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Outside the Curtain, Inside the Camp

Dwight Nelson


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • October 31, 2009
    4:15 PM

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Matthew begins with the assurance design gospel of Matthew begins the lifetime the gospel of Matthew begins with the assurance of God is with us in an is with the assurance God go I will be with you always even to the filling you thank you why one of radio plunge into our moments together this is been a full day event here in the midst of us nothing 's changed you're still here and we are still worshiping you but this teaching tonight call us to move off of this mountain top into the life and mission that awaits us all we have one passion that is the Lord Jesus Christ and his soon return to this ignited with that we pray in his name on the four hundred and ninety two years ago today you could hear the agitated launch of the strewn autumn leaves is that young man barely thirty years old hurries across the village plaza clutching in his hand his mission got a find that bulletin board for the University turns out the University book bulletin board is a wooden door to the University church five hundred and twelve four hundred rather four hundred and ninety two years ago today young Martin Luther issued ninety five challenges to the prevailing religious political superpower of his day ninety five challenges to this notion of in gold sentences getting you anywhere in this life ninety five theses my boy Kurt was little he came home so excited when they said oh daddy daddy we learned today about Martin Luther and how he nailed up the ninety five species ninety five theses ninety five challenges unwittingly by the way in uniting in the process from mighty Protestant Reformation had no clue never wanted to leave the mother church of God raised up that boy turned young man in the Reformation was launched I carry these words in my mind because I don't want to forget these words let's not waste a good picture to Leslie Linda Martin before we harry a forgotten art was with us tonight you mark great men great man suffers physically buses leaves the Jets suffered physically all theater had somebody from a man when he needed intense constipation was not funny that was his cross to bear eight tenths house Caesar just walking up a per deliverance and of course in fifteen minute in the fifteen twenties and thirties there was all out of the levers gone from anybody back then for that problem Marvin Ottaway 's wrongness Charles Spurgeon with a great great great preachers suffered what he called his black dog always with depression have you noticed that when God names a man when God names a woman he blames her forgotten name Jacob assimilate me now I'm giving you new name but I'm telling you so that you lean on me like you've never read before and gotten names a man he lanes in some of you have gone through a laming you never knew what it was you just suffered under it if you bake got to take it away like Paul in segregated twelfths is no when I named you are ancient Gallipoli this thorn in the flesh and take you die but you will need me to you die make it up to you one day you will walk without a limp you will dance without a limp one day so Luther had great conversation I carry these words in my Bible home I the Reformation did not as many suppose and would lose their it is to be continued to the close of this world 's history Luther had a great work to do in reflecting to others the light which God permitted to shine upon him yet yet he did not receive all the light which was to be given to the world from that time to this has been continually shining upon the Scriptures and new truth have been constantly unfolding we are the inherent doors of the mighty Reformation it's still going on life what is a progress for a Dana Beth adjusted the shiny life in China more and more and more and more the perfect day until Christ comes like just keep getting brighter and angry warning this thing together the Reformation is yours and it's mine but let anybody take it away from you in the heart of this Reformation we been called to raise up is a teaching that we gave quick attention to this morning on the back to it tonight I'm changing difficult inaudible and unchanging art our theme tonight so the study guide you have be good if you go to our website and they give give give the answers convinces all that the Bible study got up at the website but I feel impressed to do this this is the group to do it with and so what you need to write down two lines when you need to line some of it will look like their study guide materials in all been yellowing us I want to fill it in you won't be able to that study guide that you're about to see who is also our website so you can not you fill out later but just just get the kernel of what were studying tonight and then not there but he wants to leave this is a necessary night and so we will not linger long here but that let's go to that unique contribution to keep the Reformation fires ignited Leviticus chapter sixteen the great the great pinnacle of the Pentateuch by the way the Pentateuch is a chiasm dealer chiasm this is a literary mountain that means Genesys to go like this Genesis Deuteronomy Exodus numbers Leviticus is the peak of the chiasm scholars are now found out that Leviticus is not only the peak of the Pentateuch chapter sixteen of Leviticus is the peak of the peak and chapter sixteen wouldn't you know it is the day of atonement chapter in all of holy Scripture it hasn't it has a New Testament when he was nine chapter sixteen is the peak of the literary peak of their chiasm that the biggest chapter sixteen twenty nine on the tenth day of the seventh month you must deny yourselves do any work whether nativeborn or alien living among you because on this day at one minute atonement will be made for you to cleanse you keyword cleansing of the sanctuary we grown up with it that's our contribution to human thought and theology because on the day of atonement at Summit will be made for you to cleanse you then before the Lord you will be clean from all your sins try to imagine that they seventh month were in the community working the community of faith that little wandering horde of liberated slaves making its way to the promised land you and I are there today has come the day of at one David so much young people who in the Hebrew we've come to Yom Kippur today the entire congregation hundreds thousands gathered around the church only difference today is the church is empty there's nobody in the church except one human being only one human being every one of us is gathered pressed around nobody's laughing nobodies nobody joking nobody's chitchatting every mind is intensely tuned to what we cannot see we cannot even hear it today normally we could hear him our high priest because Sony do that and the hem of his magisterial garments were belt underground barrel pomegranate pomegranate Bell pomegranates but he is stripped himself of his regal robes and now he's in the sacred white linen we can even hear him is he alive try to imagine if Aaron slept the night before would you sleep the night before going into this physical Shekinah presence of Almighty God could sleep you be on your knees the whole night long tradition says earnings investing tied a rope around the ankle of the high priest just in case as representative of this follow community of sinners which you and I are he might be stricken down by God as a mind on confessing there is a whole lot on frame going on outside the church praying going on inside the church especially my father Aaron who just weeks ago lost two boys who in their inebriated stillbirth stumbled into the Shekinah glory and should go just like that nuked he knows that when he draws Israeli side he's in the lethal glory revealed only because he's a sinner what was it like on the day that one young people were there two clues and hear that you're going to do right now they are two clues that can guide us how to live in the Yom Kippur of human history because that's our contribution Martin Luther could didn't didn't live long enough to even find a set but we live long enough now to find Yom Kippur the final strategic chapter in salvation history is being written as we sit here tonight regarding into that this morning to clues in the ancient yanqui poor but go clue number one the command you must deny yourselves what's going on here to yourself I can keep it by taking the pen moving sorry to deny yourself means it is depicting an intense personal personal seeking after God we don't know what this word afflicted in the King James the Hebrews rented afflicting American standards humble yourself in obvious denies Celso what's up nobody knows Roy Roy game Old Testament professor at our theological semi your writing right my dear rather than gathering the needed scholarly canasta spent a week in review he will come and just a delightful couple is an archaeologist needle test get this right game was invited by Zondervan publishing to author in the NIV application Bible commentary series two authored a book on Leviticus and Numbers a seventh day Adventist scholar was asked by an evangelical shiny would you please author the study of Leviticus and Numbers writing rights about the day that when they become and has been so helpful for me in my study to have a Roy's manager but right is talking about what's going on here and he makes this point he says okay so independently we Moses never uses that word outsourcer we don't know what he means by to afflict yourself but if we look at some thirty five thirteen we look at Isaiah fifty three militant Ezra eight twenty one three other instances the practice of denying yourself or holding itself is always linked of fasting fasting turns out is through the damage though it is the only day of the liturgical of the liturgical calendar whereupon .com man didn't fast effective acts twenty seven it's called on the fast possibility to ship it was the fastest start about young people ages the fast the only date recommend fasting donated by the way outside of the Sabbath they got committed no work I want no work on this day zero work on what you conflict yourself how want you to humbly use of deny yourself what's going on it let's let's put it right here thus practicing self-denial is an outward expression of a company 's application got at a time the inner distress temporary suspension of normal activities including eating it sustains life that would be fasting focuses on God without interruption any knowledge is told of dependence upon God at a time of special need what they need about fasting talk about a subject that I've never talked about until just just resist three four weeks ago but never brought it up but I want to do it outside of my book but here tonight with you was a big enough fasting have you noticed we are living in an appetite driven culture appetite appetite appetite if that thing about this every television ad that you can think of touches on appetite appetite for possession appetite for food appetite for popularity appetite for power appetite for fame almost every ad on the front of it is there one and it does not appear to appetite everyone within an appetite driven culture so what would happen is collagen which you and I are seeking to spirit to survive what would happen if we has SS and at what is it were really hungry for what you hungry for what is it in drive you what you lose your life as a medical professional bloody hungry for appetite for success appetite for prominence as we all suffer from appetite at the exit of suffering God gives us the ones they were hungry for maybe as a counterbalance to our appetite driven culture and society may be once in a while but his rebel and what we're not done before maybe once in a while we ought to think about intentionally denying our appetite and fasting really given by Jesus it just isn't immediate bit of balance counsel for several enough to remember these words of Jesus as the next six or sixteen when you fast okay let's assume that you're not a fast Jesus never command the fast but he assumes you might when you otherwise is when a bribe and gone that's when that's when the friends of fast so it is a kind of tacit acknowledgment to be times when you fast when you fast do not look son was able to do that with a disfigure their faces to show back when women follow I'm fasting I tell you the truth they have received their reward in full the reward is who is it that's it who is fast at all anymore you get you tell that's it Elliott hello this is Eugene Peterson but when you fast the visitors when you first put oil on your head and wash your face and so they will not be honest in many your fasting but only to your father who is not who is unseen and your father who is who sees what is done in secret it will reward you elegant Eugene Peterson in the message when you practice some appetite denying discipline I like that appetite denying the discipline to better concentrate on God to make a production out of it this is really good ergo it might turn you into a smalltime celebrity but it won't make you a saint and I get on e-mail it will know if you're going into training inwardly at normal outwardly shambling Colonia hair brush or take especially pressured the wash your face God does not require attention-getting devices he won't overlook what you're doing he will reward you as well don't tell your don't tell the people at the office your practice don't tell your spouse don't tell your children get a roommate note that a roommate don't tell your friends came to see yourself go as if you gone through life as usual only you and God know that today this 24-hour period or however long you choose to establish this period of time you are going without just a day and a night perhaps when you are holding your I normally drives your schedule and defined your day to think about it our lives are defined by appetite center you here and here and here and expect to hear that you give me we express and define a so tonight just don't tell anybody made itself to the classroom rest of the television rest of the radiographs of the iPod if you go without Internet news I suggest asking for my cell phone but we could live without those legal and use yourself but whatever it is you fast from it here's the point whatever it is you fast from in each usual place in your daily schedule insert some quiet time alone with God without about subsidizing it so I'm halfheartedly thirty missing out hey I got thirty extra minutes what you will do with those minutes don't just do more work is missed the point of it goes somewhere get away from work take your lunch hour and substituted with time ago by tomorrow you can be alone if you are driving a car away and parking it in a Walmart parking lot near the edge sitting in car but be a little substitute that the activity to your fasting from with this quiet time alone with God to give taken by the lunch break you got back fundamental question is yelling in your drawer in your office that your practice course you take the Bible was find somewhere we can be alone with holy Scripture is to be a subsidy appetite for food when appetite for every word of Jesus but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God and by the way that reminded when he spoke those words it was at the end of it for a day and night best he never acceded to forty days and forty nights ever ever ever you will never have to Moses Elijah Jesus that's it but hate it it is in the closable on that will he had a handgun that when the following zipper who has always shaved his sword you are the fathers beloved decided that when I are organizing out dryer are it was each moment more combat that Jesus spoke these words is written men and women do not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God my friends down and not down the road began to Michigan we got a great organization down that it that they are heavily Baptist they're called life action ministries that have the organization before retreat center right on the Saint Joseph River they put out a journal called the revive five it are what their people on this planet who are just as eager perhaps even more eager than we are for revival that may come as a shock to you but they are out there by the hundreds thousands and God is marking every single one of them and one day they will be among the seven thousand and about Mark and I am most people part of my rented community in the never join our church to be a part of that last so anyway so this is always devoted vital boredom is it in the governor Bible board of and a great illustrator Howard Hendricks of brilliant about this professor Dallas theological because the striations would a man I know came to Christ so I gave him a New Testament was medicated right I gave in the New Testament I told him to read he came back a week later instead I read I said I know my mental thing when you read the whole thing is that I read the whole thing including the policy that hi so long as I'm in the follow-through and found an act is limited in other sections of this thing is so I gave the Old Testament and three weeks later he came back and said he rented nice speaking to the reader my friend when the elders in our church who have never read the Bible through never went through present company excepted of course and here's this guy was like a little kid with a fire engine so excited to study the Bible sometime later the same in our study the Passover Jesus says Luke twelve fifty one 's life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses if it will does this mean what I think it means I asked him what he thought it meant and explained better than any commentary I've ever read so this man went out and liquidated eighty million dollars worth of property to resource the work of Jesus Christ is taking a pocket Bible and change your life no really for the Sabbath school lesson quarterly sake just read it for thirty minutes I have alone with God and I want to read his word right here he may bring a radical word of instruction to you in a day of fasting is a way of reminding it clear to be a good day now to bring that to her a good day to bring this to his minds open we are living in God 's final strategic chapter in salvation history ladies and gentlemen there is adjustment going on tonight 's gig Halloween off the mouse all Saints day not taken it off is not taken a day off the judgment is going on in my life are not God 's plan works but if it were human time what's this every second on this planet for babies are born every second to human beings diaries that growth up to one million every sixties we gave in which the people we let alone those who are come seven feelings that battle Presley it will be a minute this is a work renders or anybody else at the distant can't do okay but two people died this is why wanted that two people got so specific things they got a second and if and if there really will examine every second president of the blocks enclosed on this planet wife is over there are no beef and bargaining ER they will get in silver to a second to a second public is added to the update things just got been so busy did she confess Christ get forensic every second two books are being shut on this plan and sleep it could be used numbers sleeps reliving the judgment reasons and how are we meant to be living with this from that apocalyptic classic great controversy we are living the most celebrated as world history the destiny of her steaming multitudes is about to be decided our own future well-being and also the salvation of other souls and upon the course which we now pursue a man members we need to be guided by the Spirit of truth every follower of Christ and earnestly inquiring right now Lord what we you have made to do please tell me we need a humble ourselves before the Lord with fasting and prayer amazing in the power of his judgment we need to humble ourselves before the Lord this is basic so want with fasting and prayer and to meditate much upon his word especially the scenes of judgment can you believe that especially the fact that when the government passed pray and meditate crumbling ourselves in what may be even harder on you consider fasting is a demonstration of our total dependence upon God I don't know when the data do not know how long the data do it I don't know where to tell you to do it if you are prescribed diet gently if you position yourself and then let me say that you brought it up physician heal thyself position so spinning electron help everybody else it will be people in the tragic story of the universe those who devote their lives to healing others are themselves lost died of the disease regarding humans position nice okay two lines to write down my number one was clued me into clues I don't have to live in this name it am a good one deny yourself that Jesus is the other one right down assemble yourselves clue number one is about is about done intense personal seeking after God close number two economy intense collective seeking after God took contributed to study down assemble yourself to semis out the pics and intense collective seeking after God that got uses the language hold the sacred assembly of the sacred December the day of the David Tillman is living the name of the opening a personal densification and a collective or corporate intensification surely the words of the man who is regarded as the greatest theologian in American history his name is his name was Jonathan Edwards you've heard of Jonathan Edwards and put some words with Edwards on the screen for you when God I like this when God is about to accomplish great things for his church he will begin by remarkably pouring out the spirit of grace and supplication when God is ready to do something huge with his church he preceded by the pouring out the spirit grace and supplication let me show you because you see the liquidation marked from the last right initially we got that would be from saccharide twelve percent this and I will pour out on the house of David right now pioneer their own once a Missouri claim this promise and I look for out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem also David would be the leadership inhabited Jerusalem would be the membership right leadership membership everybody's treated the same and I will pour out on the affidavit and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication I will pour out upon you a spirit of asking in fact they did the new living room isn't that what I will pour out for out upon you a spirit grace and supplication or a spirit of prayer or spirit of pleading or what God is saying is to pour out his Spirit upon you so that when the spirit comes upon you you were going and you are going to play with me ask you ask ask ask like you've never before donors put it when God has something very great book on this first church it is his will that there should preceded the extraordinary prayers of his people so what Joshua this morning talked about AOL got there we see God at work missing guy working the past and were to see the latter rain oh hallelujah in the future but we don't see God at work in the present is done with the lettering is still future relation eighty one and this saw that another angel came down the whole earth was lightened his glory the glory of Christ and there will be a massive global revival for Jesus returns right so we know it's coming but the interest before the latter rain experience of vocation so here's the deal what if Hewitt I began climbing Zechariah chapter twelve percent said that I need I need to spiritually I need you to give me a heart that asks cannot because I'm not asking just not asking that much did make I leave you I can even engender that myself I didn't mean all heart that asks on disaster for the heart right now you know the Holy Spirit until I really ask give me a hard address my kids know about it weight is bigoted against because every time they they would get near Christmas they would start fining the Sunday paper the kids are eschatological the simplest thing to come out every Sunday and and and scared hard drive and a here we could not believe this little community odds are that a bitch after midnight tonight the moment November one comes there hidden all the lights and Christmas trees would be like tomorrow night I did you see all these ready and waiting Christmas decorations ready to go unearthing the country that you were missing to celebrate Christmas starting in September all the way through just make sure to cover Christmas list so I when the kids are eschatological when women like his little curtain Christie they would they would that I give too much undecided pages related this kids R us and inform and hit his public or the legacy don't be going to court all all all and brazen I tell you the truth pretty soon it is ever anything I found I found I wanted my whole life and can I believe you and I this year is probably very good between our president I don't have this beginner and what am I thinking in my mind you write a family that is dated the all right by Paradise and because I know that next week when the second follow-up flyer comes out in the Sunday paper couldn't get elected I think or look at it but any obligation on all of him at five five eight nine five about this is what I really been one every parent knows that you don't take the first ask narrative the first task went to watch about this you really want this or know if week after week after week that that's a little texture and Walmart her kids are accusing this is an and after a few weeks on thinking I think he's focused in on this in error course area is now impressing me this is not a fly-by-night drive-by shooting this is an actual desire to know you and I pray for the Holy Spirit like a kid with a Toys catalog all what holiday men by which decided not always so that I'm back at my office before the basis drive holiday on the Holy Spirit make it a busy guy to go and Tuesday Tuesday were not even remembering against turning the game is Toys right it was his foot is Holy Spirit just another tall to gratify my sense of possession that's why Zechariah twelve ten latest gem is so critical discusses this be viewed to spirit and you won't you keep asking and asking and asking them to find a one-day phone when I'm ready you got it but your heart is so wide open now you can get everything for so don't be like that don't be like our kids when you see the promise of the Holy Spirit in the Scripture catalog you just keep your finger on that and you have a semiconductor got Lisa got it sis will haven't changed my mind I still want you keep asking these registering LOI says of those present store of the press for the lettering are stored up in heaven storm one day X will all reflect his glory so you bask toward ever quick asking all I let the sliding because it denies yourself is a private and deathly personal experience assemble yourselves is an intensely collective experience guess what and I don't want to hear this but if you believe they were living in the day that one and at the judgment is going on now and Yom Kippur is in full steam ahead you're going to be finding every opportunity to gather with others who believe just like you and that includes prayer over just ask and I come home and so I sit understand I can't go to meet another good as me just make sure you understand it's a postsale word to me about it you can justify this to the table in the face now saying that amen amen you just tell God why in the day of atonement you have no time you are the leader of your practice and you have no time to meet with that humble little team of Saints one of those is so humble that when she puts her cars on her blue hair CS Lewis said sometimes I get the feeling pretty huffy about these four eleven fifth rate of on the seventh rank music and then I looked at the little lady with the rubber boots sitting in the pew beside me and I realized I am not worthy to unlatch those groups that a woman has been showing up in your church for prayer meeting for years and you tell me you are to be an too good to join her in prayer you may just make her life by showing up and saying guess what I've rearranged my Wednesday schedules so that I can be here at seven at night my family can do without me coming straight home in fact I'll have them meet me at the church five people there sacred assembly young people are permanently hard on you clergy had the same problem some clergy if they didn't have to do for meeting would never go to permit and there are too many churches that have decided to shut prayer meeting down and someone you belong to churches like that they don't even meet now on Wednesday nights were doing it at home rubbish deny yourself personal intensification fewer cells assemble yourselves together corporate intensification of his gentlemen out of the house are going to I don't know how else this promise can come true a revival true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to see this you PR Barry Barry Barry first work there must be earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord not because God is willing God is not willing to the store 's blessing upon us but because we are unprepared to receive it a revival may be expected only in answer to prayer one Assam one twenty one one SM one twenty one one S M one twenty one a revival of true happiness is our most desperate need living in the Yom Kippur David Doman I think the little lady is absolutely right when I have to start asking for this not kids R us new asking and asking God Zechariah twelve to just give me the spirit make of you a spirit of supplication spirit of grace and supplication am asking you please give me one day he will and you are going to be in the matrix in the matrix of the last chapter honors and I don't want to be anywhere but in the heart and soul of that final movement that you own mercy please dear God don't leave us out after all of this that we are sales should be lost intensify intensify intensify your faith some assignees bitterly deserve a damper of care whatever it is double exceeding fifteen minutes in the greater the opportunity and fifty minutes in turn of the thirty eight in thirty minutes and if we go to the office turn it on our double your time ago when you do it out of there where you do it intensify intensify intensify that they are those committed my office five five university students as a pastor we got to get serious about this is an e-mail after we visited together with Edward we are meeting every morning at five thirty and praying together five thirty in the morning praying together every day is a little excessive don't you think every day please is once when we find for me everyday five thirty in the morning intensifying a friend whatever you are because God is upped the ante with that critical this is the hour Jesus is about to come loose enjoyment we are in the judgment it's time to get serious with the Lord Jesus when you say the boy late raisin out of his house for the school bus he listed again the neighbor across the street was that in the shadows and he saw the love Junior come raise enough and there does appear to do red taillights of the school bus late again the neighbor called out in a junior looks like it and run fast enough the boy shot back all of us are I ran fast enough I just didn't start soon enough lasers and I know you can run fast I'm very impressed with a man I know you can run fast but I'm very concerned that you and I will not start some it's too late five virgins found out each time I too late can't get any of that now it's over start soon start now start with Jesus you you finish you finish just fine the spray of God it's the truth of the day of atonement intensify our faith over lease don't let us just say amen fitness and be unchanged do what ever it takes for preacher and people alike changes give us a Zechariah twelve ten spiritus application so that we will not quit asking we will not quit asking until you give the prize to that brings every other gifting heavens treasury in its wake give us police a spirit of supplication and do with us must do so she's a house I will this weekend was produced by audio verse four amen to that it will automatically like to learn more about a man and visit www. amen I will like more free online www. online universe are


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