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Right Arm of the Gospel

Daniel Choo



  • October 30, 2009
    4:15 PM

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a preliminary review of the admin organization Doctor John Calhoun my college friend and not know and enjoy the last speakers so I don't have any time constraints will tonight I'm so much to be here and not just be lost for four hours and so many stories about God God bless all you so what I'm going to share tonight is about how God has led my life from an he has brought me to serve in the capacity to never dreamed of as a child and he continues to be I feel like I'm just walking through life not knowing the future but I can be safe secure knowing that there is someone is much greater than the Creator of the universe is leading me throughout this time I was born in younger and more hospital and I met a couple of one hundred ten elders know I'll be younger and his wife Agnes Hospital his name in honor of his uncle in this hospital is set was set up some sixty seven years ago in Singapore it is a seven-day Adventist Mission Hospital and floors really well good news because Singapore was just small hauling at the time was thought of as medical missionaries there someone is will you I didn't consider myself a third-generation seven a.m. missionaries not arrive Singapore in the early nineteen hundreds of my home church is the Chinese as pictures and Thompson Road which was signed ninety seven and later celebrated the anniversary about two years ago my grandparents were poor immigrants who immigrated from China to Malaysia and subsequent to Singapore my grandparents my father and his five other siblings to place the rest of the time in Singapore they were fortunate to find a kind elderly gentleman who happens to be a recently converted in Athens attended this church it happened to have an extra room for my father 's family and so my father and his grandfather and his wife and children moving to a small apartment at that time Pastor Jerry Chang has to hear he wasn't hiding a pastor of the church and he was very active in the outreach program of the church so he would visit this new covenant member and actually draw the message in his church to my family and my mother was dating my father time and she was offered job at the son nude Chinese secondary school she thought she was going to disorder or shorter time but she ended up teaching of twenty one one through the month as of this pastor and his church members my whole family was converted and salvation was brought to my family on this picture was taken two years ago is there a time when Silverio my mother had learned the lifestyle like every new convert to give up for strength grammar parser and all the seafood that is commonly found in the Chinese diet just go against her families tradition of ancestor worship idol worship and shifts about keeping the Sabbath there's a very critical over the years she has trained my taste buds to be very sensitive to Gertrude and she did a lot of this is of food for us when I was growing up since we couldn't eat all I clean animals she made sure we had all clean and clean meat is available and she gave him my name Daniel from the Old Testament and also gave me a Chinese name name after famous Chinese physician she was hopeful that I would one day be a doctor however when I was growing up that was lost in my mind I did not want to be a doctor although my mother taught him at his school she sent me to a Catholic Chinese school because he believed that the educational standards were higher in that school to learn Chinese the Chinese language that is my first language and my mother kept the Sabbath and taught me how to keep this up also she made sure that I would not attend any classes or exams although with the Catholic school should bring my pastor for the school there were any complex and schedule not willingly that by doing so my favorite was tested from a very young age I came to realize that I was different from the people there was growing up from me for example I want to my neighbors house for foreign mail and answer finished I find myself asking them if any scales on your fish is him and Sandra Joan to to believe that this church that I attend is the one true Church of God the remnant church and in Singapore we're exposed to many different kinds of religion including Buddhism Taoism Muslims Hinduism Catholicism and other many other attorneys Sunday Christians so I felt very fortunate that I was born and your family and I believe the true true God make the world and I often wonder I always have this doubt in my mind was I felt fortunate to be chosen to be born into a family of the true God school is really difficult when I was growing up in Singapore as some of you may have been Singapore it is his authoritarian type of the government we have to a form of democracy a little different from this country but were not Communists in fact we're Singaporeans very anti-Communist in the sixties and seventies seventies my faith continue to grow as a result of experiencing God in our prayers and also through learning about God etc. school throughout my childhood years in certain behaviors was strongly indoctrinated into my mind keeping the Sabbath and not eating unclean means was among the top of the list then my parents sent me to visiting union college I turned sixteen at this time it was really refreshing experience see that I was in a British system before and I did well in every subjects all assigned subjects except the English language factors film language language a level examinations because I was going to a Chinese food earlier and I just couldn't read this literature books very well so if I were to remain in Singapore I would have to take a lot of classes throughout remedial classes so I could go on but fortunately I was able to be accepted to PC and God help me to create one hurdle that I did not have to take remedial classes so instead I came over here to learn American English which is much easier yeah in this place I continue to experience God and and the most wonderful thing happened to me very soon after arriving this church is a memo my wife now with your with me tonight in easy and we we had a wonderful experience and we also had a Chinese clone that you frequently visited the Chinese churches of the Cisco and well thought out to his church there and I learned how was serving his community and to my surprise the pastor who was passing this church is the Jerry check and I have not met him before he goes when he converted my family that was when you know before I was born and then he's been slapped again to the state denies the past so I had many opportunities to rush out and continue to further my Chinese language ability by translating for him because Chinese churches in America has been bilingual because we have to cater to the younger generation who doesn't speak much Chinese and older generation who only speaks Chinese social services or and in a bilingual format so in those days I was trained to translate in an instant and continues to brush up my Chinese especially the Chinese which I later found to be very useful and throughout this time and you see I really did not like the idea of becoming a doctor but my mother was long dominant parent and she can interesting as many agents parents do for their children it is at this time I met him John Paul Martin's secure question and many other friends and what I found interesting was that almost everyone were to prevent or present my research in the area so Jim Drescher was a pretty strong two zero to become pregnant as well but I I like what my father when he was a real estate developer always wanted to be like my father but the mother kept pestering so am Indiana graduate with a business degree and now America is fortunate serving seven zero medical school in Loma Linda as well for this time of the time my life was smooth sailing was young I was twenty years old greater from college medical school and had a girlfriend of servers that is four years and it was at this time because trials the pop-up of my life was about to come upon me is via the Singaporean we are obligated to serve in the national military service for two and half years I have referred this obligation for the time when I was in college and to see but now it is time for me to return to Singapore to depart from this beautiful place call angling back to Singapore and a single military I would compare the experience like falling from heaven and hell is that how can my child Williams described that process CR was thrown into again right away and in the military they use humiliation intimidation coercion and other near torture techniques to obtain absolute obedience would like a brainwashing experience for me it was here that I claimed I came closest to experiencing persecution in my life and on top of that I enter the military with the FDA's office with me the government claimed that they provide religious freedom throughout citizens doesn't extend answered this military is forced upon a citizen so they were lenient enough to allow certain groups of religious believers to Hassan was for it is written the centerline of truth yesterday to reset a virus through FDA your pastor write a letter stating that your parents and I don't dance no smoke and watch movies and no needs and means and go on and on have a whole new set of related provision but the White House was able to certify that it wasn't good as dangerous and so I was allowed to be excused from working on a salad and I was also allowed to be excused and carrying a real weapon in turn carried out when rifle so honestly I was a laughingstock throughout a full-time and I have to defend my faith is humiliation and they were hard and but this whole experience taught me to rely on God blessed clear victory person the top row by me I'll my last bit of pride was completely erase as I look into the mirror to see my take was a totally humiliating experience before this military experience I was hesitant about going to medical school even though I is accepted but I found that in the military there was a special ruling to encourage the training of physicians in the country so that they decided any of the servicemen who are accepted to medical school could do for the remaining here in the health service until he finished medical school so I jump at the opportunity and went to five Psalm twenty three came to mind all the time because I felt like I was walking through the valley of the shadow of death and I pray to God to to to protect real-time and also recalled John fourteen one Jesus to come and pick me home right away so I got the opportunity to go to limit and change so back to a limit I was so refresh the reason is their freedom true freedom true democracy but slow in the medical school I was regretting that is him and was drowning anatomy histology and most of all embryology there is zero torture again I thought the Army was not whether those like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant so I have to pray again that God help me help me help me and now brought me this far I can quit now otherwise a medical back to the military though is that I have to go on the low was good he brought me to and I was able to graduate I survived but was finished medical school that it was time to go back to the military again but is only for your and it would be much easier I thought because I would be a doctor now and I would be a captain and I'll be walking around Buffalo people around but it didn't happen that way to go I went back to the military I was fortunate that I proposed and my one or are agreed to marry me and I was able to convince her father who is he is sort of a digital use his hands what is the background and ancestor worship and he was initially against our marriage but since I was a doctor if it was okay and he was going to participate in a waiting room we were very grateful and over the years I was able to continue to provide free medical advice for him nice again more valuable than said to give councils to 's other daughters my sister-in-law 's is important how God leads us and my wife am also beginning of interest during this time baptized into the church and so as we return home to Singapore I discover that my beloved grandmother I was very ill at this time my grandmother also influenced my life a lot because she has such a strong and simple faith and she is one of a kind and loving person that I knew and she looked forward to this job every day right before should I tell my father to not cover her entire way to install with marble she told my father to make sure there was a whole in the middle because when Jesus she wants to get out of there him and she was so sure that she was in a get out of there and she also my father to have the three Lord Angels were next to I was very touched with a and I was was was was blessed a firefighter since I remember her so then I went back to the military for my remaining year now and to my surprise because I was doing SVA and the citizens you still want to very carry a weapon in your work and found when I been promoted to Captain you going to stay as is a call in to the United in the military and initially I was totally devastated and but activists that don't understand to follow after God 's law brought an immense law later I found out that the movement of the military officer who made the decision was also a Christian given the weakness out he was trying to test the save I would stick to what I believe and why did he was sorry because everybody else was promoted to Captain and I was the only MD in the whole single military that was a lot but later on he he he recruited me into the medical headquarters to be a researcher and I was able to health and medical research at international military and in two recent studies and published two papers on the control file of acyclovir the treatment of chickenpox amongst servicemen and the other was the effect of exercise are actually boot camp on the metabolism of these recruits him to that earned me some credentials date onto getting into a good residency program so budget has experienced the other doctors were Christians very interested in and what I did what I chose to do and they were interested well I believe the Sabbath and the medical classification of clean and unclean animals so I was able to give away how many copies of the savages and great controversy to many of my Christian doctor friends in the military being SCA is from this kind of difficult to pinpoint a specific moment as my conversion experience that I hear so often and other people were not as did my birth I always have been always fascinated with the many mission stories of other people 's conversion experience if I have to name the my born-again experience it was during this time my wife and I we attended a Bible camp meeting in Malaysia was organized by Doctor Colin and also Standish they presented the three angels message and such a powerful way for the very first time in my life that I understood the twenty three hundred days prophecy and the meaning of becoming around the people of God it was this excitement coupled with a little bit of the adversity and humiliation humiliation I was facing another three that I solidify my faith in Jesus I was so touched with this new found from and Daniel eight fourteen how the angel Gabriel came to inspire Daniel that I named my son Gabriel and after this eighteen month services past I called the doctor 's later at the Loma Linda University radiation oncology department reply to a residency position in radiation oncology and he told me that I was ranked number three on their list of two candidates for the incoming residents for our dog before calling the mascot through to show me where to go from this point and this was not the right place for me he would close the door sure enough regular closing doors and equals the slender and he says that usually is there are not too many people that apply for this is residency in such a obscure mineral physics minor but that here for some reason have so many writers from Harvard Stanford that he took a Harvard graduate over one of his own little in the graduate he was sort of apologetic but I thought it probably funnier doing the new photonic salary that he had so anyway I was fortunate to call Doctor Mary Lou program director and an telemedicine department he was very gracious and willing to take me back to the internal medicine department is allow me to finish my GUI to and who you are three I know that I always do needs in terms of soul the day came from either leave the military it's called R O D days respect for run out of date I was elated and I felt that I've never happens again I felt so good that I went on a tour with my parents to China for the very first time my life I was immediately impressed with the vast number of people and sites as interesting mix of ancient relics and strange communist propaganda all over the place it is a part of it is sold in the area to my coat in Singapore Chinese and heritage yet another harvest is so foreign to communist it is the part of the site of the people of really touch my heart because I've never seen so many Chinese people in my life attorneys it is said that I have it it is like a lost child is finally return home and found his roots I was tempted to kiss the ground when I went to get on the square of an equity derivatives was too dirty then I was taken to the beautiful city of Hondo which has been compared to heaven on earth by Chinese poets for centuries and here is the newly built a state-of-the-art serve run run Shaw Hospital and this was going to contact a little in the University and work church condemns church I later learned that the SDA church has finally returned to China in a semi- unofficial capacity the absence of forty five years since the Communists court articles liberated China and send all our missionaries packing to other parts of Taiwan Hong Kong McCall and Southeast Asia those missionaries who remain in China included affidavit within who was prosecuted and sent to labor camps for many many years I was immediately fascinated by the prospect of one day being able to serve the Chinese people right here in our institutions are run by advanced church I also learned that prior to nineteen forty nine a church had a vibrant mission include schools churches thinking seven terms in different parts of China the most remember the missionary position with the Doctor Harry Miller known at the time of Doctor who seen back in those days gnarly nineteen hundreds Doctor Miller and his wife has to travel my ocean liner across the Pacific Ocean to China the agape was so sick and monthly that he was busy for several weeks and you could be more by story in the book account of China Doctor and I look at it I look at the soreness is good I is important Chinese and third-generation evidences the missionary position to an end of the first time this thought came to my mind I believe the Lord has planned for this idea in my mind at this time but I have two more years of residency to complete so I returned to Loma Linda and finished those two years of residency that time they have not passed the anti- slavery laws by Congress residents of the work eighty ninety hours of my phone call every day thirty six hour shifts stop until years I was very disillusioned over worked and felt really tired and I sort of forgot about my dream about missionary position I was offered a job at the HMO group in Riverside which I was I would see thirty patients a day of work for a decent salary and sound very appealing to me for some reason I was fortunate that I only had a very small tuition loan to pay back thanks for my parents my father and I heard that are more willing for this time was looking for physicians and hospital has been smaller has become it becomes small and small over the years because of the lack of a continued supply of missionary positions and the rest of Singapore has developed in tremendous ways over the last thirty four years and the medical standards in Singapore is so upon this little missionary hospital was not going to survive anymore but I thought I would give it a try besides I could go back home to be with my parents and they could help take care of my children and I wasn't mainly how attraction for me but at this time the project in Greenwich a hospital is beginning to take place and the faculty in until medicine department at Loma Linda was invited to help start the training of residents in China some of my attending was were in China for two weeks to avoid another time it would come back with his exciting stories is said that all you could spend a cold shower to be okay and you know soon there is under really eager to learn and so was a really good I think expansion so I told my wife that on a way to Singapore maybe we could stop by China for three months just to get a taste of how it is to be in China like a lot of the time for although she was born in Hong Kong Hong Kong was a part of China is the time care in supplement to hospital I found Doctor Gordon having the full Edina medical school in Loma Linda University he was made president of a Chinese hospital and cannot speak a word of Chinese Friday was an six but I'm not really met him until now newly I when we saw the school it was about seventy eight and he will vibrate a young and exemplified how what in my mind and have missionary position should be never compromise on his believes he made him known to his Chinese counterparts were Communists he was kind he was gentle it was very practical the Roman Shaw hospital concept spotted many Hong Kong financial list by name of Mister Shaw 's name is one run he wanted to establish a first-class hospital in his native Atlanta China and he wanted averages to run it the reason he wanted out of the running because he has is he his family perhaps his mother has been treated many years ago by outliner missionary Doctor Henry Miller Sony things are beginning to come to my mind this time so the church initially was low hesitant but this was the one opportunity for the church officially be in China because the Congress government did not allow us to organize any church and they are going to build a world-class tertiary hospital in conjunction with the local medical school of the Jedi University together with the Loma Linda University and the University will have five years of administrative powers to to send doctors to organize the hospital oh will have the power to hire and fire later on then we have to we do not have the power and the Chinese had this very arcade form of employment history everybody is employed in the week of the virus these so-called and I am my civil concept the site was not part of for not having who do not speak any Chinese at all it was during the three months that my whole life changed I immediately got involved in many aspects of hospital quickly discover why I wasn't allowed to be a radiation oncologist and instead of as an internist and because there was a subdivisions of internal medicine that was many residents sixty seven residents in the hospital and I talked to residents and I treated many patients I sat on committees and I serve as translator for the American team of physicians and nurses together we were able to build up the hospital 's reputation as a clean and oriented place for care of I then recall in my early days in the medical school that I sometimes I was born I went to the library and I read about the history of Loma Linda and how it all ha ha it all started and what I want to the wilderness to be not only a sanitarium but an educational center with the possession of this place are we responsible and making a world of restitution educational and character a school is established here for the training of gospel medical missionary evangelist much is involved in this work and is it is very essential in the right beginning in May so I beginning to recall these things that I learned and I suddenly felt a sense of a strong sense of dessert this is God calling me to be here and I look back at my life all this time without me knowing the Lord has prepared me to be able to speak Chinese language chain of your doctor to be an internist to interview right here in and in addition he would require our entire family to surrender to him to be here together as you know what men want to do something he can sometimes return he can do it why was willing as well but the Selena was not as convinced as I was I was trying to convince her this is that this is what God has caused them but if she said what about our children they're so young at one of all this going back to Singapore and having our parents taking care to children than him and him having most help and now we have exchanged the comfort of Loma Linda zero four four four this holiness and Margaret fully unprepared to be here but God God is good I got continued to work on this and the guy came to the point and I have to tell my wife is sick of I can go to the myself friends that God is callable of us to be here but before we can go together I promise that I would not talk or for the next one month about going to China staying in China for longer but I do not keep the promise because I was so excited bugging her Van Nuys and the finally she and pray a prayer of consummation and no she felt that so she could no longer operate in God in a peaceful way it should in acceptance this is calling so we spent the next three and a half years and run a job hospital and it turn out to be the most exciting part about life and I was made acting chief of internal medicine right away and that was many ego exciting residence since I became a permanent internal medicine representative the attending is available in the fellow Chicago China literature there so they would occasionally give me a call and come and write a few letters of what I was nicely very little time except for Doctor Rosenquist I was in this picture he was a retired endocrinologist and he would come several months a year to help us and it was a fantastic experience on it we had we have to work with the local of the church office and some of you decided there was to conduct modern conferences around in the hospital attend meetings establish infection control Mister always the loudest standardized by the room to begin preparation chemo preparation and teach English medical terminology and most exciting thing that there was not enough I plan to stop smoking because of this gentleman Doctor McFarlane who was spotted to find a plan and I discover that when I was there he came over to China and together we conducted several sessions of the day of my stop smoking this is a outreach program of the hospital there in China and other children were allowed to place because we are not allowed to openly proselytize in communist China so we thought it was when schemes for the children to dress up during Christmas time to play the Nativity scene and an attractive many interesting and interested Chinese physicians and nurses are watching some of the children also participated and so since Western influence was beginning to take China and they allow us to perform skits like that and through that room on a message of Jesus Christ unto them and others of three self church very close by in China the government allow religion in a very restricted way Christians can practice their religious believes only in designated churches and this is one of them and it is a story to share church between all Christian denominations so that it doesn't consider one of the denomination of Christianity the only odd thing is that Evans is worship on the side and south I wonder what happened five or six times more unbelievers for some reason that churches are the our pastor and the senators passed within a longer loan Sonntag that they would keep the main gate clothes just to prevent passive eyes from accidentally going to church on the wrong day of church so we had to walk on the side side door and this is a look on we are worshiping now please go my site in order which was fine we we we have to will persecutory a complex theory felt the same and is a part of being persecuted not only by the calmness I also like that be assigned to judge Christians of the church actually was fortunately well we were able to participate and I continue to translate for the church there are two children went to school there and they we were initially a little worried because the teachers were communist but the de la Renta record Chinese and the new able to learn that the Chinese culture that was not divided by the market so you're very fortunate in that sense my wife was struggling and she created not one day that God would show her calling and she says that I'm not a good person to witness to other people but if you want me to be a witness here in China please send someone to me almost immediately after she made a are a lady came knocking on the door she happens to be the supervisor of the apartment they were living in to the young Chinese lady who was a working hospital she's Communists and she was at all witnesses happy to have his wife on the standard of cleanliness because of his family being from Loma Linda was very particular about everything and how everything is neat and clean and I will take care of but Nancy the supervisor who are in a different environment so she was always arguing and being very insubordinate to Mrs. having fun I don't speak very well to each other because of the communication barrier but Nancy cannot talk on enough of the door in Sausalito there and she came and asked something about her religion and disposal system after zoning is prayer and something that sent down at him and spoke to share with her open the Bible taught her about Jesus and his lady was very very interested and she became so interested that she came to church the next and on the next officer was singing in the client and to Mrs. Hatley supplies for Judy Constable Belinda was on the struggling she said she she went to church and saw Nancy and in the quiet holy shop and Doctor Harry later commented that with all these troubles that would have initially and it was just for this one soul was all well worth it and later on there was more people because Nancy became a missionary to the that the people all around her in the hospital is the answer to to to to preach she was much more efficient in him bring the necessary drivers as you continue to grow and subsequently baptized into the church she became a very powerful on your dinner is lasted ten years has been returned with the developmentally there of the individual one of Lott 's personal secular and and the lady on Doris we found that she became one of the church leaders now and she's bringing more more more people to church very little so we continue to serve the Lord in this capacity and can make many many friends and he was like a dream job come true for me about one year later they needed a financial person at the hospital administration because there was some communication problem between Loma Linda Hong Kong and the Chinese side and Selena was called to conduct financial person is actually promoted her to two gigabytes president of finance chief CPA background before and she has a Master degree from from your seasonal she was serving the hospital in an unexpected way also she did not expect it to be called to do this work in fact she was so involved in the work of the time when we were leaving the Chinese were telling us is Doctor cheery you can go but you have to leave your wife behind it was it was the most remarkable experience for both of us how God has called boneless to serve him in this capacity and as we look back in this experience we were amazed at how God has planned for lives many many years before even before we we met each other and the one interesting thing is that Celina grew up in Hong Kong and Hong Kong people speak Cantonese she was sent to the only Mandarin speaking school in Hong Kong by her parents at the time of and she was able to learn Mandarin and you may not appreciate this the Mandarin dialect in the Cantonese dialect is very different it is so different that the local Chinese and woman to hospital understands English better than Cantonese and so when we were sitting on hospital boards but not by why would be the vice president on to the medicine and if you have something that we wanted to communicate and we did not want the Chinese to know we were speaking Cantonese and Valerie Renzulli learning translations for Doctor Halley and and the rest of the team and so we served together and in a most remarkable way and we thank the Lord for finally showing us this vision and what his purpose was it was a group of a permanent workers there that was there and during this time I had opportunity to visit many other churches in China as well and China is on the rise today they hold a lot of power treasury US government that there are competing with you every aspect on trade diplomacy military strength and global resources like oil water and precious metals they claim to have some religious freedom it is estimated that we do have four hundred thousand absences in China in local congregations do not organize into unions accomplished because they're not allowed to and I visited this one Churchill is so humble so poor with you love someone so much and one of the distinguishing features of an Adventist churches that matter where you go you would see the ten Commandments plastered in the front wall and that the group of the worshipers are many women and children and is nicer newer church and now we we were in China rehired a babysitter and she became benevolent is also identified and this is the local church and makes the hospital and and there is baptism ceremonies was risen a grand scale because they only hold it once a year that it would save up everybody and an and in China may times they would have to study the Bible the doctrines of the church for one whole year before they would consider candidates in any shines in place of the hurt and would have to take a test before they conduct and in this image here is the most precious image about my children and an immature what a front I want to make sure that they were edges in addition to the mind because this is what we are about because God call us to go out and to preach his Gospel and this is another ladies who are being there from the hospital will baptize and slowly over the years and this is the whole baptismal class that here the church and we were very touched his digest so many people in China is the numbers that we see there is much more exciting and and him him him him and let the little children would sit in the back of the church hats out of school because there wasn't a place for children because children were not allowed to be in charge for first place actually because there is is a long time to prevent proselytizing to children before they turn eighteen as a designer in June so it's okay though they had a little solace for this decade and during this time hygiene from Loma Linda came and Doctor John Connor led the team and our team was able to operate on many patients during this two-week period and the locals were very very grateful for the expertise and it would give banners and my good friend Doctor non- Wong who is a kind of forensic surgeon he's Chinese authorities is sometimes unable to him to come over to perform heart surgeries of the several occasions and he took a picture of women and to capitulate on those patients that he operated on as oh bypass operations it all reasons of about five and five day he was running to forget his name that would definitely articulate how documented baby wouldn't enjoy the undated family law in Loma Linda so and and and he was very happy to be part of the kingdom when so much hospital has become a state-of-the-art hospital and now China now it is time and Loma Linda has continued relationship with the woman we have continue to have exchange programs where the physicians would come through the wonderful Louisville sense of missionaries and doctors there and delimiters scale but the woman's name is forever engraved in the front panel with hospital and people would know about us one day when you come into this hospital in the software now has expanded from four hundred grams to twelve hundred because of the tremendous and it is now the is the first and only JCI joint commission international credit of tertiary hospital in all of China because of the woman the support in making this institution into a high standard to a tertiary care center and there is a lot of evidence is influenced their still in hospital because they are still the workers the recent trip we made this last year to visit this place again this is adoptable and dentist is actually the chief of dentistry and run at your hospital this gentleman a was the first to convert it from the stoploss parties non-smoking by Senator via Doctor McFarland over the years he learn and search the truth and finally he became enamored to Sandy was baptized in Azure users and in California and not his return he thought he loses his job as chief of dentistry because he was a communist and a not allowed to be Christians but strange enough of the vera hospital administrator did not removed and he continues to serve as a gentle dentistry and he told his boss that he has become an anarchist and risen Lord is discontinued due to serve and to make their dentistry department a aid on a service and care in high-quality we were very glad to see them and this time we have met many many of people that there is the Cath Lab if there and this is the one church is not out of the stretch but this one is so this picture the how and why the development has become this church is just about hundred two hundred feet away from the hospital he was just billed as a brand-new Protestant three self church fourteen ounces and are allowed to use it yet but it is really nice and beautiful so Christianity is just one more becoming more more acceptable and Chinese societies and I now see that I have five minutes left and is there really quickly and just give you a short summary of what I'm doing now we return from China I went on to finish a policy in cardiology and now I'm practicing in the city of Houston Heights which is located at available in LA and when I return to God God has called us to come to plant a church in this area was very touched and I was able to partner with a very enthusiastic pastor who is also bilingual and we were able to build a Chinese church here and in in Houston Heights this afternoon we goes a little shell of that of the experiencing of the church and in four short years we have prayed together fast together and ask the Lord for vision to help the Chinese community in this country because there's becoming more more Chinese people immigrated to this country and we see a golden opportunity here especially in California to bring the message to immigrants in this country as well we're not even fear for the future except as we show forget the way the Lord has led us in his teaching in all past history not by might nor by power my spirit says the Lord Almighty where there's no reason the people perish God wants to give us his vision when we are prepared for the vision God gave to us and we have to understand what we're dealing with an with a lot of commitment and hard work and organization of women work together to to to serve the Lord as he calls us to I think I ran out of time but I would like to close in this time and I want to challenge all of you here today to remember your calling and remember Jesus who is a Lord and Savior who has called us to these missionaries we are blessed with a tremendous blessing to be physicians and dentists health care workers and we have so much resources and talents and the Lord is coming soon and we know that he is and I want to slaughter close with a prayer with you that the Lord would bless all of us here soon join our heads in the father we thank you so much for letting us being with us again during this weekend and showing us your love and your guidance in the lives but we are so touched by your blessings and allies and hardship and the challenges that he put in a life so that we could see who you are and how you're leaving us but thank you for reminding us that we cannot serve two masters we can only serve you result we look forward to David and I thank you just name will this weekend was produced by audio verse four amen to that it is better to learn more about me now these visit www. nine hundred and him more than online learning is a visit www. online universe is not a


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