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The Well-Balanced Mind

Patti Guthrie Todd Guthrie



  • October 30, 2009
    8:30 AM
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father in heaven we thank you for the message of the cross the promise of the new covenant that we can have a new part of the new mind you nor each of our hearts ignore special needs is to be balanced and keeping the right focus in our lives we pray that you would assist us today as we talk together and share together that we will be drawn closer to you we will have a sense of purpose and also know the of your goodness in your mercy and be encouraged together we pray in Jesus name amen well the title of our breakout session is the well-balanced mind and the subtitle maintaining a peaceful and ordered and you'll see that I added family life in the chaotic and demanding world United that because I was convicted that it's one thing to think that your balanced your own personal actuation practice and your ministry but where once you have a family it's it's a group of endeavor and that the nature of the balance can change it we can talk about that but that's why put up with the couple families appear friends of ours who visited and you're welcome and by the way you're welcome to come by to appear in California your driving north or south on I five a new pastor Mount Shasta between them Medford and Reading Calton Reading Reading California Medford Oregon you're welcome to stop by and and see us now can we get any louder on this speaking of balance so well on the step is big and then go on here couple of Spirit of prophecy thoughts I think the anchor us as we move into the discussion of the first is from the first on the testimonies health of body and soul comes from seeing Christ and his redeeming power to the merits of his blood so spiritual and mental health comes from where seeing the cross and what God is done for us that's the foundation of all mental health and balance and then secondly when the Bible is made the study book with earnest supplication for the Spirit 's guidance and with the full surrender of the heart as we were hearing about this morning the full surrender of the heart to be sanctified through the truth all that Christ has promised will be accomplished the result of such Bible study will be well-balanced minds so that's Rembrandts Paul there is always a student of the Scriptures and gave us up through the Holy Spirit more Scripture that we can enjoy while why do we go into healthcare while one were young we wanted to what this is our son William this is a picture taken on top of Mount Shasta about fourteen thousand five hundred feet or so something like that well we have motivation right we want to do things good things for God we haven't we have to develop certain amount of determination we decide were going to go somewhere in life will be of service have any of you remember the application you filled out for medical school or dental school in the types of questions they were asked why do you want to do this project I do write an essay that anyone else at the right essay you know please tell us why you want to be a physician well all these things are good we want to do good things and we apply ourselves in our studies we develop these habits we receive it where we want to see ourselves progressing but as life goes on in and gives state is different how many here are is anyone here still in school no one okay anybody in residency or postdoctoral training know everyone okay certificate of most people actually in practice but you can think back in your experience to those the different challenges the comedy stage and the responsibilities that come and the higher you climb or the more you take on the more you accomplish the more risk there is an losing your balance right you don't want to lose your balance when you're at a great height physically and as we take on more responsibility there's also this is their if anyone has anything to share including my wife Patty is decidedly Lisa jump right in what is and what is immediately well-balanced there's a medical definition from the medical dictionary tells even how to spell and how to use it but nicely are evenly balanced arrays are regulated such as a well-balanced diet so think of the right amount of protein the right amount of carbohydrate or low-fat or from an emotional or psychological standpoint on trouble now when you have patients come to see you in your practice are they troubled or untroubled usually the trouble right now they're not a state of homeostasis or not happy without something is out of balance and the like how so in our thought process as we go through this sharing time together that's kind of how this is arranged to know each have a story we each have a chief complaint of you well things that we feel that might be out of balance we trying to some sort of objective assessment or others can help us do that you know what is what's what's out of balance then we tried pulling the resources and say well what is available to apply for this how can we maintain or repair restore balance right and then you know what specific steps are we going to take to do that and in our situation and in Europe and they were that process are you not in health providers are always doing that dentist doctors and your identifying issues and what have there is research out there that points out that in our own lives in the in the lives of the health professional the proportion of doctors and other health professionals showing above threshold levels of stress tested remarkably constant around twenty eight percent in this cross-sectional longitudinal studies compared with about eighteen percent of the general working population so there's objective evidence that our professions lend themselves to be having higher levels of stress and feeling imbalanced his picture my father and his second wife my mother passed away about ten years ago but my my father I don't put this here because he exhibit a lot of signs of taking stressed-out but for the contrary that he is a general surgeon and semi retirement but he carried on a busy practice within family practice in surgical practice and seem to maintain a balance such that all three of us his son some of the NATO Georgia Tim we all went in the medicine at least we were scared off of doing that he either in ever compelled us to do that but forty five percent of healthcare providers are reporting that most of their days of work are quite were extremely stressful in Canada was so another has any political undertones are not the next two thousand three bottom of his hire Lauren this country or what it will be in five years compared to what is now but that's just more information so what's your day like what's that climbers for your priorities it's important to have devotions are pro-life when you get up in the morning of if you have a surgery schedule anybody surgeon here are my surgeons in Nablus surgery schedule starting at seven or seven thirty one area to get up a three-year OR directory browse to your devotions ice our spouses are so important there part of our team there were part of their team have children we have patients that the manner attention so you were trying to be outside enjoying the lives we get accosted by various challenges we have finances sometimes we have hobbies that cost money like horses or we have other financial stresses we have a church that we won the support we have vacations that we need to take so we can be with our families we have extended families to be parents that are alternating care of we have friends we want to stay in touch with how do we balance all of these priorities in our lives well how is your life that you know we get a new practice we start raising a family and then were so busy that sometimes we get home and it's this is from a few years ago as you probably tell from pages of our children but sometimes we feel off balance but our art archer this is Tom of course so what is what kind of self-evaluation again we do what we can break things into our actuarial sheet if you want her balance sheet what kind of things do we need to have in our physical balance sheet to take care of ourselves exercise how many are going to get enough exercise good well that's about a third of us day how many of us feel like we have a good healthy diet that keeps us in balance okay a few more good how many feel like we're getting about sleep okay how many feel like our physical surroundings are tests are in boxes are patients of care areas are in order all my wireless electronic medical record helps a little bit probably how many of us are routinely on time to eighty percent of our appointments okay ninety percent okay not the two men how many of us feel like we are living in a geographic Whitworth are for physically where we want to be living we feel like it's a good location to live in while that's not a terribly high percentage so sometimes I mean these are the types of things where we make we make decisions or sometimes decisions have been made for us right and some of these women well most of these we can take actions to change wanted to talk about this with one eye or my spouse this is the relational balance sheet because the women are the ones are interested in relationships I came on yet on your styles and that we always enjoy being together before we got together before we got married when we first met Lamont that we were friends and I are mentioned gradually developed until he got together and decided we wanted to spend our life together and we haven't regretted that decision Todd is a wonderful husband and reappointed as as a couple we wanted to have time to spend with our family and so we made some decisions to try and facilitate our time together and to maximize the time that we have with our children we have four four children all of whom we homeschooled for your now gone and away at school and graduated from homeschooling but whatever stage they were and we just have one child at home and that is silly tried to use our home and family is a ministry and serve each other people and to just be a blessing wherever we are I think one of that at the impediments to relational balance is selfishness and waking up every morning and committing our lives to Jesus and saying I'm not here to look for myself today but I'm here to be a blessing first of all to my spouse and to my children energy whoever God puts in my path and then the father ordered Jesus day for him every day when he woke up he didn't make plans for himself the father directed him and I think if we are open to listening to the father he'll be our teacher I went the things I think is an impediment to our being balanced is that we develop habits of imbalance that student feel very comfortable with recently finished as stop smoking blasts with people who are smoking and even though they understand that that habit is very detrimental a difficult to get them into a more balanced lifestyle because the tractor and it's very balanced so for us you are dealing with situations where we might be out out of balance in one area or another even if it is out of balance still the most comfortable path to BN and so what we like to look at today is what would motivate us significant enough to get out that imbalance Catherine the comfortable path into a more balanced parent and one white leaving care for balance I think the reason would be so weakened guy confuses more fully to be a blessing to others so what where connected to the gone and we understand his relation to us that we can than he can help us order are relational issues are about the veracity of it is as a healthcare provider this is one of my big challenges because when you're interacting with people who need help all day are talking with people you're interacting with them that's a lot of relational a lot of emotional investment but then they're really not as higher on least on my priority list as my spouse my children my family and even my church and I want to see God 's people thrive I want to see the work before that's why were here in a minute right we want to see progress we want to see things grow we want to see the people one of the kingdom so I think of that's well said that even really need that time in the morning and and as we're prepared for this talk of Patty Sandwell I know how felt would present this the all Doctor Phil Melville you would think a story from the life of Christ and how he was praying in the morning and go through a day in the life of Christ in all the challenges that came to him and how he would handle them and not in that I think is can be very fruitful study as we go to the word we can look at Christ and how he how he modeled that are for the same for ourselves so close to the relational ideally is the spiritual balance sheet how do we wish are we pray enough I don't like I've written as it would feel like depression how much is enough in meditation with them Bible study and then service and giving very involved in sharing the hotel is the goddess is given are we involved in this incident outreach and evangelism practices the Adventist medical evangelism network and then do we have our own mental health and balance never felt so stressed that you feel like you just can't go to work in the morning you ever felt like that I felt like that actually multiple times before I prayed but I found that that time with the Lord will not this data seems to challenging for me you know what a minute I'm a doctor this was to go and do the surgery today to their scary things that we do the decisions we can make that can hurt other people and puts us at some rest so that attitude that we take the mental attitude we take the professional study time that we need right is anyone here this weekend instead of being at a C a rare or a dental conference so there's these parties we may know what is I need to be in a good professional and even though my material not yet have these other priorities that I need to balance as well I will one reason Q I try and be on a secure fitting as possible is because there are so many things that life throws you almost constantly that you don't expect on accidents happen crisis things you don't expect to get blindsided by it at your hold on whatever is out of balance just in your routine daily routine the more things that are out of whack I think the less able you are to handle the big bugs that the more things that you have that are in a healthy routine just the basics of eating leaping exercise some point in this discussion Morgan have to talk about not just priorities but how to know when enough is enough generally physicians and other professionals seminar health arena see the bigger picture that's bigger than we are were driven by perfection that is greater than our talents and balance is knowing when enough is enough even though there is much beyond and we need to speak to that tyranny is not just the tyranny of the immediate when I have a woman about to deliver I lose my other priorities and she gains the immediate city well life is full of other demands that seem to be now or never how did Christ overcome besides staying out of subjects any thoughts okay I'm realizing that Gary Pritchard I cannot than one thing that impresses me is that Jesus often when a crisis is presented to him he did not react as though it was a crisis and he continued right on with whatever what he was doing because he had a plan he do in three days he was going to get their advisors would be dead and everyone in the store work is still the gifted prophetic gift of knowing the future but sometimes taking a moment to stay on track or everything before you react immediately to a crisis is a good thing anyone else ever thought before we move on this is these three it will have a fight if you have someone that the issue of affirmation criticism conflict run resolution and handling crisis a thicker tither at a tied together how many of you how many of us enjoy conflict resolution gravitationally we always enjoy conflict be resolved no question what the process of having a conflict late in our lab either with the patient or with the coworker or with family member if at all together sometimes how many of us enjoy that facing that does anyone enjoy that that that would almost seem like a pathologic condition one hundred and basically dealing with it is not confronting issue because then you have to live with the ill feelings for you have in their lack of resolution which is theory wearing and often these things come out of misunderstandings and then Matthew eighteen principle of going to the person or going with another person and talking things out the niches the Lord is so good to work things out of time even with hearts you think are not possible to be softened for your own heart is very good that is very interesting when we got there the relationship that you gave the Mike to your wife and you have a problem that I have well brother I feel your pain I one of the things that my wife and I have benefited from so greatly is sooner this result was a poorly managed John Schleyer Dennis rebelled Georgia and my wife Kathy and I have been we both on her second marriage and I guess partly because of that probably totally because that might my part got really involved in the marriage movement in and really understanding relationships and for man to try the best we can't understand how women eat things and how they feel and then of course she's done the same thing is try to understand as well more so in in this whole area of relationship for man to be able to deal with it more effectively and no not feel like a fish out of water to study go to go to conferences maybe the relationship kind of building and sizes specifically recommend I know well we were presenting couple four of the American countermovement for a while Kathy Kathy has a actually big ministry in our Northwest Georgia where she's involved with the family ministry elegant in all aspects of premarital counseling in your divorce recovery and all the rest that but it's it is its in the same way that you wouldn't go intro try doing the procedure without being fully prepared for it we mostly go into marriage it's not as bad as it used to be written in our generation and before wanted to marriage with no clue on yell how to react to one another it's about like choosing a specialty have really no idea what it's all about exact site of the direction there you are you so availing yourself of you know what ever kind of information that you can get in relationship skill building type of activities is really really important and TRU you will enjoy all of your relationships you know and it spills out our relationship with our staff 's with our patients and etc. etc. so you know that there is one one area of trying to balance yourself that something each you can you can get a hold of and for us men we really like to know be in control and some respect it also is something we don't do well want to rebel accomplice suffered practically saw my first look at right very well slide so here I looks like a big balance sheet and I'm sure there's things that we can put on this balance sheet that you might but Angela does anyone have any others yesterday would like to throw in for discussion because well I would like to further discuss steps that we taken maybe some of you have situations that you've actually been in solutions that have come to terms with balance and local governments of the as well what are some of the barriers to us changing and to getting out rebalanced that he will we have the inertia of the imminent as Harry was sharing with us you know what's right in front of us what has to be done now or we think has to be done now does it always have to be done now is it really always that eminent other compelling crises so again apathetic attitude sometimes we feel like while I tried this and that in as a work on this I give up on trying to keep my desk organized or whatever it might be what whatever solid melts we may have relational challenges we we may have course communication skills were were not really able to connect with people as we should and can a relational this is a balance we may be also discouraged and overwhelmed that we end up in dark depression feel like curling up in bed a disco staying there for three days rather than trying to approach conflicts and and the challenges that we get the face everyday you know we have things that attacked us you know that distract us from the goal of maintaining a balance of how many people that suit today my hand went up so so I know what that's like we've all experienced the death or illness in her family her church family world families are a patient's right the patient dies and where the caregiver that's that the stress that that is a distraction it's an emotional pain we may have marital issues of emotional distance violence separation of the report on the all kinds of things are attacking the family married the marital relationship we have personal issues our own health may be an issue and be maintaining or how we may not be getting enough exercise from the show of hands we had that one reason I appreciate my wife is that she will often as I'm lying in bed contemplating the day she will say let's go for a walk so we surround them about a mile and half flippantly make it to make it in the morning took a brisk walk and you know something the rest of the day seems to be a little better balance when I get a little endorphin surge in the fresh air one of those health and so that lineages make a little note about and distractions we live in such a media oriented age of human doctors felt on their beavers there were blackberry whenever and paste texting and computer television then there's just the regular landline phone you still have one and there's all these different ways of intrusions and I have always been very frustrated if I'm doing a task and then I get interrupted and I can't I don't know I can't listen to this and indeed this is a report that an and happy to find recently that there is research that shows that our brains don't actually multitask very well that there is not really something it's not a nonverbal trait to saving your good at multitasking what it is you actually have attention deficit state workers focus for sure prison time on different tasks and make it look like it will exist so I have parted and I think maintaining mental balance is to get rid of some of the distractions intentionally in our home we don't have a television but we present a physical television both in the garage waiting for me so criminal area is mildly anyone would be interested anyway and that's just one that the computer as they are and we haven't gotten rid of our computer and anyone who has both would probably say that computers a bigger distraction in the television and so the question is you know I wouldn't we just rented a chapter in the talents and Christ object lessons and there's no Taliban will beget required a more stricter account for the challenge of our time and time to be frittered away faster on the computer are or more mindlessly than just about anything else all I wonder what this unity chased on this word and that word on this you know women minutes passed just waiting for the computer to boot or you lose everything anyway it day and maybe you would have some suggestions about how to manage the computer time now those of you are listening on the invisible cancer the nonverbal language that was just about you know it's interesting whenever I'm on the computer I'm being very efficient at whatever my wife is going on here I can't understand why the world things and others along the knitting that's just our perspective know when you're in it it doesn't seem like it's been distracting as you're doing what you think these be done now in general I think of probably a good idea is to focus on use the computer as a tool to focus on the priorities that the task of the balance that needs to get with relational certainly can e-mail someone and keep in touch you can not all belong on the website or learn something to enhance your your ability to relate to your spouse triggers courses like that there's with all kinds of religious programming and in fact the life and health network of your organization here in a minute as its website and there's certainly good material there is a building day by day so we all want the computer to be a good resource but it's kind of like the world we live in right there good things we can access in their lot of things that can distract so we just have to realize get over the via the technology euphoria for what new thing can I do on the technology today right and just take it as a practical matter this is a tool dislike money dislike time just like anything else this is a talent that God is placed before me and how can I use it wisely and certainly computer time everybody got been addicted to well if we want to be well-balanced in mind write another life we need to have peace of mind homeostasis if you will where do we get there but we get it from the right Isaiah twenty six first three valves that Scott Wright will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the because he trusted in the and I can testify that God is trustworthy in bringing peace of mind a strong recent mine when I been out of balance many many times when you still teaching me Luke ten twenty seven and he answering said thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all my heart and with all my soul of all his strength and with all thy mind a well-balanced mind is focused on serving God and also says in thy neighbor as thyself the Greek word for mocking this guy annoy is where we understand we feel the desire it's our way of thinking and feeling and it's her thoughts either good or bad so that's were talking about when we're talking what having a well-balanced mind a well-balanced mind 's needs to be a renewed mind why because we inherit a mind that is in some respects out of balance right or maybe in all respects the heart is deceitful above all things who can know it the carnal mind is enmity against God Romans eight seven for it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be and in Romans twelve to be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that we may prove what is that good that is when they put into practice right we can show what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God in order for that to happen we need the mind of Christ because of the mind we inherit from our parents is not drawing from human standpoint we have the whole issue of Adam and of Christ because out of all we need to be renewed in the spirit of our mind Ephesians four twenty three let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus Philippians two five and you know it's one thing to have the text appear on the screen and to say this is what needs to happen it's another thing to experience a change of mind right about annoying but turning it to think about things differently you know the world says it in order and I guess the worlds view is unbalanced mind at ease partial attention to self and then a token amount of attention other people that mostly magazines and everything self Magazine VI the world is pretty much focused on me in taking care of me and I and the gospel Jesus didn't come here to take care of himself he came here to save us and it's a different kind of thinking to think of not living for myself to living to be a blessing always for others and when were trying to do this in the flesh the flesh gets really tired of helping people after violating okay I've helped enough people about time for me to take a vacation so I can have some time for myself and about Jesus also said it was time to come apart presto while so we need to do that but for the purpose of resting and Christ is different than resting for me and resting and Christ is to let Christ to renew our minds so we you can use this again I'm only missed out on one something real about the practical side of this mind of Christ is the Bible on CD for my car for those of you spent a lot of time commuting amazing how often that very chapter I happen to pop in his dealing with the issue for that day and annual instead of sometimes listening to music or other programming reverent whisper something about Scripture itself that really hits are needing in Jesus and Christ Harry Nelson to I am trying to say how do you make it practical Christ's mind to become our mind and I'm looking at the mentoring model reviews in our profession where we choose preeminent surgeons learn their techniques tried to copy their success in our own careers like it or not we usually model the kind of family life we grew up in it it's rather scary as we get older to see that everything we did liken our parents were start and reproduce the question then is how do we move from the disordered life that may have been something we grew up ten to the kind of mind in Christ I guess it's a matter of perhaps taking that thoughtful hour that were told about never find time for and say if Christ is going to become practical in our lives Ravenna have to start studying his life as if it was being lived in our circumstances and save how do these principles apply how does he bring order out of chaos that we call old modern life we sometimes look back on the good old days as being peaceful because there is less pressure supposedly it was just different pressure as I've been going to the desire of ages again and again it's amazing how fresh the problems Christ faced our when they look at him in today's eyes are pressuring you sharing that area in fact of those of you who are listening on audio verse may want to go back to Thursday nights presentation with Doctor Feldman also where he actually did that for the scriptural story of name and in a broken down looking at leprosy and practical applications us today as we practice in healthcare policy more than that because you would want to give away the blessing given away ahead of time but Harry what you're saying is that we need we need a solution to this and one of the salute that the solution may have more than one part but I think spending time with the Lord in Scripture certainly is important yes increasing tension my name is burning hot and when anything is time little off kilter it when my children like it needs a mom he was shipped today you definitely child teach lead dentist that you dislike we mankind without an intervening force everything go St. Tropez dataset to for spiritual life just because he wants how they doesn't mean we can keep it and it certainly won't stay in order must we maintain an Internet the difficult part is that Patty is what eleven a rather sell and we don't hear very many healthy sermons on healthy self-love that's not right we should do it we spent a rest from there but you know I think there is a place for nurturing what God has put in her heart because for my own life I tend to be a giver but if I don't allow that to be refilled by God which when wrapped in giving that anything allows that battle have to substitute for devotions today we find depleted very quickly and that's probably no God is striking a balance and yet why is it so difficult to make that our first priority when we already know that that's the solution by County tends each occupations just that you know is right they walked out then take antibiotic that he don't even come back to the link we intimate intelligence outpatient when we do the same thing spiritually they were asking them by there's two parts is a wonderful promise or a verse eight verse ten this is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel that's us after those days saith the Lord I will put my laws into their mind and write them in their hearts and I will leave them in God and they shall be a people so we have the promise of God hears what he will do this is an unconditional promise that you will from his standpoint that is this is what he is going to do this is what he wants to do however we have first Peter one thirteen or were called to gird up it says wherefore gird up the loins of your mind that means you have to gather things together you have to to determine to do things right be sober and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought into you at the revelation of Jesus Christ so in order to have a balance mine we can claim the promise of God but we also need to choose to take what steps we can understanding than all the power all the grace comes from and write I guess a simple exercise that I found that I have to determine the day when I'm busy my practice and did you let down all the other things I'm trying to Jew and a half at that time this time that I just forget that I remember about ten or fifteen years ago I saw this one picture of the wheel and have all the different things that go on in our lives just like you had up there that I could write in the center is Jesus 's face all very good and so when I and I have to make myself is like they say what that your happy place whenever I find myself if I can looking that get myself back and just see his face in my mind that I can let those things get back in balance again and I find a piece that comes over me I have to practice that almost daily just remember that picture reality of your familiar with the life model you read any of that material this idea of returning to a joyful place knowing how to return to that happy place is edible to that area it does have to do with knowing that we are unconditionally love by her father learn how and when we can share that joy of unconditional love with others yes I was just need to say I think one of the problems and we may not even realize it sometimes is that everything that God has planned for us there's always a substitute in a deception and every single other religion in the world also has a balance if you look at things images or symbols again and again right and so the world is telling us you can help little better the wrong way and now and that's what is the problem we think about you now to start all the things that relate to self no self worth and self realization and everything instead of God 's way thank you for bringing that out because the world 's definition of a well-balanced wine is not necessarily what were it isn't what were talking about here today from a biblical standpoint and there a lot of the people in our community we live in Mt. Shasta 's account of the New Age community and a lot of people that appear to be very peaceful and they are to have well-balanced minds of and you know when crisis comes though that let you know as we heard this morning this morning presentation that it just reveals who we are right and we can't let crisis we can count on crisis to tour us we need Christ to do that is to the crisis as well these are the two statements that we had at the beginning again health of body and soul comes from seeing Christ in his redeeming power to the merits of his blood and then again the Bible study is an excellent way to have a well-balanced wine I did a little search in the spirit of prophecy on the well-balanced mind and try to summarize the different lots weekend gain balance my determined reserve please God and everything making as well are all weekend if we cultivate and develop all the faculties and powers of the mind so if were more factual or more didactic or were more left brain everyone said it was even more really be more relational we can spend time developing those aspects of where were for more action which we love exercise we like to be active and were a little mentally lazy sometimes we can work on memorization or what have you we can develop equal strength of perception judgment memory and all the reasoning powers told that combine intellectual physical and moral culture improve the deficiency so do a self-assessment where my deficient what canola what can the Lord do for me in the areas where I am deficient and I think that Linda Perth this is a guy gave his marriage and because itself is dented in our spouses can be our best friend in helping us in those areas that are weak not not from a critical standpoint but is out of line to help us and we ought to be our best friends and helping each other grow because of errors that suit we know each other the best and we ought to be our best ally each other working together to help each other I know that Todd has been such a blessing to me because I hasn't deficiencies that I brought with me on my childhood character things he had to be cut is scattered and used up to when I worked in my office they got me a little the naked whistle and then make you could be defined as so God brought into my lifetime it is so in detail oriented he and I would see if they were compulsive kindly about making sure that everything is in place and that everything needs to be checked before we got trip back to you what to do your thinking you want someone who doesn't miss anything the first thought that characteristic was kind aggravating and him to me because I kept rubbing it yes you know that we can't remind me of my deficiency but eventually I realized that God brought them into my life to be a real blessing and help me and I just praise the Lord not trying to learn to remember without him having to pick up after me and on the other hand it out you can be a very compulsive person great healthcare provider from that standpoint but those of you who are involved in while you probably know people who are so detail oriented they can be efficient or they can get enough things done because like Harry was sharing the middle or window actually make the transition so my wife has helped me relax a little bit become a little more tightly at times you know the last time they are everyone to say it and one thing that's really help me with as a man coming amen and having of people Brian actually was the one who shared his praying with his patients I started doing that you know there's nothing like knowing that you're going to offer to pray for a patient at the end of an office visit to change the way you think about this patient are difficult patients a difficult problem if you want and it brings your mind into a certain balance if you will to say this is a child of God and pray for this person in this visit furthermore practicing illusory practicing medicine in the context of that praying for my patients that the spiritual context I believe we have better I believe that better outcomes haven't studied scientifically but I mean the complication rates that I remember that I had five years ago I don't think I have those now in my more efficient and surgery maybe I don't know illness but knowing when to move on when to let something go went to stay with it and provide every detail it's very helpful wanted to pursue patties idea because typically in the professional realm were not used to the feelings of dependent single American were always wanting to be self-sufficient that particular trait is probably one that God needs to work on this heart if not all American hearts is Christ was demonstrating ultimate dependency on his father and by extension he also expressed dependency on others even though he talk to Martha about her compulsiveness he enjoyed her mail he learned how to be dependent on others appropriately and sometimes I think that's a lesson that I need yet to learn other protocols waiting to be temperate if that goes without saying that our time and our is for exercise sleep diet keep our temper and feelings under the control of the spirit in fact that's the only way they can be under control right the spirit is controlling them keep our heart and affection sound and helpful yes we spend a lot of emotional energy connecting with the people were helping we need to keep our hearts and affections also analysis home maintain physical health and activity and avoid amusement our family has been really strange because when Tom first remarried we had watched movies and stuff that we had decided that if it wasn't a documentary that was a blessing is something that's actually true then we were going to watch it which rules out every move you how Hollywood has ever produced so we have not raised are children watching any kind of movies and they watched one of my first daughter social that on the music the sound of music and we felt guilty about that worker was entire picture in another world and has an creates a powerful and Disney film industry and that becomes the most type of what we ought to be like and we thought maybe the word is a better place to go to figure that out and so in the part of preparing for this battery was tried it with an reading through price object lessons for highways have and there's a chapter on talents so if you want to look at the balance and how we live our lives it's an excellent resource and we don't have time to go through all the details on these but these are talents that are given to each and every one of us we have gifts of the Spirit that are given as we are surrendered to Christ we each have a character that's a talent that were to guard and develop our mental faculties are speech are influenced this picture is of group and you I see anybody they are going out of those buses there ever that so as we spent time blessing others we can develop talents talents of our time health or strength of money of the kindly impulses infections so we can keep those family ties strong and I don't know about each of you but there is it when you're focused on training there's a lot of things you can do that you might think you wanted and talents you'd like to develop and even when you're out of practice it's probably true you may have a little more time on the practice but are probably things that that you've had an opportunity to develop that you may not have known that you have skill at things that are involved in service or helping other people self again the chapter talks about the interview member the one talent that was removed because it wasn't use the talents and returned with increased one way to maintain balances to be willing to serve even if you don't feel comfortable having the skill sets do that God bless you through the son of Donald tutorial it is one mix that common with the previous slide about time and maybe you can help me here other people here to the younger busy in your practice yet your family obligations and that a lot of church obligations become added there potentially could be added work rarity where can you draw the line is my question of doing good and done I think I need help with this okay well thank you that's a great segue what we want to do next and that is one of movements of the work we all want to get this to start with there's always a null I like to move in the problem solving a what's the solutions let's get to the solution so we can talk about some examples and I'd like each anyone who has something to share my your my practice style for me has been an important way to maintain balance that is how busy I physically and in my practice how much time do I spend there what level of complexity am I willing to include in the surgeries that I do that requires a lot of preparation how and that's it impacts the bottom line rather than the we you work harder you should earn more money like at least under the current medical dental framework it might not always be the case statement so I've I've chosen to limit my back to style you know there are things I don't do there are hours that I don't keep in and made an effort to make sure my schedule doesn't get out of anyone else have a half have you had to adjust your practice style to maintain balance or have you felt your practice out taking things out of balance anyone have something to share on that what steps are taken Visteon now I'm married to Doctor Neil Natalie and I said I wish somebody would follow you from running down my pending personal is a high emotional intelligence and even you're not sure about that go ahead and get some resources on that because then ability to hope well he internally with whatever happened to that they would really give you a great success so the ability to have a high most developed a high emotional intelligence he has reduce his practice significantly to only seeing patients to have faith in the office when you talk about the practice file he has EA 's and nurses and people that can calling the office in handle everyday matter without ever communicating with that and they know they didn't even ask him they know they can see that the ale whatever so by allowing other people and depend on others to do a lot of those things you don't have to deal with basic all those little things and they have learned that he has learned to depend on others to do a lot of things I and then cries when around doing that and how much could you get he went out everybody West fuel being that time so when you go out to service in Duca had you not in the sale Camden acquainted ten o'clock and he's practice is banned that when he gives a speech he doesn't leave the hotel whatever the meeting room don't everybody has a question is been addressed in some that had been very frustrating because the kids have other ideas of what to do with daddy but I think if you train early on that you do a good in you do good you'll find out every words in the satisfaction he so great that he doesn't manage the last two hours of sleep at times you have to do that so that's what I have I've probably like that with the needs of the family in terms of immediate needs to spend time with family versus modeling what good conscientious service it's not I'm sure other people set thank you for articulating the need very important not to let other people set your priorities are I think that I you and your spouse and your family need to come together prayerfully in Canada determine you what you need to do and I know in my case I needed to take off more time in no event it may be is the traditional way of practicing and now you run into people at your off on Friday and run somebody at the diner Anderson must be nice knowing I thought this is going on give your application had on school and you do the same thing under the jump find out what what's the priority should be set them and then not be willing to part not be afraid to change that you know just kind of experiment with different ways of a practice style and different and not be afraid to get back away from a particular procedures that you don't enjoy that don't fit your style Paul Jim one of the things that's helped me and it might help you is I have a fifteen -year-old daughter we have an only child but when she was young we we decided to look at her as dictating how much I take on so when she was young and and my wife and I would like to sing and do music and so forth the church is asking you to join acquire TV panel player be the choir director and then we ask them while you can watch our four -year-old daughter three -year-old daughter Nathan will display with the kids and that's when we decided that probably that ethnic church that we attended was not the kind of church we needed to get because we were at a different level different stage in our family life in our understanding so as we as our daughter grew you notice but we noticed that the thing the activities that we could partake in which change so when she was younger there were certain activities that we would do but then we would say no to all three of those other activities that would take away from that is being acquired director a good thing well the superficial answer is yes the real question is when most everything is good in and of itself that's otherwise you would already say no records it's against God 's law it is good but the question is when timing is of the essence and is a studied Christ when was it not a good time to heal there's no good time not deal someone but let's go to be bypassed a whole lot of people on the way to heal a person why couldn't they weren't ready the timing wasn't right and so as we look at that later on as she got older and she started playing her own instrument and in the church had a choir and orchestra then we could join the choir at that time what was okay what was not okay at one time in our life is okay now and we don't know maybe that will change as she gets older to go to college probably I could take on other things that might demand more time board meetings POR EB writing were famous for her board meetings other functions like that and that might help some people this week there were have focused our activities our children in fact we have taken before some are children of now gone away to school and that is basically homeschooled but we have taken to return to vacations in our married life by ourselves everything else was with our children one was when my mom died I sell it having a fight again I have a family not letting that dictate everything necessarily in all the children need to learn self-discipline and they need to learn sacrifice and being a blessing to others in and up you know everything everything is focused on them and were not talking about that we're talking about putting everything else about them in the context of what's best for this child because our first mission field is where is our home so thank you for sharing strongly resonate with me that last time that were just needing also the comments he forgot about the importance of setting priorities we in any names where we have all of the wonderful analogy and get until the time-saving devices that Patty was referring to later in a we have less time for meaningful communication relatedness seemly than ever before I think it the setting of priorities is important and it is something that begins with our relationship with Christ because there are so many cool thing in this day and age and especially if we live in a location that isn't remote and are so many opportunities for learning for participating in life enriching so-called life enriching activities that that can be life enriching but when we lack of balance they can simply destroy all our spiritual lives they can destroy our families so I just want to highlight that that relationship with Christ and that priority giving God the first portion of our daily is essential in keeping now realizing that there isn't time and a place for everything underneath the sun there was a time in our life when my husband practice when his involvement in medical evangelism in doing many good excellent things were getting him be the appreciation the deep appreciation of many but he came to a point in his life for he realized that if when he heard the word winners here for your for your precious plot that I've given you you are going to have to say no because he wanted spending the time in getting to know his children into Michael Christianity in a way that would make those children falling off with Christ that is priorities and then realizing that after they are set it's going to take current terms effort over over the mind and the years to really look take a look at the fruit of that the lifestyle you have chosen the present priorities is the fruit of the spirit being evident in your life in the lives of your children if it is not a good time to reevaluate and that revaluation have to occur on a regular basis we had made very painful choices over the years and we continue to make them because as you think about your priorities one and in certain things out of your life and you have time for the best of the music going to stay that way the fact that I'm here shows that if the if the profit of a painful process of constant reevaluating thank you Mrs. network and benevolence as many of you may know our Baldwin the ministry restoration international is seeking to bring this balance to the family so I would recommend them as a resource in the website yes they do seminars and she has she is a wise one and so avail yourself of them estimates here yes as you mentioned location is another issue where you have choices to make right word we went because that determines what what our life will be like we have good friends that were marked red zinger it is family market Ruth and their children that marks presenting another seminar at the moment so he's not here but they made choices and where to go in mission service and why to go on mission service for the reason of their family in fact they left one mission post I think I understand correctly and went to another for the purpose of finding an opportunity to have a little more family time and balance Hess okay so the choices we make and where we live are important we've chosen to live in the country where we can not have our children are playing in the snow with the dog in the we can spend some quality time shoveling snow blowing and so if you want to come see us you might not want to come in January as you see fit it's true that living in an activist community there's a whole lot going on and we used to live in one and now we live in a very small town and nothing is happening so when I go for a walk in the afternoon sometimes my own have to take me two hours for stopping to talk to all the neighbors and that that I need to learn to live so it's a blessing to be out and at a slower more country rule setting we like salt and the Lord Spring fling us around and we got dropped away out in the wilderness in the snow so that also though brings opportunities for service so you see are one of our daughters herbalists there were features letters to prepare this conference than the day before and this is a project out in the early white was better like broadcasting and went door-to-door in Canada's people as to whether they had exposure to that challenge I gave them information and use that to develop opportunities to cooking schools and various other outreach activities to stop smoking but now program and Patty mentioned mission service is a way to both maintain and create balance that is if you leave the other things behind that are all pressing on you and you do something different and you go in a different service area first of all you see how different society this picture on the lower right is taken in the Tanzania where you are actually on Safari after mission trip but a medical opportunity presented itself in the vehicle ahead of us coming out of the England goal crater 's accident in Soviet opportunity to be of service but the mindset of getting out of your comfort zone going out and doing something different in their intimate in a different society short-term long-term it really helped you recently get it a perspective on resetting priorities in maintaining a balance when you come back what's really important have a event on a short-term or long-term mission a lot of the do you view life differently EV or practice differently here than when you left think is true for everyone was stunned so anyone have any comments on servicer suggestions for opportunities for service it's one o'clock right now and I think it's time to to end our seminar thank you for participating and for sharing with us we hope and pray that each of you and ourselves will maintain the balance of the Lord would have for us so I wanted to pray for us as we post money father we thank you for Jesus who came to this world to set our world back and right after we experienced a fallen Adam and we thank you so much what Jesus has done and I pray for each of the families here in Berlin meaning you will guide and direct plans and choices maybe they make and he will maintain in this video was produced by audio verse four amen at the Pentagon and a better tomorrow you would like to learn more about me then please visit www. a manner that I like the more free online please visit www. on universe


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