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Adventist History- Part 3

Fred Bischoff


Fred reviews the major events and movements that have shaped the Adventist church from 1890 till the present day.


Fred Bischoff

Physician and former faculty member at Loma Linda University's School of Medicine and School of Public Health, and cofounder of Adventist Pioneer Library



  • March 22, 2018
    2:00 PM
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Father thank You for the opportunity again to come together to continue our review of history guide us as we do this May your spirit take the elements of the past bring meaning and show us their connection to your heart in your plan and guide us individually in what we need to do with this information we give us time to you in Christ's name Amen. We have in our pioneer project digitize a large amount of the pioneer materials. The portion of the materials that we have not digitized as much as the books and pamphlets are the periodicals and the bulk of what the planners I think published were in periodicals So pray for us if we need to do more of that that we can get that done we are spending a lot of time right now bringing some of the pioneer materials back into print and you'll find that our exhibit actually have a little flyer that shows the titles that we've done anguish as well as a page of the lines in Spanish and Portuguese that we've done so we're trying to make it available as widely as we can I do believe that with technology in what God has been able to in the last decades that it's clearly part of the right Daniel 7 and Revelation 20 picture that judgment involves the opening of books and I like to say the official records the complete records are all up there and we will all have access to them at some point but before the 2nd coming those of us on Earth don't have access to that there's others that are having access to it right now and that will be the initial determination of who's going to spend eternity with God and who's not but. We're going have access after the 2nd Coming and apparently there's going to be a reopening of the books at the end of the millennium Revelation 20 says it in there's going to be a panoramic review of history much better than I can get here in at the end of that what's going to happen every knee is going to bow. Down and that's going to be an amazing event that's going to be burned to the memory of the universe forever but it's that lifting the cross that's really going to make the difference I think it's not just what you did or what you did it's what Christ did and what you did in light of that right that's going to be that's going to cause me to bow so may we understand as much of the books that we need to understand before the 2nd coming to understand why we're administering and to help others to make a decision for the eternal principle which is what we're looking at by the way we're at 894 and we've completed our our tables there's 6 messages there's 7 landmarks there's 5 ministries are all there and so what we're dealing with now is what happens to these in light of our history what are we doing. Are we able to proclaim these and we see you can't give what you don't have or are able to receive these and proclaim he's right are we able to hang on to these so they don't move you know at the same time we're digging deeper and deeper into them do we understand all there is about these. Well there's a state we're going to find about the change of message of themselves these 3 that are highlighted as often a way to summarize the messages and how well we understood them by 1902. And what is what happens to our ministries. If particularly if if these 2 principles are all mixed up in the ministries you know so hang on to that 8094 just hit the road running here Ellen White writes an article which I think is very significant it's an title Roman isn't the religion of human nature. You don't have to have a Jesuit infiltrate your church what will destroy your effectiveness with God what will keep you in Babylon which is another name for the 4th kingdom Rome all keep you there your nature if you don't understand your human nature and are converted in the Gospel begins to cleanse you of this say tannic principle you're going to reproduce Rome. In your family you're going to reproduce it in your local church you're going to reproduce it wherever your influence is because it's just in your nature so I'm not saying the Jesuits are good people I'm just saying they're not the real problem it's your nature my nature that's the real problem and they've taken advantage of that and they're just they're just manipulating it and so if winners in the principles and we lay the axe the root of the tree of the principles whether it's a Jesuit or an unconverted Adventist we're laying the axe as John the Baptist at the root of the tree which God help us to do that Nov 14th statement about delay I'm just going to say this so I'm not going to take time to read these because we could read each 1 of them but again the Lord would have come if $895.00 doubled over Prescott at the 95 G.C. session gives a series of sermons based on the prayer of Polynesians 3 I bow the knee to our father and when the whole family in heaven on earth is named you know there's a family heaven or it's also called a church it's also called God's host you know the Army of God and all these things are true and picture what's going on but the 1st head of the of the divine human family he was a human Adam and we know what he did and so there had to come and you had a divine human head right and that's the 2nd Adam's was a beautiful series of sermons on the 2 Adams powerfully picturing that we publish that series of books available. In a diary that same months old whites' not in the States for the G.C. session but in her diary she again talks about the message the last message of warning in mercy and she's speaking of these as a whole the last message right what has happened. Has been retarded in doing this work by the selfish love of money the selfish love of Eve's and the unfitness of man to do work that needs to be done in other words if you are still confused or uncommitted on these 2 principles what are you doing with every ministry that you're involved with your retarded brother thing making it go your retarding in I've become convinced this is a way that we just need to explain evidence history there's no other explanation to me as to why we're still here it comes back to the 2 principles in just seen in detail in this history. September a testimony to the General Conference leaders all about this issue right here organization are they running the organization as God would know she said they're on the track of Rome and she said you don't understand the Russians of Christ by thing well you mean the faith of Jesus changes how I run an organization is it does there's a there's there's a council of people running schools what do you do with students has Alsace you kick them out and they have problems and she said let's try to love method she not being indulgent she is saying you want to kick them out and put them on Satan's ground that's the way to lose she's not saying there's never of time to do that but it's not as often as quick as we tend to think when we don't have God that a 2 didn't. Begin intensely practical as we said that same year Prescott's goes to Australia and he preaches a series of sermons there and a canteen Ellen whites present her secretaries taking it down in shorthand and her descriptions of those meetings are Pentecostal in nature. Those are republished It's called In the spirit of power the series of Prescott's sermons. There's a lot of connections there that we could talk about but I'm just giving this some highlights that have jumped out at me over the years 8096 that would create his experience showers of heaven the latter rain but what was the response of some. They showed contempt they felt annoyed hearts were full of unbelief and they were saying this is only excitement this is not the Holy Spirit so if you miss judge is there is there a counterfeit to genuine revivals that is excitement that is fanaticism Yes but if you get confused as to what's genuine and not you are very easily calling the genuine work of the Holy Spirit and this. And that happens that's that's 1 of the devil's ways of destroying a general revival. Is for people to take it into the net as isn't or people to look at at the genuine and confuse it with fanaticism maybe because some people took it there so God help us to have genuine discernment to understand what that is May of $96.00 another letter if Satan has his way the time of preparation will be what's the word prolonged when I 1st read that I said that's the clear statement on why I'm I'm alive why the church is still here you know so somebody has had his way and who is that wasn't God June Ellen White in a letter to your i Smith i believe based on 1 of the sermons that Prescott gave the previous October November in those Armadale sermons she takes a stand on. The lawn Galatians which was the relationship between the camps a god in the faith of Jesus you take a stand on it as to which lot was that was the big surface argument in Minneapolis. And she said the Holy Spirit was speaking as specially of the moral law in that word especially means not only. So there's there's the sometimes the testimony of Jesus is very clear in his exit Jesus of scripture that's an ex a gentle statement if the Holy Spirit was meaning this when Paul wrote that you know that was what the Scripture means and you can go to. Go with that for sure but the entire day letter even though it was written from a sick bed very short it is full of I call her most important or she ever read the understanding of the relationship between these 2 elements in the role of God's Law in the light of the Gospel how they relate again this most holy place material. But she said it in great measure and to a great degree this light has been kept from the world by the action of her own people that's where she ties in that letter she ties it to the history of Minneapolis July the next month she writes an article entitled Why the Lord waits who's waiting on Who are you waiting on Jesus to come. You know I think you are but the Lord's waiting on you and his people and you can't do it all by yourself it's a corporate things as well as an individual thing but that is an amazing statement and it connects it with the letter rain Go read about it it's all about him what he's doing October she writes a letter to the head physician she's ready now to somebody in this ministry the health ministry he's insane Alina he is not a health reform or can you imagine. And it was him to him that she wrote what is justification by faith it's the work of God of letting the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which you cannot do from sell these lessons you have never learned and then she says almost immediately if you understand physiology as you should your drug bills would be much less. The light God has forces not just the ology it's physiology I would say it's agriculture I would say it's economy it's every area of life that's how intensely practical the Gospel is it changes how you do things and you have a way of thinking that the Holy Spirit can give you light and clarity and you can be a blessing to others right in people be how you so wise are you not wise you're just in touch with the 1 who is right you have to say it's not me you know they will see your good works and they'll try to glorify you but what is does it say they will do your glorify your Father because you deflect that you have to say it's not me they want to lift you up and you say don't do that. The next month Mrs S. and I Hindery prominent evangelist with the Women's Christian timid you know patient in Battle Creek with an interval heart problem she sets the Sabbath and she joins the movement a window into a lady's life who we need to understand better. The Of Ember of that year her book by the way her life stories on the G.C. archives book section and download the P.D.F. my mother's life November same month great way marks of truth to be carefully guarded given another metaphor for these landmarks December L.Y.S. writing to Olson G.C. present for the 1st time explain to him why she was invited to Australia 5 years before there it is our separation from Battle Creek was to let men have their own will in a way which they thought superior to the way the Lord the result is before you what was happening in Battle Creek in the 890 S.. Again I say it was the best of them and his I'm in the worst of them and I'm in the complex picture often confuses this weasely focus on 1 of the other we don't like to mix things together but it's complex there are some people running with God's plan and there's others that are supposing it and sometimes there's people you know cooperate with God in 1 area not cooperating with got another area the result is before you 897 there's a great lack of knowledge in regard to the rise in progress of the 3rd angel's message lovebirds written this book in 102 the rise of progress but they're not reading history understanding it as the odd Apparently you're a smith's publishes last edition of Daniel revelation which we also have in our republished books. She highly endorse his historicity you when she endorsed a person's works she wasn't giving again we've said earlier you'll find perfection in no man's investigations of truth she wasn't saying you're perfect in every detail so there once she's calling for for more study when Haskell came to her and he said I've been studying Daniel revelation but your license already written a book on it she said if God has given you more light publish it so he came out with the story of Daniel the prophet in the story of the syrup out of this God doesn't give all the light 1 person that's not even safe as it. Know what happened to that person temptations like crazy. 8098. Message of Mercy had that message of mercy be given Christ would have come she's given a dream apparently that year that she would have to rest in the grave before Christ came as the 1st I can find clear evidence that she had that she would not live to see Jesus come. And if we look at her. Her letters and writing she's realizing I'm not going to be around but my writings will remain and she just writes and writes and writes and writes We'll look at that a little bit here 899 the thirty's was message in place of swelling the Cape Verde angels message they pictured the loud cry as the loud cry of a 13 jewel so the 3rd angel instead of swelling to a loud cry is being what smothered and what is it if you look at the whole context it's medical missionary work what's happening to medical missionary work the medical mission work is the right arm of the body what was happening to the right arm the right hand became the whole body in could no longer write river lightly represent the gospel ministry do you see the imbalance that was taking place this thing that that was to be the right arm was just becoming dominant and so it was having to the leaders in the health were God was getting them tremendous success people were coming from all around the world to Battle Creek for for healing and what was happening God wants to make you excess because he wants to you to be a blessing to others what's the danger in making his excess. It goes to your head and yes the finally right to Kellogg and said the case of never can as or has been shown to me is applying to you is this not great Babylon that I have been and. The other danger of success is that you'll burn out because you get dizzy look at Christ how busy was he in his medical missionary work he had time to eat it times his family thought he'd gone insane. The needs are so great you can burn out and so you need to know how to live a balanced life in the midst of this excess God gives you and stay humble maybe like Ellen what you need to say Lord if I'm not going to stay humble make me sick Think of how Sicko and what it was throughout her life. His pride as that is the bane of our fallen nature is right they 11 confusion still exist as to what constitutes the pillars You mean they're still confused on these what is a pillar and what is in the. McGann publishes his book on the peril of the republic began as another little bio story that's amazing little Irish lad that ends up in Battle Creek off of a farm in the Midwest new convert Ellen whites and out of tree after Minneapolis he becomes a member of her household she becomes a mother to him and by 99 he's a history teacher about pre-college writing books on history and he in southern takeover the college and love that come from all of right here in the early years a lot more of those stories 1900 all white returns for most really a purchase they'll save in home a lot of statements he's making around the turn of the century that I can understand and I I think if I were to ask her what do you mean by this she would tell me what she told Andrea's and when he asked that I have no more light on that than you do the prophets are not always shown the meaning of what they're given Daniel had to study his own prophecies she's saying things about the turn of the century that are amazing and I've given the collection of them only website there if you want to look at those 19 no 1 else white at the G.C. session and she addresses both unbelief and rebellion notwithstanding the numeric growth and worldwide expansion of the church in the 190 S. under the spirit of the outcry message I'm convinced there were individuals running with these messages she said to a great degree it's been kept from the world but didn't she didn't say to the total a total degree. There were individuals and that's why in the 890 S. In 1000 hundreds we see if you want to turn to that page it's actually page. Page 24 S.-T. entering the new countries by year just see where the new countries being entered peaked out but she's addressing that problem the 1000 know 1 and I would recommend you read that entire speech the light of the past 2 years have been assented to but elements of unbelief prevented the light from being acted upon So this was this mixed picture right that same year again and so on who are running Battle Creek college finally get the word from Ellen White they've been asking here is we want to move the college out about a creek and she's saying wait now she says now is the time and by the end of the year the college is out of Battle Creek This is 25 years after that 876 year that I mention 25 years Baloch. We need to know that history the best in the worst of heaven tism and I do know 1 begins the scattering of Adventism from Battle Creek there's people leaving the college moves out there becomes a manual missionary college still there is known as and is university and read about it they it's an amazing story of again educational reform these guys are willing to run with education and apply the Gospel Principles of that they do it without opposition no. It's really amazing this is this is when she a white wrote back to to McGann in actually says to him we have to remain in this world many more years because of insubordination but God's people should not had sinned a sin by blaming him for their own on course of action if you say or hear someone say. Christ is going to come when he wants to come they're blaming God for the consequences of their own that wrong course of action and she said that adding sin to sin we need to see what actually has delayed the Lord's coming to light you know to page 10 the need for the players to speak up right there dying off. Those that were there at the beginning saw these things or I witness is of these early movements Marette miracles of God We need them and then once you know 22 more ministries in a sense leave our creek at least sanitarium burned to the ground in February publishing house burns the ground December 90 no 2 publishing elves never rebuilds they moved to Maryland with the General Conference administration Kellogg rebuilds the hospital even bigger than it was. And the monstrosity is still there and I'll agree. It's now the global headquarters for the U.S. military logistics Isn't that an irony what God was doing in Battle Creek has become the center of the U.S. military. Whose victory is that last time I was there you could go through but you have to go through security and they'll show you the the beauty of the place has an historic significance. During the review fire when this house burned down left girls books plates where those were destroyed they could no longer print the rise in progress of the evidence so that was published and so for 10 years 92 to 2 then he was working on a revising that was it will we'll see that she writes to Wagner that year about the importance of understanding in pursuing the Book of Revelation by the way how many of these messages come to us from Revelation everything with this midnight right. And she says this No 1 mind can do this work alone there's the evidence that God doesn't give it all to 1. Pressed together Christ is the great teacher it is all about him right so we understand what he's going to teach us then she says this. This this part of it we have in trust the grandest and most important truth ever presented to the world although that we have that we are only B S As far as understating the truth in all its bearings is concerned do you see what God has given us and you see the level of maturity that we have in that it's not a covenant as though something of a baby right I mean it's nothing wrong with a baby we love babies but if they're that way 20 years later there's something wrong right. God help us this was over was almost 60 years after the passing the time that's not a compliment and again the importance of those messages highlighted in that that year she adds on the writing room to arms Haven anybody else even seen the house and in that writing room above the kitchen that was an add on 3 windows windows on 3 sides 102 that's when that wrote 1 was added 1903 she writes about what might have been referring back to the 1901 conference what was it what could have been a Pentecostal season that never occurred what would have looked like it would be what the disciples experienced in Luke $24.00 in Acts 1 this repentance and remission of sins confession which always accompanies a genuine Holy Spirit revival not the excitement feeling stuff there are feelings intense feelings but there's a lot of tears right as it is weeping mispresent own picture in the Bible is full of that also she says that same month the 90 no 1 session was the greatest most terrible sorrow of my life no change was made. If you look at the 91 conference they changed the constitution of the church in order to clear up some of the Roman isn't that was in this they change the Constitution that it was a presidency it was missing its general conference President for 2 years position did not exist but she looked deeper and saw they change the constitution but they had not changed the hard. So that's what I see to reconcile the statement that your eyes with dies and another statement about Delay have got if God's people had obeyed his word they would be today in the heavenly Canaan again statement of unbelief because it's by faith that we have genuine will be Tim's faith and love April people are making war on Kellog the killing of his problems yes but God had given him a light on health reform and they were blaming him for the problems they had with health reform and she said it's not a doctor killing you're fighting it's God In fact your war on Kellog is as has been caused him has contributed to his put it that way he put on the coat of your Taishan in retaliation Well if he puts on the coat of irritation in retaliation Who's he taking his eyes off of Jesus and he's focusing on is in these so you become like your enemies right in who's who's winning in that battle the devil no one's winning the battle of the devil. The greater pioneers are needed April 14th June 1 more of this we need to review the history of Miller and Bates in the Advent message but our love for those books should receive attention will head in the place had burned but he was working on a new edition right and he can get with that little bit later here she writes 5 documents as addressing the danger beginning that year of free love and give her free love. Sitting spirituals and by the way it's rampant in our culture now free love says accept everything except everyone don't condemn you know 2 spiritual teachers God does not condemn the Bible teaches God does not condemn sinners but he does condemn sin and the cross proves that to us he's justifying sinners and he's condemning sin in himself and we're alive because of that but to say he just doesn't condemn period is free love let's accept everything and I would say that is rampant in our culture of globally now let's accept everyone and accept everything in his coming into heaven tism unfortunately too and she's writing these letters to Wagner in to lot about that it was coming in in her day. Publish Kellogg publishes his book The living temple on the top of 11 and that was in face of the opposition though the General Conference and she talks about the mysticism that was in that book those would entertain these office trees will soon find themselves in the position where the enemy could talk with them you become vulnerable to supernatural say tannic forces and you might even think it's God talking to you again the story of William Sadler illustrates that if you don't know who he is we need to know the history of those who have left us because their stories have important lessons for us Sather was an S.T.A. minister physician he was in charge of the medical mission work in the California Conference when he was taking medical training in San Francisco he married Kellogg's nice and apparently left the church of Kellogg becomes a student of Sigmund Freud with a study under his care in Europe comes back as a famous psychiatry is in Chicago the rest of his life a similar messages from a sleeping patient supposedly divine revelations the enemies talking with him. His organization still exist the book was published in the $1950.00 S. of these messages and it's been translated into languages around the world is still running it's 1 of the 1 of the 1st deceptions of the enemy and they trace that back if you look at their website they trace it back to add interest this is Kellogg and this whole all this evidence connection. Losing sight of the distinguishing truce with this time kill I was losing sight of that. God help us the track of truth lies close to the track of error that was a statement made about Kellogg's book wasn't all bad but there was error mixed in with it in only the Holy Spirit only having on the armor of God if he's in 6 will you be able to battle against the prince Belizean powers spiritual exactly place you have to have on every piece of that armor study it in know it well 1st what is your loins go about with with truth right not this but truth. The mystical and all the whites writings if you want to know about how she uses those words I have a paper on that really very interesting the initial opposition to the loud cry message was based on a false charge that it was undermining the landmarks 519031905 the sanctuary landmark was under attack they thought that preaching the faith of Jesus was undermining the the law was not it is by faith that the law is established by love that the laws will filled but there's always been that confusion in Christ A That was confused they thought Christ of doing with the law when Paul preached the gospel they thought he was doing with the law Ellen White in her day said your eyes Smith thought they were doing away with the law but it doesn't establish it but the confusion that comes out of that they begin to attack the sanctuary message Kellog in Ballenger both 51903905. By the way I do know 3 becomes the peak year for Ellen whites writings of manuscripts and letters I have a page that shows that if you're interested for page 25 last page amazing just the number of letters made just by your for Life 1000 No 3472 letters in main scripts that when you're writing writing writing writing writing writing writing you imagine that writing room above that kitchen and homes even she was travelling some to writing even then let you know for Again 7 remain at an angle missionary college only 3 years in the resign McGann's wife dies in Ellen White says she's died a martyr because of the Opposition her husband's work. In educational reform they leave a mangle missionary college and what does Ellen White encourage him to do go self start a school where you can do what God wants to do and they buy the Madison school property the next month and it's the beginning of an institutional lay movement and heaven To some it actually began in the $890.00 S. with Ed's invite in his work for the blacks on his boat in the south but it was an institution that was a moving target as you say when the white people got a read me pull a banker and go somewhere else right. The almost lynched him he did that in the 890 S. mid eighty's there's a book entitled A mission to black America that was written on that story an amazing story about Ed's and he's doing what his mother said to do the church wasn't doing it so how he built that boat how he got it to Mississippi Anyway part of the evidence history that we need to understand better. They leave that look creek they go to Madison start a school there we have in Sutherland's book on education that we've republish we have appendices about on white writing about the importance of medical school and so those are in addition that we decided to add to the you know the book. 1904 they were in the midst of a crisis that was making of no effect the truth for this time and she talked about the importance of not moving a stone in the foundation of truth not a pillar so she's using all these metaphors again December of that year again using the law the message from the lessons from this message latency message she's writing an article a call to repentance based on a 1000 No 2 manuscript and look at it here she says the message to the latest senior church reveals our condition as a people self righteousness is not the wedding government and then she says the disappointment of crisis is beyond description. You'll know how Jesus feels about it he militated against people 10 documents and No 5 documents that are calling for reaffirming the foundation she says the fundamental principles that are based upon unquestionable authority reprint repeat repeat and reproduce Kellogg is under Satan special guidance and Ballenger is being led by Satan occasions she's she's not mincing words is very very significant that year is when love borrow publishes its new edition the great 2nd Advent movement which is the 1 republished in $92.00 to start with and now we have the $2015.00 edition summarizing the advent movement by the way she said that would meet the unsettled state of unbelief we got a testimony from from Brazil after this book was to translate into Portuguese a young man probably in his late twenties of your early thirty's read that in Portuguese and what was his testimony now I believe 100 percent in Illinois seeing how God had led the miracles taking place I witness accounts now we understand that the testimony of Jesus in that role in this movement. Praise God for that of. 19065 more documents at least strengthen our belief from the past experience what we're trying to do today and if you know 7 there's a need to vindicate the advent message the most important message that will ever come to the world God business give our time and strength to the worker preaching to the people the messages that stirred men and women in 843 and 844 who were just not we're just not really reading these Bible texts were representing the messages in the light of that history what God was doing and she actually says Don't keep telling the same people all over over and over and over and go to people who've never heard it that's in that and in that council there are 2. Crews that have made us what we are 7th Day Adventist page 12 on our homestretch here again the need to republish the early experiences of present truth and then she makes a very interesting statement in the October appeal 1908 and this is a this is a good in the mixed picture that we need to see with our history some people like to focus only on the negative so people like to focus only on the positive but God sees everything so she's saying in this document as I read the reports of labor published in the review there's the importance of the publishing industry we're getting reports and sometimes now it's online and our other Adama Shapiro calls week week my heart is rejoiced over the progress of 13 joules message in the home field and abroad our workers are having many remarkable experiences the Lord is going before them preparing the way because a presenter that's making a rapid advancement should be a source of profound gratitude to God as we contrast the present prosperity the work with the early years of poverty passed through by the pioneers of this cause. New stories of how little they had and how much they did with a little right. What our numbers were but a few Our resources are limited we can that but explain what has got rot and yet there's the next paragraph and yet there remains much more to be done in the past we have not been as diligent as we ought to have been in seeking to save the last precious opportunities have been allowed to pass by unimproved this has delayed the coming of our king So don't focus only on the negative or only on the positive put it together and be led to repent thank God for what what mercies are of his that repent. As a people of the mistakes that have hindered things I give you in the next paragraph just lobster vacations from the little bit I've learned about Dr David Paulson's life story footprints of faith some specific pages where I believe these individuals had elements of the loud cry message in their bones as they went into their mission work whether Chicago or whether it's the Altiplano of South American Lake Titicaca with the stalls read their story and read what they're telling the people in that are changing lives Indians in the highlands of of Peru were weeping saying we never knew Jesus loved us like stalls we're living with them teaching them how to bade how to treat their sicknesses how to read and write and they were heading by do that before they were treated like animals by the other other wealthier people in the Europeans that come to South America. What a picture of what could have been multiplied by hundreds and thousands around the world right that's the picture that I see is not just a few had done it but it was many many many people especially even with the miller right movement there were thousands tens of thousands that could have run with it back then. And there are many billions less on the world right to reach 910 the messages which the Lord has given past are very important the stage of US history that's an understatement very important 110 both Wagner and Jones are out of the church working with Kellogg who was also out by that time but again don't refer get the statement about fatal delusions does not mean they had not been used by God to do work that is still vitally important and we need to understand them and with that you're apparently Andresen visit visit the wife's home and his testimony is amazing testimony as well as to what he found from his visit there summary thoughts of the bottom of 12 and we're going to cover a little bit more on $131415.00 the response to the messages has caused the delay unbelief can be manifested by refusing the practical application of the messages you may say Yes yes I believe that theological concept but if you don't live it that's unbelief you know I you believe crisis forgiving you but you can't forgive your brother you don't mean that's that type of thing it becomes very practical 1 cannot give what 1 does not have an imbalance in the landmark causes the messages the message to be marginal hands we talked about that the importance of our history increases as the delay increases there's an increasing need to explain what has happened and explain the evidences for the delay as it is and doesn't make any sense to many many people because of this very thing and not until I have friends that would be in the church today that didn't understand this history at least to some degree it makes sense now why we say we're as innocent Christ's coming soon and yet he hasn't come to. And it really calls for some personal acknowledgment of what has happened the questioning a question of God leading becomes vital as you really leading this still in what sense can we say leading Well if we don't say there's been a delay then there's something really strange going on with what is what he's been leading people to do we put it all on him again those things which no no haste no delay which is in the desired ages regard to the 1st coming of Jesus and the 1st coming of Jesus was based on specific time prophecies and Daniel 9 right did he come on time yes he came on time it's that she's talking about what she says God's purpose is no he's in a little less asked the same question in regard to the 2nd coming Do we have time prophecies that predict the date of Christ 2nd coming the date of Christ 2nd coming no that was the miller right mistake right but do we have time prophecies that relate to the beginning of the judgment process that will lead to the 2nd coming yes so $844.00 new no haste and no they really it came 1 time but the 2nd coming of Jesus cannot be tied to the statements the 2nd coming of Jesus is dependent on a people that will run with this message in so how long it's going to take it depends there's no time prophecy for how long it's going to take That's why there's statements about delay makes sense it's elastic right it can be stretched or can be shortened you can hasten or do I And there's people among us that are ridiculing the very idea of a delay they say oh you can hasten it but you can delay it like when you get that evidence for that. So why does she use titles like why the Lord waits. Or and why she has questions why is the Lord so long the latest coming if we don't know how to answer those then. We need to learn more from our history what I've done on page 13 I've taken these these messages. In their order and just illustrated how they become. Descriptions of these 2 points back and forth back and forth 1st angels message the obvious judgments come worshiping the creator is the eternal final principle right we're going to be worshipping Him is in the judgment actually is in favor of the truth in the judgement will be. Obviously against the lie every knew about without some point. In the 2nd angel's message babbling has fallen it's all about systems based on this right. That's the 2nd angel's message. Midnight cry. Is about 10 virgins. These are these are individuals that have it have embraced with us. We're not hypocrites We're even told by. Their virgins but what are they lacking. Oil What is Oil me they have all of them have oil right. I would say it's there's a better way of saying it than that they have the Holy Spirit they have an experience with the spirit they have the Holy Spirit in that sense they recognize him they hear him he's dwelling with them in their vessel in his Sky Team and that's something you just have to develop by experience you can't get it from the wise virgins right. You have to have a personal experience with that recognizing that voice in. Knowing it's the genuine not the counterfeit right but in the track of truth in the truck there so again you can be very June and be foolish and be left out of the wedding. There's the danger 30 joules message clearly addressing the danger of systems based on this lie Babylon worshipping the beast in the image but again the end of the thirty's was message you have people injured that are enduring because they're keeping cancer going the faith of Jesus These are obviously expressions of the truth of God's character played a scene message I'll put is that obviously. Latest in message is about the solution. To our needs that are inherent in our nature. And the needs are actually expressions of sin result of the lie but everything that Christ offers us gold white Rayman ice out of our. Principles are expressions of the principle of the truth the loud cry again it's a repeat of the 2nd angel's message it was a lot more information that has fallen. On the party the power of the prophets involved the whole system. That's the nations are drunk with her wine the Kings are in bed with her in the merchants have made money on her occult partying and power and profit is all about glorifying self and it's the taking of life but again out of that latest in message in loud cry the earth is lightened with His glory like God's glory great authority in the glory I think the authority of the of God's house govern his government. The type of authority does he have it's the authority of self-sacrifice and love you know the most powerful force in the universe without any coercion and that's what is built on and that's the glory that they're in for the cause to come out about them come out of all the systems based on the lie. The 2 principles in relation to the landmarks I've outlined those as well just some thoughts on it saying coming Jesus returning to rescue those seals by the trees those refusing to give up the liar left at the same coming they're put to sleep for a 1000 years cleansing the sanctuary before Jesus returns there's a preparation of following Jesus and His blood into the most holy place those that are unwilling to go there with Jesus reject the principle of the cross like Jesus to the end 3 Joules messages those embracing the truth to God's final measures to call all of the most holy place before babblings physical fall by the way when it takes 1st takes place 1st a spiritual fall or a physical fall. Before Do you know the message about babbling being fallen actually goes before that it physically falls in fact the greatest development of Babylon occurs on the message of it's spiritual fall of being right the greatest development of this global system is going to take place now since 844 when the 2nd is less it's been and it's it's basically being a building inspector when you go to a house what's 1 of the 1st things you want to check. And they should and you find this magnificent structure is built on sand What did you say about those buildings. Just wait for the storm and you'll say no don't wait for the storm get out of it out of it right that's the call it may be it may look great but what is it built on and it's built on self get out of it because when the storm comes those that are living for self are going to be your your your buddies they can look out for you right know they can look out just for themselves you won't be of any interested in it'll be survival of the fittest right so again get out of that get into Christ disciples were there when he was arrested for the older they fled Who were they looking out for us that's how mature they were into they were so God help us to see the principles of the message that we've been given even though I think an religious thinking people can reason that through because they realize that if their grandchildren are going to have something we believe in something right. And again it's going to make sense prophecies will make sense to a lot of people that we don't realize or even candidates for the kingdom so we're calling people abandon those who insist on living for self or pictured as babbling with us religious political and financial systems and we could list a lot of other systems they're agriculture and whatever else. Commandments of God God's law still expresses the love that defines his character and how we are to reflect his image those who are low less reject living with unselfish love in their wrists and in their selfishness abounds us Matthew $24.00 the love of because iniquity abounds lawlessness abounds the love of many wax cold you're going to stop giving because everybody around you are takers and no god asked you to keep giving to the hand you didn't there isn't to be insane should be saved and this gospel of the king should be preached in all the world as a witness. Thank you Jesus the Gospel across gives the only hope any Center has and enables them by it to live by faith in God and in others to the end as Jesus the only people who have faith at the end we're going to be him once a message pictures they keep the faith of Jesus everyone else is going to lose faith in everyone else and that's why the systems collapse if you don't have faith anybody you don't do business with anybody and at the end it will be seen how dependent we are on the Holy Spirit's presence for faith when he's with drawn people say well how are you able to trust anyone who has been drawn here but he is present now restraining that unbelief in unbelievers but when he's withdrawn they will have no ability to trust and I think that's what's going to cause the collapse of everything the storm will come to those who reject the Gospel demonstrate their inability to trust anyone including God as the crop of selfishness ripens the Sabbath the worship of the Creator God reveals those whose convictions is that he alone is worthy those who refuse God's sign of being created Redeemer insist on worshipping the creature if you want to Bible text for that is Romans 125 what is Romans 125 say they exchange the truth of God for the lie and they worshiped and served the creature or the creator that's revelations summarized in 1 verse Romans 125 the Law name or tell you the wicked the dependence the creature has on the creator reveals that ongoing life is dependent on union with God Those who continue to embrace the devil's lie refuse the fat to face the fact that the result of living for self is death. The law of life is broken does I just say 21 It began with self-seeking having it you break the law of life there's no life right what about the ministry's. Yes. Yes I asked that earlier and there was a there wasn't a clear opinion about that we can react to it now you have some. Anybody else has some burning questions I was going to give you a sample of statements about the ministry's it was this stuff. That obviously is a eyewitness account that is extremely valuable has been endorsed by the testimony of Jesus and so that we could place just our beloved prose book. It's a it begins with a study of the 2nd coming in the Bible and then it gets into the advent movement around the world and how the disappointment came in and out of keeping evidence came out of that can be a good place to start. Looking on page 14 I just want to get the highlights of statements about these ministries and the importance of these 2 principles and it's highlighting particularly the fact that we're still here means the mission has not been completed. Which which is a commentary not on the success of the trees. But the interference of the law in our midst which is again the principle of selfishness and look at the statements. I highlighted in bold the word that I wanted to quickly note in general men who are controlled by selfish desires should not remain connected with their institutions and their course of action had better be exposed that every church of 77 US may know what principles govern these men. Pretty clear words right and again it's not a salvation issue they can be saved but don't put them in charge until they learn the principles that they need to learn I'm not saying they can be saved other selfish they can be saved if they repent but in the meantime don't put responsibilities on to be in charge all about meetings. There are many Chrysler sermons preached which are wholly destitute of the power and script God The speaker may please the ear but his words not impress the soul God will work to humble man who love and fear Him who will not ascribe the glory to themselves but will give all the praise of their being. Will give all the praise of their being a light in the world to the source of all light ofer less of self and more and Jesus is human pride and self-confidence mingle with human depravity that is in feeble the churches until they are sickly and ready to stop. Publishing I saw there was a feeling among the hands in the office too selfish there must be a sacrificing spirit with everyone their interest must be in the paper that everything be just right about it that to be no errors in this. Organization those are standing in responsible position should understand clearly that they are not rulers over their fellow man. That to reveal that the angels of God are consciously about them there laboring under the influence of the only spirit carefully they are to avoid everything that savors of the spirit of selfishness and self esteem for him make this annoying and humility of heart there to be in samples to the flock. Health I was show that there was a spirit in that institutions as Battle Creek. To get all the means they could an average the spirit was manifested by Dr Byington also by Dr Lay and the elders a selfish spirit that brought the front of God and curse from curse of God upon those who possessed it there was not an unselfish devotion to the work and labor with an unselfish interest God wants this branch of the work to live in flourish by the way Kellogg in many ways if you look at him he was unselfish he could have been a multimillionaire. But he had like what 40 or 50 foster kids he helped to raise in this. Anyway as a lot of people don't realize that the spirit of benevolence that he had and they pictured this big thing that he was building was all to make him wealthy well eventually went to his head and got proud proud about it but it wasn't because he was making a lot of money. So again there's that mixture that we need to understand education impulse impatience pride selfishness and self-esteem if cherish will do a great amount of evil which may thrust the soul upon Satan's battle ground without wisdom to navigate his bark means his boat but he will be in danger of being tossed about the sport of Satan's temptations until Schipperke every teacher has his own peculiar traits of character to watch less sleep and should use him as his agent to destroy souls by his own consecrated traits of character so you see how practical the council is every 1 of these ministries is have been cleansed. It's a big wins and so the summary on page 15 I summarize it by decade I gave you this at the beginning sort of what we were going through and there is our table at the bottom that I have here on the on the screen and I making the point there that this principle of selfishness blocks the messages. Creates unbelief in the landmarks and contaminates everyone's. So the revival and reformation that God calls us to use to learn not just the lessons of avodah but learning the lessons of the great controversy itself the 2 principles. Allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse us. Of that that the prince was not going to last. So that we can be indeed proclaiming the truth in its purity which is what Jesus is really like what God is really what his kingdom is like and made that hasten his kingdom. Is my prayer. Any other observations in closing. Keep studying. This is like the tip of some icebergs right a lot more Jesus or 2nd 1st or means to the only solution is that you receive a love of the truth because you don't naturally love unselfishness you don't actually love humility and and meet us it's contrary to our human nature but if you're willing God will give you a love of it. And if you don't receive all of it what is sort of the swing to says you will do you will believe I've I'm not sure what he's doing right now in terms of who he's judging we're not given light on that I don't I think that if he could have come in the 860 S.. There's course a lot of people have died since 860 S. But how long does it take him to judge a dead person I'm not clear on that we're not getting a lot of light on I don't to me it doesn't seem like a take much a dead person's record is pretty static not changing and you know obviously the his is judging process probably involves others on looking so it may take some time with others that are involved with him in that review process but. The judgment of the living is the challenging part because our records are not static or dynamic every day what you do is recorded so it's an ongoing and God's not waiting for your record to show up in heaven and then judge that he's dealing with you because you're alive so it's dealing with you as you produce your record in that's that's the hang up it's it's the living people that are delaying it not not the dead people. Yes right. Of course eventually those living people die in their part of the dead too but but it's so it's near there again we know that he has to judge both groups but it's a little bit different if we think about in a practical sense what the process is that's why she said this is transpiring in heaven and it has a decided relation to God's people on earth I think you talk about the living on or not the dead woman. Was pretty close. Father thank you for again this opportunity that you have given us is in your mercy that we are here. Our life is in your hands in your life because you we've driven here safely because of your protection. We know there's a being around whose business is to destroy you and we thank you for protection you thank you for preserving force the history but he had available and helping us to begin to understand it's important and to begin to share it give us wisdom to know how to do that more effectively and each of us here guide us into a study of that history that will be for us individually important and will transform our lives and cleanse us of selfishness Phillis with your spirit and evil US to be agents of yours and proclaiming these messages that are of utmost importance the destiny of the in time individuals depends on it to give us your spirit. May we walked with him each day as our Christ. 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