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Is It A Time?

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • October 29, 2009
    4:15 PM

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I love to study dermatology in the Bible perhaps the greatest dermatology story from integrity is the story of name is a story abounding in contrast mighty rivers that clean clean rivers that don't one man with leprosy comes to a profit and leaves cured of leprosy another man without leprosy comes to the same profit and leaves cursed with leprosy it just shows one man seeking to get away a fortune in so keeping it in another man seeking a fortune in sub only with misfortune it's a story of a Hebrew slave who has answers in the Hebrew king who does not it's a story that speaks to a serious dermatologic disease in name that uncovers a more serious cardiac problem and to his is a story that speaks to all medical missionaries in some respects name and is every patient we see Andrew Hays is the position of a dentist we must not be regarded father in heaven we're going to be looking at your word passage that you would like to apply to our lives tonight to make us different we need to hear your voice speaking to us from the sacred words of Scripture I pray that this message may somehow soften us prepare us for the seed of truth water by the Holy Spirit and transforming us into the medical missionaries which are called us to be we pray in Christ's name in the now Naaman captain of the host of the king 's area was a great man with his master and honorable because mine am the Lord and given deliverance in the series like Cyrus after him God could say of this even gentlemen I will strengthen you but you know you have not knowledge to me any success Saint or sinner has comes from God in every area of life the most high rules in the kingdom of men and give it to whomsoever he will Josephus tells us how name and gave deliverance to Syria and became a great man he states that name on was the certain man who drew about adventure and smote the king of Israel between the joints of the harness resulting in the death of King Ahab Ellen White may hint at this in the book profits in case 's deadly aim was not simply a lucky shot of a lucky day the verse continues he was also a mighty man and Valerie netherworld by the tail everything was going well he was successful he was popular he was well with the story quit there there'd be no story name and would've simply been one of the countless signing on to live you to dive is great would be lost to be forgotten it would not be a trace left of him today all his past successes would mean nothing today Willy fame and prosperity as he is not lasting as counterintuitive as it might seem it was Naaman 's medical problems that brought him a lasting legacy with one of the great classic stories of the ancient world I'm not able to tell you whether Elisha violated hipper in recording a story but after telling of Naaman 's valor of Elisha as he was electric and leprosy was both incurable and deadly name and could conquer the enemies of Seri without he could not conquer the enemy within there is an so main many areas famous for when nothing so often we look at life backward name and thought that his leprosy was a great tragedy his wife thought that his leprosy was a great tragedy the King thought that the leprosy was a great tragedy but that less that leprosy was the brain name on the greatest blessing of his life ministry of healing tells us in the future life in this visit here have annoyed and disappointed as will be made plain we shall say that are seemingly unanswered prayers and disappointed hopes have been among our with the next two words greatest classics education two seven in Christ will work through those who can see mercy in what misery and gain and loss when the light of the world passes by privilege will be discerned in hardship order in confusion success in apparent failure calamities will be seen as the sky 's blessings will always as versus David put it this way before I was afflicted I went astray but now have I kept my word the Syrians and the Israelites were the state of war names leprosy however did not have him slack in the face of this war against Israelites and the Syrians had gone out my companies they solely pillaged a rate they robbed they murdered and the Israelites were crying out to God to send and deliver someone like liking a Joshua David Guinean junta a great hero soldier to deliver his people got had another plan a plan to bypass the Syrians prejudice he provided a hero 's life like Damon 's leprosy her capture appeared to be a great try to you don't know her age the Hebrew expression in the passage could mean the youngest daughter she would've been unmarried but could've been a marriageable age perhaps she was a teenager the Hebrew word translated here could be emphasizing her size petite or it could be emphasizing her age her usefulness the word means insignificant she was an insignificant nobody she is still a nobody a nameless slave but a God who delights in using worms to Thrasher Mountains delights in taking the unimportant the marginalized ignored and the poor to accomplish great things for him this girl was kidnapped unlike Josephus sold as a slave the enemies of Israel except this was much more frightening and far more dangerous for a girl than for a fellow she had no right she was despised property she could hope for no justice like George Joseph who story she heard from her mother 's knee she determined to be faithful to the God of heaven as a teenager showed been born about the time of the revival of primitive godliness among the remnant in Israel following the showdown at Mount caramel by Elijah her parents would've been in the crowd or could've been in the crowds on the Firefall from heaven flashed on the altar consuming it and its contents the message God sent to the prophet Elijah was not in vain it produced a young person the guy could trust on an important button dangerous mission this area naming and his wife observed this girl who lived a religion she worked hard she was uncomplaining but when they worship their idols she prayed to the God of heaven while she lived to religion she also talked about her religion and she said under her mistress one God my Lord with the profit that is in Samaria for he would recover him of his leprosy Bible religion is practical religion as James assurances while faith is not simply advising someone to make love instead it seeks to clothe and feed it takes the good of our enemies and even prays for them in Bible religion is not ashamed of the spirit of prophecy the captain made wasn't ashamed of the spirit of prophecy should invite her belief in the spirit of prophecy notion can cite no peer-reviewed literature for her statement with full confidence she presented the spirit of prophecy as a solution than name brands health problem in name and in this miss this information it never heard it before and may have thought it uncovered a carefully guarded secret of Israel those words the Hebrew slaves were carried all the way to ban hate at the second parking this area and after the king listened to name and a golden go and I will send the letter took unto the king of Israel name and departed in the official chariot surrounded by soldiers horses and into and at least two meals with attendance guarding both him and the payment for his healing and brought with them there was a several day journey from Damascus and Samaria and would require food and lodging in addition he took within ten talents of silver and six thousand pieces of gold in ten changes of raiment seven hundred and fifty pounds of silver would be more worth more today than I was when I looked it up but it's greater than a hundred and fifty three thousand dollars and seven hundred fifty pounds the goal is greater than one eight million dollars name and was willing to give a fortune for his health nearly two million oh for the latter name and set off to Israel and official ambassador on official business there was little communication between the warring kings of Syria and Israel can be humbling for the king of Syria and ask a favor of the king of Israel and it would obligate the Syrians that Israel saw been hidden and disguised his request in the form of a command Jordan to the point he wrote now in this letter is do they behold I have found with sent name and my servant of the Nobel meas recover him of his leprosy it was equally difficult for the King to receive name strict rules isolating lepers were wriggled rigorously unforced in Israel it was not only loving there was fear the king was being asked to receive this high a Syrian official who should not even be within the city law wall let alone in the court of king 's court the king of Israel sign name in both an insult and a trap this letter was not asking the King of Israel for himself to heal name and it was requesting that the king of Israel open up the resources within his kingdom for healing lepers then Hayden had assumed the King of Israel would know how to do this he assumed the King would know what a captive slave would now with the shameful truth was the change of or on the youngest son of Ahab and Jezebel new less about the benefits of the spirit of prophecy the captive slave and because he didn't understand medical missionary evangelism he couldn't recognize a witnessing opportunity initiative taken name and size off the king of Israel and focus them on the God of Israel but he failed to do this when the king of Israel had read the letter he rent his clothes calling him together his counselors to begin to talk about his favor the subject is favorite thing himself and I got to kill and make alive for this man to send in the me to recover a man of his leprosy wherefore consider I pray you and see how music of a quarrel against me by name I mean poor me into the letter seriously not as an opportunity to help it could even imagine a real request for help he took it as a pretext for the next Israel Syrian war and he was very upset it was a big deal when a king for his expensive clothes the only Tory applause in the greatest stresses that the disaster the news spread far and wide it was so when Elisha the man of God it heard that the king of Israel and ran his close that he sent to the King sign wherefore hast thou rent buy clothes there's no reason to be upset entered his name into the spirit of prophecy let him come to me now now for me and you shall know that there is a prophet in Israel the king granted permission for name and to see Elisha so internalizes address and is GPS name and left the palace of the humble home of Elisha 's name and came with his horses and with his chariot and stood at the door of the house of election what a contrast between the small humble dwelling of the profit and the opulent palace were name and let there were no visible guards at the door life his house Naaman expected to be greeted he expected the red carpet treatment there was no red carpet was on waiting expectantly for him instead he clambered out of his chariot and walked to a licensed door and knock ally she didn't even come to the door instead he said his VA is no history was to there was no physical examination no biopsy was done to confirm the clinical impression he wasn't even sent for nerve conduction studies I said payments on alliances PA that's not really true is all life is medical assistant who gave him a prescription which read go and wash and Jordan seven times in a wonderful promise was given him nine shall come again to the end thou shalt be playing that was the ten second encounter a short prescription but deemed any important spiritual lessons were taught in this encounter God and not simply want to cure Naaman 's body he wanted to cleanse his soul thou shall be clean in the sign language of the Bible to be clean physically illustrates been wholly spiritually lepers were excluded from the commonwealth of Israel because they were unclean they do not have access to the brought blessings and privileges name and need not remain excluded because he could be clean but name and then understand this he felt insulted by this is actually a copy of the and I got I get my best translated from Hebrew this tribe was loaded and felt that there'd been no respect for him and his position in Syria you don't just send a medical assistant the care for a VIP Elijah was not providing naming name in the community standard of care that sidesteps on is the drug of choice not hydrotherapy Naaman 's reaction was completely predictable name and was lost and went away and said that all I thought it will surely come out to me and stand and call in the name of the Lord his God and strike his hand over the place and recover the leper treatment three millennia ago people had a certain BNY for miraculous feelings Baylor comes out in praise and he puts his hand on the side of the disease the healing power flows through the feedback healers fingers into the sick that is what so-called faith healers have always done name and may have already been to the Benny Hinn of his day but it got been healed God uses all sorts of ways that he'll be moving my use of hopeless affix the miser 's spittle to make and I paste him on his herbs or hydrotherapy menus sunlight exercise and fresh air his diet he may use surgery he may use radiation therapy can be made is topical creams he may use injections he may use the laying on of hands but twice the inspired writer mentions Nate Naiman 's rage I should've said but if healing it comes not from what we give it comes from God the first kiss scowl then his muttering under his breath and finally his angry outburst are not a bonnet and Farber rivers of Damascus better than all the waters of his romantic washing them and be clean so he turned and went away in a rage over the age of highways the distance between Samaria and Damascus was about a hundred and twenty five miles indirectly on the roundabout a hard day 's journey forty three miles from Samaria he would cross the Jordan the servants knew they had some time they watched his name means anger slowly dissipated and finally the opportune moment to talk they respectfully ask my father is the profitability do some great thing what is now not have done it how much rather then when he saith to the wash and clean mailing I have said nothing pride was struggling with humility when I finally arrived at the Jordan then when he down and dipped himself seven times according to the saying of a man I got in his flesh came again like in the flesh of a little child and he was clean record doesn't tell us that he saw a little response after each wash got cleaner and cleaner but on the seventh wash he was clean with his skin as healthy and smooth as a child is healed skin was now younger than his liver in his heart which it covered gratitude replaces anger in a return to the man of God he and notice the next three words all his company and came and stood before him in the presence of all his servants he confessed his belief in the God of Israel the God of the nation he had been seeking to overthrow big investors just believe in the gods of Syria got too been worshiping all his life and the gods his cause he had been attempting to promote with conviction he said Beowulf now I know there is no God and all the air but in Israel and he offered Elisha Rich Chris now therefore I pray the take-up blessing of thy servant you gave me a blessing let me give you a blessing will follow blessings don't come from others giving us money the gifts of God are afraid name is leprosy represents our sense of sinfulness and Jesus offers to cleanse us from sin without money and without price and Elisha without hesitation instantly replied with the firmness and even the worth of Elijah 's former master has the Lord limit before whom I stand I will receive none the wiser the sermon of Elijah had not just taken a life his words but his principles the heart he was a worthy successor to that rate profit no name and urge you cannot turn Elisha from this refusal there was another important lesson that should not be overlooked and Elisha 's refusal Elisha had expended no great effort in this cure and he would accept no payment for small services rendered Naaman then asked for materials for him to make an altar to the Lord publicly acknowledging his entire conversion you said thy servant will henceforth offer neither burnt offering or sacrifice and other gods but under the Lord the medical missionary ally she did not cover with name and all the fine points of Hebrew theology he didn't demand name and be circumcised he didn't explain that only the Levite was offer sacrifices the Lord at the bedside of the sick no word of creator controversy should be spoken ministry viewing one twenty hello I should understood that medical missionary work is the entering wedge Paul Silas of policy waters but God gives the increase name and was beginning in the first grade second grade would come in third in the state in Christ school medical evangelism is not began it is beginning that must be followed with public evangelism and personal ministry the path of the justices the shining light in China more and more unto the perfect day Elisha 's servant watched this amazing transaction but instead of saying souls one fraternity he saw only dollars lost for time days of the servant of Elisha the man of God said love with himself will hold my master hath spared Naaman the Syrian I imagine get his almost spit out the hateful words this cerium the Syrians under name and have been robbing and plundering the Israelites this is a God-given opportunity to bid even the score my master has spared Naaman the Syrian and not receiving in his hands that which you brought even in his thoughts to Hazel was confused although he referred to a life as my master Elisha wasn't his real master for he did not perform his master 's will towards my master should have stopped him right there with it they didn't like those essay prize the prize Lord Lord Israel master was himself a little for himself he served himself but he was self to see before he was serving God in the life there's something interesting about his next words but as the Lord delivered our run after him and take someone of him help unlike Elijah and Elisha he adopted their words the Lord Linda but he had rejected their principles the mantle that pass from Elijah to Elisha would never pass to him to hasten may have rationalized the life she had missed a providential opportunity to further their missionary work but he was learned through the Proverbs he that is greedy of gain trouble is trouble of his own house of you that hate of gifts shall live putting his thoughts and action days a begin the run after Naiman and when Naaman saw him running after him delighted down from the chariot to meet him and said is all well to his reply all is well then to Hayes and begin his tail professor for me on an errand for my life it is my master has sent me saying behold even now there become to me from Mountie from two young men and the sons of the prophets give them I pray the talent of silver into changes in government how easy it is the cover art agreed with some good purpose what better purpose in giving to the poor and the poor need our help and they need to be helped it is our duty we do need to assist with more of a student funds but I repeat how easy it is the cover agreed with good purpose Judas did it the great religious is understood musicians my use of the end of our concerts calling for donations to help the orphans are some other good cause revolutionaries claimed to be helping the poor populist politicians claim to be helping the poor governments use the same line 's laws the worst taxes all supposedly to help the book except for Singapore people cover their greed with some good purpose because it works it fools people that work for name his response was everything agape as I could've hoped for the author to give more than ahead as I had requested an name and said the content take two talents though inwardly delighted to his effective reluctance to name the name of urged him and bound to Dallas is sobering to back to two changes of garments but then came a problem with name and sent to the service to carry the gift Juno the story is a thought that he solved the problem by sending the service back in hiding his fraudulently obtain booty though the Bible says he that cover the essential not prosper it is a bloody good governance and then prosper but he couldn't his actions have been video my oldest daughter became a teenager I realized I needed family time so I stop my hospital practice drop hospital committees responsible what is going independent medical examinations for judges this left my weekends and evenings free for the family I saw patients with more top injuries and other personal interest insurance companies and private investigators secretly video about ten percent of the patients that I saw sometimes I was given the surveillance videos to watch I'll never forget one video that I reviewed just before examining a patient and show this person one week before working on his house carrying heavy objects moving his neck and back freely without any apparent difficulty or pain the patient was completely unaware that he was being video and he was still anywhere in the video when I saw when I examined the patient he came into my office moving slowly he would move his neck they wouldn't bend his back and when I asked him about how he did with activities that I just seen him do he said he hadn't been able to do that since his injury not even once no not even once of course I had the video to prove it but days ago Hazel didn't realize he'd been fitted now that this was going to be his last day of work now that his fraud would ruin his future his reputation his family he did not guess that the pittance of silver and changes of garments he received would cost him everything of value in his life still acting the party came to see Elisha affecting nonchalance and commenting on case we are told this it is seldom that one sin will stand alone or be restricted in the range of transgressions the one preceptor one prohibition of the moral law there is ever or location of disobedience which lives the perverted contents to a greater length of entanglement by entering the greater temptations and sending more and more when Elisha asked whence stomping his case it didn't rain this question was his final offer repentance Nobels told no trumpets blared no siren sounded a little we recognize the importance of seemingly insignificant things in the transactions of life cases answer revealed his major concern was not for his soul 's salvation but to escape detection and punishment for his crime day by day year by year and the little decisions of life to his compromised his principles little by little the freedom to try to covetousness and avarice took over more and more up to Hayes and so for years a licensing this plane spotting it is his character is a should of been terminated long before the Elisha kept praying for him like a father and his son Elisha Longford to hazes conversion with the sadness of soberness we can imagine a life shall listen to get his reply by servant went no with with that lie the sunset on his as they have opportunity God was not interested in good haze is lip service God 's mercy so long despised within the fearful judgment sorrowfully allies you have to declare the decision from the judge of the universe a judgment that could not be reversed a judgment for time and eternity when not mine heart with me when the man turned again from his chariot to meet the visit a time to receive money and receive God once allowing for yards in vineyards and sheep and oxen and menservants and maidservants the leprosy therefore a name and shall cleave unto the end device seed forever and he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow we can hear a licensed question echoing through the corridors of time to our own day isn't it time to receive money and receive garments isn't it time for wealth building guises seeking wealth was first foolish and second it was fraudulent it was foolish for a moment that is as apparent gains were swept away they were seen to the loss Moses and his prayers said so teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts on the wisdom life on earth is temporary a certainty since the introduction of sin there's never been a time to focus on the uncertain and perishable riches the Bible has left a number of biographical sketches that teach this group is all bailout the rich young ruler Judas Ananias and Sophia Simon Magnus all joined up to his in foolish investment Jesus ask us to consider his question what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul and entertaining entire world is not loose worth losing ourselves for what about losing our soul for Amir two talents of silver Paul reminds us we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can carry nothing out the only way to take something with a single eternity is to send it bear before you get there but it was not a time to seek for welcome to Hayes this day in our day is even less not only is our life uncertain our entire monetary system is uncertain when the unthinkable let's talk about when people whisper that the venerable three hundred and seventy three year old Harvard may collapse this is no time to dream and scheme for our own future well I wish facing deflation and depression are we facing hyperinflation or capital flight or do we face in fact the danger both his goal the safe investment or is this bottle to write down a bubble that we passed peak oil or do have another fifty years of the petroleum industry there are a thousand voices than ten thousand opinions but one thing is certain this has not had time to focus on wealth building which can be swept away in a moment if our income is our security of our portfolio of investments in land is our security we have no security enhances investment was not only foolish it was fraudulent the funds were willingly given by name and it was nonetheless fraud as it was the servant of the prophet Elisha he sought to take advantage of his position in the work to make a buck he pretended great conscientiousness he pretended sacrifice while I called for offerings and sacrifices advance God 's cause he secretly appropriated these offerings for his own use this pickpocketing of name and was not his first this is been going on for years he was now becoming more brazen brazen to Hazel 's leprosy was a result of his correctness of principal avarice fraud and deceit while professing love and loyalty to God he manifested real love of the world mingled with the sacred leprosy is an important disease in the Bible because it teaches so many spiritual truths in the Bible quite represents purity and holiness while leprosy represents San in unrighteousness in the sign language of the Bible a leper as white as snow represents a hypocrite the profession of a purity like snow hiding the sin of the darkness you I'm aware of no other disease in the Bible but is this just in-depth like leprosy their more records of Jesus healing the lepers than any other single disease we could say Doctor Natalie that Jesus primary specialty was not internal medicine it was dermatology I was devoting entire chapter of Leviticus of the diagnostic signs and symptoms of leprosy it was not just the doctors that would diagnose leprosy the priest with diagnosis as well every lever had to present himself to the priest this diagnosis was not to be made lightly this is not an off-the-cuff plotless diagnosis this was to be carefully investigated over a period of time but yet after close observation the signs and symptoms were found in an individual the priest however reluctant was given the diagnosis of leprosy and pronounce him utterly unclean Leviticus thirteen forty four there were consequences to this diagnosis lepers were to be put out of the camp of Israel to teach us what God regard to spiritual leprosy got sent leprosy on for individuals Moses Merriam to his thinking as I would already looking to his but let's quickly look at the other three Moses merrymaking as I have to better understand the haze of the foremost however as when we must learn an important lesson about leprosy and is called to lead Israel got to put your hand in your bosom that is place your hand over your heart when Moses did as his hand became lepers God would teach him of the uncleanness of his heart would contaminate all the actions of his hand to his leprosy was a skin disease it wasn't a momentary lapse a simple failure it was a systemic disease the actions of his legs and running after the things of this word world the words of his mouth and requesting the things of this world the grasping of his hands and on righteously taking the things of this world are originated in the unresisting bots the desired the world until our thoughts or plans our actions will always be unclean broken bring a clean thing out of an unclean not one not even God will bring a clean thing out of an unclean he doesn't filter the water his solution is to cleanse the fountain if Moses is to have a hand without leprosy he must have a heart that's clean energy is to have a clean heart you must cry out create in me a clean heart O God with a clean heart Moses could place his hand back over the leprosy will be gone the actions of his hand would be right because the halfhearted is now clean in medicine leprosy is a dermatologic problem a neurological problem and infectious disease problem but in God 's word leprosy is a cardiac problem Jesus said that which cometh out of a man that defile the man for from within out of the heart of men proceed evil thoughts adulteries fornication 's murder staffs covetousness wickedness deceit lasciviousness an evil life blasphemy pride foolishness all these things come from within and defile the man Paul explained for I know that in me that is in my flesh dwells no good thing parents will often bring their children to me with Acme sometimes they'll tell me tell my son or tell my daughter they need to scrub your face with Islamists so they're not washing hard enough but I have to tell the patient the parents this is only going to irritate the child's skin and make the acne worse the problem is not the dirt on the outside it's deeper than that it would not matter what solo pilot used to wash his hands his hands could not be clean but I have my surgical rotation we were taught to ten minutes scrub even a ten minutes scrub would be of no avail thou blind Pharisee cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter at the outside of them may be clean also teenage female acne patients usually come with their make up trying to hide the hospital 's inflammatory papules insists famous eczema the partial hiding in the obvious skin lesions but the underlying asset is unaffected and often worsened by certain types of makeup a legal religion is useless for cleansing from electricity the problem is not on the soil surface and the solution is not cleansing the surface the best parasitism can produce is the makeup of hypocrisy the partially concealed the same teenage male acne patients made Conan and ignore thereat this doesn't solve the problem any better than the makeup of the lesson from Moses leprosy is at the heart must be glands before the hot hands are pure we are carnal soul understand true cleansing must involve the heart and only Christ can cleanse the heart and I see my sin mice through and through our uncleanness it is this that is the cause of my sinful actions and until my heart is clans fellow dentists and physicians what actions will never truly be reformed at best I will have a few moments of not doing this or that sin but quickly the central resume my resolutions shattered in discouragement I'm a quick try our continue the ineffective struggle and I cried out the Lord cleanse me or do I self righteously say like Peter Daschle never wash my feet Jesus told Peter if Peter would not let Jesus washes feet Peter could have no part with him the only way we can be gleaned is to let Jesus cleanness since cleaning is the Bible signed for holiness crisis illustrating through Peter that we can have no part with him if we refused to let him washes that is make us holy Mary Ms. the second person to be struck with leprosy she was the rescuing sister of Moses she was a leader in Israel but like her brother Moses she drew needed to learn spiritual lessons from leprosy leprosy was the result of her thinking under private opinions were just as good perhaps superior to God 's inspired word for prophet she thought Moses words are being influenced by manager spoke to what does a prophet Moses there are some alike to his claim to be boiled to the prophet they claim to be speaking for the profit they claim to be on a mission from the path profit they claim their apostasy is supported by the spirit of prophecy there are others like Marion who think that the spirit of prophecy is the emotional but they hold their own opinions to be superior to that of the prophets basically bring the counsel of the Lord into harmony with their ideas instead of bringing their high ideas into harmony with the counsel of the Lord they show their contempt for God 's message and messenger by neglecting to carefully study and know its counsel by their lives in their words they belittle God 's prophet they down the spirit of prophecy with a faint praise he wanted know what arouses God 's indignation the sand of Marianne the angle of the Lord was kindled it's a big deal when the Lord 's anger anger is kindled Paul David tells us suggest the son lest he be angry and you can from the white when as Rafe has kindled but oh well God says touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm God save us from the sin of belittling the spirit of prophecy in Isaiah King Uzziah became proud of his accomplice accomplished with some felt that the prophets instruction was for a different era and didn't apply times and changed all the neighboring things offered sacrifice to their gods he felt out-of-date out of step he felt the embarrassed by the old-fashioned ideas still in the church did not ancient prophets were too restrictive and they were for a less enlightened generation he felt his position his success is experiencing this education could be trusted more than the prophetic writings he was progressive disdaining counsel from the brethren the vial in the command and suffered his judgments the disease may have a variety of presentations the underlying pathogen may manifest itself in a variety different ways decades of professors loyalty to the spirit of prophecy Marion belittles it king Uzziah openly defies his contemptuous of it but it is all the same disease it is spiritual leprosy the anesthesia of the disease makes the victim unable to feel the dangers in every case though the problem is seen in the hand of procedural heart to his ahead less of the Isa covetousness Miriam had less of the flesh with jealousy thing is I had the pride of life pride is taking undeserved credit for our success Nebuchadnezzar had this pride is not as of right now one that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power and for the honor of my majesty with David we must learn all things come of the and of thine own have we given to Hayes that Merryman Isaiah share a common problem the apostles tells us the reason many in this age of the world make no greater advancement in the divine life is because they interpret the will of God to be just what they will to do what following their own desires they flatter themselves that they are conforming to God 's will what a contrast between a life shortened to hasten Elisha prepared for his great work my faithfulness and little things want to his unprepared for his great failure by covetousness and little things day by day Elisha became more and more like his master all day by day to Hayes it was growing less like his master Elisha saw his businesses serving to his aside is serving his business Elisha Susan Hill's hazes season steals the Weiser refused the money for little service is enough money for two people how I shall not take money for what God did to hesitate God 's blessings on others and uses them to enrich himself Elisha was a medical missionary to Hazel is a medical mercenary I hear God 's call for medical missionaries in Sydney and the story of name and there was a medical missionary came beginning with a sympathetic young person who pointed the set of the spirit of prophecy days ago at first followed the advice of the spirit of dropsy and often the psychiatrist therapy lookahead is a was not content with the saving of souls and sought to make merchandise of God 's grace is a warning to me medical ministry one twenty one every physician is to be true and honest he is not in any case to defraud Mister patient's if he performs a simple operation he is the charge the simple price the charges made by other practicing physicians are not to be his criteria the disease bodies over which he works our God 's property the physician who loves his brother as he loves himself will not charge so that prices this physicians and dentists is our test chair it's easy to talk about love it's easy to condemn others lack of love but do I have lost perhaps for some of us a change must take place it is essential that there be reforms in medical lines there is grave overreaches reaching the charges made by lawyers we know that in doctors the Lord views all these things what is a winning video when the patient enters our exam room where being video while we examine the patient Christ examines a pass the physician the dentist he notes our motives our time our accuracy the billing sheet God sees with satisfaction he saw the captives made we hear his abroad improving voice say to that slave lass well done besought King tomorrow in his failure to help the sick kids in patients with the patient 's failure to direct him to the spirit of prophecy the solution there was no condemnation for King tomorrow for a job well done day by day patient by patient I am building my character investing for and for eternity God has in his archives every patient transaction of my medical career Lord keep me a Christian even though I am a doctor give me your love so I will not do anything merely to legally get a higher level of service on my charges Lord and I never take advantage of my position could defraud another I want to answer your call reform every practice that is not in harmony with your word example of the Hazel serves as a solemn warning the Lord will not serve with the sins of his people many times it suffered a calamitous defeat to come upon them because they've glorified themselves weaving fault principles into their practice but I'm grateful for the next phrase he willingly forgive those who repent but he will remove his favor from those who go on sinning exalt self mingling the sacred with the common terrible judgments will destroy those who misrepresented him saying the Temple of the Lord the temple of Lord of the Temple of the Lord are these when their example is misleading calling at the temple of Lord doesn't make wrong right sharing the name Christian doesn't make wrong right doing wrong in the Temple doesn't sanctify wrong and make it right leadership doing wrong doesn't make it wrong doesn't make a wrong right right is right and when we use the name of Christianity to foster evil when we justify our evil practices in the name of Jesus we have the leprosy to his decades assigned name and sickness misfortune and need an opportunity to advantage himself those who are like him are his children in the Bible lineage is not based on ancestry but on likeness the paternity test got DNA testing of who our father is is our actions if I act like the milkman the milkman is my daddy Vance of insanity and Abraham is our father Jesus said and then if you were Abrahams children you would do the works of Abraham God has declared that name and children shall be cursed with spiritual leprosy through all time as I've examine myself and the past few weeks meditating on the story I have discovered the alarming signs of leprosy though it is painless it is infected my higher body and I am grateful like name and I have discovered a cure though I cannot cleanse myself I'm not content to remain unclean there is no reason that I should be unclean for a moment it happened when he was in a certain setting available Amanda was what's the next were all the letter said saw Jesus and even Alan S phase and implored them as a warrant if you are willing you can make me clean then he put out his hand and touched him saying I am willing be glanced immediately the leprosy left him I remain unclean only if I refuse the cleansing Christ offers name and brought with him two million dollars to pay for his cleansing from Elisha he almost went home on plans not because it could not be cleansed but because he would not be cleansed he was willing to do something great something difficult he was willing to make a show a sacrifice but washing the clean it seemed too easy he almost refused the offer clean cleansing prior almost kept him from cure the almost chosen death over life and many are doing that today evicted by the cleansing they would do it if I could choose the work they think are acceptable they would do them but they will not wash again and again to be clean before we are part of the church we must be baptized God is teaching us about his cleansing us before we are permitted in his way he cleanses us get some remain unclean he sadly said to his disciples you are clean but not all how Jesus wanted to cleanse the mall even Judas but Judas refused we are cleansed by the blood of the lamb in the water the word how are we to be clean now are you clean through the word which I spoken unto you wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his wife by taking heed thereto according to buy work Moses was cleansed Mary and was glanced ahead so was glanced and there were many lepers in Israel and the title prophet Elisha and none of them Northwest but only name and the Syrian has was not cleansed King as I was not cleansed this evening what category would you be logistic the Lord now and when you find and say Lord if thou wilt thou can make me clean environment father in heaven is the anesthesia of leprosy hasn't hasn't an deficit ties this is too much to see in the light of your word there were full electors who make and go to the greatest dermatologist infectious disease or neurologist in the camp lenses were thankful that your clinic is open tonight and we don't even have to fill out the insurance papers shall accept this as we are put your put us in your leprosy rehab program Pravin the meetings that we attend this weekend may be part and parcel of reforming our lives Lord I want to hear what you have to tell me even if it hurts and pray that our matings may not close with our hearts being cleansed by the blood of Jesus on the water the word for the application of this to thank you for hearing and answering prayer and listening to of this media was used by audio verse four amen at this medical manuals in order to learn more about Nina please visit www. nine and as I will like more free online certain things visit www. audio verse onward


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