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Unusual Prayer

Pavel Goia
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Unusual prayer is prayer that has power to transform and get results, prayer that indeed connects us with God, and prayer that brings growth and revival. 


Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • August 3, 2018
    10:45 AM


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Father in humbleness we come in your presence and thank you so much for your love that is greater than our capability to understand greater than our mind greater than our imagination thank you for Jesus thank you for your spirit thank you for this privilege to learn more about how to connect with you please. Open the word for us touch every heart and transform us in Jesus' name and nature in prayer and thank you Lord Amen. So. I will not try to offend you. But I may challenge you a little if you don't feel confortable don't take what you don't like OK it's OK if you get upset with me old pray for you. So let's let's go straight into the subject is it good to pray. OK it good to keep Sabbath it is good to go to church to study your Bible OK can you be just think about it can it be that you pray you keep but you go to church you study the Bible you get involved in ministry you do evangelism you go to Cannes meeting you do all the good stuff and you are lost and you don't know that you are lost can you be in the church and be lost like the coin lost in the house like the village is sleeping How do you know if you don't know that you don't know do you follow me how do you measure how do you search to make sure that you are OK. Whatever you do literally whatever you do for God unless we do it with god has no value you cannot keep the doctors of that god if you don't have the God of the doctors do follow me and so many times we get so far into the Legion. And so far into service so far into Dr Hughes that we have the risk to forget the real connection with God where the power comes from and if we have no power whatever we try to do we never accomplish anything and doesn't the reason we pray for God's blessing and we pray that God will help with this and that and that and we never experience power and results because you should not pray for God's blessings but for us for God Do you follow me we should pray 1st for God God has a prison for us and we go on give God our plan and asked God to bless our plan instead of seeking his plan now his plan is usually different in our plan in fact God's plan is always crazy. Yes if the plan that you have is not crazy issues. God's plans are as far as heaven to earth from our plans God's plans and wisdom are foolishness for us God would come to no 1 save an ark if you have no 1 when you'd never again would you build an ark and spend 120 years building an ark would you it doesn't make any sense is crazy God told Joseph I'm going to put you over your brothers over your parents over your family and then got put in prison doesn't make any sense he was a slave in a prison in educate God told Moses you are going to deliver my people in the wilderness 44040 years would you accept that blood because God before using you he has to break you got to can not use somebody's wife and smart and good and experienced God can use only somebody humble and before God can use you he needs to break you and me and to teach us faith that has no doubts because when a doubt God we make Him a liar. When you dial God's promise you tell him I said we make Him a liar in selected messages Volume 1 it is Satan's plan that we doubt God and he trusts or in fact when he stick our plan in life. Anytime we seek our plan we focus on self we seek influence or power or comfort we show Satan character she says. Did you hear you don't want me to repeat that do you I have the quotation on my cell phone literally when I showed you to 1 of the meetings what I spoke people right while I can imagine that every time you see something for yourself you show you actually beat Satan's character Jesus did not come to starve yourself he came to sort of others Jesus did not pray for self he prayed for others in fact 1 time in his life he prayed for self it was in the garden he said please take the couple way and God did not answer that prayer God said No you are doing the job Jesus did not serve self and he told us to follow him and to sort of miracles that he did he did not do them for yourself he didn't say hear me give me bread my job problem my foreclosure Moses said they my name off the book of life and save them the people who tried to stall him would you be willing to say Lord they my name of the Book of Life saved that and that would you do that but most of this was copying God's character and he became like God. Paul says I would rather be are not their mother means cut off from the Book of Life if you would save them and they are trying to kill him you follow me when you start serving God He doesn't need you to serve in fact wherever we go we make a mess God doesn't need you and me to serve. But already Ellen meister's by service we learn to surrender to self and to focus on God and others and the more we focus on others and invest in others the more we are transformed she says in the book prayer into His image we become more and more like Jesus when he forgets to serve others so God wants you to serve because that's the way you go now you imagine every time we sort of self we have got to do something against his character can you help me it is better to focus on God and let him focus on you then you focusing on you therefore every morning we should say Lord what is your plan for me today how can I serve you and others imagine if every church member did that. Imagine what are your plans for me today just as I don't do my own works I do the works of the father remember the Bible verse in John seeking God's works every day not my words on his blessings but God's plan Lord you have a plan today show it to me let me help let me be part of it for instance I was talking to 1 of my church members are not going to tell you the place or the name he is a very well to do guy I mean rich and the good guy thats good to have that combination in the church somebody teach and good really he was not trying to give and then calling told he was giving and saying whatever you guys pray vote does not use the money for that's amazing I love him. And he said to me practical you say that we got to serve yes God did not put you in this job for you God will not put you in this location for you God did not put you in this school or in this whatever for you he put to death for the people around you because He loves those people who the passion that you will never understand and he wants you to love those people with a passion greater than love for you. And he put you there for them and he says this is your mission go and save and you say Lord help me. And so I told him God put me in that neighborhood for them he says you don't know those people those millionaires they don't talk to each other they don't need Christ I said you are wrong they need Christ as much as I need Christ and you need Christ they have back pain too don't they they have cancer they have divorce Oh yes they have they have children the Don't talk to them Are you are really starting they have problems they are empty they need Christ everybody needs Christ I said we just don't know how to reach them and I said don't expect me to read them you are 1 of them you should reach them he would but they don't talk to me I said then pray what I did I said no you didn't well as I did I said how much time did you spend in prayer for them well maybe 1 minute a day or so before you spend 345 hours a day you really don't care for them because what you focus on what that's what you care for do follow on do they consume you so much that you pray for them as you would pay for your wife or son if they only in an emergency room. When you pray for them so desperate then you care for them that's how Jesus prayed for them that's how you got to pray for them it was just too much I said then go home stop coming to church you're not an Adventist you're a fantasy he says what I said you heard me I said because you keep star but that doesn't make you an Adventist funny seascapes about and killed Jesus because he had broken it that doesn't make you an Adventist but high people eat broccoli you know that don't don't tell me that you are another just because you go to church or like it's about I don't work well lazy people never work are they holy I said unless you care for the lost you don't show Christ character. So I said you need to pray for them with despair ration you need to pray for them to the point that you say Lord they my life and save them and they said you know how low should you pay for them he said about 2 hours a morning I said no 3 hours I said No until God saved him do we prayed that way for our neighbors imagine if we did people would know that we care people would say is that we care God will give you the plan every day how to reach people that are reachable and you would reach them and in heaven would be people for ever because if you imagine the privilege and so I told him that he started to pray now he invited me to go and visit when I went to visit him it was an exclusive neighborhood locked and around the lake big gigantic 678000 square feet homes Nah I was like when you go to the dentist open the wall I was driving a Chiari or how many of you know Chiari or. That car a friend of mine bumped the back he backed in the truck and he bent the back my father in law been the right height and my wife bent the left side and the brake started to brake on me and that is something that covers is between the brakes and the wheel and that's. Got to somehow dented and you touching on the brakes and when I was driving it was cheap and the faster the faster exchange when I would go to church everybody knew that the pastor is coming because of the noise. Hold up that's what he's here. Now you imagine I go to that neighborhood to begin my friend when you see pushchair Ferarri Lexus Medisave this Maserati and Kia Rio. I stop at the gate and the guy there says you are in the wrong neighborhood. So no I mean the right neighborhood I am visiting so and so he says really and he calls my judgement but his yeah he's my pastor he says he drives a Kia Rio. Here let him in the guy let me and I'm driving between expensive cars expensive homes and I get to his house and get inside and he says you see them look through the window I went to the window and they closed the window I said Stop looking to the homes and turn to Christ. Christ has a way when there is no way and you are based on your wisdom and your power when you say there is nothing we can do is learn to put your eyes on Christ because that is something he can do that there is and we say you don't we are selfish Well I'm to busy myself or we have no faith when we don't go to work because if we are selfless and we trust in the Lord we go you follow me so I said if time for you to focus on Christ that's what real Christians do I stop looking to them don't know what I stop and say Lord give me my neighbors and they say Lord I'm willing to sacrifice my life take my life but save them he was like whoa this is Pastor Let's talk about it. My wife prepared to come food oh she is from Greece when she cooks you eat until you die I mean I can't eat for them for that food. I don't even care if I am healthy or not I eat until I die so good she people or some stuffed grape believe. I cannot describe in my mouth as already water you know its When I think about it and he talks so who is so good I ate again and again I forgot that he is you know is not nicely so much I ate and ate to the point that I cannot move on he was talking and I was enjoying the food and he says I'm praying that God gives me wisdom how to teach them and and I said well keep praying. We talked we ate we prayed I left he called me back and he said you know I was watching you eat him you seem to enjoy the food in my mind really invite me again. And he says as I was praying got brought back the image of you eating like a wolf. I said you don't need to mention that to the church just keeps. This is what I felt God is part of me that my neighbors would never talk to each other never to go to a church or a Bible study but if I invited them to eat with me they would go to some Greek food and he invited 1 me but would you come and to me I said No I am busy and he called me said they didn't I said described. He called the neighbor he starts I have stuffed cabbage rolls and I have this and I have Greeks made you start with Kalamata olives unfair touches and I have These are not all healthy but doesn't matter and so he described the food and the neighbor as OK I'm coming. The neighbor came next Sunday because anybody. My white people are good food we have this and that when you come again so we are alone we want to celebrate with you because you don't have anybody can he came again they didn't have doctrines he called me should I tell him about Jesus I said no. No no no no you cannot tell people about calculus before the 1st grade and 2nd and 3rd they need to get there you need to go slow OK Should I tell them all just said no just build friendship you're never ready to Christ a stranger you need only a friend Christ method alone I said build friendship before you get them to church OK What should I do just learn to be friends OK they ate and then he says you know I got an idea let's play a game and the neighbor says Are you crazy we are busy people all come on when is the last time you play that game played Monopoly and there are so forgotten anybody no Settlers of Catan is crazy about is nice my kids or myself or wife we pray for you and we don't stop it's just fun and we he says we played the game and the guy was like Wow I've not had so much fun in the last 10 years I was always busy I am always stressed I never stop he says this was good and my church member said Well before we spray and the guys who I don't believe in prayer is over doesn't matter in my house we have a habit we pray before we eat what I don't believe I don't care what you believe go your eyes. The guy close his eyes. And I say were what should I pray for I said when I don't believe it doesn't matter just tell me what do you need me to pray for well my wife is leaving me we are divorcing OK he prayed for the neighbor and the wife and the family and the children you know for the food and then they ate and then they played games and then he left next Sunday he says the neighbor in front of the morning good morning how do I want to talk to you know what happened you know I don't know what happened 1st time ever in my marriage. My kids came to me and they never talk to me they are always from the text and the but he could me and they are ashamed to be seen with me and they said that I do seek and I say why we have never seen you smiling or laughing in the last 20 years you are always busy you never care you came home smiling and happy and you talked to us was wrong with you so while I ate to my friend and he played Monopoly they said was wrong with you you played yes and we ate Greek food on the 8 this and that and that and he had fun and they say can he come. His wife says the kids talking to you what did you do to them he says this is can I come next Sunday the whole family came the neighbor talked to another 1 and then he came within 6 months he had 11 families eating together praying for 1 another when people open their hearts would they have problems because they all have problems when you pray for them what is the message when you pray for them I love you and I care for you enough to take time for you to follow me and they built a friendship and then the neighbor said why are you different. And he says I tell him I said No let them beg he said I said don't tell a word and they say why do you believe what I do have my agent but I don't want to talk about you oh please tell us No Oh please no OK come on OK. I told him if you tell them tell them just a little let them desire more because if you give them more than they can handle you will never have a 2nd chance don't give them calculus you know give them 1 plus 1 as a says I have many other things but you are not able to handle and so he told them a little about God's love I said that's enough Oh please there are no next Sunday 2 years later I baptized 46 millionaires. It was great to be a pastor of a millionaire's church. God can do what you cannot imagine if you give up self and focus on his plan and on people because God came to save people and he did not call you to salvation he called you to sort of use and as you sort of you can be saved if you become like Jesus and love the others around you and sort of and save that our mission God called us to service and whatever he gave you it is from him is not yours and as you put him 1st he can trust in you to give you more because he knows you you will use it properly and when you focus on you he cannot focus on you but when you focus on him then he focuses on you you follow and so God has a plan for every day of your life it will be sad to call ourselves Christians and never see for God's plan but always for God's blessing Do you understand what I say we do seek for God's blessing but we are powerless food to us because you focus too much yourself when you learn to pray less for yourself and pay more for others that's when God can start working to us and we are afraid or wait for if I don't pray for me was going to happen to me who cares if you are not important I am not important if I die the church is going to be just fine he told me oh yes I'm not important but as I focus on others and as I love others God can trust me to give me power when I focus on self he cannot give me power because I am not going to use it properly as a focus on others he can bless me and trust me and use me and does that isn't things don't happen is not because God has changed God doesn't change we change. And when you learn to love God love people then God can do miracles again only when the disciples focused on others and forgot self and they say if I leave you for Christ if I die I die for Christ I am I have been crucified I no longer live I die daily this is not about me anymore or you only learned that God can move to us and that's a lot more difficult then to keeps about or give money to the church and that's what God requires he can not use me or heal before we learn full shouldn't there be fully learn full independence in his way and I'm not always them in his plans not our class to learn for obedience and full trust we doubt any shadow of doubt doubt comes from state or faith is not a feeling don't expect otherwise says faith is not based on feelings God doesn't depend on your chemistry or I don't feel that. God is the same when you feel it and when you don't feel it God knew your life he knew or since he decided to love you and you don't feel today so he doesn't love you today and you feel tomorrow so he loves you tomorrow God doesn't depend on your feelings he loves you just the same not based on what you do but based on what he does and who he is and therefore don't wait to feel you not have to believe take his word for it and make a mind this is I believe unpack safe don't allow us to because the way you talk you phrase is the way you think and the way you act that's in Illinois is that faith pray faith you remember the quotation speak faith pray faith faith she talks about it's a whole quotation Chuck faith pray faith don't allow yourself to even think negative think faith and I believe because he promised that he can or like he is love I don't need to understand I don't need to use or I cannot understand God anyway but I make a decision to believe and so for instance we each. We went to Cuba you know the story which 1 of them many We went to Cuba and 1 of the groups we were 3 groups trying to plan 3 churches in Cuba 1 of the group's leader they started evangelism Thursday night and the police came and took the room and keep them out of the room and said you don't have proper papers so he called me and Pastor I'm in trouble can I join your group I said No why would you join my group when we need to go room I said Pray for the room he said well it's impossible deed they told us that we are not allowed to put us in prison in Cuba I go to prison praise the Lord God may have a plan for you in prison you can serve in prison he said. He was confused I said Well do you love God yes more than freedom yes then go to prison. I'm going to pay for a room and. Pay for a room he prayed and the whole group prayed 5 people there in that location and they got no room so he called me What should I do I said my God why do you call me oh god. This is what you asked me to come initially I said if you came because I asked you go home he is a good guy actually I love him and he said OK I would pray more and I said OK now you got it nothing to the price is God We think that there is no solution but all how much means all all things work together when something happens today or tomorrow that you think it just happened he didn't just hop on God he's not indication that he's not sleeping or God he's not unable he's not. Unaware he's not incapable to help God knows what happened and if he said no it would not have happened if he said yes he allowed it and it happened because he allowed it and you feel now that you need it stop playing to sold it because God sent it but rather say why did you say it let me learn the lesson do you understand what I'm saying we go to try to please yourself he's told these problems only please Lord please he allowed it he allowed you for a reason you must go to it I want to be saved I want to be patient but please don't let anybody bother me how do you learn patience if nobody but I didn't get angry for 2 years that's because nobody bothers you for 3 years when you pray for patience God is going to send people to bother you to keep you patient. When you pray for good relationships God is going to send people that would have bad relationship with you during this year and they say well why do you allow that I'm answering your prayer so I told him God allowed it don't you lose your room because he has something else in mind pray for God's plan because there is no impossible as does anything if possible with God we make him so small we make it in our image I said if things are small they are not from God God's plans are crazy and big but you need to go down before you go up and they don't either so I said Pray he prayed and they were praying and they played the whole night and next day got which in their mind go back to the police if you are back the police please what can you do to dog meetings and the guy says OK since you came I'm going to tell you you are supposed to have papers from the government and from the city and you had only papers from the government so you cannot do meetings in a public room but you can do meetings you know church or is it OK if you call me he says we can do meetings you know a church we are going to go to every church in the town find 1 that would allow us to do meetings in the church. Now I don't know the rules there but sometimes there doesn't the rules don't mean so much it depends who you know and what you know and so on and so they were in there and talk to them nicely the guy was kind of says you can do meetings you know church so my church member went to the 1st or 2nd just 3rd 4th all the churches in the town and they all said no so he called me and he says I cannot find a church I said pray and go again because what I did is just go back he went 2nd time to our churches and they said no he called me I said Stop calling me. Go again like the 1 that goes to the door and says you know you remember so he went again full time to all churches when he got to the Baptist church the guy says Well since you insist I guess I can let you do meetings in my church but the roof is broken is reigning in the church we meet in a corner if you pay for the roof we can make you do meetings. He says How much is the roof 2500 he looks to his life how much money do we have left over for lodging for food for the Bible workers for transportation you know I mean she says 2500 he called me can you give me some money I said no if I give you my None of us would have enough for you pray for money he said Well come on I said yep he prayed and he says God you didn't give us money I said because you should have money use what you have. And what that does the money for food I said you are fat anyway you don't need to eat. He's not fat but I was just joking he says oh come on I said give him the money he gave the money to the Baptist pastor and they started their meetings when they did the meetings Thursday night for the night 16 people came now when they did the meetings Sunday night in the Baptist church 16 plus the Baptist pastor and his family. And then Monday night 140 people came. To his will who are these people in the Baptist pastor says I came last night to check you out and I liked it so I invited my whole church you understand why I got to date a building away because God had in mind something better and you always get despite of who visual How is that complaining you have a God that is real so he is 140 people came to NY pastor I said Praise the Lord is about to need to pay the transportation now and the food and the lodging and we have no money I said Pray. He prays and nothing happens and he talks to his wife can you check if some money for pocket money in your purse she checks and she says You forgot to pay the Baptist pastor I have done a little bit 2500 because the Baptist pastor I'm so sorry I forgot to pay you the Baptist pastor says I have the money in my hand you give me. He says Pastor did you give me by mistake another 2500 I said I never do this type of mistakes. I am 2500 I said Praise the Lord he paid for the lodging transportation Bible work us 300 next night when he paced They counted the money 2500. He says to his wife you can count property as I did they paid 300 they count 2500 Tuesday night they paid the account 2500 Wednesday night they paid the account still 2500 he calls me he was ecstatic you are jumping and screaming like a bastard I keep spending and the money don't go down I still have 2500 I said Can you please give me that and that all. You need to play now. They finished they baptized many people not many like 500 about 16 I don't remember but when they left Sunday when they leave the location and drove to have Anna the money when they started to spend the money started to go down and then he gave the money to talk to the union and gave for some pastors and some Bible Orcus long story his life was changed for ever. What God can do there is no limit to what God can do all when you should Enda and when you serve God has a plan but you are so busy seeking God's blessings that we never see God's plan and we never experience God's blessings before he gets a plan only see God's plan we want his plan you know 1 way is to go through ending and learning to trust trust trust trust and obey trust a crazy you got to jump you jump you don't question God you don't expect to understand if it doesn't make sense I don't obey you cannot understand God Stop trying to understand and learn to obey but you don't obey because you don't feel safe because you like to control things and you don't feel safe because you don't trust him we say but we really don't and you don't trust him because you don't know him and you don't know him because you don't spend time with him or do follow him so you need to spend time with God not as a routine not seeking blessings but seeking Him You need to have a desire to thirst Lord I want you more of their life I want you more than food I want you more than water I want you more than health I want you more than job I want you more than anything I want you regardless what happens to me so I'm not going to I have problems but you know my problems and I says Our prayers are NOT mean for God He knows our problems and he cares. You know my problems and you care you give your son sure you care for me I'm not going to keep asking for me I'm going to forget me and this is the deal I want you even if I die please let me know you let me see your face let me understand you understand your words let me get close to you. And as you thirst for God The Bible says if you see me with all your heart out and then myself be found then he says in the Bible drawing nearer to God He will draw near to you and this you seek Him You get to know simple and the more you know him the more you love him and the more you desire him and the more you depend on him and the more you seek Him on you say I need you I love you I want you and you seek more and he comes even closer to you and you seek Him more and he comes to the point that you become 1 and you don't know you don't know you didn't do anything to change yourself when you try to change you never get Victoria you cannot change yourself or other stop trying but when you seek Him we don't human effort and the nicest of the foot of the cross be holding his glory behold His life His character His love His sacrifice she says we are changed into His image we human effort you don't even know if you behold Him You are changed from glory to glory and you don't know and people see you and they see Jesus you know and instantly you have patients and you have you have kindness and you have a lover and you have humility wise because you didn't try to change yourself because you got close to him and the closer you get to him the more you are transformed and then you have power a new tack and people are moved and people come on people and you wonder why because Jesus leaves you new people are not attracted by you or by me but Jesus you people don't come to our church for good programs if they want good programs they turn the T.V. on. Stop putting good programs in the church people come to justice to God if they want entertainment they go to Hollywood. People seek God and if we don't have a real powerful loving God You know our church is shining to our people don't come to our churches you follow me so if we seek God and we are feared to the Holy Spirit and fear to Gus praises people come and they have power we've got to start a summer anyway because oh. Yes never get to their own $111130.00 we have only another half an hour. So I want you to imagine if you 40 student or. I'm 46 got at any price including life including eternity you say I don't care if I lose eternity I am not seeking eternal life I am seeking you do you understand what I mean what would have them be you need for EVERY GOD YOU NEED TO 1 God more than Heather we don't have 1 because if you can and you want heaven because you want to be in his presence and you've got lives in Norway you go to not only when you've got leaves you know you follow me you want him not his blessings imagine that you start seeking Him and your life starts going upside down and crazy and you say amen since I started to pray that way everything is crazy that's the way it should be everyone in the Bible when they started to see God Satan attacked them right away Satan is not thank you is not cared for you keeping somewhat safe and he's not scared for you or knowing the doctors or going to kill meeting or eating too awful he doesn't care. Is good don't get me wrong we shouldn't go to church or go to can meeting and eat healthy and study the Bible and pray 1 Ben if you do you have to pray if you don't see Jesus and you don't find Jesus your prayer only a routine 1 bit if you do we have to go to church if we go to church go home empty as we went to church and you don't find God in the church was the purpose to go to church on a list to worship God Do you follow me. Was the purpose to study the Bible you don't find Jesus in the Bible Jesus said to them John Fife you search the Scriptures because you think in them if you deny but they testify of me you should study them to find me was the benefit so Satan when you find when you see God Then he hates you and he know that going to change your life is going to make you powerful so he attacks you and God allows it I say yes you need to go down because I need you to learn some absolutely important vital lessons I need you to learn faith to learn humility drug dependence to learn selflessness I need you to learn these lessons to be like Jesus so then I can use you and you run away because that hurts and it cannot be used and we play Legion and we never get Victoria and you never get power God wants you to go to the fight for me stupid if i gold so don't run from the tribes remember when you go to the waters I will be with you so when you go to trial instead of asking God to solve the tribes rather ask him to help you go Lord you tell me to enjoy things is pretty difficult to judge but I know you tell me to Joyce I'm going to fix my eyes on you not on trials and I know that you know and I know that you are here so I praise you for the trust I don't know what you are doing right now but I know that you are working you know fix your eyes on Christ because if you accept the trikes God is going to grow you slowly patiently he has a plan and he is able to finish what he started that he brings all together that you don't even see 3 years down the road you look back and say man he was working and then Hugh prayed that prayer and you accept the trials and you go you start getting power and things start happening but people run away from that experience because people want salvation we thought suffering. In that strange Jesus stuff out of all the Bible people suffered but you want to get there and be powerful we thought any suffering who told you that to be saved it's easy even to do something stupid is not easy and going to do something good to go to school or to have a job is not easy even to be lazy is not easy why would salvation be easy it's easy only when you let God work it out that you are going to go to trials and so let's move on. God has a plan and in his plan you cannot understand his plan but what you can do is pray in the daily every morning ask him to wake you up and spend time in prayer not necessarily asking but. Seeking And how do you spend time in prayer some people are going to crazy nonsense. Stupids meditation meditation is Biblical he says they are night I meditate upon your world and then I says when every voice is hushed you remember the sound of a just the quietness of our soul makes it possible to hear the voice of God he says because you don't know that I am God you remember the quotation meditation is Biblical but you know how it is in the Bible you don't focus on nothing you focus on Christ you don't end your brain you feed it with Christ you don't meditate upon you or problems or nothing you make a date upon his world and he's a law you make it a delight you follow me. That's Biblical meditations when you effect on him you deflect or huge Ward you reflect on his sacrifice you feel yourself with him to the point that there is no more room on the bubbler sound and if you do that you mix prayer with study of the Bible I just read today in the morning and 2nd message I don't remember the chapter I have a few myself or someone around. 40 somewhere there and she says she says Bible study is when God talks to us every study of the world is when God talks to us. You pray you talk you study the Bible he talks you follow me they go together and you don't study to do your duty I did 3 chapters today I feel good and you don't even remember what you read and you pray and you don't remember what you paid you just to get a man reflect on what you read say Lord pretty Give me your spirit to understand what you want to. Pretty inspiring me and you read again the same verse and you think about it and you pray over it and you need it again the same verse and you need to again and again and again and again until you memorize it I store the I want you to my heart I mean it's you know yours I stored I memorize if you do that every day after 10 years of being an Adventist you know about how many Bible verses you know by memory can you imagine 360 verses you know year in 10 years what ever you go to God is going to remind you of the Holy Spirit to the mind to remind me that you learn that if you don't love me there is nothing to remember you put it in in order to have what to call out you follow me the Holy Spirit will remind you what you need to say when you go to trial would remind you what you need to strengthen you for the trial when you go to temptation would be mine you want to keep you safe I started I want you to my heart that I may not see it when you talk to people remind you what you say because that is stored there you follow me. And it keeps you with God all the time as you walk the Bible verses come to you as you time the bible verses come to you and that's how you study and how you pray for instance when I study and I'm not saying that is the word I just tell you how I did it I prayed over 1 verse read and ask questions all types of questions what if I was no would the conference fired me would my wife divorce me what to ditch or see if I started to build an ark in the top of the mountain when there was never a rain and I worked all my life to build an ark What would people say would my family enter the ark What if they see the animals entering Was it because what would I do would I sacrifice a whole life to build a nonsense are I would ask questions to make it 3 years today what happened long ago did you follow me and as I ask questions and pray read again. Then I go to the Spirit of Prophecy read the same study to get another perspective you understand and then I get the part of the WOW I never thought about that I think that paragraph take a picture with it and put it in a form that in my computer and he ducked paragraphs about faith I pay if folder to every letter of the alphabet if faith about sanctification if forgiveness you're on this then I go to that folder where you say faith and put the pattern of there and then I write 2 words the idea that the Holy Spirit you get the perfect a profound impressive why idea you follow me but to morrow you say men God was a great idea I just don't remember you forget so you write it down. I write it down and they put it in that folder and they put the verse and they put the idea and I put a quotation the next day again the next day after 10 years my folders I are poor and when somebody would ask about sanctification I open the folder and I have a horse your money with paragraphs and stories and bible verses on I.D.S. or thank you Keisha and when somebody talks to me all of them because I read them many times all of them come back and I feel sympathetic to this for this particular they say how do you know them I've been studying them since you know. And that you study in an organized manner and you put it together and you read it again and you pray over it and you memorize it and you still reading a lot and getting nothing you read a little and get a lot do you understand and this way you understand what you read that's how you make it a huge effect actually it doesn't make any sense so you don't just for yourself I am a Christian I did my prayer no you didn't I did my Bible no that's how you prayed That's how did you spend time with God because relationships are based on the time that you spend together if you don't spend time we fool ourselves that we love God but love means time you understand you can't or know somebody that you don't spend time with oh I don't know God's voice and God doesn't talk to me No you don't talk to him you understand I keep telling people my wife and I I put my eyes on her when she was 3 and I was 6 real story and I kept my eyes on her since I never to my eyes off and I learned everything about what ice cream she likes I like to start to ice cream I know it's not healthy I don't care leave me alone she likes Vanita ice cream I don't like him but I made myself like him because she exclaims. I know what she likes to get dressed with I know what she I know the music she likes everything about her when I tell her I know everything about you Are you starting I said no this is not stalking this is extreme love. I followed her I learned everything about her I would use my class if she went to school at 9 I went to school at $900.00 walk together though my school started at 8 I cannot kill is that I miss a class when I need school I could not care because she was 1st before school she finished school at a few school or 2 I stayed 1 hour behind and we walked back home together. Yes and we dated and then we got married 33 years ago and every day I am more and more in love with her and I am handicapped I don't function or I cannot eat or sleep well we told her because I keep my phone her and talk to media and times a day on the telephone when I'm not home or on Skype or on Face Time and when I go to sleep we sleep on Face Time Basically I watch how she fell asleep and then I go to sleep and she calls me and she knows that I eat I eat and I never gain a pound and I eat all the time and she called me and said Honey you need to eat otherwise you get stolen they said yeah honey but I'm busy go get the same buy love you love you she called me I was later you got to say that you know not you go get the state which I love you bye I love you when I drive home I have no signal I go between mountains she calls me ah love you reach. How do I know that you thought. I know what a voice I know the message I know everything about her it doesn't matter that if I know her why don't you know God's voice because you don't know him because you don't watch him because you don't talk to him because you don't listen we don't we don't go to sleep watching him we don't wake up in the morning looking for him Do you understand. We need to love God to the point that you go to sleep doc into him in the middle of the night if you wake up you look for him are you still here with me I want you here when you wake up in the morning I'm not going to start my day without you I want you in my day I want you my family I want you in my heart I want you in my life I want you more than business I want you more down please I give up everything come down the way you see God to the point that you see so much that you know him you know how he talks you know how he wants you recognize him if the connection goes off if you know that he is there oh you just pushing there but he's here you understand if we don't love God so much we will never be able to be used by God or to grow or to get victory or to have power because all is based only elation is not based on you always them your experience your power your plans that's failure all is based on Christ in you the hope of glory because you are in life to know Christ is not what you do it's who you know you understand so that religion and my saying that the other things are bad now. I'm saying that the other things we don't Christ have no power but when you have Christ the other things are not an effort they come naturally and joyfully when you have Him His love is a delight when you have him to sort of it's a privilege when you have him you have power and you don't even know when you have him foods follow and you don't even know why because you did nothing you or you do you seek him you thought only that the reason we don't have power because we need the skills of the spring or fall and that's what we need to seek before anything else. That of the power comes from and when he learned to surrender and to give up self and to give up our prayers and to give up our plans and to seek Him 1st Him in His Kingdom when I when he says in the Bible seek his kingdom in Matthew 6 he doesn't appear to seek eternal life but to see the prosperity of his kingdom basically to serve we seek Him under siege to prosper his kingdom Lord I want you and I want to start of you and whatever happens to me it's up to you I trust enough I trust your love I trust you with them I trust your power enough to put myself into your hands do what you want I trust you that honors God that allows God to pull the power on you because you don't use it according to your plan you ask him how to use it you understand that what we need I want you to is to start this storm on but our time is almost Yes. Our time is up and I'm hungry. So you don't need me or a ceremony or anybody or us I mean are we all need they got a list for the show we all need to understand that the religion we thought that he lay ship with the God of engine has no power. We all need to understand that God cannot walking us before we give up self and that's painful and that's going to hurt so when you start that experience and it hurts don't get discouraged it is good news. And when you fear that you don't grow and you are a senior that's good news because if you don't feel like this you know you are far from Christ and then I said the closer we get to him the more we see how we are and the more desperate we are that good news when you say I am a senior it means that you are getting close to Christ and then you see him you see how you really are because before that you do know how you are if you understand. Therefore stop looking to self when you look to self when you see that you don't go you'll get discouraged the want you to get to be discouraged stop moaning your growth. Give up on you or eternal life give up blessings give up help give up you all together keep your eyes on Christ let him care for your salvation let him care for your growth let him care for the other things I seek you and they trust that you will finish what you started you follow me because if you look too self and you don't see growth you will see it doesn't work when you give up focus on him and trust in him because he is able he saved the thief on the cross he saved made he saved a house he saved Ruth he saved the woman of the well you follow me he can save anybody and the thief on the cross did nothing that he did Eve are all his life and then she says please remember me and just as you will be in Heaven Is that fair and they sacrifice your nice sort of all my life salvation is not based on what you do is based on him whatever you do good has 0 value for our good deeds and 0 value it's only by Christ he sacrificed and his mates I thought of the stupid parable where no 1 had the ark and God said Open the door and invite them whoever enters will be saved if a drunk guy who had been walking by. And by mistake he got into dark and the doors closed would he be saved or lost why didn't because he says sides don't you understand that not what we do saves us but our relationship with Christ when we are in Him Christ in you the hope of liberty. All in the name of the Lord shall be saved is not you not saying it's a prison continue it means who keeps calling God's presence who keeps on in God's presence is the thief on the cross you keeps calling you keep calling him every day lord I cannot do it but I want you to please come if you keep calling him every day he will do what you cannot imagine. Therefore stop doing it and start calling him and if you don't understand what happens that's good but you don't need to he means that you learn faith people that fix the ice on God daily they have joy he said you keep him in perfect peace him whose eyes are fixed on you you keep your eyes on him whatever you go through you know that he is there in fact if you listen carefully to the people who spend. Time in God's presence I am I have the quotation on my presentation but I just see it from memory the people who. Seek God's presence and saying that's presence will get to the point the day in the presence of the unseen award around them you will see since I have the quotation here they say the presence of unseen world around them got opens your eyes that you feel it and you see it what others don't feel endorsee like like the king on his I'm sorry the prophet or his sort of want in the morning Buster there are Syrian army is not on the mountain we are not we are in trouble we have this crisis your life and the prophet says Lord open his eyes why would the prophets cheat and the 7 didn't because the prophet 15 God's presence do you understand. You see what others don't see you sense what others of you have peace whatever you go to because you know nothing happens by chance if God allowed it he's done with you he's going to get you to he has a purpose and you trust in him and you have peace people need that our time is up do you have let's take 5 minutes and see if you have questions don't make it difficult. Do you have questions related to prayer relationship don't ask me questions about food because I know nothing except eat. Now I did not get a new car. Now I always give to the church I never take from the church never yes. I repeat the question for you yes. I would I would. OK. How can I pray for my children that they are not seeking Christ listen carefully we don't have time in the Bible according to my study so far there are 8 types of prayer. 2 types out of 8 you can pray corn the other 6 you should put some limits for instance Kishen prayer Lord help me in my school to help you in my house you follow me that the petition prayer you should present your needs before the Lord because He cares for all our needs you should cast all you would use upon him but you should put alleviate not pushing God over and twisting his arm I want his job I want his job I was because God may have a different plan and you should be able to say nevertheless the Lord made you happen not mine and you should mean what you say and you should be willing to accept his will so you should not force God to sort of you do what you say but you should after you present your needs accept he is we're And that's because in prayer however when you pray for somebody's salvation that's entirely prayer intercessory prayer relationship prayer you should pray every day you should see God's presence every day you should seek to know him and you should pray for others you follow me and that's the prayer in the Bible that you should pray all the time why intercessory prayer if my son says Lord leave me alone I don't want you in my life get out God respect our choices he gave us the freedom to choose today you understand if God forced you Satan would have been right that God is not love but God respects our choice so my son he jets God God cannot work but I am praying for my son and God has to answer my prayer and that gives got opportunity to walk you understand and does the reason Jesus says to Peter and pray for you because Jesus is our intercessor you understand. And so dare for we are supposed to pray for people every day because every pray for them not for the job lot helm I could get your a $1000000.00 either is a good school but I that's petition prayer intercessory prayer to save my kid you understand and as you pray for your children or for your neighbor every day it is God's opportunity to walk every day and there's God worse things may happen in a strange way they have an accident because if they don't listen in a good way God is going to allow trying because we have in mind today God has in mind eternity and God allows tribes you've got the means to save us because the trials of this life are not worthy to be compared to the glory to come therefore God would use anything to wake us up you understand and so if you pray for them God keeps working and working and working until finally they are ready to listen or they turn around altogether therefore you need to keep praying for them regardless if you see a change or not continually never stop praying intercessory prayer because God answers prayers and then rises and we finish we I don't want to go over a time Moreover I am hungry but. We have several minutes we can ask and we have another question but. You're free to every honest prayer an answer will come how many. That means all did you get the answer to all your prayers Now listen carefully the rest of the paragraph again to every honest prayer an answer will come but you don't need to assume that God answers the way you want in the time we want and they she says he answers in the best possible way and then later she says if we knew the end from the beginning we would choose the same path so basically God answers prayers but we are so limited in our vision that we won this and got says no no no trust me. I am answering exactly what you asked for in a different way that is way better because God put the whole puzzle together not only what we ask for you understand therefore do not expect to get an answer the way you want but just trust in him because that honors you we talked faith it's impossible got cannot ask for 1 you don't trust him on making my life in fact answer to prayer in the Bible in the Bible there are about 700 prayers that I count it we thought of. 650 out of 700 answers from those recorded and stored 650 prayers 92 percent of them according to my study of the alphabet it's a process not an event. When you start praying it seems that God doesn't work but when you start playing God start working and 19 he delivers the answer you may take 3 weeks like Daniel Angela came and says when you started to pray I started to work with the Kings or made comparisons you remember and now theories later I come on the eve of the answer when you start praying God start talking because you don't see it doesn't mean that he doesn't talk you don't just see it but he's working on it and you need to wait upon the Lord and we have a problem we pray and we don't say yes or no and then we act and says dose who wait upon the Lord are he freshens we don't have the patience to wait you don't do it now. You understand it's very hard to wait over for like somebody like me I cannot stand still I got to do something it's very hard to wait and to trust you and you make a mess you understand another question with 1 more yes. How do you wait in prayer I said before I'm not sure that I have the answer but according to my study and I'm not saying that he is right what I say. When I pray 1st I don't hurry to say the 3rd of the formula because there's no prayer praise the opening of the heart to God is to a friend prayer has to be an almost conversation cannot be a routine. Prayer that you pray every day that's Point 3 is like saying to my wife with a good morning honey I love you by. My wife do not accept that you want me to talk with her you know so 1st British would be a routine when you play the routine play you don't even think your mouth just goes and God cannot accept that number 2 that there is they don't repeat the same words again and again that's routine prayer number 2 besides that my prayer is a conversation with the Lord is not a routine I always remind myself who I am talking with I don't see a little you go into God's presence is the God of the universe I don't get it when people talk to God is they talk to a body or you go into God's trance the prophets who brought down before God enjoys cover themselves before God and they say well God is Love you can say or do whatever now you cannot if you realize that you go into God's presence you is totally forget everything around you and you are respectful reverent and you enjoy his presence but you are respectful when you realize that you're going God's presence then your prayer is not just a routine but is meaningful to understand does that isn't in the Bible when they start praying they don't start asking they 1st remind themselves who they are talking with and they say Lord you are the 1 who screamed to see if you are the 1 who gave us mana you are the 1 we come to if only you remember you remind yourself who you are talking to OK then after that very important no. You pray and don't hurry and when I say that we hurry to God's presence in the midst of blessings I have the quotation again on my presentation we hurry to God's blessing to Gus prisoners and we miss the blessings if you don't hurry hurry if you are an enemy of the spiritual life you cannot hurry when you want to spend time with God That means that you do already do your duty to calm your conscience take time for God love him more than sleep love you more than Job love you more than school ask him to wake you up early in the morning he's going to wake you up at 3 or 4 o'clock and you'll hear that and say Praise the Lord and then get away from your bed because he's going to put you back to sleep going to you for a room have a place of prayer for prayer go to Death Place wash your face and remember God is there and so you wake up early and as you do that you don't hold you to prayer but you spend time and pray and then you spend time and study and pray again and study again and pray again you pray to you have a conversation you pray you read you pray you read you think you pray you follow me so you give a chance to God to tuck and most of the times got back to me to my study you follow me. And then you presented I might say every morning call me your children your family to the Lord you present your family you present your neighbors you don't pray generic Lord be with the poor made the gospel be preached in the world please do with her please be with our church Amen forgive my sins thank you for your love thank you for everything by that's baloney. Prayer should be specific confessions should be specific praise should be specific you know if you deal with the neighbors you talk about their neighbors lord mayor he is divorced she has cancer she has no job please help her I would rather give her my job would you take my stuff and give it to her pray for her as much as you pray for you you cannot tell me that you love your neighbor as you love yourself and if you pray for your neighbor as much as you pray for yourself you cannot tell me that you love your neighbor as you love yourself unless you spend for your neighbor as much as you spend for yourself so stop telling yourself that you are rather than just Unless you love your neighbor as you love yourself you cannot say that you love God unless you love your neighbor because you need to love that children in order to love God you follow me and so you spend time naming each 1 day you care for them and naming each neighbor and each problem and naming each scene when you confess and praise him for each answer like Lord thank you for everything. Bless the Lord Oh my soul and do not forget any of his buddies and I says we have nothing to fear lest we shall forget how God has led us in the past so take 1 by 1 Lord I was there and did that and you answer that prayer specifically thank you and you praise him why it is you praise him specifically 1 by 1 not because God needs to be flattered a you praise Him even remind you how he has worked in the past and he gives you confidence that he is powerful that he loves you he's going to work in the present whatever you go through today and I talked about that which is looking to how God has made us in the past give us the courage to go to the trials of the present if only you praise him specifically you pray for others specifically and as you do that your prayer doesn't become routine it's real conversation and time goes on you say men how do you play 3 hours well when you do that time goes clik. Imagine if you pray for your friends your neighbors your family and your church when you go name by name is going to take 4 hours are you willing to sacrifice 4 hours that means that you love them you understand when you spend 4 hours for them you invest or much in them you are going to love them and you are going to care I'm going to answer that you make sense well that requires a life change and you don't like change or we talk about a lot change me but we hate you but don't tortie don't try to change your life don't try to pray for ours don't try to lift 200 pounds weight start with 20 pounds 20 pounds and after a week go to 30 start with half an hour per day but mean it with all your heart and then you pray half an hour and you get closer to God you are going to go to 1 hour before you know it or to learn prayer by praying you understand and there you go to 2 hours and more God is going to tell you when to pray what to pray for and don't pray for what you want because you don't know what to places you Romans chapter 8 ask God what you want you to pray for what other god what is his plan what you want you to invest in today pray for what to preach before you play for what you pray you understand OK all time is up I'm sorry that we have no more time to go to the sermon we have no more time for questions it's time for us is good to start in time and finish in time isn't it Amen to that and he's good to eat. Folks please God is calling his church calling you to have a meaningful honest and real profound relationship with him total dependence on Him daughter trust in him for sure and a full obedience that more than things that means to be Christians to be like Jesus respirators. Father we can not talk enough about you we can all learn enough we can all get close enough if we spend eternity we'll never get to fully understand you but it is amazing the closer we get to you the more you know you the more passionately have for you and for people please help us to stop trying to change ourselves but help us to seek you and why we desire to change to understand the change life empowered and blessings are in you so far please help us to fix our eyes on you and suck you more than anything else and trust your progress that doesn't ever faith that if we secure will find. We brain Jesus precious power for you. Believe that you already answered praise. In. This media was produced by audio for the end. 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