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Revelation's Millenium

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • August 20, 2009
    7:00 PM
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tomorrow I will a in a validating and ready to study him as well you burned out and the place is good I have the fillets of teaching twice a year I'm a fantastical validity of the baffled curiosity we got several people as along the one I recognize a few faces here and will always has become the last week Melissa missed scenarios and yeah that's right genomics and they got me the reason why is because by the time everybody gets to the last week their mind is pretty much by their ready to go home and it's interesting to see the reaction of the young people Maryland Garland seemed when I get up and start speaking in all their there with their heads down you know let's get through this ordeal and after about the first fifteen or twenty minutes their hips and the pants come out paper comes out and now the leading and the rest of the time you know in spite of the fact that it's the last week in everybody's type on there's a lot of excitement class and it's not because of me is all I do is presented by it because the message in the power the message of God is inspiring it awakens you and and so you know I I hope that that same experience happens with those of us were here tonight because we have a very intense subject of a study by one hundred with them will have a prayer moment yes the importance of taking into account the literary structure or the order of events in April a passage because revelation is not written in chronological so how do you study the sequence of events how do you demonstrate because of many cycles repetitious cycles in Revelation and when I take one passage as our example were going to take a look at the millennium assets described in Revelation twenty verse one through Revelation twenty one and you have this material in your syllabus will fill in the blanks as they go along such you want amateurs can honestly as you can be active you can be doing something and will leave the questions W actually I was told that we don't have to and right on time you know they say anything is open so we might have a mini vigil here for those of you who are Catholics you know what vision okay as I studied what we got that will come to this but straight out of heaven as we study the millennium as is described in Revelation twenty past one the revelation twenty one verse eight we ask that you will help us to grasp and understand all of the issues involved the importance and how this affects our own personal life and I witnessed other people there so many ideas out there that are that are totally confused about the millennia and we ask that you will help us to understand this so that we can straighten things out in the minds of people so that they can have this blessed hope not of Jesus coming to dwell with us a thousand years here but that blessed hope of Jesus coming to take us to heaven four thousand years thank you Lord for the promise of your presence we ask this in Jesus name amen and a few things that are not in your material just the very beginning one of the things that we need to do what we study prophecy as well as other passages of Scripture is learning to ask the passage questions is a you should carefully read the passage several times and if you have any questions on the passage you want to write down the questions so that then you can target your study part seeking answers to those questions now for many years I have read the last chapter great controversy where Ellen White describes in much detail the events that take place at the end of the millennium after the millennium and all mention the things that you sent I wondered where they could be found in Scripture and so I decided that I would go to this passage and study very carefully asking a quick questions looking at the literary structure and the spread of this passage several questions came up in my mind and want to share these with you number one why is the lake of fire mentioned three times Revelation twenty verse one through Revelation twenty one percent wife three times and why in the lake of fire mentioned where she has these the reader 's on Main obviously Revelation twenty verse one to twenty one percent is non- chronological order unless there are three lakes of fire which we know there some Muslim why does the lake of fire wise like apartment in three times in this passage a second question was why does the holy city new Jerusalem White is one passage say that I'm the guy when the wicked surround wireless another passage that gives the impression that the wink I destroy and then the city descends to take a look at all these things take a look at Revelation twenty seventh it says that the wicked surround the camp of the sites the holy city voice and his descendents on your event when you get to the end of chapter chapter twenty you find that the wicked are cast into the lake of fire and that the new Jerusalem is seen descending from so how do you reconcile the fact that it's clear in one passage and it descends at the weekend is going in the other question that I have was this one is Revelation twenty must well say that the dead were standing before not how can you people stand before the business level most difficult state of the vent passages of Scripture but once we understand the literary structure this becomes easy to explain to people and I had another question and it was nice why does Revelation twenty verse five give the impression that the weekend will resurrection the first resurrection to come back to the Revelation twenty first line gives impression that the wagon while resurrecting the first resurrection and we know that will resurrect the prisoners were righteous resurrected the first resurrection so the question is why does it say here that apparently the wicked rise in the first resurrection so those are some of the issues that came up in my mind as I started this last not left out of the introduction and not will look to the material that you have in your syllabus will the millennium be spent in heaven on earth can we determine that from the text itself out what is it a look at because he is only meeting milestones second what will be the condition of the earth during this period what will God 's people be doing during this time and where here's another one why is there a white throne judgment after the millennium what does Revelation mean when it speaks of second day what is meant by finding and binding of Satan and isn't even important to know what will happen during this time because by this time everybody's either save a lot so why even bother the study now let's deal with the beginning of the millennium and some structural management sequence of events Revelation nineteen eleven twenty one describes the second coming of Jesus that's what Jesus is Seattle Whitehorse and is followed by the armies of heaven and he comes to the Earth than the and the kings of the earth and the beast and false prophet are arrayed against Jesus was coming on the white horse that described in the second coming of Jesus by this time I will have decimated the population of the planet what happens at the very culmination of the second on verse twenty one concludes the scene of the second coming of Jesus what happens at the culmination of the second coming Revelation nineteen twenty one says and the rest that is also remain after the plates through the work of destruction were slain with the sword which proceeded from the mouth of Kim sat on the horse and vessels that are not destroyed by the place are destroyed by the brightness of the coming of Jesus this event immediately preceding the millennium winter not revelation nineteen eleven to twenty one describe the second coming Revelation twenty one the next verse describes the beginning of the one this is how we know that the event takes place immediately before the millennium is the second coming of Jesus because that's where it's found in the structure of this millennial passage now the next section is extremely important the millennium is described in Revelation twenty verse one to twenty one eight this is in your syllabus and just following the material e-mails in these chapters are not in strict chronological order but rather run in cycles identifying website now we know this because the identical climax is reached four times numbers of closing event of each cycle is reached four times in one notice that's now here's an important point both events are repeated four times the events at the beginning during and at the end the repeated four times each repetition has a different center of focus our emphasis is ancient repetition of events before during and after the millennium has a particular emphasis on reason and only when you take all more perspectives and you put them together do you have a complete picture of what happens at the beginning during and at the end of the millennium are you with me so far now what are the four passages and what is the central focus the first cycle is Revelation twenty one to three very loud events at the beginning of the millennium during the millennium at the end of the millennium Revelation twenty one to three now the central focus in this first view of the millennium is a fun safe then and fears and the condition of your best central focus what happened to Satan at the beginning during at the end of the millennium what happened with the earth at the beginning and during the end of the millennium the focus is on site and be here in this passage nothing is about the Saints nothing is said about the wicked nothing is said about the audio find out from this first several focus is what happened to your and when that happens they so when you get numbers three you have an incomplete picture and the reason I chose not to expand your Wikipedia principles you know you need to study the lunar respect nothing but the best way for us to learn to do it is the incapacity to do it and that's why I chose this passage so that we have an idea when we study passage of Scripture that's not just assume that I am describing events in our life some people to opt out of the knowledge that happen in privacy so I started revelation chapter one verse one and a book to Revelation chapter twenty two and I'll know how the sequence of events because revelation is not in chronological order even portions of revelation are not in chronological order by sample in relation L you have a period that is mentioned as twelve hundred sixty days a little later in the chapter you are at this time times and the dividing of time and when you go Chapter 11 it speaks of forty two months chapter thirteen it speaks of forty two months and you say no wait a minute you have time times of the putting of time you have twelve hours sixty days pointless this is not insane so revelation eleven to thirteen I'm not in chronological order you have met repetitive cycles and lets you catch that point it's fruitless discarded because he won't know exactly where event occurred now the second will focus in Revelation twenty the millennial passage is found in verses four through ten and here the central focus is upon the saints in heaven so that once anonymous the first central focus is upon Satan and your unit when the first outline and unit several questions well what about the seconds well the second outline is good to talk about the saints and what to do in heaven while Saint and is a desolate art and so now another layer is added to the picture but you still have some questions you say no wait a minute what about the wicked ones that happen with them where are they going to be what's going to be there funny and saw the third outline of the search starts in August is Revelation twenty eleven two twenty one one the chapter is divided in the wrong place I was so very clear that Revelation twenty one verse one should belong to chapter twenty and in revelation yet several wrong chapter divisions by the Japanese as an uninspired they were added later for convenience so that we can find the verses imagine trying to find a verse in Isaiah with all chapters or verses and become complicated solid bundles that ask divorcees in the Bible because equipment list twenty one one chapter twenty given us even in belongs to chapter twenty if you don't put it in chapter twenty you get all messed up in the sequence in the chronological sequence so the center of focus on the emphasis in the outline is a the judgment of the wicked and the destiny of what happened to the wind but they're still one center of focus one emphasis that means that you need to complete the picture and that is what is life going to be like in the holy city C none of the first three outlines tell you what will be like to live within the high invoice I then saw the last outline the emphasis falls upon life with the in the new Jerusalem and when it's going to be like and so when you must study all for repetitive cycles you have a complete picture about what would happen to the enforcement happened to the devil what's going to happen to them I just what's going to happen to the wagon and what life is meant to be with God in the holy city items of interest now let's go to view number one here's what you really get excited the first central focus emphasizes what that Satan can happen with site and what can happen with your mouth next read Revelation twenty and verses one to three Revelation chapter twenty in verses one to three and you tell me if it's describing events at the beginning very happy in the morning and is your total picture of the money but only from a limited booklet says then I saw an angel coming down from heaven having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand where does it come where does it come from heaven and he has the keys aware to the bottomless pit and is a great chain this is the beginning of the millennium right he laid hold on the dragon that serpent of old who is the devil and Satan and how can more also here's due north do we know what happened with the devil at the beginning of about one years yet he was one duly know what happened within during the thousand years yes it says he remained what he remained by now know this first three and he cast him into the bottomless pit will come back to talk about the bottomless pit in a moment he got him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him so that he should not be seen the nations anymore to the thousand years were finished anomalous but after these things he must be released for a little while any of you number one hundred dollars for the same thing about the Saints anything about the wicked anything about policy you're left with an incomplete picture I saw you what you're left with questions with the notes not let's take a look at the separate aspects with in this outline that explain what happened with your embassy the angel this is not in the syllabus the angel comes down from heaven as the key to the bottomless pit that is not a good translation the Greek word is the word out who sauce where we get our English word on this from now the question is what is the meaning of that word outposts well the fact is that the old testament was translated into Greek into what is known as the Septuagint I will listen to the version of the seven investments seventy scholars that the Hebrew and translated into Greek if you read Genesis chapter one and verse two you'll find something very interesting by the way this is an Hebrew Genesis chapter one and verse two after saying in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth fear was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep deep in Hebrew is at home and listen to our website almost every single time that the work-at-home is used in the Hebrew Old Testament it is translated in the Septuagint 's evolving song other words in Hebrew the word home the equivalent word in Greek is this oil boosts it's like saying in English house and spend some the same principle to languages same meaning so basically when Revelation uses the work of muscles X referring back to creation and what condition was the current in an creation when is described by the word D and was without form and I and in darkness so let me ask you is that the condition the earth is going to be in during the millennium yes because the same equivalent great word to the Hebrew word is used in relationship to twenty and verses one to three so we know that the earth is to be without form and void and the heavens are not going to have what anyone lets read the note there is explained the war indeed in the Greek Old Testament is the same as in Revelation twenty where someone on these morsels this word deepness describes a planet in a chaotic three creative state now I need to clarify something because I been accused of being revolutionist and I'll explain why because I've said repeatedly that when Barbier began creation week this planet was without form and void and darkness and I stand by that statement because that was at what the Bible says now some people put words in my mouth when they say what we believe that the world was here millions of years before creation week I have never sent any such thing anywhere that don't but they assumed that because I say that the planet was here in a disorderly and empty slate and in darkness before creation week that I believe that this planet was here for millions of years before I don't believe that I believe that God created the planet the planet was without form and void it was in darkness and then quickly God began creation week but there was at least a start when this world was here in this condition in the spirit of prophecy corroborates this point in the book great but she saw it I felt that I would magnetically this word D best describes a planet in a chaotic pre- created state it is noteworthy that the place of revelation sixteen actually reverse creation and return to your supreme creation to its present of this the very things which God made during creation of the earth is broken up according to Isaiah the son of the morning stars are moved out of their places like before creation week on the vegetation is destroying Microsoft the seas and the fountains of waters are filled with black all Jeremias as I looked at the sky and no words to start having out the article and I will and is being out there and it was without form and void and it's not in Jeremiah R saw the plans will return the world to the condition it was in before creation at least to a great degree of brother Jeremiah was permitted to see the earth during the millennium he heard the sound of the trumpet you can look up all these verses this evening when you go to your room to see if I'm filling in the blanks correct Madeleine what is the sound when Jesus comes whom the company he heard the sound of the trumpet the alarm of war is Jesus coming as a warrior Theseus and Weinglass it says in righteousness he judges and more so Jesus comes with the sound of the trumpet to warn against the beast and the kings of the earth it says he then be healthier and indeed at once without form and boy and the heavens they had no light he also saw that the mountains quake crumbled Jeremiah also be held there was no man and all the birds of the heaven and length rueful land had become a wilderness and all the cities were broken down at the presence of the Lord by his peers in question is planet Earth is going to be habitable during the thousand years so why do almost every single Christian denominations teach that the thousand years will be spent on planet Earth the class and the second coming which means it was feared in the condition it was in according to Jeremiah before creation we clearly shows that nobody will live here during the thousand years it would be impossible to live here because I only went on to make the new heavens and a Nowak will light be able to exist here with the exception of the devil and his angels of course in spite of the incredible desolation caused by the wrath of God we are told that at this time God would not make a full and in others in the millennium is not what the millennium is not the because we know that after the millennium there are still events difference by signing the millennial events this is not a full length they are in a chaotic state with more like this that's probably in Jeremiah twenty five thirty to thirty eight we have a powerful description of the coming of Jesus we are told that the Lord will will or from on high and other his voice from his holy habitation he will get a shot there's another this guy will the voice on the Archangel and a shout first Thessalonians five that's right he will give a shout as those who tread the grapes by the way when Jesus comes in Revelation nineteen becomes to befriend the wine which is where the great sign that connects this passage with revelation and continue saying that Davis slaying of the Lord will be from one and of the earth even unto the other they shall not be gathered Melissa not be what lamented are gathered for bearing why will they be lamented because there is no one to lament the because everybody is not that Isaiah has his testimony that when Jesus comes he will make the earth empty what Parliament people in the and make it right the lab will be entirely deemed utterly plundered the inhabitants of the earth are burned and now comes a very important phrase and you and you are left some people think seeing this probably a few men left on telling about the few that are left are the ones that Jesus to have you see the word left is a remnant would its use of the Old Testament to describe people that have survived a devastating calamity saw the film and Internet are not left on earth the feeling that you are the remnant that survived the second coming of Jesus that they can have the powerful Maoist talk about the devil powerful angel from heaven by Satan and casting into this InfoWorld which is in a chaotic state for one thousand meters the result of this finding is that he can what seemed the nations no more until the thousand years are finished when I went as a keyword he won't be able to see people a couple thousand years are what sometimes not happen when the thousand years are finished now that is not release him from his prison but what does this binding of Satan me where does the power of Satan reside what is in Atlanta because he has been far with the devil had half if he didn't have any people losing he would have no right how many people is a don't have during the millennium the disease none society has no people has no plan by the Windows one other time in history where this happened that and that was at the time of the flood in the days of no the remnant were all safe and sound inside the art and Satan lost every single one of his followers and Elimite study was sparse to remain among the porn elements and she says that he feared for his own exist and finally using the flood with just some little plant somewhere think again the word is used in the new it's a very esoteric technical work around that the technical word that is used to describe the flood in Greek is the word got back to Smoltz what English word do we get from past placements the world is the plan was a kept stroking of your progress by the evolutionists that can't read the earth right because he was changed so drastically by the plant that does not lay that the Western and he has the plant had done nothing to cancel because they accept a global flag the possibility of a global flood they cannot read the earth right and they come up with millions and billions of years insulin but the flight was unbelievable catastrophe it was a cataclysm and the devil was forced to remain among the elements on this earth and he had no one on his site all of his followers were wiped out the same thing as can happen during the millennium by the way the Earth returned to the condition it was in before creation this was covered with water before creation week yes of course I was incensed there was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep and the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters such a plan return to the condition it was in before creation link was the one course of the second coming is to be filled with fire but the principle the same seventy is going now it's really not Satan is bound to lead to an earth which has returned abbreviation chaos how could human beings live on the planet when the seas and the freshwaters are all blood the area the stance of the event because her not to be very the planet is in total darkness and there is no plan for a well why Satan means that he cannot deceive the nations begun there are no nations left of using but after the millennium Satan will be those common law which means that he once again I want nations the music so the finding and binding of Satan has to do with whether his followers are dead or alive that's the key and will come back to them a few moments the punishment of Saint reminds us of the fate of the scapegoat of agreement on he was found by the high priest and then think into the wilderness where there were no interest this escape will serve as all the first outline answer is a clear of the broad strokes on the first outline but when event is the first outlined your left with a series of questions at least if you use asking questions and effects which we need to learn to you when you read a passage don't just leave what to say at this way what was this little wasn't written why wasn't it written this other point like that in this order you be a detective when you study Scripture now listen questions that are left unanswered after the birth on what happened to the right just during this period we know at this point regarding Logan around on Doctor Kathy read this first outline is earning anything about what happens in righteous doing this whether you are in heaven what did I just do during the thousand years what does fine and unbind me at this point you don't know you will be moments of militant and you draw lines what happened to the weekend who were destroyed at the second coming though there's nothing said about the wicked in business outline what insight NBC donations to do after the thousand years necessarily be cemented in no exhibits as it is even and finally what happened to say after he was released for a little while this is what happened to the level after he was released for the know and so you're left with a series of questions at the restaurant like it's an incomplete picture somehow you need a second home which now has got to talk about the right the new number two I will let me okay again number two when Revelation twenty one to three and we are met with several questions have already mentioned at the beginning of the thousand years the righteous dead are raised we know this because Revelation twenty verse four says that they live and reign with Christ for a thousand years back let's go to Revelation twenty let's read this passage so that you have a clear picture revelation twenty and personal notes and I saw thrones and they sat upon them and judgment was committed to the then I saw the souls of those women he had a brother witness to Jesus and for the word of God would not worship the beast or his image and not received his mark on their boards on their hands and eliminate where they dance course they were dead they had been beheaded folks him or me having will be added in that best as they are which means that they what is Internet mainland and reigned with Christ Bartholomew they would have to live the ring with him for a thousand years solving our behalf they were dead now they do and the rain with Jesus one thousand salt you begin to catch a picture here that the righteous are going to resurrect the beginning of a thousand years and they are going to rain with Jesus four thousand years and for us that's continue reading verse five this is what is a problem will come back later but the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished this is the first resurrection and it gives you the idea of the first resurrection is after the thousand years right but that's not the case that's over six Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection one of the first resurrection take place at the beginning of what they live but I went getting beheaded live and reign of thousand years such as Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection or such the second death has no power but they shall be priests of God and of Christ and shall reign with him a thousand years is the same all over again so this is talking about what happens at the beginning and during the Saints right are people as disabled to happen with the Saints when the thousand years begin to resurrect right and when extended during the thousand years reign and was also behind the judgment was committed to the needs of the and enzymes and minimizes what happened to them at the end of thousand years well let's know this person know when the thousand years have expired since covering the same ground as verses one to three St. John beginning during absolutely it's another cycle site and will be one release from his prison and will want to be seen using well but this is talking about the devil you want to know is that the center of focus is the righteous answer and want to deceive the nations which are the four corners of the earth block NATO to gather them together to battle whose number is as a son of the seat they went up on the breadth of the earth and now let it listen to what the Sandra focuses and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city was a tinderbox is a devil brought into perspective that's because the battle and the multitudes want to what she is just too out of righteous inside the city so why did they spend the morning your time doing an education here that before the Saints work in the city during the thousand years very clearly in a Muslim in heaven because after the millennium the new Jerusalem descends from heaven for the most abundant in fact Jesus said he was a dig of people to his father 's house and then first-hand sensibilities even was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast are actually it's where they were passed at the second coming and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever we might have time to talk about that expression is not as complicated as it might be okay now that we've read the passage lets both of the questions quickly at the beginning of thousand years the righteous database well we know this because I wasn't twenty verse four says that they want to live and reign with Christ for a thousand years this resurrection is called the first resurrection and the righteous and holy are resurrected in nihilism permits the apostle Paul explained explained that the bidding price would rise fires interesting than those who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them that is with the dead in Christ in the last clouds to meet the Lord where in the air is Jesus coming down all the way to the earth at the second coming no he is not coming down were going up and then what what is in a position to keep us in the other four thousand years now John fourteen one to three R since Jesus promised to take his people to his father 's house the father 's house is where and when Jesus saw that the bridge our father which art everywhere all is our father which are better and I saw where God 's people taken when the caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the data into the partisans and explain the reason why most churches teach the doctrine of the wretch the government of the doctrine of the rapture it's because their understanding of the millennium is messed up the newspaper Jesus promised his people that he was taken to his father 's house which is where I in heaven but he also promised that the meek will inherit the earth right individual he promised them have any promise what are your now also believe in the rapture they say there's only went one way in which Jesus can fulfill both prompts and that is if he thanks God 's people to happen for seven years that fulfills the one the father 's house and then brings them here to live here for a thousand years that fulfills the buttons on the highway the latest way of explaining and correct biblical when I must say and that is when Jesus comes he people to heaven for a house in years Mary fulfills the promise of being in the father 's house and the millennium the meek inherit the consultant the correct location of the millennium determines whether you believe in the rapture that's the real reason why most churches that includes the rapture because they say the millennium will go to be unearthed but Jesus promised that his people to do so it must be that before the millennium is been taken to heaven and direct items permanently so they locate the millennium once that happens in the moment anyway now let's read the note the strict reading of Revelation twenty versus Northington does not reveal that the saints will be in heaven during the thousand years their circumstantial evidence but when we get to the next outline its explicit however we well see that Revelation twenty one verse two oh this fact very clear now the Saints were given phones and they were reigned with Christ a thousand much weight have you ever noticed how many times in Scripture it's emphasized that raining comes after great agony and suffering the three young men in the fight requirements went for this test when they came out maybe it is a sister company to address when Jesus was and when he does something the rest of his white and I also Kalil and persecute the saints of multi- attendance is this the time comes when the sites take over the kingdom you know plenty possible that if we suffer with him we will also bring it and so you find the sequence is also her behalf their enemies got the past but he who laughs last laughs best and so they will remain with Jesus for a thousand years they will no longer be subject to persecution so they will reign with Christ a thousand years what else is going to be committed to the judgment was committed to them notice the Kona perform a work of it so working vacation Jesus has a job lasted about going to be addressed in the judgment has three stages most of the Christian world believes that the judgment is uneven the MS church believes that the that the judgment is a process a process that has three stages one stage is the pre- Advent judgment which deals exclusively with determining who the righteous are because it's going to the Jesus determine who they are before he comes again there's no urgency with which because of accountability but I just have a pre- justness of the Jesus to reveal to the heavenly beings whom he has a right to bring all during the thousand however during the thousand years the purpose of adjustment is so that we can see the records and understand why all those people were not see the supplemental judgment is brought the purpose of the pre- millennial judgment is romantically noticed but is reconciling the universe billions what you need a fixed object because when the judgment ends in all its phases on your purse is going to confess abundant things right in every single case would not accept it I can respect the gardens like that who really cares about what his creatures think not to send these arsenic and these are lost and people say why well because I know everything will be a serious problem so during the millennium will be able to see why that wonderful preacher isn't there and why that allows the individual that we thought would never make it is there it has some encounters that I really want to see the encounter of solid diocese with Stephen that can be good because they never know that solves number so you can imagine Stephen and always enjoying the glories of the new Jerusalem is walking down the street above and suddenly he sees coming in the opposite direction some forests and Stephen looks hereof so you are safe to but there's no vengeance Stephen will be overjoyed that his enemy so it is in heaven it would have added learned here you can hold grudges we can be against people that asked the Lord that the tank I guess we can do it only to the now the question his score on the right is going to judge is obvious that they will not judge the righteous because they will all be in heaven all by the way the first major judgment is absolutely what does God want to convince father doesn't approximately is going to convince the devil and his angels and the wickedness event like in leaving them outside those and eloquent describes a majestic way she says that in a well including Lookout 's Angels bring about every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and he will confess that Jesus and God were right every single case only then can God destroy sin and sinners because everyone in the universe is on the same page that's the reason for the three stage judge it's the most packed belief of the administered even by Adventists as a vessel such thing in the Bible as a pre- Advent judgment on the just read the first Angels message mezzanines of the dissents from heaven he has the everlasting gospel to preach to those that volunteer to every nation kindred people question what he's preaching that message is a door probation still open it was an open one we presume to be preaching the same first angel says and not when he's breaking my stringent anesthetist and get behind him for the Army 's judgment will come thank you they are rejecting all the judgment takes place while the first angel is preaching the everlasting gospel the judgment takes place while probation is still you mean that one part Revelation chapter fourteen in percent it cannot be the holy angels and will be judged as they don't need to be checked this must mean that people against Satan and his angels and the wicked which were left behind on your impossible to notice the next question the apostle Paul told the Corinthians Olympians do you not know that the saints will judge the world and awareness of the world it's talking about worldly things people who have a worldly mentality dwellers are called the revelations are at the center of focus designer nine have not had so they go to judge what the world and then he says do you not know that we shall judge angels which is mostly done holy Angels why would we find that holy angels and must be the wicked angels never says that judgment was committed to the Saints get a possible thousands of the judge to judge the world things were left behind and he will judge angels and by the way this judgment during the thousand years will be God 's great audit you think that you think that that during the millennium will be examining the records of some sink laundry business I really should be here on the left in there and you get all directionally shaping upbringing or came as a sake however it should be here settled in the other country changes during the millennium absolutely no changes whatsoever it's not great on what is not to the doctors of books and unchangeable twenties that he only examines the books to see if the accounting was kept for the purpose of the millennial judgment is not crossed the change anything that's too shallow that go on the books correctly I like the color black is that relate to me to be able to illustrate business people and others that announced the inner baseball game when you have a close play at first base it on the front is coming down the bay and the tire is there and the gunfire you will arrive almost the same time in the unpleasant but the people once he wants if the umpire got right than it does the replay change the play no it only shows the umpire got it right the millennial judgment is going to change nothing it will only be the Chancellor wants people to see that God kept the books right I can respect that God really cares what we think the righteous will not be subject to the way second the amount of second that this one a mistake second there is always referred to in Revelation twenty twenty one as happening after the woman second if always happen at the moment the one all those who are gathered here have lived at least once you were born from your your first love what happened if you should die before the second coming of Jesus that would be your first death united in Christ but you cannot resurrect and you will die no more so than people die only once but now let's talk about the wicket are the wicked also living there first like right now they sure are what can happen when Jesus comes the ones more like the biggest time it will all die but what's been happening at the thousand years they're going to resurrect and when they wrestle them in a separate second hello the second is only for the wicked because in order to have second that you have that Second Life so the resurrection takes place through the millennium of the wicked and then we suffer second there by the way this is what Revelation twenty verse five says it says the rest of the dance will not come to life again until the thousand years are finished in a little work finished and when the thousand years are finished Satan will be released from his prison here it says the rest of event did not live again until the thousand years were finished so the question is what does the unbinding of Satan meaning one thousand years are finished the rest of the net what resurrect an site and now has left as his power back in the binding upon binding of Satan is explained by whether the wicked are alive or dead the reason why is bounding a thousand years and because the rest of the dead don't live again and tell after the thousand years so the devil has absolutely no power now let's all to the part that says there was a punctuation problem in Revelation twenty where Spike Yasuda you doesn't punctuation problem in Revelation twenty first by the original New Testament manuscripts did not have punctuation marks so that translators place them where they felt they belong the new King James translators should have placed parentheses around the following phrase but the rest of the dead did not live again and felt about the new equipment that is a parenthetical statement if you want you why do you use parentheses what's the purpose of parentheses next to break the flow of thought right to add an explanatory note so let's go back to Revelation twenty so you this revelation chapter twenty and let's hope verse four and by the countless skip the part that I'm saying should be in parentheses you don't even make sense to skip that part the last part of verse four says and they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years this is the first resurrection to make sense but the other part is a parenthetical statement is a well is this the boy revised version of the practice thought that the NIV puts the parentheses that I know lots of people I criticize and attack the NIV and I I am troubled by many of the passages of the ivy leaves out I believe that the best discipline with a sake I believe that the next best manuscript of the best manuscript tradition is but what was used by the King James translators I believe that the fastest receptors as it's known I believe that that's the best manuscript rent however I do not believe that the King James is the best translation always because the access reset this have to be translated into English and in the process of translation there are many mistakes of translation and many wrong chapter divisions in the King James the only part of the point of the little old lady who argue no pastor was saying that we needed other version besides he says that if the King James was good enough for Christ it's good enough for me I know some people think of the King James was a person that was used by Jesus Christ why is there a website I'm in the King James admire I love the beautiful English language that is using the DJ I believe that the manuscripts that we use are the best manuscripts but is not always the best translation in fact give you the best translation of text on the state of the dead is the new international version because where the King James translates how the NIV translates great and many times whether King James translates all the NIV translates person or translates up with the personal pronoun for example the templates that you will not leave my stall in hell Atlanta's McKinzie you will not leave my side now nor will you allow your holy one see corruption that some sixteen percent in all the NIV says it says you will not leave my life in the great nor will you allow your holy with the growth that is a proper translation it doesn't mean that the manuscript trail behind in Ivy is correct you know there are mistranslations MBI horizontal revelation Doctor Kenworth says the time would be no longer the NIV as well as the new King James translation but there were no longer be any delay that some terrible mistranslation so I do I'm kind of eclectic in my use of versions you know when there's a person that of course I can read Hebrew and great soul it makes a little bit easier so it out when I find him and when I find a text that is mistranslated I gently corrected and by the way the same thing happens with the spirit of prophecy I read Spanish because I grew up in Latin America sometimes a translation of English into Spanish of certain spirit prompted quotations is deplorable I mean mistranslated so what I do when I read spare project locations in Spanish I embellish that the translation you know I correct the transmission because I'm able to read both languages and I think that's proper I you know we need to find the most accurate translation available okay now the best divorcee the bidding James Van how good okay now at the end of the thousand years Satan will be whacked released from his prison which means that the rest of the network layer against the released from his prison when the posing as I finished is the same thing as the day rising at the end of the thousand years anyone want to deceive the nations once again seen all transmissions if all the garden during the thousand years Satan will have knowledge of using window we can resurrect at the end of the thousand years Satan will have its Power Mac -based back and will be able to be seen once again the binding and nonbinding of Satan is explained on the condition of awakened when they are dead Satan is bound when they resurrect Satan is unbound Revelation twenty despite the things that even explains the binding and nonbinding upstate north of the hospital it will be innumerable like the sand of the sea and they will come from the four corners of the earth the cards seem to be stacked in favor of Wicca and the righteous appear to be in jeopardy in fact it says the wickets of round pick up Les Saints and what the beloved city is a center of what is still upon the righteous yesterday as the devils mention of course with the wicked but the central focus is still possible that upon the righteous does the devil gets all these nations together with the purpose of what I'm attracting this means war in the holy city for Matthew does this passage cover the event at the beginning during and after the thousand years from the perspective of the righteous yes or no absolutely that's the center of focus of business each but when you finish this passage and of course why were those inside the city saved levels outside were lots what is the name of the city the wicked surround me whether we can ever convinced that they were wrong and I was right when the Saints enter the city what was the judgment process during the one thousand years life services and judgment was given to the Saints and they just were Bosnia but were not told how that judgment so now we have a third outline in this third outline has the purpose of explaining the millennial events from the perspective of the weather is what now at this point e-mails at the beginning and during the millennium have faded from view you know after I wrote this I studied a little bit more Revelation chapter twenty and I discovered something very very interesting at this point the events at the beginning of a minute millennium and not really faded from view so you you I found some additional information since I wrote this about this several years ago when I was in the future class and lab Revelation twenty also you and me Revelation chapter twenty verse eleven actually the third outline takes us back to the beginning of the millennium again and history since what happens during the millennium and have to like pickles over all three stages once again notice Revelation twenty first eleven then I saw I'm great why don't and him who sat on some visit what went wrong and someone is what sees and what happens when a stone is seen it says from whose face the earth and the heaven what led away and there was found no place in heaven and earth way away when this phone has seen with one seated upon I believe that this verse is really technically describing second coming of Jesus is a wiser but so back to Revelation six Revelation chapter six verse fourteen six fourteen thousand heaven and earth what they are not lossless has here in verse twenty one the sky receded as a what is wrong when it is rolled up and every mountain and island was moved out of acts place so either phenomena in the heavens and the earth when Jesus returns absolutely anomalous but it is respecting the kings of the agreement of Richmond the commanders the mighty men every slave and every agreement in themselves in the case in the rocks of the mountains and said to the mountains and rocks fall on us and listen to this and hide us from the face of Pam was set I'm not prone interesting is his second coming it's been described absolutely undefiled and from the rubble left when he comes on the phone does have an received end of islands and the islands and mountains disappear absolutely and then the question is asked for the great games roughness and was able to send I believe Revelation twenty first eleven begins a new cycle to talk about the wicked and it begins with the second coming of Jesus Jesus seen on the phone and heaven and earth receiving verse twelve describes events daringly militarist with disabilities I saw the dead small and great standing before God what the easy he didn't say that that had resurrected he says he saw the white and standing before God and that people Sandy Berger a nasty during the thousand years woman that stand before God while God 's people are judging them yes they will may will stand before God through the records that are contained in the books I like the dramatizing it is I think God has a much more sophisticated technology that we do in the Bible speaks of books that's what John was accustomed to that I got to talk about dignities and MP3 and even greater than Wilhelm I grasp this Jesus after the millennium will come to minimum she says that in running view we will be able to see a reenactment of the whole history of the world from the days of Adam until the last person on the what kind of technology you need for anything to celebrate because there so we can text message when should we should be studying the Bible and isolated we should be concentrating on the role don't happen during the thousand years God is not to say near L present yourself before my judgment seat and the Angels are going to bring murals DVD and an appointed in the DVR dramatizing it in the DVD player and I will screen your NSC ally habanero from the time he was conceived until the time that he died listened anonymously in a certain sense Neil is appearing alive before the judgment seat of Christ because the DVD was made while he was alive not doable say the best divorce of the nearest medical live there I'm saying is that because the DVD see the Angels the recording Angel 's record highlight the no only spoke about writing you know about the copy of the keyboard with a video camera and I know some kind of technology but they will take us may not only may not only right now but they also write down the life that the act because right now it could be seen this lady she's such a wonderful lady and she's sitting here she's listening to the presentation and I could be thinking just the opposite I'm not what does not I got in that case document all the beautiful words you have but he also writes down what I was thinking all the motivations in fact because some things that we don't turn out bad but they were done with a good motivation and are some things that turned out that were done with awakened motivation like for example if I get a whole bunch of money for charitable purposes so that people say no generous use anything that would motivate and bought writes down everything inside and out actions thoughts motives feelings you know it's there that's why we need to repent of our sins and emphasizes the importance us from all unrighteousness so that he can forgive men national sins in our heavenly records that you know that it's a fantasy believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved in different type of the Bible expresses conditions we must repent and by the way we don't repent God gives us repentance but in some God leads us to repent you know as a human being one of the test again the spirit of repentance at all leaves me there was to confess my same and then we have to trust in Jesus with the trust in his righteousness in his merits and we are accepted in the side of the knowledgeable back here we understand why Davis the longest runways and twenty worst twelve and I saw the dead small and great standing before God and books were opened however that people don't want to the box it says it through their record in other words and another book listen to this another book was opened which is the book of life and the dance most advanced I will not the gentleman again but that Dan Basel study forgot to add to their records and the dead were judged according to their verse by the things which were written in the books this is the middle of judgment in heaven but in verse thirteen page system the moment not his first thirteen the sea gave up the dead who were in what is an expression meet the sea gave up the dead talk about the resurrection right death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them this is speaking of what the second resurrection scene in which his mother worked in the Preakness horse now they wrestled and are going to be what just barely see their records and so it says the sea gave up the dead who were in it and death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them and they were judged each one according to his works are they noticing the same records that were missing during the thousand years of the wicked policy why they were condemned absolutely than the meaning that we watched during the thousand years is the same DVD that they are going to watch at the conclusion of thousand years and saw that you have events here relating to the beginning of a thousand years the white throne heaven and earth receiving then the bed standing before God being judged by what is found in the books that the millennial judgment for the record and then to see and Hades giving up the dead that were found and then their choice in living state you have once again the events that took place at the beginning during and at the close of the millennium and then noticed verse fourteen and death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire this is what the second death and anyone not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire now that's all for this material I want to make sure that you have all the answers here this material select this point do number three events at the beginning and during the millennium have faded we've already noticed that this the concern now is that the judgment of the wicked after the millennium right at the focus after the thousand years the rest of the dead live again before the wicked supper second up however the white throne judgment takes place this judgment obviously takes place for the wicked were cast into the lake of fire right doesn't make any sense to say there were cast in the lake of fire and then the judge this must mean that revelation twenty eleven the fifteenth is repeating event which took place before the wicked were destroyed the data will resurrect after the thousand years stand before God and books were opened and another book was opened which is the book of life let's get the note the books plural contain the life record I went and they are just according to the things which were written in the books and because of the time will skip the note is a no urologist right are you burnt out there will follow the good okay the book of life is brought forth in this judgment to show the wicked that there names were not in some people say why the book of life company went to the millennium well and explains in relation twenty recipients as everyone was not found in the book of life is Catholic fire the purpose of bringing out the book of life after the millennium is this okay is not here you want to know why it is not here because of what's written in the books equipment so the blocks sure why they are not in the book their name is not in the book the book of life contains the names of all those who will be saved after the judgment of the wicked will be cast into the lake of fire and will suffer second there almost as after Satan and his angels the wicked there in the grave have been cast into the lake of fire God will make a new heaven and a new car because the first heaven and the first earth had passed away Revelation twenty one verse one is the climax of Revelation twenty eleven through fifty in other words Revelation chapter twenty one verse one third cycle eleven a Catholic inflicted by the lake of fire death and Hades are thrown to the lake of fire what is wanted to let a fire and is not make the new heavens and work its reach the climax of what happens at one so once again Ubuntu holds title right the white throne earth and heaven receipts second coming the next Sandy forgot to the records during the millennium after the millennium you have death and Hades given up that day and the sea giving up the debt that is in it and now they being alive I judge after their jobs their thought into the lake of fire and when the lake of fire and Susan will make the new heavens and the best climates of the third respect anomalies when the third view can see is still left with some questions why were the righteous are allowed into the city what was in the books which condemns the wicked were the righteous in heaven during the thousand years what will live in the city be like after sin and sinners have been eradicated what will it be like to live with the three answers are found in the ports like but the center of focus in the fourth cycle is upon the new Jerusalem and God in the new Jerusalem and what it will be like to live in the New Year's with none of the focus center focus is the city and what life is going be like after sin is radically and so Revelation chapter twenty one verse two begins a new cycle and by the way I want to notice that if you don't begin a new cycle verse two you have an incredibly an incredible problem let's go back to Revelation twenty where seven now when the thousand years have expired will be released from this present while losing the Masons went on the four corners of the earth not in a document band together to battle whose numbers as the sound of the city they went up on the back of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the reality question Kansas City at this point when the wicked surround this is because it came up on the circle of the earth and surrounded the necessity is on their now if you if you don't begin a new cycle with Revelation twenty one first do you left with a serious problem because Revelation twenty one verse one says that God makes a new heavens and a new earth and in verse two says that he saw the new Jerusalem descent it gives the impression that the city descends after the maintenance of Newark a leader and a contradiction versus seventh Sal we understand that this is going to begin an cycle Revelation twenty one verse two John saw the holy city new Jerusalem this is happening folks before the wicket are destroyed then I John saw the holy city new Jerusalem now we know the name of the city coming down out of heaven from God prepared as a bride adorned for her husband and I want to notice offensive numbers this is very important see the city descends as funny renegade sin and sinners yet no not set up a Mercedes-Benz all of her birds are in future from that point on notes and I heard a loud voice from heaven saying behold the tabernacle of God is with men and homeowners and he will dwell with them and they shall be his people God himself will be with them and be their God well wipe away every tear from their eyes and there shall be no more death nor sorrow nor crying there shall be no more pain the former things have passed away and all these things taken place yet know not when the city designs you know there's got to be two years during the millennium is what it says that they're going to wipe away all tears that's not there in the morning get another facility tears after the millennium while the weekend outside the holy city loss this promise that God will wipe away every tear from their eyes is fulfilled only when God makes a new haves of the North and has spoken up here this point when the city dispensed as in the future is valuable that because once again Revelation twenty one it Revelation chapter twenty one and first floor has gone will wipe away every tear from their there shall be no more death you couldn't say that if the wicked have not been destroyed and I went I lost you it is certain that there will be no more death if elected outside the city I saw this promise but when God makes a level not the millennium after the weekend is going to know what the context is that slicing up to do the work of the detective and you can do it out of a special wisdom that you can have need of the cyber miasma ties popular young or not some group of people that aliens that were brought down here by spaceships if are willing to dedicate the time all of you can come to these types of conclusions we don't have any special wisdom no except we pray to God and ask God for wisdom and then we get into the work is not enough to pray Alex says that Oswald Lee Bryant will soon cease to pray and I am another study coming out work and not one thing can take the place of the other inside says in verse five then he was sent on the throne said behold I make all things new in its future behold I will make all things new and he said to be right for these words are true and faithful and he said to me it is done I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and didn't notice I will do the fountain of the water of life freely there's is a skill in the future at this point in the city since absolutely processed seawater comes shall inherit all things and I were only has God and he shall be my son the Sandinistas but they cannot come to an end these promises are all in the notice in verse eight you have the same climates the third point of the lake of fire is meant and it's got to tell you is go to tell you why the wicked were outside suit verse eight but the cowardly unbelieving abominable murderers sexually immoral now we know what was in the books they condemned the wicked but the cowardly unbelieving abominable murderers sexually immoral sorcerers idolaters and all liars got up to notice shall have their part the Internet public on the citizens shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second and now you have a complete picture of the women music at somewhat of the methodology this by going through this now I did a little homework and got to the last chapter of great controversy and studying in the light of what we study the little lady got it right policy describe your people talk about a little like she plagiarized and she borrowed from this guy I haven't seen anybody that you borrowed hearse her disreputable millennium and run and in breakout was because he seen his vision as she cheats she just amplifies is it but it's all based on the structure that we study on how to know what he gets no divine wisdom cell phones I hope that this is not helpful now we have a few minutes to answer some questions and eight minutes the same as the eight minutes earlier today okay back there I can hear your relatives as friends but not the arm I would have to let Jen I locate thirty one right to eight thirty one to my Greek New Testament here anybody have a great divestment my suspicion is that it probably is because I have a marginal references of revelers flavors one so most likely it is the same work of muscles yup I think that the emphasis here is that they did not want to be bound they did not want to be limited in their sphere of work I do not Jesus said that he came to bind the strong man you read that passage right where it says that he came to bind the strong man so that the gospel could be preached and souls c


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