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A Relevant Health Message for a Global Church

Joy Kauffman
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Your neighbors are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They decline your Bible study offers. Many in our global family of faith lack jobs and their kids are hungry. Do we have a robust, relevant witness for them all?


The answer is YES! It is FARM STEW, a recipe for abundant life! Come learn to use the right arm of the gospel in new, creative ways to reach your community and the world. 


Joy Kauffman

Founder of FARM STEW




  • August 2, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Helly father I think for this opportunity to be here to share your message Lord I pray that that is in fact what will come from my lips and I thank you Lord for the fact that we are part of a global church and that we can operate as a family to reach those that need us the most and to reach out far beyond our family Lord you are coming soon and we hope to be part of making that happen we look forward to being in your service until the day you come and then worshiping you for evermore I pray this in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus Christ amen OK So thank you for choosing to come to the relevant how masses for our global church there's a lot to share but I want to start out with a few questions 1st you know I like questions from my 32nd intro Why is it that during the next hour that we're going to be in this room together there's going to be 14 Americans that drop dead simply because of the food that they eat. And why is there a 20 year gap of life expectancy between affluent suburbs of most American cities and their inner city neighbors and why is it that the entire continent of Africa does not have a single blue zone. Those are the types of questions that I have been asking for a long time I've been passionate about public health nutrition for about 30 years studied about Adventists when I was in my undergrad program I never met 1 but I actually was doing my papers on vegetarianism because I'd been a vegetarian since I was 9 through my own convictions and you can read my testimony as you go out or if you grab it. They'll learn has been leading them guiding me into this church but I was only baptized a few years ago and only met my 1st Adventists about 6 years before that so I praise God for being part of this church it's so exciting because they feel like these questions have been wrestling with for 30 years I know of this whole group of people that like to actually wonder about the same things and not just think about it and not just pray about it but actually do something about it and that's what I am really excited to be a part of now although you answer the 1st question right I think yesterday and that is do we truly believe that Jesus came that we might all all people have life abundantly and that's in fact what he says in John 1010 we know that the great controversy is in that very verse Satan comes to kill steal and destroy but he comes that we might have life and have it abundantly we know that we're not the only ones talking about abundant life there's other people in the Christian community speaking about abundant life all over Africa you have pastors and preachers selling different ways that people can get abundant life and a lot of it is kind of trickery for example this pastor is sharing that he knows that the principles of abundant life work because they work so well for his wife that they have a 10500000 dollar mansion that's not the type of abundant life we are sharing about that's not the promise that you want. That that I am offering here or the Bible offers so we're getting a little closer to the promise of abundant life Jesus is talking about when we look at the Blue Zones and if you notice there's 5 of them I hope we're all aware of them we have 1 in North America and it's those good old Loma Linda Seventh-Day Adventists right something really special is going on in our church that is causing us to have an abundant life and we can use this information as an interim wedge as the right arm of the gospel to open doors to conversations about something very unique that's going on something so unique that National Geographic magazine that's really committed to its secular evolutionary focus is going to highlight a bunch of Christians it's pretty exciting but you'll take note I was able to put that magazine on 1 place in the content globe it's covering a continent what continent is it Africa I didn't mean to show Africa there's not a blue zone there that's my hope was farms to and even in your community or in your home that we would have the ability to have a blue zone in your family in your community surrounding your church because of the outreach that you're doing and then that through our partnership with the global family of faith that we would have hotspots of health and longevity all over the continent of Africa and other parts of the world where our ministries are working. So we know not all are doing the right things not all of us are benefiting from the health message we have what's defined as the best behaved Adventists contrast and by the worst behaved Adventists here and there's a full 10 years difference of life expectancy between the men and 8.7 years difference in the women so we know that just because you're sitting in the pew does not mean that you're going to get the benefits of the Adventist health message am I right. Sometimes my kids who I am still the only Adventist in my family and I am sad to say that my kids because I raise them vegetarian they had never had a hot dog until they came to an Adventist function which is pretty sad because then when they go to other functions they sometimes the hot dogs even though there is things in them I really would beg them not to eat that that's kind of a hard thing for me but they also asked me Mom if you guys have this wonderful health message if you're running around the country telling everybody about your house message why where so many people in your church so unhealthy and I don't have a good answer for that and I'm not trying to judge or throw anybody under the bus but it hinders our witness even in my own family and that does hurt me because we know better we are taught better so let's look a little bit into these blue zones what is going on in these blue zones that are causing abundant life so I love a little Venn diagram like this so we have 3 concentric circles with 3 of the 5 blues Loma Linda up top Sardinia Italy and Okinawa Japan and the characteristics that they all 3 of them share are highlighted in red. So we have the. Strong families we know there's a lot and just as I'm reading these characteristics think about what you know Ellen whites writings think of what you know about the Bible and think about also what you can observe in nature how these things are connected to nature because that's our sources for inspiration strong families no smoking we also have. No alcohol so there's our temperance message right there we have the plant based diet highlighted by high soy fava beans over there too Beric different things that are coming from plants where are they getting those plants they're gardening most of these cultures are gardening and then they have constant activity so these are not people necessarily with a gym membership that go 4 times a week and walk on a treadmill these are people who are incorporating movement into their regular daily lives and having sometimes occupations that require movement then 1 of my favorites and you'll see by the end of the session legumes legumes legumes beans they are very very powerful and these cultures are eating them in 4 times the quantity that we typical Americans are so a couple other things to highlight their eating whole grains will talk a bit more about that they have their culturally isolated now in our in our thinking and our and our sort of politically correct that might seem like culturally isolate like we're off to ourselves that's not good but when God calls us to be consecrated or a peculiar people having some isolation from this culture is a good thing. And then I like to go on strong women so 1 of the things that we are trying to do in Africa too we are trying to build up the entire family and really you'll see focusing on the men and the women but doing it in a partnership and not in the domineering type situation so that's just a quick run. We know that the people from Loma Linda follow it particular prescription for abundant life new start you're familiar with it nutrition exercise water sunshine temperance air rest and trust in God This is a fabulous powerful recipe for abundant life and I want to take nothing from it in fact I have my master's in public health from Johns Hopkins University paid a lot of money for that degree 20 years ago and when I heard about new start I thought wow that is worth the entire thing that is the most powerful thing I have heard of because people can actually remember it there are simple changes that people can apply to their lives and they're fantastic but my question is how are these women going to receive the blessing of this health message if they've just walked a mile to get water and they have to do that every day or maybe even a few times a day and you go up to them and you say I'm 70 I don't test you need to get more exercise how does some fresh air sunshine you're lacking that I don't think so right so we need a health message that is for them and we'll be applying to them how will these guys books. These guys you know we're telling them you need to feed your family a plant based diet and you know really provide for their needs but out in these rural communities there's no jobs how are they going to provide for their needs if there's no jobs in Zimbabwe for example to buy fresh fruits and vegetables 5 a day it would cost 52 percent of their income just to eat that who's going to be able to do that actually spoke to a room of 200 Adventist Zimbabwe and a couple weeks ago at their camp meeting here in Chicago and they all acknowledge that's true it's things are so expensive there if they can't grow it themselves they're not going to be feeding it to their children and you know here in America that we have the same problem there the fresh fruits and vegetables are kind of expensive for a lot of people and my job before starting from stew was actually working at our local health department working with local farmers and promoting farmers' markets and promoting the consumption of the food that they grew and encouraging people to grow and I mean the data in just my little rural Illinois county of the number of people eating enough fruits fresh fruits and vegetables it was only 12 percent of the people in my rural county that were eating what they were supposed to be eating and we know the consequences of that and diabetes counselors obesity all of the ramifications there are scary so governing here is a powerful thing. For these women if we're telling them that they need to drink more water but yet that water is full of parasites that would make they're still an L. We're not doing them any great favor right so it's wonderful as sight is so inspiring as you walk through that exhibit hall and I encourage you to do that there's all sorts of ministries here that are addressing these basic issues we are 1 of a whole crowd of ministries address. In these basic issues but 1 of the things that 1st is doing that's different and I hope can be applied here in the United States too is really trying to take the counsel of Alan Y. and international development research throughout the last few decades which honestly say you should be at the top of the list for any international development class ever given she says amazing things 1 of them is we may give to the poor and harm them by teaching them to be dependent that's something that we have done far too often in our country and around the world she says you may give to the poor and injured them because you teach them to be dependent instead teach them to support themselves this will be true how the needy must be placed in positions where they can help themselves what I love about what she says there is not to just have them help themselves she says the needy must be placed in a position that doesn't involve help from the outside she is not negating the power of having help from outside but it's a particular type of help that doesn't hurt. So I had the privilege in 2015 to go with a U.S. ID sponsored farmer to farmer program and it was like a miniature Peace Corps and I got to go to Uganda and my assignment by the federal government believe it or not was to teach local people through farmers corporative to work with soy and I was very excited about that because I wanted to learn more about soy and I knew that the children there were extremely malnutrition malnourished with protein deficiency and I knew that soy protein was incredibly powerful in fact it's the only being that has all 9 essential amino acids needed for human health the American Heart Association says it could be your only source of protein and you would be perfectly fine so I know so it is a bit controversial sometimes they use all non G.M.O. lightly processed so I hear but when we were working on that. I was just there for 3 weeks and I felt that after about a week or so the local Ugandans that I was working with and I could take an hour and 15 minutes to tell you how God worked miracles there but I won't but God introduced me to people through the 7th Day Adventist Church I wasn't even baptized yet at that time and you know read about that in the testimony but when I met the and the test I knew I had to just go ahead and cross the line and get baptized and join the church I needed to be a part of this church family and they were working with me alongside just as volunteers in the training and as I as the days progress I talked last they talked more of course they can do it in their local language they know the culture of the people were just so animated interactive and I started praying about it every night when I went home and and God said you know you have to go home at the end of the 3 weeks you have children you have to take care of but there's children dying of malnutrition here and you don't have to stop the training just because you have to go home you can hire these people. All and they can continue on the work and it was such a strange revelation that I had to have it be confirmed on my last day there I was at the Adventist Church they give me the Pope but they give me all afternoon to teach in the seminar teach a seminar and there was a young woman Fiona that came up to me and she said I want to be part of your team she had no idea God had already told me to start a team so those 5 people that we have 1st hired are still with us today leading this ministry called Farm stew and so I want to share some of the ideas of what is working in Africa and then I want to spend some time for some discussion for us to think about how might that work in our local context as well. So the message shared in Africa we start with people I was talking about these handpicked people and I want to introduce you to Betty she's 1 of our lead trainers and so introduce herself fabulously. I hope. It was a bit. To you again. Really soul great to see that I'm lacking the real work which I have been longing for good down to the ground to tell to put the right things to good firms to has it changed my life. In fact I have to say. Be full I want it to 1st it changed me in my day and I to lose. Weight but I think I feel like because. I can put myself back I spoke to my family. And what is amazing me soon really will live though we are going out people being chained to. The quality. She was staying in Jean Jacques you. In the subcounty cord in my food that to do was. She had that problem I knew a number she could laugh you could see that stomach shaking but when their 1st time when firms to come to to teach this will be implemented whatever what they were training I should know she's still really seem settlin then she's a young girl who's waiting at least in now a man can look at and say Wow So for me I'm so grateful and when I'm a separate food. Over the world I could not do no joy how could. I then she couldn't judge is conducting us to other people who make we can join hands and really make farms too so when I left who farms to all your problems to all that talk thank you very much Imus are a bit. So you can see the joy that I have in this work it's such a blessing honestly. Because they they exude the joy of the Lord and Betty was a course at the church and you need. To be. And I'm going to just eat. Less or not and this is a woman in Zimbabwe who has been trained and has. A lot of changes in terms of her learning agriculture you can. Be introduced to some stupid department at the post I'll give you. OK I'm going to posit you know OK. So you get to see these trainers have so much enthusiasm and and there are changes in their lives have been so powerful so I just want to share with you 1 of the stories from Zimbabwe this is the mood 10 months they were trained in agriculture and I have to really believe agriculture is 1 of the best forms of evangelism both here in this country and abroad in my own garden in my yard it's the way that I interact with my neighbors and my neighbors kids you know when you have raspberries coming out of you know all over the place and you can let people come and enjoy raspberries and they come up to your with almost no work it's just the powerful what is to be able to share something that's such a blessing the mood Tammas did the same thing they now are inviting all sorts of families to come and celebrate warning and so when firms to came to train them again not only did their garden look like even itself but they had about 30 or 40 of their neighbors including a Pentecostal pastor there for an all day training and just sharing what they had learned and it was just a powerful witness to their neighbors they continue to be very very inspiring and these are not our staff These are people that our staff have trained and now are training others so that's the power of this this particular work is the multiplier effect of training of trainers is going to tell you so this is it is 1 of the good classes in the black in the game and if you're black or the work is not a little while if you want to meet people so this is a crucial part of when I want to do probably the. If I don't need to be. I'm going to speed up just a bit so you can see Betty Betty actually getting to them by the way with me to help launch the Zimbabwe to human. Rights for work. I mean you almost seem a lot like anybody who will look at you. Now do they then. Went down and held up the player not on that yes this was I was not to let. Him go he didn't. Like either saying God is a God of order and how important it is that we have order in our in our homes and in our work so 1 of the things that we really focus on and I think is very important to focus on is this idea that if we are 70 I'm going to say we know about the Sabbath and resting on the Sabbath but the commandment also says 6 days your labor and work and that is a really really important principle for all of us but particularly at times in developing countries we really want people to have a strong work ethic that is 1 of the things that has built the last was the Protestant work ethic and it's something that we have something to add to this could be champion for the whole world I want to ask you guys a question any idea what that is coconuts. Not. OK now you have to still go OK it was the answer Jack fruit so I might talks about using local foods she was probably the 1st promoter of the local foods movement which is now very popular in our country and there's a lot of energy behind this whole local foods for local people pulling out some for quotes trying to figure out what you could use supporting local farmers it's all in line with I'm going to tell us message and it's making a huge difference this isn't actually a prison in Ginger Uganda we the church was doing a Bible study in this prison once a month and they had a few people that were coming and a few women that were interested from stews started coming and we now have $306.00 Adventists in this prison and there is a revival going on in this prison actually just in the last month and actually made a plea out to a few people were trying to get bibles and how mills for the people it's so powerful and the thing that's happening is that they have hope now that when they get out they can provide for their families and that is something that's so exciting because you know 1 of the things we're talking about and the gentleman that spoke about having the house for people that get out the prisoners I was asking him backstage do you have a garden at this house because 1 of the very best means of helping people not go back into prison is actually having a guard it's very very powerful ministry just the hopefulness of watching something grow so we reviewed the recipe for abundant life has these ingredients What is your church property look like this how attractive would that be. You know our Maybe not in your church property if you live far from it but you know even at your own home how inviting would that be for your neighbors and your friends what kind of ministry what kind of your health message might be much more well received if you're giving them not only just an idea about recipe but you can actually give them the fruits and vegetables to make it possible 1 of my things about attitude we really talk about trusting in God and having an optimistic attitude but some of us actually also have to change our attitude about gardening this is Robert 1 of our trainers he's an agronomist and in the middle and David David was a cobbler shoemaker do you notice something about his feet. They say I was like why does he use a Visa cobbler but apparently they save their shoes they don't take them to the garden because you want to get mud on your shoes so they got in barefoot but by team I was really kind of feeling depressed she couldn't feed her kids she couldn't send them to school she was really struggling and lo and behold when we went and trained her and talked to her about how farming was the 1st God given occupation she later confessed to us that she had thought it was a curse to put your hand in the soil is very undignified in a lot of people's minds it's something the kids get punished to go do go out and dig in the garden it's for the lower class almost So when she realized that was not true and we could we could use Scripture and we can use in white to prove that that is not true she says she had her turning point she now feels to be really contributing member of her community and her family and the beautiful thing is she has a business she's selling vegetables all around town and she is sending our kids to school and feeding our family as a result. Rest we talk a lot about rest and the importance of the nightly rest we in America are actually running an experiment of sleep deprivation we're sleeping 2 hours last than we did just a few decades ago 100 years ago less than a 100 years ago and it's actually a frightening thing with frightening implications even people in developing countries are having a hard time getting their rest because of so many pressing factors that are different than ours like having to wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning if you're a little girl and going and getting water so that you can be in time for school but we also need rest for the soil we need crop rotation a lot of the challenges of Africa is that their crop productivity is 70 per cent I'm sorry it's only 1 3rd of the productivity of the soil on other continents and a lot of it is because of planting the same crap over and over again on the same soil and the idea of properties and so important and mulching and covering it with compost and mulch Mills really focusing on those plant based whole foods diet using mostly what the family can grow themselves now here's a question how many of you have a garden. Wow this is a great self selected group how many Keep your hands up real quick how many of you try to live on only what you can grow in that garden. Right none of us would make it but the world's poorest hungriest people of which there are $795000000.00 the vast vast vast majority of them 98 percent are living in developing countries and 70 percent of them are in rural villages where the only job is farming so if we can't live off of what we grow and you have no training in agriculture How are you going to feed a family of 10 or 12 off of what you can grow they really need some additional training the sanitation work is so important focusing on just that hand washing we talked about that earlier about just hand washing and how that's the single most effective measure to prevent disease and then our temperance message is is really the same as what we teach here in terms of no addictive behavior and choices that would would be cause us to be in a cycle of addiction I'll just say But we also talk about emotional temperance and 1 of the things we're so excited about is the reduction in. Domestic violence where we've trained there's less less domestic violence injure prize also teaching people jobs so again here in this country there are more jobs here than are most places around the world but still people need to be thinking entrepreneurial in training their children are. Early this is Florence in the blue she actually is wife of an elder elder is sitting next to her in the pink and 1 of our trainers is up in the yellow She now makes which is banking on the bottom and so on Monday as you that she sells at the market again being able to send her own kids to school the water we know is so important our bodies are about 70 percent water and a lot of people just really don't know the importance of drinking water it's it's critical and finally the most important in the recipe of abundant life is that we promote the water of life Jesus Christ. So just to give you an idea of how we teach in the villages and some ideas that you can teach even in your own community just come out of this House message a slightly different way so why do white people get sunburns whenever we go to Africa we get sunburns any ideas yes the pigment in our skin so we're lacking that dark beautiful melanin that gives the protection the dark African skin provides 4 times the protection than white skinned and so there's something special about that color and we want to make sure we encourage people to appreciate that protection but what are most people eating. Foods that are white foods that are highly processed foods that have been losing their nutritional value because of taking off the aspects of it that would provide color but what is God's health plan we see that the Lord planted a garden and there he put humans and out of the ground the Lord made all kinds of trees to grow trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food so we really encourage people to eat foods that are pleasing to the eye that doesn't sound like a Thou shalt not does. Eating foods that are placed into the eye is so important and those dark colors when when the food is white like that like white flour white rice even a white potato It means that that outer shell of the seed has been taken out or the skin of the seed has been taken off also the germ has been taken off so that when we eat all 3 parts of the seed can you think of something else that's a 3 in 1. Yeah the Father Son and Holy Spirit so here we are talking to 80 percent Muslims in eastern Uganda and we're telling them that the only type of food that's going to give you life is the 3 and 1 reflection of the 1 True God that's kind of a fun form of initialism. We also they know it because they're farmers You can't put a seed in the ground that's missing 1 of those parts and expect it to grow can you so why would you think it would make your body come to life. So what happens when you remove the skin of a potato or of a seed or what anybody you know you're losing a lot of nutrient value right the skin of the potato contains significant nutrients the 5 grams of fiber 80 percent iron 40 percent of TASM and calcium and then so much more there is so many nutrients that we lose in the skin and this is this is the pile of skin right there what usually happens with that and in homes or out in rural villages you throw it out OK if you're in a row a village in Africa what do you think happens to it. Here we go guys the chickens are smart right that animals will eat it even in our big industrialized food system when all these parts of the seed are taken off they all become animal feed why anybody know it's where the bulk of the nutrition is and so guess what you make money off of growing healthy animals the sad thing is you make money off of sick people. So when you are destroying God's $3.00 and $1.00 picture of himself and eating highly processed foods you're playing into a system that's all about making money at the end of the day it's really really tragic but God is very clear he says in Genesis 129 which I like to call God's dietary guidelines his says See I have given you every herb that you'll see which is on the face of all the earth and every tree whose fruit yield seed to you it shall be for food so the seed it's very very important to God and I want to encourage people to think about it so back to the Blue Zones for a bet because I still believe we can keep talking about this and keep talking about this we see some of the things that the people are doing they're moving naturally from the right tribe they have the right outlook and they're eating wisely so we can look at what are the diets of these blue zone people. Most of them are eating a plant based diet they're not all of the against They're not all vegetarians but the things that are the super foods identified are all plant based and you can see I highlighted the beans beings beings beings but beans beings and so there's a plant slant they call it in all of these diets 1 thing that I like to share is this is adapted from the University of Michigan it's the healing food guide pyramid I love it because it starts with the basis of water I've never seen a nother food guide that starts with that basis as you go up you get a layer of fruits and vegetables the whole grains like we've talked about and now we know that's the 3 in 1 seed that legumes the seasonings and healthy fats and then I altered it a bit. Those that I'm recommending for daily and then the top things are optional right because we know we can be healthy vegans but we also know that you know not everybody chooses that path exactly why they are again so important how do we check to see if we've trained enough water simple check you can do it anywhere in the world catch a little bit of urine and look at the color if you have if you're well hydrated your urine is going to be very clear or just a very light yellow if it's dark you're in trouble you know they say that your ologist would go out of business if people drink enough water and I think that's probably true it's so simple and yet we know Jesus tells us all over the Bible even in revelations we're going to be drinking from that fountain of living water. Again on the color the eating things that are pleasing to the eye why does the rainbow work just 1 example vitamin A comes in foods that are orange fleshy in nature not the oranges themselves those are the vitamin C. champions but the vitamin A comes in the carrots and the mangoes and the pumpkins and squash and all of that is so essential for your immune system for your eyesight and for your skin so eating just making sure you're getting something orange that's a very simple thing it's very low cost to we don't have to be gourmet Regan's with you know fancy recipe cookbooks to just say you know what Make sure your kids are eating carrots especially in the winter during the sick flu season get them carrots every day this is how I do it I peel them and put them in a container of salt water and saw it keeps it from getting sort of a wiggly or soggy kind of carrot gives them very very crisp I actually get compliments on my carrots when I bring them to a potluck and it's just so simple and so cheap we need to make our health message accessible to the poor also the Greens we talked about yesterday really really exposing people to. Greens and the nitrates in them in Africa we're actually foraging for wild edible greens and there's tons of them that are edible and people get excited about it because their grandmothers or their ancestors ate them and they've just neglected them in recent years so I want to show you another quick video about adding color to the diet and how much fun it can be this is from Zimbabwe. And you'll see that and. You're like. Yes. Doesn't have the Back to have you eaten like seconds before her subsequent eaten the Black Jack the Greens these are wild brilliance right do you like that yes they do like yeah do you eat them normally or is this something you just assume Yeah yeah that's how many of the food on your plate are new to you. That's the way. To read the cabbage that you do swallow yes the next hour this is just terrible things will start to happen Wow OK Now do you usually why he said that word that's colors I used to teach websites. And now after the scribes and his brother said Why do you know why. Son you teach us yeah yeah you know listen to well yeah Praise be to God What do you think Betty did you teach well. What do you think she learned a good lesson today how she didn't learn to because she was so good to be doing here at the same goal that he was that certain that shuns event didn't she was sold for her and I seem to fancy that well that was in my opinion this it was so but speech at the time and on my brain that what that meant to them practice it in their homes exactly you might need you whenever but as a victim. I think they will say I got to see things and that see you came all the way from where to teach from just to do yeah I come from farms to yes and now as president. To a chemical new and then to come to see where I'll be and you will know that I didn't join mind being that that was a law to teach problems to so that we can and that's exactly as we've been here. You'd think you'd be defeating class. Right here in. Miami. And no 1. Around. So so that's 1 of our classes live and groups cancel vary and so I forgot to mention that was out the mood was house that was at the end of the day and I didn't get that picture when there was a big crowd but we had so much fun most of the 30 plus people that were there were not Adventist and we just had a great time and I think that's something that could be replicated really anywhere teaching gardening eating the food right out of the garden. So we all need to choose man's way or God's way this little girl was eating tomato balls if you can see. And her hands were just covered with the red food dye is that were covering those little basically like Cheeto type things we're all in this position at this point of Daniel and his friends never before in human history have we all had this this potential of the king's table whenever we go even into a gas station or any store there are so many options of foods and you notice how much money are they spending on colors the food companies know that we're told and designed by God to eat foods that are pleasing to the eye that say it is deception all those food cards all that edition all this packaging they're spending money on all this stuff just to trick us so we want to go for the natural colors the rainbow of fruits and vegetables and if we do if we teach anything else about our health message if all we teach is the rainbow we're going to improve people's health dramatically dramatically. Also just talking about small grains is such an important thing I don't have time to go into it a lot but the native indigenous greens like millet so argument around there are very very powerful nutritionally and like I said beings as well very powerful the National Geographic found that they were eating 4 times the amount of what we're eating and that 1 serving of beans per day could add 4 extra years to our life now being a come in a big category legumes so we have the soybeans the peanuts the poll says which are the dried beans and peas chickpeas lentils fresh peas and beans so actually the United Nations declared 2017 the year of the poles it was like an international big movement trying to get people to grow and eat more pulses 1 of the reasons they want them to grow them is because these are all leguminous crops they all fix nitrogen out of the air and put it into the soil that's basically like free fertilizer and when you have all these depleted soils that can't grow anything but. That growing some of these pulses can actually transform the soil quality just in the year so I find it no surprise that beings also come in a rainbow isn't God loving these are all those types of beans and you know just that variety God wants us to have color I love that our church is the most racially diverse domination in the world are we happy about that it's a beautiful thing when you show up and there's such a mix of people. So again God is reflected in the seed and I want you to remember that he says or Paul says about this for the since the creation of the world his invisible actually views are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead we know the word Trinity is not in the Bible but Godhead is the next best thing to Trinity that the Father Son and Holy Spirit that is an important principle to our Christian faith and it's reflected in every seed. So how can we help our neighbors be able to have that rainbow I want to tell you about a very powerful resource that we have and actually Paul who leads this ministry is called Born to grow it's totally a you can tell he is an Adventist you can even tell he's a Christian from his website but it's a website that is like a club for learning to garden he and his wife are actually over teaching the children right now here and they are a powerful couple his last name is Dias singer and the day singers are known in and into this world as being amazing farmers I'm pleased because his father Edwin is actually on our board of directors but I have joined this club join their webinars it's really a wonderful community and it would be another form of friendship evangelism on their Facebook page and whatnot. So 1 of the things about using scripture in the work to just talking about when we submit the Lord he will make our paths straight straight paths are so important we can use the Bible verse about Jesus and you know sowing the seeds in the sea that fall on the path and the birds snatch it up so we have to distinguish between where we're cultivating and where we're walking simple things like that can increase the productivity of a garden dramatically we talk about Rast compost as a form of rest compost this is made in Zimbabwe it can retain 10 times the moisture of regular soil so you can imagine in a drought stricken area having something that you can produce yourself that can contain 10 times the moisture is a powerful powerful thing. With our rest message I just want to share with you there's a brand new National Geographic that came out. And it's all about sleep if we're not talking about our health message guys somebody else is going to do it but they're not going to do it using the Bible and spirit of prophecy as their tools on the outside of this magazine that says we are now living in a world wide test of the negative consequences of sleep deprivation is scary These are the the thing about kids are struggling not getting enough sleep teachers are suffering from sleep deprived children and the interesting thing is there they we have all this new science telling us you know it's the immune system it's all these different growth infection fighting proteins are released during sleep but Alan White knew this a long time ago didn't she she says in regulating the hours for sleep there should be no haphazard work go to rest at a reasonable hour how many of us are guilty of that sometimes. OK i am i know i am and I'm working on it 878 hours of rest is ballast too much and too little can be detrimental and I don't know if we're connecting as much but the loss of sleep I'm sorry the loss of sleep contributing to a loss of immunity is a very serious thing another thing that actually might motivate people more is that obesity rates are higher in sleep deprived people you probably probably made sense there just probably more of a lethargic during the day here's the scary fact only 5 percent of Americans wash their hands properly because researchers they hired Like 1000 people to go out into bathrooms and just do silly things that the mirror so that they they could observe people's behavior only 5 percent washing their hands properly with soap for 15 seconds. So like I said before we have these Tippy taps we're so excited about these. But you know we have sinks here is very easy to teach basic can do washing and that hasn't been part of our health message thus far it's the habit of handwashing could save more lives than any single vaccine or medical intervention so 1 of the things that's important about thinking about a context that's maybe different than our own you can't just say wash your hands because you're going to get microbes if people have not really been able to use a microscope and maybe they just read about in a textbook once long ago we need to think differently about how to motivate hand-washing So instead of making it about the individual we make it about the community so the Versed each of you should look not only to your own interests but also to the interests of others it makes people realize that when they're touching somebody has food when they're sick and somebody is hand you have the potential making somebody else in cultures that are more communal that type of thinking is really important so as you're reaching maybe refugees here that you want to alter your type of thinking it's not all about me me me me trying to be healthy and live long it's about others and what can we give to others another thing. This was 1 of my professors at John Hopkins and he was kind of a radical professor and he said people need jobs employment is the very best public health intervention so when we're helping people we want to be making sure that it's not about me and what I'm doing for you but ultimately it's about you and what you're doing for yourself to make your life better. Again for those of us that get involved though there are benefits Jesus says it's better to give than to receive and now that's been proven by science older adults who volunteered reap the benefits of health and wellbeing and a large study found a 44 percent reduction in early death among those who volunteered a lot and I'm not against exercise but they got the same effect as if they had exercised 4 times a week so that's something to think about encouraging in our church volunteerism encouraging in our community volunteerism and thinking up ways to have meaningful engagement just that connection with each other there's a lot of health benefits of it in X. records Jesus thoughts on the matter he says I have shown you in every way by laboring like this that you must support the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus that he said it is more blasted to give than receive So 1 of our things that we're very proud of as Adventists is that we have this abundant life but 1 of my questions that I just want to throw out to you all is how does abundant life relate to income it's not only honest as I'm going to that are living longer than the rest of the American population this graph looks at the income for tile so the top quarter of people in this country in terms of their income are living a full 15 years more than the bottom quintile so house and income long Gemini and income are highly highly correlated so we need to really think about that because Jesus Jesus is ministry was not just to the rich right he had a particular passion and commitment to the poor we also know that childhood poverty. That's different. It is increasing that slides not showing it well but childhood poverty is increasing dramatically this is on the global scale if we look at life expectancy on the vertical axis and income on the heart is until you see we start here at $1000.00 a year going up all the way exponentially growing up to $128000.00 a year the blue dots are Africa so you can see this highly correlated effect between income and longevity with the continent of Africa very very bottom of both both the income and the longevity so here we are we're seeing explosive growth in our church in Africa and yet the life expectancy is 60 years or less in most countries and we have to wonder you know I'm going to this would be way off the chart there is the good ole US OK the green out there the very high so if we're spending all of our energy of our health message trying to bump ourselves up a little line or 2 I just don't think that's where God would want us to put all of our energy we know that people are not just dropping dead in Africa right when they turn 60 years old the life expectancy is highly impacted by childhood mortality and if we look at this we see in the pink and the blue and the light blue those are areas the pink is 40 percent of the children are severely malnourished dark blue 30 to 40 percent and so we see again the continent of Africa sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia hovering around a 3rd of the people that are severely malnourished so. Women and children this isn't a hospital they are dying. But we trained there about a year ago and within 2 days 2 of the kids that we had trained had died so how can we make a difference for them this is a concept the 1st $1000.00 days of life and this book I really highly recommend it's looking at the time period from conception till the child is 2 years old those are the most critical time periods for nutrition so all of our work really should have a particular focus on that 1st 1000 days of life if we're trying to do health education and nutrition and the thing I love about this book is it actually takes a mom from Uganda from Guatemala from India and from Chicago 2 hours from my house and it compares their struggle and their journey to be able to provide their children with the health of foods that they need and frankly we're all being confronted by the same industrialized food system that is all about making money off of sick people it's really really an enemy that we're up against so we want to have abundant life for the poor and children like Sarah so why should we care about the poor though when our churches themselves are struggling for life do we really have time for this is this really an Adventist ministry Well there's a couple of books that focus a lot on the poor 1 of them being the bible itself and the 2nd 1 if you're not familiar with Allen White's welfare ministry I would highly recommend you can listen to it on your app on your smartphone I do that on a regular basis because I'm so amazed by the word she has to say we know Jesus started out his mission saying the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he is annoying to me to preach the Gospel to the poor he had a particular focus on the poor and the Bible is. Full of all sorts of evidence that caring for the poor is so important. Thank you all for coming God bless you all and place to visit us and yes and just we are so blessed in this church there's nothing like it in any of the nomination I've ever seen and it's just tremendous to be part of this ministry so thank you this media was produced by audio for 40 years on avenues Lehmann's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about. Leeds visit. Your site minister. Or if you'd like to lose free line sermons Visit W W W W verse.


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