I will wish that you were not in my life anybody ever felt that way about your parents I remember this my mom right here I remember. It was a I was in 8th grade and there was this part and my girlfriend was at a party and everybody my class was there a part of who I wanted I am and I have a little close that out you know I was just reading and they set that thing down so quick. Who would know what. I went up there and whether I. I was like planets in a way when you look at them like that I was like an arch I was to get out of here how dare they I was so angry with them you know if God would allow me to have my way at that particular point in some of the blood of them out of existence just want to go to a party but what was happening here the king the most even was being challenged they were not agree in going alone with what kings Stephen desired and with what with what King Stephen wanted and as a result I was frustrated and I was angry with them you know them and it's interesting too when you think about marriage because the 2 becoming 1 it is a friction something that is grinding it it doesn't always feel good but most people walk away from marriages because of that very thing because I cannot have control because I cannot have my way in the fingers always either going that direction never going like this and now and in a situation where someone is keeping me from getting what I want my problem is not that individual or the situation that we're in together my problem is listen friends that are legitimate desire has taken over my heart and is now in control and I want you to focus on that we're not talking about illegitimate desires we're not talking about all I want to go out already and I want to go get high I want to get stoned No no no no no for the Christian who was waiting for the return of Christ it is not the battle with illegitimate desires that will be the most fierce it is the battle with legitimate desires that need things that are not sinful in and of themselves but God has no that's not good for you right now but there's nothing wrong with this this is not saying even for me to do this but the fact of the matter is nonces are you going to ruin your life or am I going to ruin your life. So my problem is not the individual the situation where am i problem is a legitimate desires taken of my art and is now in control this desire has so much power that it is no longer the git who the Lord and mercy it has become and in order that simple desire because it has grown to a position of authority over my life this authority belongs to God alone so here's why we said earlier that there is a warfare when Jesus comes into our experiences he wages warfare against the kingdom of our hearts which we've been ruling all of our lives and according to us and been doing a pretty good job at it but according to Jesus we have and so Jesus comes any he begins to challenge our authority to rule in our own law now he does not always because our presentations on the concept of relationship he does not always outright come and speak to you this is God This is what you should do because we would some of us would like that but when I don't light is when God uses her when she comes and says this is probably not a good idea. What do you think you are you're not going to control me right and this is about me having team ship in my life and on failing to recognize that God speaks to me through people he speaks to us through people it may be your parents. It may be some other of the words the in your life it can even be your children Lord have mercy and I'm like such a little self down right now my daddy I'm tired daddy aren't we going to have worship Ah me. Go to bed right now but we need to pray. Who is going to have rulership in your life is it wrong to be tired no wrong to want to get to bed no 1 who's in control who's in control so this warfare that is going on in each and every 1 of our law it is it is an extremely powerful warfare and of us want out every single day and each 1 of our lives OK I think that's 1 thing I would just add to that too that you know there's oftentimes the experience that you have maybe you are the only 1 in your family right or maybe you decided to live for the Lord or or do what you're doing and you still have parents maybe you haven't made that decision I've been through that before where it just so happened that I was the 1 of my family to decide to follow the Lord and that kind of push in the frame of mind sometimes that you think that now you don't have to listen to your parents right maybe don't have to listen so your grandparents or those who are over you in the Lord quickly rebuked me you know 1 day and let me know that just because they may not be where you think they should be you still need to honor your parents you know so even in that you can make yourself an authority and create your own kingdom and begin to look down on other people and that's not right either yesterday I share with you all how 1 of mine 1 of the things that I crave is visible touch and I'm told that my wife isn't quite built like that now my desire. For the tender attention of my wife is not wrong and no but it is wrong for me to be sold by that desire that my days are filled with bitterness because of its absence and my nights are sealed with manipulative appearance in order to get it so when our desire for that which is good takes rulership in our hearts. There we are brought into conflict with the 1 who is supposed to be the ruler of our hearts King Jesus King Jesus I want to share with you. Another example of how this plays out. And I like to cook so you know sometimes I'll decide I'm going to surprise the family and I found a recipe or something like that that's 1 of our our favorite pastimes as we look up different recipes and stuff that we can make together and so I'll find something and I may and I want to make this for the family so let's say that I've had a long day at work then. I'm headed home and I've planned this fabulous meal and so I stopped by because you know if you're really going to do something special they don't have all those ingredients that Wal-Mart right so you got to go to like a little special the spot over here a little place over there so you get stuff that the that it that they don't regularly sale at every grocery store so I'm going you know east north south west to get all the ingredients I get everything about me I'm coming home and I can I can imagine in my mind's eye that when I come in the door I'm going to go to the kitchen and I'm going to pull out you know I've got all the the equipment that I Need To my mind in and I can imagine plating the meal and and putting it out for my tea is argument magic monkey is male or Daddy this is soul good ole and my wife saying oh honey thank you thank you so very much for cooking this wonderful meal Oh I'm so this is just I'm playing this on of over on and on and over and over in my mind I'm like it's going great that will be a wonderful night and I get home a pulley and open the door my kids are climbing off the ceiling in some crazy spiritual time stuff going on and there's that the house is a mess that this is all all the pots of the plan will use and they're all loaded up in the same and I'm like honey I was going to make a meal all I gave them some ramen noodles already and we're just waiting on you to come home so we can have worship. At that moment I become extremely angry I'm angry. But here's the question why am I angry now if I don't have these new glasses on and if I'm not interpret ing things now under the aid of the Holy Spirit I'm angry because the House is not clean. I'm angry because I'm a minister Machias a calling on the wall we need to fix it for them was NOT MAKE ME I'M ANGRY because of that I'm angry because my wife failed the kids ramen noodles that's not a help in Egypt. Right you see how I'm on I didn't use any of these things to be angry because of. Am I wrong to want to have a clean house. Am I wrong to want children to eat healthy none of those things are wrong but the real problem the real problem is that Stephen can't have Steven's way to mine my desires for a night that would be field with the fine cuisine that will come forth from chefs these in hand when my family would all sit around the table and we would all talk about how great this recipe was my desire for that was not met Now let me let me share with you what else of that play here while that desire is not met and I am getting angry the Holy Spirit comes and speaks to me and says What are you angry about. And if you talk to God like I do a lot you know press pause on life this is happening and I'm like what you mean what am I angry about how do you see this mess you see the key if you see a lot of gossip but that's not really what you're angrier and I'm like you know in China outbox God but you can't really do that and causes you're angry because you can't have your way right now your desire to have that type of night was squashed this was not a night for Chef Stephen but this is a night for a servant scene that you ask your wife why the house is a mess. Did you ask your wife why the key is a response like they are why the dishes or feel I would deign on this night for you to wash dishes. I wore Dain on this night for you to tell your wife to go to bed early you will put the kids to bed and you will clean the home now maybe I'm going out on a limb here but put yourself in my shoes which night sounds better than you. Right Jessie I went to my brother. But God is calling me to be seen so it is the kingdom of Stephen that's being challenge right now self is being challenged in a very real way and the question here is am I going to surrender self or am I going to blame her and I want to ignore God and turn off his voice and blame her for the way I feel or am I going to take responsibility and do what God asked me to do you see what we're going with this everyone of us has these and this goes back to what I said earlier 99.9 percent of the problem is self is me right now there are legitimate bathing suits that are not bad and of themselves that we can choose in order to blame or the person we're in a relationship with but if we're listening to the voice of God if he has changed the way we see things and if our interpretation of reality has been changed then God will help us to see that it is not the other person who needs to change but it is. Can you imagine how how quickly disagreements and arguments in your life to be dissolved. If the Spirit of God speaks to you and says this was your desire but this is my desire for you and you want I want to say Yes Lord I'll do what you want me to do. That I think in my own life to have seen that that plays out a lot between the parent child relationship because the Be honest with you in my mind I grew up thinking that once you become a parent you are right this is your house your you know your stuff you are going to tell you how many years I went. And got of my who was also the right 1 right right and you have to be so careful not to become that way a dictatorship with your children the same way that he said you know he could have X. the question like How was your day it's important to have that same relationship with your children as I make that mistake often of just demanding for them to do something demanding and expecting some things from them but also understanding that they have a life right and they go through things each and every day sit down and talk to your children have conversations with them sometimes you know they we like to say that it's you know they're just going they're just going through that teenage thing which I don't doubt because the hormones of teenagers are really crazy but it is also that children live in the same sinful world that we are right and whether they're going to school with people or they're interacting with their friends are doing different things and so it's important to not just dictate to them and just say me you know what the problem is you're not clean your room the problem is you're not doing what I am and sit down and have a conversation and sometimes it will be after had to do that Miles will tell you I've had to kind of step back and say May you know I'm going to help him I'm going to clean his room for him not because I'm trying to remove the responsibility but be sympathetic to the fact that they have things that they're going through to just as we are and we don't want to have a dictatorship we want to have a family right here. It's crazy my wife and I were talking about this. 1 of my son's friends on here and he just started driving and so my son came in he said look can I go and I'm gold my buddy you know and my 1st inclination was like why. It was sudden all that down right now no with money. And so but that conversation was going on and I went to my wife and I said Sam You know Israel has something that he wants to talk to you about so he asked her and you all left America Latin and so so see her what the request was and she was like why do you think me go don't you and so you know we had our you know we had our situation on war room on his face and I said listen I think my inclination is just to say no all the time. I don't really have a good reason why at all. And I know I know that I can trust my son and even his freedom to a certain extent I can trust them both I don't really have a good reason to say no if I say no for no good reason then I will be creating a son who ultimately resents me because he's going to ask me well their wife and I go. And if I go to the tried and true because I said if I do that. That's going to create a son who resents me and says My father was unfair and so when I get the magical age I'm going to go out and I'm going to do what I'm using what I'm saying but it was the Lord who spoke to me and say if you want to say No Why do you want to say no. What do you want to say to him and I'm like God will need things I'm a father I can just say no because if I don't do the same but but that's when I have consequences that's going to have consequences again this is the kingdom of who the king the most even this is me 1 in the beginning and gossip is that the type of role you would be seen and that's why I need to be in control of your life and not you know this authenticity that we have with gaunt and with our sales where we see our sales and our condition for what it really is it bridges the gap to something else it bridges the gap authenticity with of us I want my wife to read something that a young woman that we know. What it was a few years ago in the pages of a couple years ago we traveled over to the U.K. and we disarmed in similar like this talking about communications office and so on and while we were there we met a lot of people you know but this young lady sent me something about 4 weeks ago and this is what she said. She said I believe knowledge is extremely important of course Hosea 46 talks about people perishing because of lack of knowledge I've been taught the doctrines of my beliefs and I know what I believe and why but there was a lack of vulnerability and honesty in my church experience growing up how do we conquer these issues there is a lot of young adults especially where I grew up dealing with the effects of this now I know it's not purely the church's fall but for a lot of us especially myself church was my life my personal opinion is that a lot could could have been avoided by people being more honest and open in church not just about not having thick don't do that but saying listen I had sex and I got pregnant out of wedlock 30 years ago and this is what I don't was you don't want to experience that so forth and so on don't go there but if you happen to go down that road I will be here for you what are your thoughts can we have a real convo in our churches today not just what sounds philosophical I'm genuinely curious to hear and I really need help with this. Very. Very sobering heartfelt plea and terms of authenticity just wanting someone to be real but it it's our belief that we cannot be authentic with others if we're not 1st authentic with ourselves and with God. And. There are people in the Bible says and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the the word of their testimony but why is it that when most people give their testimony they talk about something that happened like 50 years ago here you know when I came to the Lord. Back then the candy bar was only 5 percent. It was hard Tom but when I came to the Lord I thought you know everything in times of challenge struggle it seems like just past tense you know I had a young man my wife and I were campus ministries for several years and there was a young man who became a 7 evidencing back pot but he was sharing the experience of when he 1st came to the group as a group of young folks you know on a public university campus but 7th Day Adventists culture and he says he comes in and then they're doing prayer requests and somebody is like no I just need to want to pray for me I'm struggling with these pain knots and I just can't stop eating peanuts and I want the Lord to give me victory and I listen to this person even the person struggle with might be legit right but he's listening to everyone asked for prayer and their prayers are about external things ship right and this guy who's blind man at this time I was struggling with pornography I was struggling with immorality and as I said and I listened and this is what was powerful profound to me he said as I listen to what people were requesting prayer for I thought to myself. These people are too good for me. I don't belong here because nobody is sinful to what's with a pipe with the house that I'm dealing with right and you know I'm not even will tell you to raise your hand but you know you've been in a group when you're struggling with something and people are given prayer requests that you you want to ask for prayer you want to have people praying for you but then you listen to the nature of the requests that people are making in your life. And. Now listen we're not saying that you need to wear everything on your shirt sleeves fine we're not saying you need to March Rama to let the body what all of your problems are right but the Bible does say they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony so somebody ought to be sharing the mony that inspires someone else to victory and if I'm struggling with pornography your struggle with pain of your testimony of how the Lord helped you to stop need Snickers bars. There's not really and it really you know but but that's not going to relate to me my man is already dealing He Needs Me Man I wish that was all I was that was using so I want to want to read a couple of things to you before we let you go. Chris aren't you the Christ object lessons for in 38 as followers of Christ we should make our words such as to be a help and an encouragement to 1 another and the Christian life all more than we do we need to speak of the precious chapters in our experience IMO gone the limits they don't get that we need to speak of the precious chapters chapters chapters not the precious Rahmani 30 years ago 15 years ago not the section or even the chapter or things that are but the chap Ders rule right so every time I stand up to give a testimony it should be about the same thing right because I've got to be doing something fresh in my life is that true yes or no Listen to this you shall be my witnesses. You should be witnesses to me and to me these words of Jesus have lost none of their force our Savior cones for faithful witnesses in these days of religious formalism but how few even among the professed ambassadors for Christ are ready to give a faithful personal testimony for their master minicon tale what the great and good mid of generations past have done and there and suffered and enjoyed they become eloquent in setting forth the power of the gospel which has enabled others to rejoice in trying conflicts and to stand firm against fierce temptations but while so earnest in bringing forward other Christians as witnesses for Jesus they seem to have no fresh timely experience of their own to really ministers of Christ what have you to say for your sales what lesson of this what soul conflicts have you experience that have been for your good for the good of others and for the glory of God You who profess to be proclaiming the last hour a message of mercy to the world what is your experience in the knowledge of the truth and what has been its effect upon your own hearts does your chairman to testify for cries Can you speak of the refining ennobling sanctifying in force of the truth as it is in Jesus what have you seen what have you known of the power of Christ this is the kind of witness for which the lore calls and for which the churches are suffering without a living faith in Christ as a personal savior it is impossible to make your faith felt in a skeptical world. If you know what Frost sent us out of the swift running aren't your own feet must not stand on slippery places gospel workers pages $273.27 wow a fresh experience I'm a failure. We don't have that in our church and we don't we don't have. As a rule we don't have authenticity we don't have people that own that can share things with others and listen again we're not saying you need to go around and tell everybody everything but there should be someone of faith spirit field who got can lead you to who can either mentor you or encourage you or you can share with them some of the your struggles and you've got temporary together and 1 time I was questioned on this and my mind went directly to Jesus even Jesus even Jesus needed people to pray with him when he went to the garden disseminate what did he say to his disciples he said Hey guys I'm going through some real difficult stuff right now I just need your prayers and then he said no he said My soul is exceeding Saul Rafal even on today. Jesus was he was opening up he was being all things that he was being real Hey listen god what I'm dealing with even though they were some novelty of what I'm dealing with if I'm literally getting ready to kill me I need you to watch and to pray with me if Jesus at the greatest hour of temptation in his life could be authentic. How much more should we noticed what he said there see say it our churches are suffering for want to ban I'm going around churches and church folks long enough to know that there's a lot of people in churches who are going through a lot of stuff and they live real good and they smell real nice on Sabbath morning you have no idea what's going on in their lives and everybody just comes and hey it's a Praise the Lord Jesus is coming and you go home to family members who are alcoholics you go home the family members were strung out once wrote and you're embarrassed to say anything you go home and there's a dysfunctional family that you have to live in or you're the only Christian who's in your household but you don't think that anyone would ever be able to relate to you Look this type of stuff is going on and as you just read the churches are suffering because no 1 is standing up and saying hey on a prayer I'm the only Christian I was at a funeral just last week we got to the grazed my earlier and I got I was there with my Bible to spend an hour waiting at the modeling you and a guy came up to me in Gaza and he just wrapped his arms around me and hugged me and I my OK like man brother I'm so glad to see I'm glad to see you. Didn't quite know who he was but he said listen he said this was my brother he went to a crisis grain he said I'm the only Christian in my family and for years I tried to witness an influence and he was like now I have to try to work on his keys this is gonna need to know me but he saw a Bible and immediately there was a kinship What was the experience and begins with. You know not love what Yet he did love when he hugged me but before that he was a muse and loneliness. Are there people who experience loneliness in the church. The for me I was talking to my husband about that a few weeks ago that when people leave when people come to Christ and people paint a picture and they say man you know you're coming to the family of God right and any of all of us come from a family you know I have brothers and we grow we have memories together right mischief but also good things you know and you leave that family group and then you come into the family of God and people don't talk people aren't transparent people are thin it's like this wall is a and this is far as we go we go to the church building in once we go there that's it and the crazy thing is you can actually you can see these things but people don't say you know brothers come to church and all of a sudden his wife is not with him for like 6 months right and everybody's like. What's going on there but nobody says anything or they may say something but you never satisfy never been never asked hey can you or pray for me your notice my wife is not here I'm not going into details but on marriage needs help you know so authenticity with ourselves and with God leads us to authenticity with others the work that God is doing at us should give us fresh experiences so I can testify hey the Lord has helped me to better relate to my wife hey the Lord has helped me to better relate to my children hey the Lord has helped me to overcome my anger problem hey the Lord has helped me to overcome you know my rejection issues hey the Lord has given me victory in this or that area and as we as we as we become authentic with ourselves and with God Guess what we care less about how we are perceived by others because I know why I am. And my father knows who I am. You may not fully get me but that's all right my testimony may not reach everybody but if there's 1 person who can listen to what God has done in my life and they can grab on to the power that got has and has has allowed me to experience and they can experience that power that's enough and is a fulfillment of that promise and will I believe that's a promise and Revelation 14 they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony but remember friends it begins 1st with authenticity here understand the devil is not your greatest enemy your family not your graves enemy your greatest enemy your greatest struggle is. So that's why our heads together let's ask the Lord to help us to reach this destination of op and to city and transparency loving father in our God We are thankful thankful for the example of Jesus. And I think in many ways we don't clearly or fully understand that example the fact that Jesus is greatest temptations dealt with things that were not in and of themselves central ought to send us wrong and clear message to us living in the last days that our greatest temptations will be dealing with things that are not in and of themselves simple even like our Savior and perhaps our greatest me or at least 1 of them. Is to have a church family that can watch and pray with us when our souls are failing the press of trials and temptations and seem to hear testimony from the lips of over commerce the word Today we ask. That you would give us transparency and authenticity as a regards our relationship with you help us to see ourselves as we really are but don't leave us there as we read earlier we don't want to be overwhelmed and overcome by our fears and the difficulties of life we ultimately want to refocus on Jesus every time I see and understand more fully the depths of sin in my life and in my heart I want to turn back to Jesus and take hold of him even more firmly. And then lower May that experience help us to have a fresh word on our lips to share with those who are struggling so that men and women boys and girls can know and they don't have to be afraid to be prayed with and to be helped through their challenges what makes each 1 of us agents of change help our interpretive powers to be sanctified so that we can only interpret the experiences in our lives and we can see things as you do and ultimately see 1 another as you do. Thank you for the journey and thank you for being our captain as well as our companion on this journey in Jesus name in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leaders visit W.W.W. audio dot org.


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