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God's Healing Power

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • October 30, 2009
    4:30 AM

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I was a missionary who was sent to Africa after they showed him around to all the different facilities were available to him to show them the car visiting a car one problem with conclusion and so the WB will Bush and Sharon up start so we try to figure out how to use a scarf for the duration of his entire business and needed to figure out where hills were part of Carl Hill and pop the clutch and take off and when you have parking places and there were no hills then of course you have some good people came by help solution that started the deficit here's an file in the missionary came in and do the same thing to him around the facilities etc. and then showing cost is an excellent car worked on cash and push only missionary looked around car looked okay and finally I'll open up the hood looked inside the compartment within the intact except he knows that it was a wire dangling and so he took a screwdriver connected the wire one aside Trinity and will so for six years in the missionary cushion car and figure out ways to get the thing going at all so was to conduct the power to which was printed in a father as we study award today we pray for your meeting spirit to beat you with us thank you for your question Jesus and the wonderful tax that we begin Ephesians chapter two inverse eight show him up mostly of for a raise are you saying then assessed through one five none of yourself it is the gift of God ovens myself classes and the question is not here asked is what is great and definition usually is what I learned what flavor would have to question when using the term unlimited and favorite two words what is the definition of American something of nonsense are favorite some favorite but that's actually what grace is that it will does well and definitely telling this most people think is give you don't deserve correct to its upgraded and responsible what Clinton took me a few dynamite to get the references saying that so I hope I will have that here and so when you think of the un-American idea concept and really does not convey what it really is for example if I can fumigate you give the patient what is so you don't deserve it essentially what it is this about Noah doesn't really tell you whether this distills you don't deserve whatever there's some people think is just unmerited hard part you don't deserve what I want to delve into the topic today and get into this wonderful word that we sing about such amazing results with the sound when you think of Courtney did on the him us and obviously you and I do not deserve forgiveness for the fallen God was offering to us with forgiveness then we googled one of these voices how many of you will ever want to confession can I see your hands only one for so while you and I put together this I wrote my first my first ever and I think my last confession I don't know what to do stroll in the Saint Leslie qualifies having cautious so I went in there across my shelves it must be fun the chubby I was petrified scared to death and especially since we wanted to the Bluetooth Guardian signed even know what to expect little from the other side I heard his voice was needed to and it is five and so very quickly I had to come for an answer and I don't see it and he said all right all you have to do is to view male marriage and and to all fathers Campbell corner it will be okay I thought Matt was easy so I left the place of women in the voice came out worse now you gone it's only offering us forgiveness than you and I will have to be confessing for return and ungrateful for forgiveness I by no means am trying to belittle forgiveness but God has given to our something greater than forgiveness and since it is more than forgiveness and grace must be something more and if you have your Bible film that's located in trust to work with him appears correct if you will trust enabling about the Bible are known as a vision of chapter one verse nineteen others were says what is the exceeding greatness of his walk with the next word on power to password who believe according to the working of his mighty power what you noticed that word power in the book of acts are performed were seriously this is with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of whom of Jesus and it says that right grace was upon them all out if that happened little power then they would have had no writers but it was agreement repower so little noise little power right it was then the power law that enable them to do what in the own human abilities they could never accomplish Grayson is power Paul puts it this way I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the one called Ottawa salvation by watching others is working I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is a problem salvation it's interesting that you all have finished and nothing had occurred in the drunken and not become so is the wife beater has not become a loving husband without becoming a honest man men Paul club have been ashamed nothing will happen transpire from what he was doing but because he saw credible evidence that what he was preaching about or something in the lives of people then you could say I am not ashamed of who Christ for those of the untoward power actually is in the Greenville numbness in the word doing this is what we get the word dynamite I want to know something interesting about this when Jesus was here on earth the Bible says that the shoe went out from Christ new Roman committee remember that what you want I think Christ know that sex is just in the whole multitude sought to touch him for that is that when I was fortunate and I will bring this morning at one o'clock this morning and what is his reward was done unless so I went out of place power and what it says is out of him and healed them all so what was it that I actually feel those people power for grace is exactly so when you think of the Lord raised to oftentimes on your private site on American favor and they feel callous smug about that because they come up with the logical definition but merely that the definition really does not convey what God is really speaking father speaking about providing for humans for me and that which you and I don't half in the Congress that was when I cannot accomplish in our ability went on strike the law provides wonderful power the same in today and so the mind race is a great development of what Satan power with out being how much all human effort is one another using all wise and wonderful ways rush and five Paul puts it this way now want to Jim that is able to do less of where they are exceeding well abundantly what else above all that we ask or think according to the Taliban works in our news what is a worse enough I've heard a lot of preachers on the radio and television expound upon relations immigration and uses cartridges is grand in that prior to that he was a month along the Old Testament people 's immigration measures with the Scripture actually contradicts the second to the one-liners as who have sustained us and called us on a holy calling not according to our words but according to his wife own purpose and with the next word and grace which was given us in Pisces as well before what was is a the problem is a lot of people do not understand that Christ did not disappear on the script for the first time two thousand years ago Christ was the end is the creator when it's and since he is a creator with him is this power so the power was available to mankind right from the beginning of the world entire this is just that it is great stuff under how many unto all men therefore nobody has ever been saved apart from law shall ever be saved apart from this wonderful thing called rice otherwise if people got been saved in the Old Testament apart from grace then in the milliliter I do not have and therefore they were in better shape than you and I are and therefore they can boast that they send save themselves money loaned was with the so you can see from the Scriptures and an invoice has been around the fact were told that Noah found while rice whether notifying writes well known from grace back before the flood and it's interesting that no one integrates because the Bible says that in has some may be hapless for the people whose imagination and thoughts of his heart was what people could genuinely now I don't know if you sentence was going on in the world today but what is going on in the world today is precisely the condition of existence in the times of no man's mind is continually one able everything that you see when you fly a plane on thankful for computers today because at least you can see the sleep or work otherwise you know captured by those little videos that are front of you and when I open my eyes sometimes I don't know what position I'm in when I go to sleep it seems when I open my eyes I get smacked by somebody exploding somebody else or destroy somebody else or something like that it seems like what people are watching most valiant fight is how this guy can destroy this guy and how he's out able to escape etc. of volume in my eleven eight is just enjoyable in the tentativeness with it what is an adorable little time the same thing and so man's as Brent on able to generate no wonder Stephen Hawking says that if we could choose from destroying ourselves for the next one hundred years you are always envied about everything is off the planet and disbursements of the planets sent that is answered to our survival in the seventh I don't follow what is that he doesn't realize of these behind size of those uses a long time ago we got ago Lisa is a visible argument by the heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me my father those men mentioned I don't prepare a place for you my goal I wanted to go when his eye and in so please leave me and me the whole mindset is even the signage is recognized not to do such a pressure on self-destruction that if somehow we came back from destroying ourselves we'll get wealthier and then one atrocity will not destroy all of us at one northbound worries Israel Congress the Bible says then that Israel found ways in the willingness drama thirty one birch rushed to the businesses that serve the Lord of people which were left of the sword race in the wilderness even as you and so grace has always been around the wife said that you and I need that healing power why the need for grace well the Bible says that the children cannot figure out how to change the skin and Michael Jackson was on Ethiopian Jeremiah thirteen twenty three says Canadian Open changes what is skin in films on the spots any of the over changes skin can elaborate chances box neither can you that are custom to do a lot able now as professionals would like to see ourselves as people who cross illegally but from the Scriptures perspective is no question oh when we get home and put our time away we have been feeling again represent true you are so amazing maybe Doctor so-and-so in your office your dad at home the true wheel company of your honey on your professionalism disappears when you get home so were all human and we all have the same difficulties with all our challenges I something close in the Bible says in which inbounds graceless much more marked about that's good news which in the mouse when the mouse more racist much more about now when you think of of sin and grace you recognize that the reason why this worries is the position that you sin brings about the necessity for something that can destroy will keep in check the bottom of this I just wanted to project wants to start therefore somehow you and I need to avail ourselves of this which Gore provides with you and I do not have ourselves gracious Israel would coalesce to have that we believe it's as real as gravity even though you've never seen remedy you know exist because when you step on something no download heels feel rapidly federal ULC gravity you know if they want to experience it do what I said no zero one once you experience if you will follow you would never know gravity exist you to experience and God says that this healing power it's available for all of us because God wants us to overcome sin PS of allies that you and I do not have so gracious more potent then sent that's great news I think you recognize that in medicine when people have some kind of disease like to find something is more potent than the disease so they can bring somebody back to homeostasis the correct guess and so God has already provided an antidote for that which has plagued the human rights God provides British Isles soon as that which violates principles of God and call recognizing his inability to cope with life and to cope which sin prayed for God to give him something that would relieve them from the problem is Paul received from God was my grace is sufficient for the poor my strike and will again the word strike is what the limits is made perfect in what witness most gladly than I would rather glory in my infirmities that the snacks were and what the wording of the mess of Christ might want upon the translator obviously recognize that this worship since synonymous and therefore the translated strength power the Daschle word could open my grace is sufficient for you for my grace is made perfect in weakness that the grace of Christ may rest upon the say the same thing recognizing them that the need of grace called also understood the justice grace was sufficient for them to be able to do with one of his challenges in life was also sufficient for him to compass what needed to be done it is also sufficient to turn people around of the work and that it which to around one five oh 's preaching and not like our church and Australia and I made an appeal at the end of the appeal the young man came to me and said look I need to talk with you privately is it sure so his sister was there with him and she waited in the sanctuary while we departed one and two of close room and he then confessed to me that he was a heroin addict and that he was presently going toward girls as I wanted them delivered and so I certainly believe with all your heart that God can deliver you said yes and is now weeping and he was agonizing please help and I said you know I can help you broadcast facility together and from there note that the depth of your heart delivers and then I will do the same swing meltdown and that young man just agonize the and wept before God and I have to confess to them I also went with him and also I printed ask God for how I did as young as flight but it can be delivered what you know we got nothing happened admittedly but when we went back into the sanctuary was just waiting for someone we were standing there together talking and all of a sudden he sent it I even delivered by what I can identify with Paul as I've been to many places where we would in the grace of God has delivered people who were once I was in Jacksonville Florida the tenth eighty and it was in those days when you slide projector so we have turned on the light shows that it was dark in there that I saw began the point I saw hope of a man come in sat in the back are just some of his outline of the wisdom bitmap and it was with a woman as I finish you disappear to get to meet him he came in and sat close following argument it's a closer as so amended repealed them for anyone who wanted their hearts of God come forward man and his wife came they were weeping this guy was a whole couple of map data handlebar mustache boneheaded Ludwig I have this is muscles world were huge and the guy was a power lifter I don't know if you are quick to that term bodybuilder powerlifting policies usually live four hundred five hundred eight hundred pounds it was as early as a local guy and he was waving a sellout no swallowing these are never quite all my life is a what's happening to me and I shall tell me what you shall be selecting not forget NASA children give you is a little I am the one done by the eleventh amendment I so you are not alone what you've done that I know God is what Boston do such a way that you thought of luck at the you said that I killed three thousand five hundred people so how did you do that is allows again my father was an atheist he was a part of God one of things I hate about that as he was always trying to hide so is it I began to avoid talking the government can walk and I just love this I'm glad I could never bring myself to kill somebody because I didn't want to highlight my hair that so well seventeenth I join the military went into the Army volunteered for Vietnam and became helicopter pilot of the cobra helicopter and volunteer from the search and destroy mission any sense I love every moment of it I could kill as many people who wanted to and he was illegal then have to hide his I counted three thousand five hundred bottles that's not that he's about loved every moment of it until I came to this place here is a book I wanted to be honest like into the split-second Mister trouble of these of my wife and I would love to enlarge and see somebody open and they want to fight with us I can just grab your phases and was this fellow was a meeting room again to the gender start trouble and trouble the start realism a new set can God forgive me and I shared with him first John one that's excellent you gave way while we confess our sins faithful analog desk two one and stops what sex had plans us from Whitehall unrighteousness is in a can this be true this is a word we can do what I have to do it without compression widget ask him for forgiveness that you change your heart going to do anything about together and that they call guide is wept like a baby committed himself to God and by God ways by the joint baptizing a big welcome and I became a wonderful big teddy bear on the grace of God will you say grace of God listened the Scripture reveals Zen that grace is provided for us know this was just and find grace to help and what in time of what he'd gone is anxious to provide for us that which you and I do not have knowledge of medical professionals you have an advantage as Adventists hold the other physicians you have a power available to but they do not have not because of unavailable to them is simple because once you know about it you can take advantage of it when you say now this whole matter of grace is something that has affected my life and that's why should I can identify with protocol my mother raised the six of us boys only find a picture here shows was not then presently but my mother and my father were living together and Puerto Rico as well as more I happen to be the one that an old one and in the place fundamental judgments and the boom of place and in those days it was a poor sport was placed and Puerto Rico in fact it was out on the bay they could not live on the on the land and the houses which of us are the shocks would build on Stokes over the bay and the only time the toilet flush was when the tide came in otherwise we kids had to walk through all of that stuff to get the additional and in them oh shot made of genuine cardboard whatever they found is where we were living at the time my mother had a best friend who didn't have a place to stay some of them bothered to come stay at our shot and she stayed for several months my understanding out for my mother 's side and finally she left she left with my father so she ran off with with my dad and let my mother was six six children in that miserable condition and I'm final remember Imus is about four years old my little girl my little sister who died was only about two years of a remember when my little sister died it is my first recollection of mother agony in her hate this one is my little sister and I she was adorable she was precious to us by boys Willis what would go home and ask what address are like little pressured all ended in matter to us but we would wear blouses when I would find to where it is okay mother took care of elevated and will just rejoice that she got sick pneumonia and nine no statesman and have no no way to get help baby just got worse and worse and worse and just chat us was on his own accord joined to our family when she died was a real blow to my mother I remember her saying God will enable the Scripture verse is so mother finally met another fella and is from in front to go to another place as the Chinese say in English the last chance the name of the place and it was one of the note in the New Orleans Hill and mother with a machete took care of us built almost shocking finally found a man who and he began to be on stepfather and she gets on here hearing from a woman who was quite well-off that she unable to the land of Gooden plenty New York City she would most mothers the buildings it's great despised so for it in fine linen suite UNICEF will my mother just couldn't imagine a place of this village was great discussion confinement and straight so she began to plan with my stepfather and finally working on its way of us were taken to New York City I remember not getting to witness birth New York and I was seeing for the first time you know and I will have because we are told was little boys that they count the Jews who crucified Christ so we were way over worried about that but anyway a step that left is a one-man job of the bathroom and hardware in the hallway and those that is and mother then captives there while dad went back to Puerto Rico to want to make enough money to bring the other three boys we will be united well several months mother got a telegram telegram was sent them an mother was in New York City without any help could speak English and to invoice once otherworldly bullishness on the world and mother was rushed toward November José endlessly argue them and I got help when she was a woman of prayer but also she was a few and I remember while she would say give me argue him I should say Monday though Sam got herself a woman where she is well she is Christian and I can remember her telling us only all that you said if I ever need to get all of that woman I will check her eyes out so much improvement at that woman well anyway I've allow mother worked about everybody got together and we began to blow up New York City and finally mother contracted cancer in those days in the fifties there was no hope that cancer you method is surgery many of the six months and that that was and is given to us and to us she was all that we had an silly indeed the thought that in six months we would have no mother is not a difficult and at the relevant mother and this meal she said don't take me because of my goals are to my children is why will have until the more you can defend themselves that have anti- amount for session talking drawn into some girlfriend and so she didn't deserve her hysterectomy in Asia maybe six months without she was she was eighty six in spite of the fibers you contracted cancer and the second time this time they had to do a mastectomy and you know when you get cancer the first time you make it in advance of the second time you know what that means for how many people actually make it to the mother was a crying woman's process but at the same time she had this this is for Angkor against that woman will in the meantime while mother is going to all of us agree from a level growing up in Brooklyn and is in the height of the Leon would you call that the Newtonian Puerto Rican gang wars it took place lesser story scenario my brother was a present largest gain in New York for the dragons my liberals of terrorists and so we all involved in special curricular activities but anyway my dad the elves going on and I got you didn't does with school she knew it just devastated her my brother Hector was always in prison always in prison was imprisoned you always have to go out and see him anyway my dad then had gone to Chicago and while in Chicago be left on woman and went yet with another one he was a womanizer was a bank breaker he was a fighter left to fight well the third woman sir picture Lolita Lolita did not know anything about when that Dáil Éireann to have known of humanity as you would do in North America but when she was married to Vietnam from Caldwell also spends voice of prophecy and as you listen the grace of God repent work but she was a smart little cooking juice she decided she wanted in her having to the mouse studies so she said look I can get a diploma from this course but I need your help I can't find my way through the Bible and if you would just help me fill out the lessons that will help independent diploma what if I was an idea and so we began to help well imperceptibly to him we then happen the grace of God began to work in his and finally by God 's grace he was baptize as his baptism by Ellen Goranson and they well once he was baptized she and Wellington I confess a lonely the whole scoop and lonely down and felt horrible which some of the others only want those kids is so they left Chicago went to New York City to live in New York to try to bring to us the grace of God well it took ten years with my time I was also very hateful to my dad because I knew he and abandon us to die but my mother to take good care of our single twelve Missouri etc. and by the time who needed so I came around with when we were very disrespectful and pretending around and went on to become a Jew could you want at your concern than the one we did know was what he was doing we decide this is where my mother said to a glassy set is that guy as well as is because his contest he kept their money she said to us not even God himself a servant say that rich well that what is finally about ten years afterward one of the boys willing became anonymous and then the second module of boy became monotonous with his wife and Grace of God began to have his work in our family and I wasn't sure this is the time my window handle so maybe you remember Wilhelm caused Rocco one o'clock and everyone were one to three o'clock o'clock what could I was amazed by the group so I arrive home as I arrived home I discovered these guys were becoming at Venice frankly I didn't know that was either that was in there was some disease I am serious and show goes and we earned it were different anyway the minutes until the chance experiments with because of an even though I was supposedly on the world tour with the comments that would look good with meals I couldn't help but recognize that there was something different in my brothers had never seen before I began doing the swingers before that I was in a drug party and the party while Wallace were intoxicated and manipulated the high wind event to discuss the issue most valuation question was God but on a long talk about God and I remember what the delay when we were married the discussion of what happened in the details and discuss about God when I select I thought to myself magnetism God will only Jewish so I push it all the way and now I'm confronted with these boys my brothers possibly I found the nose a frightening thought but we want to go alone so much so that side of our new test to see whether or not it was way and I discover the reality of the ways of God in advance I went to advance as I wanted to pose advance of professional management I wanted to do myself law villages because I could not live without the hot site so I went to the dance dance until midnight when I chose tired and went up to the bargaining move them to looking out from the balcony assaulting people down there doing the monkey about the wild dog media chicken etc. and also that the message and while they were there were in the gyrations of looking down before I used to look down with admiration all of that new outlook on Cupid wireless monkey etc. as I was looking down on us with our OC evolution in reverse I was seeing people thinking that this was living and I was struck with discussion I thought to myself if I absolutely need to and on to the pseudo- blogger feel there who for me would you don't my brothers and I love from that place enjoy those little fun on the changed my brothers lives in my dad 's life Emily does and finally I experience a wonderful thing called graceless and instantly with our site instantly I knelt down and prayed for the first time I had tears rolling down my cheek for the first time and I began to lament not to take away from those particular habits I have an iPhone but these colonialist thought I was sure in truth I am right now that they were no part of my life thank God they have never been forty one years and I've never had a desire for alcohol for smoke from drugs etc. prizes on the site and ways of God this way is a sign so then I became a bridge of my managing the conclusion you draw reservoirs before the conference and then all of us we can imagine a sentiment intimately the dominoes sent my brother the last of the Mohicans the crime the criminal anyway I did Gingrich and moved to New Mexico in June moved to Chicago and there we invited mother to come and hear me preach before some Spanish well Myra did not know that Jane had been knocking on doors and discovered later number two and invited her to come and listen to me for each she said the Obama family suit all year I love that little boy she would moment she sent and no worries about my melodies of minister which are dynamically I'm off to him well mother came in here we were waiting in front of the church in Sabbath and my brother says I need to go into something ugly right back but I had no idea that maybe you have no idea instead but I comes back my mother standing there in the church in the enter the church waiting for the sun to return and one when the door opened she'll she looks less of Christ and lo and behold is not my brother is a woman and as soon as a woman answering the door and saw my mother she recognized her immediately but she turned tail light on the forget that she was due to strict we and I wonder what mother wouldn't go with cheap chair the woman's eyes out notice that the one centimeters thirty five years of misery and suffering that you credited to the Ms. woman and now LLC 's right to know what I saw was wonderful I saw my mother 's teaspoon in the quiver I saw tears started running down her face and SRU something the judge 's move children of wrong she stepped forward she grabbed that that's the stricken woman she pressed it to her bosom kissed her lips she anyway my friends listen only the grace of God can do that in the human heart when you say only logged right in effect that kind of change in the human way virtue that flows from a master boot shoe that is able to change to give us victory over the things that we cannot have the approval by our own strength many of us many of us struggle with things in our lives perhaps bitterness right hate inabilities jealousies many of us struggle with all sort of things that somebody has done to us either intentionally or unintentionally many times we struggle with these feelings some of us struggle with habits that we can't seem to overcome and we spent our time confessing confessing confession is on the sinful good in the butt the problem that we have today is a problem in that missionary had never connected the power your website listen conclusion this is my mother in mind that and this is the more than I've spoken to Moses criminal with we all got together for his baptism is the baptism the last emotive intimate price God when you say you know my mother prayed she said bills mail my blog but let me go on to the last of my boys is it an mother had the joy of seeing your prayers answered by the grace of God who said an mother finally went to Belgrade in which we look forward to the time when the great life can will be held and pulled her out of the way for the for that power that this is all powers to me all gracious commitment in heaven UNI finance don't need to keep wrestling and asking for forgiveness of cyclical businesses that you and I need to tap into that power which will give us victory over those leaves will be separately have it available to us my grades is efficient by grace is sufficient my mother had gone connected to the power to change her life we have experienced the grace of God in our lives and we have seen many people turn to God because of his grace for this estate in the grace of Christ is the only a afternoon or preventive and it is by God 's grace appealing to perform I've seen many miraculous humans have seen people diagnosed with the biopsies of cancer the proof that they had the cancer and by God 's grace to heaven I have seen all sorts of things taking place my thoughts colleges is wielded by friends as it was when our Lord work that walked on this earth sometimes we forget that the reality is that is always available for the statement would that you could what can see of what the Rich Scott applies of what grace and power awaiting one hour the man when you say would be wonderful if we could make the transition from confession will become what you say so what we have to do says Grace is away and what are the map with a wonderful today we can say God you providing this and I have not connected to it alone give this weekend I'm going to connect you off and am claiming nothing on my own merits with an American Islam was made available to us this power to overcome many of you can say Lord this weekend I got some things in my life that I haven't been able to check but I hear your voice speaking to me are you going to help me deliver anyone recommend to the MM West Virginia a father thank you for you marvelous grace thank you for all that you promised to do and logged we have people you promised to make this available and it is available forgive us when we have just been clinging forgiveness help us to go to the next step in except the victim promised was twenty one listening to her this weekend was produced by audio verse four amen this medical annulus to learn more about Nina please visit www. time and I will like to see more free online service in WW on universe .org


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