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Dwight Nelson


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • October 31, 2009
    8:30 AM

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holy father we are in worship choir was singing violin was playing hearth swept heavenward realizing that in the throne of the universe worship is twenty four seven you have a Sabbath there the setting sun the market time its worship twenty four seven and every time we worship you below we connect were connected right now father keep the connection keep the connection for whatever you need to come from this teaching were depending on the mighty spirit Christ do it this is your time we are your people as Jesus mission binds us together we wait on you now in Christ name amen since this is the fall classic time talking about the World Series Jodi Barra who said it's tough making predictions especially about the future and it really is tough but I'm unashamed of making a prediction this morning that I believe that Jesus is coming very soon testosterone including me was impressed upon me this summer when I met a friend of mine who is here today he's a position prohibition of his honor and his university campus back in July in Toledo and the conversation got about a way for another across the hall from each other at the SNC 's other matrimonial college where Karen and I now denied any interviews my wife this is my my girlfriend four thirty five and half years and I'm just delighted that she came in here so Fred Nile Fred is not only a great deposition be very bright the logic are you really been reading lately zodiac at Yakima this and that is a lot aware unity check out Chris Martinson .com I said I'll do that I'm on great messages and trends analysis and so on himself that night Sunday that night I got my little laptop when I type it in Chris Martinson .com I hope you go there beaten the four forty three hundred company with an undead on the seafront in Connecticut began to sense where this old planet is that no Christian compile compulsion here decided to quit his job on Little Farm a Massachusetts raise homeschooling his children has set up a website to plead with the human race to listen to them long enough to come to the conclusion he believes is the prevailing truth for this generation right now Chris Martinson .com Siebel to this trend and trend analyst and he has withheld a crash course the series of YouTube videos between three to eight may be up to twelve minutes long to watch one right after the other good coarsening and economics it was Chris Morrison who gave me this give it to you right now on the screen or visited within the laptop yesterday arming to trouble it did I made it it is ditch wouldn't it in our seminary has expired us the various for those of you who are not aficionados of baseball this is Fenway Park right this is Boston Massachusetts Chris Martin says Chris Martinson says in a statement illustration let's do this together united right now Fenway Park highway this is a painting got it on Google News Google Fenway in up with that Chris Martinson says okay let's assume two realities reality number one I'm not handcuffed you handcuff you to agree to the highest bleacher right here in the business this is the last row Australia number one handcuffed you there the other reality we will need to assume is it Fenway Park will be watertight right the lead him to be one huge UNIX-based of the committee who are and I have a magic eyedropper so year handcuffed to the top row of the bleachers by the magic eyedropper I come down here to the pitcher 's mound is individually mount and I went to draw a single drop of water on that pitcher 's mound now the reason is a magic eyedropper is because every sixty seconds that single drop of water will double in size so after one minute is equivalent to drops after two men seek with its equivalent of four and so on and so on now here's Martin's this question your year up there at the top of the bleachers at what point do you need to begin to think seriously about extricating yourself from that Hancock and getting out before the before the stadium filled with water at what point in the first drive I evaluated in medicine and in him and are yet you probably want to start a about it immediately to answer at twelve forty four p.m. alright so we did visit hi I left out that other TVs we did visit new so you're up there at noon twelve o'clock at twelve forty four p.m. the water in Fenway Park is now at five themes eventually five feet is not even enough to walk over the white five feet ninety three percent of Fenway Park is still on the field with more begot at twelve forty four Louisiana but if you do not extricate yourself in the next five minutes at twelve forty nine the entire car will be filled with water it's called an hour of the exponential power of the exponential in any quotes AEI a scholar named Albert Bartlett the greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function in any launches if you take a crash course he launches into what he calls the hockey stick graphs of life take the human population for example here's the beginning of time wherever we establish that your convenience on his human race here's a graph RIP human rights in the race nineteen ninety two thousand two thousand seven two thousand nine and then the graph becomes a hockey stick in the next thirty years another billion people will be added to this planet where are they going to leave a art he says let's talk about this talk about the USPS seventy seventy six years he was dead seventy seventy six eighteen seventy six nineteen seventy six US dad two thousand US dead and suddenly when you get into our our year what happens that there is a hockey sticks she's the power of the exponential to talk about the fundamental oil reserves and eclipse a hockey stick over we had this much madness of this talk about water on the planet you get the point everything is coming up now the power of the exponential five minutes he also molested as a Vineyards a great testimonies and events come up in several these testimonies were living at the at the edge of time and Jesus is coming soon but you know what I keep my practice going to adjust to talk about that this morning keep a practice one at this that maybe after I retire we used to be able to think that way if we factored in a steady state any unchanging like development but the moment exponential is introduced into the reality of this human race suddenly overnight lyrical him though I cannot yes or no but of course the course again so when Chris Martin's and I started thinking when we deal and is another visit a tangential connection again to me even if you got today folded his arms in gender disorders on the claimant is maybe premium price alone let's just find this in your stopwatch host how long will it take for the human race to actually deplete itself and destroy itself on this planet and I did nothing no intervention supernaturally that's what struck me when the human race no Jesus is to run a time for Jesus in the story and were looking world and at a very somber reality blinding blinding at the World Cup at the activity got my eye when I read this I ever since his Bear Stearns meltdown is on the boat yesterday that in the Atlanta seminar March oh eight I just collecting the economic stories because I believe it's the single greatest story of Rome is not the single greatest rate economy right now is the rubble play straight in that economy revelation a demon needs anything it will play straight into the race and start recognizing so I I I I subscribe to financial newsletters investment newsletters with a new investors is Hungary him time so I came across this John Martin's newsletter and he's quoting as I printed off like a twenty page paper PhD Horace Brock was all in all his talk about where we are are all in all we witness problems that originated within the US give rise to global scenarios where virtually I explained why Alex is unthinkable as recently as December two thousand eight and do so with blinding with blinding speed in a Christian perspective year just saying leases just like that him itself we never thought could happen at all ladies and gentlemen of the memo do you understand what that means for letting me it means more of the cost went away for writing while in Afghanistan I had a blast in northern Iraq my little girl join the Army after they got married medical U.S. Army Rangers never got hit directly by nighty but he was so close I was talking with them and express my friends leave this morning so close to those IDs came back with DVI dramatic brain injury just because of this the seventy documented concussions while he was in Baghdad for those working seventeen document metadata so what would you think I said that Thanksgiving to more IDs and I think this world is not in the later evening accordingly for filling is not like he's angling for economy class he was ready to go a hundred years ago he's ready to go now somebody said today was the last time I was at the yesterday morning out of the Senate but he was right guys wait for the church in a way for it not been for the East and West alignment there's nothing like that he's ready to go I have to have a people who have my heart for the government to give you and I have the father 's heart you will never live in the father 's home that the truth and he can't bear the thought of leaving us all here so just let them go live longer maybe because of the Works still have my passion to reach his generation in a single generation they now know I was calling pronouncing the great day a man who is perfectly positioned I sorry as he did for big event name a man is perfectly positioned by God to go for broke right now you can get you can revive the church got reminded church in the library phone turned on medical professionals may did it and I did try to back in eighteen eighty eight bending so that's one reason we are living on the cusp so because of that because of that I now understand what she meant nine CMA noses when great changes are soon to take place in our world and the final mullahs will be rapid ones that reason the summer after Chris Martin's and I'm really great controversy and I chanced upon this line the end will come more quickly than we expect blinding speed writes this secular economist blaming speed more quickly than we expect Mister seven going on upstairs in the kingdom of God then this is Revelation eleven nineteen then God 's temple in heaven was opened just before the return of Jesus by the way then God 's temple in heaven was opened and within his temple was seen the archivist Kevin and Eric came flashes of lightning rumblings views of thunder and an earthquake and great pay and a great hailstorm just before Christ returns the doors of the temple art to open any vision the vision land yarn is given an insight straight through the doors and he sees the most holy place the are of the company something is happening right now what we see here enjoy good food good fellowship and worship together something is going on right now in the temple above and if were not clear about what's going on what's what what was his name is as a safety practices on Monday faith and practice faith and practice and practice faith if we will believe the most distinctive teaching committed to this community of faith it will not even bureaucrats in the full faith you are not practiced in the full faith it is not good news views and it's as little as it is little now I just think this is bad news and his morality this is the notion I want to go to the temple with you I want to find out what music is going on above representatives that he got here where were they on the chairs are feeding is any allegation of a promise that they make sure you get one again it was just told and if you want the study guide one ago two the obvious abridgment mobile bridge right out of the word at hand as I got up somebody at the TV control doing all of this stuff that I'm not my real screen widget today so let's go to Daniel go to Daniel chapter seven this is one of the most dramatic most dramatic and just does what was taking place right now in heaven example keeping another common to you for Daniel chapter seven verse nine and chapter seven verse nine not away if you somewhere get lost along the way to our website the insureds .tv the teachings there with the podcast unsubscribe instantly we be honored this industry to be a catalyst described that within the design of the study is all there is forgot on the docket that's the way looking for because the garbage conduct our adult series is called Teflon Virginia right now so the series is in process at the Honeywell church Dana seven verse nine as I looked for holes were set in place while and the ancient of days took his seat only physical description of the first version of the guided in all Scripture this detail and the ancient of days took his seat his clothing was white as snow the hair of his head was white like wool you know it at the time Daniel was riding in the culture of the near East about Allegra the virus make I did all the cars and in the Far East the very same for this is very much the same Far East very same culture and that is the older you are the more we feared and respected you are our core society here in the West tends to put you are into all will finally be able to be reminded about you we have places not all communities where would just like to say there was a reminding us the raw linen of their someday that's a setback that the tragedy of Western culture but in Eastern culture the wider your hair Y zero your mind so when you have what went when we got to Daniel pointed to eliminate the white hair white hair white as snow white like wool so there is the ancient of days his throne was flaming with fire and its wheels were all ablaze America this is a little drunk they can go anywhere I want as wheels on it as of the LS this a river of fire try to imagine is a rumor fire was flowing coming out from before him and the privileges that a few Ethiopian and whole life for a weekend convocation there's a kind of orders Thursday near the volcano so that you can picture this route it's molten our water flowing from beneath the throne of the Almighty by way right now right now this is a different name it's right now I was flowing coming out for reform thousands upon thousands attended him ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the court was seated and the books were opened there are three obvious easily read nothing else in the holy Scripture but these two verses there are three obviously that would run them by you very quickly now this is obvious it is annoying red obviously John is now number one obviously this is a court scene it was rocket science here there are adding and sharing records open sunlight is examining its core instead the court are obviously never wanted to court Saint Augustine number two the court is convened in God 's temple is however as it is for this palace would we give no mission control that the headquarters obviously the court is convenient here's the third obviously obviously the court is convenient before the end of the world has to be advantaged just before the end of the world we take time to read the entire chapter we start with a mighty empire and the amino version and we got Grayson then we have grown it's all in Jefferson and just before the conclusion of the human race there is a court is convened in the temple above that daylight is Daniels visitors might say same chapter but the court will sit this is again a time there's this really geopolitical superpower right that rules the world but the court will sit at his power will be taken away and completely destroyed forever then the sovereign then the sovereignty and the power and greatness of the kingdom and the whole heaven will be handed over to the saints the people of the most high and his Gotti will be an everlasting kingdom and all rulers will worship and obey him clearly the court 's convenience just before the end of time a gentleman there is strong the evidence and were not an Examiner today the website you wish you're a notice anyway there are strong Biblical evidence of the court is already in session in fact according to prophetic analysis the court 's minute session for over a century and a half and I not right over a century and a half while you and I are talking together right now the scene in Daniel seven is taking place as it was surely dawn upon us there has never been a period in human history as quietly defrocked with urgency at this period is right now this is a song is against me in part and do all you want but it's still song you can change that fact so from the meaning this is not business as usual not even for a man you have to think where we are now in time what's going on in heaven and what are solitary mission is to bring as if we don't have to have one the everlasting gospel as many human beings as is humanly possible under the Divine anointing of the Holy Spirit that's our mission so what is this going on clues in this scene taking place even as we speak there are five key players Christian revival sedan is over but let's look at these five key players is read of hers I guess I love the drums are set in place of the ancient of days took his seat is going was as white as snow and harassment his head was white like wool his throne was flaming with fire and its wheels were all ablaze in a river of fire was flowing coming out from before him thousands upon thousands attended in ten thousand times ten thousand stood before the court was seated and books were opened five key players K plan number one announce the ancient of days jobs father you little bit of the moment it did those the synonyms they are ancient of days on the father judgment this is a sample to slow question you this is the gateway to the celestial observers Jerry if you please the celestial observers juries we noted that in just a moment of their hundred million plus millions whoever's in this message or a hundred million plus millions is ten thousand and ten thousand two hundred million and by the way Daniel and John concur on those figures delicious the Jerry G player number three the protagonist Son of Man protagonist what that mean that the leading figure that is the main character in a drama protagonist the main protagonist here once this autism verse thirteen in my vision at night I will and there before me was one like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven he approached the ancient of days and was led into his presence he was given authority glory and sovereign power of all peoples nations and men of every language and women of every language worshiped him his dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed Son of Man do you know that the Son of Man was Jesus favorite self designation please Son of Man was the time he used to describe his eloquent than any other single tile on the Son of Man on the Son of Man I'm the Son of Man is a direct borrowing a quotation from Daniel chapter seven on that one I'm the projects I was infected the court came to court and warning is arraigned as a judge in the universe he's arraigned in your memories as the Wildcats divers quarters and because Jesus is keeping new is not responding at all when people are in your face and you face in your face and you will get caught in your face now and then when people are in your face on the ground saying a word just hold your gaze he will say not a single word no self-defense but that this wily Josie was admitted out he commands in the now but Jesus remained silent to that counter counter examination and cross-examination the high priest by necessity charge right of the bound charge under all by the living God tell us if you are the Christ the son of God you could tell me now is getting the necessary and the name of his father he's been asked to speak yes it is as you say please reply I sent all of you in this wrong court in the future you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the mighty one and coming on the clouds of halftime as precisely exact wording of innocent Daniel seven coming on the other on the context someday the tables will be switched usage of there's no question that the protagonist the hero to have the courtroom is the Son of Man in fact I want you noticed how does love this I want you to notice how central the role of Jesus is this what's going on right now suggesting otherwise a protagonist who are got that going for them number one is a protagonist number two he is the defense attorney for the condemned is a defense attorney for the condemned you know I'm just a minor message is going to VA hearings to become the next justice on the Supreme Court and such a being examined by the descendent Judiciary Committee and so so that it just tells them about the how how was we've grew up singing group in the group the New York City and I remember watching Perry Mason is a girl because someday I want to be that Your Honor one of the senators respond here on excessive urination was a defense attorney you live in a prosecutor on your life is a big difference and this is Al Franken for it was brand-new I have found that Minnesota missed any singer as a fact I was a very nice of them myself you know there's only one case entire television series is examined there is a defense attorney in the courtroom about who is never according to records anyway she has never our single phase one nine one the defense attorney follow this junta consumers want my dear children I write this easily you will not sin but if anybody guessing that's very good news for you we have one who speaks to the father in our defense defense attorney will want to speak to the product that had a great repair like I say Martha Holy Spirit called to the site visit saying it apparently is that it can get this company is really the one is called to your side I'll be the one called your son Jesus Christ the righteous one so he's each is the protagonist is a defense attorney when 's economies the Savior of the command to bring him back to the South as panaceas as big as the Civil War Jared is going to southern new Lookout Mountain in all that we we we grew up with it that the Civil War tales are reduced lease with the stories of an older brother stepping in for little Johnny who fell asleep on our community and him and executing the next day never those stories released again in World War II and all through human history somebody sentences out and I are him that's what Johnson Jesus entered into the saving us John the very next verse that these are the best relatedness easy atoning sacrifice for our sins and only for ours but also for the sins of the whole wide world what am I seasoned protagonist is a defense attorney is our Savior died November four these are mediator high priest hide recent courses is Old Testament language for what a mediator is today is our mediator high priest friend of mine that fell behind in his child support payments as a blanket would you go to court with me as a sure sell their number and carry on the car with my friend and resulted me somewhat to this and so inviting his name is called he's called from meningitis during the necessity we have a friend of the court here holiday something in here called to the court and are called a friend of the court to represent your spouse you need to know right now the friend of the court is never your friend and a friend of the court said here Your Honor I'm here and here as a being and she said Your Honor he saw behind here here when we morning here here here holy Scripture says there is a friend of the courts for every center brought to that tribunal and Jesus is a friendly core held at the hope that they'll blame each other for resorting therefore since we have a great high priest who is going to the heavens Jesus the son of God and hold firmly to the faith we profess in an attempt to be the greatest personality was therefore he is able to save completely to the uttermost building James says he's able to say to the uttermost those who come to God through him because he always lives to intercede for us we have a friend in court hallelujah right his protagonist is a defense attorney is a savior he's a friend of the court and finally guess what these also the judge yet he is also the judge unbelievable winners in John chapter five verse twenty two Jesus speaking moreover the father judges no one but is entrusted all judgment to the sun when and what is a database is exactly what negative a straight shot it down even though the ancient of days is shown as the presiding judge of the heavenly judgment Christ is declared to be the ruling judge say collaboration examined this is not rocket science either in your defense attorney happens to also be the judge can you ever lose the case UN and I what was that again identified that I remedy MRI I'm pregnant is a you and you and I say you land so they were soaked with a unique using within our community and do everything they can to destroy the state and religion one is the problem what is the problem not a way that he did think and I just thank the Lord Jesus is on my side does he not been immune about the father of the better known by the job is now in heaven in a study that John sixteen twenty six in that day 's before he was arrested in that day Jesus as you will ask in my name analyzing and I was a father in your behalf new for the father himself loves you because you love me and you believe that I came from God and the father loves the father himself loves you Ms. Ray the judge was younger five key players as the ancient of days the judge there's a celestial jury factors the protagonist guess what you you got it there's an antagonist there is an antagonist in this courtroom antagonist means opponent for defendant in court if your defendant in court the antagonist is always a prosecuting attorney in town attorney trust me the processing attorney is never your friend ever ever he make you look like these talk about us are watching around us so diligently to try to draw it out if the zoning of energy the prosecuting attorney the antagonist always is there an antagonist in this gang of seven courtroom scene absolutely hate but antagonist just a puppet but we know the big would we know the big chill is behind the public he will speak against the most high and oppress his saints and try to change the set times in the loss brought in the most dramatic courtroom scene in all of Scripture this is dramatic but it gets even more because you and I get drawn into the scene and you noticing a lot of Zechariah chapter three of me refresh your memory with this scene so there right apocalyptic vision he shown Joshua the high priest Joshua is presented in the entire sinful human race of a single community of Israel because Israel is his film centers present company not accepted it well since so this is a short hazards representative fellows in a race of us post any community must I should say that he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and in the Hebron region sometime such it was a sad time I was there I properly regarded in her proper name it's the time there was this a time who was standing at his right side breast-feeding attorney to accuse him and the Lord said to the set time the Lord renewed you use a time the Lord was chosen drizzling being you is this man the center and burning sticks snatched from the fire and Joshua was dressed in filthy clothes that he stood before the angel and he decided those were standard for acting office building and Joshua C I have taken away your sin and output rich governments on how to best as seen from the courtroom going on right now right now got it down please he is assistant who was his antagonist is this a time or the accuser has what it means in Hebrew the accuser of the human race he is not your friend never trust Lucifer and your life never argue with him and gave it to her great and tragic loss never argue if you got him going on your mind you try to debate it I got three thousand five hundred ten adult there are parish and happened in their young minds and happens in your mind two sometimes a little argument goes on back and forth you can know which side is the right sites which are listed as argument here let's enjoy Playhouse Square made made made if the argument starts in your brain it's over stuffed the argument means something 's up Gateway is never your friend I'm sure something very interesting about this courtroom scene but perhaps you never seen before the antagonist phagocytic receptors that the antagonism began his Civil War against God 's kingdom and God 's temple in the heavenly sanctuary this whole thing started in the throne room right next to the phone but covering Sarah right next to the throne 's lunches the greatest tragedy in the history of the universe it starts in the Temple that the key point in that means the accuser who began his diabolical career by accusing God himself and his angelic sympathizers were cast out of sanctuary Temple about that and this earth but ever since that defeat Satan has turned his withering fire against the truth about God 's temple because if he can utilize the Temple Dean Dean use the throw he's going for the throne so he intoxicants in the Temple we please if Satan can destroy the truth about God 's temple he can defeat the influence of God 's throne and apocalyptic prophecy both in the old and new Testaments he shown going straight for the Temple what this is advanced operators working before the great closing the sanctuary verse this is verse eleven team even exalted himself this puppet power for the antagonist exalt himself as high as the Prince of the host and by him this puppet power at the daily sacrifices were take away and the place of his Christ sanctuary was cast down these go for the Temple but his relationship with her gamers a video but is not saved by the power in blasphemy against God to blaspheme his name his tabernacle and those that don't have an easy-going the Temple totally surprised when united with something in the mail from somebody who got only addressed because they found out your medical personnel and your members and their ministers were meeting of recent description to this magazine don't be surprised if somebody gets a hold of your name and will send you the nice immigrants anyone is but you get the magazine and the entire magazine will be devoted to destroying this teaching is that this is teaching it's the key instrument who helped us see this teaching that really is a hidden agenda and I can speak and cryptic language and you understand what I'm saying that's the agenda we had a representative of the effect the head of this organization which is devoted to turning you into a former Seventh-day Adventist it has one mission just like a man has one mission it has one mission tournament a former 's just turn them into formless it said anyway he showed up in our community well the University there that's it we can do nothing many came one of those in attendance to try to me the ridicule and laughter that was heaped on the Bible teaching of the Temple and when I heard that the knowledge is coupled to the quick icehouse deplaned right into the hands of the Chinese why is it that is so tight on this teaching because the protagonists visit here on the stage and that's why many hates the protagonists strongly get rid of anything more Jesus is at the heart you unwittingly have played into the antagonist bands to destroy the glorious truth about Jesus and the everlasting gospel him mercy it's sad donor listener there's it if you start to feel a little something don't you just call me a commie of latter-day applicant that was the right minds could help you work through this we have not followed cunningly devised fables we have not followed cunningly devised fables all right found in over five hundred sedan after this date fifty player fifty player in every courtroom going on right now these be the defendants these meetings used to be duplicates and ninety cost of the same all cause and the holy people I like the holy people under the holy people on earth started teaching behind that somewhere the defendants each use the holy people either they are sure they should act as I watched Dennis writes this horn was waging war against the saints the holy people and defeating them all onto the ancient of days came and pronounced judgment courts can be a favorite note that in favor of the saints of the most high and the time came when they possessed the kingdom of God taught is it a secondary object of the antagonist or the accuses attacks against the divine temple are the children of the shots of the divine Temple like any weakness but if you came to the one you're going for blow up innocent children and women just blow over what you can get collateral damage take MSs new and therein lies this very intriguing truth jutted out there is no mention in the entire courtroom scene of Daniel seven of the wicked unrighteous they are not there they are not in the courtroom because no one disputes their choice of Satan as Lord so I think that his university it is a is a a doctorate degree awarding institution as illustrated here here is you're going to have university get a PhD in the Boston Red Sox as we opened up with sing like a tasty enough fan reactions to the team the Boston Red Sox which is unusual in a study Red Sox fans even interviewed and examined in a critique of the above and researching to get a doctorate in the subject because you are focusing on the Boston Red Sox fans there they hope the severe examination what are you going to do with the Yankee fans are not a new thing with him in order that the Boston Red Sox on the bench audios why did not really a defense because that's not the focus of the research your research is to study Boston Red Sox fans that it is only one sustaining a demand which is not the object of your focus when darkening this judgment there is no question who is who's allied to say they've been very open to be very vocal minority is the Lord 's difference in the air so that you can interview another image talk to we only can we know where you stand were looking for Boston Red Sox fans were looking for Jesus Christ 's have you ever profess to be a Jesus Christ and his hat and I will examine on doing research that's what's happening is whether no Yankee fans listed in Dagestan they're not there to get the point there's no mention of the wicked there because what you have ejected focuses instead on all throughout history it would declare their loyalty to God that's over starting today folks will get to you later cigar you will get to it is not in this business research redoing the dear Ed has pleaded with Joe Satan does with the likes of you and me I got your back to your login and willingly ways it was worth doing Thursday night and got examined what you think you these whispering Jesus J -year-old man protagonist have only been here amusing because my memory I have now only your closest these are your closest friends on earth what was about to send you for thirty pieces and the other eleven is sparkling that role I know what one is yours they knew that I do not examine what he did enjoyed by police Jill Kurtz is happy in his marriage turning me on it feels it is God who dropped America and you that's it's going the friends of God anybody who sat on the rats I spent a good unity in this study the friends of God for however long they were friends they're the ones of the studies focusing because it is now valued at over eight hundred they are all my doctors are trying to find out what's going under the rubble is right and so he convenes it is he convenes a judgment the court is seated in the books are thrown open sky applicable to live in name the face was everywhere I hear that name before you book it about our difficult times and see what it is a whole ship pal yarmulke on his value will sort itself nine jot this down never gives anything dejected verse nineteen the Lord knows he knows about the things written in stone this aging is written in stone God knows he knows who he is God knows he needs no judgment is satisfied his curiosity or to trigger his memory the records are not forehand school record for you God on the records of human beings in the heavenly sanctuary and invites the universe to look on check it out Elizabeth and I have no friends there I'm not a zero no friends on this planet I went to check it out it's open books open the books right now there'll investigated just jot it down please is in about a guy trying to make up his mind in court but about God seeking to defend his friends in court that's what it's all about such good news in the books those rejecting are not the issue in the courtroom their choices it is obvious but the word is absolutely clear that starts with his friends call him I wonder what about the Pol Pot were not dating anyone about all of these genocides all got says the word I believe that another court within the missing pronouncements oxidants are now what about those of their gender zephyrs before seventeen it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God what is the problem you get people who are renting it it doesn't have a new Christian explain everything away garden salad made with the Bible but it looks at second equities chapter five verse ten for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ all of us Christians are that as Christians we are everybody he was thirty the Lord will judge his people not an enemy of his people in the South are paving the way to visitor didn't Jesus say that we can come in the judgment that the mistranslation of the Greek outside of that there's that confusion initially Danny executed right here King James doesn't Mrs. John chapter five verse twenty four I tell you the truth about a way whenever you see I David you are verily verily linking Jnet on a name delete words it always means they were assigned look here for stop be careful watch this man on man whoever hears my word Jesus says and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be dynamic and is available in the record can be translated judgment or condemnation vanities anywhere we can put judgment because there we just had three verses in the Bigelow just saw the word must be kind whoever believes in me has eternal life and will not be condemned he has crossed over from death into life raise and donate it isn't the guys friends and I can be examined in a divine judgment thanks to the end-user they will be examined I think I think you need user to examine but a lot into their lives won't be condemned when their name comes up in the judgment that's the point separate reform and therefore now no condemnation to those are in Christ Jesus condemnation everlasting obsolescence angel wings it's a big little gift for teaching strengths that confuse the issue is precisely what Daniel seven concludes with his triumphant announcement I read it again as I watch this one was waging war against the saints and defeating them until the ancient of days came and pronounced enough notices judgment in favor of the saints of the most high and the time came one date only ones who possessed the kingdom Desmond Henry century courtroom reaches a verdict in favor of the saints using raisin gemma finalizing the US don't like when they did when he ordered an MRI we got the state context they say contextual when they came to defendant went to court he was not concerned about the determination of guilt or innocence she was utterly preoccupied with vindication and exoneration make sure you mother those words in vindication and exoneration are the issue in a humoral court of law not guilt and innocence win over the nemesis it's vindication so Jesus tells a story once upon a time when we didn't even have a didn't even have a son to defend her some some were in town estimate on this little lady is coming after her because she does not have inherent his trying to actually possess her property she has no defender she goes to judge corn is also reduces the shingles were just rejoiced in Jesse 's visit have a little late coming in any Sandman by day what if I hold out on this and think the details of the seven agrees not probably signified is the memory from my adversary and is set I don't know I need it finding it funny to think about it she never got the closing arrives if she got the clue is that I'm not paying you pay she came back against an adversary you know I think about it some more man she kept bugging him until finally one day according to Jesus Wehrmacht deforested this woman is one of drive me crazy I have to give her what she wants and he will rule the adversary exhilarating and is indicating her clean that's the courts of the Hebrew mind the adversary is thrown a ruling of the the one who is indicated as indicated however you are not raising young is the truth the life-changing truth about Revelation fourteen seven with you you've repeated so well fear God and give glory to him for the it's now that's what's going on right now right now that's a gospel truth that is going on right now and going with the good news of the judgment going on right now thirty the entire courts is on your side the entire courts is on your side I do not value but if the defense attorney is also the judge I think it would be the better part of wisdom to keep my case in use hands what you say but to stand with me as we pray together of God were not surprised with what went when the Bible teaching is allowed to teach itself we are not surprised that the antagonist of the kingdom of heaven would with to end me go after this truth but we are not deceived we will not be dissuaded by his appeal for the hero of heaven is our man Christ Jesus because he is our hero we know that the entire divine corn is on our side oh God please as medical professionals as human beings let there be no uncertainty where our case has been entrusted please give broadband is down in prayer and ask you three questions so if Fenway park is going up in five minutes we got five minutes of this part fails if history as we know it can and set the literally overnight three questions what is it that has you handcuffed to the bleacher at the top of that state what has you handcuffed right now to practice that be you know the portfolio some possession some passion and addiction happens in addition what is it that has us all handcuffed to the top row of the bleachers question number two can you get the handcuffs off in time how much time do you have like I guess all I have is today tomorrow yesterday just this moment can you get the often during question number three given the urgency of this hour isn't it time we get serious about turning it all over to the one person who can save us my player little mind games that can do that it's not a big deal please note it's a huge deal living on the cusp of eternity there are no insignificant decisions Soweto do want to give it Jesus handcuffs and all want to give it all to Jesus I can't think of a more appropriate response in the courtroom as were standing right now so if you'd like to take whatever it was it came to your mind if we'd like to take this moment and say Jesus handcuffs and all I give it all to you raise your hand hold and keep it up raise your hand and hold it up as a Jesus Seda handcuff you see the handcuffs take it off give me the courage holy Christ could take it off if I can't and you must take it off of me please not tomorrow now when I get back to it right now work on me on the Sabbath rep of my case in your hand and I leave it there holy Christ until you come see the decisions do not see you the decisions surrounding the surrender of a rule is a disobedient and was using my audio verso amen this Pentagon analyst and if you'd like to learn more about me then please visit www. a man and I will like more free online service please visit www. online universe


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