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Business Unusual

John Bradshaw
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Today’s church is confronted by an enormous task – to take the everlasting gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. The Bible is the story of God doing great things through His people, working against the odds to do what seems humanly impossible. This close to the return of Jesus we can expect to see Business Unusual!


John Bradshaw

Speaker/Director for It Is Written




  • August 1, 2018
    7:00 PM


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Father in heaven we come to you in the name of Jesus and we are grateful that we can we thank you that we can be in this place tonight where the focus is on salvation and seeking the lost and blessing a lives and lifting people up and being involved in ministry on the front line us financially invested we grateful we thank you for soul winning and evangelism your great gift to the end time church and we pray that because we being here tonight we would hear your voice and we would be encouraged what I prayed knowing that you will not rely on the limitations of fall in humanity tonight and I pray your spirit would not be restricted by that but that you would speak to us and bless us we love you we thank you we praise you and we pray in Jesus' name please say with me I mean every so often you meet somebody who will add Mitt to things that certain other people wouldn't admit to I was at a camp meeting earlier in the year and spoke with a pastor who happened to mention that he was a musician and as you do We talked a little more and I said What is it that you played what is it you play he played it played it and I said OK what was it that you played and he said I was a drama. He didn't look the type I said you were a drama I mean what sort of drama he said I was a drama in a heavy metal band. And he didn't look that type which I think on the balance is a really good thing not everybody wants you to know about some things from their past I'm not trying to suggest that would be the most shameful thing by any means but it was interesting there are some things people won't admit to. Many of us here are old enough to remember 977 that's when Saturday Night Fever came out and you won't find a person at this convention who will admit to have bought the double album. And some of you did many of you thank God because you want to be a pop didn't but some of you did but you won't admit it there aren't many people who will admit to having worn once a powder blue polyester suit. Or bell bottoms I don't think you should admit to that frankly bit of that you admit to being a heavy metal drama 975 a craze Swift in the United States I just wonder how many people would admit to being part of this a businessman while he was an advertising executive to begin with his name was Gary D H L Gary Dow grew sick and tired of hearing his friends talk about the trouble they were having with a pit catch that roam the neighborhood dogs that dug in the garden dogs that shed and lift hair all for whatever it was they lift everywhere they went he said May you all should get a bit a pit and that's when he came up with the idea a pit you don't have to feed a pit that doesn't shed that paid that doesn't make noise in the middle of the night or any time at all for that matter a pit that won't cost terribly much to buy and if you wanted to buy $1.00 you could buy it from him. And along with a bed of straw and a cardboard box a little carry container for just $3.95 Mr started marketing the pit rock did you buy 1. Out yourself 1 on this person here. 2 I'm concerned for this year's convention. Some of you all are sitting on your hands. In the pit rock What a crazy. Now he made a lot of money end up losing a lot of money in his words Wacko's came out of the woodwork to sue him and he spent money on lawsuits that I think were largely frivolous he would drive to Rosarito Beach 10 miles south of the border the California border into Mexico we load up with a Rock Spring them back and it was just like that he was selling rocks he tried to sell a few more fascinating things after that 11 he was this is interesting he sold a tube of sand and you don't remember this because for some strange reason it wasn't successful and next to it was another tube of sand he said this is the male Tube and this is the female Tube and he says this is you can grow your own beach these put the sand together. He demonstrated lightning does not always strike twice course people bought pet rocks because what they were doing was buying into the gimmick buying into the fad a pet rock you know you like to think when you get together with other business types or entrepreneurial types that you come away with great ideas great ministry ideas maybe some good business ideas maybe some I don't know ideas to enhance your personal life pet rock Who'd have thought that would fly but the Pet Rock was a business finished the phrase It was business yes it was it was BUSINESS UNUSUAL and sometimes BUSINESS UNUSUAL comes along because somebody just has a bright idea it might be motivated by making money it might simply be be because you looked at something and you see a white there is a bad way and you can think of many products that you think I could have thought of that or I might have thought of that but somebody looked at what you'd be looking at for years and just saw a difference. BUSINESS UNUSUAL sometimes BUSINESS UNUSUAL is pressed upon us by the simple fact that The Times They Are a Changing and show a few years ago you could do your shopping without even leaving home the Internet came along and what was some fascinating is that you could go online. And order your groceries and you of food could be delivered to your doorstep What an amazing concept when I was this big my mother used to get on the telephone which was a telephone connected to the wall with a coolie cold and she would call Phyllis at the I.G. at a downtown make her all the over the phone and the man who owned the supermarket would delivered so BUSINESS UNUSUAL isn't always very unusual but we started to shop online and Amazon changed the world after all much CHANGE THE WORLD BUSINESS UNUSUAL you know what. I remember when a few years ago when the kids were younger than they are now and we explained to them we said we used to stay at this hotel it was all that we happened to be that big we used to start the search or we would go to conventions Oh would you yes we would and let me tell you this when we were looking for restaurants in fact this was a town that later on we lived in so there was a point of reference and when we looked for a place to eat we would go down stay is and we'd go to the for you and go to the front desk and they had a card with recommendations on it and you read it and you took down the address and then somebody either had a map or you asked for directions and they looked at us like we had 2 heads and not between us but to each and they looked at us and they said you didn't just Google things changed BUSINESS UNUSUAL it's all different now sometimes how business practices change because A great ideas will be hoops stances. Here we are it is 2018 I'd like to hope that nobody watches this 20 years from now and says 2018 remember that I like to think that doesn't happen I like to think we're going to be out here by then so we'd all like to think we're going to be out here by then that's what we all want to think so the question we ask ourselves is why do we doing to ensure that we're going to be out of here by the way you see if you're producing let me try to think of something shoes no 1 here is doing it if you're producing shoes and you're producing a 100 pairs of shoes a day and yet you want to take California by storm but with your shoes you know you're going to have to produce more than 100 pieces issues a day something's going to change and so you know that you need it in Jackson of cash and you need to hire more stuff you've got to buy more equipment things have got to change because if you don't do something different in the way you do your business you are going to end up with exactly the same results am I right absolutely So here we are this many years after the church was called into existence by God and we're doing what we're doing and we're doing it how we're doing it and I would see in that what we have done that has brought us this far if we are on a trajectory like this and I know there are some variables I will consider those with you if we're on this trajectory then the likelihood is we're going to stay on the street jittery if we just keep doing what we're doing so that in 20 years we can come back here and hear somebody say I hope we're not here in 20 years and we can all say I mean all over again. Ladies and gentlemen there is no way in the world we can be satisfied with the status quo we just cannot and that's not to criticize the status quo that's not to say that what we're doing is bad or wrong or foolhardy it's simply to say if we are serious about getting out of here and getting home to where we belong we are going to have to change PIA's we're going to have to kick it up a notch we just must because the laws CA's if you keep doing what you're doing how you've been doing it you. To achieve the same results that you've been achieving. So with that in mind let's consider a Bible story will go to the Book of Numbers and Chapter 11 Numbers Chapter 11 going to start of the beginning of the chapter that would be verse 1 and most chapters Numbers Chapter 11 in verse 1 and while you're turning out start reading if you have a Bible open it up if you have a device turn to Numbers Chapter 11 and we will begin those 1 where the Word of God says and when the people complain that something that doesn't happen in church today that was yesterday in old fashion concept and when the people complain it displeased a lot oh my brother my sister we could take an hour to talk about that when the people complain it displeased the Lord and the Lord heard it and his anger was kindled I read that and I think about me to be honest with you. And I said Oh my goodness Lord there has to be a better way than the complaining I do and if we all fought like that and if we all gave up complaining to God and invested a fraction of the energy we invest in complaining in ministry I tell you what it would be BUSINESS UNUSUAL it would be BUSINESS UNUSUAL And so the Word of God says the people complained the old heard it he was not happy the fire of the Lord burned among them and consume them that were in the outer most part of the camp can you imagine that that happened today why did God do that why did God in sin the right people complain it I shall tell you why God did that because he loves us God did that because he is good it's not because he was caught unkind or ruthless or hateful or spiteful God knows he wants us to get to heaven and he'll do whatever it takes to get out focus off our selves and off our unpleasant circumstances and onto the only 1 who can do anything meaningful about it and the fire came and this was God's way of saying look up don't look down look to me not to yourselves look to God and not those unpleasant things that you don't like that cried to Moses Moses prayed the fire was quenched and he called the name of the place tomorrow that means burning you don't even need to be a scholar to know that because a fire of the Lord burned among them that's what happened and so we come down to what you read you read some amazing things on losing my monitor I don't know if that was planned or not but it was disquieting and you read the numbers Chapter 11 and verse will find it oh my goodness those so May the mixed multitude at least we can blame them they fell last Sting and the children of Israel caught the disease and they wept again and said Who will give us flesh to eat. He they were on the vegetarian diet that God had them on preparing them for the promised land I see a parallel I hope you do too we remember the fish which the law which we did eat in Egypt freely and then they spoke about the cucumbers and melons and leaks in the onions and the garlic and now our soul is dried away Listen to this this is 1 of those staggering statements that you read in the whole Bible there is nothing at all beside this manner before our eyes can you imagine that it was their lifeline and they were saying we are not an 8 except of course for this which is given to keep us alive is the remarkable some of the things that we complain about you complain about the Pastor thank God you have 1 I mean in most cases thank God you have 1 you complain about your spouse you're lucky to have a man. How spoiled for choice where you back in the day the things we complain about you complain about your kids what if you didn't have any you complain about that and he they were complaining about the greatest blessing that God was giving to them other than the gift of life and this was sustaining life that complain God describes the man and so on and then Moses in those chain he is the people we are complaining Moses was unhappy and he cracked up to God he said why are you doing this to me why have I not found favor in your sight you are laying the burden of all of the people upon me it was Moses turn have I did I give birth to these people have I been gotten in that you should say to me carry them in your bosom is a new thing noshing Father Bear with the suckling child man how am I going to find food there are too many people it's too heavy if you deal with it with me like this kill me I pray the out of hand if I have found favor in your sight can you imagine praying that prayer. Well the Lord said to Moses get 70 minute the Elders of Israel people you know to be the oldest of the people offices over them bring them to the tabernacle of the congregation that they may stand there with they and I will come down and talk with the there and I will take of the spirit that is upon me and I will put it upon them and they shall bear the burden of the people with you that you will bear not alone God promised something great was going to take place and he demonstrated to Moses that he was with Moses at every step in that journey but it struck down he they talk about the meat that God's going to provide it for them somehow those 24 we're narrowing in on our point here and Moses went out and told the people the words of the old and gathered the 70 men of the elders of the people and set them round about the tabernacle and the Lord came down in a cloud. And spoke to him and took of the spirit that was upon him that is that was upon Moses and gave it to the 70 elders and it came to pass that when the spirit rested upon them they prophesied and they did not cease which is interesting because most every other translation of the Bible says they prophesied and that was it there were 1 and done they stopped prophesying and they prophesied so no more you can work that 1 out in your own time so this was a blessing there's a number of things that we could deduce from this let me tell you this me tell you this church member let me kill you this Christian friend there are times when you look around and you are going to be convinced that you have just cause to complain you are convinced that the church is going to hell because of what you see in your little corner of the wood you are convinced that everybody's mad except you and when you have those thoughts it's probably good that. You are convinced that it's not like it was in the good old days and it may well be that it's not but I want you to demented to see what God demonstrates here in the Bible. Moses hears them complaining and they are complaining and he's done with carrying the burden and he goes to God and cries out and what does God do in the midst of his distress in the midst of his discouragement God holds out His Holy Spirit in a mocked way in an unusual way in a meaningful way and God is saying to Moses Hey Moses I am in the middle of this thing Vish is still my people you don't have to like what you see you don't have to agree with everything that's going on but it's my people and if you want to transpose that to another key God would be saying to you today you may not like everything that you see but it is still Mani should I believe that if I didn't believe it I would leave this is still God's church and it doesn't matter where on the color palette you color yourself you can hear people next to you nearby you bellyaching like nobody's business listen if we simply coveted to get our noses down and out tails up and pulled our shoulders to the grindstone it would be BUSINESS UNUSUAL we would see a flurry of so winning activity like we've never seen before and I want to point out something here that I think is crucial they prophesied and they either didn't cease all they didn't seize depending on which version of the Bible you were reading but they remain 2 of the men in the camp the name of the 1 was El dad and the name of the other was me they had and the spirit rested upon them they were all of them that were written but when not out under the tabernacle and they prophesied back in the camp Moses called 70 for some reason 68 came. These 2 fellows were detained they didn't get the message or something and they prophesied back there and then a young man ran and told Moses and said well dad and me dad do prophesied in the camp we don't know what tone of voice he was using We simply know that he was reporting the facts and of all people Joshua the son of Nun Moses number 21 of his young men sit and said My lord Moses for big and Moses which we're going to read in just a moment did not want to do that in fact let me read that verse I'll make this point then I'll double back around and make another 1 Moses said to him envious thou for my sake would God that all the Lord's people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit upon them now there is I think at least 2 points that we can make here number 1 is this if you have anything to do with the work it is not your role to limit the activity of others of course you want to provide guidance. It's fun and interesting we're in a place here where there's a lot of people representing supporting ministries and you can go to some parts of the field and you do find the field and you can discover that among leadership there is no love for supporting ministries you know that attitude has got to be an abomination in the sight of God It just has to be as though there's any group of leaders who can actually get the work done all by themselves is Magnus what God is saying here is don't envy because there's somebody not in your direct. Jurisdiction. Who's getting on and doing the work don't do their act Thank God for what God is doing wherever God is getting it done wherever he's getting it done we don't need less ill dad and less media that we need more we need more people in more places who are filled with the Holy Spirit of God Can you say man I KNOW YOU CAN WE NEED MORE we need more people raising up now I don't want you to take my remarks out of context obviously we are all part of a whole and we need to plug into that hole and understand where we fit into that whole understand that unity in the church is absolutely essential but God isn't bound by our boundaries and God wants to work in unusual ways this was unusual so unusual that Joshua said we got to put a stop to that but Moses' as wise as he was you know you don't want to put a stop to that and I want you now to notice what Moses said he said what God that all the Lord's people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit upon them you know what Moses was praying for he was praying for BUSINESS UNUSUAL Moses knew here we have 68 in May 69 to over there who are prophesied what about the others what about the others 1 of God had so many people in such a powerful way that his spirit did something the likes of which we have never seen before can you imagine it listen if we go on the way we're going on with a few people active and a bunch of people who are just spectators. If we go on with churches where people come merely for the performance and not to plug in and be active if we continue to educate people that church members are consumers and I'm going to use the word clergy the clergy because I think it fits the concept the clergy other produces We are going to be wandering in the wilderness for another 1000 years it's God's plan to pour out His Spirit on everybody so that everybody takes his meaningful place in the front lines of the work sharing one's faith and this is what I love about the church there are places where people clamor for office they want to be the pastoral the senior pastor the elder of the head elder of the Deacon is really Deacon is really quietly whatever it is and there are people some of them who get a little miffed when they don't get to be what they want to be well here's the wonderful thing the highest you can climb in church is sharing your faith with somebody else that's the highest you can God and you don't need anybody's permission to do that you don't need a permission you don't need a position to do that you can't share your faith where ever you are at any time day or night you have God's permission Moses said Would God that he would pour out His Spirit on everybody and the fact of the matter is God wants to pour out His Holy Spirit he has said if you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them than ask Moses new business unusual it's not better plans all the better plans are great it's not more work is on the payroll although that may be a blessing to. It's not better programs all the better programs never nobody it is more all of God's Holy Spirit call seeing through the veins of the church coursing through the veins of church members it is people on fire for God whose primary urge whose number 1 priority is sharing Christ when they care in any place they can because we know Jesus said this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations and what's the next word and then shall the income that sway and as long as we sit around like bumps on a log the work won't ever get done except my last statement of course doesn't take into account that God has a plan God's going to get the work done you know what I read someplace I read that the Holy Spirit is going to fall down in such great measure in such great measure that many people are going to look around and see this outpouring of the Holy Spirit and call it fanaticism Can you imagine what that looks like can you imagine being part of that can you imagine you know God wants to see the church rise up and do something different that's my statement you can check the validity of that and I think that's true because I've read what you all over it in the Bible about the Gospel going to its remotest balance we haven't done it yet and it's not just that God wants to see the Gospel go to its remotest bounds if we really believe that that's what God wanted we crank up the printing presses and send a great controversy in a set of Bible studies it is written bible studies to everybody in the world. We just have a great big. Offering and then mail I'm out and we say that at the Goss was gone of the world but you know that that's not exactly what God. We can mail a mole D.V.D.'s there it is the gospel is going to the world if we really believe that it's what God was trying to get done Bible studies D.V.D.'s that shit Jesus is coming back but we know there's more to it than that I was really fascinated to read that in. Nebraska about 5 miles from Union College scientists at the University of Nebraska Lincoln produced I believe this was a lot of money being this year a flash of light or a beam of light that was let me read I wrote it down here 1000000000 times brighter than the surface of the sun wonder how they did that now it only lasted for 30000000000 of a millionth of a 2nd but still that's a really bright light and when we talk about light we know how vital a lot right is 1st day of creation what did Jesus say let there be then Jesus is the light of the world now we know that but the plot thickens when we listen to Jesus say in Matthew chapter 5 you are the light of the world that's when the plot thickens Jesus never said you are the preacher of the world. I'll be the last 1 to say let's hold the preachers up I'm in favor of preachers but he say you are the light of the world he didn't even say you are the bible study of the world although we know that sharing the word of God is sharing the light it was David who wrote the entrance Sylvia would give the lie God's Word is a lamp to our feet and they tell me a light. God is calling for BUSINESS UNUSUAL we just can't go on doing exactly what we've done the same way when I say the same way that then calls our methods into question and methods it got us this far it's not the message of the method it's the messenger Jesus said You are the like of the will the prophet Isaiah wrote this behold the doctors shall cover the gross docking to the people but the Lord shall rise upon the and His Glory shall be seen upon the and when you get down to Revelation Chapter 18 in verse 1 you read that God's Spirit is poured out into his people with such amazing power that the earth is lit up with the manifestation of the glory of God That's the 4th angel's message the. Lit up by god spirit shining out of God's people my friend I would say to you that is BUSINESS UNUSUAL it seems to me of course there are plenty of people committed to that ideal but so many that are not so many that are not and this is why the shaking will come and tribe after tribal go out in company after company will come in and then we'll have a people that are radiant I'm not I'm not angling for that day but it's go to take place BUSINESS UNUSUAL Moses was there with 68 of his brothers. The Spirit of God was poured out to morrow over there in the camp not right there with Moses and the boys there's a problem oh says it no problem we need more of that not less we need more of God's Spirit being poured out not less we need more all people being raised up by God under the unction of the Holy Spirit of God not less not bliss the world must see in God speed a revelation of the character of God in MA so you can imagine then can't you if we if we possess Christ in our hearts by faith and then we share the word of God Can you imagine that can you imagine sitting down with a bible study in God's Spirit has you it's no guarantee but it makes this book irresistible when God has you and you indeed are the light of the world not just talking about it not thinking about it not hoping for it but experiencing it BUSINESS UNUSUAL it has to be the missing link it has to be out doctrine is solid sorry if you don't like it it's solid sorry if you're busy finding fault with it it's you who's wrong not that huge it's solid so it's not the doctrine that's the problem isn't the methods that the we simply haven't come up with a new program. Said the church is working for better methods dog is looking for better men we just came back from Manila we lead a team of $41.00 and it is written mission trip is fantastic 3 and a half 1000 people were baptized that credit to the work at the church in Manila. Sent through its own conference is fantastic I'm standing in the pool baptizing people just this last Sabbath and as they come to this I've never seen so many pastors in a pool baptizing at 1 time and if they would come to me I would say to them how did you hear about God. And person after person I would like to tell you everyone not everyone only 90 percent or so 90 percent of them see it my friend told me my friend invited me I should have did you come to the meetings Yes how long you been coming to church 10 years as you're What took you so long she said well you know I just was never ready but but now I'm ready and I'm just so glad to be getting baptized today I said how did it begin she said My friend asked me my friend you know here in the United States we talk about the Philippines we talk about places like Piru as though they're aberrations Well they are in as much as people are willing to share their faith of course it's not 1 world and 1 field is different and another field is different I understand that but can you imagine if everybody in your church including you was praying and looking for ways $24.00 hours a day 7 days a week to share Jesus with others would it change things man it would change things it would be BUSINESS UNUSUAL unfortunately where we are too often like a squid that you could that 20000000 people have watched this on You Tube in a restaurant somebody get super bowl of food in a squid is on top of it it is a dead squid of course and I never have figured out why anybody wants to eat squid I tried octopus once and. Not lightly. And I would I would have been better off chewing on my rubber boot it was just terrible stuff and so the person reaches for the soy sauce Now the what is it actually it was a squid the squid is there looking squid like just sitting on the on the food and the person the diner you know to look at this in a creepy who got the diner takes the soy sauce and sprinkle soil source on it. And the squid comes to life it looks like 1 of these 1 of these boys on the cardboard on the street breakdancing it is just all over Michael Flatley it's just this River Downs on the plate there's a lot of activity in that bowl but the squid is gated and I wonder if Too often we don't confuse activity and life Cheese's told us you are to be the light of the world that can only happen 1 way as Christ poles his spirit out as we yield to that and pray Lord fill me up fill me up if we got a 100 percent of the people in church praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit Business Unusual yes we ought to plan bigger we ought to strategize plan get your brightest minds come up with better resources and products and think about the technology in the Times of coal us but without the Holy Spirit of God It is business as usual same song different views that's all it is we are standing as close to the edge of eternity as we want the expected of course is God's timetable to what God is going to do but we are standing as close to the coming across as we wish if you want to be filled up with the Holy Spirit of God You can be today tonight you may be and you may receive more tomorrow no matter who you are where you're from what your background what your educational level or your attainment in this world and God would use all of us every 1 of us in the most powerful way BUSINESS UNUSUAL I think it's time and the Holy Spirit has us if ill dad and needed rise up and we don't try and push him down and if there are more L. dads and more media add to a prophecy in the camp or wherever it is they are because the filled with the Holy Spirit. It's a new day thank God this is not a mystery Thank God it's not unattainable He's not asking us to climb the highest mountain simply yield and let Christ fill us and let his spirit empower us and let the power of heaven remake us and then use us in incredible ways God will do it the work will be done you know some time ago Alexander Graham Bell had a vision I don't mean a vision. Dream he said I have heard articulate speech produced by sunlight I've heard a ray of the sun laugh and cough and sing what El Xander Graham Bell had done with the telephone he believed could be done with the photo phone he said when you ought to be able to send a message with the lights and now with fiber optics that's exactly what happens your text message goes to a receiving station let's call it that electromagnetic waves converted the light and then along with millions of messages it travels across the Pacific Ocean let's say to China from where we hear some messages getting off along the way the process is converted at the other rain and it happens in 120th of a 2nd because your message is sent as light we have a wonderful message here it is the 3 angels messages sell it never keep it always share it but I tell you something when it goes forward as high as the message will be accompanied by a power the likes of which we have never seen Let us pray tonight that God would have us and use us poor out His Spirit upon us and that as Jesus wished we truly would be the a light of the wood let us pray Father it's too late in the history of the earth for anything else grant that we your people would be moved by your spirit. Grant that we would make ourselves available just keep working at us keep speaking to us walk away call to us have found us if you must bring us to the place where we would yield and focus on the main thing not complaining about the man I'm grateful for the opportunity to shape up or a. Friend tonight can you say yes to God Now a simple prayer that's all I'm asking you to pray a prayer that souls say is Lord let me be the light of the world fill me with your spirit would you raise your hand with me only God is watching you don't have to but if you would raise your hand you would be you would be acting on a prayer that says a lot fill me with your spirit Heavenly Father let it be BUSINESS UNUSUAL we pray we accept we receive. And we believe in Jesus name we just say. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much. If you would like to know. If you would like this. Visit.


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