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Hidden Treasure

Daniel Pel


Jesus told a parable of a man finding a treasure in a field. For joy he sold all he had to buy the field and obtain the treasure. This short but profound parable describes the experience of being a true follower of Jesus as we find, and deeply cherish, the gospel. 


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • June 16, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Gracious have a Me Father thank You that we can be gathered together here in Geneva thank you for the Adventist fellowship thank you for bringing us from so many different places thank you that the spite of us from so many different cultures and nations that we can be united in the 1 person Jesus Christ and we ask that you will be present as we open your words today I pray that you will speak through me that you will remove all distractions and that your word will not return to you boys but accomplish that which you. Lord May your words find a permanent dwelling place in our hearts and mind may bring trends formation Lord and may we discover the treasure that is in Christ Jesus and may we want that treasure may all over our affections beyond that treasure that the things of this world made in comparison and so bless us now Lord we ask in Jesus' name and. I hope you have your Bibles with you and if you do I invite you to turn with me to the book of Matthew chapter 13 and we're going to look at 1st 44 in Matthew chapter 13 verse 44 like to read it again this is the single Bible text that will be studying this morning and we will look at a few other passages that will help us to understand this 1. Matthew chapter $1344.00 the Bible says again big kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field which a man found and who it and for joy over it he goes and south that he has and by that field you know in ancient times it was sad common for men to hide their treasure in the earth now it was quite frequent with robbery and that and that they had no banks where they could start their possessions or their money and so the earth became a secure place where they would hide valuable possessions sometimes the place of concealment was forgotten. Perhaps the person that put that treasure in the hour perhaps he got X. out or. Perhaps he died or perhaps he got imprisoned or for some reason he would be separated from his treasure and the treasure would be forgotten. Now the man in that the parable here he is not owning the land that he is working on but is merely hiring the land in order to plough and cultivate it and so it was not uncommon in the days of. That as you worked and neglected land that you would come across some valuable fame whether some calling sir or some costly away or some type of treasure. So just imagine what this must have been right there is a man according to this parable that high use a piece of land where he's going to work and he's captivating man in order to have a harvest in order to provide for himself and his family and as he's working away on Batman suddenly he discovers something I don't know how it happened perhaps he stepped his toe or he saw something that was sticking out of the earth or as he was plowing up the earth that it just came up like that but he sees something of great value. And so as he stoops down and looks at what he has found he discovers that this is not just anything insignificant This is something very significant this is something of great value he has discovered a treasure and what he has discovered is of more worth than everything that US. And so the parable tells us that said this man goes back basically it says 1st but he covers it up again remember it's not whose land in other words he does not own the land and everything that is in the land belongs to the owner so it's not HIV but he has a plan he goes home and he sells everything that he has to get the minute that is needed to buy that field. Now I want you to I want us to just pass for a moment here and I want you to think about what this must have looked right for his friends and his neighbors and everyone that knew this man they don't know anything about the treasure that he has found the only thing that they see with their physical I guess and the only thing that they understand with their minds is that this guy he is crazy I mean why on earth would you sour everything that you have to buy an empty in the Granted field it makes no sense and so I can just imagine them looking on and selling 1 thing after the other is getting rid of everything that we have and then we just has this this money and he goes and he buys an empty probably ugly niggas to the fear of I mean we are live on earth would you do something like that and I believe here already we can discover the 1st truth that Jesus is trying to teach us through this parable or when you follow Jesus you will the crazy those around you will think what are you up to what were you doing have you happy experience that you came to faith in Jesus and perhaps you're even your own family or perhaps your coworkers or or someone around to your friends they just thought what what what are you up to what are you doing why are you giving up all of their heads are in their minds and their eyes they see nothing but an empty field what are you getting yourself into they thought he had lost it looks absolutely crazy they only see the empty field but he sees something else he sees what they do not see he sees a precious treasure there. Now beauty sometimes we say it like this the beauty or the power is in the eye of the beholder and. When you come to Christ there is a beauty that you see in the cross there's a beauty that you see in the message there's a beauty that you see in the Gospel others around you don't always see that and so they think that you're making a bad investment why on earth would you give a 10th of your possessions you know. To the church you belong to why on earth would you sacrifice your time and your and your talents to do something such as that why would you use so much of your resources and so much of who you are to give to that they see it as a bad investment or do we see it as the best investment Avar because we have seen the treasure the essence of this parable in Matthew chapter 13 in verse 441 verse parable but the absence of this parable is about seeing and silvering the value of the Gospel in the person Jesus Christ which is our treasure can you say in that let me repeat that the absence of this parable is about seeing and soon bring better as your actions being are the value of the Gospel as it is displayed in the person Jesus Christ Jesus is our treasure now when we see Jesus for who he errs and when we understand that news the treasure that is beyond everything that we are our own and everything that we are we start suing that with all of our affections I want to take you to another verse will come back to Matthew chapter 13 and verse 44 but I want to take you to the Book of Psalms please turn with me in your Bibles to the Book of Psalms and go to chapter 27 Psalm 27th. And we're going to let at 1st for I love this for this song 27 and when you're there you can say praise God. Psalm 27 verse for Sabbath 1 thing how many things 1 pain 1 thing I have the Zire of the Lord that where oh I see that I made 2 hours in the house but Lord the days of my life to do what he tells us to be whole the beauty of the Lloyd and to inquire in his temple favorite the psalm writer here he says that there's just 1 single purpose to life. With just 1 single purpose and that is to find joy in God to desire the Lord to seek after him to behold his beauty to behold him as the treasure. And to inquire in his temple in other words to grow in that knowledge all of the treasure to see May and know their value in the cross and in the person Jesus Christ and as I read 1st and I contemplated this scripture there were a couple of words that jumped out for me for the word beside word. The word behold and the word beauty he desired to be something and what is he desired to be desired to be beauty actually the would could beauty here is the Hebrew word no arm which means splendor of grace so what is it that he desires to behold he desires to see the splendor of God that is on display and it's the slender is Grace you see my friend following she says. It is not something that we do out of discipline merely following Jesus because we desire to see beauty in a man. You see Jesus doesn't just once you are a radical decision he wants your affections Jesus not just after your mind is after your heart a man and a parable shows that that this man that the discovers the treasure that finds the treasure of his affections are now no longer on his possessions he sells them all he gets rid of them whose affections are now focused on the run object and that is Jesus Christ's 1 thing I desired 1 thing and that is to be whole to be whole lot to be hope of beauty the beauty of what the beauty of the splendor of God on display where we find a splendor of God on this flame my friends in the scriptures in the scriptures actually the. The parable in Matthew chapter 13 verse 44 is a beautiful parable to as so many facets of truth in it and I believe that the fear that the man is working and is actually a picture of the Bible because we are to seek the Scriptures we are to in a sense plow the Scriptures to dig deep into the Scriptures and when we do so we will find the treasure we will find the gospel it's everywhere from Genesis to Revelation we will find the person sheaf of scribes Now when you think about this for the Hebrews for the Jews they had Testament scriptures but they are a row new traditions that had hidden the truth out of sight they go wow birth in that tax but they could not recognize Jesus for who he was when he walked this earth for 2000 years ago. It is like that they possess the feel listen very carefully way they possess the feel and they were able to feel they are happier Testament Scriptures is like they're working in the field but they have not discovered the treasure that was right bending down and when I thought about that the father came to me that could the same happen today in Christianity could it happen and that. We we followed the forms of Christianity where in the field we come to charge we have our Bibles and yet we have never found the treasure could it be that and I think especially when I thought about generational Christianity could it be that your parents discovered a field and a treasure and you inherited a field but you found no trasher and so you're walking in the church and you're going through the rituals and you're going through the motions and you have your Bible like you have not found Jesus and you not see him for who he is your affections are somewhere our house that's right in our generation today there are droves of young people that are leaving the church because there's only an amount of time that you will walk through an empty field because the wall outside will look so much more attractive and if you are working in an empty field and the world out there looks attractive your actions will be drawn to the world and that's why it's my prayer bad that we can show our young people that there's a trash or a right beneath them to be discovered you don't need to walk in an empty field my friends you have a treasure and I see young people leaving the church and I think to myself if only someone could show them the trash. What concerns me though. Is that there are people that stay in the field and are never minded to never find a treasure they pass the field to the next generation and the next generation receives a field without a treasure and they go through life they go through church life and and they pass the field on without a treasure and I thought to myself what makes people what motivates 1 to stay in the church to stay in Christianity to stay in an empty field where there is no treasure found and what motivates them and there are different things I believe that could motivate us 1 tradition it's something that we do once a week it's a marginal activity you know I have my school at my sports I have my recreation I have my interests I have my hobbies I have my affections and all those things but it's just tradition we as a family we go to church once a week and so I'm glad it's too much and energy to break with this tradition and so I just keep going on I'm in an empty field but I've never seen the treasure tradition something our US that keeps us in an empty field without finding the treasure is discipline Oh yes my friends there are barriers that say I will not leave the church but I'm not having fun I'm not having joy I'm not seeing and and treasuring Jesus for who he is factions are somewhere else but I was just going to white knuckled discipline myself to be in charge year after year after year but there's no joy my affections are somewhere else. It can be tradition it can be discipline Well it can be careless enough. By chance you happen to be here but you can hear last. If you were to be blown into someone into a you know somewhere else in some other conflict some other worldview that's where you would be you don't you don't you just don't have the energy to change and so you just go through the motions you don't want to search the field you don't want to use the energy carelessness or. I hope that none of us here today are here because of tradition or discipline or carelessness I hope that you are here today in this field of the word in this field of the church because you have. And I hope that you have found this treasure personally that you have discovered the value of the Gospel that you've discovered the value of Jesus and if you happen to be here today because of tradition or or because of discipline or cause of carelessness or for some other reason I want to challenge you today we need to ask ourselves the question what needs to change what needs to change inside of me that I start seeing and hearing Jesus for who he is but I start seeing the value of the treasure and I think it's pretty straightforward I think that what needs to change is that we need to be born again. We need to be born again you see in John Chapter 3 there's a Pharisee named we could be most that comes to Jesus finite you remember the story he doesn't want to go to Jesus by day he's afraid to be seen by others he goes to Jesus by night he is well versed in the Scriptures he is a rabbi he knows the other Testament in and out he is a Sabbath keeper but he had not discovered the treasure and so he comes to Jesus. And he talks about Jesus as a good teacher but not as the Messiah is good teaching you a good teacher he doesn't interested a sparkle star but he has not yet discovered the treasure now Jesus doesn't use a lot of tie in arguing back and forth about the pointless things he gets the rights to the point of what it's all about and he says to me could be much the 1st thing that he says John chapter 3 and 1st 3 he says Most assuredly I say to you on last line is again he cannot see the kingdom of God What needs to happen he needs to be born again you see my friends when we talk about winning people for Jesus it's not just about winning them to an argument it's not about winning them to a doctrine only Yes We Can you radically make decisions that are correct and we could deal with it this isn't the same thing he had many correct understanding of scriptures but there was something that was missing he wasn't born again his affections were still somewhere our my friends God wants to win in your mind but also your heart when you say a man. We need to be born again and it's only the rebirth that awakens in us knew factions for God you can make a decision to worship on Sabbath you can make a decision that you believe about the state of the dad and about the 2nd Coming and about the lab God but you can still be in a state where you have not been born again. Because those where they've been a decision that is needed there is. That is needed and when that birth takes place. I have new longings I have new affections for the things of Christ I start seeing and savoring she says for who he really airs you know when Jesus said to nakedness Most assuredly I say to you unless 1 is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God I'm wrong time I thought that birds man that we need to be born again in letter to inherit have been to see the kingdom of God in heaven until recently I was studying this passage again in preparing for this sermon and the Lord was impressing on my mind that this is not something that we need to wait for you see when we are born again. We can read the kingdom of God here and now. We can already start seeing the kingdom of God In other words we can start seeing the treasure. It's about seeing the beauty and value of the Kingdom of God right now. Christ introduced his kingdom which is display of the Gospel and Jesus is our Cain who was crowned with horns and lifted up on the cross and let we see a beauty in this plan of redemption we see this and treasure this but in order to see this and treasure this we have to be born again that's an experience that each 1 of us means that you now that there are really only 2 types of people in the world and I'm categorizing here but this is a biblical categorization there are only 2 types of people in the world there are dead people now I mean are spiritually speaking spiritually dad or spiritually Arai that's the only 2 types of people that there are either we are we are dead in trespasses and sins we have been born again and we are right in Jesus Christ's. Now my fear is that there are many that are spiritually dad in our churches today that that we conned to church we come to the empty field we go through the motions but we have not been born again the spirit has not awakened in our affections for Christ Now how do I know that it's how do I know that because wife tells us this all the time think about this when you wake up in the morning what are your 1st thoughts what has your heart is that what you're going to do that day your career it's a sports is it it's a fact that hobby of yours is it that that person that has become an item in your life what is it that has your heart whether your 1st thoughts in the morning that are your last thoughts when you go to bed and at night what. Was your affection it's. And if the answer to that question is other things then Jesus then my friends you need to be born again or you need to be born again because when we are born again our affections will be waken to 1 thing psalm in Psalms 27 1st for what it say 1 thing I've desired of the Lord that what I see that I do well in the house of the Lord is of my right to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple and let me suggest my friends that this is an experience that we need in order to survive the last days before Christ comes again you know that this experience that we're talking about here is an end time experience that God's people mean let me show you that if you are still in Psalm 27 look at the very next verse after verse 4. So David says 1 thing I've decided that has to be a bit more than 2 inquiries temple now 1st 5 immediately after says the following. There in that time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion in the secret place of his tabernacle he shall write he shall set the mean high upon a rock is there a time of trouble that is coming upon this world according to Bible prophecy if you study carefully the books of Daniel and Revelation you will find out that there is a time of trouble that is coming upon this world Jesus himself also predicted this time in Matthew 24 a time that has never been until now and in this time of trouble my friends if you do not have your fact stands on that 1 treasure you're not going to make it through that time a mere tradition mere discipline or carelessness is not going to get you through the time of trouble in order to go through this time of trouble and we can make it even more practical here this morning in order to go through any time of trouble that we are even facing today we need to have the experience of discovering the treasure obscenely and savoring Jesus for who hears us and in order to see that we need to be born again we must have the experience. Of being filled with God's Spirit what is the 1st and greatest commandment in the Bible in Luke Chapter 10 in verse 27 Jesus said You shall live on the Lord your God with all your heart with your soul with your strength and with your mind not 50 percent. Not 80 percent not 9 percent not 99.9 percent but all of your heart how does God win our hearts isn't it interesting that that it's a command Jesus commands us you shall live how can you command someone to rob. You can't really do that unless you display your lab and your mouth becomes attractive and the other factions of the other of the other is run to 2 words to display that you have made of yourself or you with me in marriage you cannot command your spouse to love you you must display lobby in order for your spouse to love you when her affections are won and that's exactly what the Gospel of Jesus says You shall love God with all your heart but many display the love of God to win our affections so that we see the treasure that is in Christ Jesus and in order to find that treasure there is no other place to go my friends than the Word of God Can you say a man the Bible the Word of God So let's picture a Bible the Bible is the field and we must search the field to find the treasure in the book great controversy page 593 it says the following none but those who have led a fight combined with the truths of the Bible will stand to the last great conflicts to every come the searching task shall I obey God rather than man the decisive hour is even now at hand our Are our feet planted on the rock of guards immutable word Oh I pray my friends that for each 1 of us here today that our feet are planted on the rock she says price so that when trouble may come out. That trouble will only push us closer to our treasure and Charles Spurgeon once said I have learned to kiss the way that throws me against the rock of ages a man trouble can we welcome it because it will only press us closer to Jesus our treasure I love the testimony that we shared today a girl with cancer and yet she allowed that way to throw her on the Rock of Ages now what keeps us from this experience time with me and your Bibles too I say at Chapter 55 the pre-buy say Chapter 55 and I'm going to begin reading inverse 1 and if you dare you can say a man Isaiah 55 beginning in verse 1 brought us from the experience of seeing and savoring Jesus as our Also my treasure our barracks I say 55 1st 1 says I'm going to read 1st 1 to 3 home to everyone who 1st come to the waters and who have no money come buy and eat us common by wine and milk without money and without price why do you spend money for what is not Brad and your wages for what does not satisfy listen carefully to me and eat what is good and let your soul delight itself in abundance incline your ear and come to mean here and your soul shall live and I will make an apple lasting covenant with you the sure American cities of David. Isaiah as he writes here under the inspiration of God is really extending the invitation of the Lord Himself that says to us that we can come those that are 1st sees those that are hungering. See when you see something of the treasure of God When you see the Gospel for what it is you only want more of that. What is the sign of conversion my friends a sign of conversion is someone that has their affections on the word that have been as their affections on Jesus that want to seek him more than anything else they they are tired of spending their money on the things of this world they are tired of spending their money for things that do not satisfy as it says in verse 2 their factions have been awakened to something else my friends I am all about decisions truth decisions about what the good of God teaches but I want more than that I won't be a actions of someone a man or someone can decide that the Sabbath is the right day and they can decide that these biblical truths about about the lead on the Sabbath are true but if there are factions are serial on Baha we would movies if there are factions are still. This world and the things of this world then there is still a birth that needs to happen a rebirth because when we are born again it's only then it's only then that we will start wrong for God. Longing for more and more of a hand incline your 1st 3 and come to meet God says here and you're so shallow. And I will make an everlasting covenant with you the sure and Mercer favor. If you want to go into that if you want if you want God. To make that covenant with you this morning a covenant that will last forever. A covenant an agreement in which he says that he will show you more and more of the Gospel and the value in Christ Jesus what is hiding the treasure from us that treasure that we need to find in the field what is hiding the treasure well in the 1st Corinthians chapter 2 in verse 14 it says If our gospel be headed it is good to them that are lost. In improvement but God this war happened blinded the minds of them which believe not last but right of the glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine on them my friends we need to be aware that there is an enemy in the picture there is an enemy that is continually seeking to blind our I use the glorious treasure as it is in the Gospel and the person Jesus and if you are not aware of that battle then your eyes will be blinded we need to know that there is a spiritual battle going on have you ever noticed that battle when in the morning you want to pick up your your Bible but you end up it big picking up your phone have you noticed that battle when you want to spend some time in the Word of God But you say you end up spending that time on Facebook have you noticed that battle when you want to go to that Bible study or that meeting but then you end up going somewhere else my friend this battle is real. And not only do we need to be aware of the battle but we need to put on the armor of Christ every single bit of it put on the armor of price. And above all let the Treasurer get your affections because my friends that discipline will only take you a certain way or you can discipline yourself to come to church you can discipline yourself to go to a Bible study you can discipline yourself in the morning to pray and to read your Bible and that's all that will happen you have actually done the act of reading something in the Bible but if it does not have your affections that discipline will start waning away eventually but when the Bible grips you when Jesus has a hold of you when you see him for who he years then that the Zire that is awakened in you will it will bring you far beyond what discipline can do a man and that's the experience that in 1 of us means you know some Abbas secretly we long for the thief on the cross experience what happened with the thief on the cross he was crucified next to Jesus and and then he turns to Jesus and he says remember me when you come into the kingdom and Jesus confirms to him that that he will have a place in the kingdom of God and some of us secretly long for that experience because then we think that we can just live our lives the way we want our affections can be exactly where we want to place them whether that's money or sports or recreation or travelling or anything and then again and we will just turn to Christ and on our death bad and we will say that prayer and then we will have our affections on Jesus secretly many question it's want the experience of the thief on the cross but let me tell you something this morning if that is secretly what is taking place in your heart let me tell you something very honestly you are robbing yourself of joy you are robbing yourself of the greatest joy that you could ever experience because the greatest joy is found where it's found in the gospel it's not found in those other things it's found in chief sets. That's why we are to be hold this trash or today. Don't put it off think that 1 day my affections will be in Jesus but for now I just want to follow the pursuit of my own heart your heart is wicked deceitful The Bible says a bad thing let your heart be transformed so your affections may be placed on the 1 and only object Jesus Christ because it is not happening my friend the Bible even calls this send me a Bible to the book of Jeremiah here in Isaiah go to Jeremiah Chapter 2 Jeremiah the 2nd chapter and look at chapter 2 in verse 13. Jeremiah chapter 2 and verse 13 God speaking through the prophet Jeremiah says my call this is the people of God My friends this 1st today for my speech for all have committed how many evils to evolve they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters in other words they have forsaken the treasure they're not pursuing the treasure and what about number 2 last part of verse 13 and they have themselves. Broken systems that can hold no water. In other words not only have they turned themselves away from the treasure Jesus on themselves to something they can satisfy but it can. Be like a broken cistern What if the water is just spilled. And whatever you pursue that is not Jesus ultimately going to be disappointed Oh yes the devil will try to satisfy. It will try to satisfy but alternately my friends the Word of God is true those of cisterns that are broken they can hold no water and so why would we go that route why would we go there why would we waste the precious few years of our lives. In pursuing broken cisterns why would we use the years of high rise in pursuing the things of this well why not now in the strength of your youth young people in the beauty of your old age elderly people why not seek the treasure a man why not seek him and use all the effort that you have your time and your talents to pursue Jesus the 1 and only treasure that can satisfy him in closing let us go back to Matthew chapter 13 and verse 44. This 1 of my friends has done more to shape my view about God My view about mission my view about salvation than anything else in the recent months I've been thinking during considering studying this 1 verse and I believe that I know that I need more more of this treasure I need to find it I need to do everything in my mind to obtain it and I need to treasure it I need to see the beauty of it. Matthew chapter 13 verse $44.00 again the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field which a man found and hid and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he house and by that. I mentioned earlier vats these parables of Jesus they have different facets of truth to them the beautiful thing is it's like a diamond right that you hold up in the light and it and it just reflects light to all different directions and this is how the word of God works you just pick up 1 1st and you have it in the light of the Gospel and it radiates with beauty and so many different facets of truth come out of this you could study this verse for a long time and you'll find new beauty every time you know this 1st has really a dual meaning as well even though we are that man in that parable that a seeking for the treasure Did you know that you can actually turn the parable I around and it is also referring to Jesus being the man seeking for the treasure and who does he find out he finds that treasure and it's a man it's you and when he finds that treasure he was willing to give up everything he died on the cross to believe up his life he couldn't give anything war in order to purchase the treasure now you are his treasure follow me closely how important is it that he becomes your treasure my friend the Bible talks about the relationship with Jesus as a matter of. This is mutual love love does not just go 1 way Rob needs to be mutual and so may we express the same love to Jesus that he expressed to us a man in making our treasure. We all know that a marriage does not last if there is not mutual love and a marriage will not work if we do not prioritize our spouse a marriage will not work up our actions or somewhere else and marriage will not laugh our marriage CD or discipline a marriage for mass when you treasure would be up there beyond anything else and this is the relationship that God wants with into 1 of us many people had gathered in a banquet hall and they were going to hear our we now own our Tater he was well known for his oratory gifts of speaking after a wonderful meal he mass Mariah's the crowd with his voice as he recited poetry and famous selections cheers. And the meal on the time together and its banquet hall he addressed the crowd and sad Does anyone have a favorite selection they would like me to recite and from the back of the room there was a man that stood up and asked if this famous Arthur if he could recite the 23rd Psalm and all would say to 7 he would be happy to see that he knew it by heart Psalm 23 Write the well known Psalm The Lord is my shepherd and so he said I'll do it but only a 1 condition that you and he pointed to the only man in the back of the room he said but you say you were cited after me and the old man says OK I can do that the psalm you about art and so with great eloquence and beautiful train the hour to the resided the wound known Psalm he said it is my shepherd I shall not wrong he makes me to lie down in green pastures and leaves me besides the still waters now when he finished reading the psalm or to reciting the psalm rather. The people rocked it in applause they were out to hear him recites that psalm and he looked at the other man in the battery said OK now it's your turn and so the old man got out he came up front and he was very shy looking live it down you him stood before so many people before in his life. And slowly but gradually he started reciting the Psalm The Lord Is My Shepherd but at certain times when he was reciting the psalm needed to look down on him and he and his voice was trembling he was really touched by what he was reading and he started sweet. When finished reciting the psalm there was silence no applause nothing just silence many people were weeping they were not by what they just witness after the event someone asked the. Orotate of the famous speaker what he thought had produced the different response in the crowd why 1st applause and then silence and weeping and the speaker passed for a moment and you know Instead he said I know the 23rd Psalm but that man knows the shepherd. And that makes the difference and I don't know about you today my friends you can know and you can really know are you with me I pray that you just don't know these doctrines that we believe but that you may know but Shapard that you may know when she said us that you will see and savor him as your trash. That's my prayer then let this roll get your affections it's not worth that she says it's worth it and he has given everything for you so why not give everything for Jesus is our treasure he is the greatest treasure that we could ever find and some of you here this morning I found him and you know what I'm talking about there's nothing that moves you more than Jesus and yet I also know that there are those of us here today that are just about to find him maybe you're finding him right now this morning as we're digging into the word and you want to express this morning you're allowed for Jesus a prayer. Maybe some of you here this morning you could you hear the spirit that is prompting you here the spirit is moving you in saying your affections need to be on me you have given us affections to other things but today today your heart can be turned to me and so I want to see a victory for the Lord this morning and I believe that he will be victorious because the word says in as I say a $55.00 but his word will go forth and not return to him but complex in that which is. And so my simple morning is is this someone that would like to compare what and dedicate their lord their life to the Lord and say I want to be truly born again I want my affections to Ratz on she says if that describes you I want to invite you to come forward for a special prayer we're going to pray in a moment together in closing but I want to give the opportunity for someone here that says I want that experience I know my affections have been other places but this morning I want she says as my treasure please come forward for a special prayer that would like to say I knew that I knew that. Anyone would like to come forward for a special prayer Don't be afraid. It's a decision between you and the Lord a man praise the Lord praise the Lord. But even now for us all we can make that commitment to the Lord is anyone else that would like to come forth with my affections of being all the things of this world but I want them to be on Jesus I I have not had visions of the greatest treasure of my life but I want them right now and so don't be afraid of what people will think around you just be listening to the voice of the spirit that is moving you anyone else that would like to come forward right now but I want to have a special prayer for you praise God God and I am a man sister let's stand together shall we. Have any father. Thank you for sending the treasure of heaven to this Earth thank you for Jesus and for all that he has done for us thank you that he died that ignominious death not in vain thank you that he rose from the grave and that he is triumphantly at your right hand even now as I speak and thank you Lord that in your word we can find the treasure and Lord I pray earnestly this morning that you will awaken in. The affection to that revelation that you have given of yourself to help us to be like day the 1 thing we desire 1 thing we long for and that is to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple Help us Lord to continue to inquire to him to need to seek your word to find treasure there and to see the value of it Lord thank you for those that have come forward this morning expressing that they want their affections to be on you even though they also admit that the world has been drawing them away and I know that there are many more here today that have the same experience. So I pray for those here and even those that are listening to this message later are viewing it through some other means I pray for everyone on the sound of my voice right now Lord I pray that you'll turn our affections. Allow us to experience a rebirth so that we may savor. The Treasure of the Gospel Thank you Lord for giving us a new life thank you for advent of fellowship Geneve I pray that you will bless this. That you will strengthen this church and let it be a light in this city in this country and. We dedicate our lives in Jesus' name we pray and let all of God's people say. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Like to listen to more sermon leave. Or.


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