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Grateful Debtor

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • October 31, 2009
    4:30 AM

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the Vietnam crises there was a particular group of soldiers that have been pinned down by enemy fire and Brett Walker the radio and reading for help visually came and dropped down the rope ladder and while they kept firing at the enemy keep the soldiers on the cover one by one they began to climb up that wrote letter finally the last one to make it out with Greg Walker NSE is climbing up the ladder the medical love is watching and seizure the drops his radio let something that you never do number two he dropped his rifle and number three event to drop himself as so Brent Walker as he fell backwards fortunately his foot got caught in one of the lungs of the rope ladder for the medical saw that scampered down and grab the whole of the man's leg while he held onto the latter and while the bullets were flying the helicopter began to rise and kept on going up disk away from bullets but not so far as to cause the two men who dangling like a flying trapeze did not finally the helicopter got to the hospital the drop them down and the specialists who help run Walker got back into the helicopter off they went and when Brent Walker woke up he was surprised to discover the was in heaven he was shocked to discover he was in the hospital as one always it will know what now all we can tell Elizabeth was helicopter coming in there was justice blind idling on the helicopter and we then realized would you men one upside down on right side up hanging onto the other one you happen to be one of China and so was the other guy will now guess who it is more Chama was a medic and I could well empathize with reality that many times you meet somebody for a few days and you disappear and you never see each other again at least not during wartime while Brent Walker got back home and got married started her career and did quite well in life and he for the thirty years at you lived after that experience always wanted cool that God wants me wish that somehow a good museum a television program got a hold of the story and checked it out to verify whether or not it was true and discover what so then vibrant walk around to the platform and they asked him some questions and relays other information that they had in them that they asked him since his the expression is true have you ever wish you could meet that guy is in a thousand times is almost everyday I think about I think that is the one for him I would have the good wife I would have a wonderful children that I have a would have been great Karen yes I want to move him well the host of the television program turn around and said ladies and gentlemen welcome states that for humans and so it was given behind the curtain well run walk was so shocked and so excited he forgot what he wants he jumped out of the sea and almost knocked the medical and they both embrace and this emotional hug and both witches we rejoicing the best of thirteen years they were able to let last week together in the audacious erupted into a clause in there was not one I drive an audience and then from behind the curtain came out to artificial and presented spec five given seven thirty years and award for his valor demonstrated in risking his own life to save a life that soldier but hard to get as we consider God 's Word this morning of father as we consider topic I pray your spirit move in our hearts and give us a greater sense of gratitude what you have done in Jesus name we pray a Goldman Sachs this morning is found in Romans than all of you went with this one I am what better both to the grace and to the where this will go to the wise and BIOS the online obviously Paul was moved by the escrow she encountered when the was confronted by Jesus and the boy great rescue the juices have made for him cremated and Paul a great sense of gratitude so much so that every time you read something about Paul tried to express himself concerning what God has done it was uses those were superlatives to not exceeding above etc. Gill he doesn't seem to find sufficient words to express it so is always adding and adding happy beyond what we can ask or think the user 's chosen are trying to convey to us it doesn't be on our ability to comprehend this is far beyond any mental capacity to grasp Paul then says she is a doctor and what ladies him to become adept work is as I sent a a conscious understanding a profound understanding of what was done for him and let me say this you this morning depending upon how much you understand what was done for you will determine how profound your appreciation and gratitude will be toward your Savior all the proportion what you say of exposure this way my wife and I went for Rigo evangelistic meeting in nineteen seventy eight my wife is a concert violinist and her violin was made by a student Stradivarius in seventeen forty six we were there Puerto Rico and we went from one from the one church to go to another church on the way they decide to stop us off and get something to drink in and a home so we went in there left our submission that in the car took what it was a limited range of federal gun back in the car went to the next church I proceeded to the back room to get together with the passage of the organized what we will be doing while I wife went out to the in the sanctuary overlooking violent case had to go get ready to play allows back there one of the church members came and said passive quickly come to life this cry love my wife is very very private and too rarely rarely cries in public so for the crime meant there was something desperately wrong so I went out there and that she was weeping she's had that violation she was nine years old and so she was weeping because once you open the case that humidity in the heat and just that short time have actually melted the blue and attention on the streets of Oxford pulled the violin part in well there was a lady there who surveyed the situation felt very very sorry for my wife said you cannot put her hand on my wife's shoulder says it's okay Missy Torres will take a environment will go and get some eligible and glued back together for now let me ask a question how much of that woman understand what was there and so call must've have had a profound I understand that either likewise because of these men when they speak about what was done for them that he is drawing the service I already express them in obvious that they're trying to grass or something like I am here this morning to express to you the reality of all of us inventors network encouraged to avoid leprosy apartment it didn't like leprosy correct that you would just as a debt that we can avoid nor will ever encourage to Peter puts it this way when he speaks about the great sacrifice done for him in the book of first Peter chapter one verse eighteen you have of there may get back to it notice what a senseless much as you know that they were not redeemed with what with corruptible things as what children golfing event conversation received by tradition from the fathers now notice that that copy that says you were not being the one redeeming his blog back it would not purchase back in the use of these this idea that we have to date and pawn shops and a nose P a WN is felt that because I was in Australia last of the havoc pawnshop in the past was shocked that I was looking for porn shop POR and anyway it up on shop analytical cash converters over there and so little in the cash converter I would you do is you most people to turn over some a material that they want to get money for and that if they wanted right after we deem it managed to have my back so there's just you were not redeemed who bought back with Toronto places to dwindle out which interesting about this passage is that in the Scriptures more loneliness as I will make a man more precious than the one the golden watch of over and in the book of Revelation jump of twenty one and verse agency and verse twenty one you will discover that God there mentions transferrin what kind of transparent gold and transparent gold actually now exist I guess you knew that right maybe you knew that I did not know it and I see ahead will well and we distribute little background nothing too much my time for centuries people scoffed at and mocked and ridiculed the side whole idea of streets of gold that were transparent to say what vertical industries were while the reality is that scientists don't discover how to make transferring all initiate all the time because all realize it or just want to give why all of you most of the affluent here correct well in the front in the cockpit that they the glass of the front and actually is made of two white glasses engine half the that ended when both his signing was a fellow transfer involved in the initial dose of June the day windshield flexible because the plan of the flies up high because it's cold up than glass can become rigid and brittle NFO word actually gets that they would shatter the glass of course playing with the be in danger so if I has how they tested the effort put those up reply glasses and a mouse and then take a day more decisive maturity and show that can avenge that plate glass even if it handles in fact the Mountain states a hundred and twenty bolts to mount that in and I I have all measurement doesn't have a resume than the sum of women's admission in the Lincoln Nebraska happens to be one of those guys of InstallShield glasses in the airlines but first again just as the manual addresses are now the interesting thing is that those panes of glass actually cost between twenty to thirty thousand dollars okay now you know why pay so much of why it's not just the fuel is so twenty five to thirty thousand dollars one of those pieces of glass are applicable how much is gone putting into the specific and the last question is who's a walk on those suitable who but I hear the Redeemer Rosamond Nystrom but what about you log is investing so much would listen the money was revealing something wonderful that what was offered for us was not sure for goal was office for us for something that was far beyond exceeding above in value to the Super Bowl we've set and what was next verse says it was the precious one love Christ the apostles are grappling with realities of what was done for the nemesis somehow always were capable of just serving area children with eight megabytes one hundred films and website and be able to to life not only does have the knowledge of the experience emotions etc. of what this all means so you and I have to grow in that am thankful that there are enough gigabytes to grow beyond that the person today excess and that we would redeem with the precious blood of Christ and what does that mean let me share with you something seven really moved me the as I've studied this subject and I was up this morning at two o'clock breaking the bread so that you have fresh Brook more the Bible says about so loved the world that he pay his only begotten son know the Scripture begins to to elaborate on that call righteous who being in the form of God saw that not one robbery to be equal with God with man himself no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant was made in the likeness of men than he writes the first man Adam is of the earth busy the second man Christ is the Lord from where from heaven he continues to elaborate on this thought and he says and without what controversy great is the mystery of what the godliness that is just gone that is what it says God was manifest in the flesh justified in the Spirit seen of angels preached unto the Gentiles believed on in the world receive developing to Mark no notice that the false as God was manifest in the flesh then assess being found in fashion of a man this God was manifest in the flesh being found in fashionable man humbled himself and became obedient unto death even the death of the cross now it sells for God so loved that he gave correct so there's a question that the proposed if I'd like you something is it yours then if I give you something is it yours noticed in the book of obsessed law did not let his son God gave his son is the difference what's the difference is a great difference call JE he is shot and so he did not lend you gave when sent me in the book are subclasses of passage their innocence of Christ took our nature and dwelt among us the ability was revealed in humanity the invisible glory in the visible human so if you have this combination of divine and human together now frankly I have to confess you that I do not understand how what is the divinity can somehow transform itself and become human I can bless I love you how this divinity that we don't understand somehow can transform itself into what we do understand and feel I don't understand I don't comprehend it and what's amazing is this that he became human and then assess when you send it he'd brought with him a wholly sanctified humanity so he was alone to us even just come down into his thing went back up to heaven at some of the above thing he actually became on of loss and according to what we see he retraces humanity follow forever and it's mind-boggling when you set how did it happen how good these I don't understand the thing I believe I believe that happen and try to grapple with this is like a frog looking at a O and then Caterpillar didn't transform into multiple in the fog understand that disaster now I know what you think it undervalued to frogs by what is in that the reality folks the SNL the reality is that the human mind is not capable of comprehending because we're not them I went to understand all the complexity to the job for all rise to limit himself to human flesh we just don't understand but it was really something level four for that to happen now here's the question is one thing for Christ fashioned himself as a matter that would of been sufficient to sacrifice for you to be able to be everywhere and do everything and have no limitations and then all of a sudden for you to let yourself that's a great sacrifice for the sign that you if all you did was to do that it was when sufficient admission became down and the question is what was at this and the next question is this what Christ has failed let's look at this remote you know that according to the Scriptures assist of the wages of sin is what you and we know that it took how many since the brand sin into the world one only cancer cells you need to have cancer one that one multiplies and what control over so it's of one's sin to bring about the condition that we experienced today now it is because of sin then that Christ became a man but beyond becoming a man he was risking something and the question I should ask you this however times can you send me forgiven and still make it to the kingdom many times I have somebody is going seven times seven eleven yes to question how many of you have already come close to that limit eleven because you encode the video a far expired all the with the longest sets of four hundred ninety times I daresay that most of us can't remember how many times we've done something wrong such as the time that we coming to life even if we don't know new things wrong is wrong with this we were wrong and then when we discover the difference between right and wrong we still do wrong is only by the grace of God you are not received not only forgiveness hard to overcome that which we do we save praise God for that beside those there is no amount of time send that one can soon be forgiven so negative when after the question concerning your Savior only ties with Christ and be forgiven and still specific comment zero no as I said before it's one thing for him to have become a map and now it's another thing for him to live as a man for thirty years and the devil naughtiness every step to try to accomplish in one way or another individual harassment and ridicule to feeling lonely whatever tactics we use use constantly and it intensified as Christ actually paying the Messiah I'm saying that because he was anointed the anointed Messiah was supposed to start going to the prophecy when the time prophecy clock struck so is his relationship with the body and an music adjusts accomplish giving Christ to falter once not all a thousand times and you and I have sin and price gardens and forget once what her chest when you say sometimes you and I have been in circumstances where were we were struggling with something on lives we wonder if Mobile Limited of sure many of you in medical school might've struggle with the with the with the temptation of quitting any of you and not have been right you may not have you ever thought thought network and this is a overlong and assisted on another leader someone always your hair as I was a pastor there have been times when those of you webmasters them in times when we have felt oatmeal stuff and get a different job but at the Villalobos challenge politics of the church politics Reverend inconsistencies of people all the harassment it comes misunderstandings and I can feel your loan another one was passing up a New Mexico house getting to feel overwhelmed and I began to think maybe London after all and this is just you know some whimsical thing that I love and I remember my wife was in California I was going to pick her up and I went down to Albuquerque stay with some friends as well as asleep before I went to sleep us progressive God that you would call me to this annuity is this just something that I imagine will Lord can I get off of it notice announcing and so but that night I heard my name being called so set up yes the money around pitchdark I thought all men have been dreaming the sleep heard my name called again wonderful soft boys loading setup looked around anybody all of a sudden one of feeling the movement is the Lord 's okay I am where I should be in the website but as I was made with a small trivial stuff that we go through struggle with those ideas what about Christ what must it have been for him to never have rest sometimes within the devil is after us and sometimes within his obligation is that Galen sent these along well the problems that is okay to be constantly constantly constantly constantly calls and then to realize that not once often not once not one time which he laid out his hair was down his hair would listen to what the serving lunch as concerning this one should stand upon his human life one failure of his humanity to endure the trouble test and the Lamb of God would've been an imperfect offering the redemption of man and what they want within the state remember that Christ risen how much all tempted like as we are at least a his own the carnal existence on the issue well folks he well understood when he left ten that he was putting all of heaven address is a long way towards us since I'd risk for who is sense heaven is often performed redemption at the foot of the cross remembering that for one sinner Jesus would've yielded up his life we may estimate the value of this safety if he could have in the least particular tempted Christ to send it with a Bruce Satish had as it was a good only touches the then assess at the head of Christ been touched the hope of the human race would have bought parish rest will come upon Christ as a camp on Adam Christ and the church would have been without one level of translation the reason why you have experienced all that you've expansion your life the reason why you're able to go to medical school become a physician etc. the reason when you've done all that you been able to do the reason what you've been able to be blessed by all the blessings you received it simply because it was somebody was going to come down that ladder addresses eternal existence what is I that will than holding onto because you could knowledgeable he could not be happy in the kingdom without doing anything to rescue you addressed to me we'll talk about something deep wayside of inventing profile in my office wonderful will understand while the angel same marvelous wonderful as it is a wonderment all these things were done to be the others as well all we were yet what Christ and to die for some call well stated I am and what when I woke up seeing the commentary was documentary about Brent Walker was traveling down to my wife and have an evangelistic meeting on Key West Florida supposedly Jacksonville I turn on the TV that night just to find out with the will use was and get an idea of whether and as I was flicking through again crosses will love story about Brent Walker is actually been interviewed in the costs talking about Vietnam caught my attention because that and a medic and five seen and heard the thing unfold I was also crying even though I was not on the television program the thing that that guy I forgot all about himself as gap put down and held on to that soldier dispense of his own life was a fine equipment it is well but the only thing that concerned salvation of that my nestle your dramatic pneumatic you focus on saving those God 's will get to think about yourself becomes automatic here somebody say that I can also run a nothing about any announcement whoever the candidate as so as I saw the pain by over the move someone to sleep in the morning when I woke up still thinking about that then all of a sudden it hit me this guy was longing to me this rescue for thirty years and thought about the blessings that he was experiencing any all because of this particular hello hello hello only long enough that is why long to sue my Savior as my long to see his rescue party confessed to that even as a preacher of screen them I did not have the same long as possible friends for us to become so everlastingly busying our activities we forget the most important thing of salvation was the truest amount is possible to get father with problems and difficulties forget the assault concern about is not necessarily challenges what are not even happy for all of us are going to suffer one way or another sexual in fact we told that if sufferings come that will rejoice when I think the greatest challenges not the suffering sufferings have a way of dealing with some greatest challenges prosperity the true the document will make the money you guys make but I can tell you it was a time when I did my make more money than you guys might fight my wife back in nineteen seventy nine ninety sixty eight in New York City was made two hello our bottom-line web acquainted today so there was a time when I didn't care about anything that may hesitate plain old bills and will not be women the candle to light my cigarette instruments are so prosperity the sun do it for us when we have to have challenges that Jesus humble for the greater danger is our success Lisa let you send this request is passage that you wanted like success could be the greatest Christian costs because all ultimately we're going to centers is not also successful you are with how salable you are so blessed to in here it reveals to us God gave his most appellees but is most famous of zero manual and evangelistic minimum well-dressed man walked up to man so after after my leaves only to talk with you the well-dressed man who sent down except look up if I do it decide if you caused some problems as to what he said well I'm a little woman and if I were to obey these things I would have to separate from them I couldn't bear the thought so as well as it's something reversible if you do what I said if you do what God says which one so I guess you are doing lots us as a point number two massive question what's more important to you is salvation one is all in these the cheer start trickling down the street I could tell you struggle finally sent my salvation said that God can help you talk to that one is am afraid you assume I'll be glad to talk to require visit would you suggest so set upon one o'clock well that morning I couldn't get there because I have some of this it's an in short additional family the wife is not Renaissance was not as you have planned the to capture him without him knowing by my opinion at the house and noticed website didn't tell him I was coming but he wanted it comes like a corn am talking about salvation when I got there he was gone she was so embarrassed Susan am sorry the Delhi have a job Sunday so I joke it will manipulate no you can't leave out propel the salute you got either an romance like that Gibbons remanded in the website on the Mac is so we sat down to eat well in the door opens up and a man watching is just now I know why shouldn't come back when I may be alone nervous and sent I know what he meant send down and select them I think that all aggressive towards him I know you are and then wanted my wife to know about you but is that I was traveling down my car about ten kilometers away in a voice to go back home turn around and was allelic entrepreneur I thought I heard something Ray was off so second I'm going to voice since more emphatic turnaround and go home I know what was wrong but something different one of my vision now I know I shouldn't come when he said that I knew when Angel speaks to your sold legitimately say just went down with them about the Lord and by that time most likely report so I was embarrassed to know what to say and decided that in the evening out apologize to him that evening he came in he and his wife or man is woman and it will five oh one she she she he said well when I saw it even show up at one o'clock trouble with ten after one came in the one around I was really concerned and one quarter after ten and you are not around I nailed to the face of myself a set of elements on a cry she won what was going on I told undecided follow the Lord and I can't live this way anymore salvation is more important to me than it else if you decide to leave you can break my heart she started crying she sits for long time I felt that we should live living this way and have always had the desire to tell you that I couldn't continue this way was afraid of what would you would leave me the willful concern about the same thing over his alone within the sound of married and baptize long story short he was a helicopter pilot very famous in Romania and use training somebody influence later rookie shut down the fuel helicopter went down in both transfers in the important thing is this that Matt said his salvation far more important than that which is the closest thing to his heart this clinician let me ask a question on your debtor but how much a much as I said earlier depending on your understand of what has been done for you determine whether to that you have in your heart is saying the same and to that and I wonder what will happen the kingdom in the kingdom of the people who will spend the I believe sanctify stampede to run to do what to embrace the Savior and which is flying that it would not have been able to contain themselves but grab the whole of the master and just say thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus pictures pictures you say so how waveform are limited but the additional outlay of you have felt that that which we been talking about the day is the kind of we then this morning Lord I have met the value of my life and they price it to the test kind of becoming eclipsed by the thing and I want to ask forgiveness as I and acid you will help to understand more profound that which you've done from so that I then may be able to focus on what's most important in anyone would like to stand say Lord this helped me to the more than two with what you are doing this practitioner of father of hearts is strangely one this morning as we consider in a deeper sense I'll work to do more importantly what heaven has invested the same price low block rather than the Sabbath day will be a day when we could be thinking and rejoicing over the great redemption that have been brought up our precious this weekend was produced by audio verse four amen is putting in the format you like to learn more about Nina please visit www. 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