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Service or Business?

Norman McNulty


Why do we serve God? What is it that gives us motivation to do medical ministry? Why is it that so many Seventh-day Adventists miss out on the higher purpose of service? This message will look into these questions and provide a biblical, Christ-centered answer to that question. 


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • October 26, 2018
    7:15 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you for the privilege we have of being followers of Jesus and I just pray that you would speak through me that these next few minutes and. The Word of God would be presented in a way that is fresh and an inspiring way that would draw us closer to Jesus I just pray that he would speak through me and I pray this in Jesus' name name. The title for my message this morning is service or business you know the theme for this week and it is called a service. And as physicians as a dentist as health care professionals I think most of us can relate to the struggle. Of whether or not we are in this work for the service of God or for the business of personal enrichment and it's very easy each You become so busy and so focused on the every day business side of health care that we can lose side of the true purpose for why God has called us into the work that he has given us to D.C. So I want you to teach her. To Matthew chapter 20 Matthew chapter 28 and I'm going to read a very familiar passage is a springboard to the rest of what we talk about and this is Jesus making his last appeal before he returns to heaven and in Matthew 20 starting a verse 18 says in Jesus came and speaking to them saying All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth now this should be inspiring to us Jesus saying I have all power and heaven on earth so if you are working on my behalf you have access to that power and in verse 19 he says Go ye therefore in teach all nations but the marginal reading says Go ye therefore and make a disciples of all nations now something historically that we've been pretty good as 7th Day Adventists is giving us feel logical construct for why you should believe the 7th day out in US message but we haven't been as good at making disciples of Jesus yes people can gain a theoretical understanding of all the truth is that we hold dear but how often are we actually making disciples of all nations Jesus says All power is given unto me in heaven and on earth why then do we not believe that we could make disciples under the power of Christ's the way the disciples had power when they were followers of Jesus 2000 years ago. And then he goes on to say baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost you know I'm thankful that Jesus encouraged us to baptize in the name of the 3 great powers of the Godhead and heaven. We don't need to have any confusion on that idea and then he says in verse 20 teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you in low I am with you always even on to the end of the world when we really get to know Jesus as he is and when we come to understand that all power is given to him in heaven and on earth and that he has given us that same power to go and make disciples and to teach them all things sometimes I wonder what we're doing as a people are we really motivated to make disciples of all nations and I want you to go to chapter 2. Fusions chapter to you and we're going to read the 1st few verses of this chapter. Because if you choose Chapter 2 reminds us of who we are and where we've come from and what God has done for us and the and how we should be inspired and motivated to give service to the Lord groups want to fusions you and you have to quicken are made alive who were dead in trespasses and sins where in time past he walked according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the year the spirit that now work with them the children of disobedience among whom also we all had our conversation and time passed in the lust of our flush fulfilling the desires of the flushing of the mind and were by nature the children of Routh even as others so were reminded yes we've all seen and come short of the glory of God And where have we come from in time past we walk according to the course of the of this world according to the prince of the power of the year so we are all reminded that we have been and that. But we have been quick and are made alive again even though in the past we were dead in trespasses and sins and if we are truly made alive by Christ we would want to make disciples of those who are dead in trespasses and sins now because we know what it was like to be there but here's the catch if we're still dead in trespasses and sins we won't have the motivation to call people out of the darkness could it be that a lack of desire to call people out of the darkness of sin is a reflection of the reality that we're still there ourselves because when we are in this pathway of being dead in trespasses and sins there is less of a line of demarcation between us in the world and we start to lose the sense for the ugliness of us. But Paul goes on starting in verse 4 about God who is rich in mercy for his great love wherewith he loved us even when we were dead and sons had quickened us or made us alive together with Christ by grace are you saved and how to raise the US up together and made us all to earth made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus that in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of His grace and his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus so in the ages the calm throughout the Cecils ages of each surety those who have been quickened or brought out of the pit of son who have been saved by the grace of Christ will be a demonstration for the exceeding riches of the grace of God in the kindness that he has showed to or to us through Christ Jesus. But sometimes I wonder especially for those of us in the health profession and the reality is we have many friends even of our faith who are in the health care profession who the reality is the exceeding riches that are talked about are not the exceeding riches of Christ but the exceeding riches that we can make by being masters of business in our field and so health care professionals are known for having money and that's the honest reality but are we known for making known to others the exceeding riches of the grace of Christ for those who are dead in trespasses and sins. And I would submit to you again that one of the reasons that we aren't sharing the exceeding riches of the grace of Christ to the lost and dying world around us is because we may not have yet been quickened from a wife that is dead in sin and so we have a knowledge of Christ we have a knowledge of truth but were not submitted to Christ and so there is a disconnect between what we profess with our lips and how we live our lives and that's one of the reasons I believe that the Lord has raised this ministry. To lead to a real weakening of our need for Christ completely in our lives and of the need to share that with us and I want you to go to Matthew 13 and this is really the the heart of what I'm going to be sharing this morning it's a simple passage it's a passage that's well known but in the last few months it's become alive again to me as I've reflected on how this relates to my own walk with. Matthew chapter 13 starting in verse 44. Again the kingdom of heaven is like unto it into treasure hidden a field the which one a man has found he hide if and for joy there of a girl with and so of all that he half and bias that field here in this parable that Jesus gives in the parable of the hidden treasure in the parable of the Pearl of Great Price are connected with each other in this parable of the treasure hidden in a field. This man is searching through this field and finds this treasure and this treasure is so valuable that he is willing to sell all that he has now Ellen White says in Christ object lessons page one of 4 this parable illustrates the value of the heavenly treasure and the effort that should be made to secure it. The finder of the treasure in the field was ready to part with all that he had ready to put forth untiring labor in order to secure the hidden riches so the finder of heavenly treasure will count no labor cheer great and no sacrifice to dear in order to gain the treasures of truth and I noticed this in the parable the field containing the treasure represents the holy scripture so this is a seeker of truth this is someone who is searching through the Bible to find what is missing in his life and the Gospel notice this of the treasure represent the holy scripture and excuse me the field represents the holy scripture and the Gospel is the treasure so the scripture is the field that we study but the treasure that is found in that field or in the scripture is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The earth itself is not so interlaced with golden vans and filled with precious things as is the Word of God Now let's be honest with ourselves and I think I'm speaking to many who have gone through dental school or medical school or physical therapy or some other line of schooling that if we're honest with ourselves we put a significant amount of effort to get through that did we not and if we were to be honest with ourselves when we look at the effort that is required to obtain the degree and then the further training that we have so that we can practice in the profession that we do. And I think all of that is good I'm thankful for the knowledge that I've gained through that training could it be possible that some of us have put more effort into securing a medical or a dental degree than we have in gaining our knowledge of the real treasure of scripture. And the amazing thing that I hear so many times from hope that says it's OK It's not hard just accept Jesus you don't need to put any effort into the Bible it's there Grace is free everything's good don't worry about it and yes Grace is free but the Bible does not paint the picture of Christianity being an easy pass religion where you just kind of float into it and do nothing and everything's fine the per the parable that's been printed here by Jesus is saying that those who discover the treasure are willing to give up everything to obtain it. And I know many of my classmates were willing to do almost anything to pass their test on the board exams and to get that degree and to get that career because so many have a mentality that when we get out there and we start making the money wife's going to be great and so many times we live as if the treasure is the degree and the career and the money and the wife's style and we forget the reason why we went into it in the 1st place so I asked the question from the title of my muscles are we practicing from a motivation of service or business have you found the hidden shrubbery in the field have you found the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the treasure in the field have you learned to study the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to speak your mind so that the power of the Gospel can shine forth in your life so that as Paul says in Romans 116 and 17 I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for is the power of God into salvation to everyone that believeth of the Jew 1st and also the Greek Now why is the gospel so powerful verse 17 tools for there in is the righteousness of God revealed listen when you find the treasure the gospel is not simply a theological construct that is a declaration of how God sees you it's a theological construct that then becomes a demonstration of a change to live because of your faith in the power of the God that has given you the treasure of the gospel. For there in is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith I want has some interesting things to say further about this parable Christ object lessons one of 5 God does not concealed his truth through man by their own course of action they make it obscured of them so Christ gave the Jewish people abundant evidence that he was the Messiah but his teaching called for a decided change in their lives and they saw that if they received Christ they must give up their cherished maxims and traditions their selfish ungodly practices it required a sacrifice to receive changeless eternal truth and I'll be honest with you I feel sometimes that we have a struggle in the healthcare field that when we see the truth as it is in Jesus there's this temptation in the back of my mind if I give my life fully to Christ I might lose everything that I've worked for to receive as a physician or a dentist. Everything I've worked so hard to build up what if God calls me to sell my practice and go to the mission field but I'd lose everything that I've worked so hard for but if you have found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ the hidden treasure you're willing to give up everything because you realize that the Gospel is of more value than your practice or your career your career is a means of service to the Lord where you will make disciples of all nations so the exceeding riches of His Grace will be made manifest in the ages that come about what God did in your life and you're motivated that it will be revealed in what he's done in the lives that come across your path. Now Jesus has really a 2 part parable here because in verse 45 he says again so he's really emphasizing this. Again the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man seeking goodly pearls do when he had found a one Pearl of Great Price went and saw all that he had and bought. So here we have a hidden treasure that the seeker of truth was willing to sell everything that he had for now we have a merchant man a business man who finds this pearl of great price and he's willing to sell everything that he has for the pearl cross off the clothes and $115.00 all that can satisfy the needs of Longs of the human soul for this world and for the world to come is found in Christ our Redeemer is the pearl so precious that in comparison all things else may be accounted wants. You know when I read these 2 verses and I see this merchant man who finds this goodly per on this Pearl of Great Price is represented as being Jesus and so. I again have to ask myself the question how many of us have truly found in Jesus the pearl of great price that we would be willing to so all that we have. To obtain that Pearl which is Jesus and the reason why I wonder that sometimes is because the way Jesus is presented or talked about so many times in church goes along the lines of something like this well surely Jesus wouldn't expect me to give up that I had on my life His grace is too rich for me to surrender that to him right I can get into the kingdom and still get by with this idol or that idol as long as I make a profession that he's died for me. Cross object lessons $116.00 says in the parable the pearl is not represented as a gift the merchant man bought it at the price of all that he had many question the meaning of us since Christ is represented in the scriptures as a gift and US which he says he is a gift but only to the US who give themselves soul body and spirit to him without reserve now I'm almost embarrassed when I hear people say so you mean that I would have to give up this lifestyle practice watching these things on T.V. or wearing this kind of a dress or this kind of. Or this kind of entertainment I would have to give that up to follow Jesus and yet I'm saying wait a minute how much to Jesus give up for you why do we ask the wrong questions Jesus is the gift but only to those who give themselves soul body and spirit to him without reserve in the reality is that when you see Jesus for who he is as that Pearl of Great Price everything really changes your perspective on everything changes the court goes on to say we are to give ourselves the courage to live a life of willing obedience to all his requirements all that we are all the talents and capabilities we possess are the Lord's to be consecrated to his service this is a call to service runs everything that we had should have should be consecrated to Him when we thus give ourselves wholly to him Christ with all the treasures of Herman gives himself to us we obtain the Pearl of Great Price and I'm afraid sometimes that we have a 7th day out in us don't really know what it's like to have the Pearl because we haven't been willing to give everything to Christ. And so we talk about Jesus we talk about him as our Savior but the reality is the most you have Jesus as their Savior will also have him as the Lord of our lives but as Luke 19 talks about in this parable there are many who say we will not have this man to reign over us we're OK with him being savior but we don't want to eat to be a lord and so because of that we are missing out on what it means to have this pearl often I look at us of 7th Day Adventists and I wondered do we really realize what we have why are we ashamed of the truth that we have from scripture which is the great field of study and why we are we ashamed of the everlasting gospel that has not changed the Gospel that gives us power to receive forgiveness for worse than and victory over sin in this life before Jesus comes do we realize the the hidden treasure of the gospel do we realize the Pearl of Great Price Jesus says and John 146 I am the Way the Truth and the wife all the trees of scripture point us back to Jesus when the disciples were on the road to M A S and they had discovered that they had talked to Jesus they made the remark did not our hearts to burn within us. How many times has your heart shrewdly burned within you as you've spent time with Jesus in the morning or is it just a passing moment where you're rushing off to work and you get a few minutes in where you hardly think about what you've studied and you hardly think upon spiritual things throughout the day and you're busy busy busy doing business business business and you might every once in awhile do you a witness in your practice and the spirit of the Lord is trying to reach you with this great pearl of great price that when you have it you will want everybody else to have what you have because there is nothing like it in the world in your heart is burning within you because you want people to have the Jesus that you have discovered. You know I came across a story of an early out of this plane here by the name of my culture Koski. Some of you may have heard the story he was a Polish young man who had a desire to be a worker for the Lord. And so his understanding of God was through the local church which was the Catholic Church so he became a priest. And he quickly through his study of scripture and through the observation of the practices of the church saw that there was a need for reform and so in the early 18 hundreds he set out to travel around much like Martin Luther and on the 15th hundreds so that he could gain a hearing with the pope since he was a priest he had some status and he traveled all the way down through Europe into Italy to gain an audience with the pope because of his concern for some of the problems that he saw in the church while he gets to Rome and he gains an audience with the pope and as he spoke in front of the pope and some of the other bishops and cardinals. He quickly noticed that they were suppressing the laughter because in his own words later as he realized they they found it to be such a rare thing to find a man of such great sincerity and earnestness in the church and after a few weeks. After the appeal that he had made the pope came back with an offer form where he was offered a large post as a priest in Jerusalem but he realized pretty quickly that he was being offered a good position with good pay for silence for the abuses in the church because they weren't willing to make any changes so he turned down the position he goes about COM and then he eventually decides to come to America but then he lands in Canada 1st he's a bookbinder to make a little living but he's trying to share Christ through his work he falls on hard times as home burns down this causes them to move into the state of Ohio in the town of Findlay Ohio and during his time there there were a series of meetings being held by an elder core Now you know I hope that we never lose our sense of purpose for evangelism as a church so many times I hear people say oh vandalism is outdated and we need to make our message consent Prarie But let me tell you something the prophetic message that God has given us is still going to one heart today if the message that will resign until the end of time and and this gentleman my culture Koski was converted by the meetings that he heard and he became a 7th Day Adventist while he had a burden for getting this message to as many people as he could now this gentleman Michael cheek house he was a very talented man he spoke 7 languages now I'll have to say that's pretty impressive because sometimes I run into people that can barely speak English. And we're almost proud of it and it's not something to be proud of and I'm speaking to a crowd that probably does a little bit better but this was a gentleman who could speak 7 languages he was not ashamed of the education that he had and he went to the brother and he said send me back to Europe where I speak the language so I can share the message over there and the church was such an early stage of his existence they didn't have the money to send them back so he raised the money on a zone and went on his own back to Europe and while he was there raised up an entire group of Sabbath keepers he wasn't worried about whether or not have insurance and then if and things of that nature know he had found the Pearl of Great Price he had found the hidden treasure in the field and he wanted to share this treasure and this pearl with as many as he could he saw the call to service to take this Gospel to every nation kindred tongue and people and he answered the call to service you know in my own life and in my own personal story I really came to an awakening when I came out here to California to medical school to Loma Linda and shortly before 911 the Lord really started working on my heart. And I had gone to a camp meeting were I'd heard some very powerful messages where the preaching of the word really stirred my heart and and I had read through some spirit of prophecy books before in fact I had already read through the entire conflict of the ages series by the time I was in 5th grade in grade school so and I I'm thankful for my parents for that because they encouraged me as I read through those books and as I would hear my friends and classmates in school make fun and be a little the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy I would ask them Well have you read or writing is another they hadn't they had just heard caricature is overriding but I had read it for myself so I knew that the Spirit of God was speaking through her but as I came into my own as an adult and as I as my heart started burning within me to have a greater understanding of truth and of knowledge and to know Jesus for myself I remember between the summer of my 1st and 2nd year of month school I read through the great controversy in about 2 and a half weeks then I started reading through the testimonies again and then amazingly for me personally right after that 911 happened and I was convinced Jesus is at the door in fact I was talking to Steve water Brooke about this last night I was convinced when we were talking about our plans for the future we were starting 2nd year of medical school I was convinced that we wouldn't necessarily even graduate because the world was in such a state of unrest after that event and I honestly can't believe in a way that we're still here 17 years later but ever since that time not that I've been a perfect example of a call to service I've had a burning desire to share the truth as it is in Jesus and to share Jesus who is the truth. To as many as I can so shortly after that G. Y.C. started then we were part of the starting about a hopeful moment London after my time in LA Melinda came to an end I had the privilege of going to Trinidad for 2 years as a missionary and that was. Just a wonderful experience of gaining further understanding of how to share Jesus in a different culture and I've been back and kind of see him for the last 6 and a half years. But you know I look at the church today. And I think if we're paying attention we do have to realize that we are a church in crisis and there is a difference in philosophy over what gospel should be shared how it should be shared in the Jesus that should be shared and if there is there are some in the church today who want to share Jesus that is divorced from the truth of the Jesus of Scripture because Jesus is the Way the Truth and the life and if Jesus is separated from the truth of Scripture he's not really the Jesus of Scripture and the Gospel that doesn't really have the power of the gospel to change our lives is not really the gospel of scripture but it's a false gospel and because of that reality and I'll just be frank here because of this mis understanding of the Gospel there's been the lack of gaining the true Pearl of Great Price and it's led to a division and the church where if we're honest with ourselves we have 2 versions of albums as I'm under one administrative structure. And so we can talk about mission and sharing the gospel but what gospel are we committed to uniting together to share if we can't even agree on what the Gospel is how is the gospel going to go to every nation and kindred and tongue and people where one Gospel is saying Love God and do you as you please on the other gospel is saying God has given us all power in heaven on earth so that we can have assurance of a forgiveness and a belief in victory and going to be a reality in the here and the now so that we can be witnesses for him where is the hunger in the church today the way the pioneers in our church have the hunger the spirit that they had to study truth and to share truth and to be like Jesus and to share Jesus Now you may be saying you know I like what you just said but I want to make this personal how many of you. Have really and truly found in Scripture and in the Gospel the hidden treasure in the field or is it something that you cannot run by for 5 minutes every day and then you kind of reassure yourselves because you're going to be a good church once a week and you're putting a nice check in the top 5 on the lope and you figure that will suffice for now even though you're not really digging for the hidden treasure how many of you have really and truly found in Jesus the Pearl of Great Price now we can all put on a good front when we come here to a man we can all look like good 7th. But you know deep down in your heart if Jesus really. PEROT And I don't know if he is for you or not I pray that he is. But you know if you have given up everything for Jesus or if you haven't going to recross logic lessons 1800 there are some who seem to be always seeking for the heavenly Pearl but they do not make an entire surrender of the wrong habits they do not die to self that Christ may live in them and therefore they do not find the precious pearl friends this is talking about entire surrender now sometimes we can paint surrender in such a way that it makes us sound almost legalist of here's the reality when you see the matchless charms of Jesus for all that he is you want to give him everything and when you give give him everything you gain everything the corps goes on to say they have not overcome unholy ambition on their love for worldly attractions they do not take up the cross and follow Christ in the path of so often Island sacrifice almost Christians yet not fully Christians they seem near the kingdom of heaven but they cannot enter there almost but not always saved means to be almost a holy along you know I I truly believe that a great temptation for many of us is that we can develop an unholy ambition in our professional line of work because the temptation is there to make so much money that when the call for service comes we may not be willing to surrender that on holy ambition to the Lord because we don't realize that the Pearl of Great Price in Jesus is worth exceedingly far more infinitely more than the dollars that we will make that work that will burn up at the end of time now you may be saying Wow I don't know. After hearing this I just said. I haven't reached the point and I just don't know that God could ever accept me for house until I have been how could I. See in Jesus the great pearl when I'm so vile so wicked Yeah I'm putting on a good front but that's just not me I've I'm still motivated and on the holy way to make lots of money and I'm not really interested in sacrificing for the Lord notice what I want goes on to say in Christ obstacles $118.00 the parable of the merchant and seeking goodly Pearls has a double significance it applies not only to a man seeking the kingdom of heaven but to Christ as seeking his lost inheritance Christ the heavenly merchantman seeking girlie pearls saw in last humanity the pearl of priceless and friends you might still have the holy ambition in your life right now and even then crises in you the Pearl of Great Price and he gave up everything to buy you how could that not motivate you to give him everything in man defiled and ruined vice and he saw the possibilities of redemption hearts that have been the battleground of the conflict with Satan and that have been rescued by the power of love are more precious to the Redeemer than are those who have never fall and have you did you hear that you are more precious to the Redeemer than those who are never who have never fallen and he has given up everything he emptied all of Avondale by you back and the way you receive the Pearl of Great Price which is Jesus is the say what you gave up will far exceed infinitely anything that I could ever give up Jesus have everything in my life how could you not want to give up everything in your life for a God who loves you like that. He collected all the riches of the universe and laid them down in order to buy the pearl and Jesus having found it resets in his own diet and for they shall be as the stones of a crown left of the prison and so on upon his land they shall be mine saith the LORD of hosts in the day when I make up my jewels so I have to ask you in your health care work. Is that service or is a business because of Jesus is the Pearl of Great Price in your line and if you have found the hidden treasure of the Gospel in the field of heavenly Scripture how hard is it then to share that hurl Don't you want everybody to have what you have again I think one of the reasons why we struggle sometimes to share is because we don't have the Pearl we haven't given up everything and so we don't understand the exceeding riches that this per truly is and so we don't know how to share it with others and so that's so you may be feeling that way that's why you're here and there's going to be seminars and opportunities you can have side meetings with friends people asking them what do you do what works for you that's why you're here this weekend and the Holy Spirit is still looking to raise up the withered right arm of Adventism because the right arm of the 30 angels message of the everlasting Gospel is the medical missionary work and we can meet people who are at crisis moments in their lives far better than the minister of the Gospel can and we have this power that has been placed in our hands that if we truly have the Pearl of Great Price which is Jesus we have the key to share the message of the gospel so the world. Going on CROSSFIRE to close in 1000 but Christ is the precious Perot in our privilege of possessing this heavenly treasure is the theme on which we most need to know it is the Holy Spirit that reveals the men the preciousness of the goodly Pearl the time of the Holy Spirit's power is the time when in a special sense the heavenly give to saw and. Then going on to pages later with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace was upon them all in the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved the Spirit of Christ animated the whole congregation for they had found the Pearl of Great Price now the Lord added to the church daily and sometimes we're thrilled if we have one baptism a year in our church and some of our churches are even getting low. Which makes me wonder do we really have the Pearl of Great Price we're just satisfied with this latest C N lukewarm condition of floating down the skirt of Laodicean Adventism and this applies to those of us who believe the trees of the 3rd angel's message we can pride are saying these are our souls and saying we are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing I can prove the theory of the gospel I can prove the theory of 844 I can prove the theory of prophecy so certainly God will overlook the defects in my life that I haven't surrendered everything to him and that Jesus isn't really the great pearl because at least I know what the pearl is so when we don't have the Pearl we don't have the power and people aren't attracted to the message that we have. A day is coming when the Apostol it seems are going to be repeated notice this is the last day I'm going to read Christ Mickelson's 121 these scenes speaking of the Apostles are to be repeated and with greater power. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was the former rain but the latter rain will be more abundant the spirit awaits our demand and reception Christ is again to be repeated in his foremost by the Holy Spirit's power men or the CERN the value of the precious pearl and with the Apostle Paul they will say this is Philippians 370 what things were again to me those I count of last for Christ doubtless and I count all things but last for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord friends I want to challenge you today there needs to be a reform in our thinking as healthcare professionals so many times were willing to serve the Lord as long as it doesn't mean the loss of position prestigious money influence or power but if it means the loss of our income or a pay cut or a call to service to the mission field we're not willing to go and the reality is we're not willing to go because Jesus is not the Pearl of Great Price to us what we need has to buy that her own and when we realize that Jesus sees us as the Pearl then we'll fall down on our knees and say oh lord i don't understand how you could see that in me but because you do you I'm giving everything back to the Lord forgive me for thinking such selfish thoughts of surely you wouldn't want me to change my life consists or render certain habits that I know are unhealthy for me or the things that I watch or the things that I or the entertainment that I partake of or whatever it is or the attitudes that I have towards people that think differently than me whatever it may be. Lord I want the perv. You are the Pearl I give you everything and if there's something in my wife that I'm hanging on to hold me will be made willing to be willing to give that to you so that I can receive the pearl not just for my benefit but for the benefit of my patients who see me every day so that I'm not seeing each patient that comes through as another number that will add to a certain number of work R.V. years that will add to my paycheck for the month and I'm hardly thinking about souls that could be gain for the kingdom Lord help me to reorder my motivation so that I'm not in this practice for business but 1st service so that I can be part of the right arm that the Lord is going to use so that someday soon they're going to do there are going to be souls added to the church daily and I'm not going to make an appeal to have everyone come forward but I am going to make an appeal and it is this. You've heard the message today and you realize that in order to have Jesus who is the pearl Jesus needs to have everything in your life and you're saying Lord. The set me between the eyes the day I came out here to have a nice time see some friends here some meetings but I wasn't really thinking about this with respect to call the service that you're asking for everything in my line. And order I him only speaking don't want to give my way of thinking about my practice and how I do things but I realize that what you have to offer is a lot better than what I have so help me to be willing to be made willing. And if there is something in your life or in your practice that you want to change so that you can have a pearl of great price on why you just stand doesn't have to be everyone but I'm not about you to stand and we're going to have a prayer that the Lord will give us the strength. To have a pearl so let's pray Father in heaven thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to be with us this morning or I need this message as much as anyone. Lord please help us to see in Jesus in all of his glory hanging on the cross the king of the universe he was our personal Savior who emptied heaven and gave everything so that he could bias back the Lord may we experience collations to 20 where we are crucified with Christ so that we can have the pearl so whatever it may be in our life and our practice whatever it is May we surrender a full 80. So that you will truly be the pearl and that. Our patients are coworkers our family our friends will see that we have found in cheese the Pearl of Great Price and made this experience lead to the hastening of the coming of Jesus I pray in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio for us if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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