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Adventist History- Part 1

Fred Bischoff


Fred outlines Adventism's prophetic heritage and the historical movements that led to Millerite movement in the 1840's.


Fred Bischoff

Physician and former faculty member at Loma Linda University's School of Medicine and School of Public Health, and cofounder of Adventist Pioneer Library



  • March 22, 2018
    9:15 AM
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Well I think it's 915 we can get started Thank you for coming. What I've given you and syllabus are handed out. Covers 80 years of evidence history but there's some other introductory material as well as reference material so don't agree to go through all 25 pages. Usually I spend about 10 hours going through this we have 3 so we're going to have to summarize and hit the highlights. My name is Fred Bishop off I'm working with Evan a Spiner library which is a ministry or service of libraries ministry in Oregon. If you don't. Know About Us on or on the Web You can check out our website. We have an exhibit here as well. Come talk to us. Sometimes people think because we've published a lot of the pioneers we've read them all we know it all we don't. History is a huge. History is a huge complex thing there's all types of people and events and. I've become convinced you need a tour guide. There's too much to see there's too much to look at there's too much to read you needed her guide to guide you through it you know you're to her target is. The Holy Spirit. Only Spirit He will guide you into all the truth and so we need his help this morning too I can try to help you with some things but only the Holy Spirit can really bring it home to you and to your heart which is where it needs to be. More than up here in these to be in this part of you that we we tend to think about let's begin with prayer and ask him to be with us Father thank You for the opportunity to do what we're going to do today with your blessing with your mercy. To go through and review some history we ask your spirit to guide us to explain to us the simpler. City that's in Christ the battle that the universe is in. And also to make application to our own hearts and lives what is it you want us to do what do you want me to do as an individual guide us each into that process we thank you for who you are the fact that you are leading your guiding. And that you have promised a future that is much much different than what we have here guide us in the understanding the principles involved the details of the history to me learn and as we heard earlier this morning that we can understand what it means to return and it is them motto for the meeting say to receive what you have to give us to understand what you have already given us and then to run with that and be a blessing to others to hasten your kingdom and teaching us what our mission is today in Christ name we pray him in. If you go to page 15 I'm going to use that as a way to sort of preview and to summarize what we're going to do. We have 3 hours and we have about 15 pages so that means about 5 pages an hour or about a page every 10 minutes or 12 minutes OK so that's moving right along that's just sort of giving you a summary of what we have we're going to look at. The introduction I would I would say is pages $1.00 and $2.00. So we have about 20 minutes for that. And that will be a setting for what the advent movement is all about. We were focused on that part of history hoping it helping it to get it to come alive to you then the next. The next section actually in our 1 we want to do that plus pages. $3.00 to $5.00 and if you look at the dates on those pages those are actually going to be the $830.00 S. to the $850.00 S.. OK. That's what we're going to be doing in in those sections so this will be hopefully the 1st hour we can do that. And the 2nd section we're going to be looking at. The $860.00 S. and seventy's the eighty's and. What's what took place during those decades into you actually. This is a good 1 let me just switch over to other 1 here when when 860 is to actually win if you look at the actual When Page 6 covers from the 860 S. to the eighty's when when and then. When you look at page 10. We're already down. To what dates. Let's see 1818 nineties begins what. 89 he's begins actually on the 7. So this is page 7. Today just 10 we're going to do the ninety's up to 1000 of 3. And that's going to be our 2nd section 2nd session together. Our 3rd session is going to be pages $11.12. Which is going to be 114110 then we're going to do pages $13.00 to $15.00 which is a summary. And that will be our 3rd session. Again just a preview for where we're headed. Ready to dive in. OK. Hopefully like a story and a story has a timeline right. Doesn't mean you have to tell the story always in order sometimes you'll do what you call flashbacks or you'll get to a point you'll need to cover something in more detail that wasn't covered before but I really do like time of things. 1 time I'm not too long ago I went through and I decide in the Bible to put the big pictures of the Bible in in order you know here's the key themes of is Israel and Judah and here's the prophets that prophesied during their things and then I realized a lot of the books of the Bible are names of prophets right and so I begin to highlight the books of the Bible as to where they fit in that and I binge for that thing and I thought why didn't I do this years ago all of a sudden I know where everything fits now or if I don't I can go back at what I did and say oh there's for that prophet was in fact we just heard about Hosea. Apparently he spanned a long period longer than I realized. And maybe I need to expand his part on the timeline as to who he whose reigns he overlapped and who he ministered to but it begins to become meaningful when you see the sequence of events that are there I don't know how many of you are into genealogy trying to figure out your own family timeline. Interesting when you do that find out some things maybe you didn't know. I believe that the more we learn about our history whether it's our church history or the world history or our family history what are the lessons that we can learn. You learn more about who you are you may find the strength and the weaknesses of your family. In if anything should find out. More about your need for God. What is it what the role is there so when diving into this to start with. The importance of the past we cannot underestimate that actually that the past is our identity and the statement that I would focus on although it's just 1 brief incomplete sentence is the 1 there 3rd item under the importance of the past we have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget. And what is it you might forget. Not what you need to do in the future because you may not even know that yet but you forget the way the Lord has led past tense and his teachings in our past history. Not too many people that I know know the background for that statement. Why was it written when was it written everything has a story. Is $892.00 December a letter. The letter was sent from Australia to the church headquarters and they read the entire letter at the general conversation of $893.00 and it was not a short letter and what was she reviewing in the letter. How the early Adventist believers in the forty's and fifty's in these what we're going to look at in the story here how as they they came to understand what had happened in this mill right movement in the Expecting Christ a common and finding out more about the Bible teachings and explaining the prophecies more how they were led to there was enough of them eventually and they had assets they they owned a place with a printing press and they were publishing things and it was really they finally were led to organize and for Minister publishing Association and then you know conferences of churches. The churches come together and form what we call a sisterhood or however you want to describe the combination of churches and they were called conferences and how they were led to develop this organisation in this order. Against a lot of confusion and opposition actually some people thought organization was heavy handed in controlling what Candy and that is a counterfeit organisation and that is the Babylon that they wanted to come out of but they realise that in Heaven God has ordered. And there's a there's organization and of course it's all built on the principle of what. Unselfish love. And that's the only way you can really operate by the way. Otherwise you have heavy handed control or you have chaos and there's no other ah options if you look at society in general and so she's reviewing that history in detail and telling what was happening and the struggle and it's in that context she says we have nothing to fear for the future except as we should forget the way the Lord's led in his teachings in our past history that's in the timeline we'll come to that but there's a couple other comments by other people who observe the importance of history you can read though some of them are very this 1 we probably know the best those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it that's in the previous paragraph in a little bit more information from. Some gentleman here I am not belching for the. Philosophy or the morality of these other men because when you learn about people in history they usually have problems but sometimes they'll have a brilliant idea and they'll write it down and it will impact history. What we want to talk about in terms of that overall history will I would want to summarize it down to 2 principles and I do that based on the paragraph in the middle of page 1 it's a paragraph in the book education and hopefully all of you are students no matter how young or how old you are right your students in this is talking about the students of the Bible in the sense of the Bible need to understand the nature of the 2 principles. That are contending for supremacy what is contending for supremacy picture. The conflict it's a controversy we sometimes call it it's a battle that we're in things or are fighting do they fight the same way well if they're if they're very similar they probably will but if they're opposites they doing fight the same way. That they fight right understand the nature of these principles and traced him through history to you that's what we're going to do if we're successful trace them through history and prophecy we could say that's the past and the. Future Now if if it prophecy is fulfilled is it still prophecy. It's it's become history. It's fulfilled prophecy but it's no longer the future so picture that there is the past in the future and we need to trace this through both the past and future but we're not in the past or the future where we are in the present but this present point is not stationary What is the present doing it's moving through time there's more and more past and there's less and less future in that sense and that's what the next statement is all about don't just look at it in the past in the future realize that in every act of life which is where we live right now today why you're here in this room why I'm here in this room which motive is prompting me in theirs to antagonistic motives just to we're not dealing with 50 principles and 50 motives we're dealing with 2 principles and they are to motives this is them sending them for them what are they well she doesn't say what they are at that page in that paragraph you have to have expects to look back 3040 some pages earlier when she's dealing with the story of Job on page 154 if you want to put that in your handout and she just in passing says remember the history of job. He came up in a conversation in heaven right between God and. Satan and God says Have you seen my servant you're coming from earth have you seen the fellow I have down there is name is Joe and he hates evil. He is right just and the devil asked 1 simple question. Does job serve you for nothing. What's the implication. On you you by him and he's doing it for a selfish motive you take away what you've given him and you'll see how much he really loves you and serve you. That's the background for Joe and she says unselfishness the principle of God's Kingdom is the principle of Satan hates its very existence he denies. And then she says it's the work of Christ and all who identify with him to disprove Satan's claim what was Satan's claim. That unselfishness does not exist if it doesn't exist who is who is selfish. If unselfish just does not exist who is selfish. Everyone including including God. And that's exactly what the statement is. And she says it's the work of Christ and all good enough I with him to disprove Satan's claim so it's sort of the interesting question how do you disprove the claim that unselfishness does not exist do you just get up and say it does exist it does exist it does exist that he proved. As I say Words are cheap how the job proves that unselfishness did exist. Demonstration take he was taking all the gifts that God had given him or taken away. And did he still love God did he have a major major struggle yes but did he cursed God and die like his wife said no he couldn't understand what was going on he didn't have a story behind his story. But a by faith hung on Hang in there and at the end God says job has said what is right to me. So in our confusion in Wired struggle to understand what's going on whatever mess we find ourselves in that life brings to us. That's basically what we're here to to witness to 1 of the other these 2 principles and that's the simplicity of it and I submit to you when you understand that then you understand exactly why Christ came. To disprove Satan's going in fact he said the pilot when he was on trial you remember pilot was trying to figure out who Jesus was I think he's looking at this man he doesn't look like a criminal he's seen a lot of criminals can you imagine seeing Jesus in he was a simple man he wasn't dressed fancy but when you looked in his face did you see anger did you see hostility Did you see hardness Did you see all the stuff that you might see in a criminal face you know why would a pilot saying why do they want to kill this man they want him dead what what's going on and he's trying to find out who are you are you looking they're saying you're claiming to be a king Jesus said what. Are you asking out of yourself or do you just give the Jews that he's going to get the pilot's hard right in pilot said he backed off on the personal thing you just said but what are you here for and Jesus said. For this cause I was born John 81537 for this cause I was born for this cause I came into the world for mine. You know what he said the power to bear witness to the truth. Well in the context of what we're talking about what is the truth. Who's telling the truth the Devil or God. Right and what is the truth about. These 2 principles are there really 2 is there an alternative the devil said what there's only 1 principle and that is living for yourself. Because of unselfish does not exist there's not to print was only 1. Everything is built on self-interest selfishness and you can mask it however you want to that's all there is there and Jesus said I've come to bear witness to the truth. And that's why earlier he had told his disciples. If you see me you seen the Father. And were headed to the Father's house. That's where I'm going and then I'm going to come get you you've read John 14 right. And he said to them where I'm going you know in the way you know and they said well we don't know where you're going how can we know the way he just told them where he was going and he told them he was going to come get him that was the way her but he said in answer to them very simply I am. The way the way of the father I'm the latter in projective stream I'm connecting heaven and earth if you want to if you want to go there on the way by and on the truth. You see him using the father I am the life and this is the way God has created things to live so in those 2 principles we have the story which I have at the very top of the page 1. 1 way that we've summarized the overall story from pre creation to recreate Sion. The fall basically is the beginning of the introduction of this counterfeit principle into the air in the universe and then how God dealing with that too and finally recreates the big arrows where we are going so that the bottom I've outlined a little bit more and I've given you several descriptions of what these 2 principles are called in the Bible there's only 2 but there's a lot of ways of describing and I've given you several and selfishness and selfishness humility and pride giving versus taking the truth versus the lie that's what I really like in John 8 we just talked about some of those in John John 1814 building on the rock or building on sand standing or falling have God's Kingdom or all the other earthly kingdoms babbling is the name of the 1st of Daniel's 14 names and is the name revelation of the final Kingdom 14. So we have these 2 principles there they're fighting ever since but the counterfeit principle came into existence was eternal 1 has always existed and always will the other 1 is a temporary thing came into existence and had a beginning that's what Jesus said in John 8 he was a murderer from the devil was a murderer from the beginning the 1 place I think Jesus refers to the beginning of the great controversy but if it had a beginning is never going to end or it will have and it will have an end so that's why I call that the temporary principle. And that's what the prophecies are all about how God is going to bring this to this temporary principle to an end because of all of Daniel's prophecies were they lead to God's everlasting kingdom in which there's only 1 principle function everything else has gone right but there's a significant sequence of events in the prophecies because you have the earthly kingdoms and what principle are they based on. Self is because this nation rising against nation came against heinous I'm there in charge until somebody stronger comes along and knocks me down and puts themselves up and says what it's built on that's Darwinism right survival of the fittest. That's what it looks like to people looking on us just the way things operate but the Bible tells us that's temporary. And you can see all the pain and suffering in the world based on that and all the joy is based actually on them on the genuine eternal principle. And so they're all men mingled together in our history in our lives right I read the story of a lady who is in her ninety's she's 99 now and interesting fascinating story she was in medical school in Germany in World War 2 and her life story she wrote out 20 years ago and she's in her seventy's and there's no organized religion at all in her history it's really fasting to read people's stories but everything in her life that was joy were family bonds you know strong family bonds and everything that was painful in her life were broken bones you know divorce and all that pain and thinking There's the 2 principles she never found in organized religion the bonds that were stronger than family. Is not the Bible pictures that came to Jesus so here's your mother her brothers and her to say. Here's my theory. Mary was closer to Jesus as her Savior than she was mother. So there's a stronger bond and that's what God's created is for that's church right that should be what church is all about so we have in this sort of complicated table at the bottom we have a picture of the battle between these 2 principles we're in that we're in the church part but we're near the end according to profit picture because in the prophetic picture the conflict comes down to FINALLY A and transition where these earthly kingdoms are brought to an end and God's Kingdom is set up I call it a transition because I think it's a very good way of describing it every 1 of Daniel's prophecies deal with that what is this process page 2 it's a transition process in Daniel Chapter 2 how is it pictured. It's a stone cut out without hands. And all of the visions of Daniel give you an a clue as to when the transition has begun because Daniel says I watched tell. And then something changed chapter 2 I was still a stone was cut off Chapter 7 I watched till throws were put in place and then 2 days did said Daniel Daniel 7 it's a judgement scene Daniel 8 The question is tell when the vision the daily the transgression of desolation and the answer was to leave me in mourning 2300 so the transition 8 is a clinching process a restoration of a sanctuary a vindication of how God has been dealing with this thing called sin which is the conflict between the 2 principles separate Jeffrey love and 12 it's there as well look at it the time prophecies all deal with this transition because the time prophecies pointed to the beginning of the transition the Miller writes We're going to find they expected the time prophecies pointed to what it. That was the day but what was the event that was going to happen a 2nd coming is the 2nd coming the 1st event of the of the transition. No What's the 1st in. The judgment they thought it was starting here on Earth when Jesus comes to earth but in Daniel 7 we see a picture of the judgment scene where is it taking place. Taking place and haven't forgotten it's OK when we tie that together with Chapter 8 it's occluding process and they knew what the Queen's English THANK YOU result about it on page 2 I've pointed out the sanctuary the sanctuary process the sanctuary picture had to demit to time dimensions 1 was the daily ceremonies evening and morning sacrifices and the evening when it was not when you came to confess that something that you did when ever you needed to I don't think you were there every day at offering a lamb. There wouldn't be enough lambs if everybody was offering a lamb every day so I don't know really how often they came to do their personal things when they felt the need for that but every day there was an evening mourning sacrifice in every day there was blood there was burning flesh there was a pile of ashes there were things have been burned up but every day there was lights on in the holy place every day it was in since writing and not just every day continually every continually on the table of showbread there was bread this is God's house right the lights are on the bread on the table picture it in a family setting this is what it's about but he's dealing with what Soon it's a mass there's blood in his just if that's all there was the daily does the same jury predict that there's going to be an end to the conflict. In the daily does. Though. It may show that Finley's to death but is this continual death continual death day after day if it is sin going to be gone and no more death the daily doesn't show that what is it in the same jury that shows that. The yearly The Yearly the yearly it were events that pre predicted that God was going to step into this mess that was ongoing he's going to step into it 1 time and does nothing Another day another festival in the feast day show he's going to do this and he's going to do this and the spring festivals were his 1st coming the fall festivals basically are the transition at the end we think of the 2nd Coming but it's more than thinking it's it's the the pre ad that judgment it's the post and judgment it's the Millennium right so the whole process of the yearly events predicted that oh it's not going to last forever God is going to go it's going to remove this temporary principle of selfishness and he's going to bring it to an end and there's going to be His eternal Kingdom based on how many principles. 1 the turtle principle owns can be gone and everybody who'd want that temporary principle will they be there it will be there and. But there's going to be a process to call everyone in a global way out of that temporary principle into God's eternal principle and so that transition process involves before Jesus coming a preparation a ripening of a harvest Revelation 14 pictures and he has some people involved within that and that's the advent movement's history that's our mission that's our our task to understand that and to be involved with him in that so that's what pages 1 and 2 are attempting to explain. Did they understand exactly the simplicity of that to start with Apparently not because they thought that Christ was going to come in 844 they didn't understand the sanctuary message which explains in a brief way what we just did. That is going through the daily versus the yearly but God did raise up a people and I call it God's partners in the beginning of the process. And so they have it movement is all about and if you think of it of Christ disciples This was way back at the spring festivals when Passover was just completed and Pentecost had not yet happened drystone disciples how in touch were they with these 2 principles. Which principal had motivated them to a large degree. What was the what was their favorite topic of discussion. Who invented that principle. Do you see how it's God's own people are contaminated still with the temporary principle it blocks them from understanding what God's doing and they are headed for a disappointment. And the need for cleansing and we know out of that that shaking that they went through 1 of them committed suicide and the rest of them are in hiding you know the story and Jesus has to come to them and what does he do he has no Bibles. And he shows them in all of the Bible the things concerning the new. South it's all about Jesus because He is the Way the Truth and the life if we understand properly and he basically said to these survivors do you see now what principle this is all based on it's about humbling yourself not exalted So it's about giving not taking. Will you join me in the witness what they say yes they would and I mean just think what happened with Enron within 40 days he went back to heaven 10 days later what happens there in 1 place and 1 accord which had never happened. In other words they have processed all these We've spent 3 half years trying to be number 1 how many toes if you stepped on. Do you think they had some confessions to make and in reconciliation and then they're in 1 place they want to court and then the Holy Spirit can empower a witness of the genuine principle of truth exulting the cross exulting Jesus Christ in hiding the human beings. And that's the story and that that to me if we're going to stand the disciples and what they went through then perhaps we'll understand in a in a in a simple way what our complex evidence history is going to show us and what our need is so that's that's where we are and we come over to the picture of the beginning of the Advent movement. OK Page 3 we're going to be looking up giving you pictures here as we will move through the timeline of. 27 individuals I'm going to name a few more as just not the ones that we've highlighted and what we've done in the past perhaps a need to highlight some more people but we've focused critically on the 1st generation ones even though some of the 27 were born after the passing of the time after 844 and as we'll see not all these 27. Even though they are all involved of the movement and God used them in some way. Not all of them stayed with it and that's something else you have to come to grips with Can God use a person. And then something happens and he can't use them anymore. Now does that say thing about their eternal destiny not necessarily. They could still be safe for eternity but he can't use them anymore because of their limitations or whatever else so let's leave that with God sometimes you want to know what he saved or not well sometimes we don't know we leave that to God Sometimes we do know because we've been told but this is a picture that we have we're going to look at 6 messages and. I'd like to actually get a racist this is our summary. And. I'd like to sort of summarize as we go through. It's actually on page. Going summary here on Page. 15. But I'm going to build it as we go because I want to weave together 3 threads. And to do that. We've talked about the 2 principles so let's put that up here. And saw in the context of that we look at some messages. We're going to look at something called Landmarks. And we're going to look at something else called ministry's. OK And. Messages are actually. Buy don't passages. That are found in the Bible sometimes are really clearly clearly a message because it's a angel flying through heaven proclaiming something sometimes the Bible passages that we will maybe didn't always think of as a message in that sense but yet they are landmarks are full This is a serving turn anybody ever do serving. Something that when you mark the land what do you marking the land for. Founders that's your territory right and those are things to look at look at Proverbs as Remove not the ancient landmarks which your fathers have set Well you don't move your property line lest 1 get in trouble your neighbors right so that's something you don't move once it's put in place it's the idea of something that's stable. That there's other terms that that speak about these and if you're a builder. When you build a building you don't want the movie to do so you're talking about foundations in pillars and blocks and all these all these construction terms and there's 1 other term it used to describe these these principles these concepts they're called way marks and you know those are you going down the road you're looking for signs all the time right. Marking the way do I want to go this way or that way and if you move the sign what's going to happen. Somebody you might get lost somebody after you really will get lost if they're depending on the signs pointing the right way and going the wrong way so these are all metaphors for the same idea something that you say you don't want to change establish it and leave it Ministries is simply what we doing. To carry these. To run with the last of our 3 word motto is run right how do you how do you run with these in these are basically the way journalism. So starting with 1831. William Miller by the way on these 27 pioneers we have 27 videos online summarizing their lives. Though there if you want some more details if you want it with those videos I produced a 2 page handouts for each of the pioneers summarizing their life if you want more details we actually have of periodicals that we publish back in the ninety's mostly each issue was on a pioneer and these are on P.D.F. online for downloading you can buy packets of these old back issues through light beers if you're interested in that too so but I'm just getting time to do it as to who these people are William Miller. Beautiful statement here when he finally he was a D.S.T. leader there was a god but of sort of a god was not connected like the god of job you know this is my servant Have you seen him in Satan's as you put it has about him and he blessed him and is God really involved with us that much the DIA's don't believe that sort of like he wound up with the watch and he walked away and let us just running on some but he finally came through an experience to look at the Bible. At a deeper way and here's here's what he said. Aside from the Bible I found I could get no evidence of the existence of such a savior He talked about a being that that was good and compassionate. You know what time of the bean he couldn't find the evidence for that outside of the Bible and he thought that's strange because the Bible why would a book that's not inspired be able to do that because he didn't think the Bible is inspired at the time and then he said I was constrained to admit that the Scriptures must be a revelation from God. That he studied them and they became my delight in Jesus I found a friend that's William Miller and that's why his simple Bible prophecy seminars and things he gave were so compelling because he was introducing people to his friend and he was having people converted not just to believe the prophecies but they were being converted to Jesus giving their lives to Jesus in wrapped into this was the prophecies which he's coming soon right and he's going to be here pretty soon so that's William Miller $831.00 was when he began his public ministry when God sort of twisted his arm if you know that story and that is also the beginning we can think of in a sense the 1st angels message 1st angels message where do we find that. Lord teens $6.00 and $7.00 what Kay end of the part he was focused on is what the hour of his judgment is come and he is not so focused on worshipping the maid. That was not a major focus even though I believe I think he believes in a creator but he didn't make the 7th day sabbath connection to that whole thing which was later so I began preaching that in the landmark trip would be obviously it's like I'm coming. And by the way is that so how do we know that this is still 1 of our landmarks. I mean. What's their name. Is the ad that move was the ad that mean it's still it's true still proclaiming that right. Hopefully we haven't lost the fact that this is not just as in this is not just someone who's lives crisis coming as it is means he's coming soon it's not because a lot of churches believe in Jesus coming back but if they don't have the prophetic imperative of his coming soon. We. Really start back with the beginning of the of the philosophy of God in Scripture and all that too but so there's another there's are ways of ordering it but that would be historically you put it number 1 you know so and what were they what were they using during those years to get the word out. They had a lot of meetings going on and again that's we still use those word using it right now we're having a meeting right I came from somewhere you came some were and remain and that's what they did but if you can't go to work somebody has or they can't come to where you are how do you get them the message. You can you can write it out and publish it. And print it and mail it right and of course with the new technology how can we publish. We can put it through the electronic you know waves to go wherever they go so that's what what there are and. Combine our exhibit we have a we have the memoirs of William Miller this this man. If you don't read this whole story there be another way of learning about him $838.00. This is 7 years later there's a lot of details of the story and we're sort of hitting the highlights here Josiah lips comes along and he was a Methodist Episcopal church preacher he steps the 2nd coming and against Brooklyn it to start with you can see there's quite a few years there in the 830 S. Miller's is traveling around in the patients to churches doing some writing the late 18th thirty's they're publishing some of his lectures and it begins to spread and like $830.00 S. really begins to take off lips. And looking at the prophecies of Revelation Revelation Chapter 9 the trumpets he they had already began to have a method of interpreted prophecy Miller had 14 rules of Bible interpretation and following these rules of interpreting the Bible they were able to understand the Year Day principle all the time prophecies and a lot of these other how to interpret the symbols of the Bible to know when it is symbols and not symbols those principles and he came with an understanding that the Ottoman Empire was going to come to its end before. We didn't mention is about Miller Miller did not predict a specific date he just said sometime in the year 843 to $44.00 that Jewish year you know it's going to happen then. Before that time. Let's set over the sums what happened to the Ottoman Empire if we understand those principles and curbing some going to happen to that Inter in terms of another time prophecy and everyone looking on not everyone but lot of people said if that happens in 840 then Miller's principles must be valid. And when it happens a 1000 infidels became believers huge impact is much bigger than we realize. So that's liches. Point that we want to emphasize next year 839 we have a series of other men that we want to highlight excepting the message there Joseph BATES We have his autobiography In fact there's a there's a new narrated version of the autobiography you can download for free or buy the CD If we want to listen to the book he was involved with temperance work already as a sea captain he kept in the message of the 2nd Coming and Joshua Himes met Bates lived in Massachusetts Himes was in Boston area Himes was actually a he wasn't great with his gray beard and his young guy. In $839.00 he invited Miller come to my church and get a lecture Miller dead and he said to MILLER Do you believe what you're preaching and Miller said I would be preaching if it included And he says wired use spreading it more and Miller said I'm doing all I can and Himes in essence said fasten your seat belt. Any became his publisher and his promoter and they were literally they were publishing a daily newspaper being sold in the streets of New York City within a few years. They wanted to get the word out when you get the word out it just took off with times. Samuel Snow comes along he was 1 of the infidels that became a believer looking at the prophecies in understanding how that's how that works page for. 840 the Harmon family in Maine this. Except for the no right message and of course the Harmon family highlight because of the 1 daughter named Ellen she's 13 years old the time that her family except for the message so she's a lot of these if we're looking at the pioneers and they were they got involved with the movement they were they were early teens or late teens and early twenty's when they began to run the 1st thing next year of celibacy of James White who if you look at it he's my old 41 he's 21 in 841 he's 21 because I have the days of their life beside their picture so he's 21 years old he excepts the mess he was a teacher We've got his autobiography published life incidents if you're interested in that. He becomes He's a burden to go out and preach as he's been a schoolteacher he begins to preach in a 1000 people are converted into history. He's not just preaching prophecy he has it's a revival that's taking place with his preaching people are giving their lives to Jesus and so that's that's their. Charles Fitch Presbyterian Church so you can see these from different churches right Harmon's we're Methodists James White was the Christian church this is a Presbyterian. He begins to preach so more and more this is being propelling the people of influence $842.00 the very next year a former Methodist preacher George stores except that he's going to be noted because already he's stepping into the Bible teaching which is going to come out and some little bit later in a significant way that when you die. He did right was the state of man in death the wages of sin is death what have what is that you know do you have consciousness in that. Is there a natural immortality in our in our in the way would God created us or are we dependent upon him for life and he wrote some X. what material on that and it was already beginning to percolate through the advent movement not everyone's accepting it obviously we highlight the same year William Farnsworth Well he was a farmer and this just shows you a example of someone who they don't become a minister 8 or. They but they are running with the message he built the 1st. Building where there were Advent believers that were keeping the 7th day sabbath that whole that whole thing happened around his community they weren't calling themselves and they haven't because that didn't exist but they were beginning to understand them you'll find out later who that came in with he actually ended up having 22 children. Not the same life he had 2 wives and it was each had 11 which he had had a big family in the lot of workers went into the movement because of his godly influence William Farnsworth. There's a book entitled William is 22. I think that. We highlighted him to 43 next year or a close or another teacher like James White he kept the message of Jesus coming and in the same town of New York and that area of New York a farmer by the name of Harmison he exception and. Also a 14 year old young fellow but he had Jane Andrews. That year of $843.00 that's the year the beginning of fall of that year was when Jesus was those to come right sometime during $43.00 to $44.00 like the spring of $43.00 the spring of 44. Well the spring of 44 comes in Christ doesn't arrive and that's actually called the 1st disappointment on the spring in 44 in I've given you references for that under 844 and they're trying to figure out what's happening you know what's going on where things headed and in the summertime because Christ had not come by that spring a lot of the churches began to close their doors to the message and actually expel from their membership anybody who's believing in this message of Christ coming and that's when they were led to proclaim begin to proclaim the 2nd angels in the summer of 44 and what is like an angel or is it found. At least 14 years 8 what does it say. Babblings is phoned in rejecting the message of Christ coming they felt this the Christian churches had experienced a significant spiritual fall. OK That was their immediate understanding as to why to proclaim it at that point. I've usually I think as we look at that that will expand bigger and bigger and bigger by the way. When it says babblings fallen what historical event is that alluding to the. Old Testament times was there a Babylon Yes Did it fall Yes What chapter do we find that in. Daniel. You should know the Bible like you know the streets of your city OK. Daniel 5 X. 1 it's we call bell jazzers feast we should call it the fall of Babylon. Was Daniel there. Did he have a message did he have actually some things he had to translate. What were the 2 principles he said the bell she says or your father never can answer this grandfather God gave him a kingdom and what happened when his was hard to became proud and stood up and what God do with his or he humbled him. Any knowledge the God of heaven who is also the humble God By the way God doesn't want us to be humble and he's not he is Christ said I make a lowly if you see me using father so he said in a bell she has are but you have not humble yourself though you know this he was responsible for his grandfather's history. And it was because of the pride of Babylon and they'll Chasseurs the Babylon sell Pride goes before a fall was Daniel go down without a limb. No Daniel survive the fall what might that say to us will there be people at the in time babbling when it falls that will survive the fall. Will they also be proclaiming the 2 principals in calling people to get on the rock get out of the building built on sand you know get on the rock. It is an amazing parallel we need to understand that so that's the 2nd angel's message began to be proclaimed But as the summer went on they still were figure trying to figure out what happened with the times you know and along came Samuel Snow in August of 44 in presented a study he had done and it was on the evidences that pointed to you before all of that year when the reason the fall festivals yearly festivals the spring ones were related to Christ's 1st coming the fall festivals related to the transition at the end which includes the 2nd Coming in the Fall Festival that deals with the clones in the sanctuary was what festival. Ever Tom And in that year they had found out when it was going to fall what the what day it was going to be on what was that October 25th and that became that that's the 7th the Jewish month by the way so I'm just months when the devil to me is that became the 7th month movement or as it's also called the midnight cry. And if you want to read some amazing descriptions of this movement what Bible passage is a based on by the way. Matthew. At midnight the cry went out behold Rugen come here is that. Parable of the convergence out in Matthew 25 OK. I think is 1 the 13th and like that. So this speech this was like a tidal wave and when light describes what you are seeing pictures of tidal waves it went into the remotest villages she said there's been no movement since the days of the apostles as been as free from human imperfection and was this movement when she had her 1st vision. The vision was of 1 of those metaphors of a path a journey metaphor you know a path going to heaven at the beginning of the path what was there. A bright light that shone all the way along the path and the angel said what was a bright light. When I cry this is not important in the beginning how God is moving at that point. Did they understand even then what the bridegroom in the wedding was all about they thought he was coming to to get his bride. But he was going into the wedding to receive a kingdom after which he was coming in his bride so that was not understood but yet it was a Holy Spirit guided movement in the night cry OK. Let's see how much we end on the next minute as we do for a break here during that time our friend Charles Fitch was baptizing people they were being converted it was getting to be late summer early fall in New England and he was baptizing baptizing Any got pneumonia and he died but his wife said Jesus is coming on October 20th says there's no reason to mourn there actually expecting him to come that's the 1st death we're going to look at we're going to we're going to go through a whole series of deaths in this outline here outline that's me part of the story too well October 22 comes and what happens. Christ didn't show up on Earth. And that was the passing of the time they called it the great disappointment but unbeknownst to them Where did her a Jesus gone. He had he'd gone to that final phases ministry that the sanctuary pictured as on the day of atonement and later on Ellen White would say when he went to the most holy place he sent an angel. From heaven to earth with the next message. 13 joules message. Of Cain So this began this is Revelation 14. 1 of the verses. 9. To 12. So with that we've come down to really the beginning of the ad that movement portion that deals with who we are as 70 others even though there's no name for us then and this is what really begins to define the group that comes out of the Advent movement that have an understanding and will look at the evidence of how much we do or don't understand it which is another question. I'll give you some statements from our own history as to how much do we really understand you know if we're Daniel translating the handwriting how can you translate something if you don't understand but your dress lady you may have a limited understanding I may not be all wrong but again there are some elements of it that we need to understand even better than we do but again I like to say this midnight cry was about the bridegroom right. We've got a track with Jesus where is he what is he doing. The genuine Jesus in the most holy place what is the what business is the and what is the focus that he has right now can we join him in that here on Earth. And work with him and cooperate with him. I submit that's our mission and so I did in the. Media was brought by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through audio and much more if you would like to know more about. This sermon leave it to W.W.W.. Or.


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