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ARME 2009 Testimonials Session



  • August 23, 2009
    8:00 AM
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I will will that is bad in the morning and you have a sign of hearing testimony I really enjoyed the money and anything and then when I grew up I mean the battle with elevated levels with special people they like something you they are you know nothing than the Christian law and independent of other like wow you got to do that you may do that in the and I need to want to love them and I will be allowed to surrender my life and vigor they and so the time has been having of an individual and share this story is so that you can be inspired but the little fire in your experience because we don't want to go back home in the pain had an at this time I asked a number of individuals contacted me the stairs just like I do Melissa Miranda Marlene has developed a Tiffany San Martin Robert Chris Osama among of Ms. Rivera and the media can okay him because what you recognize them because of the limited time with them only did it present to Mister Sharp it is amazing how particularly within the two minute and down after the first minute they will all be notified that you got a minute left and then for the last thirty seconds it will also be notified though this is the way we will proceed with similar prayer before we share thank you for the work you do Mark the reason why we have to money pray Lord that he would speak to each person will be showing this morning I preloaded his mystical hearts inspire will begin with Tiffany St. Martin at first it was a fake give my testimony that an animated text popped into my head if that first John four eighteen there is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear because fear hath torment he left it is not made perfect in I recently made a commitment to follow God to give my life to him completely any from I didn't lead to bad of a life by my standards back then I love movies a lot and just before I really made the commitment I got really deeply into music and I believe that was so Adventist says I believed in the principles and had known them since I was living a child but it's a movie that I really took to seriously think Billy Silva needed give up things that I had treasured in my life when my model is kind of like what I listen to or watch is any different than what everyone else is doing something just because I was sick and are craving you vacant I've read books and watch the result wizards that make you the same thing it's all a distraction so I said why seems if you guys are getting into if you guys are doing and so on what I didn't realize that that should never have held me back from being a Christian I should have been an my parents introduced me to pastor of it on YouTube an issue that he would just amazing and I want to hear the sermons that are apathetic to them I would engage in on purpose but I can tell that their something about him and one day ahead of serving to be some the events and I was definitely unable to ignore one and by the grace of God it was able to redesign my life and see how foolish I was to be holding onto things of this world I thought about it for while many of the decision I don't want anything that Jesus and the way all my DVDs and all my music and everything else holding back and for a while is going to be strong and started getting harder and harder although wisemen warned me that if that happened for a Lieutenant take back what was his stills on the double trap eventually I started wondering why neither decision personally it was a constant battle the devil is winning and then along came about I mean I will and my father told me that I remise to be there and it was settled I didn't know what to expect that arrived in a constant blasting him and I had it with everything I could ever hope for I have gained truly so much knowledge and I have been arms and when I go home things are different in him and the devil has soulless though many tools to deceive us today and as the Bible says the only him his team are my feet on Christ I have been so blessed to have met many of you and you feel and find I'm not alone and there are still some who want to follow the choose bank urging it just reinforces need to remember that when a time I want Jesus to know me and not thank you very much Liz Rivera and very nervous how I talk a little faster after that is backed with synonymic of the Omnicare in time is other people and experience it has brought me back because I told furthermore he was sure he was about how the Lord letter writing right there but the reason I wanted to come is because couple years ago we watched his instruments are not give this DVD from honesty from the author why would you want to meet him I will need to enable an initial anxiety and church that I was starting out and get some companion week we watched like wow and so immediately do not advocate letting on I'm not a music artist with eating very party that is something and ended up in a box and then we move on and having the Ottoman zipper year accepted and so I was always feeling I was greater than my parents aren't in on Wednesday and she said the only in an convenient rhetoric and add it to him by the worker fell I've grown up with it any it was so difficult to grow up with getting your people whenever church by totemic ideal is learned I haven't been there him leaving you know they dying young and very very embarrassing and I had a car accident understanding a short and if America ran here and call my dad and when we got home I know it's a miracle dear Lord this is even more of a burden not living in your way and I know the truth and everyone's expecting you to be like us to write you know without a classic and Deloitte in my life I've never gone back to the lecithin and I've never denied what you experiencing this and I know now that it was because I didn't know how to study I didn't know how to have that connection that deep close connection and so people knew how I was raised in a new and I just I felt so inadequate in my husband for the Lord started on continuing to listen to pastor ever sermons on audio birth everything he would made an ideal arena now listen to this one had to do it any other code is followed but then it would kind attitude deeper I don't know what is the religious day my mind I would focus so I knew they needed to know how to study and so then on when we had a meeting at the Gladstone found in cyber be listening writing a memo can have a season ago but I can't come in the nanny and I work full-time and that Eminem gunning for is having a week off before that we so when I'm not aware of income isn't that he's not working that much even constructing out because of the economy eagerly has worked so other and sorry I it is impossible that's ever that I pray that it has insomnia funding needed new value to ask your know if anything know if you would just pray that music listen let's pray regularly we pray even and I got this call with peace over me and I called that the weekend they were coming back in the family identify the kind that from some camping trip somewhere in and out he was like the dad is likely you know where having the week before and than more and then so can Indiana town Odyssey five and around a lot and as I think he let others know way really that is an okay why just wondering the other exit enzymes like you just only will you explain to him that you need to go some may think that cycle cannot anyone I prayed about it and I said and I just need for you to check just to see if anybody could take those last two days I reportedly went into Thursday and Wednesday community driving down California and to believe that two days after the work week of hay outside of the ACLU can't find defined benefit please have been praying for you know that you can find someone that has gay get back to that and other electronic passersby and in very limited in another area and she said you tell me the moment of the Lord answered that prayer as I know he will have had the feeling that the Holy Spirit impressing upon you to register today registering faint and I said I issue that end and think about it if the Lord doesn't want you there I reference them enough it's time for you to go then someone less fortunate can take that money or whatever they can get back in the Harry is excited to go over to Johnny and I'm in a register in things like okay this is a failure to register and pay Mister that registered and and then he was networking I come back to work and then I'm out of here anything is lucrative coming in from the land they might certificate of the announced intention that it that's okay though Franco rang not been discouraged and then injured on Wednesday he said he can go to hear what people are the first person really are our cousins are intensive it was pushed back another and they would love to come and want to can't and will you do anything any of you know me here in in the link and you can tell Jerry know birthday now that you know I mean I told you I was being a pain in the Lord impressed upon their Christian so I was like I am now and his uncle really I got even the irregularities that have yet confronted him going from just getting my husband going my sister-in-law Carmen gave her testimony last night her husband spoke to her and we got together and I my brother 's younger sister game my sister came and he became dissolving failure so that both my sisters can come in a tender watching the kids out so it's been a blessing it went from my husband being the only one to be able to make it fit back in his Excel exciting high you see what now in hindsight the way every single thing that let the chess moves that the Lord was putting away before you are thinking of is how can I benefit this year and it's just amazing because now I know how to study how to have that close relationship ended nothing to be the same I can just such an event I know many of you know the feeling I'm going to write now but we just met a lot of people that are up importantly Carmen was explaining and it's so beautiful that it's not just here that were being blessed and that in our own personal life but we can bring it back to Portland or so it were trying to think of how we can make it so it doesn't end here this is just the beginning and through the likely keep us in your prayers I a bad elbow patent without betting that does get up at my watch away I decided not to offer at this time you have Robert law I use doing my name is Robert but my family calls me be do so on but he doesn't only be due to won't nine years ago I started off a rebound back home in Hawaii and I've since all young kid I will one famous as we speak right now my down is we are the number one out selling album in Hawaii the number one reggae album on iTunes but to make a long story short you know we open up for some of the worlds most famous people right now home to the Lord showed me and told me that I needed I need him leave this down right now as this is very told me I needed to leave it on steps so I I told my down that I need to leave and I can play music anymore on on the Sabbath Friday nights and Saturdays and my dog immediately shut me out these are my brothers I know for nine years and still talk to me anymore but it's okay Amed him and said very my family know my friends these goblet of us I told him I can't play anymore and sounded and later said he sent me out and then after meeting him last but the news and was June June eleven thousand rebaptized into the feed ascent of ministries do one of brothers Todd is boundless meetings in Hawaii and soon after that I was I got him someone had told me about half also I'm planning on going to have to in June amid January but free for me what cycle my done that you know I thought myself thousand give mice give it time to let the don know that I was actually be leaving in January and I won't be playing for them anymore I'm the lead vocalist and the bad I write all the music I rains all the music so they are struggling him him what you know the Lord told me not us you believe in January so lucky I got some time this is back in June I got some time that same week still praying with my friends must my family here and they told me what the Lord told me the next morning that you know if the leader done this week and several letter and I left them I'm no longer with all natural but pray for me as I'll be praying for you guys 's in a locked in a a lot thermodynamic wall in my octagon in Gaza using mightily what you thought and the like to invite you to come on up I met her when she drove in and she was placed in the Lord and are in you and I is you say when you see anyone will also retreat I got back on Sunday gone now you guys see me negotiate for them what season two thousand seven hundred and now this one in those states feel that I because I've been able on the time and seeing great festival now say something helpful in helping you see so I might blog about his mother and I hope you guys all my geegaw I will year that I found the Second Amendment the authors spend the money and then donate at the okay on his untimely fun having my hand once Latanya how can one estimate and still not much fun and wanted to Islam Almighty God and what kind of the time is that I did not forget one of Almighty God and for the plan homeless while the time comes on the platform of the tunnel how to play on the and then I don't come to this one because I don't tell you I find out about my my gentleman is being all his heart authorities on him and him and okay I okay and don't only as a country some solids handling and loading of your night all one hundred ten million companies in Yahoo Washington the more I think Floyd Russell Psalm that he did on Monday night and yet he is lonely and sound are coming because I don't grow my budget I do detect although I is you got never run out and I is present I hope you can come disease foot and times when I don't want because I think I got my a nag and separate I can't take this money of concave and no not attending on the people the Almighty got my my attorney and then I had a break on the Internet I don't transit outgoing best thing I can establish that counts not in my budget will be blogging about it by myself that was agreed on by the renovations at the six-day alarm is about a son of an engine I thought Tammy will does unpopular him okay all my delight he wanted to live I will say so I think in who I is in the eye is in the morning and if you know you are okay so the bank and has uneven when you will will and that when I did and do you know anyone from San Francisco and I will and in and in the Britney redone and now the norm I don't know is in Los Angeles is like dehumanizing the morning night of music and abroad the whole old band and will be done only to Muslims as long as you see the need I even DVD so he let go I bought every way with my event daily dispatch is why I'm focusing I wanted to be my best suggestion kindly is an online knee okay that's not as you never run out as you and I was the one I will will will and that all you got my back is to run a illustrate how do I know you are and say you will start this debt on the patio and last and he and he will come to you and how they always say what is I read that really no one did my CCW and I want to become the what we want to go in and in and in the is and will and will and will and is in and what you are you sick or well I guess on the USA he is the register will find it home now open ID is a necessity to question whether United want to come I think all my guideline I'm good I recently get most of the glasses have some of the Washington elite meet and idea network in the best of register and as I is is is is is is a yeah yeah I want to say Selena is the prison is not law I know I got one of the Communist online can left for another block is not enough still has built for Tiger Woods affair Almighty God that you are it I mean there's just don't get what you want and drag right outside my apartment and you and you and you are not interested in me I also was found in an malaria in the article my is a certain and not as a mama or the public he was going to end out and is about to come I'll be edited in the Almighty God had to find a line that background of my employment and as I see out there why don't you exactly what how do you and my handyman if you will find a new man do you want to untenable indignities I think the ice and also beautiful unique I'm not being a good message and I is again using reusable human game is soft enough of the new dynamic being dry dogs feel myself so I'll thought of Narnia Almighty God is not dragging the rest authorities on me and read hey that in a specific remember speaking with Celia and I had a gentleman and he needed someone to pick him up to since the airport and have been from the very bad night a holdover never spoken with her she says is anyone uterine cells answer brother Cyprus the Lord will ask a question on thirty five is a molecular and fifty five when you get your energy I read the Lord will raise the Lord Lauricella and him sympathy here with the Cecelia I had no money and he came in the money and inconsistencies really great I just tell you how excited I was to come I heard about harming from a really good friend of mine she sent me an e-mail like that are nonetheless I like that that that that back in March when there was a much going on the website is just one page no registration information no times because anything I backlog of the speakers but not that drunk so there was one number on that argument zero cosplay I was are you coming I wanted to know exactly when registration has now been accidentally missed the opportunity so I can't even start time he gave me has said it would check the website and you now while having that you do a very nice and I and how she had sent back on the website and down the highway going to stop I was so excited about it I've taken on a similar Christiania got it from behind if I had been wanting from behind this for quite a while now and I H had almost every day every day until red and so I registered which was two months later so I decided I was about it so when registration finally opened up I said when they do it might even find that my boyfriend was kind of unsure you see if you can knew in a comment that you know our book income because many of you have really good message and kindly really big blessing and painful for you now my friend Suleman I'm sure everybody knows I have had the actually about it and just start guide bringing this entire thing together at and may we all go back refreshed and am excited about studying the word of God and may we keep these of them pay is beautiful thank you with abnormal testimony than with Miranda as you can zip you on the cheap after a few years give me back in February there's a person that down in Georgia at the hardest things and I went there she was also permitted during the weekend to have that opportunity Aquila people on a rotating schedule placement for the transport is a book speakers and we just sent Scott hasn't anyone in a similar negative do exactly the same thing we had seen praying for each speaker before they presented during the breaks him back underneath I am done for the Lavinia in the morning you been blessed as she has led out and I didn't want her to share just a short testimony I know I was coming here for about a week ago and the Lord had to make it clear that my motives were right that the finances would come through when someone donated money and I got a scholarship here and I praise God I thought I would be just sitting there and then Calvin said well you know can you at least pray enough like her and not beaten out in the bathroom praying and then that's it we did three speaker but then the Lord impressed upon me to pray in between speakers and break which say which I did and and him in during lunch and everything is and I was praying for all of you and I was Brian Bryans in the back impact will tell him that I'd be praying in the back and I would hear his voice and I be always praying for him and it was a blessing and I just wanted to share with you that on Wednesday afternoon brother Martin said Melissa Kaman let's go let let's recruit people for six fifteen a.m. prayer meeting up or goes away for the four p.m. to four p.m. first so we went around just go around and recruit people to come and we had about twenty people that came and it was such a blessing and that small group of twain we told them here we have six fifteen a.m. prayer meeting out what you come out and that Wednesday night Martin and IRA Martin decided not to tell anybody I like the general crowd except those twenty people about the six fifteen a.m. and his reasoning was well you know it's hard enough to get them out at seven o'clock at all levels not overwhelm them exist in but the next morning Friday with a yes or act on Thursday morning to about twenty people that showed up and then we open it up more and we prayed and then Friday morning there was forty people now again like I told you I thought I was just be praying out there and Martin led out on on when on Thursday Wednesday and Thursday many said Melissa Deepti think you can lead out okay and so you never know with God in him being a missionary enough to be flexible flexible flexible and so the Lord bless those of Friday morning we had forty people and saw this morning we are not over praying for to know how many about a hundred people in an eighty showed up and it was such a blessing and then this morning and I think some of you heard this already this morning the Lord will be up to thirty in the morning as okay I guess I should pray any like I want your praise I decided to pray think and then fall asleep as we all do and I began to pray and the Lord impressed upon me to share a testimony that can get into but other people appeared to hear that and I also began to pray for God to wake everybody up and said Lord break them up with them I been so I was praying that the next e-mail at my roommates alarm clock went off it was five a.m. already and I it was such a wonderful suite two and half hours with the Lord and I just really encourage all of you to spend that time when the Lord and then I started taking it go I just started hearing people dining room how nice order walking over again as I was walking by all of your guys like Lord we cannot wait cannot wait about and we got here and then I do know how many people showed up we never counted but it was such a blessing and it is it is so encouraging to know that when you pray you praying the Holy Spirit prayers when someone comes up to you and said your answers and prayed and a lady came up to me and may miss Alice and she said you know I just wanted tell you that your pairs were answered I woke up this morning and waking up so early and you know it's existing ANSI health five thirty five a.m. he woke her up at four thirty a.m. and she had time to worship and still have time to take a shower with no one in there and she said someone else in her prayer group said this gentleman set out in a pool was and said half will clean up really early this morning so and I am not sure how many of the people came out this morning praise God you have entered a leg he wake up it was literally in the eye I just want to encourage you to bring this prayer type of prayer back as a group you now and thank you never been out to any of these asset people have been conversational prayers have been powerful and it and one lady I met in the washing I forgot her name she says Melissa I felt the difference here and I want to tell the leaders here the difference here at this army camp with the brotherly love that she felt him bashfully during that prayer meeting at six fifteen she says we were in one accord she said this should be this is how it should be everywhere in our church so I I just please please bring us back and also you are your very large and also your personal developing your personal prayer and the unceasing prayer that sister White talks about where she says we should have punched K according to him but unceasing prayer where that we would haven't I wrote can come union with Arsenal found in United to the divine heart and conveniently on the time twenty four seven and I don't know if that's your pair but that is my prayer unceasing prayer years old your soul up to heaven at all times and he will be the domain in your heart and me will be peace like and he will finally come for thinking that the vagueness noticed the next year what do you have a come back within the habit of putting together training the morning train that everybody would wake up I didn't want I just want to add one more point and I cannot offer that came in yesterday over thirty four thousand dollars with inevitable that all felt the Lord did any answers with his people 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