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Christian Business- Part 2

Mike Tillay


Mike shares more principles for using business to reach souls for Christ.


Mike Tillay

Businessman from Walla Walla



  • March 22, 2018
    10:30 AM
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Good morning Father it's fun to work with you and to be in your will Lord the happiest person in the world is somebody who knows there where you want them to be doing what you want them to do please fill us with your spirit today we prayed in Jesus lovely name him. See we got another a student here a couple or a couple more. Somebody came up to me at church she was a nurse. And she said. Do you know soul and soul FRANK Oh yeah I know so and so. Well he's not doing so well maybe you should go see him. The last person in the world that I wanted to go see was Frank Frank was gay and he was interested in me I remember during an evangelistic series at this church I'm sitting in the front row and along comes Frank and sit down right beside me. He wasn't there because he wanted evangelism he was there because he wanted to sit next to me and I turned to my wife and I said these blasts fame those blasts of us words I don't care if Frank goes to hell are not. That Sabbath many years later I went saw Frank. He was and. In the hospital I see me in the nursing home and it didn't look like he was doing so so well and I had taken a CD with me or some music but he didn't have a player. And talked with him for a while and I knew he really liked the certain kind of music Caruso you know that's probably not the kind of music they play over the intercom in the in the nursing home and so I told him I bring back a player tomorrow well. He kind of rested his eyes and he went to sleep and I had felt so help guilty about what I had said some years before that I knelt down beside his bed and I just said Lord will you forgive me for what I said to Frey or what I said about Frank you know when God put somebody in your path God doesn't make mistakes you know Jesus hugged the leper you know he he he he wasn't afraid to touch the leper he wasn't afraid there are people that are different persuasion the new. But before God can use of us to work for someone else he's got to do something to our heart you know you can't give away something you don't have and the 1st step in reaching anyone for Christ is I've got to be Christ's wholly and completely How do you know if you're converted Well if you had asked Peter are you converted What do you think he might have said well he says if I'm not converted there's nobody that has converted I've left my home town I've loved my family I love my business I left everything to Paul Jesus of course I'm converted but Jesus said to him some months later when your converted strength and. Peter was on converted and didn't know it do you know what the ratio is within Adventism. Ellen White says not 1 in 20 not 1 in 20 so how do we know if we're converted Well 1st of all the time we spend with Jesus with God the Father will be a tally in a tale not the time you plan to spend but the time you have spent with him do you give him your best hour your best hours now somebody says my best hours in the evening then give it to him whenever your best time is you know you find Christ in the scripture it says rising up a great while before dawn he went out and prayed but you'll find an equal number of times in Scripture where Jesus is spending morning time with this while other and evening time with his father in fact if you'll turn to Joshua 1 verse 8. You'll find an interesting principle Joshua 1 verse 8. This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate in it day ad night that you may observe to do all that which is a which is written in it for then you shall make your way prosperous and then you shall have good success. Mark Finlay secretary said to me you know Mike she says I can start out and I am doing great. And then by afternoon she says I'm snapping turtle. Or words to that effect says saying things you wish you could have back well in the sanctuary. Everything I need in my life you'll find in the sanctuary you know come to the cross you know once you go into the sanctuary there were 3 articles of furniture in the holy place the candlestick to help table showbread. Table of incense altar of into OK there was actually a 4th thing in there most people are not aware of but. For thing was the Chicago in a glory because the curtain did not go all the way to the top and the Chicago glory was also very present in the holy place and those are the 4 things that I needed my life OK Bible study that's the word of God prayer you know the the altar of incense and then. When it comes to the candle stick the Christian witness you notice that the candle stick had to be filled up twice a day for it to be light Yeah had to be filled up twice a day twice you know every 12 hours or whatever so that it would never go out and you know that's what Joshua is telling us twice a day day and night you'll find that in the life of Christ and it's such a blessing to end it and very difficult to come apart. You know I mean if you get up early in the morning when you have that time that's your own time and probably not going to get too many phone calls but if you were to just say I have an appointment from such and such a time to such and such a time in my office you know who is that when it's with God If you had a new baby in your house I've just come from our daughter who has a 10 week old and that baby gets 1st attention I don't care if the U.P.S. man comes to the door I don't care what happens. The baby comes 1st otherwise it's going to die and that's that's our spiritual life we can't be a light to others and unless we're being filled up. With Jesus every day and I think twice a day is this the past well I should say that Daniel found that he needed to be filled up 3 times a day morning noon and night and night while I pray in fact he would rather die than miss 1 of his spiritual infiltrates rather die well be trying to do that you need to say well you know just do in the morning or just do in the evening when nobody could see it was dark or whatever this guy was so consistent he was amazing so the 1st principle of of outreach. First Corinthians. 15 verse 5 1st part tast and evaluate yourselves to see if you are in the faith and living your lives as committed the leaders if you are committed to Christ you'll be spending time with him if you are committed to Christ another word will summarize your life there's another word. I don't know if you remember. The Salvation Army and Booth that started that but he had missionaries all over the world and. 1 year to start a new year off right he decided to just send out a telegram to all of his people is it a lot of money to send out that many telegrams and he figured he only had enough money to send out 1 word to all those people and you might think What was that word well you got any other get help that's a good pray that's a good word any other right Rast Now that's a good 1 but it's not the word he sent out. It's a word that lets us know we are crisis if God is number 1 in our lives because we're spending time with him this next word will become part of our life and it's the word others others will be a more important than yourself others agenda will be a more important than your agenda you know early on I asked me the other day just a couple days ago she says Well you'll be able to do a seminar in the afternoon. Kyle Allen will be able to be here all I didn't want to do that but you know what. Others are more important than you their agenda and I knew that if I was only I would want to have that slot filled so I said Sure happy to do that. So others will be more important. Than. Oh 1st Corinthians 13 verse 51 day. I couldn't be home for Sabbath and the summertime we're on a little ghost town and it's 130 miles from here and I see a couple people who have been there. Anyway yeah we we love this little spot river Hot Springs and I had to stay down there over Sabbath and feel a little picked on you know that I couldn't be with my wife that Sabbath and there was a fellow there a position with a ponytail and I put I don't care for men with ponytails especially when they're gray OK and this guy had a great ponytail. But I thought you know he probably out here through out in Nature wants to get a little exercise so I asked him I said you want to go for a hike now what's the difference between a walk and a hike. Awak has got no specific deck destination a hike has a specific destination north you go on a hike you're going to the top you're gone on a loop you're doing something or whatever I asked if you want to go for high he says yeah I'd love to and this guy was probably about you know 65 or so position from the Bay Area and we went on a pretty nice loop and 3 quarters of the way through loopy just stocked he says may I share something with you I said Sure he said I've never shared it with anybody in my life not even my own wife well I said if you feel comfortable Go Go ahead he said 1 thing you don't know about me is he said I'm bisexual and he said 2 years before they identified the AIDS virus I was practicing down in the Bay Area and he said God spoke to me and he said there's a plague coming for the gay community and so after that he didn't have any relations with any men for 2 years and then when the. Virus was identified he realized God probably saved my life choices that's the 1st story he says the 2nd story I want to tell you is as a physician is very important you know the prescriptions you give to people I mean you could kill somebody with the wrong prescription of the wrong dosage and he says I was practicing for Kaiser in the Bay Area and he said I told a fellow you need to come back and see me in 6 months and I gave the guy prescription. And he brought it back right away and he says Dr did you mean 6 months or 3 weeks because on the paper you wrote I need to see you in 3 weeks Oh here let me fix it I just made a mistake he said I was losing my mind and I didn't know it and I went back and I reviewed some of the medical prescriptions for medicines and things and in some cases I had given people 10 times the medication that I should should have been and. I immediately went to my supervisor and I said you know he said I need a leave of absence Maybe I'm just under too much stress. Just need to take a vacation the guy gave him a vacation he decided I'm going to drive from the west coast clear as far back as I can to Prince Edward Island you know take a boat and go out to the island that's a pretty long drive he said Mike he said on the way I was losing my mind so quickly that I couldn't even find my way back to the hotel nice as I say on the I'm an atheist but he says every time I called out to God for help he helped me and he says I finally decided I needed to drive back to Oakland and so I drove I drove back and he says tears would be streaming from my eyes and I just said Lord help me and he says he he helped me to get back to my home then like never canals or God healed him and whatever it was that was making his mind go bad God healed and restored him and when he was. Come down of the river hot springs on vacation. I said well you seem pretty normal now he says yeah I'm about 90 percent back and God restored me to be in a position again well I said you need. I Bible do you have a Bible noises I don't have 1 well I said you need 1 I will watch what I will do you recommend and I and I told him before he left he said now which which Bible was that again I want to write that down to get that Bible and I says please come and see my wife and I sometime when you're in the Bay Area Well when people with us and with an honest heart want you to want to have further connection with you that's 1 of the greatest principles in the spirit of prophecy and the Bible on hand on seeking out who to go to in that is. From deserve ages. Alan Light she says. So if I can find it here there's a quote that I wanted to share. Well I can't find the quote I'm so sorry I only tell you essential what it is he flattered this seed in good ground that the disciples looked for open hearts and. This guy was and this guy was good ground he was he was initiating contact he was trying to. Get me to come see him so when I was down in the bay or the next time I decided to see him to stop in and see him and we were talking up a storm hadn't seen each other quite a while and I didn't realize this but his wife was a very famous cycle analyst and she was in the back cycle alley that lies in some patient OK but just over the telephone she allies people like the the owner of the Oakland A's and all kinds of different people and. So have you heard every heard good joke. About the guy that went into a sushi bar with a psychoanalyst and a psychiatric physician Well I've never heard that joke either because it was me and that's where they want to take me this guy was a success psychiatry list and he wanted to go to a sushi bar and I thought well I'm sure I can get some vegetables or something to eat there and his wife is this famous psychoanalyst and so we sat down at the table and we waited we ordered could get something that there that was vegetarian and. Just a few minutes into the conversation but wife's already on the phone again and she's talking to somebody apparently in the conversation was so boring that she would talk to us as so I asked her a question I said So what did you think of me oh I had don't know you well enough to know you know I can't really tell enough or whatever I said No go ahead go ahead get a shot at it she says right from the start I didn't like you she she hit it hard boy the story anything's and she hit it over again and again and again and I was feeling like a dog that had just been kicked you know finally to. Kind of go I said to her so are you a good listener because I had asked her husband if he had ever shared those 2 stories you chaired with me with his wife and he says no he says I started to but she just wasn't listening and she would a ridiculed me if I had told her about God So when I asked her the question so are you a good listener has her husband this immediately stepped in and says she's a very thorough analyst and I'm. Anyway so. They finally took me back. To my car after dinner and whatnot and the only kind of think she ever said to me was but do come back again I want to see how you're doing in other words if I had put into practice all of the things that she had told me and whatever 1 of my psychologist friends asked me Did you ask are all these things that she's saying bad about you how do you know this is a projection. Oh well I said No I would have said that I would have thought that perhaps or that I would have said that but she said something kind to come around again I haven't been back to see this couple blat. Gods start to give me the courage to go back and see them again you know 1 of the most important principles not only is a that you are a converted person. But to plant the seed in open hearts OK And then if God gives you a chance for repeat contact do it take advantage you know when anybody ever says to you where you pray about such and such Always take time write down to pray with them right there even if it's just a short prayer that will give them courage that you are praying for them if you'll just take time and pray for them write them. That's something that Mark Finley says and told me I took a little. Class he he used to teach 6th month class in evangelism and I asked 1 of the outcoming people what's the most important principle that you learned in the 6 months that you were here and he said plant the seed in open hearts a lot of times we spend too much time with. People who are only slightly interested and we need to spend more time with the people who who are good ground I mean the people that ask questions you know with an honest heart the people who who contact you. You can tell when a person is open to troops now don't give them too much you know just give them enough for the for the time. Yes or. OK Good question Is there a way to awaken the interest I asked Mark Kelly about that and he says you know he says if you were to take a seed and try to plant it in concrete He says it won't do any good you got at least have a crack for there to be a chance of that seed is going to sprout and so he says you got to do something what I call the heavenly jackhammer. He says you got to pray lower heart from his heart open give me a crack didn't you give me an opening do something please and then watch for God's providential workings where there would be a little crack a little opening a little something. And. I was watching a news program on television and they were talking about then the chairman of board of Disney Michael Eisner and they asked him Are you happy with your life always is I'm happy with every part of my life I'm happy with my job I'm happy with my age I have it with my kids my every What do we have for a guy like that he's happy with everything. Only at the end of the interview Diddy give the little crack he said I wish everything could be frozen just the way it is now that's the crack you know of course he knows it can be just the way it is now and I've got a much better ending scenario than he has but Donna you had a question or a thought or. Absolutely yeah it's the Spirits job to to to make that crack we can't do that we can't force it you know there's 3 kinds of ground there's 3 kinds of oil excuse me. There's a jump to a different a different story of Jesus there were 3 sayings 3 stories that Jesus told right now roll and they represent 3 kinds of people there was the last call in the last shape in the last boy the last coin didn't know that it was lost and didn't know the way back and had to do everything for that you know for that type of people you have to do everything there was there was a law she the law ship knew it was lost but didn't know the way back you got to go out after that but the lost boy knew it was lost and knew the way back and you don't go after that person use day and wait like the father did and that's the hardest thing is to not go out after those who I mean I just told this to my cousin on Sabbath I said. I don't want you to mention the name Jesus to your daughter anymore because your daughter is not ready for it and it's turning her off she showed me the text. That her daughter it's sad you know we're not going to the same place. Well they're not I know the daughter and she's not going to the place of the mommy house but she the mom is turning the daughter off by too much spiritual information when she should the daughter knows the way back and she knows she's lost and she needs to wait and pray another major principle that God says to us. In desire be just pastry $47.00 that which will be most effectual is the testimony of our own experience. That now this and this may not necessarily be your personal testimony it just may be the experience you've had I had an experience. That I still can't believe it's still impresses me with what God is able to do you know want to the song says it is no secret what God can do what he's done for others he'll do for you I started out in my business. Buying everything to master domestically OK Well there came a day when we couldn't make a profit on foam rubber that we bought here in America we had to for some of our core products go overseas and eventually lead me to China and I would go over there and I would. Take contraband with me whenever I go to the Bible and live in sound I took the 1st digital media into China Bible and living sound and when the union drowned out how much I was trying to take in they said don't try it. If they catch you you know and throw the key away so give out and give us some of that will kind of get in little by little well recently when the director of the viability of staff went to China I think just a year ago she says the old black women over there and the Bible and Livingstone is everywhere in China even when you buy an M P 3 player you can get it free already preloaded on there. So anyway I like doing that. And. I would take Christian literature it would just be stapled. Black and White literature at 1st and I've had people hold it in their hands like they were holding gold just like they were holding gold Oh thank you thank you no 1 has ever talked to me about God in all my life and mean where can you give a tract away and get reactions like that and so I decided to hole order a whole bunch of glow tracks in Mandarin language and take them with me on the next trip and a friend of mine went with me too he wasn't even an app minister he was given the sound now left right center just have a so much fun but 1 thing I was never tempted to do was to give 1 of these glow tracks to a police officer and I was even a little nervous when 1 of my friends was just freely given out tracks on a on up public and public transportation on a bus but. On a Saturday there was a terrible terrorist attack and. Sense the terrorists in China don't have access to bomb making materials they hate did their terrorist attack with machetes. There was a town of them and I think 3 of them are women and they went into a train station and it's just started hacking people to death and they killed $28.00 people right off the bat and they wounded 150 and I didn't know about this and on Tuesday of that same week I was in China I had been getting all kinds of good traction I needed to have a business appointment and a guy was supposed to pick me up at a certain train station in a certain city in China and I'd given out my china cell phone to somebody else but I had my China Telecom card in there and when I didn't see my name Mr to lay on any of some signs I walked up looking for a payphone Well there are no pay phones in the new train stations in China anymore it's too advanced everybody has mobile so I was in need of a pay phone so I walked up to a police officer and I said Excuse me sir I have a little problem what of course he didn't speak in English and he went and got his superior officer I should have known there was something up right then I've never seen more than 2 officers in any train station anywhere in China ever together before there were 16 officers that day on this train station and they were on high alert obviously because of the terrorist attack that happened just you know a few days before so any rate I'm there and trying to get help from the superior officer and I'm sure the officer has said to all the people short conversations to all of his officers and to the point don't get you know. Side tracked if they look like they're a weaker person kind of like from cosmic Stan that's the 1st thing you know if they don't this let him be I don't know if he said that but that's kind of what I'm and I'm thinking I'll tell you the rest of the story so. I said can you help me and he spoke about 50 percent English and so finally realized what the problem was I'm at the wrong train station the city is so busy busy and so big that they've built 2 more train stations in the time I'm in sort of the central war and I'm at the west 1 or something so I didn't have a phone and he called this guy the driver and the driver said he'd be there somebody with the red shirt on in 40 minutes so in 40 minutes you know I'm thinking my problems done so this officer says to me I've got to get back to work now almost kind of short with me and he turns around and walks away I've ever had that feeling that something's wrong the 1st part of this guy walked the more anxious I got and. So I ran after him you know. If if is if 5512 says that we'll be led forth with peace that's 1 of the way God leads then the opposite that is also a way that God leads when you get really anxious means you're not doing something you should be doing if you could so I got right running up to the OPs are I don't have a clue what I was going to say but there's a text in scripture that says open your mouth wide and I will fill it OK OK I've had that happen to me before I was with a whole bunch of scientists up at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory a $1500000000.00 laboratory and before the meeting started everyone of these guys with Ph D. or something you know I said you know yesterday I was in a meeting in Spokane with the mayor and with the chief of police and with the fire department and a little boy was dying and it was a very tense situation and they had to leave and whatever and I said nobody's dying here. But I said some of us would feel more comfortable if we had a word of prayer before we started this meeting was important and could we have a word prayer and the guy who was chairing the meeting he just started the meeting without prayer and I'm standing up I'm the only person standing up at this big conference room and I'm feeling really dumb and I think and I don't know what I'm going to do and the professor from all universities do what is Mike going to do now and I know he won't sit down without bread. So I just open my mouth and these are the words that came out and it surprised me I just said to the chairman no we're going to pray so I just had a short prayer and then I set down and the man start of the meeting again only this time his hands were just quivering Currently he thinks that there might be a god because who are I would you be nervous and afterwards he was so kind and so nice and so friendly and so helpful so I've I've had situations that have come up before where I've not known what to say and so when I caught the officer there in China I said Excuse me sir and as soon as those words came out of my mouth I knew what I was going to do I had in my pocket a piece of paper with just 3. Chinese symbols on it the 1st symbol was a very very simple symbol it's a symbol for. The lamp a lamp and I said Excuse me sir can you tell me what this means he says lamp kind of short with me and I said Could you tell me this next symbol he says yes me and I think I've got only 1 more question last to ask this guy he's he's done with me I said what about this next 1 and it's You've seen the Chinese symbol is the symbol of the Lamb above me and it's the word for righteousness. When Jesus is in control when he's above me that's the word for righteousness so I. Said What about this 1 and he doesn't know it and he gets his phone out again any typing in Chinese characters and in this Chinese program and also the answer comes up and I see the answer in English and it says Justice Well it's close but really you know I'm not the best you know for for this word which is easy. And as soon as this Chinese officer looks at his phone he starts to get emotional and Chinese don't get emotional and he points to his phone and I don't know what he saw but he says this is what we need in China just with emphasis and then he went on to try to tell me about this terrorist attack that happened just a couple of days before and. I asked him Do you know what the lamb means and has just had a blank look on his face like I'm a clue what you're talking about and so I wrote on the paper L.A.M.B. equals Jesus and. When I told him the word Jesus he said to me is that a place well you know all I'm lost and this is the place I'm lost now maybe that's the next place I'm going or whatever and I just shook my head I said no he's a person how do I explain quickly got popped a thought into my head draw a number line a day in B.C. I asked him what we know what B.C. meant and he didn't and he looked it up on his phone and then you could see just the wheels turn as if to say the thing we need in China is a person apparently a very important person because they named the whole dating system after him. And I couldn't resist in my pocket I had 3 or 4 glow tracks and I pulled 1 out and it was the 1 that's kind of brown It's got kind of a sunset you know promises of peace and I gave that to him and as soon as he saw that in Chinese he became more emotional and he said this is what I need and then it's 35 years of doing business in Asia I've never seen this once in a business setting. He did the 90 degree bow where he took and folded his hands and just about right in front of 15 fellow officers it is no secret what God can do what he's done for others he'll do for you you plant the seed in open hearts that man was the most open man in all of China that day he just happened to be an officer but it doesn't matter when somebody has an open heart you do it and it is the most natural thing I've ever got 1 more story from China. This is the 1 that's still getting me to shake my head I still can't believe it I've never had this experience before it was an like an out of body experience where you know we're told that Angels Walk to take our voices and use them for God God can actually put words and sentences and thoughts in your mind angels can yours use your voice Well I was taking a bunch more literature going to China I just picked it up at the Union office and it was probably 500 tracks and books and different things and the thought that morning that I read was Proverbs 28 1st 1 I hope that's the right 1 that says the wicked flee when no 1 pursues but the righteous are bold like a lion. You know how it is a lie and bald is a lie and the most powerful beast in the jungle No not not the most powerful elephants. In all elephant can be to lie on a world of bees can can be to live by the lion it's when it wants slaves what it's wants it's completely unconcerned about the other animals it just has an attitude different than all of that's why they call it the king of beasts and that text just jumped out at me that morning and also another thought you know it says Jesus did nothing in secret and so rather than give part of the literature with all these other people and hide it in their suitcases and all that kind of stuff I decide I'm just going to send a box right through the X. ray and you know I just fall in 1st to do that that day and I've never done that before and sure enough. The guy pulls me out a line hands me a box knife and says open it well I knew I was toast but it didn't matter I was completely unconcerned and I said to the guy in all honesty I'm happy to go so I open it up and it opens the box and he goes Jesus this was not a swear word everything in there was about Jesus and you could see a picture of Jesus now I've been stopped by officers before you know maybe you're going to lead to faster different things like that but I've never had an officer call for backup and when an officer calls for backup you're toast OK and this guy called for backup and 2 more officers got involved Well he can't let you go because he's got culpability other people know and so I didn't know it was going to happen. But then it was like watching a movie a movie of me do something I would not do 1 thing I would never do is the officers know the law better than you do you don't argue with an officer OK That's rule number 1 and so I just looked at this guy and these words came out of my mouth he told me you can't take this into China and I said to him No it's OK and I couldn't believe that those words that come out of my mouth and then while they're arguing about what to do and whatever I just took the box away from the officers folded the letter up put it under my R. and just walked out of there with no permission to go. And I wasn't even curious to know what they were doing I don't know of God tournament Oh polar assault I don't know what happened. But I just walked out of there just as I'm concerned I was just doing my bidding but when I gave that literature to the little home church Sabbath and the pastor lady got it I asked if she had seen this kind of literature before because I got the very best literature for China and she says No I never seen this it was like heaven came down and glory filled her soul you know maybe a 100 people read just 1 of those tracks and God wanted that literature saved for that home church that Sabbath he didn't want me to just give it to the officers and so he had me do something I was unwilling to do I wouldn't have done but seen the bigger picture the bigger good I was willing and so we need to be willing we need to be open when when when God prompts you to do something you know it says in Scripture whatsoever he saith unto you do it in hockey. We need to be willing to do whatever he says even if we're even if it seems foolish or we don't want to do it. 1 time I had a big court case coming up and it was against a really main attorney I mean this guy was 1 guy told me he says his name is Jaws his his teeth glow in the dark. And I couldn't have my regular tourney he was a Christian attorney defend me because it was a conflict of interest and so I had to have another attorney he wasn't an Adventist and while sitting in his office I was prompted you need to have prayer with this guy before this trial starts you need to have prayer with your attorney and I was afraid to so I didn't and so I am sitting waiting for the opposing side to come in and we're waiting outside the judge's office and outside the courthouse or waiting there on the on the on the on the bench and I'm talking with my attorney and the prompting comes again you should pray Well I don't think that double this ever going to prompt you to pray it's God's will and so I finally just said OK Mike can we have a word prayer before this starts while I'm Pan Am sure he's going to say sure so we're bowed in prayer when the opposing attorney and their team comes walking up the steps boy was that hard to keep him bowed in prayer during that time it would have been stall much easier to have prayed earlier when God 1st prompted me you know God knows who the Open Hearts are and he can prompt you what to do and when to do it and I. Thought I should talk with a businessman in town that was struggling financially. And I didn't really want to talk with him but I felt I should talk with him so I put on my list you know we all have things to do list on our list that we never get done finally it was 5 minutes to 5 and I thought I probably won't even be there now if I call now he probably won't be there so be easy to cross off my list so I call the guy and he says hello the Steve I said Steve this is Mike to lay my he says I just was thinking about you 5 minutes ago he says there's goose bumps all over the back of my neck I said I know things are going to good with you or your businesses would there be any chance we could get together tomorrow he says yeah what time so we mean time and he came over and we talked about tithing because he surely needed financial help we talked about several things and that he was getting ready to leave and that prompting came that I should pray with him well I'm willing to do that so I said Steve can I ask the Lord to bless your business well I don't care if the guy's an atheist I don't care whatever it is and if you had a rabbit's foot in your pocket and said Could I rub your ass rabbit's foot Korea for good luck that's a sure you know so he says yeah I'd be fine just before I prayed we're sitting side by side in chairs that enter still small voice said Neal Oh Lord I can kneel he's sitting there in the chair and you going to make me get down on my knees and kneel so I got down on my knees and it was 1 of the world's shortest prayers soon as soon as I'm done for and I get up off my knees think it maybe you will see that I was on my knees you know and I shook his hand and he left and I just felt foolish rarely do we ever get to know the rest of the story but a lady called me from the tri cities 2 weeks later and she says Do you know sort of Steve so and so I said sure. Well I just wanted to call you to thank you for your prayers he told me how you knelt and prayed for his business and that's what impressed see God can tell you what to do and when to do it I had a judge that came down to our little ghost town of Hot Springs. At the top judge in a certain county in California and he is an atheist and he is so cocky and so self-assured and I didn't really care for him or whatever but. We got acquainted and who we. Finally he. It told me he believed in me and I listen to him most of the time he want to talk about hunting and all that kind of stuff and. Before he he left God prompted me you should say to this atheist this certain text you know Lord I can't say that to an atheist but I didn't want to be Jonah So I just said Dave I said before you go May I share a verse of Scripture with you and his attitude was yeah go ahead but it better be short you know that that's kind of the attitude he was giving me and I said Dave it says whoever comes to God must believe that He exists and that he's a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him You could have knocked me over the other would happen next. Tears welled up in this guy's eyes and he said Get me a list of books to read and I'll read every book on the list and he halfs and I've been to his home and afterwards I was up late at night talking to this guy about spiritual things about things that matter his wife is a kind of a morning lark and so we were both up early the next morning he says I should I couldn't believe what was happening last night that my husband was talking about spiritual things she says I used to be a Christian I would go to Bible study fellowship but he drove all my Christian friends away she says and now I go to an Indian spirit guide Well I says he has a Christian friend now and he can't ridicule you for having Christian friends because he has a Christian friends and I said I started him on the Bible last night and all the books that I've been sent him. I talked to David asher or can I talk to Mark Penn lane I talked to The Bachelor which book should be the 1st books that I sent to him you know and David Asher told me sending the line. By Robbie Zacharias called. Can manage it without God anyway so that's what that was the 1st book that I sent him any he told me he says you know he says that book really bothers me as I read at night before going to bed and he says when I read that book I can't sleep. Good. Night I can't sleep. Oh Commander without God anyway. The next morning I was I'm talking with that was it with his wife she said you know. Our kids are in a but she says our marriage is a see what she meant was a D. or a now. But God can do anything God can do everything. The last book that I said to this guy I was the book The Case for Christ and I Her haven't heard back yet. How it's going but let me just in closing summarize there are 3 really important principles. And working for others and witnessing for Christ number 1. You can't share something you don't have you've got to be spending time alone with God each day you've got to have the fire you can't pass on the torch so examine ourselves make sure that we're in the face for a number to plant the seed in open hearts and ask God to to make a person receptive ask for that heavenly jack and jack hammer do whatever but plant the seed in open hearts and 3 nothing will be as effective as the testimony of your own experience let's pray let me Father thanks for the time that we've had here Cheri what you have done and I know you want to do something with each 1 of us today not tomorrow or week from now to day Lord give us an opportunity maybe you maybe to listen to some. 1 of the greatest things we can do is listen the Lord proctitis and whatever you say help us to do it in Christ bring. 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