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Old Things Have Become New

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • November 1, 2009
    4:30 AM
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oh father in heaven thank you please consider the words this morning 's open my mouth speaks through me I am in Jesus and how many of you have read through some of those chapters in the Bible that begin with a big drop in the regard you and how many of you has to go those chapters because there is an assumption that must be something more interesting than the Bible but let me just make a statement here in La Jolla famous sermon short is to try to help it get to me there's nothing in the Bible and God is within their because she needed space to fill in everything in the Bible is there because it has a purpose I will share with you this morning for example beginning Matthew Mathis while those chapters that has to do with the big shots and it begins with the generation of Jesus Christ son of David Abraham and then as soon as Jews begot far as and Sarah Damer first the guys from the national did not grab some and got bars of rehab in Boston got over the roofs over the guy Jesse and just begun David the king David begot that the Solomon of her that had been the wife he writes it continues on through brands in the genealogy or without the Jesus Christ the amazing thing is that this chapter introduces us into for women in this genealogy was reading women are not part of the genealogy to resume most about and move example you'll find that the massive question why were these four women introduced into this list of great men a man Jacob etc. and more than that these four women are not Jewish when it all jumped on the salacious to the question as to why wouldn't go insert the names of four Jewish appointment for Gentile pagan women into the genealogy of Jesus Christ we began by looking at some of these women which will help us to understand why this blog is written that chapter first of all look at the growing clamor if you have your Bibles in China with me and were introduced into the chamber who absolutely daughter in law of Joseph Judah Evansville one of the sons of Jacob Mister Jabir shows that Judah parted from instructions and God had given to his children not to go in to intermarry with unbelievers Judah made so slightly and decided to take her for wife and she conceived and if you have three sons from Joomla! for several sperm second one was on another invoice you Scripture says send them Judah following a wife for the sun and the wife it was found was maintain demo was a candlelight and the Scripture reveals and that once units of this young woman to be wife to his son something terribly happy and bowling I and then ended the Jewish customer thing that was that the second most integral also when he came to the third boy Judah had no intentions of giving the third boy that will notice was just measured you that the chamber is not an long remain a will of the father 's house Joe Sheila my son to grow Propecia venture Niles so what if you begin to think about this slight Jewish Temple by a jury my first volume dials the second volume dies on the new microphone is something about her that I will so essential home know the wonderful thing about this young woman is that even though she was pagan origin she apparently in the heart has accepted the Jewish faith of saying that because when she was sent home to begin to feel that her father-in-law was up to no good and that he was going to defraud her and therefore she would be childless to the Jewish mind especially when it is imperative that the Mitchell and sometimes when you read the Old Testament it almost appears that women in the Old Testament may be crazy natural on a new look at Jacobs to watch as the Battle of the Bulge Youngstown site they were classified as kids right but what was this whole idea of having kids will suggest you have budget kids know all Jewish women who were women of faith and understanding of the promise of God had given to any through the IC they all expected that sooner or later one of them would be the honored lady who could bring to the world 's Savior now it's true that sometimes women get carried away with that comes the reality is the same though we had canonized somehow while outside she would canonize the inside she was a woman who is even though she was married into a dysfunctional family she wanted to be part of that she wanted to be part of the home to such an extent that she was willing to do anything to accomplish the Scripture says that she dresses somewhat like a prostitute and weight of along the way until June ten by Adam the rest of the story is that she got pregnant and living relatives of October discovered she was pregnant to send word to Judah said you need to come over him but this will be done at your own thing so scheduled shutdown that the young lady gave evidence to those who were there who was the one in the right who was Junior himself and Julie makes a statement that is what he says she has been worldwide more righteous than what is not because I gave are not the Sheila in the minimum ten more than becomes one of the great great great great grandmothers while sitting canonized pagan becomes the a woman was Christ the radio and mentally I change my sermon on the humility of Thailand's most egregious but I felt impressed to change the topic and I believe that the Lord to speak to you never send it right happens a second one that list Rahab is found in the book of Joshua and she is introduced as a prostitute when you look at the background right you discover that she is of course of the kind of night people and canonize actually this unavoidable half now with him the blood boiling I can understand how it is some money can grow up in the church like him and see all the glorious miracles that he saw Sue God in action be one of those is survived instruction of the year see a rainbow for the first time and then turned his back on all of the understood anew because his phone have that we have been and then run is the one the biggest of those our right holidays but somebody can grow up in the fighting and turned to be the enemy of the faith I don't understand that but it happens that true I wonder if some of us may have children with the and good rice in the right way to become a grade grade grade grievance to us I was in that well Rahab comes from the Canaanites and the canonize and the Amorites and the Jebusites of all sites where people came from half and the amazing thing about this is that the wicked people warlike people immoral people and yet God said that their cup of iniquity was not yet bought blog gave them four hundred four hundred and three pages of grateful marriage I'm grateful for that patients with design sometimes people say well you know they say Jesus is coming my grandmother 's bed and my mother that if Jesus is not yet come what is two hundred years Nebraska four hundred years of waiting and yet God in his mercy was willing to endure this group of people because the Bible says that God is not willing that any should perish how many but that all should come to what repentance and so time okay with commands given the recovery is cool in his service you need to destroy high times MRIs canonize parasites I was there besides time to the UMass how far these people go and forgot the five hundred and eleven only dyslexia when you have your Bibles and religious cell don't have your Bibles to go home and read it understand that these people practice English theology these people had to generate such a low that become animallike and the command was the negatively strong and yet in the mists of all of that we find this girl who says to the spy 's the Lord your God is one God in heaven and where in the north of the event it is a girl that there is a prostitute the Bible says Rahab the harlot my understanding is that in those days as it is in Iraq or India the day of some of these countries prostitutes are about twelve thirteen -year-old girls and often times of families forced to grow a sense of prostitution to provide money home Rahab was obviously a victim of circumstances a user practitioner in the wrong occupation yet in the heart is seem to belong that's why the Bible says men look at fun one the outward appearance regardless would saw a young woman prostitute he saw that in the heart it was a longing for something better and when she heard about the Israelites in all that God had done I yearn to be part of those people who serve the God of heaven will in the drawings the cingulate when I was a little boy Puerto Rico the announcement came that they were going to build a church near our village children excited I have participated in straightening nails out I must than four years old but I was happy to take a rocket by thumbnails straighten them out church got built and I must've been five years old when I attended the first mouse I remember seeing the altar boys with the white garments on walking behind the priest there has classroom and I could remember at five thinking to myself I wish I could be as a result of was a long human wish I could be as holy as Windows one these can somehow gone views into us desires because we're told that all good things come from where a no I have no understanding of all of the religious stuff that goes on all I had was a long and I was thirty two had no shoes my mother to go around begging for food my father manager there I am in this sanctuary looked on those kids lunch with this more holistic and many people like that all around us who are long and deep inside something that they become certain set of victims of circumstances Rahab when she saw those pious you all Lord God is God of heaven above or beneath the Scripture reveals them that when the Jews and circled Jericho Jericho was destroyed much of a notice what the results of that laundry was Ray have Bible says was brought out her father and mother her brother and in the all were all in attendance the prostitute at without one coaching seminar friendly became evangelists your worship Rahab the prostitute without attending one coaching seminar for Louis Torres became an evangelist when he said prostitute becomes the venture 's so she is effective in which her girlfriend to go to know sometimes I think I wonder how many sardines were assigned minimum say I wonder how many people clung onto local and right-hand the amazing thing is this a great is not only written in the book of Matthew look in the New Testament life save Rahab 's Allen says whether the same my favorite lot of harlot and will miss you something how many of you is when you put your savings together going to come to work at the Guam SDA clinic in which CV together within your resume my great-grandmother was a prostitute how many of you what is it that we normally put on our shoes present to function if you don't have the money minister José I have this cooperators and disqualification disqualification would promote ourselves that's the way things are run though I given us in our master is not ashamed to call the prostitute for great is great great great great in the book of James likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works not to send that the deciliter the word prostitute hard was that because it wants to encourage you and me to understand this it really doesn't matter when you come in when it doesn't matter what must a been it matters his will you go to your website it just really doesn't matter what our background matters is what the Lord to do with you you place yourself in the Milton Ruth I do know that the Bible says that rheumatism will bite while I'm gone by now she became a daughter-in-law of my own in the historian Naomi she went with her husband and two boys the Larimore is a great time and while there she loves her husband Joseph two boys just simple daughter-in-law 's two thousand girls the girls know Michael unto all contribute another son sorry I'm sorry for the way that the Lord is allowed to happen but will well you know the story zero Bruce actually comes from one Moabites of the sentence minister says Joshua both daughters were not with child and bargain for a and one of them is called what more was the father of the Boulevard so what's roots vintage as you come from what we call yesterday 's Zen honorable additional which one is whether those are things that strange things that happen and yet even though this girl comes out of that terrible background yet again inside her heart is a longing and when she finally see somebody who were questions that long Janice Bickle she recognizes it immediately and she decides nothing nothing is going to separator from holding onto that as for as a lot of attempted then trying to reach the world with different methods the physicians who cannot improve them the methods of Christ when I say you cannot improve on the methods of Christ Wednesday the third time you cannot prove on the methods using methods alone will bring success I think people tell me that this new thing is going to work this thing is coming very important people into the church I haven't seen it happen know what I'm because you cannot improve on the method Christ say one more time you cannot improve fundamentally different of it being set with a Jewish of postmodern society can I just tell you honestly that doesn't exist you know what I'm saying that because people change all the time how many of you have been long enough around with me that remember the yuppie shipping and weeping the flower children the children of God you remember all those groups of people I may remember all the time discipline being used to Lisa 's particular people the hippies are you be supplied to the question as I will be most doing this for all children the hippies were hippies etc. and reality is there's friends everyone's human with our site I wanted you and everyone has a heart of what Jesus did was sought to reach the heart when they do so I remember scientists astronauts postmarked ninety figure out how to use our technology to try to assassinate arrival of cars going to remember that story and interview that the woman she was married and taxes had children and those concerned that the fellow that she had a crush on for has to be stolen away from where my another astronaut Lucid so she is all that technology to figure out how she could use diapers in a letter travel all across Texas to Florida get them just in time so that when the Grove at the parking lot should assassinate her given the right listen on no sinner yes but in many senators along the OSI administrators is a lot long if you lift up Jesus he will pull that long anyhow and those people will become convert leaders and on the tournament to have one are you this young woman Ruth could see her mother-in-law got a life in spite of the miserable circumstances of my own my only still clung to her and was moved by an rule is recognized that the longing in the heart resonated with that she saw Naomi and when I only save you to go back home who said I'm a little and then that wonderful passage of Scripture that says where it will reliable your people shall be my people my God my omission because of time will close with a view here is my view obviously Ruth write pain women who were victims of environment circumstances within their long long recognized and operated created for them the opportunity to connect with that which they saw the turn their hearts to God and God invented those women in spite of their dysfunctional circumstances and on and put them up in a highly honored position the last woman I mentioned Monday is as always you ever been the one for your life so assess me know why because of all the girls she had room like even though she was not a Jewish woman and she was exposed and should've known better and with the knowledge you have should then that which is even greater soon than the other three 's and yet it's amazing about all that is in all of these four girls clearly have a change of heart all of them aspire to follow God on follow belongings of their hearts and thoughts of the rulings of bashing the top of the ruins of the Temple U.S. Senate and God took the ruling Sebastian and on those rooms of the Temple this morning grab some of you have been afflicted by the tenth difficulties of life that affect you it was strange about seeing is that is no respective portion doesn't matter if your doctor this is what is IBM veteran investment in the veteran your wife can leave you the central husband can commit adultery is untrue are you it doesn't matter what profession you are inwardly used to him as humans we have our struggles with life some of us have greater struggles of others and because of circumstances we begin to feel like we're not working over I know some young ladies who talk to me when young lady show I hate my grandfather I started using me since I was five years she said I feel dirty I don't philander Marion I asked what should I do accept the voyages of yes Minister you forgot one thing is alleged that the Bible says about humanity in Christ is a new creature all things a lot how much how many things are a lot the whole of anything all things become one sunset dinner you have a choice similarly you could even be living back at filth of your life will be living in the new claims experience of your life the overwhelming majority misery it causes you to take medicine the score in your new home change your life living close enough to pass you to start walking the new because of Jesus can do this with his girls that come from incest prostitution etc. Jesus and certainly knew that we were there say an electrostatic she said Mister the price along the girl that married should just e-mail one month ago with the mainland they just rejoice in the freedom that comes when one is willing to depart from the class and then turned to the present and future letters a lot of know what your situation is times I will get back on that some of us carry our backgrounds when asked so was carried out burdens with us breach our anger K why not determine today leaving behind is un-American there those available can identify with these girls I just women but men also some of you have had challenges cozier pass that was an alcoholic and because all the time I hated him unison website I come from a very dysfunctional family on and on well who do you say God brings you thank you Jesus and McLaughlin and today I went way to the altar you include his mother was a rice of their foot beautifully say I can identify with one conclusion and that there were others of others and eventually long time leave this convention sensing that his close nausea you will have to vote would you come appear lighter brown sugar to the front their others would like to come instead you have the courage to worry about what people think about you worry about what God thinks about you that will be done us all the time I think I also do more things happen in my life I was the first time I met my father like remember I was six years old just moved to New York City and my will living in a little one room for an my father showed up were somehow summoned that he was very handsome looking gentleman logged rational and you know if I should be excited reading fearful cells are excited to see my dad for the first time I saw with my mother I could sense that the conversation became more chance origins and I have a feeling that he was about to strike my mother so I said to him of you guys mom on the phone call policeman Potrero smacked me and I flew from where I was only on the table was screaming in pain the bottom my mother 's criminals in the room laughed never saw him again years later until we began to Burlington will I have the memory of who said root is Valentine's Day 's work out of the reason I am doing is what you know when I became a Christian began to understand one basic thing any man be in Christ he is a big all things are passed away my dad today's ninety three or so on my back again converted became the basis do either that or they could to bring the gospel to the family and by God 's grace all the family became compared prices online and because of that today where all the joys in the light of the sun of righteousness my dad and mom became my brother and sisters his wife Lolita jewelry clothes my mother and whenever mother needed something knowledge was there to help my mother only by God 's grace will you say is so old things have lot passed away not looking forward to the kingdom what all of us my mother my brothers lonely than all convicted in nineteen others were available in what you say is so we can bring closure and say it happened one-on-one with the Bonham honeymoon modernly and the same thing folks sometimes you meet people up there and you wonder wonder memorandum alcoholic came to the meeting one nine on the word also I didn't know he was an alcoholic but I made in the field it was the first one that could barely stand with us he was dressed in a Christian rock nonconformity was after the meeting the man who wrote to the church came alongside is highly highly responded to call us I know that I was going down gemstones and how much human guy can barely stand understand the latest money and he came up to him and he just had a just weight would stench of urine and all the global volume in our ministry history version command to win with them in a new listeners phrase etc. when these papers are planning a certified and left a beautiful mother several weeks later I discovered that the guy when all of the Goldwater took a shower got cleaned out changed name of the drinking had been ten times to the hospital detoxify ten times once you learn the gospel that's all it took your website is along Linden on what you say and when you said you connect with it is a access LOL yeah I'm coming there heroes grace God there is earned money on souvenirs to respond is what worries your hair yours would you like to write your answer group in the money house was her father John Henry Holloway will be thy holy name was so grateful that it doesn't matter what has happened in the past many of us willingly or unwillingly have been caught up in something in our lives we wish no one ever knew shameful with a profile that could bring closure to that and we can live for the new light to bring us thank you you can take all rulings and turn them into glorious temples and the one that has sent you not ashamed to call us we're grateful for that great and all of these welcome phone to place it on your altar whatever this event passive there large may they write in the book and left it behind here today may they go on to live from going to go and we thank her hearing is a you must reduce my audio verse four amen yeah to learn more about the man these visit www. time and I will like more free online www. on universe .org


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