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Motivation for Service: The Explosive Power of the Gospel

Brian Schwartz



1. Identify the important role of spiritual care plays in healthcare. 

2. Discuss how praying with patients increases their trust in you as a provider. 

3. Demonstrate how adding a spiritual component to your practice leads to improved physical outcomes. 

4. Inspire attendees to live a life committed to daily sacrificial service. 


Brian Schwartz

Interventional Cardiologist in Kettering, Ohio



  • October 25, 2018
    7:00 PM


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Well good evening everyone it's a blessing to be here. In. This evening I want to share with you just a burden of my heart. Which is to talk about the combination of combining the gospel with the medical mystery a combination that I believe that is God ordained to you have a partial impact in the very last days and while he is working with my slides or sorry about that I'm just going to tell you in a nutshell what I hope to accomplish in the next 45 or 50 minutes so I want to convince you that God has sent a message to this church the given us the the he's given us the duty of preaching the 3 of those messages to the world and that is our Gospel call and he has given us a message that teaches us how to be prepared to do that and combined with that he's given us the. The message of medical evangelism and all of us have a role to play so we're going to talk about motivation for a service that's what we're here talking about this whole week thank you the explosive power of the Gospel and what I hope to have accomplished at the end is to realize that for years a man has talked about blending medical mystery and the gospel ministry with pastors and physicians working together to night I want to challenge us to think even one step beyond that medical mystery in gospel ministry combine in a physician or a dentist or gospel ministry a medical Ministry come by in a pastor because that's what Ellen why Invision when she was thinking about medical of Angela's I'm so. We're on borrowed time the world is going along just playing through like nothing is happening at all and I don't know how it's going to go on much longer this is a real picture from Hawaii this past summer it just blows my mind I don't know how you can apply that and yeah Donna got to I got that much to begin with but the have a volcano blowing up behind you and just playing through this is what our world's doing this is what we are up against and 7th Day Adventists i'm has been called to give a warning message to the world I do not believe that we were raised up to be one more the nomination among multiple the nominations 7th Day Adventists them was a movement a movement that could have actually been wrapped up before we even formed as a church in 863 and yet now in what has an interesting quote that I think can be instructive for us and we ask the question are we what's internalized the so are we like ancient Israel it was not the will of God that Israel should wander in the wilderness 40 years he desired to lead them directly to the land of Canaan and to establish them there a holy happy people but they could not enter in because of. Unbelief. Quoting here verse 319 because of their backsliding in apostasy they perished in the desert and others were raised up to enter the Promised Land in like manner it was not the will of God that the coming of Christ should be so long delayed and his people should remain so many years in this world of sin and sorrow but unbelief separated them from God as they refused to do the work which he had appointed them others were raised up to proclaim the mark the message in Bursley to the world Jesus delays his coming that centers may have an opportunity to hear the warning and find in him a shelter before the wrath of God so be poured out there has to be a warning message that goes to this world God is to merciful the just come in find the world playing through and not have been warned of the wrath to come and that is what he is raised up 7th Day Adventists to do so on what makes it even clear letter 184-1001 or an evangelist on page $96.00 charge not to God we may have to remain here in this world because of in subordinate the nation many more years as did the children of Israel but for Christ's sake his people should not add sin to send by charging God with the consequences of their wrong course of action why do we have to remain in this world it's not because God has some magic timetable it's not God's purpose it's because of us we have something to do with us we may hasten the day by giving the Gospel to the world it is in our power to hasten our Lord's return it is the privilege of every Christian not only to look far but to hasten the coming of the Lord Jesus. Or all who profess his name bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world would be sold with the seed of the Gospel quickly the last harvest would be ripe and then Christ would come to gather the precious grain this church was raised up to be a movement that would catalyze that would quickly get the attention of the. Oil honest hearted people that just didn't know but felt God's call in their life and quickly they would be convicted quickly they would learn what they needed to learn and the Gospel could go around the world in less than one generation in fact I believe just a few short years now I can remember growing up as a child thinking well if i been one of those Israelites I would have left some of those 2 faithful spies Caleb and Joshua I would have been one of those that that. Disagreed and disobeyed But you know what we can think of that were better than action Israel but 7th but they happen to us have been doing this for 5 generations it is wrong the 2nd generation figured it out and they crossed over to the promised land and so I believe that the very 1st call to this church as a movement was in the 840 S. with William Miller and it seems to me that there's a parallel to what happened in ancient Israel we parallel their history and unbelief some how the Holy Spirit is filled with wanting to be poured out God brings messages of hope messages of the Gospel that should touch our hearts and it should lead us to repentance and if we would respond we could be the generation that for this is this work. But every 40 years the Holy Spirit is brought back every 40 years there is another message of the righteousness of Christ in a call to repentance and we are now here for 5 generations must there be more. States that many had lost sight of Jesus they needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person his merits and his change in this love for the human family all power is given into his hands that he may dispense rich gifts on to men imparting the priceless gift of his own righteousness to the helpless human agent this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the 3rd angel's message which is to brood proclaim with a loud voice in attended with the outpouring of his spirit and a large measure measure the message of mercy to be given to the world as a revelation of His character of love the children of God are to manifest His glory in their own life and character they are to reveal what the grace of God has done for them I am intrigued by this idea of the revelation of His character of love I've been convicted this last year that the devil has done a pretty good job of turning every single aspect about God's character around $180.00 degrees God gets the blame for every hurricane God gets the blame for every tornado not a day goes by that in my office somebody asked me why is God doing this to me and as we reflect his character 1st and foremost we can teach them what his character is truly like and that's part of our calling but our calling see even more than that is to demonstrate his character. Just 2 weeks ago I had the opportunity of a husband and wife who came in to. Came into my office I talked about their father his father who is a chief of the fire department and one of our towns he doesn't go to church and so these kids hadn't ever been raised in church and yet. They know they're something different but they were in my office having just 3 or 4 weeks earlier lost their 4 and a half month old child with congenital heart disease and so so they're my office they don't go to church they haven't been raised in church and they're just I just asked them why are you here and I said Oh I'm so sorry and I just as I start talking to them they're here to make sure that they don't have heart disease and they need an echocardiogram but that was the least of their trouble we do it with that in about 10 seconds but then I had an opportunity to start talking to them about what God is like and that it's not God who did this and to talk to them about where their child is now and so we had a discussion about the immortality of the soul how the baby is asleep in Jesus and yet he longs to reunite them together a war complex that. When he comes in and it just reminded me that our whole world has this picture of God that has turned $180.00 degrees around we believe that it's God that's bringing the cancer to us it's God that's bringing the hurricanes no wonder the world doesn't trust God there has to be a group of people in the very last days that represent his character of love and give a representation of what that is like not just in arguments in discussion. But in practical godliness and I believe that's partly why God has raised up a minute though I believe that the 7th Day Adventist Church after being raised up. We just got into the mode of arguing over doctrine and we had church members in pastors and those who could articulate the Biblical truths but it didn't have a practical application and so we began to see the early work of people like Dr callow and Ellen White started talking about how there had to be a revival and repentance. And so an $880.00 S. the Lord raised up. 2 young gentleman Jones in Wagner and this was truly a blended ministry so at Wagner was a physician and a T. Jones was a pastor in a wide States and last day events page $200.00 the Lord and His great mercy sent a most precious message to his people through others Wegner and Jones this message was to bring more prominently before the world the uplifted savior the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world it presented justification through faith in the surety it invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God The message of Christ's righteousness is to sound from one end of the earth to the other and. So bottom line is. Alway more than 400 times in Dorst In talked about these 2 young messengers that brought the message back to our church of Christ in our righteousness and that's that power I believe that is when combined with. The Gospel in the message of health and healing has the power to change this world so the message of righteousness is the sound from one end of the earth to the other to prepare the way for the Lord this is the glory of God which closes the work of the 3rd angel Ellen why is it down to find the fact that the message of the righteousness of Christ that was brought in the 880 S. is the very best said to have giving the 3 angels messages to the world after all the 3 engines messages start out with the ever lasting gospel to go to the world and so this was a message that has power came I have answers not yet working there we go several have written to me inquiring if the message of Justification by Faith is the 3rd angel's message and I have answered it is the 3rd angel's message in verity so. The truth for this time the 3rd Angel's messages to be proclaimed with a loud voice meaning within creasing power as we approach the great final test this test must come to the churches in connection with the true medical missionary work a work that has the great physician to dictate in preside and all it comprehends Ellen White saw that these 2 should be joined together and she was encouraged with what she saw when the fruit is brought forth the media only he puts in the cycle because the harvest has come Christ is waiting with a longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim them as his own We've heard this we've talked about this we've looked at this before but what does it mean for Christ character to be perfectly reproduced in his people and I believe that by combining the Gospel medical work together that is how it is reflected it is the privilege Let's go back once it is the privilege of every Christian not only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord were all who professed his name bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the world would be sown with the seed of the Gospel this doesn't need to take a long time the majesty of heaven the world has been visited by the majesty of heaven the Son of God God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life Christ came to this world as the expression of the very heart and mind in nature and character of God He was the brightness of the Father's glory the express image of His person God loved us so much that He gave His Son to this world when we begin to be transformed. By the gospel message of God's love toward us it will have an effect on our hearts so that we do the same thing for the world around us you know we've been blessed to have many good friends many of our closest friends from the medical school days Lindy and I have not had children of our own but we've been blessed actually share in our friends' children and there's many I'm sure I would leave them out but it's been a unique privilege to have especially if you've got 3 kids come stay at our house and some of the Nutley kids come stay at our house the Rams or kids come stay at our house and just to hang out with us and get to know them and it's just really neat that they would be interested to us and you know just have watching these kids grow up from little kids see them maturing into young adults and godly young Christian adults is just amazing to my heart and I just was reflecting on this other day there isn't anything that Wendy and I wouldn't do for these kids we feel like they're our own and you know what's really amazing is I'm assuming this but when you talk to their parents they don't mind that we think that way about their kids and in fact they're encouraged that we think about their kids that way and I got to thinking God let his son know he gave his son to our world and it's really easy for us to identify with our friends' children and to love our friends' children in to do anything for our friends' children but God has children in this world and when I stop and think Do I love Jesus Well all our friends know that we care about them because we care about their kids and if I really love Jesus then I'm going to be loving his children. Some of them are so nice to the children that we enjoy some of them are homeless some of them come to our office and they're the whiniest patients but if you really want to ask yourself if you love Jesus do you love his children that's what the Gospel effect will have on our heart clickers not working here we go up. So tell him why it stated back in the eighty's the time of test is just upon us for the loud cry of the 3rd angel has already begun in the revelation of righteousness the righteousness of Christ the send pardoning Redeemer this is the beginning of the light of the angel who is Glory shall fill the whole earth which angel is this this is the 4th Angel of Revelation 18 Alan Light a den of FIDE in her day that something was happening what did she see she again if Isaac has the very beginning outpouring showers of the Latter Rain that bring with that cry it was beginning to happen in her day what was happening in her day Well one thing it was Jones and Wagner and others were going around preaching the message of Christ Our Righteousness it was calling the church members to repentance if you could advance the flood in the medical missionary work was going on Dr Kellogg Helen White said that Dr Kellogg was a come verted man after the 888 general conference session and everyone knew it and Dr Kellogg had taken up the medical missionary work and I encouraged him with heart and soul because I knew that only by this work can the prejudice which exists in the world against our faith be broken down there something about the power of the health message something important about combining the gospel with a medical missionary work that breaks down barriers and breaks down prejudice and opens doors to the Gospel like nothing else and SCO forward. And so there is a unique and special relationship between the beginning of the loud cry message in the medical missionary work these 2 were combined and Dr Kellogg was a converted man we don't have time to get into this history but I believe that this is history that every committed 7th Day Adventist who wants to know why we are still here to be study in 2 books I'd recommend to you to get into it a little bit further is the return of the letter reign by Ron Duffield this documents the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the 880 S. and onward and what happened to quench it because of the belief of some of our brother and a book by Dave Fiedler disposal which talks about the medical missionary work that was going on at that same time and for a very short time these 2 came together and God's outpouring of His Holy Spirit began to fall on our church go forward missionary health the Lord has signified that the missionary health restored to the Gospel shall never be separated from the Ministry of the word the Lord Jesus has in his own example showing us the way in which his work is to be done in the restoration of suffering humanity God has joined 2 things together what God has joined together let no man what for the Sunder God has joined these together because he knows that there is power if God has joined these together and there is power what's the devil going to want to do he's going to want to cause as much separation as possible so let me ask you a question if I have a patient who comes in to me after having a heart attack and he smokes 2 packs per day and because I pray with him and I point them to the power of Jesus to make a real change in his life and he is able to give up smoking by the power of prayer has he been converted. When to say yes he has started the process of conversion by responding to let God work in his heart it is a much the process of conversion as a baby Christian as anybody else that starts at any other level and if we just had a supportive environment of Christians that support a baby Christians Rob or they are smokers alcoholics people that have problems with. Their faith or any other issue it's the same process and they're beginning on the path the Gospel works both for our health both for our spiritual health God has no respecter of persons but in every generation they that fear the Lord and work righteousness are accepted of him while those who are murmuring believe the unbelieving and rebellious will not have his favor nor the blessings promised to those who love the truth and walk in it those who have had the light and do not follow it but disregard the requirements of God will find that their blessings will be changed into curses and their mercies into judgments God would have us learn humility in obedience as we read the history of ancient Israel who were his chosen and particular people but who brought their own destruction by following their own ways have we seen the health work get change to a curse have we seen it bring about judgments if it's devoid of the Gospel it can be the worst thing that's happened to us they have to be united why I believe that there's been 2 lines of parallel thought that are happening and haven't is and I really shouldn't use the word parallel because that's actually diverging back in the 1880s when the message of righteousness by faith was combined with the message of health in the gospel ministry was combined with a health ministry What did the devil attack. There was an attack on the very spirit of prophecy because Ellen White was indorsing that message she was supporting Dr Kellogg in the leading ministers of that day begin to question why is she really a prophet but there was also a separation in the Gospel in the health ministry and that separation continues to this day minister were some of the slowest to adapt the health principles of a vegetarian diet ministers and physicians didn't trust each other and yes it's easy to reject and resist the message that God gave in 888 because the messengers and Dr Kellogg all wound up leaving the church but it doesn't know if I the impact of their message every 40 years or so God keeps bringing this message back just as he did with ancient Israel I believe that he used a G. Daniels who wrote a book Christ Our Righteousness and there was a series of sermons by Taylor bunch that that look back at our history as a church the exodus and type in that he looked at the comparisons and said that we are following the exact history of Israel and there was a revival I don't have time to go into it but every time the Lord pours out a message of righteousness in a call to repentance he starts bringing us back to these principles and these pillars that are important to us and there is a time of relative opening in the world there's an opening to the Gospel and the light says what we don't do in good times we're going to have to do an extremely hard times and when they turn 88 message was resisted and rejected over 100 years ago. Next thing we know war one broke out communism spread through Russia and you can see this trend repeated. After attacking the spirit of prophecy and the Gospel in the health messages together in the $1920.00 S. the sanctuary was attacked people like Ballenger in the $1960.00 S. the things same and it won then we have another world war communism then swept through China and close that whole area in the 1960 S. there was another revival another interest in spiritual things the message of Christ Our Righteousness and a call to repentance that was brought to our church but on belief runs deep in again we've resisted in rejected to a large degree that message and now Christ's humanity was a question this a sure it was question all the more the spirit of prophecy is under greater a tete and I believe recently again there's been a resurgence in the interest of the message of Christ Our Righteousness and effort to bring it back together with the gospel ministry combined with the health ministry and I believe that's why God has been raising up places like we mar places like gee what organizations like G. Y.C. and Amen he is trying to restore what he can't do through the big organized sources and so he raises up alternatives but we're seeing things happening now in our churches you hardly hear a sermon on the 2nd coming anymore hardly talked about in our churches it's not taught in our schools Spirit of Prophecy the sanctuary the humanity of Christ the 2nd coming all these are under attack there can't be a 3rd world war if we go another generation we're going to lose the south of truth and so there's been these 2 pass starting close together but getting farther and farther and farther apart in Adventism we saw it manifested at the autumn Council where everyone wants to do what's right in their own eyes just like back in the book of Judges one group trying to be relevant to our culture. Trying to have an experience a religion but gets rid of all of our fundamental doctrines that's not culturally relevant and so there's this cultural war going on and haven't as a go the next slide Well Christ was the savior of the world during his life on Earth the sick in afflicted were objects of his special compassion when he sent his disciples he commissioned them to yield the sick as well as to preach the Gospel when he set forth the 70 he commanded them to heal the sick in next to preach that the Kingdom of God had come nigh on to them their physical health was to be 1st cared for in order that they might be prepared for the truth to reach their minds Jesus has always followed the example of that blended ministry that should not be separated counsels on Help page 34 go the next. Back up on. A minister of the Gospel who is also a medical missionary who through Christ can cure physical ailments as well as minister and spiritual things is of a much more efficient worker than one who can not do this his work as a minister of the Gospel is much more complete what is that a minister who does medical missionary work blended there is a power when these 2 are blended together how so the Lord's work be done how can we gain access to souls buried in the midnight darkness prejudice must be met corrupt religion is hard to deal with the very best ways in the means of work of work must be perfectly considered there is a way in which many doors will be open to the missionary let him become intelligent in the care of the sick as a nurse or learn how to treat disease as a physician and if he is imbued with the spirit of Christ what a field of usefulness is opened before him there is a power in the medical missionary work that breaks down prejudice that opens doors like nothing else to the Gospel. Every patient that I see when I and when I conclude encounter I always say by the way at one of the things I offer to do is have a prayer is that something you'd appreciate. Now I have got in the habit of writing a little in pee in the bottom of my charts when a patient doesn't has once told me that you know doc I druther not I'm an atheist one of my patients that I saw just a few months back and he's in his eighty's a very prominent home builder in our area he had previously told me that he was an atheist he had a little N.P. in his chart but I got to the end of the encounter with him just the other couple months ago and. Hadn't bothered to look at that and so I just did what I normally do. One of the things after do is have a prayer is that something you. Remember I'm an atheist and I said oh yeah that's right well he had some questions about how evangelicals can support Trump but then ultimately we got to we got to a question. He said Doc. I don't understand how if God is a God of love all this bad stuff in the world can happen the Holocaust babies dying all these things he's not going to go talk to a pastor he's not coming probably even stop on the channel that has 3 A.B.N. or Hopetoun on it but he's in my office I've just brought up a spiritual conversation by accident and now I'm having a 20 minute conversation about God and His character of love and how the whole picture of God has been turned around backwards in our world it's not God who causes disease that he cries when we suffer the his will is not always done in this world and it's only as he can convict us if he gets enough of people together that he can change the stream in our history through his influence on our lives that he doesn't force our will. And so we just talked about the great controversy he says I have never heard anything like this before that is the power of the Health Ministry to open the door to the gospel even to atheists so the physician is a missionary I have been surprised as being asked by physicians if I did not think it would be more pleasing to God for them to give up their medical practice in sort of the ministry I am prepared to answer such a inquire as a pastor family just close your ears for a 2nd. If you are a Christian and competent physician you are qualified to do how much more good as a missionary for God tenfold more good as a missionary for God than if you were to go forth I don't know why she is the word merely has a preacher of the word. I would have eyes young men and women to heed give heed to this matter perilous times are before us the whole world will be involved in perplexity and distress disease of every kind will be opened up will be upon the human family and such ignorance as now prevails concerning the laws of health would result in great suffering and the loss of many lives that might be saved there is a special work that we as physicians and dentist and nurses can do in the mere Lee pastors are the ones that haven't gotten themselves educated in medical missionary work because they should be doing it as well and then they could have the same power. Go forward there we go this should be a work of every single church the medical missionary work should be a part of the work of every church in our land disconnected from the church it would soon become a strong range medley of disorganized atoms it would consume but not produce Do we see that with our modern health care system. Instead of acting as God's helping hand to forward the truth it would Safa life and the force from the church and weaken the message conducted independently it would not only consume talent and means needed another lines but in the very work of helping the helpless apart from the Ministry of the word it would place men where they would scoff at Bible truth is what I just practice as a physician and I say you know the modern science says that you should take the beta blocker and you should take an ACE inhibitor and you should be on aspirin and I don't bring up a single spiritual thing and I don't point them to God as the source of healing What have I done I have emphasized science says their savior right but when I pray with my patients and I say. There's only one true healer and that's Jesus Christ and I'm going to ask him to be with us when I do your case what have I done I pointed them to the true source of healing just on Monday had the opportunity to treat a very prominent surgeon in our community who has interstitial lung disease and so is not a surgical candidate he has a mix of other disease aortic stenosis and mitral stenosis with much of regurgitation and are surgeons our hospital said you know we'd probably you probably wind up on a ventilator for weeks probably have a trick and wind up in renal failure if we operated on you so I sent him to the Cleveland Clinic. They scheduled in for surgery on the morning of surgery their surgeon came in and they looked at me says you know what I can't do surgery on you your lungs are too bad I don't think you'll survive they said so perhaps you could have a perky procedure where they can replace your mitral valve and at that point he said Well that might be true I'll go back and talk to Dr Schwartz and the team down there and over the last. 6 weeks. I've had the opportunity to talk to this gentleman who's been in the hospital for the better part of 30 days out of those 6 weeks. And day by day I come in and I pray with him and I talk to him about the fact that this is pretty difficult there's been less than $200.00 per continuous mitral valve is placed when somebody just has. Their calcification in the whole world the acute mortality rate is over 25 percent and I've got my whole hospital watching me taking care of one of the most prominent surgeons we have it's easy to either flinch short to take the glory to yourself at a time like that but every day I said you know I believe that God wants to bless you I believe that he's going to help us through this you know boy I talk to every advisor I could we looked at every single case that we could find I brought him in expert in the field who came down to proctor me he's done 3 in 2 out of his 1st 3 died but that was my expert but we prayed we prayed. And I prayed with them every day the week before surgery he got to worry just quickly hold out his hand and this is a guy that never attended church he was always too busy he's not previously open to spiritual truth but the case went so fantastic the Proctor says I've watched cases at our camp conferences I've been to cases where they've done in other places and in our own hospital I've never seen a case go so smooth as this one turned out so well and it's praise God and then go back in and meet that surgeon the next day he said I just want to think you know so I don't think me remember we prayed he got tears in his eyes and I said God's got a plan for you he saw you through this and he says no you're right God guided to do to save me and he is now giving glory to God that is the power of the medical missionary work to transform lives. And so I was talking to his wife we did talk about the fact that you know without this procedure you're going to die and he came in so short of breath I thought I was going to die last night and we did everything we could to keep him off a ventilator and he was on bypass but then we got him off and I just said you have fear about that don't you and his wife said yeah it's hard to know what happens after you die I guess you could look at You Tube. You know there's there's people that have seen the light and then they came back and I said well if I were you I wouldn't go to Youtube I go to the Bible and I shared a couple Bible texts with them and they were very great fall and they said yeah you're right that makes sense but that didn't occur to them it doesn't occur to our world to turn to God because we live in a very secular world I love this quote down here by the way it stayed on 15 minutes to go the whole time. Let's go forward speaking of Philippians chapter 2 verse 5 away medical ministry says he laid aside his royal robe and kingly crown and he stepped down from his high command to take the place of a servant so what we're here talking about right serve us he was rich but for our sake that we might have eternal riches he became poor he made the world but so completely did he empty himself that during his ministry he declared Foxes have holes in the birds of the air have nests but the son of man hath no where to lay his head Philippians 2 goes on to state that Jesus set aside everything despising the shame but he was obedient to the point of death not just to death but death on a cross. And the cross of Christ shows us that Jesus Christ loves us more than he loves even himself that is the Gospel Jesus Christ came to seek and to save that which was lost and he could not be happy up in heaven what does that mean for us physicians and thus we didn't make the world but we live in palaces compared to many around us is it too much to ask of us to empty ourselves to serve our fellow man to join in the sufferings of Jesus the Lord has signified that the missionary health restore the Gospel shall never be separated from the Ministry of the word These 2 need to be joined together Christ is before us as the pattern man the great medical missionary then example for all who should come after what then is the example that we are to set to the world it has to be the same self emptying law every physician should be devoted intelligent gospel medical missionary the need to be a devoted intelligent gospel medical missionary familiar with the Heavens remedies for the sin sick soul one of the remedies for the Sensex all the gospel of all people we need to know the gospel even more then pastors Heaven's remedy for the sins 6 soul as well as where the science of healing body lead disease we need to be expert in both and so she goes on physicians need a double portion of religion. Of men and any calling physicians are most in need of clearness of mind purity of spirit and that faith which works by love and purifies the Soul that they may make the right impression upon all who come within their sphere of influence we need to be connected now is the time for God's people to show themselves through the principle when the religion of Christ is most held in contempt. When his law is most despised then should our zeal be the warmest in our courage and firmness the most unflinching to stand in defense of truth and righteousness when the majority 1st sake us to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are few this will be our test I believe we are living in the very last days of this earth's history it is within our grasp to be that final generation but the religions of the world are so far away from what we are doing there will be persecuted for this even in our own church there are 2 not paralyze parallel but diverging lines of thought one that is trying to be culturally relevant but one that will stand in the defense of truth and righteousness and when the majority 1st take us to fight the battles of the Lord when champions are few this will be our test at this time we must gather warmth from the coldness of others here try to get warmed out of an ice cube it's pretty hard courage from their cowardice and loyalty from their treason the nation will be on the side of the great rebel leader let's go forward but in John 1335. You know what brings a speck up in 2nd selective messages 373 brother and you will you carry the spirit of Christ with you as you return to your homes into your churches will you put away on belief and criticism if we seen that in our church recently. I don't go on the spectrum website very often but the stuff that has been put on there in the last few weeks during autumn Council just wrenches my heart from our own brother on believe in criticism we are coming to a time when more than ever before we shall need to press together to labor United really in union there is strength in discord and disunion there is only weakness God never design that one man or 4 or 20 should take an important work into their hands and carry it forward independently of other workers in the cause I believe that as a man we should be pressing together with every other ministry that is doing the gospel work and doing medical missionary work we can unite with pathways we can unite with G Y C We can unite with other ministries that are giving the Gospel God never designed that one man for 20 should take an important work into their own hands and carry it independently. Of other workers in the cause God wants His people to counsel together to be a United Church in Christ a perfect whole the only safety for us is to enter into the councils of heaven ever seeking to do the will of God to become laborers together with him no one company is to form a confederacy and say we are going to take this work in curing it on in our own way and if it does not go as we want it to we will not give our influence to get or to have it to go at all this is Satan's voice not God's do not obey such suggestions and so when you see the work going forward encourage those that are doing it another pass than in other ways go forward I wish to speak about the relation existing between the medical missionary work and the gospel ministry it is presented to me that every department of the work is to be united in one great whole the work of God is to prepare a people to stand before the Son of Man and His coming in this work shelled should be a unit the work that is to fit a people to stand firm in the last great day must not be a divided work we as 7th Day Adventists need to repent. Like my clock at 15 minutes. We need to repent because we have been disunited we haven't had the power we have stifled the latter rain showers we have not combined the gospel. In the health message together into a partial unit we should ever remember that the object of medical missionary work is to appoint since sick men and women to the man of Calvary who taketh away the sin of the world by be holding him they will be changed into His likeness we are to encourage the sick the suffering to look to Jesus and to live let the workers keep Christ the Great Physician costly before those to whom disease of the body and soul has brought discouragement point them to the one who can heal both spirit physical and spiritual disease tell them of the one who is touched with the feelings of their infirmities and encourage them to place themselves in the care of him who gave his life to make it possible for them to have life eternal talk of his love tell of his power to save physicians in dentists and nurses we're not just to open the door and then turn them over to the chaplain work to take them on into the Gospel understanding that will convert their hearts and their minds and they're there and they'll be open to it after you've ministered to them. All right we'll skip that slide so the medical missionary work was never presented to me in any other way than as bearing the same relationship as to the work as a whole as the arm does to the body the gospel ministry is an organised is a sham for the proclamation of the truth in the carrying forward of the work for sick and well this is the body the medical missionary work is the arm and Christ is the head over all thus the matter has ever been presented to me don't get the idea that the medical missionary work is the 1st in priority work is the opening wedge and it has its proper place to open the door to the Gospel. And from all Melinda messages page 59 I want to tell you that the Gospel ministers in the medical missionary workers are not united when they're not united there is placed on our churches the worst evil that can be placed there we've seen this in so many churches there is a lack of support the 2 don't work together sorry when this goes forward it jumps sometimes can you back up on the winning influence in our care for the sick act tenderly kindly faithfully that you may have a comforting influence upon them you have need of the grace of Christ in order to properly represent the service of Christ and as you present the grace of truth in true disinterest of service angels will be present to sustain you the Comforter will be with you to fulfill the promise of the Savior Lo I am with you always even to the end of the world there are some who believe that free clinics should be a humanitarian work because that's what disinterest of services I don't think so disinterest in service means that I'm doing it without what you're going to give back to me but I'm doing it with the eye of pointing you to truth lead them to Christ I have a charge to give a message to bear to our sanitarium workers keep your souls in purity do a work that will have a winning influence on those placed in your charge you can speak often to the stick of the great physician who can heal the diseases of the body is verily as he heals this disease is that the sickness is of the soul pray with the 2nd try to lead them to see Christ their healer tell them that if they will look to Him in faith he will say to them that I stand to be forgiven me it means very much to the sick to learn this lesson shouldn't be separate physicians and chaplains that should be our work to point them to Christ every sincere Christian bows to Jesus as the true physician of souls. When he stands by the bedside of the afflicted there will be many not only converted but healed if through judicious ministration the patient is led to give his soul to Christ and to bring his thoughts into a BT and to the will of God a great victory is again our work of healing body is only as effective as we combine it with healing this all is going to explode. In almost every community there are large numbers who do not listen to the preaching of God's Word or attend any religious service if they are raised by the Gospel it must be carried to their homes often the relief of their physical needs is the only avenue by which they can be approached they can pray with and for helpless ones who have not strength of will to control the appetite that passion has to greet it grated they can bring a ray of hope into the lives of the defeated in the disheartened their own selfish love manifested in acts of disinterested kindness will make it easier for the suffering ones to believe in the love of Christ I've seen this over and over again as I have offered to pray with patience often some of the roughest people in society get tears in their eyes when they offer to pray go next those who deny self to do others good and who devote themselves and all they had to Christ service will realize the happiness which the selfish man seeks for in vain I put this light in here because it reminds me why I need a man several people even today say well God has brought you to a man for this time or this purpose that feels good but that's not why God brought me to a man God Amen doesn't need me a man doesn't need you I need a man in you need a min. Mark Brown was up here talking to you about becoming members this is why you need to become a member of a man because we need to be saved from ourselves there are so many things in our culture that are pulling on us some of it good we get pulled in every direction and unless we consciously and purposefully put ourselves in to serve us we will likely be lost so a man is here to save me from myself those who devotes to who deny self to do good others good and who devote themselves and all they have to Christ service will realize the happiness which the selfish man seeks for in vain you've seen it multiple sports cars a yacht all these things can tempt us but it doesn't truly bring fulfillment true fulfillment only comes in service to others so that our Savior whosoever he be of you that for sake of not all that he has he cannot be My disciple charity secrets not her own this is the fruit of that disinterested love and benevolence which characterized the life of Christ the law of God in our hearts will bring our own interest and subordination too high in eternal considerations we are enjoying by Christ to seek 1st the Kingdom of God in His righteousness This is our 1st and highest duty our master expressly warned his servants not to lay up treasure upon this earth for in so doing their hearts would be upon earthly rather than have all the things so let me start the offering appeal for Sabbath. A man doesn't need your money. You need to give your money to a man. Because why where your heart is or where your treasure is that's where your heart is if you want your heart to be in heaven. Then learn how to serve others you want your heart to be in heaven then put your possessions in heaven so other ministries too so you can balance that out but honestly this is the time to be seeking our souls where are my priorities and of my putting it in to ministry and I can assure you that we're going to use it carefully but as we close the medical missionary work my heart is made sad as I look at our churches which ought to be connected in heart and soul and practice with the medical missionary work I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done a ministerial lines but medical missionary work the work of a minister is to minister our ministers are to work on the gospel plan of ministry and so folks physicians and dentists and health care workers will have a work to do up to the very close of probation and if pastors want to work to do in that very last day they need to learn how to do medical missionary work as well because soon there won't be any other work to do you will never be ministers after the Gospel order to you show a decided interest in medical missionary work the gospel of healing and blessing in strengthening its go next so what happens I believe that the Gospel is the power that will motivate the change for the light to go around the world in the very last days very very quickly God keeps bringing back to 7th heaven to us the message of Christ and His righteousness the call to repentance that will cleanse us from selfishness. And combines that with a call to service it's not just medical service but the power comes together when the 2 are united but what would have we seen we are here for the 5th generation as a movement that should have or could have been completed long ago. Because um belief runs deep we still fight that battle in our own hearts we still fight that battle as a church and we are in a spiritual crisis in North America there are honest hearted pastors that are leading their congregations in a Godly way but so many of our churches have turned to an experience or religion that is moving away from doctrines their pastors that are afraid to speak out and that's one of the reasons why I believe that God is raising positions in dentists you don't get paid by the conference you can speak when God calls. There is God time now is the time that we in our own churches start leading our churches to understand and embrace the message that God has been bringing back over and over and over it will have a converting influence in our hearts and then we need to lead it lead our churches to know how they can minister to those around us in need who will unite the 2 programs that literally turn the world upside down in one generation X. Chapter 17 verse 6 Paul on US had just fled Thessalonica and they came in they grabbed Jason and they said this guy has been harboring them those who turned the world upside down that can be our experience today that can be the experience of every young person this will go very quickly in just a few short years that's our calling you know the Levites weren't the ones that were called to be the priests and Israel did you know that it's a whole nother sermon but God had intended every single Israelite to be a priest what is a priest somebody that ministers to others and shares the gospel. They were the health care practice and it was in the spiritual healers of their day and God promises to have a kingdom of priests Well we take care of his children that's what our calling us. It's a miracle of the Gospel when God takes an unholy man or an unholy woman and he makes them holy then he puts them back into an unholy world and keeps them holy that is the power of the Gospel that will transform our ministry that will turn our practices into a ministry it will give us a calling it is the reason why a man exists and I believe that's our calling here tonight let's just deal together as we pray our Father in heaven. It is indeed a high calling that you call us to the father I just pray that somehow we this generation and 2800 can feel in Appreciate the call that you are making on our lives father there is no need that this go on any longer in so must confess that unbelief runs deep in my own heart but I pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be more powerful and that the faith of Jesus can spring up in my heart and if it can do it in my heart it can do it in each heart here so show us a picture of the love of God for each one of us tonight as we go back to our rooms convict us of what our part is in these last days and prepare an army. An army of physicians and dentists and health care workers united with ministers united with young people united with all those that will stand for truth. As our per week that uses its name. 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