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Episode 12: The Sabbath Pact & The Youth of Paris Hill Maine

Adam Ramdin
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It was in Paris Hill, Maine where the teenagers from three families followed the Protestant principle of being true to their conscience and scripture. They decided to keep the Sabbath , a decision that their parents would follow them in and one that would take them all over the US and the world in missionary work for God.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 19, 2018
    7:00 PM
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Parasail Maine today a small and quiet town with leafy shrieks and the well kept houses yet despite its quiet and rural location it was the home to some giants of the place 3 families of note that lived it with the Stevens family the still family and the Andrews family Jay and Andrews was the son of Edward Andrews and the nephew of Charles Andrews a state representative of Maine Cyprian Stevens had 2 daughters one of whom marriage Araya Smith and the other Mary J. and Andrews today the form of Ed Wood and who stands behind me at the Paris Hill Country Club and Cyprian Stevens is located just down the road. But we stop the story with another family when in the spring of 1845 a trucker might see M. Preble on the Sabbath made its way to the home of Louis B. Still he set the truck to sign for his 15 year old daughter Marian picked it up and decided to read it she was convinced on the truth of the Sabbath and decided to keep it she then shared the truck with her brother Oswald and he also decided to keep the Sabbath they then called J. and Andrews who was only 15 years old but was respected as having an intelligent mind he read the tract and also decided to keep the Sabbath. It was later on that the parents of the Stevens and Ruth. Stonewall families decided to keep the Sabbath which I believe is a key point it was the teenagers who made the decision to keep the Sabbath based on God's word regardless of what others thought this really is the essence of participant ism and a continuation of one of the key tenants of the Reformation to follow conviction rather than tradition to let Scriptures be our guide no matter what others may think. Louis B. stole send a letter and $10.00 to the 7 a Baptist minister in Hopkinton Rhode Island to obtain some more materials soon the tracks arrive and a small company of Sabbath keeping Adventist was established in Paris he'll Maine these families would go on to be pillars in the new and fledgling movement that was being birth. Paris Hill Maine is also the birthplace of the review and Herald today published at the Adventist review. From all those to November of 0850 a magazine was published here for the Advent review and then from November 18th 52 June 18th 51 their review and Herald was published in the building near the assigned it would then move on to Saratoga Springs New York Rochester New York before moving to Battle Creek Michigan. In $856.00 the Stevens and Andrews families would move to the state of Iowa and the town of Paris Hill made would become just a memory of the early beginnings and challenges of samba Tarion absenteeism though the action had moved on from this town there are examples of faithfulness under conviction lives on today and stands as an example of how we ought to live our lives it doesn't matter who else makes a decision or what authority is trying to instruct and guide us we need to be true to the convictions of our conscience 1st and foremost it was Peter who said that we ought to obey God rather than man.


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