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Truth Only

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • October 19, 2018
    8:00 PM


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Father in heaven we thank you so much for the great privilege we have to study your words tonight and I pray that you would draw our hearts close to you to open our eyes and ears to your truth and speak to us we pray in Jesus' name amen. I want to tell you a quick story about a young lady named Lauren and Lauren I met a couple of years ago when I was pastoring she came to my church and Warren grew up in the church Lauren went to elementary school in the ad been a system she went to the middle school type of thing and the one through 8th grade in the admin a system she then went to Academy and the ad then a system and then she went to one of our universities and when she came to me she said I'm not exactly sure why I think I want or should be an admin This says I'm not even sure about our beliefs she says I don't know about them and she said in fact my senior year in college I wrote a paper that was counter acting or against Ellen winds and I said Really I said you must have done a lot of research and she said Yeah I found all kinds of things online and I asked her a very important question I said you wrote a thesis paper that is against Ella white being you know called as a prophet of God and I said but how many of her books have you ever actually read her. And she looked at me and she says well I've never read any of them I said Really I said So you read what everyone else said about the why and then you wrote a paper out of that but you've never actually read her for yourself and she said No I said well that's very interesting and I said she said but you know she says I want to believe and I want to know what our church teaches and I said well listen I'm about to start an evangelist meeting I said why don't you come to that meeting and you'll learn night by night everything that we believe and it will be centered in Jesus and when she came to the meetings she said she came every single night and at the end of those meetings she said I had absolutely no idea that our church believes these things she says these truths are so incredible she said there are so life changing and most of all I find Christ at the very center of all of them and she said Jesus has been revealed to me in a way like I've never understood him before my heart is different my life is changed and then she told me just a little bit later that she had a dream that Jesus came back to the earth and Jesus returned with all the clouds in the clouds and all the angels in the clouds with him and she said she saw the Christ coming and the clouds and then she had this overwhelming sensation that she was not ready and she said fear grabbed hold of me and she said in the dream and she says I did know what to do and she said a voice came from haven't and it said if you want to be ready. You need to read the book the great controversy. And she said so I've I've just picked up that book and she began reading that book and she said that book was mind blowing to me she said I had no idea that our church believed such things or had these things such precious trues and she said my life again has been radically changed I don't dare tonight ask how many of you have ever read the book the rate controversy but if you have not read the book great controversy I want to challenge you tonight to go home I don't I'm not even encouraging you to wait till tomorrow but I'm courage you tonight to go home and crack that book open and start to read that book and I would encourage you to also read the book the desire of ages and I would also encourage you to read the book steps of Christ if you've never read these books your life will be transformed if you read them. And so the situation with Lauren I believe is really a problem that is spreading across our entire church all across the N A D and now in other places and that is that a person can actually go through our entire system and still not fully understand what we believe as a church now what I'm not doing as I'm not faulting the system per se because sometimes the problem is with the person they just check out and they don't want to listen you understand but the reality is that any person who really wants to know what we believe can find that out there's opportunities everywhere including here at Southern Amen but for some reason or another young people are going from elementary school all the way through university and even in some cases the master's program still not yet knowing what it is our Church believes and there's a growing crisis in our church I believe today that promises to leave many people unprepared for the coming of Jesus you know the church has always had. An attack from the outside world the world has always been trying to creep inside the church but this is not exactly the issue that I'm talking about here tonight. But I'm talking about people. Who have a genuine biblical face and those who mimic that lifestyle through their reliance upon the mere religious culture of Adventism this ad and his him have a culture yes or no do we have a culture where you say we have a culture of big Frentzen that dealing sin veggie Paxson I mean I can't keep up with all the Pats and the friends and whatever there is. You know we've got our little system of things that we do and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with those things but I'm very much afraid that this culture that we have adopted. Has replaced the Biblical faith that God wants us to have it's not a new thing it's something that has existed in the church since its beginning and we're going to look at a perfect example of this in the book of genesis of you have your Bibles both mean in the book of Genesis Chapter 25 Genesis Chapter 25. You don't have your Bibles Please pick one up in the pew there are look it up on your phone whatever you want but just look it up somewhere and I'm going to start here in verse 23 The Bible is talking about. Isaac being having a child to children and it's describing them being born right here verse 23. Genesis 2532 there are 2523 in the world said to her 2 nations are in your womb 2 people shall be separated from your body one people shall be stronger than the other and the dungaree Oldershaw serve the younger so under days will fulfill for her to give birth indeed there were 2 twins in her womb and the 1st came out red he was like a hairy garment all over so they called his name each song and afterwards brother came out and his hand took hold of Esau's heal so his name was called Jacob or supplant or deceiver and Isaac was 60 years old when he when she bore them so the boys grew and he saw it was a skilful Hunter a man of the field but Jacob was a mild man dwelling in tents and Isaac love Esau because he ate of his game but read that loved Jacob and I would I'm going to read on down here in just a minute but I want you to see something very important here these 2 young men these 2 brothers were very much like many of you here tonight not that any of you are Harry or some of you might be and that's OK Don't be ashamed of it be proud of the men but these 2 brothers sed were both raised in the church yes or no they were both raised in the faith yes or no they remote tie cultural Adventists you could say because their father or grandfather was Abraham their father was Isaac and then they were born into that faith they were at least you know 3rd generation Adventists or you with me both had the same knowledge of God and both were essentially the princes of God There they were there they were sons of their fathers who were the princes of God they were going to be the line of the Messiah. So they were very much like you they heard all the stories growing up they were told the truth of God they were taught to keep the Sabbath they were taught to respect their bodies both inside by what they ate and outside by what they wore they were taught many things very similar to what many of you were taught in your homes or in your church or in other places Korat and yet there was still a division between the 2 of them and if you go on down even from birth there was a difference between them and if you look at verse $29.00 It talks about it verse $29.00 of Jacob cook the stew and came out from the field and he was weary and he saw said to Jacob Please feed me with that same red stew for I am weary therefore his name was called eat him but Jacob said Sell me your birthright as of this day and Esau said look I'm about to die so what is this birthright to me and Jacob said Swear to me as of this day so we swore to him and he sold his birthright to Jacob and Jacob gave Esau bread and stew of lentils and he ate and drank a rose and went his way and thus is song despised his birthright Esau was raised in the same home as Jacob correct and yet he sold his birthright as the oldest son for a temporary pleasure he sold what God had given to him. For something that would only last for a moment and yet he was still in the house of Abraham and Isaac he quickly when he had the 1st chance to off the restraints of his spiritual upbringing to satisfy his fleshly carnal nature at the 1st opportunity that he got. And the selling of this birthright for a temporary earthly indulgence influenced the course of the rest of his life a bowl of soup influenced him for the rest of his life how true it is for you and I to 9 yes or no we are the sons and daughters of Gong God has given this church precious true he has a mission for this church and so many of us tonight take it as something of a difference take it as something that doesn't really merely mean very much something that is well you know that's really for my parents but it's not really for me that's for those people who want to be spiritual but but it doesn't really impact me it doesn't really matter to me how true it is that today as a church we are selling the birthright we are selling the privilege of being God's last a church for something that would satisfy us for a moment how many of us are selling tonight our relationship with God for something that really doesn't mean a hill of beans in the eyes of eternity how many of us are right now probing Facebook. When God has a message for us tonight what was the difference between them you know Jacob was not perfect himself he was a deceiver he he went in and lied to his own father about being Esau because he not only did he say he but the birthright for a bowl of soup but he also one of the blessing and you know Jacob wasn't perfect but the difference between Jacob it Esau is that Jacob though he was deceiving and he was unconverted he wanted to be God's man. He wanted to be in the favor with Doc he wanted to know that God would bless him and would give him favor he wanted to know that he was right with God He wanted to know that he would be a spiritual leader of his home he went about it the wrong way but his intentions were true and that also cost him he went about it the wrong way and so his brother was going to threaten to kill him and then he laughed and he went and he laid his head on a stone and he saw the angels coming up and down you member that story then he went on and he went and stayed with of Laban and the others and then whenever he came back something happened in his life. He wrestled with God. You understand. When he was on his way there he laid his head down and he saw he was so sorry he thought to himself I'll never see my mother again I'll never probably see my father again I've left my home quite possibly for the last time he left everything behind and there he laid on that rock and he saw that though he had left everything behind though his choices had cut had cost him dearly he saw that there was a God who had not left him behind and when he saw those angels going up and down that ladder he knew that God was going to forgive him that God was going to transform his life and it was very that he received a life altering face and transformation that would change him for the rest of his life and his life became something different it became something new became something fresh and his purpose was different you know for many of us today we like the blessing of the culture but we don't want the spiritual blessing. We like the material the earthly blessing that this culture provides very much like the song but we don't want to have the spiritual blessing like them and when Jacob came back to to to where he was going back to his homeland that night on the river he wrestled with God and in the middle of the night as he was praying God laid a hold of him and began to wrestle and you know I think that very few of us understand what that experience really is but listen friends if we're going to truly know God you're going to have to rustle with him you're going to have to search for him and you're going to have to search for him moving your search for your girlfriend or for your boyfriend or for your i Phone when you misplay said you're going to have to search with him as if your life was depending on it's both started out with a saying spiritual foundation so what made the difference what Esau was immersed in the faith of his fathers as a child but his preference for the material blessing of the culture rather then the actual face that Jacob experienced the not lead him to seek that transformation of parting character like Jacob he only existed in the culture so that he could gain an earthly material thing and I'm curious to know that if it's possible that many of us here tonight might be following the same course a pastor once said being born in the truth is not the same as being shrewd. You never thought about that before. Just because you were born in the truth doesn't make you true quickly turn with me to Matthew chapter 3 I know time is running out but you guys are very patient people here in Southern. So the South is a very hospitable place I grew up about an hour and a half hour and a half south of here you may not know it by the accent but I used to have a Southern twang. I used to drive an old beat up pickup truck in my old days I would chew tobacco and spit out the window when it was going down the road and I was just a nasty old cuts but Christ changed my life a man but I know that the South is very hospitable both me to Matthew Chapter 3 quickly Matthew chapter 3 verse one in those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness and today a saying Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand so John the Baptist's is coming to prepare the way for who whose account to prepare the way for Jesus don't get tired no get distracted and don't leave because I know that on Saturday night if you can watch 2 or 3 movies in a row you can listen to a 45 minute sermon a then somebody ought to say men are I very good now John himself was close in camel's hair with a leather belt around his waist and his food was locusts and wild honey now John was not exactly the kind of guy. That you would see walking around the campus of Southern was he he was a little bit different he's a little bit odd he's a little bit peculiar and what you notice something very interesting he dress differently he washed of he dressed differently he also ate differently what did he do he ate differently and he also looked differently what what what did he do what was easy he looked different. Now a word that we might use for that would be. A peculiar would you say Would you agree with that I've never heard that word before peculiar I think it's in the Bible somewhere isn't it that we are called to be a peculiar people we are called to be different than everyone else and sometimes people say well you know if I'm different than everyone else if I really follow the way the Bible says people are going to think I'm too strict people going to think I'm weird they're not going to want to hang around me are not going to want to interact with me I'm not going to have any friends but guess what John was that way he looked different he dressed different he ate different but if you'll notice the next verse something very interesting happened look at this verse 5 then Jerusalem and today and all the region around the Jordan went out to him and were baptized by him at the Jordan confessing their since. And so the reality is it didn't matter that John was different than everybody else did it because though John looked different dressed different a different he also spoke differently and when he spoke the power of heaven was in his words and everybody went out to listen to what he said are you with me yes or no they didn't mind that he looked different because he was different he was charged with the currents and the power and the grace and love and the joy and the truth of Heaven. And when he spoke even the fairest seas went out and they listened to him and so that did the way that you look the way that you dress and all those things when you dress the way God Cause you do doesn't hinder your influence in fact it enhanced his it and then when the people came out to bat be baptized he saw many of the fair season Sadducees coming to him he said to them brutally by purpose not exactly what you want to say to people coming to get baptized on a nice Sabbath morning as are you dirty little snakes in the grass What are you doing here right it's not exactly what you want to save your baptismal candidates but he said Who told you to flee from the wrath to come and I want you I would say more about this birds want to point out this one thing verse 9 he says there are 4 Verse 8 bear fruits worthy of what repentance you can only bear fruits worthy of repentance when you've repented and you can only repent when you've been drawn by the living Christ and you can only repent of those sins when God moves upon your heart otherwise you're not going to care are you with me so if you're here tonight and you don't care or I would be nervous about that you should be nervous about that because you should care because your eternity is on the line some people say well you shouldn't say that the be because that scary you call it whatever you want but it the one thing I know it is is the reality you understand. John said bear fruits worthy of repentance and then he says this don't think to say to yourselves we have Abraham is our Father Rice say to you that God is able to raise up children of Abraham from these stones listen what he's saying is this it doesn't matter if you're a 5th generation 7th Day Adventists don't think to say that we have you know. At all why does our grandmother One guy came to you and Tiny son the great great great grandmother grandson of L Y And I said great. People walk around and say well we're 6 generation Adventists our forefathers started to work in some country. And I mean I'm not saying that disrespectfully I'm not saying we should be disrespectful we should appreciate that working man what I'm saying is that doesn't mean anything for you it might mean something to you but it doesn't mean anything for you. Or you with me because God Don't miss this point please God does not have chilled grandchildren he only has children let me repeat that for you God does not have grandchildren he only has what children the faith of your parents will not get you entrance into eternity with God Oh no matter how much they pray for you no matter how much you how many how great of a saint they are it's only your own decision that's going to get you into the kingdom of heaven you understand there are you with me. You fall that watches and it's a decision that you have to make and let me tell you the Adventists culture will cause you to be lost unless you have the Adventists faith that goes right along with it are you with me. Unless you have that faith for yourself you will be lost now I'm going to skip part of my sermon because I can feel the hot breath of of my host dead or ready for me to start drawing to a close but I'm going to tell you briefly quickly this in John chapter 6 Some go to it. Yes What I'm going to go through it. And you're so sweet and you're so kind John chapter 6 he says this Jesus says in verse 26 he went over the other side of the sea and the people came and followed him in verse 26 Jesus answered and said to them most assuredly I say to you you seek me not because you saw all the signs but because you ate of the loaves and were filled. He said you followed me because you wanted something to eat not because you're interested in eternal life and then he says do not labor for the food which perishes but for the food which endures to what everlasting life he says what's the Son of Man will give you because the God the Father has set his seal upon him. Jesus says Where are you doing with your life today what are you laboring for are you laboring for a degree at Southern find nothing wrong with that. Are you laboring in whatever work you're doing to try to cut down your 2 wish and when you graduate find out thing wrong with that but is that the sole purpose of your life. Is that the only reason you live as that's the thing that you're striving for above everything else then Jesus says you're striving for something that's going to perish and pass away. Your purpose in life is to get that degree so you can better serve God not better serve yourself not to have a bigger house not to have a better job but it's to say Lord how can I serve you the most effectively listen these people were following a culture because it had brought them great prosperity but they missed the point that the culture was to lead them to a faith we have a culture is agonist and the point of it is to lead you into a faith that of in Christ that will save your soul they follow Jesus because of the loaves and fishes but not because of his presence they ate from his hand but they did not eat from his heart. They followed Jesus to have their stomachs filled with the bread rather than their heart filled with his spirits when he revealed that the bread they were searching for was himself they spotted him. They wanted to make him king because he would be able to feed them. Religious culture Don't miss this sits at Jesus' feet but only to be fed conveniently in this life without any discomfort or preparation for the next coach or would sit and be fed in this life but not anything spiritual but Biblical faith will see the spiritual bread even at the expense of the physical I can remember a story about Jane's winds and when James why James why for some of you may not know is the husband of Ellen wide and when James White 1st heard the message of the Advent movement and Jesus was coming very soon he had no money no very little clothes the he only had one jacket that was very light and it had holes in it. And he had didn't even have a horse who was on call loaned him a bow broken down horse and a broken down half used saddle and he got on that horse and for 3 months he rode around preaching that Jesus was coming soon the snow many times was so deep that he had to get off his horse and lead it through the snow he didn't eat half the time he didn't know where his next meal came from but he knew that there was a message that people deeded to hear and that he had the ability to carry it to them so at every expense of himself he was willing to surrender any and make any sacrifice he was willing to surrender any comfort to tell people about Jesus walking through the snow and the middle of winter in New England guiding his horse to the next town to tell people that Jesus was coming soon without a care in the world of him self people don't do that kind of a thing unless that thing is very much worth sacrificing for do you understand that and that was the attitude and the mentality of all of our admin a spine yours why is it not the attitude and the the spirit of every student at Southern. Because you don't know the message like you should because maybe you're trusting in a culture rather than a faith maybe you've rejected both I don't know but I'll tell you what I'm not saying everybody here is on spiritual That's not what I'm saying there's many spiritual people here but we all need to go deeper Amen but before you reject that thing fully. You might want to take a look at what it's really all about you know Stan because I found that many administration people strive as hard as they can to get away from the thing that they've always been looking for but they didn't know they were looking for and they go through this big wide circle all around the world and doing all kinds of crazy junk and they come back on a cement this is where I was always supposed to be why not make that decision before you take that big surprise little circuit right through the wilderness of 40 years that brings us down to today about to close I won't read it but if you go to Matthew chapter 25 you read about the 10 virgins I've ever read that parable before. The prot with 25th chapter of Matthew prophet a CLI describes the Gonski people right before he comes to groups of people I wish we had time to go through it but we don't. But let me just say this and true understanding of this parable reveals something but there are those cultural Adventists who have secluded themselves from the world they have understood the truth and yet they still enjoy the world's pleasure and benefits those who come skin to read this because it will be shorter than I do that I don't like doing that but I'm assume do it quickly those who profess Christ with an Adventist them but cannot in the life testify and bear fruit of a change of heart only admit that they are a product of a nice culture rather than divine grace listen to what Jesus wants is a life transformation more importantly before that can happen he wants a heart transformation and Jesus has done everything possible to make sure you have every opportunity for your heart to be transformed and changed you understand. How many of you would know to $900.00 you understand. That your life at some point or another needs a transformation some of you would confess to that tonight how many you would just admit there and you may not agree with it now you may say well I'm going to put that off or I don't really think that so but one day in like you're going to come to the conviction and within yourself that my life needs changed I am not the person I want to be and not the person I should be my harder is corrupt and we recognize that God brings that conviction to every person at some point in their life and we realize that this nice little then G. meat veggie dog culture is not enough to pass us through the judgment and we have to have a true living connection with the Savior and Christ is the only way outs. And he's making every opportunity for us to escape the corruption of this world but if our hearts are too hard to receive it we will die in this world and we will pass away with without an entire surrender of the will we cannot have that experience God as vibing us tonight to surrender and without this we don't dare come to Christ and we certainly don't lead others to him you know many times we want deliverance from evil we say God Why do you let this bad thing happen to me but we don't want deliverance from the sin that got us there we want freedom from evil but not from sin there's a difference and saying I believe the Bible. And recognizing that the Bible has changed me there's a difference in saying I believe in Christ versus saying I've accepted Christ. There's a difference between saying I've heard all my life that Jesus is coming soon vs Jesus really is coming soon and that radically transforms the way that I live my life from day to day there's a difference in saying why I try to live right versus saying jesus us because I fully open my heart to Him lives his life through mine therefore I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me the difference in saying I was raised in the church versus saying I am the Church the Body of crimes. There's a difference between saying that the church is irrelevant and saying that I believe and understand that the church is a prophet a movement and you must understand this very clearly and I mean a culture including an admin a sculpture that does not have the Adventists faith in Christ and Christ alone a culture that rejects the righteousness of Christ that he paid such a high price to give a culture will eventually the 9 Christ in person the same way that the Jews denied him when they put him on a cross some people say why pay my time I go to church I'm good I can go take my nap in the afternoon and take my will Sabbath the rest not really understanding that that is a system of works no different than Hindu ism or Buddhism unless those things are happening in our line the paying of the time to whatever from a heart that has been transformed by a living Christ who rose from the dead you understand my friends that your sin and mine was placed upon Christ and when it was placed upon him on the cross it killed them. It killed him and he was put in a tomb and yet the righteousness and the goodness and the purity that lives with in Christ was great enough to still raise him from the dead on the 3rd day. Despite the fact that your sin had pinned him in the grave and if his righteousness is great enough to raise him from the dead when all the sin of every person in the world including yours was put upon him then when you open your heart to Him fully that same life and that same righteousness and that same holiness now will come and well in you and raise you to life from your spiritual death. How you can say meant to that there are powerful thought that the same power that raise Jesus from the dead can live in you and raise you from them both the spiritual and the physical there is nothing wrong with the biblical tenants of Adventism the culture there's nothing wrong with the culture my friends but if we rely upon that culture or the faith of our parents without having a living faith of our all we will die. I mean will die for eternity I'm pleading with you tonight. If you have not made that decision if you have not explored death. If you have not searched for it with all of your heart maybe you've made a couple of half hearted attempts if you'd made a half couple half hearted searches but you've not really made that decision. But maybe tonight tonight maybe tonight is the night for you to open your heart to the Savior. Maybe tonight is to say you know what it's I've heard this stuff all my life but tonight it's hitting me a different way I don't know exactly what it is but God is beginning to speak to my heart you can listen to this all your life in your heart be close to a certain point in time this may be the time for you I don't know only God knows and only you know but if it is your moment then do not let it pass you by I had a friend named John and John was a was a drug dealer he was a gang banger he used to still cars he used to sell drugs to kids and John met Jesus and Jesus changed John's life can say Amen John became a Bible worker he was baptized he gave his heart to Christ he gave his life to he became a Bible working was a really good one for a number of years but after a while John took his eyes off of Jesus and he began to drift back into the lifestyle that he once had he began to sell drugs again and he he went by himself another pistol and he began to get caught back into that scene and he began to party in and one particular night this guy invited him to a party and so he went and while he was at the party there was another guy there that invited him to go out back with him and do a bunch of hardcore drugs as John said Sure I'll come out with you so he went out with this guy and while the guy was preparing the drugs John said hey I'm going to slip over here behind this building I'm going to use the bathroom so he went over there in the shadows of those buildings and when he did out stepped a game who looked at him and said you're in the wrong place buddy you're in our territory what are you doing here and so the answer he gave didn't satisfy them so they started to beat him up. And when that other guy he was going to drugs with Saul been beating him up then the guy ran over there and started to yell at them and try to get them off of John and so they went from beating on John to beating on this guy and as they were beating him somebody pulled out a knife and they stabbed the guy over 20 times and as he was bleeding they all started to realize what happened so they ran away and John was left there beat up next to this guy who had been stabbed and he was dying right there in front of his very eyes he died that same night when they took him to the hospital and later on John began to find out about this guy and he found out that this guy had actually been who was raised a 7th Day Adventist he was raised in the church but he had drifted away and got himself caught up in this lifestyle and you wouldn't even begin to guess what the guy's name was he was a Hispanic man his name was his sous his name was Jesus and John realized in a very powerful way a man named Jesus died in my place and he saw that firsthand he said that should have been me that died they were beating up me 1st but this man intervened and he saved my life at the expense of his own life. And that broke his heart. And he gave his heart back to God and he was just baptized again this year and he's back in the church. But he has a real life experience. Sometimes I think we have a hard time grasping. That Jesus really died for us in the price that he paid. But understand. That no higher price could have been paid for you. And Jesus is inviting you to. To respond to the greatest level of unselfish love you will ever know in your life. He doesn't try to guilt us into anything he doesn't try to manipulate us but he invites us and he will not ever stop inviting until we permanently closed the door. But he says look. Is there anything else I could do for you because if there is you just tell me and I'm going to do and. No one else not even the parents that love you can pursue you with such perfect for long. As Jesus. And he did intervene when every one of us. All sin we're all condemned to death not condemned by God but condemned by ourselves our own actions our own choices but God says no I'm going to intervene. I'm going to step in front and I'm going to take the knife through the heart. Because I cannot stand to live eternity. Without. There's a special place in God's heart tonight. That no one else in the universe can fill except you. Please. Do not deny Jesus. The opportunity to spend eternity with Him Don't deny your sounds to me as funny. In your pew there's a card. You may want to tonight feel that card out it's late I know but. And that card gives you an opportunity to make in this. With your life it's your life you have a right to do whatever you want to you can take this card or rip it in half and throw it at me if you want to. Or you can fill it out and say Lord. I don't want to turn from you again I I got to know. That my life has the ad than a space not just a culture. So there in that card says I want to repent of my sins and surrender my life to Jesus. I once followed Jesus but I've drifted away and I want to recommit my life to him. I need special prayer may need to talk to somebody I would like to express my commitment to God through baptism is also the opportunity for you to make a decision to be giving your life to mission work and service. And you'll grow up close to Jesus in ways you never have before. If you choose that. If God wants you to fill out that card tonight don't leave here without doing it but if he doesn't just don't measure filling up that car you can just leave it on the seat beside you but I do want to make him feel tonight it is late that's all right. There may be those to 9 S. who say. I've been living a line I've been living in a culture I've been just wanting to have the material blessings of the culture but I haven't had an interest in spiritual things which are speaking to me tonight Lord in some way or another I want my life to be yours I want my life to be in your hands I want to follow you with all my heart and I may be that person here tonight you're all still sitting US was going to make it very hard so all of the people that are really serious about this are going to follow this and come forward but if that's your decision tonight you say Lord I don't want to mess around I want to be serious with you I don't want to just have a facade I don't want to be fake I don't want to be a hypocrite but I really want to know you and I want to have that deep relationship with you I want to have a face like these people had because these people don't live and die like they did for just a foolish fairy tale I want to be real in my life or that you just come forward tonight will have a prayer. Anybody at all that wants to make that decision to stand your feet and come forward. You have to be at least one in a group this size 8 for those that are coming there's another doesn't matter if you're a student or a faculty faculty or a student or to someone coming there are those tonight to say Lord you're speaking to my heart I want you to be the king of my life I want you to be number one something asked change in my heart and I'm opening my heart to you tonight I'm saying award if you want to have complete control of my life I'm giving in to the nines. Com. There's a matter which a friend thinks your boyfriend or girlfriend decides you. Shake free from whatever might be hindering you. And Jesus sees you coming and there's going to be a step for you to follow after this stuff and I don't know what that of beaver each of you but God revealed to you. Would you want to spend that time with him. Open your Bibles get on your knees as if your life depended upon it and let nothing stop you read the books. But I mentioned earlier. And begin drawing close to God and if you don't feel close to him. Feelings aren't everything. You have to extend that faith that shoots beyond the darkness. But never. Doubt that God is with you because. Let's pray Father heaven. Tonight you see those are making decisions that maybe others right now wrestling and squirming in their seats under conviction of the Holy Spirit and if they are don't give him any Rast Lord get him to move right now to come down here it's not too late it's never too late it's not even too late after tonight but why wait just come now. Father you're speaking to our hearts to 9 you're moving upon us. We live in a world that's crumbling and if we don't think that or believe that we're to see. And I pray tonight. That your faith will be real to us you want us to have not just a nice little culture but you want us to have a strew face and a savior and he is living he is not dead he's alive he's interceding for us right now and right now Heaven looks down. In his sees those who are opening their hearts. And it rejoices. And we can believe that everything under heaven will be. Available to us. As we develop that relationship. So we ask you to bless us tonight and lead us onward and up. Until Jesus comes we pray in his in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading the word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W. Or.


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