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Episode 19: Uriah Smith - A life of service

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • November 7, 2018
    7:00 PM
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West Wilton New Hampshire here in this house a giant of the Faith was born his name is you're Ryan Smith at a young age he developed an infection in his left leg and unfortunately at the age of 12 he had to have it amputated just above the knee this took place just up the road on the kitchen table it lasted 20 minutes and no anesthesia was used like his sister he was gifted with a brilliant mind and attended Phillips Academy in Exeter one of the foremost schools of his day when his father died suddenly it caused him to think about his own spiritual life and study Farrelly The and bent his message after having lost his deal after the disappointment of 1844. He went ahead James and Ellen speak in Washington New Hampshire for the 1st time and was impressed by the explanation given for the great disappointment he went home and studied his viable for 3 months before making a commitment to renew his faith and rejoin the believers soon after he turned down a lucrative job offer and moved here to Rochester New York to work for the newly relocated review and herald offices he was 21 years old at the time I would go want to work for the review and herald for 50 more years at the age of 23 when it moved to Battle Creek Michigan he became the resident editor of. The import. The printed word at this time of history cannot be overstated the churches that were scattered around the country would only hear from the travelling I didn't speak of what was happening elsewhere every several weeks you Ryan Smith as the resident editor in chief of the review and Harold was like the pastor of the whole church as people would read his editorials and find out the news of what was happening elsewhere such as who had died the Adventists review was like the glue that kept the early church together. However he was more than an editor and preacher you Ryan Smith had 8 patterns during his life one of which was a school death that earned him $3000.00 he also patented a significantly improved version of the prosthetic leg he was also prolific writer completing 18 books during his lifetime the most famous and well read Being thoughts on Daniel and Revelation. In 1903 tragedy would strike the review and herald as it was burned down the insurance only covered a fraction and instead of rebuilding in Battle Creek the decision was made to relocate to Washington D.C. you Ryan Smith writing shortly after this tragedy said in the shadow of great calamity we are of good courage the review and Herald and the RIAA Smith leadership have gone from a small Washington hand-press to having hundreds of employees using the best equipment and printing in 6 languages. On the 6th of March 19th 03 he was walking to work here in Battle Creek when he suddenly collapsed he was rushed. To be seen by a doctor but unfortunately he died a few hours later from a stroke a special issue of the review and Herald was published with his picture on the front as well as a poem by his late sister Annie that she had written years previously about himself. He was also a hymn writer and his most famous him brings with the words of Echo to our time today oh brother be faithful soon Jesus will come for whom we have waited so long and soon shall we enter our glorious home and join in the Conqueror a song Oh brother be faithful Paul why should we prove unfaithful to him who has shown such deep such unfounded and infinite love who died to redeem us his own.


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