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Learning to Fish, Part 1

Isaac Eliot



  • August 20, 2009
    11:00 AM
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tomorrow I'll ask you to open back tomorrow fourteen and were looking at verse sixty one hundred minutes he was under the walk you through the details of this story and in so doing trying to make an application other than another preacher sermon I want you to see just how to how this would play out learning the principle of course that nothing is given to us in the Bible that is not important and wanting to pay attention to everything that is given there the Bible says in her sixty one there followed him a certain young man not one of the first things that we need to ask yourself about this young man who he is in the Bible doesn't give us his name I will tell you that scholar save us John Mark the author of the notebook market leasing of the house the story is not included in any of the other accounts and because of the way that the story takes place out of the disciples would have known this except for the one that would have been there in this particular situation so anyway and even being what it is let's just ask ourselves what is this young man based on the clues the clues that we can see the minimum I looking for sixty by the way we all know where the story takes place when the story is where going to get somebody part of Yosemite updates look at verse fifteen the Bibles and the old horse okay we need to ask us a question in the verse fifty who is all the cycles that was very young else going on it was just the disciples there was there is obviously regarded be in there is the soldiers they were the priests enter the disciples of Jesus there was Jesus but the man in our story is not one of the disciples right on we know that because her since he said they offer such a right so it could mean that when all meaning of course the disciples could not have been true if a man in her sixty one was a disciple it is clearly saying okay so we're at work or agreement that bought at the same time remember now in the barn there was the disciples their windows that wanted antagonistic Jesus they were the priests of the soldiers we know that the young man is not one of them even partly on the ground that right they grabbed him obviously telling us that they did not identify the young man as their second clear so this presents itself an interesting lesson because the young man in our story is not a disciple he is not someone who gave up everything to follow Jesus at the same time he does not fall under the category of those that were outrightly trying to trap Jesus is aware the fall defaulting between right in between if this is assortment I within it many people alike that young men they're not like the disciples that left everything to follow Jesus but they're not like that the people that are enemies of Jesus that are openly an open antagonism to Christ and his principles are staging this person somewhere right in the middle is the next thing in your sixty one it says he has a linen cloth cast about his naked body let's just look at that thing out one of my father since how you like what he's wearing I think you know that this is obviously for a reason let's just make the application from what we started with this represents people that are in between let's ask ourselves what does live in civilized spiritually in the Bible as a symbol for righteous revelation nineteen the final half of the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints so isn't sure that when you when you make these applications there has to be some corroboration in other words there has to be something to say okay busier on the right track is it true that the righteousness of Christ is the only thing which covers our sinfulness is that you yes or no know where they get sinfulness from because the man is beside the Lindsay 's life taken in the Bible the first time that nakedness appears as after man soon as I write okay so we we have confirmation that the application we made it on the right track because there is not testimonial to things that are in agreement with this principle so we could say that this takes is a spiritual truth the only thing that covers our sinful nature or our sinfulness the only thing that really covers a syphilis is the righteousness of Jesus Christ that you provide right that's true but this phrase here it says that he has a living cloth what's next he works cast about what is that mean it careless like it's almost as if it is as if he is a sloppy dresser it's like that now scholars say that when the news is you know that the Lord 's supper was held at John Martz I think grandmother 's house and so when John Mark heard the news of what is our snacks they say that he quickly got dressed units rented the weather whatever the case is this teaches us something interesting he houses folding tasks about what is being it is true that when we went shopping we ask on forgiveness and we asked him to Congress with his righteousness is it true that God gives to us the pure spotless likenesses of you that yes or no yes one thing to have been but it's another thing to keep it that you yes or no down and sorry it has us the idea that this man even though he didn't have the righteousness he was in danger of losing it under any kind in the rest of the right under any kind of temptation to thing was that it has come right off which states as a spiritual lesson is not merely to start the day off and to be clothed with righteousness of Christ but to also maintain and keep the righteousness during the temptations and trials that come during the day a natural okay but it was a look at this is what it says here because the men lay hold on him what kind of a man was to find a way is a young man can you tell me what spiritual truth does not teach us yes isn't it true that the greatest temptation the greatest source of temptation is often from people of our peer group is all right like if you were speaking to young people in your event isn't it true that the people let's present the greatest temptation is people that you consider your equals right there your peers this young man happy young man I grabbed him but it was interesting he has a choice thousand eight just two choices one of the two choices say it he says what might happen people get persecuted along with Jesus Christ but the other option the fleet but we know the result of these sleazy sleazy I'm not leaving his right so there's two choices have you ever considered that these two choices always present are presented to every Christian when faced with temptation is all right if you say you might suffer with Jesus right but your with Jesus is our right there with Jesus you might suffer but your with Jesus and you'll still have the righteousness but if you flee it was the United States suffering is all right you might escape suffering but in so doing you will lose the righteousness of the letter down it seems that the two choices now I share this with you because the skeptic in me sad to hear her home to find a meaning that is not spiritually nourishing out of every verse but that same firstfruits to be one of the passages that to my great surprise proved to be a very spiritually enlightening passage in other words don't overlook the details of kind of individual has an example and I will talk to you about knowing this afternoon but limiting the Old Testament example and I have to say like some of these things I don't want to sound hockey or arrogant I feel thankful that God will share these things with me so often you know it's easy to just use other people 's material and yield I'm trying to share with you things I have seen and done in my own experience hopefully encourage you that anyone can study and discovered precious gems of truth from the Bible Genesis six of the first fourteen now I have to tell you that my personality is not I have like obsessive-compulsive disorder to some small extent okay I do like when I'm driving on the highway which is quite a bit evangelist I count telephone poles and account the stripes like and I don't know why I I I don't always don't want to do that but sometimes it is fineness of doing that like in this room I see chairs that are like not straight it bothers me for some reason you don't have any way I'm saying that because when I study the Bible I often find myself in the habit of counting things I just do it I like you I'll look at how many times a certain words are going on just look at a constant feeling how many times and what I found is that you have to be careful numerology and the Bible is a really abstract science it's like you read one person is held this means that in another prison and that is almost like no agreement on on on all of these points but I want to say that numbers are significant in the Bible Revelation if any book proves that numbers are given for a reason they're designed to be a vehicle to convey convey certain truths so we should ignore numbers should be careful of going extreme with numbers that look in Genesis six and I want to look at verse fourteen and look closely here this is the story of Noah and when God told Noah to build an articulate God says in verse fourteen got to know what makes me an art culture window being that I was counting that I said okay this is the first thing they got that right number two he said shall tell me in the arm okay so God does not make an arc of her wonderful put number to make my rooms the number three got sad rooms shalt thou make in the art as I know that I just read and shall pitch it within and without with pitch so the piñata says it is that you write that you within and without okay it's a versus team that got this to know if this is a fashion which estimate of number one the length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits there's a specific length number four that the breath of it shall be fifty cubits number six the height of it shall be breaking the again this is three more instructions and not even for sixteenth in November sixteen for sixteen dots is no easy megawatt a window K October seven the number eight God says that this is where you put the window a cubit shall definition above number nine thousand of such a door in the side of the ark and number ten you should make it how many stories make it three stories okay so here is God telling Noah look make this our and making with these things rightly does rather startling to me I know well you can draw the basic principle went on tells you to do something on a specific image on a principal yes there very basic it's like they are when God told millions of no avail that whatever would you want in and you don't go and make it nice when he's in no this is how you make it it was very very specific but the prince but we can talk what you want it done either in God giving no instructions there was exactly how many there was the using up there with ten when you want a significant because as we sat Jesus said in Matthew twenty four season as the days of Noah were social also the coming of the Son of Man be in other words when Jesus is saying is that before his coming right before second coming will be like the days of Noah doesn't follow if that's true does it follow that if we wants to like that a lot go from the old world to the New World we too should look at the life example of knowledge that you have been an excessive follows it since then it's kind of like a natural result of the conclusion of Jesus telling us that his time will be like knows that that's true when we look at the preparation of knowing the Bible says that no one builds the mark according to the ten instructions is not interesting at instructions tell me if you disobeyed one of those instructions would be are committed to yes or no no it would not have you know would not have made it from the old world and the next that let's think about the principle now remember history repeats itself not indeed the principles are we preparing to go from this old world to the New World to the ice has God-given office ten instructions which buyer if we follow them we will be able to make it from the old world to the new one yesterday and yes that's her it's true but think about this was no a saved because this is important was not saved because he followed all instructions to go from the old with the new you read HRC profits and she says that this are the ones I thought I was so fierce that had not only angels which excel in strength are to be part of the art would have also been dashed to pieces so what does that mean it means that while Miller complied nowhere did not save himself by the works which he did his own expense in the same way this commandment keeping take us to have no remember that grace is not given to anyone who is in even open disobedience to one of the Commandments of God 's veteran is that these principles there out I guess what I encourage you in these examples is after think that anything that you read in the Bible is like a middle of vestigial organ I'm not an anon necessary part of the Bible and everything in the Bible is given to us for the purpose and one of the earlier articles of the William Miller said that anything anything in the Bible that the mystery can be understood by prayer and by diligent study and by faith all right so right with that I would talk to you about this technique called inversion now this sounds strange but remember all of these techniques are looking at verses like were looking at how to break out of verse inversion is a very interesting technique money is this passage in John three twenty seven to illustrate this for you John three by the way those of you that have used these folders please note that these folders convert not only my handout materials but also for each of the speakers so you want to be sure that you don't know news this is the this way the other thing that you should know is that if some of you asking where am I if you follow in a handout from a page that looks like this number six it says in version and you'll see that I see that some of you have been wondering aware of these are taken from self him celebrate first twenty seven what this verse has John answered and said a man can receive nothing except it be given him from heaven now the technique of inversion is this every positive truth can also be stated in a negative way or you average it can be stated in in in its in its officer or its inverse and so the idea of John three twenty seven is this Johnson a man can receive nothing except it be given him from having if I invert the verse not change the meaning that just invert the verse is another way of saying John three twenty seven is everything that you have is given to you as a gift by God 's answer yes or no that's true and easy all were doing is looking at the way of the truth of stated and what kind of like flipping the phrasing to make it like in this case of the negative were making a positive statement confuses you can't do anything or you can receive nothing unless God I accept receiving penance is not a relatively to say everything that you have been given to you by God and that's the truth that stated there is another example Psalms eighty four verse eleven I know that many of you familiar with this is about well-known promise on eighty four verse eleven the Bible says that the Lord God is a sun and shield and the Lord will give grace and glory no good thing will he withhold from them that walk upright again the last part of this first note that removing the pulp and then I woke up rightly stated in the negative the inverse of that if you are unrighteous if you walk upright we God will give you what everything okay that's the that's the inverse of that statement okay now Revelation twenty first life I use this every every series that I do when we try to teach people that at the end of the millennium there is a resurrection him house that we face is that there is no verse that explicitly states that at the end of the millennium is a resurrection but he stated for it I stated in the inverse Revelation twenty look at verse five it says but the rest of the dad lived not again until the thousand years were one and so using the wrestler that the litigant of the thousands of fish much the inverse of that at the end of the thousand years the rest of them will live again right doesn't make sense and so we were more trying to show that this is this is the proof that there is a resurrection of the wicked at the end of the millennium was my fourteenth this one I saw from ageless Richard Senior Romans five fourteen this is what he says Paul says nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses upon a look at what will be the inverse of that nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses what's the inverse of that after Moses death no longer ring electric that's true why was the first person ever resurrected from the death it was most to the right it's not it's right so in other words if death reigned from Adam to Moses the inverse of that statement is that after most of his death no longer writing and that's true Moses of course was the first person of a resurrected from the debt Daniel eleven thirty three K now this one the reason I bring this one up and this one is not the clearest one in the Bible but this is one of the few ways that I know and I know there are Bible students hear someone else knows about of a better way you need to tell me but back when I was studying the book of Daniel of Manassas the time of the end the not the end of time what is the time of him him again seventeen ninety eight seventy ninety okay I heard somewhere that someone got it right the time of the end began in seventeen ninety eight but the question is that how we prove that how do you prove that the time of the and Dan in seventeen ninety eight you actually one of the only places that I know and as I said I'm on I'm really wanting someone to show me another way to do this but is from Daniel eleven verse thirty three physical security at eleven thirty three into the day understand among the people shall instruct many so if you are talking about people that are teaching others and yes they shall fall by the sword by flinging my captivity of my soil for many days so what's happening to these people that are trying to help others what's happening in and anyone persecuted and you can see that there is a severe persecution by the sort likely my captivity by spoil cash now you can kind of make a gesture I think you'll know that if you follow Daniel eleven down to the time you get down to verse thirty one you talk to your pagan Rome in sixteen overall and then by the time you get the first thirty three were talking about a period of time when the papacy is persecuting number thirty forces no initial fall they shall behold and with a little help is it true that the pure papal persecution did not extend all the way until seventeen ninety is that true yes or no extra got cut it short right but many shall cleave to them with flatteries first thirty five and some of them of understanding shall fall to try them and to purge and to make them white even see the what time reasons of economy and a look at how this phrase anything that these people would be persecuted it would be now they would be persecuted with fall even sue you what time him again what is needed is the inverse offers thirty five would be after the time of the these people would no longer be one lender processing this is one of the only ways that I understand you can prove that the time of the ad began in seventeen ninety there is talk to me after defending been missing for six times I want to I I generally want to know but for sake of time to let me to say this but the idea is that it's like inversion is by looking at this in the inverse that we understand at the time of the end begins in seventeen ninety okay first on five seventeen with me here this is what the pioneers did in their explanation of what righteousness is first on five seventeen and it says that all unrighteousness is one said okay now what are meteors it was this basis and is breaking what got my pricing is the transgression of the law so is it true that unrighteousness is the breaking of guidelines that you yes or no strip if that's true doesn't make sense but if unrighteousness is the opposite of righteousness and unrighteousness are stable righteousness is the opposite of unrighteousness in unrighteousness is breaking God 's law that means righteousness is life keeping on Florida for the plaintiff explain what righteousness was okay again inverting the meaning of the passage so I hope that gives you some techniques like these are ideas it will apply without reverse but sometimes it will when it does but it will really kind of opened up that passage for you little more clearly okay now as you know what advocacy subscribe to the historical grammatical method whenever we look at a passage we want to understand in its historical context and one of the things about the ten place fell in Egypt is that you know you've got the Nile turning the blood all I know the plaintiff on the Damascus flies you got livestock that were being played boils hail would fall the locusts the darkness the death of the firstborn you will recognize my next to them I've listed you the Egyptians had gods that they believe offer each of these areas okay so like when dots of the templates we think will do just that calamities it was that I mean these calamities of the underworld that but the planes were specifically sent to prove that the gods of the Egyptians were wrong and how would you know that it would make any sense until you realize that the historical setting for which this story takes place I had special significance for that particular thing out where would you find as you would not in commentary sometimes Bible pictures of the recent history I guess some people heal out weary of looking at sources outside of Ellen White Eleanor even herself said that there are extra readings that can be done to help supplement our knowledge of the Bible and she did not condemn that okay so let me let me let one through some things you can Jack's howlings that profits and fail he asked them to meet him where no no we may altogether the amount of value having a little showdown and they want to know about the original if you study the history of why he did this is because Mount caramel was the claim to be the home of the God bail so it's like he was bringing the fight to their doorstep if they could not do it here they could not do it anywhere does that make sense okay you are on but what's this I I studied the story of Ruth wants endless perplexity is both meets with the elders at the gate the one thing that he did if he took off his shoe and he gave it to the what strengths in August in our culture this wouldn't make sense but in the last time when one took off his shoe it was a single but he was willing to renounce his wife to walk on the land Daniel and some feelings and what I'm willing to do whatever is necessary to redeem this this family I will do whatever it is the significance of what he gave or sacrifice is enhanced by understanding what it means when he took the issue it wasn't a small thing but when all here you can have these whenever no Boaz was really making a sacrifice by one bit okay and of course full as Ellen White says she uses the language in all of that sort the book of Ruth is applied to Jesus talking on the nearest often when one uses that about Jesus they now do government Elisha asked Eli John Dennis you can give me on double portion of my spirit and some people read and say all they want to be like twice as good as Elijah and easy to think that the reality is that that's not what he was saying in the end of the table if you remember the firstborn of the inheritor of the birthright was entitled to twice as much of the possessions as the other other inheritance twice as much so when Elisha sent a life to give me a double portion once he was basically saying respectfully what I am your spiritual firstborn okay I want double what my going to others I want double what you can distill upon me as far as the ministry and the work that you were doing okay so Joe thirty nine verses one this is an interesting passage on Job thirty nine verses one and August will quickly read this for you asked Joe asks this question he says no less valid time when the wild goats of the rock bring forth can tell Mark when the highest account now what's interesting is that the actual animal that Job is talking about here even to this day if I understand correctly even to now scientists have seen them living up in these hilly areas and have watched this like a foot-high racks is what the mountain goat be seeing these animals eating and living but they have never seen them so now give birth it is one of the rarest things to see so when God asks this question it wasn't like a quiz in no zoology or you have no what he was saying was not I know you haven't seen this you know this is one of the rarities nature by saying difficult course trying to help Job realizing out God 's omnipotence compared to his finite being okay now this argument of the parable another parable but none of the story of the men that came to Jesus some asks and others were asked to follow Jesus and one man said with a first goal and bury my father like this is the truth my first race that my exposition on it was that the band had just suffered the death of the loss of his father and so my application was gone often called us in our lowest and highest point of our life theology called Andrew and others when they had caught this great mass of fish but he recalls this man when he's at the bottom and he just lost his father and I began reading about this and I learned something striking a man in the story he used an expression when he said when he first met my father it was an expression it was common in Israel at the time it was simply saying let the waves until I received my father 's inheritance I know what he was saying was let me follow you when I'm financially secure when things are sad when everything is more comfortable when I'm okay centers then I'll do it using that as a huge world of difference in application makes a total difference life because what he was saying was an expression that was common at the time in Israel and it helps to understand that people read this one anything I admit like one when I was studying Romans Romans nine it's like it bothered me this passage in Romans nine but that you know what this really makes sense after I understood this day in enrollment nine Doctor Jacob have I loved you so I write and not determine what that God determined that the elder would serve the younger one before they were born even my for it while they were still the one guy out the Angel told Rachel right I mean Rebecca Rebecca on site so anyway what's interesting is that the Greek word here for love on a hated degree importance here is the Lord Mazzeo it's the same word that Jesus used when he said if any man hates not his father or his mother was brought to him in a what did Jesus mean by that what did he mean love lasts the word here is a lot less okay if you look at the life of Esau God loved him less simply because she was no final straw not a God he'll join like the one we saw was not complying with God 's will so as a result the blessings were bestowed upon Jacob and Martha because of these us twice people can read and become discouraged as God preachers who he likely doesn't like invading countries that he doesn't like me but that's not really the case it's just an understanding of what this expression is a amount and how it was used a little bit of background okay so I hope that gives you some idea of how to look at this these historical benefit commentaries are helpful dictionaries I will give you the supplier with some of that background you did you notice that when we began this presentation this morning we look at how and when one uses the Bible if we look at how she uses the Bible it's very helpful to look at how New Testament writers apply the Old Testament there's like a study of science just in it's an amazing wealth of information about how to study the Bible to give you an example let's look at Matthew Aber sixteen Matthew eight let's look at verse sixteen anointing set this passage of this is very interesting Matthew Aber sixteen when the even was come they brought them to him many that were possessed with devils and he cast out the spirits with his soul with his word and he sealed all that were sick for seventeen that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying himself took our infirmities and there were one sicknesses okay so Matthew seventeen is a fulfillment according to Matthew of what verse Isaiah okay and if you look at the about marginal reading Isaiah fifty three verse four would you mind turning their identity there is for someone to show you something in Isaiah fifty three verse four and look at this passage in verse for this surely he hath borne our dreams and carry all were why sorrows okay so when Jesus sealed the sand when Jesus healed the sick and in all of these things the Bible 's this was a fulfillment of Isaiah fifty three now because the question when Jesus healed the sick I think the democracy that Jesus take on leprosy not the one is born easier to what is born right he has borne our arteries and her sorrows and in applying that to when people were sealed their applying this to the question if Jesus did not take on literally the thicknesses of the people that he healed then why does the Bible say that when Jesus healed the sick he was burying their grace and kindness is one thing to question when someone is sick physically is there suffering that goes on you might let me share with you just a quick illustration of a help to understand this my grandmother one time had like a a kind of like a swelling in the upper part of her mouth and she didn't want to go to the dentist so much and it was this my friend Russ but she could like a sharp object and she like pure stick to drain whatever the swelling was and that it got better but this was a thing like Wichita holy when she did like it hurt me because it hurt me why it hurt me because I love my grandmother doesn't make sense when Jesus it says when he healed the sick and that all the tickets of the keyboard for our grease and her sorrows it means that Jesus entered into the suffering of those that feel from their successes and effort is another one just like all the next number in it whenever and as you know Jesus identified with their sufferings as a result of his law all people have something that would never have understood unless we saw how the pride that the writer I Matthew applies Isaiah chapter fifty three verse four because okay here's another passage Malachi four okay we know this one this is from very well-known passage Malachi chapter four verses five and six and here's what the Bible says behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children behind children to their fathers blessed by comments like the earth with a curse now what you think about this carefully when you hear this being preached today you'll hear one of two ways one of the ways that you hear priestess people are saying that before Jesus comes there is going to be a movement on all restoration of the family and now like to know that the father 's will become active in children's literature by fuzzy you hear that okay it looks interesting look at how it's quoted in Luke one okay Luke chapter one examine how the angel quotes this notice what's missing here what notice the change I should say Luke one verses sixteen and seventeen because I many of the children of Israel shall he turn to the Lord their God and he shall go before him quizzes by the way who is talking about John the Baptist right on about the source I think they shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias didn't turn the hearts of the fathers to the children for Malachi SNL the direct quote but notice what the angel changes in saying this and their disobedience to the way some shots like that Angel will bring what the angel expound on what the angel change the foreign currency point exactly father in the hearts of the fathers with children by the change the second part he says that in this case the children represent the biggest obedience and the father is God that makes us the wisdom of the death of talking about God that is a divine commentary on it on what Malachi four five and six men the angel is telling Zacharias this is what that verse means by the way could identify to put it apply to John the Baptist this is about John the Baptist doesn't make sense even in John's life was he devoted no use I'm not belittling the ministries that try to restore the family I'm not what I'm saying is when we look at John's life was he going around talking about you know families and how to with his methods no John's life shows in application that his work was exactly what Luke said to turn people back to God and to have the heart to the father turned back to the children this is what the binary application it I would say that it's long to find another way to this is the divine commentary on what Malachi four five and six is looking for second time and ask you to look with me at Romans chapter ten here Romans ten eighteen this is an interesting one thing Romans chapter ten verse eighteen is the Bible says that I say have they not heard in necessarily their sound went into all the earth and they are words onto the and is on the world now postponing here can someone tell me where Ron please follow from the song before but before we go there can someone tell me what is he talking about inverse eighteen in Romans ten eighteen what is he saying went into all the earth and their work on the end of the world of the same went there the gospel is the gospel okay let's focus on I just want to show you what's interesting about this in songs chapter nineteen which is quoting Psalms nineteen verse four Psalm nineteen for notice what this process it says their line is gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world in and have to set a tabernacle for the a while is what Psalm nineteen for actually talking about if you start the first one with the talking about there have been some inhabitants write the glory of God revealed in nature but what Paul do in Romans chapter ten verse eighteen the applies as far reaching as the light of the sun it is the sunlight everywhere in the site as the glory of God can be seen everywhere and have Vince Paul applied that to the gospel is true that nature directly illustrates God 's work in his existence yes Paul gives us an illustration of how that's not okay call illustrates for us how that is done one more real quickly wrote one more Romans chapter four on the Galatians Galatians chapter four okay now this one I have to caution you okay Galatians chapter four have to just put a little note of caution is also fear glaciers for briskly for and it will look for first twenty four is written that Abraham had two sons the one of by a bondwoman the other by everyone and now is not true that Abraham Estes on him through Abraham 's sons right now what does Paul say in verse forty four he says which they are and allegory for these are the two covenants that we have to be careful here number one was an allegory can someone tell me it's an allegory the fictional story design with a moral lesson is not right but a biblical allegory biblically speaking it needs restoring officer okay biblically we have to redefine our definition of an allegory but here's what's interesting pops up and eggs actual story and actual story and he makes an application of that story to the two continents now doesn't fit yes if you look at these two stories and how they transpire to say that Hagar represents the old covenant how did how did 's College Melbourne Abraham 's own works in the right isn't it true that in the old covenant it's a reliance upon our works right where the new company with wholly done my faith is not right that a child promise so there is this fits it makes sense but Paul took this story a real story and he applied it as an allegory mean every story in the Old Testament has allegorical significance the answer is no easier something we have to be so careful that we don't make this the license to go and say all loving the meaning of this or that this is spiritual meaning of this is this unless there is reason or licensed to do so from the New Testament often the spirit of prophecy we had no sufficient reason to say that other stories have allegorical significance are you with me I wanted to clear because this is one of those areas where you can just wanted and really kind of get beyond the bounds okay so if your handout if you look there's a second handout that I have I would like this has a little like a checkered greener a little checkered on thinking there's a tree in the bottom right you see that this is the next section section okay I will explain what this section is about I'll illustrate this for you like this I used to live in Arkansas and I can't watch the Hills Academy beautiful little school out there in the Arkansas one year we won summer break I decided to go diamond mining not enough you know this America United States has only one active diamond mine Arkansas it's in Murphysboro Arkansas is the only one and amazingly enough not privately held and publicly help which means anybody can go and you really think you have an entrance that you just go and you can look for diamonds and you can keep whatever you find an if you look on the Internet there have been some significant diamonds that have been found in a particular thing so I think what happened I went one day with some students and we said okay to find the diamonds so we went and we got a five gallon bucket very ambitious enough and we got a five gallon bucket and we got shovels we got all the things that we needed and we went to this and we started the e-mail here's how it's done you can see this but like me have the grounds turned over regularly by these bulldozers that put them in these huge piles and what the locals told me afterward I didn't know this then is that the best time to go is right after it rains is what happens is like the rainfalls and then the diamonds kind of glee might be sent out but I didn't know that so anyway I went and we were digging and digging like we were really high like we were thinking they has a name like hours and what they do there's a little booth there it's it's on the big grounds and whenever you think you found a diamond desolate hosting of the you bring it to them and don't tell me the design and when they did it ring a bell I like hanging on to encourage you to know that someone found something out so anyway we found so we were dating and invading but after like howlers of this meeting start having when all of Leslie Hesiod in the conclusion like we have no idea what would looking for because I was in the rough doesn't look like what you know these the beers one of these companies have younger showcases the look anything like that the problem was like we had no clue what to look for so we do not actually in because for hours we were lucky like we couldn't figure out what is the difference between you know that there don't run regular Roxanna Roth unconformity configure NetSuite is what one doesn't frustrating things that people face when they set in the Bible is legal when they looking for like deeper things you want to look for what has helped me when you license a good expository preaching okay when you've been good expository preaching you can example on how or what you should look for when you study the Bible let me give you any good okay no techniques for the first sections that I done with you the techniques are ways to attack one verse in a inverted a look at the contacts you look at the details you define the word these are all ways to look at one word but this next section on dealing with its called features and it's because of what I think how does the Bible package truth for us how does it give us truth and what should we be looking for in order to find the way that the truth is the package so what do we look for enough psychology features so the first when one of the ways that the Bible gives us to this too assistant call contrasts okay let me explain to you how I first heard this on the bachelor as I said have the sermon on this particular story it's about the two women found in Mark chapter five okay now the first thing that fans out about these two women is that they both are marked by twelve years okay like for example in Mark five twenty five there was a woman that had an issue of blood and the Bible says that she had been in over twelve years right and there is another girl dies gyrus his daughter Jarvis 's daughter was twelve years old so whenever you see that right away that's like that's and it's in the same chapter is back-to-back it's like a divine system of truth that's being given to give you additional understanding about God 's intentions and actions that he got to like for example when the Walkman became sick but not in the same year that the one we can say was the same here that gyrus his family was blessed to have a baby girl I and he healed the woman publicly the woman with the issue of blood but the Jarvis 's daughter was killed in secret the woman that had the issue of my team to Jesus Jesus came to the woman that was born about that I think the chart is not enough why is given to us Jesus was trying to teach gyrus is family based on the contrast certain things because all the woman that was sealed with the issue of blood without getting into that sermon my point is this was a divinely appointed contracts is not exempt it's not by accident that the woman's twelve your second girl is fundamentally non- governmental purpose okay so once I saw that they once I saw that they had some idea all well there are things on my phone so then one day I noticed something very interesting about John three and John for impact one of the things I noticed is that in John three and John for the time that they came to Jesus was exactly the opposite if you read John forth the woman at the well came to Jesus at the sixth hour which is new Ellen White says that the convenience waited until the city was hushed in slumber before he saw Jesus what is I mean he wait until everybody was sleeping and I met when I first read I thought that interesting one with him during the day wanting nothing and then I began to see wait a minute Nicodemus was a Jew and the woman at the well was a Gentile and the convenience came looking for juice us but the woman at the well did not the right and then I thought wait a minute not the disciples Jesus talking with Nicodemus but all of them saw Jesus talking with the woman at the well right and then the man Jesus and Nicodemus was married nice housing area he was a member of the Sanhedrin to be a member of the Sanhedrin you have to be married and have children what we know about the woman she was America she was living in in a she was living in sin she was not that she was not married so no resignations were called that the woman at the well meant Jesus in the Valley of Cyclops Jesus and Nicodemus on the mountains of politics okay now why do I bring this out it's very simple the purpose of this contrast in John four Jesus teaches us how to win souls that are not of our faith because it's a person that's not using there were not a Jew right but in John three Jesus how to do with your members that are in the church but are really not say okay and it was interesting is that when you look at these two people how quickly did the woman who acknowledged her faith in Jesus mighty way how long did it take for Nicodemus it was this is the beginning of useless here I so it's almost like three and a half years later that Nicodemus ultimately came forward and acknowledges faith in Christ it shows us the Jesus way of working with too this includes the people and if I know what this contrast is that all pay special attention to how Jesus differently work with people that are not of our faith like you notice with the woman at the well he didn't just start off by saying you will call your husband begins now she was living in sin you even start with that right how many administer you don't want to start with the mark of the beast in our daily want to start with that right but Jesus didn't start with that he started by first gaining her competencies and you please give me some water I think that all of these things to a lesser confidence with which Nicodemus thought this was very interesting Jesus was married the rack he says to Nicodemus you must be born again which tells us when people know when people know what type of not doing it you need to be the rat that I need to be straightforward with people that know the truth but on living in you need to make very clear what the real condition is not sought so this is a various artists striking contrast between these two things I say that because as I looked at that the contrast is confident it to them I would like the country is the confidence to understand the different methods of working offer to cut people is another contrast I found an advocate with you again I saw generally any person applies themselves and diligently studies will find it will be so many of these jams that will be found by just a year after looking at seventeen personal effects now the clue that Technion 's other book found the chapter and their back-to-back seventeen forty six Jesus two kinds of people that were types of the second coming he talks about law pathos about Noah is actually no and no okay now have you thought about this the story of Noah and Lot are a study in contrasts there exactly the opposite let's think about this how was Noah's world destroyed by water right and lots world was destroyed by fire okay one was worldwide one was local okay now how long before the flood didn't God warn no one it was coming hundred and twenty years right hundred and twenty years advance notice how long did a lot have for seeing you that his account was being destroyed towers the literature something with you you go back to Genesis nineteen and now the Genesis nineteen the Bible says that the Angels came to lots town in the evening to evening and says that they left with Lot and his life in the two daughters they left the next morning are you following on it like that twelve hours that they give advance warning that ironic what else is interesting is how much that no one loses when the flood came into the feather is okay look at this Ellen White says that all Noah possess he invested in the building of the ark tsunami and even some point no aside family we have to sell our house were to put the money of the God 's work the Lord God will take care of us so we need to in order to finish the art we have to put the money into the ark as they sold the house is still the goats they sold whatever else it all into the awkward but the interesting thing is that after the flood came all of no less money with an affinity or type is all there the thing about this now when the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Wallace lost everything like this is ironic he went to live in a cave in the right eye and a total contrast because he is a lot like this is that he pitched his tents ports on what is uneasy Lyndon on the next part of the passage in Genesis nineteen when you get the Genesis Lincoln says that they were trying to break down the door on his house selecting one from ten the house and of course you can write that one now look at what else so they will be looking for families to live with the college of new assembly with sick all the when we say all we even mean his in-laws right of the Psalms why is right I bring that out because when you look at lots family how much the same thing when I asked if I get up and out something with it all three were safer for sick thing about this carefully with lots life saving now we know that there was family that lots don't believe behind like the sons-in-law 's life is like it says that this is a must thought that one mock like he was joking but like the one refining so it's ironic that while not while I was living inside a beautiful people get out of son and anybody was joking that has a spiritual lesson one okay but what's also ironic is that not his daughters to go but what that his daughters do number their aftermath they were the human ancestry of the Moabites and the Emirates anywhere in other words even though they left Donna Sonnen they had touched to have been so tainted by the city living I think it's a despicable things I write so in the truest sense and a lot was about person the Bible says that Lot was a righteous man Bible says so what that means is was a righteous man no as Wright discovered that the you are a study in contrasts by what they did but in order to be saved in only say what you have to do you have to get in the eye right in line state to be safe you have to get out a sign and there is more money we can go on with this now let me back up here while I bring this up see why is this important these two stories are the only stories that Jesus used to illustrate what the world would be like before Jesus comes to what significant is that if the world will be like then and like their times we should take lessons from what those people did to prepare for the destruction that they face than on a sense now what's interesting is that at the time I believe there will be two classes of people that will be ready to meet Jesus Laycock when Jesus comes there will be people like no one there have been no prophecy says Jesus coming and they believe that with our whole heart said they have invested their energy their resources and talents and their money they've invested that all in the bank of heaven you might say okay don't worry about FDIC having to guarantee their their their funds in the bank they haven't all in the back of heaven and because they genuinely live what they believe their children seeing this are convinced that mom and dad believed what they said and because mom and I believe what they say it has an indelible mark on their upbringing and these children also end up emulating their parents in their faith by their parents wife's counsel they choose good wives who don't detract him from the work that they are doing and they're ready to meet Jesus when he comes but there are some people they are not bad people but they make poor choices and like lots made anything I want the advantages of Sodom for myself and family I want Simon has the interest rates on benefit all of my money where my committee lot was thinking along the University of Sodom if my children graduated and I have some great degrees and they can serve God as well as make some money in this life back is a lot was thinking on some advantages from being in Sodom so he is detained at the Simon he lives there fortunately Lot did not recognize as C via fax on his poor choices upon his family while lot understood what was right lots influence and the allowance is that he made corrupted the rest of the family and ultimately they were all lost and what's interesting is that lot we might say what saved my life right like literally the Angels took him by the hand and they pulled him out I think that everyone wants to be saved but I don't think that people want to be saved at the cost that would say that a man who want to be like Noah we want to make enough preparation in advance and recognize and live a consistent life so that our children our families is will will recognize that we believe what we say and of course will make the preparation like me you and our investment will not be here but it will be in heaven and that is that is brought out only because we recognize that these two men wobble or save represent a diametrically opposite perspective on how they prepared for that for a skating destruction okay so this is obvious in the book of Revelation okay revelation is replete with contrast like you have the land and you have the Dragon is not right okay let's try this three angels that God has a massive message for what the opposite three unclean spirits like and you have Jerusalem Babylon right and you have the harvest of grain and then you have the harvest of grace like the harvest of grapes you have the will what well I have the harlot of Revelation seventeen right so is it a biblical principle the truth is sometimes packaged in a system of the nine contract that you yes or no yes I can give you lists Kane and Abel on a study in opposites okay Cain and Abel Jenny Larson are not opposites but there also a study in contrast one scholar discovered the Jordan River and the Red Sea is also a study in contrasts okay why does the Bible do this sometimes black it appears darker because of the existence of wife and infant wind in the dynamics of we can see things clearer you should choose clearer because of the opposite extreme enough kind of why the Bible gives us this feature of understanding since I listed for you even in nature even in the New World God does this right now what they have to say is that sometimes in some occasions the system of contrast exists within one person Jesus is a study in contrast to my right Jesus is God as well as math is the King of Kings but he also became a servant right and so again this is the divine system of contrast that the Bible gives focus and that's why he's a tender plant but as a root out of dry ground like a service instead no iniquity all iniquity this kind of percent upon a moving fort of you want to talk to little bit about types if you have in your handout there's a quote here and it is long but it is important because it sets the parameters for one is a valid I'd like you to look at this okay here's what that quote is what is the type it's an old trusted person event or theme having historical reality and designed by God to prefigure in a practical and a preparatory way him a real person events or foreshadowing element to it it looks ahead and anticipates and points to the empty type the other type is greater than the superior to the part okay and that's a quote by the way if you look through my handouts you see that I quote from certain books some of these books are not Adventist books but I'd like to like reading on on home on hermeneutics and and Bibles the principle of setting the Bible I found that these books make the most sense as far as the Adventist understanding of how to study the Bible say no sometimes world-weary of books that are not administered there are good books out there and I encourage you to take a look at some of these if you'd like to do further reading you be surprised to know that even some of the examples that I'm giving you my bagel into even more detail or more description on some of the points that I I ensuring anyway all wickedness eight Halverson and really she was a a phenomenal author life as I read her books over the city the types of miracles is that parables she am surprised that she didn't become a Seventh-day Adventist issue his contemporaries with like Spurgeon and some of these men her book the study of the types is unbelievable I was so amazed by it she says we cannot state with certainty that anything is a type unless we have some warrant for doing so if we can turn to no New Testament passage for our authority when he put a little parental print article flawed in their first Seventh-day Adventist if we can not turn out and why for license to do so these children say that it was what she sang it if the New Testament writer called something else that says this is a figurative type than we know but it's true but we are at Seventh-day Adventist we have the prophecy in Ellen White quotes something and said that it's symbolic or typical representative than we do on e-mail from the spirit of prophecy that also has typical significant than it sounds okay so jot if there be no exceptionality which indicates the end of the essay from and more correct illustration of the eight habits in the study the feisty streak so I have some illustrations here and living living even see Matthew twenty four the anniversary seven we just talked about this but Matthew twenty four verse thirty seven and look with me here and notice what the Bible gives us here Matthew twenty four verse three seven the Bible says that the days of Noah were so so also the coming of the Son of Man be so what does that mean the type is that there is no law and the anti- type is what the typewriter the time might be forty this coming with an accent and I've already given you allusions to this we said that Noah was preparing to go from the old world you and is we also have to prepare to go for an old neo- instructions we also have commanded but think about this for a minute it's typical if it's typical of its representative doesn't make sense what do things that no one do in preparation for the flooding into things like where that he built the ark and what else could he do it brings two things two things right names that Seventh-day Adventists or people who are preparing for Jesus second coming must also be doing two things two things right we have to be building our characters twenty ninth ten instructions right and we also have to warn the world have you noticed that Adventists typically fall to select two extremes in this area like you have some people that that part of my praying this is kind of an example but the praying like Lord save me and my family Austrian accent you know I know we just want to be holy you know an answer they just want to pray for their character development is only one again often times people like that are neglectful of people that are out there I is another extreme I like all somehow wanted to think about it on the national Sunderland in all these bucks in the personal life is like these glaring inconsistencies right there is the balance that we have the fine folks the balance is that Don was between witnessing to others at preparing our characters the coming of Christ and it's a delicate balance I hope you find booking the Mac to three twenty five look with Iran at three twenty five so again what were saying what can we attribute to the significance as you know everything in the sanctuary was a type but here's something very specific it's very clearly given to us Romans reversely five from its equipment the Bible says whom God hath set forth now this is the Christ is the last name mentioned adversely for whom God hath set forth to be a want propitiation through faith in his lot to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past through the forbearance of God okay so Paul says that Jesus is a propitiation you look up the word propitiation in the ditch in the Strong 's concordance it means mercy seat so when outgassing one way I know that one article in the sanctuary that was a direction when Jesus was the mercy seat so how does that work what if I understand that now I know that Jesus represented the mercy seat that we can reason from cost to affect let's see if we can do that let's think about this for a minute I know that Jesus is a symbol or yes the mercifully one symbol of Jesus Murphy was a type of Christ how does that work the ark of the covenant had three major sections is not right there was a compartment which contain the ten Commandments right amount of the log onto first there was other things then on the top of the arc was one that the champions which the Jews understood with a symbol of the throne of God and in the earthly sanctuary there was a Shekinah glory him the visible representation what happened to the priest entered into the century with unconfessed sins and entered before the archipelago happened previously while because our God is a consuming fire is that true as if I slowly happen is if the priests are anybody want before that presence of God with saying that it would be consumed why because number one the law of God in the bottom points out saying a number to the presence of God within Suzanne if that's all there was they would be no hope the right because the lot with literature said I'm not friends with consummate the praise God there was something mining between what was it is the mercy seat the mark of the covenant was a lesson on the plan of salvation it was designed by that figure to show hospitable than Jesus and saving okay so that's that's online we have the license to do that John chapter five look at verse twenty six okay you know what John five twenty six many readers if this is what I I continuity for you believe you have fragile believes Moses you would have believe me for he wrote of me now we know that Moses wrote many things right Moses wrote the books looking at the book of Job but what part of nonsense well have you ever considered that in addition to the sanctuary service on the things that are outlined which all quite of course the Christ the stories that Moses wrote recorded in Genesis and Nexus and so forth they have symbolism on Jesus like for example the life of Joseph Joseph Stoller Senator Joseph and all in the Bible is the closest type of Christ that exist and what you think about this but Joseph as a type of Christ just examined by first of all in Joseph's life there was never any recorded seminar on not that it is not that Joseph did not say that the Bible simply does not give us a record of it and if you look at justice like let's not forget the details for example Joe said when he came to him being sold one brother sold in the rubber shoe vessel do you know that the name shooting deaths is the Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Jew okay so like it these examples that are done are done to help us see what would happen to the Messiah when he comes does not make sense so that's kind of like a illustration but if thirteen that's what this is the thirteenth versus thirty nine forty nine to fifty two the thirteenth forty nine okay so this is about play of this is about leprosy right and I think you know this leprosy was a type there was a similar plot second let's think why was it a symbol for sin it with a single course and because it affected all classes right irrespective of old or young it was badly it was contagious right and that these days of course prefigure or teach us about the effects of sin I think that's what I was going to say about that Luke one seventeen let's overlooked chapter one verse seventeen and I'm just trying to help you see like what gives us license to say that something has typical significance often it's because it is quoted and indicated to be sold one seventeen here's what the Bible says and he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children of the disobedient to the wisdom of the just to make ready a people prepared for the Lord and let's pause here for a minute the angel says that John the Baptist would behoove you like to let we want for five and six Malachi prophecy specifically sad that she would be sent before the great and the dreadful day of the Lord that was Jesus first coming the great and dreadful day of the Lord know something about this one is that what you mean that means that there was a partial only a partial fulfillment of the prophecy of Elijah coming back in the life of John the Baptist it's like Joe chapter two twenty eight on the cost when the disciples were seeking honest Joel sexier specifically said that this was a fulfillment of the prophecy of Joel Joel two twenty eight says is also a description of the time right before the second coming of Jesus and the right so these are minor fulfillments but they tell us something this means that John John the Baptist his life is an illustration of what God 's people are going to be before Jesus comes in other words what their work is to be held to be educated how will be trained to do their work all of John's life has significance for Seventh-day Adventist okay I did and I think I made mention of that earlier in one of the presentations talking about how he died in silver blue chapter four look with me at first twenty five of chapter four verse twenty five I tell you the truth many widows were in Israel in the days of Elias when the habit is less shut up how long three years and explained great famine was throughout all the land now let me pause here in Revelation the Bible talking to the church of by high rivalry talks about Jezebel okay now the New Testament in quoting aren't talking about the Old Testament for life sense to say that something is typical significance so let's think about this for a minute in the time of John the heavens are not rained for three and a half years but neither do I just story has significance for one time was there another three and a half year period that the Bible would predict the prophecy yes from what five thirty eight to seventeen ninety eight right it has typical significance like the book of Revelation cults and adhere again the Bible mentions the specific content of three and a half yea


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