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All People are Worth the Investment

Stephen Wright



1. Identify and discuss what physicians need to know about dental trauma.

2. Demonstrate behavior guidance techniques that facilitate treatment on children.

3. Empower physicians and dentists to feel more comfortable treating patients on the Autistic Spectrum. 

4. Inspire attendees to reconnect with being part of Christ's joyful gospel story demonstrating commitment to whole-person care. 


Investing in people is often messy and doesn't bring immediate gratification. However, in Christ's example one can see it is the only investment worth making. Knowing this, why do medical providers so often become discouraged and lose heart? Dr. Stephen Wright wishes to encourage and equip you with useful knowledge and simple techniques that will help you keep the faith and provide better patient care. 


Stephen Wright

Pediatric Dental Resident at Nova Southeastern University



  • October 26, 2018
    11:00 AM


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Do you really father you know. My heart you know how much knowledge I have in my head. That is. Greatly lacking Lord but I ask if you would use what. What I what is here and may it be a blessing through your Holy Spirit and to inspire the people here to invest in the people around them and we just and invite your presence to this talk and in our hearts and minds we bring you something so this next slide is. Going to be filled in with people and it's going to be generations and if I was trying to get a picture about kind of where we've come from and try to get a picture of time and so I split up time into people generations and in some place I see they did each person his generation was 25 years and sometimes I did 34 years so there I chose 34 and and so we're going to kind of go backwards in time from generation so our 1st person in the white person there is as you and I and then just 3 generations or if you go 25 years a few more generations and that we have Ellen White Now Ellen White died in 1915 just 103 years ago I'd like to ask Is there anyone here who talked to somebody who physically talked to Allen why that is amazing to me that is amazing to me when I when I made this it feels like when you like I'm 33 years old life started when I was born you know and it takes a while for you to realize that's not the case and then we hear about Ellen White but she wasn't that wasn't very long ago those of you raise your hands please come to me afterwards I want to talk to used to than I can say that I talk to somebody to talk to somebody who talked on why because she is still relevant today we're in the end time church I mean that. 3 generations that's not very long ago going back to George Washington. The same thing if you do 3425 it goes from 6 generations or 9 generations but still 10 generations 9 generations from the founding of this country that's not many generations I mean I know I know myself and I know my dad and I knew my great grandfather those 3 right there and it's just amazing how much has changed in our country in this small period of time you think from Alan White till now the advancements in the changes in family structure and and what's accepted and what's not accepted it's just drastically different and then what kind of speed to the rest of these years Martin Luther Jeez I just did 22018 divided by 34 and we got about 59 generations. And then then we had David and from Jesus back to Adam I just follow the genealogy that that's found and scripture so 10 generations tree Abraham and no no an Adam another 10 generations and messes our family tree you know. It's very powerful when people know where they came from it gets rid of a lot of racism were they human rights I mean my great great grandfather is know and so is yours that's the truth that's a fact Adam was a great great great great grandfather and also looking at this it just is amazing how many people had to instill and best in people over and over and over again for you and I to even be here because we didn't just pop up 33 years ago or 6 years ago or 120 years ago some of you guys look pretty old no escape. That's a lot of moms and dads. That's a lot of investment and that's who we are in my in in the bio that I haven't in the program you know it says graduated from Southern Graduate University of Tennessee and I'm at Nova Southeastern and and I'm a dentist you know that's how you say when you introduce yourself a lot of times this is who I am. But that's not where I get my worth from you know like Who here would would you rather be a doctor over a son or daughter of God like a son or daughter of God's way up here and the doctor's way stink and. You know way down there and that's what everybody's value is all of our patients they're all sons and they're all daughters of the one that created them and the one that redeem them on the cross and so here's where we came from and I hope that kind of helps us get on our heart what God has on his and this next slide is where we're going and it's an analogy that I really really love to help me get a perspective that little dot signifies our life on the left side of the dots where we're born get an education for Lucky we find a nice husband or wife have some kids but eventually you die and. I have got a lot of flak from. Family members that aren't Christian mine and don't have a perspective of eternity which is the line that continues on and they kind of have just the investment of you know you want to prove for how many years like you we helped you through school so that you could just be a responsible. Because investment of people's money and a lot of times in what I spend my time thinking and worrying about it's where I'm that's where my heart is a lot of times to like a car in a house what's a better investment all houses and we want to we want to invest our money wisely and in people when you look at the best investors Warren Buffett he's worth 84000000000 and then you have the founder Jeff Bezos of Amazon 112000000000 they did really really good but it's all going to end at the end of the dot you know that's it and then when Christ comes again to take us home that's when the line starts and it's you know we have about you know maybe 50 dogs 20 dots that continues on the end of the page in the wind goes back that way I'm not sure we are use west but we're going to say that that was go on Eastern we're going to go across the country and that line continues off the Atlantic and it skips off our planet goes past the moon the sun the stars through the Milky Way galaxy through other Milky Way galaxy. And you can tell me that my life should be surrounded about what's going to happen and that is the better investor. Yeah sometimes you want to take that. But that's so so as we go forward today I want to want to kind of help you in some techniques on how we can help our patients and better better serve them those with special needs and those with that are children because many times they're there's hard to handle. So I want to give you some tips and tricks to make it less hard and to equip you to take home to your staff So here's my goals you know to inspire you to be reconnected to God's purpose and invest like he wouldn't commit to a whole person Care to demonstrate. How we can use behavior guidance to help you in the dental of the medical office in treating of kids or those with autism you know autism is a spectrum disorder if you've met a kid with autism you've met one kid with autism this is different you know that as far as intellectual ability to track with. I want to empower you to feel more comfortable treating those kids and then very briefly. Touch on. What physicians could need to know about dental dental trauma. And that's going to be a very short and basically when they were asked me to speak I mean what do I have they could be a benefit to this group and and so might not be as beneficial you might like but it's just what I could dig up this has all I got right now. So I played the short video and that that is that is about it's just my daughter Emmeline about a year ago and Metairie and they're walking down the street and they hear a bird and I just saw this video again a couple weeks ago and I hear my son say what kind of bird it was like wow he probably doesn't know any more but he did then and and the point that I have behind the video you'll see is why did he know about the bird because his dad likes birds you know and what dad has interest in the kids at interest so let's see if I can get this to play here he just mumble right there he said. That's a really good and I was very impressed with that so that's my boy that's my boy and when it comes to treating kids with special needs and treating kids in general your staff is counting on is going to follow your lead. They are going to have an interest and a passion and about the things you have an interest in a passion in. So if if it's lacking from the top like if like if you didn't get to walk out of code the patient was you know was unable to even sit down in the exam and and you're kind of upset with the wasted time in production Well it's going to trickle down and they're also going to be frustrated. They need to and when they need a purpose other than a paycheck and they need you to lead them and I fall prey to that. When I worked for for a paycheck 2 years ago as an associate dentist. Check my production in the middle of the day and. Then I put my production at the end of the day and what it was is what I determine be a successful day or not. So that's an easy route to get in but if you give somebody a high 5 and you show and you show them that you're excited about their attempt to see this patient detent desensitize them to the office. To help them feel comfortable. Then they're going to continue doing it you know it's not it's not too complicated so. And. Autism they have you know you have the core symptoms and you have the results of those core symptoms when somebody talks to you we hear it and we react well they have that receptive language kind of deficit sometimes and and they don't know how to process it right or or if they have a feeling of exactly they don't know how to. Tell you. So that creates anxiety and so that's why you often see the rigid routine you know those Swayne or sometimes are sensory seeking you know biting their hands what have you. And. So that's yeah that's that's that's autism and it can result in a lot of challenging behaviors and they are very they love a routine they love what they know there's some patience of mine when they when the mom turns left instead of right then the kid starts acting up they know that we're supposed to go that way I would always go that way now I know I'm going on the I don't know my behavior therapist or whoever it is that they don't want to see. So things that we can help with these patients is just to you know common sense a limit limit wait times less busy times of the day and if you know they're going to be a little bit of screaming a little bit a yelling. Might need to plan for a longer appointment and higher frequency of visits now as a business owner you have to keep track of how your time spent but it doesn't have to be high doctor time for had to have that patient and to see the artist to hold some things to say how to start a relationship. To start that work of de sensitizing the patient we can arrange the visit. Prior to actually doing any treatment but the child's in the chair and associate the visit was something positive so avoid what is upsetting is kind of a you know a millennial thing but but it's you know you're going to get to something that's upsetting and yeah but there are some things that you can concede on like loud noises a white coat excessive sitting there. They might have you know if they're going to be more likely to be scared of you all dressed up in your white coat take it off I thought a big deal you're still going to have to maybe look in their ears or say are do something I'm comfortable about but there's ways in which we can work up to that and I'll teach you some some of those tricks so operant conditioning you know you reward good behavior here's a chocolate good job or you give a little punishment for and try to decrease behavior. And this type of reinforcement is is a lot of times like especially the rewards is often used to. Is often often happens to reward bad behavior for example. Have you all been in this situation you've got you've got an examination you have a behavior problem and so what happens the appointment ends kid when the kid absolutely wins. Next time he comes in here you know if he doesn't want to be here I can pitch a fit and I get to leave. So we're going to talk about how to reestablish compliance before dismissal it doesn't have to be you have to get it done because that's not the thing either like you know you can put a kid and have him scream and scream and scream and maybe sometimes that's warranted but many times if you can just if you see that you're not going to get it done you can ask for a simple task the big theme here if I could give you one theme about how to deal with kids or kids with special needs it's lower your expectations just lower and raise praise praise praise like lavish on good praise on little things get that momentum going. Little things little things praise the little things applied behavior analysis is become is kind of what we're kind of we're going to be talking about and it's kind of likes speech pathology pathologies you can't physically talk and you can't physically do certain things or to whatever but Behavior Analysis is analyst is is dealing with behavior like they can physically do it they just don't want to and how can we help mold and certain behaviors and diminish others it's kind of like common sense parenting. That maybe has been missed by some but but I definitely have learned a lot and I had great great parents and applying and the the medical field has helped and I've seen it work tremendously so reward the good behavior so I talked about you know that that momentum behavior momentum like thank you so much for coming in in sitting in the chair you need help again in the chair although you did it all by yourself why you're so good then I'm so impressed. Like using like specific things about what they did instead a good job and a good job for what. I remember driving down the road see my dad was a bird or 2 I spotted some some bird on a on a pole somewhere and I oh there's a hawk whatever and he's like wow son you have eagle eyes when you think I was doing as a little kid the rest of the drive that's right eagle eyes where is the next bird you know words are power so if you say things like thank you so much for sitting still with your back against the chair thank you so much for opening your mouth to look oh mom look how she opens her mouth so big you're so and they're sort of some kids it won't track with you on that level but a lot of them are neuro typical kids will and you can do all sorts of common reinforcers And you know candy toys praise stickers tokens high fives but a big thing there at the bottom line which is stablished that they caught a Prima ack before the behavior before the bad behavior starts right because you've all seen the parent who's trying to get the kid through that you're appointment and he's gone a bit and mom says if you're good I'll take you to the toy store and get some Lego Well he's still screaming and will get ice cream this kid is really I mean kids are smart they're manipulators I've got 4 of them they are so smart at such a young age and and so so I if I if I kind of be here and I wait on it for a while I I can get really get up there before I get in so that pre-marriage that reward has to be there before that starts at the beginning of the procedure while they're still good if you're good you're going to get if you're not then you're not. And sometimes if it if they don't make it through and you want to restaff compliance you want to end on a good note you can say just scream impatient if it like before you leave we need to touch this mirror cheater to your mouth or we're going to you know you're going to yeah whatever it is a tiny thing like you're going to hold it you're going to hold this you're going to touch this we're going to count to 10 and then you can leave like something you just have to keep them in a down smaller and smaller and smaller to where they finally comply with something that small as it can be remember lower your expectations is the key thing here and then after they've done that they touch the mirror their lips everyone claps and says Good job good job but I really don't know you don't get to get that toy and we were really hoping you would but you did less financial exam but you did obey at the end and let me touch the mirror to your lips and that was very good of you hope next time you know we can even do better and put that in your chart and kind of keep track of their progress and how far they let you go and. That's very empowering too and very refreshing to many parents doctor who's willing to to do that some other things you know you just got your classic time or. You have a 1st then chart and then you have choice and when I say choice it's it's not like do you want to do this or do you know I don't want to do it OK now it's they call it forced choice. All right we're going to be brushing your teeth today I can brush it for 20 seconds or I can brush it for a minute what you choose 20 seconds I got in there for 20 seconds right now my B.M.I. be it so you can think of things like that like this is what we're going to be doing and you have 2 options and I do that with my kids all the time like all right we can stay here and we. Finish our food and it could take 2 hours and then we could have ice cream or we could finish you right now and you could have ice cream or no and it works a lot and even works for me I mean I wonder of God often does this to us you think God does this that's you know 1st you do this then you get that and sometimes in your relationship with God It's like God Why haven't you why haven't we gotten closer Well maybe it's this 1st then thing like like I'm not going to show you new We're a new thing unless you haven't obeyed and done when I 1st told you to do you know we can't take the next step in our relationship until you've already accepted what I've already shown you so tell show do is another great one when you just basically tell the kid this is how the appointments going to go you show them the instruments that you're going to use there's no surprises you're in control and you can practice on maybe a little a dummy or the parent and then and then do it visual task trips is another great one where it gives the kid especially with autism they know you and behavior analysts use these a lot just just to get things every day things to get to teeth brush to get them to bed like we're going to wash our hands we're going to do this we're going to this and then we go to bed and and they love the schedules so if you can make a schedule like this for your office then the kid checks it off where you can Velcro things and to flip it over when it's completed that's what I have here in this picture I have a velcro thing of you know it sit in the chair it's open your mouth it's a mirror and each time they do you think oh you completed that step great grab it and flip it over and they flip it over and you try to sometimes they won't flip it over so you grab their hand and you help them flip it over and eventually they get to knowing and all right well only 3 more steps until we get. Treasure Box or whatever it is and they can kind of see how long this appointment is going to take and when you know that then you can handle it a lot better I mean it works when my wife uses it on me a lot of times and she lets me know that she's not going to be there next week and she told me like a couple weeks in advance you know I can handle it but she doesn't tell me like until the very end it's like oh no you know but if you have some foresight of how long I'm going to be by myself and how I might have to cook my own meals and starve. And I can prepare mentally for it we can get through it. So yeah just to reforest each step and to get get through the exam and you can make these as you as you would like. Responsive strategies we talked a little bit about this already how you say you know you want to use clear language. Like instead of no climbing your back against a chair you know don't hit instead of don't hit me hands on the belly like like instead of calling them bad or that's bad just give them a direct command this is what we're going to do and don't pay attention like to they're like sometimes I'll come in and the kid will meow you know what's your name you know and if you buy into it you're using all we have a little kid so Kiran she gives me Alan right because you're buying into what she sell and but if you kind of ignore it and. And then ignore the bad behavior and then when she does something right you praise the junk out of it then it really you can kind of help mold how it goes like oh when I do that I don't get any attention anymore. And you just kind of stick a straight face and you just sit back in the chair thank you so much for following instructions so it's so nice. And then the desensitisation you know building your way up and it takes it takes it takes a leader that is willing to do this if you're not willing to do this in your practice then your office staff is not going to be willing to you have to empower them and say this is what I value so that they will evaluate to and you just. Build up and what they're able to do and we've seen kids come in every month just for a little bit but they go from not meaningless in the chair at all and a whole none of the doors that come in and in an open in their mouth and and you brush their teeth. And you get there now sometimes you have to resort to taking to the O.R. or enough to get some benzodiazepine on board or what have you but there is the parents are so are so very much appreciative because you have I mean you have you have 7 if a kind of parents have that overwhelming parent that's very angry just stressed out you have the parents kind of complacent and just overwhelmed What's the best thing you can do for the child when you have overwhelmed parent I mean they have they're having to change sheets to the bed daily you know they're having to wipe their bottoms and they're in 10 years old and and that day in day out. I've seen the struggle with my brother and their special needs child and so if you can empower the parent and you can show them patience and love and often point because it's stressful you've got to imagine it's stressful if you have a kid that doesn't behave very well taken into an office and I'm sure they've had lots of experience of sand you know. Frustrated doctor and kind of leave in a haste to have a doctor it's all right that's a very nice thing that you can do. And we see this kind of all the time and know that's great mom and it is what a. Breath of fresh air for that parent. And to encourage them have that talk with them spiritually about how this life is short and you're doing a great job and he is a Son of God just like anybody else that can really help them. You know keep going to not lose heart. One of our last techniques is just voice control. And sometimes in this day and age when you tell the parent like if things don't go exactly how. I would like it to you know I'm going to go from like good cop bad cop you know your dad did this to like come on guys need to go in the car and then after that didn't work for a couple times guys we're going to need to sit you know stop that you're going to clean this up you need to get in the car you understand and sometimes just that tone change in voice can be enough for the kid to be like. OK You know so that that is. And then if all these things don't work out you want to reestablish that compliance before they leave. Before they leave out the door find something that they will do a command that you will do however dumb down it is that you can and on a positive know not let them win but and on a positive note they had to do something to leave you know I'm saying before they pitch a fit and just let him go make them complete some task whatever it is might take some time but it's going to really really help in the long run and if you can instill that type of knowledge to the parent because a lot of times the parent is feeding this right at the store and the worst out of her failure at the store at every checkout you got skills and candy in the Kid I want some kid you know and some kid. All right just be quiet Here's your candy that's the easy thing to do right and it works for the moment so that's why we do it but next time we're in the store you know we're at it again so you know I can reestablish compliance and that desensitisation And you know 1st we're going to do it on mommy and then we're going to patients and you can do it and then now it's doctor's turn her however you want to do it takes it takes practice. So a quote from Ellen why the greatest one of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold men who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is true to duty as a needle to the pole men who will stand for the right to the heavens fall and a lot of times when I hear that I think doctrine but true to duty you know these men are true to a duty they'll do what's in their power to do that doesn't mean it's going to work but you gave them the best chance at choosing health right you offered up the class. You offered up the service wasn't well received a good job and he ways you did what was in your power to do so now I'm going to we're going to transition to to what physicians need to know about dental trauma and and Carlos are you in here all right he's going to good I can say whatever I want and I know there's another dentist in here but there's there's you know whenever you're presenting some like this I'm always afraid that that people can have different opinions but this is what I know to be true and and if I'm off on an area come visit me afterwards and and and set me straight. But life can be really really really exciting and and we have rambunctious kids and we have adults who don't grow up. We go you know a lot of pictures there this is my son material and and he's he's kind of like stated a tooth where it was almost lost on a bike accident and actually just 2 weeks ago he chipped my tooth so stuff happens stuff happens and knowing what to do is important so here we have kids are going to go through 3 kind of groups like a facial cellulitis of like on and advantage an accordion a tooth origin and then we have to go through like Luxation or our evolution when we lose a tooth and then at the very and just the common fractures So when a kid comes into our office like this a lot of times we will send them to the emergency room to get I.V. antibiotics because now the dental infection has spread and it's not just a tooth problem it's a systemic problem. And then what often happens those they go and get that done and I think they're done so whether you as a physician see this kiddo and you see it you know Perry orbital swelling that we're kind of we're moving to new places here you can do 2 things you can stay in the emergency room or you can say to the dentist you who may take the 2007 to get I.V. or or if it's not bad enough they might try oral antibiotics 1st but either way those 2 need to be kind of combined because. The Monte driver was a kid not too long ago that got antibiotics and got him by X. again and never got the tooth taken out and he passed away for needless you know for like a 900 you need like a $90.00 traction and he was a Medicaid patients you can find somebody that take them in and. You know. The picture on the lower right and the middle picture in the bottom that's the same patient and you can see that the infection now is sequestered and the tooth is pulled but nothing happened to the infection that's when we call Carlos the oral surgeon and he goes in there and he does an eye and he gets the pus out and places a drain Otherwise it's it's not it's not going anywhere so it's so those 2 things I.V. antibiotics and tell them that they have to see a dentist afterwards right because if you don't take care of the source of the problem then you're right back where you came from here's a different Luxation says and evolutions the top left picture is my boy thanks to that tooth a little bit it's a baby tooth and if it's less than 3 millimeters you just leave and let the ligament kind of get back in and was kind of we're not sure if it was going to this kind of loose but it did it took it back and he still has it. When a when a baby tooth gets knocked out we don't stick those back in they're just they're just done but when you're 6 years old and you have your permanent and you lose your baby's 6 and you have a permanent tooth that gets knocked out that's a big deal I really hope that doesn't happen to my my kids because they're they're pretty venturesome So knowing what to do with that if they come into your office because a lot of times when you get in an injury like that they don't think dentist because there might be some head trauma. Is is too well if it's right there in the moment area softball game is right there in a moment quickly clean off with some water you know want to keep it in water but you just rinse it off real quick and put it back in the can handle it if they can't then have that good maybe spit into a cup you know spit and put the tooth in that cup because they say you know have Hank solution or milk but you know often have Hanks wish and they'll just line around put it to him and sound but if you have that information for if you have around that's important and our time is kind of our measurement for prognosis for these teeth if it's been over an hour of dry time it's probably going to ankle LOS and it's going to restore it's going to have to mist that it use to it but no overall prognosis is not not very good if it's immediate you put that thing right back in there's a good chance it'll be will be OK yeah I might need to endo a root canal but if still doesn't open a pacy and the tooth isn't fully formed a 6 year old 7 year old there's you know kids they heal and you see there are some reckless stuff. And then lastly just complicated versus uncomplicated fractures if you see this you know an uncomplicated fracture you don't see any pink blushing The truth is I'm bleeding they're going to be OK go to the dentist the other one you can say oh well you're into the pulp so you'll probably need some pople therapy some treatment and that is done you go to the dentist not as time sensitive or serious but those are kind of 2 things that you could just look for so kind of to recap. I'd encourage us are to you know reinforce our staff when they try to do what's right for the patient and give them a chance. You can use a task analysis you can desensitize you can use visual prompts. You can use the 1st then celebrate the small successes celebrate the small successes celebration of a good behavior I just I mean you can do a whole I learned this from reading a dog book I got a dog when I was 12 and they said positive reinforcement works a whole lot better than negative reinforcement right I have some people in my life and in my realm right now that they're over me at school and it's almost like they're lookin for the messed up and it doesn't take long for them to find it made me feel bad about. The man how much better if they could see you know find me doing right find that thing that they want me to do right and and really just proclaim it to everybody that's going to make me want to do it again you know and. So it might not work out how you wanted it to work we all have this plan of how it should go but at 9 I go that way it's going to have a lot of twists and turns but the results are not in your hands are they people are machines they're messy investment. You can bring food to that neighbor for a long time and they can still curse at you and I'll get out but just the fact that you're doing is the pat on the back you know you can take a reward in that and. An academy I work for Mrs beagle she was related to Mickey she had a nice place out and mayhem gap road and who do all by country set cafe. And I was the groundskeeper My brother works there before myself and the perk was it came with the job was a Jeep Wrangler pretty sweet on I learned and driving this Jeep Wrangler that there's a Jeep Wrangler Clo did you know like a motorcycle club you passed by the get away like I'm cool you're cool we're both cool and so I like that way that sometimes they went way back and I get all anxious. That way back at me. You know I talk bad. And so over the next Jeep came by one way. What is that and you see that in our daily life when you extend a hand say hello to somebody maybe they're on the opposite side of the fence on women's ordination and say hello back. And then you feel like oh I'm not going to say hello to that person again I learned my lesson No that's not that's not how it is if you continue to extend the hand he continued to be vulnerable continue to offer your services that's what's God's calling you to do the results are all in your is are there in his hands so you just have to make sure that you do it and where it goes from there is where it goes from there you know this. Is a picture of my son and this isn't. His grandpa our own call this guy's the. Mailman he's the mailman the man's hugging my son like they're best friends kids have that ability to make friendships why because they talk to people they make themselves vulnerable it's so beautiful Rob Hey Rob and I was looking at more. So in closing this talk I want to show a clip of. One of our races that we had a. Couric Couric means occur wash the runners there in Peru every couple months we have a race and sometimes I give a little worship talk before a race isn't and he was 121 would often come up in my talking no let us lay aside every weight in the sandwich so easily ensnares said and let us run with interest the race that US set before us and. You will see a play this video so I'm videoing here and I just happen to video these guys a lot here and the theme of the run tended to be Eduardo he's a kid that just weren't whole test. It's like a rubber shoe and in the middle in the beginning of the video is following him and I said no now where's where's that one of them and here he is and I'm saying look how fast you're doing look how fast you're going I say I know I know it hurts you know I know it hurts but you're almost done catch the next guy and when their turn around this corner the finish line is in sight and you know you never run a race it hurts you know it hurts you want to be done you want Christ to come home but you just you give it your all and you run in your own past your unabashed because you know it will soon be gone. And that's how I want to live that's why I want each of us to live in our practice to realize we're not here long and. And soon Christ is going to come to take us home. So as as we end. Let's just pray that we can hold strong do what's in our power to do and give these kids a chance. And and the parents the support to keep on and remind them give them that perspective that this life is short and you're doing a good job and I'm here for you to help let's pray during the father. Please be with us forgive us where we've failed you help us to keep on runnin within Durance and I thank you for any man that kind of is that group of spectators on the side of a race to says good child you do on it how it hurts but you go in the right direction in the finish line is right up there. Bored blessed us as we do our best to do your will we know we're not going to get it all right and going to be a little bit messy we're not perfect. And people are messy investment for the long run that's what you care that's what you set your son to die on the cross for us. So Lord help us to have on our heart where you have on yours to love people your sons and daughters like you would love them. Jesus name. 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