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Receiving the Latter Rain- Part 2

Chad Kreuzer


Chad shares about God's ability to bring forth His glory through failed and sinful human beings, and appeals to attendees to surrender to Christ, and allow Him to work in their lives.


Chad Kreuzer

Anchor Point Films



  • March 23, 2018
    8:00 AM
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Good morning to you I see Northwest's. Was everybody doing. Well. Let's begin with the word. Heavenly Father we thank you so much. For Jesus we thank you for the time to gather together and Lord it's really too late in earth's history to come to a meeting like this and leave the same way that we came so we pray that your Holy Spirit would rain down upon us that you would open our minds and our hearts to receive you in the name of Jesus. If you have your Bibles turn with me to the Book of these. Is equal Chapter 36 this is incredible Now the main passage that we're that we're focusing on this week is in Hosea Chapter 6 verses 1 through 3. About the latter rain but the book of all is a as we mentioned yesterday is the story of the Prophet Hosea for some 70 to 90 years preaching to the house of Judah and to the house of Israel and Israel ends up falling away but yet God is doing everything he can through through the prophet Hosea to try to bring the people of God back to him but we're looking at our 1st passage this morning is an easy kill Chapter 36 in it is the picture of God's people leaving him that they that they're scattered throughout they're dispersed throughout the lands for their sins though they turned away from gone and it says in easy chapter 36 this is incredible notice with me in verse 19 verse 19 says and I scattered them the house of Israel and I scattered them among the heathen and they were dispersed through the countries. According to their way and according to their doings I judge them so the the Israelites become scattered because of their sins they're separated from dawn they have to go forth and they are there you know led astray and it says in verse 20 and when they entered into the heathen the nonbelievers the gentiles when they entered on and to the heathen whither they went they profaned my holy name when they said to them these are the people of the Lord and are gone forth out of his land meaning because the Israelites were turned away from gone because they had transgressed his name they're scattered abroad throughout all the nations and then these people look at these the Israel lights and they say these are the people of God Look at these people look at their lifestyle these are the people of the Lord of Jehovah and so they profane God's holy name by their lifestyle by their life by their actions they profane God's name now what happens in verse 21 God says but I had pity for my holy name. Which the house of Israel had profaned among the heathen with their they went there for saying to the house of Israel Thus says the Lord God I do not this for your sake or house of Israel but for my Holy Names see which you have profane among the heathen with the you went so get the picture Israel the Israel lights of totally failed they've turned away from God they've run after idolatry and they've So as they've sought their idols then they went to the heathen to the Assyrians for help and then they once again just laid a burden of tax upon them and so at this point here they are amongst the heathen they profane God's holy name and God says I'm going to do something and not for your sake will house of Israel but I'm going to do this for my holy name sake which you have profaned among the heathen Now what does he say he's going to do it says in verse 23 he says and I will sanctify I will make holy my great name which was profaned among the heathen which you have profane in the midst of the heathen of them and the heathen shall know that I am the Lord says the Lord when I shall be sanctified what in you before their eyes what a state. Get the picture God is saying listen you failed you turned away from me you were a terrible witness amongst the people around you to your own family to the heathen to the nonbelievers to the people that were not of your faith you were total failure you turned away from me and you as it were blasphemy my name you profane my name amongst the world around you you are only and totally fail and God says but I'm going to be sanctified in the eyes of the people all those people around you I'm going to be made holy in their eyes and how is that going to happen he says I'm going to sanctify my great name when I am sanctified in you meaning God is saying listen you have failed utterly and you're doing terrible but what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the loser I'm going to take the failure and I'm going to take that individual and as I change your life your changed life will reveal to the world around you that I am holy that I am God is not beautiful so here he is telling the Israelites you know yes you're going to turn away or you you have turned away but I can take you a broken vessel and I can put you back together I can put life within you I can fill you up so that you are filled with me and as I feel you then your life will be changed but it's not just for your sake I am doing this to reveal my name my character my glory to the world and I'm going to use the underdog the 1 who has failed the 1 who has not succeeded I am willing God says to use you even though you have not succeeded is not beautiful because I think most of us you know if you are like a boss of a company and you have people that failed that bad you just want to fire them you just want to get rid of them you would say hey you know come on why I'm going to waste my time with you but God doesn't work that way. God always knows the potential of what could happen in your life God always knows that potential and he sees it and he works with you he doesn't turn away from you he's seeking you over and over now this is the picture we get of the house of Israel and I believe this is also a picture of God's people in the last days not you have your Bibles turn with me to the book of Hosea back to our main passage for this week Hosea chapter 6 and we're going to begin verse 1 these 3 verses are the main verses that we are looking at Hosea chapter 6 and verse 1 remember even the chapter before Israel turns away from God They go to the Assyrians and then God you know he punishes them and then it says in Hosea chapter 6 and verse 1 come and let us return until the Lord for He has torn and he will heal us he is smitten and he will bind the sun after 2 days he will revive us in the 3rd day he will raise us and we shall live in his sight so when we come until him he will raise us up he will lift us up in the 3rd day he will resurrect us as it were in verse 3 says then then shall we know if if that's the big That is it what its contingent on God will raise us up if it is your choice if we follow on to know the Lord his going forward as prepared as the morning and he shall come unto us as the rain as the latter and the former rain on to the year 2 of the main themes that you see in the book of Hosea number 1 we looked at yesterday and that was a harlot woman who is with a whole league husband and she runs off as an adulterous upon her husband Gomer this is the picture of Israel. Really this is the picture I think of most every Christian at some point they're walk turning away from God and yet God has the picture Listen you've messed up you've been a terrible when it's you feel like a failure you recognize you don't deserve my grace and mercy but God says I'm going to use you if you come on to me again I will use you no matter how deep no matter how deep the hole that you may have dug and you may have fallen into fallen into I will raise you up that excess I will lift you back up that I will buy you back just this as Hosea had a bias on wife back from her lover got his I will buy you back I will purchase you as as a slave from your slavery I will bring you back so you have these 2 themes you have this marriage theme that goes on like you know like a thread throughout the book of Hosea But then the 2nd 1 you see is 1 that has to do with farming farming gardening taking care of the trees and in receiving the fruit in the latter rain that rains down and it gives the early rain gives life the beginning of the season so that the seed germinates at the end you have the you know fruit coming forth with the latter rain after the Latter Rain falls so you have these 2 symbols going on in the book of Hosea now look with me in chapter 10 in verse 12 as this 2nd theme continues on in Hosea Chapter 10 in verse 12 what does this say Hosea chapter 10 and verse 12 says so to your cells in what righteousness reap in mercy break up your fallow ground for this time to seek the Lord till he come and reign what righteousness upon you so what is the latter rain bringing to God's people it is through the power of the Holy Spirit it is God reigning on his Holy Spirit but in this case it says that he rains down his what on us. His righteousness now when you read through the New Testament about righteousness by faith it's interesting because right just missed by faith a very I mean 1 of the most important subjects you could possibly think of in the Bible you know just just a quick side note that what is what is right just since well righteousness must have to do with something good obviously but you know the Bible says in 1st John Chapter 5 in verse 17 all unrighteousness is sin and there is a sin that is not on today all unrighteousness of sin 1st on chapter 3 verse forces whosoever commit sin transgress as also Law For seen is the transgression of the law so sin is transgression of law so sin is breaking the law an righteousness is sin that means an righteousness is breaking the. LAW Well then if if breaking the law is an righteousness in unrighteousness is the opposite of righteousness then rightist miss would be keeping up. The Law The trouble is on our own we don't have the capacity to do that now the text we just read in Hosea Chapter 10 tells us that God is this He wants our fallible ground to be broken up so the ground of our lives the soil of our hearts the soil of our lives has been unworked for years it's like a field that has that nobody's taking care of the fences fall in down you know the soil is I mean there's just weeds growing everywhere and Goddess I want to I want to break up the fallow ground the ground that has not been worked in your life and he says I want to rain down right just snice upon you meaning that you as this this this battle ground you need something that you don't personally have meaning within your heart like Paul said in Romans 7 verse 18 for I know that in me that is in my flesh dwells no good thing for to will is present with me but how to perform that which is good I find not Paul said listen the experience of humanity in our unregenerate state is that we have nothing good of ourselves and even when we are converted we have nothing good of ourselves all things come of the and of the unknown Have we given the meaning the good that we receive actually comes from God You follow because in me and I know that what is in me that no good thing well how do I know because I try I have tried on my own to do the right thing and actually when I 1st became an advantage for a number of you for a number of years I actually thought I was a good person and then God showed me the reality and I came to my senses by the grace of God you know he revealed to me Chad you're an author and just despicable sinner and it came to my heart I'm glad that he finally showed me that because I was you know just an absolute Verity to be honest with you but. Even in that I was still seeking the Lord I got to say to it you know I was seeking to know the Lord but there was this real Farrah saying you know streak within me but nevertheless God revealed to me that you are a sinner that you are the chief of sinners and I'm glad that he gave me that experience and God began to break up the fellow around I'm no where near where I need to be but I at least began to realize I know that in me too as no good thing God wants to break up this fellow grown he began to do that in my life and he wants to reign righteousness upon us because we don't have it in and of ourselves he wants to give us something that we do not have of ourselves and the New Testament tells us that is the righteousness of faith or it says it's the righteousness of Christ or it says it's the righteousness of God by faith as you read the writings of Paul he talks about this over and over that we need to see because even if we stop sinning today would we deserve to go to heaven in 10 years of Jesus came back know why because the wages of sin is that we could never make up for our former sins we could never make up for a former sins but we need to have a perfect righteousness the righteousness of God Now if God gave me if Jesus gave me his righteousness if at the cross he took all of my sin my sorrow my burdens my shame upon him at the cross he took that from me and then in response gives me a roll of righteousness that not only covers me but fills my heart with his righteousness then we are covered and now we have the righteousness of God and I says we should not worry about what the father in the Son think of us but what the father thinks of Christ our substitute. If Jesus if I know that he has taken my place and by faith I am walking with him I can trust that he will cover me that as the text says he will reign his righteousness upon us he will reign his righteous that's what it is that's this this theme that runs through the Book of those they are not only the marital theme and the the adulterous theme of of all is a but also the the agricultural theme that runs through the book of Hosea So here we have it so to yourselves right in righteousness reap in mercy break up your fellow ground for it is time to seek the Lord till he come in rain righteousness upon you flip of me the last chapter of those there the last chapter of those A It continues this theme of of this agricultural theme in the book opposed say Jose a chapter 14 we're going to begin now in verse 1 Remember Israel is the 1 that is turned away from God and Jose it finishes the book with instead of saying Yeah you're just going to turn away you're going to be lost instead of that he gives them whole but b n it says in chapter 14 verse 1 Israel return to the Lord thy God for you have fallen by your iniquity take with you words come to the Lord with words and turn to the Lord and say to him Take away all iniquity and receive us graciously So we will render the cab's of our lives meaning that you will come to God with the sacrifices of your lips and you will say God I'm sorry I've been turning from you I've fallen into sin come to God with the sacrifices the calves of your lips asking for forgiveness and verse to asher the Assyrians shall not save us people of the world will not save us relationships of the world will not bring us peace and joy and and contentment in safety. As the Israelites were looking for in the Assyrians Ashura will not save us we will not ride upon horses neither will we say any more to the work of our hands to our idols are our gods for in the the fatherless find mercy no we're going to turn away but if you know Jose says turn away from your idols don't cling any more to safety from the world don't go after your idols the things in this world that you were put before God The verse for I will heal their. Backsliding I will love them freely for my anger is turned away from me God says He will heal your backsliding as you in verse as it says in verse 1 as you return to the Lord as you seek His face God will heal your backsliding as you spend time looking at G.'s us do you spend time looking in Jesus do you spend time in personal devotions do you spend time looking at the savior not just quickly reading over a page but actually taking time to think about Jesus live what it means to you on a personal level and as you look at the life of Jesus as you behold him on the cross as you behold the scenes of us live from from the manger to Calvary as you behold his life he can heal your back sliding it's because he he draws from your heart a love for him that deepens in deep inside so that he becomes 1st and foremost in your life and through that he can heal your backsliding so it goes on to say verse 5 I will be as the do unto Israel here is this agricultural theme coming back I will be as the do 1 to Israel and it says he shall grow as the lily and cast forth his what. Roots as Lebanon so God will become like do to us he will we will grow as the lily and he he will cast forth our roots like as Lebanon or his roots as Lebanon now it's interesting some of you may have heard how many of you ever heard of The Ellen White Tree planting method have you ever heard of that before so most of you have right it's such a beautiful thing and what's very neat about it too is you know I talked about it she says that she was given this by an angel and if you have if you haven't watched it like on You Tube go watch it on Youtube type in L Y tree planting method and I had the 1st time I ever saw it was a number of years ago I don't know 10 years ago or so and it was in California it was the name of their Placerville California we were up there and there's a man by law with the last name of Hall wagon there and he planted 4 trees and he did 3 of them the way that the forestry service plants them and then he did 1 of them the L.-I tree planting method and it was it was incredible to see because we saw 3 years after the fact that he had he had already planted them with that with the children with the you know from the church there they did on the church grounds and he he had done it since he was 12 or 13 years old and he had been doing this for a year you know year after year he had been doing this but here he is doing it with the kids at church just to show them what happens so the 3 trees the plants like the Forestry Service the 1 tree is the only tree planting method and what happened was the 3 that were done by the like the forestry service method they were after 3 years about as thick as my finger. And there were maybe about you know 1 was maybe like this tall 1 was about this tall and 1 was like maybe or maybe about like that and but like I said they're about as thick as my finger and maybe a little bit bigger and the 1 the tree planting the 1 that was planted according to grandma White's tree planting method after 3 years instead of it being as thick as my finger it was about this thick literally about that thick and it was like 10 feet tall and it was just filled with brain I mean the branches were just incredible the other 1 looked like maybe didn't grow up watching them but Charlie Brown Christmas trees you know like tiny little ridiculous trees and yet the Ellen White method. Made this beautiful tree within the same amount of time I mean when you think of this to this this is not like twice as big this is like 20 times as big right within the same amount of time now what is the key to it I mean this talks about the roots growing as the roots of Lebannon 1 of the key features of this planting method is that a hole is to be dug right the hole is dug but it's not just like a little hole in the ground that fits the little root system instead what is it it's like 3 feet wide by 3 feet deep and is it is it work to dig a 3 foot by 3 foot hole if you don't think so you've never dug a hole. It was super work out my wife and I the Lord blessed last year we've bought some land on the country where we're from I'm originally from Michigan and we want to go back and be elephants in times of family and so forth and so we bought some land out in the country and last fall we were digging you know digging up the fallow ground the ground that is laid I mean just for just about ever this this area just in a forest so we're digging up digging up and so we're digging these holes you know 3 foot by 3 foot and ended up pry being even bigger I you know I have this problem with you know if that goat is good you know if that big is good maybe more is even better and so you dig this and it was it was the end of September and in Michigan the end of September should be cold but strangely enough it was 90 degrees still at that time of year which is a very unusual for the fall in Michigan and so we're digging these holes and I'm just like still waiting you know from head to toe and whatever but it's such an enjoyable experience isn't it it's such an end even though it's super hard work you know you're sweating like crazy you know and you haven't done it and you know forever you're all sore but it was just such a great experience but as Bill's roots go out because you fill it in with wonderful soil and compost bin and you put some rocks in the bottom and there's there's a whole process you can just you know Google I want to be playing that and you can see the chart on how to do it but what happens is those those roots you made plants a little tree I mean that most of the excess some of the trees we planted these trees called papad trees and they were you know they started off maybe so big or this big and then but then we also planted some apple trees that were you know by 6 feet tall or whatever but 1 of the amazing things is how those roots because you have put in this nice soil in a nice compost it's broken up so well that those roots just. And because those roots spread out so well so easily it's not an effort because the Russian ground isn't full of you know Rocky substances or our harsh dry ground but there's nice soil is there and as the roots grow out it makes it so that those trees as Herb or Clarence White and the whites grandson he even wrote a book on this he wrote a book about what you find is that watch I'll just read it to you this is incredible in this book actually he didn't write this book he wrote another book I have the book he wrote but this particular book right here is called The Complete Book of composting and it's written by J. L. Dale So this is not a Christian book this is totally a secular book but they tell you that that planning Ellen White's tree planting method is an incredible way to grow treats so the secular people say you ought to try this notice what they say this is incredible when they're writing about when organic expert Herbert Clarence why they don't say the grandson of Illinois but that Herbert Clarence White of Paradise California plants a tree he doesn't even glance at the little instruction sheet that the nursery sent with the stock he proceeds to plant the trees using an unusual method handed down to him by his grandmother years ago and grandma White's method I love it Grandma white that's what she gets called Grandma White's method has worked so well for her over the years that he has use it to plant hundreds possibly thousands of trees he has seen through trees planted by Grandma whites method grow show 3 or 4 feet of new growth in the year and start bearing crops in only a couple of seasons Normally it takes years like you know 456 years for for trees to bring forth their their you know fruit but with this method it goes very very rapid. And what happens he it's as you start out by doing a 3 foot wide and 3 foot deep end which you plant your young tree and then he goes on to explain the whole process and I'm not I'm not here to this is not a message on how to do the whole process but just the idea of how it works but then at the end of it he says this he says does all this sound too weird in grotesque to utterly fantastic If so far be it from me to try to convince you then he says but if you are just a wee bit interested in watching a miracle just try it out on 1 little tree following the planting plan as indicated in the diagram carefully and it will be hard for you to believe your own eyes when that baby tree starts growing Isn't it beautiful even the secular world is like wow Grandma Grandma why I had a great method of planting trees and that incredible And and here's the thing 1 of the aspects that now obviously there's multiple you know aspects to it but 1 of that the beautiful aspect is that the roots are able to go out you know we have the story in that Mark Chapter 4 about the 4 soils. The parable the 4 soils right you have the what rocky ground you know the star the way 1st have the wayside hears the ones who are planted you know by the wayside in the fall of the year came the birds come in devoured up then you have the stony ground heres the ones who they spring up early but they have no root the roots can't sink down and so persecution comes and they're taken away. Then you have those that are grown among us there's weeds in the area and they choke it and it becomes unfruitful But then you have the good ground here. And the good ground the roots can can dig deep they can make connection under the soil and 1 of the things that many people don't realize about the Christian life is they look at somebody whose roots spiritual and they look at them and you actually sometimes think that's just who he is that's just who she is that's just kind of their character that's kind of their nature and that's just the way they are but here's the thing what you forget it is that as you look at the tree and the tree is growing up so big and so tall and so beautiful you forget that so much of the effort to become big tall and beautiful actually takes place in the dark it takes place in an area that no 1 can see you do not you are not naturally a spiritual person by nature just as Paul said I can on my own are actually Jesus and I can in my own self do nothing as Paul said for I know that it me that is in my son my flesh dwells no good thing meaning that if somebody has a beautiful life spiritually it is not because of what you see on the outside it is what took place in the dark where nobody was watching it is because of their personal connection with their Savior Jesus Christ spending time daily in his were spending time daily on their knees in prayer spending time in the dark is what actually brings light to your life and with these trees what you do not see is you do not see that root system that enables them to grow so big to grow so large and to go from you know this big to this big right it can happen very fast also it can happen very fast if we have that time in secret with God. God can have our roots grow deep you may be weak you may say I can't do it but God tells you eat with men it is impossible but not with God for with God all things are possible got so good is and isn't a cite no God teaches us how to breathe in the spirit prophecy tells us how to have good posture tells us how to overcome depression tells us how to live a kind life with our family tells us how to eat tells us how to sleep and tells us how to plant trees. He tells us everything he did the same thing with Israel yes or no he taught them how to do everything but then I think we have gotten so far we've gotten so far from God that he actually had to kind of like tell us all over again and he had to give us a lot more details at the end of time he said OK the Bible is a big book it takes I mean if you read like 3 or 4 chapters a day it takes you a whole year to get through this book but you read 3 or 4 chapters of the Spirit of Prophecy and it takes you forever to get through it all right you know God has given us all this information and if we just reach out I mean I talked about being depressed yesterday but it wasn't until I found something in the spirit prophecy that found the answer to my problem you know I share with you a we happen to be for me I happen to have this gut brain connection issue that God has given us all this information and I love the fact that he's given all this to us and but I've gone too far off subject let me get back to our message son praise the Lord for his his light that he is shed upon us in this generation I don't want to receive it in the beginning of my experience but I'm so glad that God kept working on my heart and our back to our passage read with me back and verse 5 Hosea 14 verse 5 I will be as the do unto Israel he shall grow as the lily and cast forth his roots as Lebannon. His branches shall be spread and his beauty shall be as the olive tree and his smell as Lebanon you know so notice is as you are if your roots go out like in verse 5 if your roots go out then your branches can spread and by the way what's the purpose of having branches that go out What do you ultimately want to have on those branches fruit right I am the vine. Branch what comes between the vine and the fruit what is between those 2 things of brain which See we can either come between the fruit that God wants to bring about in our lives or we can stay connected to the vine that the fruit may come to follow we can either come between it and stop the fruit from going or we can cling to the vine we can cling to our Savior we can be hold his life we can talk to him he can become the most beautiful thing in our experience or we can be or we come in between this is the trouble for Israel but they didn't have to separate from him he was telling them listen we can do this we can be connected we can bring forth fruit just stick with me stick to me and everything will be OK So it says in verse 6 is branches still spread his beauty shall be as the Olive Tree Now keep in mind the illustration of Hosea is you are gold. Even the name is not pretty Have you you know do people name their child Gomer any more now nobody wants to be Gomer What's your name Gomer you know nobody wants that but God is saying to go Marie saying to charity saying to us. You've turned away from me but I want your roots to girl deep all rain down upon you like to do I'll come down upon you like to do I will water gently upon you your roots will go deep your branches will spring forth and then he says his beauty shall be as the olive tree you your life may become ugly from your sin but I will make you beautiful again I will make you beautiful again and then it says and your smell will be as leaven anybody been here 11 on you go up in the trees there's a smell good up there I have no idea I've never been there but I've been to the Black Hills of South Dakota and to me there is no sweeter smelling place on the planet than the Black Hills of cell South Dakota it is amazing it is like a heavenly scent that just comes out of the Ponderosa pines and maybe from you know some of the brush on the ground but it is like a heavenly smells I imagine maybe that Cedars of Lebanon more like that maybe I don't know I'm sure it was different but just the kind they experience that you have it literally feels when when I'm in the Black Hills I feel like I'm on holy ground I feel like I'm on holy ground just this morning I came out of the house that we're staying in you know 10 minutes away from here in the sun it just come out and it literally felt like a holy experience to me you know the Bible so I'm not righteous but the Bible says to the righteous all things are righteous but to the unconverted all things are evil to him but when God begins to change your life you begin to see the beauty in the glory of God all around you in nature in the things of this life in God's wisdom in his creation you begin to see is beauty all over the place and God can turn your life from something ugly as the roots grow deep and the branches grow out your life becomes beautiful and even your scent is incredible. That people begin when they're around you that there's even a role model of something beautiful it talks about that new in the New Testament it's mentions the very same thing that we become a saver of life on to life when people around us it's like they smell something different not literally but there's this something is left behind even after we walk out of the room and at that point it's a good smell before maybe our life stunk right but God wants to bring forth the beautiful smell from our lives and it says in verse 7 they that dwell under the shadow under his shadow shall return they shall revive as the corn and grow as the vine the scent ship thereof shall be as the wine of Lebanon so once again we have this picture that we're under the shadow maybe and maybe in Israel there is just too much sun and you need be under the shadow in the corn could revive because it would then have enough water in it and so here we have this picture we will grow as the vine verse 8 Ephraem shall say What have I to do any more with idols I have heard him and observed him I am like a green fir tree form from me is your what. Fruit notice where God finishes with with Jose up in his message from always say to the Israelites he says in me is your fruit found if you stay connected to me I will bring forth fruit in your life I will bring forth the fruit of the spirit love joy peace patience kindness gentleness self-control I will give you this experience you may have had just the opposite your life may have been a life of sin you may have been a failure just as we read in in easy chapter 36 he says you have failed you have turned away from me you have blasphemy my name among the heathen she said in easy in easy 36 he said you profane my name among the heathen you are a failure but he says but what I'm going to do all house of Israel is for my holy name sake for my own character sake God said I'm going to do something unbelievable I'm going to reveal to the world my character my glory my name and I'm going to do it through you who have turned against me when I feel you with my righteousness then I'm going to reveal to the world what I'm really all about I'm going to make you like a a beautiful tree like we read in Psalms chapter 1 bless it is the man right that walk at night in the counsel of the ungodly your stand in the way of sinners nor sit in the seat of the scornful but his delight is in the law of the law or his to the light His joy is in God's word in in his law shall he meditate day and night when I 1st began to read the Word of God I did not enjoy that it's not unusual that's normal but as I spent day after day week after week month after month God gave began to give me a love for his work it is not natural to love the things of God. But if like Hosea Chapter 6 verse 3 says if you follow on to know the Lord do not give up because you had a weak devotions today or tomorrow or the next that if you follow want to know the Lord he shall reign down his righteousness upon you he will bring forth the former and the latter rain if you follow on day by day to get to know Jesus don't give up don't give up and you don't know maybe you feel like you got nothing out of your devotions today but it may not be for you maybe what you read today next week you will be able to share with somebody who's hurting and suffering and the devotions you had today will actually be for the life of somebody else sometimes it gives you strength sometimes it is for others but all of the time you may not see the growth but God is working in your heart take that time so your roots can grow deep spend time in the dark so that you may come forth and why God wants us to have this experience and what does he say he says from me is your fruit found is equal told us I am going to use you even though you fail it's as if to me he's saying an easy he's saying listen the Laodicean church is a bunch of failures they have fallen asleep how many of the how many of the bridesmaids fall asleep at the virgins all fall asleep. But some of them are going to cling to the Holy Spirit they're going to realize they're going to take with them the Holy Spirit and yes we may have been sleeping but Lord help us to wake up let's find time daily in His word seeking his face seeking for the Holy Spirit to come down and he can reign righteousness upon us and as he does we can receive the former rain initially was that which came down upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost but in our lives personally we may have the formerly rain the early experiences of our our experience with God where he was where he revives us he brings life to us but as we seek to know Him day by day he may finally come to us with the latter rain so that we can go forth to share the gospel with power many of us are afraid to share with people we don't want to share with people well I say I've totally messed it up I'll tell you what I have you know I did full time for years and years and years and years did full time door to door work I can't tell you how many times I messed things up over and over and said the wrong thing did the wrong thing somebody maybe could have made the right decision if it weren't for my mistakes surely to be honest with you that happened. But if we follow on to know the Lord even if you fail to keep going even if you're not the best even if you're not the most eloquent even if you feel like you can't do it God will use you and what we found we've seen this in our own ministry we were in a church in this man was the shyest man in the congregation and were doing it at a meeting down in Arkansas and we said to them as we were speaking to the church before we did the meetings we said listen you may be afraid to talk to the people coming to these meetings because you don't know them but I assure you the people coming to the meetings are more nervous than you are because you're at least here with us and you know each other they have no idea the people here they when they come in they're going to even be even more nervous so this couple came in and when this couple came in they they said they saw me and as a number of years ago and I look young now but I looked way younger then and this woman came in and when she looked at me she said What is this child going to teach me and. And then after the meeting the the shyest man in the church went up to her and her husband began to talk with them and she told me later praise the Lord later she was baptized and they've done missionary work and wonderful things for God but she told me afterwards she said she said I wasn't we were going to come back it we came back because of that man who came and spoke to us the shyest man in the church because of him those people are in the church today they may be in the kingdom of God because the most afraid a man in the congregation went to talk to somebody you're going to have an opportunity going to reach you May the most the most fearful person in this congregation God will you shoot he will use you if you are willing he will rain His righteousness upon you he will do special things but I gotta close so Thomas was a failure Thomas had turned his eyes away from Jesus. Thomas had gotten to the point where the other disciples as seen the resurrected Christ and he had not seen him so he said I will not believe it until I reach my fingers out and I touch the holes in his hands unless I thrust my hand into his side I will not believe so he was the dollar but then when he finally came face to face with the resurrected Christ His life was changed his life was changed the failure that doubter went on and he went off to to North Africa and begin to share the message of North Africa then he went over to India and to this day Indians name their children Thomas because of a man 2000 years ago who had failed miserably but went forth after he looked across at the he kept his eyes on his the resurrected Lord as he went forth to spread the gospel he shared and he shared and he got to the point he was in a place called Kalam ina in India and as he was there was preaching the gospel and it got to the point where the the priests of the son of the Sun God began to realize that there may be their ministry would be destroyed because people would no longer follow their God They became so furious that we are told historically it's not in the Bible as far as I know it's on the spirit but we are told from history that they got to the point where they apprehended the Thomas himself and like the Hebrew word These he was thrown into a fire he was burned with hot irons and it seemed actually as if he would not die within the fire and so the priest became furious these priests of the Sun God became so furious that they took javelins and they took arrows and they pierced him through all he was in the fire and Thomas yielded his life for his savior is he known as the doubter to the heathen the former heathen of India now he's known as a man of faith. You may have turned away from God You may have failed but Jesus is saying Come unto me come back to me yield your life to me and find the joy of the Lord find the peace find the pleasure in my ways for evermore I want to give you a blessing you may not have succeeded you may have been an absolute failure but God says I'm going to reveal my character to the world through you ask that you bar has just now Heavenly Father we thank you that you can use a failure like me not because we deserve it for I know that in me that is in my flesh was no good thing but we thank you that we discover we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us Father I pray that you would help break up the fallow ground that are roots will grow deep that our branches would grow long because we cling to the Savior I prefer that you would bring forth the fruit of your righteousness the fruit of the Spirit in our lives and then that fruit would be eaten by others and that they would partake of it and it would be good to spring forth around us and that you would reveal to the heathen that you are God through the people who have failed but if you bring life to us that you would bring life to the world and that you would take the lay of the sea in church and you would give us the heart of Philadelphia. Heart of Brotherly Love. Draw each 1 of us nearer to you we pray and pray this in Jesus' name in. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like more about audio. If you would like a little more service leave the W.W.W. audio person or.


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