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Instantaneous Forgiveness

David Shin


Mark 2:1-12

Have you ever doubted whether God really forgives? Listen as Pastor David shares this encouraging study from the story of the paralytic. 


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • July 9, 2016
    11:30 AM
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And I'd like to invite you this morning to turn with me in your Bibles if you have not already to our scripture reading found in Mark chapter 2 verses one through 12 it's page 11521153 in the pew that is in front of you or in the that is in the pew that is in front of you March after 2 verses one through 12 and what I'm going to do here this morning is I'm going to read through this passage make a few comments as we go through it and then make some observations and go to the thesis of our presentation this morning March after 2 verse one a reading from the New King James version you can follow along whatever you have there and again he entered Capernaum after some days and it was heard that he was in the house Jesus had just crossed over the lake and gone into Capernaum and the Bible says that it was heard it was noised about that Jesus was in the house of this particular individual Evidently he had done many miracles prior to this point and the people wanted to see Jesus they wanted to hear him because of the things that he had done 1st to even meet the Italy many gathered together so that there was no longer room to receive them not even near the door any preached the word to them incidentally Jesus believed in the preaching of the word Amen he recognized that in order to transform mankind it came from the preaching of the Word of God Jesus believed in preaching amen the preaching of the word verse 3 then they came to him bringing a parallel Dick who was carried by 4 men this individual was physically incapacitated. He was a paraplegic or possibly even a quadripolar he was on able to come to Jesus of his own volition he was physically limited he was dependent upon 4 individuals to bring him to Jesus he was not able to come to Jesus on his own his connection to Jesus came from these 4 friends who had to literally carry him to Jesus by the way this makes us think what are we going to do to bring our friend to Jesus you may be the only connection that someone have. The only access because they are not physically it incapacitated they may be morally incapacitated verse 4. But there was a problem that was an obstacle 1st for and when they could not come near to him because of the crowd they uncovered the roof where he was so they had broken through they let down the bed on which the para Leduc was lying Jesus is preaching a sermon and this is the classic or the I should say the night near interruption to a sermon he's preaching and suddenly they look up there is perhaps dust falling from the roof and there's skylight a skylight that should not be there and suddenly in the midst of the room calms down this stretcher and there is this physically incapacitated paralytic that is looking into the eyes of Jesus the crowd is wondering what is happening and what follows is a fascinating exchange between the parallel and Jesus now in 3 of the Gospels in which this account is recorded there is no dialogue between Jesus and the Paralympic it is a monologue. Meaning that Jesus is the only person speaking now I don't know why but I would guess that it's probable that this pair a leg could not express himself possibly because of his palsy nothing is stated or nothing is recorded as being stated in this miracle the stretcher comes down and something happens Jesus looks into the eyes of the paralytic in verse 5 Jesus the Bible says when Jesus saw their faith by the way you can have faith for somebody else did not say when Jesus saw his faith when Jesus saw their faith plural when you intercede on behalf of someone else you are having faith for someone else and in this case Jesus is not only see the individual faith of the Paralympic he saw the collective faith of the people that brought the person to Jesus the Bible says when Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic without a word being recorded as being uttered son what beautiful words son. Your sins are forgiven you. Powerful verse 6 and some of the scribes were sitting there and reasoning in their hearts. Meaning that this was not something that they had vocalized or verbalised it was not something that was made audible to the people that were there they were saying this in their hearts this was the thoughts that were in the inner consciousness of the scribes and Pharisees that were in the room as this miracle of forgiveness was taking place verse 7 and this is what they were thinking according to the Bible why does this man speak blasphemies who alone or who can forgive sins but God alone by the way the claim to forgive sins is only an attribute that can be given by God God is the only person that can forgive sins and Jesus of course was not guilty of blasphemy because he was indeed God But when a man claims to forgive sins the Bible considers it as blasphemy verse 8 but immediately when Jesus perceived in his spirit that they reasoned thus within themselves he said to them by the way Jesus knows what we're thinking he's a mission you can't hide your thoughts from God This is a particular case because all along Jesus could read the thoughts of the individuals but in this case the thoughts that these individuals were thinking was so bothersome if I could use that word in regards to Jesus Christ it just did not sit well with him so much so that he had to call them out that's what's happening they're thinking this in their hearts about this concept of blasphemy Who does he think he is anyway and Jesus decides look this is inappropriate so inappropriate that I'm going to call these individuals out and he said any does this in verse 8 he said to them Why do you reason about these things where in your heart in other words I know what you are thinking. I know what you're processing in your inner sanctum of your hearts in your mind in verse 9 which is it easier to say to the para leg your sins are forgiven you or to say a rise take up your bed and walk in verse 10 here comes the punch line here is the point but that you may what is the next word but that you may know that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins he said to the paralytic pair let I say to you all rise take up your bed and go to your house Jesus performed the 2nd miracle so that they would know that he had the authority to forgive sins verse 12 immediately heroes took up his bed and went out into the presence of them all so that they all were amazed and glorifying God saying we never saw anything like this now that's the way to end the sermon they never forgot that servant there are so many lessons that we can bring out of this story you could probably do a series on it or just this account but I want to make a few observations before we get to the thesis that we have chosen in this story there is a particular exchange that takes place between Jesus and the paralytic when you observe this miracle there are actually 2 miracles that take place in March after 2 too many people may think is just meant one miracle be hearing healing of the parallel but there are actually 2 miracles the miracle of forgiveness and the miracle of the physical healing both of these miracles happened because of the words of Jesus. Jesus said Son Your sins are forgiven Jesus said Take up your bed and walk these miracles are interrupted by in exchange that takes place there is a pause between these 2 miracles Jesus could have combined the 2 miracles he could have said look your sins are forgiven and by the way Rise take up your bed and walk he cut a combined them but in this particular miracle the 1st miracle has a pause there is an exchange in the in between the 2 miracles that between the miracle of forgiveness and the miracle of physical healing there is an exchange that takes place between Jesus and the fairest seas now when we look at the exchange I want us to notice what Jesus does in the exchange so you have miracle number one the miracle of forgiveness the miracle of physical restoration in between the 2 miracles Jesus does something that connects the 2 miracles and I want you to notice the way that you disconnects and look at verse 9 very carefully here which it is easier to say to the parallel take your sins are forgiven you or to say Arise take up your bed and walk here Jesus links to 2 miracles by comparison do you see that yes or no he compares the 2 miracles look which is it easier to say your sins are forgiven or arise take up your bed and walk both of them are similar in the sense that both required the utterance of Jesus for the miracle to take place in verse 10 not only does he connect the 2 miracles by comparison but in verse 10 he says but that you may know. Jesus wants them to know something that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins he said to the paralytic rise take up your bed and walk in other words what Jesus is doing in this Miracle is he's pointing out that the 2nd miracle the physical visible miracle validates the 1st Americal which is not visible We call this authentication in the mind of Jesus he's pointing out to the fairest sees that the 2nd miracle which you can see validates substantiates all corroborate the 1st miracle which you cannot see are you following me yes or no the 2nd miracle is the authentication of the 1st miracle this is important in the mind of Jesus he wants them to know that when I perform the 2nd miracle it validates what I have performed in the 1st miracle they are connected by comparison and authentication we say that they are parallel miracles or they are linked together Jesus links the miracle of forgiveness and the miracle of physical healing by authentication substantiation cooperation he also links them by comparison so when the fairest sees see the man rising taking up his bed and walk. They will know that that man is really forgiven. The issue is that the 1st miracle was not visible it was invisible but Jesus points out that the visible reality that you have just witness this man rising quadriplegic taking up his bed and walking gives validation to the 1st miracle of forgiveness. Now keep that in your minds as we observe the 2nd miracle because they are linked the characteristics of the 2nd miracle can be found in the 1st miracle they are parallel in nature let's look at the 2nd miracle the visible one the physical one more chapter 2 verse 1312 Jesus said to the paralytic I say to you hear those words those powerful words that come from the mouth of Jesus Jesus said to the paralytic I say to you all arise take up your bed and go to your house what's the next work Eemian heroes took up his bed and went out in the presence of them all so that they were all amazed and glorified God saying we never saw anything like this now there's a myriad of things that we can look at in this verse but I want to hone in on this word immediately it's intentionally placed there when you study the Book of Mark scholars have noted that if there's one word that pops up $39.00 times in the Greek language in the book of Mark it is the word immediately it is intentionally placed there by Mark it's only 16 chapters but the word immediately is a constant theme that moves through the narrative of the Gospel of Mark matter of fact just in the previous chapter The Bible says that Jesus said the words I will be thou clean and the Bible says immediately his leprosy was cleansed they say that the Gospel of Mark is the gospel of immediacy because this word comes up so many times $39.00 times in the Gospel of Mark. Mark intentionally uses the Greek word for immediately in reference to this miracle as those words were rolling off the tongue. Of the Son of God Son he said I say to you rise take up your bed and walk that the man stood up. The QUANTRILL politique stood. Up I want to make note that the miracle of forgiveness and the miracle of physical healing are linked together and the Bible says that immediately heroes took up his bed and walked in look at the 1st miracle here that we are looking at they are linked together and Jesus said to the paralytic son your sins are forgiven in the 1st miracle he says these words son your sins are forgiven in the 2nd miracle he says arise take up your bed and walk in because these are parallel miracles they are related they're an analogous miracles we can know that just as surely as the words that were uttered from Jesus the IS response the miracle happened how fast immediately we can know the parallel in verse 5 is that Jesus said to the paralytic when he said those words son your sins are forgiven and as those words were rolling off the tongue of Jesus we can know that the invisible reality was not didn't they it was not postponed but it happened why immediately. Jesus is pointing out that the reality of the physical miracle happens in the end now Legace spiritual me Oracle it is and media response and this is what I would call the doctrine of instant Tanian. Forgiveness he's saying amen praise Lord you know I always believe this instantaneous forgiveness but here Jesus proves it that when Jesus says Your sins are forgiven it is instantaneous it is immediate There is no delay I know that we believe this in our heart of hearts but I want to tell you that in our human relationships many times we project our human realities to the god reality and when someone has wronged us they've hurt us and they want to come and make restitution we use this metaphor of her in the doghouse there right there in the Dog House now the implications of the Dog House are this is that you were once in a relationship or there was a falling out perhaps the person has done something to you he's made a mistake and he's wanting to make amends but before the person can be reinstated into a regular relationship with you they have to be in the doghouse they have to be on a provision all probationary status in which they are in a testing time to see if they are really sorry. Or to make them suffer a little bit more or perhaps to to show your contempt for the action that they have done and we didn't do this to ourselves we not only do it to the people that have hurt us but what many times when we've done something wrong we actually feel good or we want to place ourselves in a position to show that we're really sorry I'm willing to grovel and beg and to prove my forgiveness how many of you've been a situation like that before you've done something wrong to someone and they are not giving you instantaneous forgiveness it is provisional forgiveness you know what I'm talking about. You hurt me so bad. Oh please forgive me right oh. Please forgive me oh do you really mean that oh I'll think about it and then they grovel all they're going around they're trying to earn their forgiveness they're trying to show you that they are really really sorry and we do this all the time in our earthly relationships we have a probationary type of forgiveness it is a delayed forgiveness it is not instantaneous it's a forgiveness where the person has to stay in this state until they are really sorry or have suffered another and then they will be reinstated and not until then a delayed forgiveness probationary forgiveness provision no forgiveness we do this all the time I think of the man and really the 4th year of the story for 1077 he travels in the dead of winter because his area has been placed under interdict excommunicated by the pope. And he wants to get that excommunication relieved because they believe that the pope held the keys to heaven. He travels in the dead of winter to see the pope to ask for the lifting of the ban of excommunication and the pope refuses to see. He makes this king Henry the 4th stand out side in the cold of January in the dead of winter barefoot for 3 days he's provisionary that and then after the man has suffered enough he said. Now you can come in and see me sometimes we project this delayed forgiveness on to God don't we. If it on something before. It's really bad it's a sin there's no excuse you feel guilty you feel ashamed and you go to God you say Lord please give me forgiveness and you think because the act that you've done was so heinous was so bad was so terrible that you can't even mention it to anyone you go to Gonna Say Lord I'm really really sorry please forgive me and rather than believing in instantaneous forgiveness we believe in provisional forgiveness we believe that God keeps us outside in the cold to see if we're sorry enough we've suffered enough whether we've really committed ourselves back to him enough he kicks is out there and we have to grovel around to prove our marriage before God This is the way we think even though we believe in instantaneous forgiveness emotionally The reality is that we project this provision no forgiveness on to God him so. And if there's anything that tears at the heart of God It is this belief in provisionary probationary forgiveness because it tells us something about the way that we view go it breaks his heart we project and we say Father I'm going to be out here in the call I'm going to experience this and then maybe if I just show myself sorry I'm not you will let me back in and once we have done that we feel like we are worthy of his for giving us friends as the law. But it's not in. The Bible teaches instant tell us pretty. Inst tell us not provision not probation. You're for. Da love the statement from our high calling. Through the righteousness of Christ we shall stand before God pardoned and as though we have never seen. Meaning now when God gives us instantaneous forgiveness we are instantaneously re instated so that when he views us he doesn't see our history he sees the righteousness of Jesus Christ you stand before God as if you had never sinned and that is instantaneous justification. Right there. Unmerited undeserved on earned it's so beautiful perfect. For someone 9 if we confess our sins. He is faithful and just a Forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from. Righteousness he is all he is just I can't tell you how many times in my Christian experience I've messed up no excuses I've fallen I've made a mistake and I get on my knees I turn in my Bible verse John 19 I look at that verse and I see a priest who heard it stop there it is still there and I say Lord please forgive me and by faith not the way I feel I believe in instantaneous not provisional forgiveness not because of what I feel but because of the reality of what the Word of God said yes I believe and I walk out of that believing by faith regardless of the way that I feel that I stand before God reinstated as though I have never sinned instantaneously that is the reality of the gospel that is the reality of instantaneous justification. Unmerited undeserved for pardon of sin for the Holy Spirit for a Christ like temper for wisdom and strength to do his work for any gift he has promised we may ask in the promise is you shall receive when you pray for the pardon of sin God didn't say I'll think about it let me ponder that for a moment it's one prayer that you can pray and you'll know without the shadow of doubt that the answer will always be Yes yes that's a yes prayer that's a prayer that you can take to the bank and know that it will be cash every single time forgiveness of sin is one that you can never doubt and you know that every time you pray it and you confess your sins you can know that you are instantaneously for a given Yes I love the statement Ellen White. And Harold $896.00 just believe. Just believe that Jesus will hear your confession receive your penitence and forgive how many every sin. The hand that was nailed to the cross for you is stretched out to see if you would appear. Just believe that Jesus will hear your confession receive your penitence and forgive every sin just believe me based on who God is not who you are based on what he has done and what he is doing and will do just believe that when you ask for forgiveness it is instant painting is really good. I wish that I had the language of an angel to be able to convey this concept from heaven to you God wants you to know that his forgiveness is freely given and instantaneously given once you accept by faith the words found in Scripture that if we confess he is faithful and just to prick. Oh what a wonderful God. But the penitent sinner can come to the Savior and walk away just. One invite you to stand with me and. It's with a pretty close here this morning when their head bowed. And eyes closed. There is someone here this morning the Holy Spirit speaking to your hearts there is someone here today that needs to experience guns forgiveness and to believe that he grants you instantaneous forgiveness there's someone in here today that needs to bring to the foot of the cross their burden and leave it there. And if there's someone here today you've got something in your life that you want to ask Jesus for forgiveness you can experience it today you can walk out of the sanctuary justified before God and I want to invite you if you want to claim by faith this justification this forgiveness that is freely offered freely given and you have something in your life that you want to bring to the altar and leave it there and walk away knowing that you've claimed the promise that if we confess he will forgive I want to invite you to come forward here this morning I'm coming forward I'm a sinner in need of a Savior just like you and someone here today wants to come forward and lay their sins before the altar and walk away with the belief that they are justified instantaneously I want to invite you to come forward. Come forward here today to the foot of the cross believing that Jesus longs to forgive he has the character and the capability to forgive and you want to have a sure it's that the god of 2000 years ago is the same God of today the God that uttered to that man son your sins are forgiven is the same individual that utters to us my son my daughter you are forgiven and you want to say to the Lord Jesus here today Father I accept and I believe in your instantaneous forgiveness here today you want to come forward claiming by faith this promise and walking away just. Bush aspirants together as we pray our Father in heaven. Nothing in our hands we bring simply to your cross week Father forgive us for believing in a provision of forgiveness forgiving forgive us for believing in a probationary forgiveness forgive us and for not believing that when you forgive you really do. Do it instantly and I pray for every person here that's come forward here today Lord we claim 1st John 19 that if we confess you will forgive and then we can stand before God We can walk out of the sinks we're here today knowing that we stand before you justified and if we have never said. Give us the cranks give us the peace that passes all understanding that results from justification and you claiming the righteousness Jesus Christ C.L.S. with your spirit work in us the willing to do of your good pleasure blesses us we depart from this place may we not depart from your presence for we are see sings in Jesus' name and for his sake. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio overs if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio or.


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