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We are told that “The work of God on this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of the ministers and church officers.” – Gospel Workers, p. 352. How can this be accomplished? We will look at three stellar examples of ministries and businesses who are working creatively to accomplish this goal.




  • August 4, 2018
    5:00 PM


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Good afternoon A.S.I. so good to see each 1 of you here at our program the staff to noon. Just a word about our program this afternoon the intention of this program is to show some of the unique collaboration's that are happening not only here in the United States but around the world between laypeople and the 7th Day Adventist Church on the topic of mission this afternoon our 1st story comes to us from the country of Romania I have 2 gentlemen here with me this afternoon Reinhard C sure who is the director the development director for this project in Romania and also Edward I'm not sure if I said that exactly right but you'll forgive me for my pronunciation who is a pastor and also serves as a treasure for the Romanian Union he also serves in Romania as the A.S.I. representative to help coordinate the work of a aside in Romania so it's a blessing to have both of these gentlemen here with us today as we talk about this very unique project So tell us Reinhardt What is the purpose of the project as a hospital right what is the purpose of this hospital in Romania. Well the main purpose of the hospital. Is going to be mission of course. We want to continue the teaching and healing of Jesus Christ we want to treat the person as a whole as body mind and spirit most of the hospitals are treating the disease so we want to try to treat the person not this is the disease also. In the minds of some of us there's a conflict between. These 2 approaches on cancer about the natural approach and the classical approach we want to do something unique we want to do something new and put these both of them under the same roof so let's let's just back up just a little bit right hard so a cancer hospital in Romania Why did you choose a cancer hospital what would be what reason would there be that Romania needed a cancer hospital the people in the Romania and actually in Eastern Europe they suffer because of cancer just like the other people around the work the thing is that they need higher quality treatment they need screenings they need to be treated. As I said before like the whole and. In Romania health system. Let's put it this way it's not that good so we want to bring a higher quality treatment. In Romania and then there is no other than this hospital in eastern Europe not us so there is no Adventist Hospital in all of Eastern Europe there isn't actually so so this is a real opportunity to do something in terms of health care in Eastern Europe as a whole I really liked what you said when you said it's unique from the standpoint that you're putting under the same roof the best practice for Modern what we call modern medicine practice that's true and also the best practice for lifestyle medicine both under the same roof this is a very unique approach to treating cancer I'm not sure if there is actually any other hospital in the world that has this exact approach I know here in Florida we have the advantage health system and we have creation health associated with our hospital here and both elements are given some emphasis but as far as having both under the same roof and the same direct management I think this is quite unique. Actually this fire as we know there is no hospital doing this around the world so this is going to be a 1st time thing and read it would like to be an inspiration for others also regarding this now if you folks will notice that there's an empty chair here on the platform today and that's for a couple of reasons 1 of our interviews has more people but in this interview this afternoon we wanted to have Dr Hart here with us and many of you know Dr Hart he's the president of Loma Linda University However his schedule prevented him from being here with us today but he sent a little statement about this project because Loma Linda has been a collaborator in helping to develop this concept and to put it together and I just want to read this afternoon the statement that Dr Hart sent to me he said Loma Linda University Health is pleased to collaborate with colleagues in Romania to develop an Adventist cancer hospital they already have an attractive piece of land and are developing a viable business plan it is clear that the country is ready for specialist hospitals and we are supportive of this project moving ahead so Dr Hart say yes he wants to see this project move ahead as well so we have a very unique hospital that is being developed there how did this come about where was the idea where this came about from. Of us pumped out of em out. I would like to tell you my opinion she met. Custom but the she touches the there and I would like to spread this idea. That the there is honest good incher I think that for the 1st time the idea came about in heaven Amen. It was there for the 1st time and then it came to us. And. Made each other in Romania we have many Adventists physicians some words to intervene. There are many students sent them with the credit cards on them and not just somebody called There are many Adventists who work. In the health she over such as on a voyage and they seen this need. Are can because of on. 3 on the Years ago approximately 3 years ago warming oceans Throughout the people of Romania they came out on the streets with the most votes here and the. Demonstrations there shortly got very. Speedy no cut at the other and they shouted We want hospitals not churches such a thought that was just on they were just the people this need mania the city car was not just an envoy of an Adventist Church saw this need. Here. But I want to emphasize the role that they had in this project or push them but I will not just a group. I put together these groups in the church. The business people of me started. Church administrators she. Chick I. Made the 1 with the call at the physicians in Romania she. Loved these. And from the dream it has become a real project OK that's amazing so A.S.I. actually played a role in helping to bring together the physicians and the Church Administration to talk about this project and I know A.S.I. played a role in the funding of this project as well and helping to generate some funds. In the end though the project will be owned by the 7th Day Adventist Church right yes that is OK so the project will be owned by the 7th Day Adventist church so what we're seeing here today is a very unique collaboration that is occurred between the lay people of the church the physicians of the church and the administration of the church and not only just in the country of Romania but collaborating across the world with Loma Linda University in developing this concept and bringing together this very unique project so I know that there's a lot of stories you could tell but tell us a story about how this project got started with the land and how God worked there so that you could have the land you needed. To fight the import on them. With the. The most important thing for a project is to know that God is with you. Is the 1 vs foremost she caught them as if they can do it doesn't have to be just a nice dream but you have to know that it is leading you step by step. Look obvious that operate 3 operate when we decided on where the project is going to happen. I've been to 0 many out on our public part of the Romanian Adventist businessmen donated for Hector's of then shows easiest. Just great and he said this is my contribution to this project. This is a feature in public thought it we said well for actors it's enough for us. By the part that we said thank you and we moved on. There in return for these 4 percent and that's been Tista but a neighbor from around there from a neighbor of the land that we had now because. He was a nun Adventist and he found out that you want to build a hospital over there but also don't issue and he said we I want to donate a piece of land for this hospital shop to me choose to they made it 287005 100 square metres. Are my. 3 me there and there was another person that donated approximately $3000.00 square metres. So we have now. A little over 5 hectares of land chance pussy's to my mother could have on their voice and we said oh that's more than enough for you to sort of it's good. Octal. The part of. Results but in a couple of days some documents came for us from the government. Of our county and they had some conditions for us for building a hospital show quantities for Marcia and 1 of the was saying this supply facts are that they're in. The minimum piece of land that you need there is a fear change has to be 5 hectors. So God It actually worked all this out ahead of time he knew what the requirement was and he had provided just the right amount of land so that you could build the hospital it's amazing the total project for this hospital is about $25000000.00 euros rather about $25000000.00 euros So it's a huge project I understand you're probably around $6000000.00 euros committed to this project you're planning on breaking ground in October and I know that God is going to bless this than amazing way as the late people of the church and the administration of the church continue to work together in this unique project France today if you want more information maybe you'd like to go to remain E. and see this project maybe you would like to help them in some way booth 1100 over in the exhibit hall they have a booth set up there and these gentlemen would be happy to share with you how God is leading on this project as we were telling this story to each other kind of preparing for this there's just a lot more to this story a lot of miracles that God has done it's amazing to see what God has done what he continues to do thank you for sharing with us today thank you thank you this afternoon I have manual Esther Alva with us and for those of you who are longtime A.S.I. members. They are no strangers to you you've been a part of a aside for many years I'm not sure I can give you the number maybe you can tell me. 20032003 so about 15 years you've been coming to A.S.I. praise the Lord for that I can remember back when you shared a story of how that you were having church in your office now for those of you who don't know both Esther and manual are both physicians and they've been practicing medicine for a number of years now and they really have a passion for that. How many years over 20 years over 20 years and Chicago area they have a passion for sharing Christ in their marketplace and so that's this story that part of the story is not unique However I remember the 2nd time I heard your testimony and which you had not only had church in your office there where you were a practicing physician but due to some circumstances you were now having church at a car wash. I remember some of those pictures in the early seeing those pictures of having church in a car wash but God has moved you beyond the car wash now and has supplied you with a building and you're having church and a. Well did I'm going to let you tell us where you're having church yes the idea was to have a church and medical offices and even a visionary a restaurant or a health food store because we thought that was the way to introduce health to a community which is mainly Hispanic in the area where we are which is west of the city limits of Chicago remember when but God has some other plans how to attract people that could benefit from this and there were and he said played as with a young energetic spirit filled pastor that said we're going to do something to bring the community in and the next thing we knew is had advertised in their magazine nonprofit Corps I believe it was in New York City or something like that. For people that wanted to run nonprofits so the pastor at the end of that when he came up with a new idea of just making this useful for the community a service center for the community so. A thrift store was started so you don't start a thrift store without a place what kind of place to God give you well. We were praying for a long time and seen different buildings 1 of the brothers was helping as was a realtor and then over center we came with this building which is in Route 66 the all roads 66 arriving to Chicago in the middle of a bustling commercial area and he said this is the building the price in the tract of the building was abandoned for 2 years he used to be a used car dealership and before that he was a restaurant that I kind of was can buy gold for you that he was a banker completely any were some pretty good state of this repair and that that was that was the most central position that we could be in so God gave you a store front car wash. Automobile store all kinds of things together and now you're turning that into a center of influence right there in Chicago and your initial dream is to have like you know the vegetarian restaurant all the stuff going on there those plans have been adjusted just a little I think we have a video right now that where we can see just a little peek at some of those things that God has given you there yeah probably people here in the audience are people watching have read the book. The blueprint by Rico Hill in jail for Thurman. Which illustrates what churches should be just before Jesus can mean a center a beehive the college that's the term used by a right because this is. The. Last is the building where. You so hot right across the fire is the. Same way destroyed there was they were all case of leaks from the rainy same building and this was good shell is about what 100001000 square feet a 1000 square feet of building plus about 42 spaces for for parking and it seemed appropriate for the our fears for her. Food Store for church. Tory M and the place the daily nutritional lectures or health education lectures and the Stress Management lectures are run by a pastor can be performed dead. So this was it. That's that's where we started so God gave you a building there gave you he supplied a building that you could get involved in purchasing for this ministry and you had an energetic young pastor went get training now you have a distribution center there we call the thrift center where people can come in and get items that are lightly or well used depending on the condition and it's been a blessing there what else is going on inside that building now well we have in this building the nutritional lectures the clinic there's a family practitioner that is 7. Our church is very small it's about 3540 members. Attending faithfully every week but among them we have people who have run a visionary a restaurant and a store we have another lady that has. Invent town and we have people there electricians painters builders So this is the center and now a few months after and you can see there's furniture there the warehouse which is not finished it's full of donations there's a track that was made by another church this is a place where many churches are converging the white truck was donated by 1 of the churches that passed with this was a hassle so there's a where people are transported when we have no transportation. The warehouse which is there is supplied by an organization called when $300.00 guy junk they have 70 empties into board and they have too many things to donate furniture and clothing and Electra domestic So the as the as the ministry develops and kind of the Lord sets these things up you're moving forward with that so I just want to kind of review clinic and thrift store in the same building along with health lectures how many days a week is this church open. Well open Sunday Monday Tuesday was all of this of the week and we are closing the store with big size clothes and so they were people are invited to come in to. Bible lectures and a delicious vegetarian meal that is served by the church every week every Sabbath so it's open 7 days a week wow you know I know a lot of churches that are open basically 1 maybe 1 and a half days a week so to say that the facility is open and active in the community 7 days a week is amazing now Esther I know that you don't get into a project like this without a lot of involvement what how has God put on your heart to work in this ministry Well mostly as a supportive role but I'm there every day. Except some. Stay at home but on the theme of BUSINESS UNUSUAL Well we saw it when we went to permits with the local government they could not figure out how could we have a clinic a thrift shop a food store which we are starting. Health food store. Lectures on health in the same building they they still couldn't understand how can you do all these things tell me 1 thing but 2 or 3 things it's business on the usual definitely. So the city said. As we're discussing this they mention this the city kind of thought maybe you're trying to evade taxes or or something like that but you share them no this is care for the whole person and it's you know it's really God's plan isn't it. And I wonder what would happen if all of our churches were open 7 days a week doing some kind of ministry in their community need a lot of volunteers for that and that's why we're blessed to have a pastor who has 4 churches and we have a conference we pass regulare the press are those fully supportive of this now thanks to a pastor that has showed the plan of action we have a union president like Pastor Mari's Valentine that was also behind this that we were blessed to have all these spiritual leaders heading spearheading this effort so this is because it's not what we would consider a regular church building kind of plan how did the conference and the union relate to that how did you get through that. You know to get to this point. Well well you say you win or do something many call people get nervous if you get laid It was something there for the whole church corporation but we were counsel to form another nonprofit corporation to which the building is owned by this is a church group FAIR is the there are not too many but everyone has a role and we're trying to involve everyone young and old to do this is where we meeting our meeting in the warehouse because a front which was a church space before the early Tory is now the thrift store so everything is educational We try to educate educate educate with every worship service with every time that we meet there and we've got always respect people is. Health I'm sorry to nutrition the cooking class that was run last week actually and it's good to see that our health educator which is or sun and the other members of the Church of water Rama's run the cooking school they can function without any supervision they just have the days of their state and they just they just want the service it's got moving there so I hear total member involvement by men which is something that I think all of our churches need everybody involved in doing something I'm in now Esther is we closed today I want to give a challenge I'm assuming that not everyone here is going to go start and center of influence but what would you say to someone who they feel like God is calling them to do something that is bigger than what they think they can do what would you say to them. I would say pray 1st. And then the Lord will give you an idea what to do something's simple something that you can do even if it's. Baking bread sharing recipes in your neighborhood something that the Lord puts in your heart that you are ready know how to do and going partnership with your pastor ask him for ideas don't buy yourself a man thank you so much for sharing with us today your passion to see the city of Chicago be reach for Christ may God bless you and continue to bless you in your ministry in what you're doing there as you do BUSINESS UNUSUAL. Our next story this afternoon showing unusual activity unusual collaboration unusual business comes to us and I have on the platform with me Rusty McKee Dan Houghton and elder Marc Finley and I think you can see just by looking at this group that there are some unusual things that could happen and so we're excited to have them here with us today you know there's something about the A.S.I. spirit that when the business people see something that should happen they tend to become pretty active and almost get agitated if it's not happening quickly right and this project is an example of that as well now today I just want to ask Dan if he would just describe for us just briefly describe this project and give us a little bit of background I know there's not much history because it's happened pretty quickly but just give us a little description a background I'll do that Steve we call this our 3 angels Messages Project and it actually was born 6 weeks ago a man OK And it but it actually goes back a little further than that Rusty McKee and another friend of ours Brad we were talking about this almost a year and a half ago saying what can we do to get the 3 angels messages ratcheted up and the attention of our kids and I think you know before I go into that description I'd like to have foundational as Rusty's experience and why it's true that he's the catalyst that made this happen All right Rusty share with us well so on the Sabbath afternoon I love taking hikes in the in the mountains frightened they're in college still right next to Southern apples University in all these beautiful trails and when I see these young folks to look like college kids I'll ask them Hey do you guys go to that college over there and they'll say yes and I say Oh. Then are you 7th Day Adventist and they say yes and I go I got some more questions I said do you guys believe that or are you guys divisive believe that you're Protestant and there's a pause and most say yes and I say all fantastic So what are you protesting against. What I'm hoping to hear 1 of these days is we're protesting anything that is not biblically true man haven't heard that yet within us to get more questions and I say OK so 7 am is 1st on for 8 you believe God is love in everything from from here everything is worded what he's done the past and day in forever more is that right yes solid answer I always love hearing that more than Here's my final question now don't agonise have this 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message and it's for the last days right before Christ comes and could you share that with me and more importantly shared in a way that I hear God's love so so it draws me to that message and there's a long pause a dozen years and the any of us and the students have severed they have his Christian education why doesn't the splode just from our heart a man so you saw a need. You saw a need for some way to encourage. This 3 angels messages to be highlighted more in the teaching process in the classroom so what happened after that OK So basically what happens is rusty and our friend Brad called me about a year and a half ago they were sitting someplace brains were this called and get him involved this discussion and so we started talking I agreed hey this is a this is a wonderful idea and our initial stages we were trying to be too complex and trying to figure out too sophisticated ways well about 6 weeks ago. In a conversation I was having between the Sacramento Airport and Wiemar Institute where I was driving to on a phone call we started saying well you know we could do something like this and besides that the teachers convention for every teacher in North America comes together for every 5 years Steve and that's happening starting actually Monday in Chicago and so we said hey we could do this and so we said let's just simply take a piece of art that Nathan Green had done for Doug bachelor 1000 years ago for his net 99 of the 3 angels messages Nathan is too busy he's booked out to 2023 right now but hey we could actually have another digital artist that I know we could work on this and so within just a few matter of a few minutes we came up with a plan and then we begin to execute and God begin to open every door right in front of us the digital artist says I wish you to call me 2 weeks ago I had time and I and before we finished our conversation OK I'll do it and he had it done in 3 days past and Mark was over in Greece at the time we said OK we the wording on this we want him to sit down and I and so he got back on Wednesday and on Wednesday he called me from when he got back on to the on to the. Into the U.S. And I said Mark I've got a project and here's what I want I want you to think about sitting down in front of your 10 year old granddaughter and I want you to summarize in a couple of sentences what each of the 3 angles messages are and I described what we were coming up with he said well I'll I'd hear any mediately set he caught the vision said OK we can do it by can't do it till Sunday morning I said OK That was Wednesday evening when I woke up on in California west coast time on Thursday morning I have an e-mail from Mark and he's already got the 1st draft of that done a man I said wow this is coming together and then on top of that I called and checked out where we could get it printed because you know we sold our printing company we no longer own color press that it's gone but I started making arrangements who could I get to do this and who would design it and all those pieces fell into perfect line and then the. Piece was I call LARRY BLACKMORE the vice president of education for North America I said Larry we're already going to be at the North American division teachers convention on some other things with Art what do you think about this idea and he said I love it let's push it and so bottom line what's happened Steve is that we actually have already started shipping this set up for posters that you see on the stage to every classroom in North America not every school. Every school gets a set of these every classroom and in the meantime we have contracted. We have contracted with a group of educational writers that regularly write curriculums and we are creating a 2 week curriculum in other words for for 10 days 10 school days we have a curriculum that will be downloadable off the N.A.V. Education website or website I'm going to tell you about a minute and out of that material they will the teachers will have a 1st in 2nd grade 3rd and 4th grade 5th and 6th grade 7th and 8th grade $9.00 to $12.00 they'll be a separate set of lesson plans and study materials to go with these posters for the classrooms that they can download for free off of the Internet and use if they want a man so we have now in just a few weeks come together with a project that has the potential to impact every 7th day adventist student in the whole system of education within our North American division that's right and not only not only the division but also all of our supporting ministry schools it's amazing what God is doing to bring this about I say that's BUSINESS UNUSUAL time must be short God wants to do something this is our last day message to him in this is not some other message it's our last day message of a family I know you're here this afternoon and. You have participated in this project you've been a part of this share with us today how this affects your heart as you think about what's happening I've stood on the great pride farms of the world had over 100 countries and I've seen the power of the 3 angels messages touch hearts and change lives let me tell you a story the 2nd world war ended September 2 1945. When the 2nd World War ended there were many Jewish children whose parents had been killed in the Holocaust these children during the 2nd World War as Jews were taken into Catholic orphanages so at the end of the 2nd World War many rabbis wanted to recover the Jewish children from the Catholic orphanages when they went there at the priest said we have no Jewish children here the rabbi said well what about the names they said all those are Polish names we can't tell the difference there's no Jewish children here Rabbi Joseph can and then went to a Catholic orphanages and was turned away in the morning he went to some of the American soldiers who were overseeing that area he said Please could you get me in at least at night so they came back negotiated with the priest and Rabbi Kadam and was allowed to walk through the orphanage as he was walking through the orphanage he began to sing in Hebrew the Jewish Shem Ah Deuteronomy 6 verse 4 the Lord our God is 1 ward as he began to sing a 5 year old child began to cry and say Mama mama a 9 year old said Mama Mama you see every Jewish child knew the Shema up they had been taught it from their earliest ages it was part of their D.N.A. and Rabbi Cannon said that's 1 of mine that's 1 of mine that's 1 of mine what's the advantage in a what's the advantage in a way what is it that should boil the minds of our children that should make us a unique people it's a message given. Revelation 14 for 6 I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to go to the ends of the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the obvious judgment imagine every 7th day adventists young person graduating from an Adventist school 8th grade Academy college coming out with a passion for mission a passion to share the 3 angels messages that's what this project is all about. Thanks. BUSINESS UNUSUAL is the theme of our convention this year but you know I think it should be the theme of our entire lives these these days in which we live are different than days in which we've lived before the collaboration that we've exhibit this afternoon between the ministries the businesses the business people the church the church pastors the church administration needs to be carried on this doesn't need to end here what we're hoping to do is that when you leave this place today you will be inspired to go home and do something just a little bit different just a little bit unusual just a little bit challenging something that will choir just a little bit of sacrifice or maybe even a lot of sacrifice or maybe even a lot of commitment or maybe something that's not just a little bit different but a lot different than what we've done before because I believe with all my heart that Jesus wants to come soon while he could do all the work himself he does not do that. He allows us as sinful imperfect human beings to have a part in what he's doing for the world this afternoon we're gathered here it's not our closing meeting because we have 1 more meeting after this we have some time to go back to the booth yet this afternoon this evening but I want you to go prayerfully and I want you to go carefully and I want you to begin to ponder what is God calling me to do as an individual it would be easy for us today to leave this place and say Isn't it exciting to see what Dan Houghton is doing through heart research and rusty McKee is doing or elder Finley is doing or the alphas are doing or they're happening in Romania just so exciting I'm glad I came to A.S.I. and to go home and do nothing my challenge to you today is to not let that happen God wants to use every single person gathered here there are no exceptions it doesn't matter whether you're 98 or only 8 God wants to use every 1 of us to help get this 3 angels message to the entire world that's our commission that's our that's our marching orders that's what we need to be doing and to say we'll wait here's a possibility but I don't think it's the right answer I think we need to say Yes Lord and now use me for whatever you want to do help me that I would just dedicate my life entirely not partially but entirely to do something for you even if you make me get out of my comfort zone. Today I thank you for coming. Pastor family we're getting raised in this I'm just wondering if you'd be willing to pray for is the softer noon of prayer of dedication and and just you know we we need I was here at the end of church service and I happen to be standing behind the stage but we need a commitment today which you pray for us it's by our heads together our father at the cross of Calvary you paid the infinite price for each 1 of us in there we find forgiveness and grace and mercy and power but there we find motivation motivation to share your love motivation to to share your Grace father you've a quip each 1 of us with gifts those gifts are different each 1 of us have been gifted in different ways just now in the quietness of this auditorium the best we know how we surrender our lives to you again we've done it many a times we do it again this afternoon and we ask you in a special way to impress us with what you want us to do impress us how to use the gifts you've given us most effectively impress us as we leave this place how to take another step there's something more much more that you have for us there are a new doors of opportunity that are opening new fist is for us to March into new horizons for us to cross over Father grant to us the spiritual eye sight to see the opening doors of your Providence so that we can be part. Of that message called the 3 angels to bring the everlasting Gospel to every nation kindred tongue and people so Jesus can come soon we pray in Christ's name Amen amen for you tomorrow your dad's. Great. Father in heaven we are so thankful. For your Holy Spirit to receive moving all around us. We're thankful for the blessings that you showered upon us and we we confess we repent of our lack of faith what you promised to do in and through us that you would cover the earth with your glory we pray that you might increase our faith the disciples prayed that we might. Enter with you into your work wherever we see you working we just pray that you will empower us strengthen us we want Christ living and us through the Holy Spirit that we might see the people around us as you see them that we might love them as you love them because we don't have that love in ourselves you know that you loved us with an everlasting love you've drawn us with an everlasting love we know you're drawing them with your everlasting love and we pray that as that love flows through us and into the world that the world we live in with your glory that the that the reward that Christ so richly deserved might be. And that he might be able to. See the travail of his soul and be satisfied. We thank you for your promise to thank you for the 3 and old messages which are messages of hope messages of faith in the cities of your power the power of your word the power of creation and re creation the power to. To win everyone to everyone who will not resist. Yes we lift up Christ. And to this end Lord we ask your blessing. So glad that we've been able to come together and to share this time there's still Sabbath our last our fellowship bless our conversation and we pray that you will bring us to meet the people even here that we can minister to we can partner with your work and be forward and that Jesus can come soon we pray all of these things in his mighty name. Amen. This media was produced by audio verse 40 S. Aves layman's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about. Lee's visit. Or if you like this for free online sermons visit. Body of verse.


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